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Marshall County Democrat. (Plymouth, Ind.) 1855-1859, February 12, 1857, Image 1

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YOIi. S. NO. 14.)
business xlircttorg.
rcDUsur... eve.t rnruDAT morning, bv
. ii a at c t ii in- i t i
a. (.Thompson iVP. McDonald:
If paid in advance
At the end of six month?.
delayed until the on l of the year,. ......
ne avnre (ten line? or less,) three weeks,
neh additional in-erth n
1 , Ci!;:;n:i three inmt'i,
; !J i
1 01
r no
e no
V2 00
j C-h;nva six ni;i::i--
j ('Iur.ni one year,
'., (V.unr.i three months
C Colinen ?: i:r:ith?
Column ne yer.r
t'otumn tliree mouths,
Co'.inei six months
. 4
. . . S 0)
...-:: o:
....ii on
.. 0!)
... t: on
( oiiunn one ve tr,. . .
V 1.1:1V a h.-rtiser-s lmvc the TitivhVre of one ,
lnr.tre fr.eof c!i.irz e.
ttlic H tin o trat
s '
P T, A 1 X
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r' H H p p p J
DUil JijltU,
vi?i;i. 1 i 1 1: ü;:
ot . 1
Oar J;'' Detvirtrnont n'e-v sv-'teil :.iih pn cx-
. . ' . .i . t
tnisivc aril well .elected assortment oi new sty.es
t.t.iin I t"j!i;ey
ü 033 T ü 1
W.iicti ou.ihTc i- to eoev.tc. rtiort Ti-t eo n;il
r.TAi.'it'is, I :.!or.u. vi.r.s;
Au l in .-h :t, rIai.!i ol'.-vi-j ;i)iej- an I .teci
tion. (.';'. 1 1 ;. nd s-e s'ecilii
t- , ii r i t -fr'vi'A' r!'TT"-T if w
7 FAR l..hS 1.1.1 - oi.. .
Xit l,v I. MtTTiNoM-,. ....... 1 .ynv.r.tb,
"sr"0v:;i.KK & SIIIIILKi. ll-:.i-i.ii i-N
I'rv Cm!- r.iri (Inrvrio-, first i or o.i vl
: l ve .r;,i Ie 1
. ' ii
.. . ...
; It. tUi.l..-li:.o i- I'li.i li'i'i' i . i
. p;- (; ..:-Ur:,f,,.irh. Ihh-k S..-re !M! !i- I
fi'.-ui t: 1 1 P iii'.ut'i, In I j
..... nufi . 1 1 T IMl IN
j v. sMrni.jrsTicr.nrTiiK rr.Acr:.
: ! , V,..t MU-:.i-'m st., rivmoath, Ia h i T
i . . .... .
i . 1 . i ill o. I ()
1 1
f d.I.IN.s NICHOLS, .'I i'ACT
J ers (.rp.i h ,skc r.Mii i I'll, bi
J S )i.t 1 t.t o.'i ;.'
j ) 1'.' i:i udi. hid.
leas m;U,.c lona-, mumu. nam au, vi....:...-. . . , 1 1 .-nr.u.tvlw.vn i.U., Thnre t v ' ! U:tV, lVlhj ?:111. Oil tliS V.'.'IV. M.ica u.e ni.itc n ,n ji.ioic, tue
... . ii i.: .. i . .. - iv . : l f ... ii -! piiii T . . i . ? o ivr i 1 nor ini.Ti" v Mini t i i I .. I . ... i ... . 1 , .
lx . .. 1 . . . sure v had meamn'' m it. i 'S i I im h-rviM L' reurn,-1 Tdn.liv. 1 v.'ere surrendered, r.nd new i
v -e-fe -f- -- rnr 4-1 I are t ic .Moregood 1 imilv, thev are jnst tlie ; ... , ., , . , , . ., . r,ti,,w.
S R T il 3 ii 1 m ' . f.. .... . , aVI half past ten, Kate said she must go . 'and that is on-.- rca.soti why 1 was an:;ios lonow.
ü 11 .il.H,. ,,.KS :o board l.im. I hey can be as gloomy , 1 ' ,& j to bo here.' " I 1st. Five per cent. Stale sio
JsEAX. FAS i A ri lj u i ii a r 'thecal!. Ibw I shuld love to see them ' -;V--v r ?. i Do vou know him?' I principal of the bonds surrend
seen as ! , fI ,,, , , , She accepied the ol:er,.and w l;eu she did; , , . M, r,i 'Vl, lui ., i,.,n nn
I m. i at the tab! ; togeth.er. 1 be old lady would ; . ! 1 know bun pretty wed. -d. Io and a halt per. o
" '. i.. i ..... i r ..i .,.,.is" lul,KU "ir l,m fcU u,ai UXL ! 'What kind ot a man is lie." -lock tor tne arenu-a, ana one p.
11 A M . I l i.-, , -i - .""
F,i0? ä IIVANS DIJALHUS IN 1 i;in.,ii;f.r. :.,-fule-r shook his herd, and " a u'w;' verc :u!ant to' have him poking about ih house j 351, of which y loJM'J are live per cents, secure the cmp vou ought to grow on one: ; and spJci.d' fivors of every chara.-ter.
,;v:X:Z::::inri S,r.,e li,1,t -rk trl W.,r. 7" M"a -..c,.-.,,, Iim(i? l:,mM!r, 1 m,:a lw, .,. OT an ? l. F' y..a ,.,, t .HMnl .,,1,. Mr. rw:.y lu Wr, th M,..ior.
i . . t T- 1" 1 who could look it! to the giver of all t'"d ' dpre it could vou"?' 1 J he amount paid tor interest on th" i est on the e se. ct a hundiod ares of laud to a great extent tl.e model cf Mr. Colfax
( 1 i;ai.:.u:!:. nr..M.!:i: is i;:y f A few ovmmgs af.er th,s; katehad an .fiini,.:li::s ,t y.:li not :,.,.,! .well,' p'i'l the y.ung man, ending. S:at.Mlwbt f r hst year was 510,074 0 1.1 to rt thi cn.d.-s that Avill growc!i!if;Y!u:):ii(1ui:ciccciit!Y. In IC.'I C. ykis k-
l.rocerte.. oat..corit..r Ii I orl' :u.. .dic.i-, 1;in..,t,.,n t( Snctid the evenings With .Vs.: '. , ... ; -if von could not endure, it I am sure 1 I Whole amount read since the e.-mm-Miee-Laf,.vs. X., ..i-'eaa' afford 1c raise twent'v ' vort ret to h-:ve ho'nu- K. X. ... or.h-r :,.
-L7.B . ... .. ........... j..... visitors was a a oung ninii w no as i.uio- . . .... . , ., . . , ,., hU new door. Jim K.-ite .o.l.-v.. i ot t ;e oni.-tan' lüe circu a ion ot t :se
I P. ? 1 1 . , mii It I 1
'x"M'n-..-n.-ii!Mirr1 ii i " i p I ! l , ,r V, t i ir 1 ir, lig.u-iiearicd gm was in tears, anu ail l " i : , 7 . , . , ,.,,w n ,
p d. U . ., DLAhLU i MA.J) AUL I duced an Mr. Charles Lindsay. lie was,. . ,n . , . , , j JJutwhat meant that? Charles Lmd- banks, during the vear.lOd.bJO lea mg
Z a!jot f.ur and twenty, and not I tFO , U tLoUä' I say was making his way towards the pul- vet outstanding 6r. ItW. ' All the ,.cu.i-
f DAM VINXIIDCK, ViK H.Iv-AU: i nvin t f . ir i aiul bles.mgs she enjoyed. Her cmpnu- j pj,. Yes he ascends the stairs! he en- ties and other assets tunied'ovcr to the
... .... in . , i()niauii!iii.Siii'eMri.ueii(o.ii.ii.iioie.ii . . , , , , , . , , t , , , . . , , ; ,. , ..
j' :w k t.i I (. ..', 1 hnie'.iii. Iti-i. j - i 11 j ion talked as she had never heard any one ters! lb: eoolv takes his seat, and takes Auditor by his predecessor lor t ho re-
W M. l"7 n TT."m NFr Ar-mrKuTiK i ;i:,C' 1,Ut tf,mUC? r'7lml ,U!;'': talk before. He planted the subject to down the Bible. lmp.ion of the outstanding circulation of
V ? --tV.,... rtym,,-!,. Ind. j Je seer.d to taue quite a fancy for kU i ?o Thc truth had burst upon Kate's mind U.os banks have been exhausted. ,
- -- - - - ' " I.....1 ...... 1. il. fAIm. . tr-ia. i-ni.mM.f.i?o.'l " oni! T i f.er lioweJ s ie e.ne. ! ' A till t.l l.-ir sOltel'.U'li? 1 '!;r!liit t lie
A . r' e.l 3 T? T il l... .Tlr l
. ' . . .. .-r , . 1 ile walked cry .Sloniy, ;il!'.l as ; t,, show the peaee-''ivin" inlluehce )f the class ot banks have, until the -lirst day ol
--i'v"Mn"ii..Ti't ovw-i- i-nepiw t wi. limit seeming to know it; and lie was as J .. , . . ' . ... ; l" , V. ,.- , . Ar , - i i J
j,4ii).. ai.Do ii i i.r, i. . . i.:). a.m, j o ' i discovered that her companion did not : (Jspel, and a hrm reliance on the love, March, loo, to wind up or accept the pro-
J Tblnd. gay and happy as could be, without the . y o ,;er house, of (Ll and Christ, lb punted the holy visions of the General Hanking Jw as
A C. fAlMON, ATTOIt.MtY k VHVS- 1-at coarse iiss or loss of dignity. Ibej, , Mi joys of the true Chi itian in such icsplen-! amended and passed, March 3, 1056.
Z-7 t... m, ...l i". ..i i i. . ai.c ii. ti (i i ill l 101iJ .l Olli Ol llivJ Jlc.liesi.J J . . ,, , 1 - ii . p i , ,
M-riit Li i i)m.u!., lift. fiet was just here: lie engaged her heart.' ., , , , . , dent colors, that nil hearts weiv opened, j 1 here arc Iwentv-six of these banks, two
.'. .. .. : rTTT:. ..j.-: ! . . .. I route. lJut liome was reached at last, and i . . . i . i r .. .. i.:..i. .i . ii i wi
6 vhn ii. !(i,i.i.,.Miii.(.sin l i.. ;in i ai tiic .sani" lime k-pt a lam hold upon . . and souls mat naa lain uoinmui ior years, : "i uiui, inj vu.ii.ieic nun onav.nee,
C .V ' i! u- r.,!i7v Plvtn ;iith. lii.l. 1. .... .. . . I ere thev Halted, the maiden reminded th.-.f I . i l ... ...... ..f 1 1 i l-iv, ; !...! ;..,.,- i!,.. .... .-.( ilA.,.!t
ji : 1 : . 1 ; . i i ) : i .wv.
ll. J. It. irnooKl-:, IMIYSIi'IAX .V SITlt-
p on, n in 'iit.li, Iii'l.
rflffKn. A. I.KMOX, niYSICIAN, Sb'It
I C.KOX & Drt!g;n-t, rhnv.uth, In 1.
!I.IN;i;il V. UliO. DCALI'IU.S IX I J'MoLU
l.itc, rivni'iutii, in i.
ft n r v r i b r c n , di: ai.f.r in ci.o-
thing t Funiishing Cuods, I'lvinouth, bid.
rsii s lr i.i.i : , m ä:T ifäj."i iTrfr
And ih-ah r in Flour 1'! inoiUh, Ind.
r.NKY M. I.OCANi t:... DltAI.F.RS IN
Luiuher, iVc I iuauidi, fnd.
Alfred R.lluv.s, Flvinou'di, Ind.
in Dry (I. oi U, ctf I'lviiioiitli, bid.
fir. CASK, JUSTKTt oi'TIIlt Fit ACE,
Flyir.outli, Iirh
rivinoutli, Inl.
J. J. VINAI.L, iioMmrvnn.sT.
);iiee over Ruhm r".s -tore, I'lvinouth, lu l.
1 1 u. Mit, harm: makkr,
Flvmoutli, lud.
Roots und Shoes, FI mouth, lud.
dealer iu Roots Ä: Slmcs, Fh mouth, In J.
nouth of river brMge, .... Hb mouth, lud.
9- .. .. ... ,.,!:,,,.,, r.-nnemeni wnieii ai once mani-
1 1 Iwa iulli. hi !.
- 1 feste, 1 iise-if to her, and commanded her
ir )'.is it. osnottxr.. .tto::m:y m; . . . . , , , ,
p.-!!... .t I.uvfo:!iov.rC.rihii.a-s,T,)lv.:i:1,nl,;n ,,,t nt'1 fr,l: dmirc 1 it because
in:-. f.::ii t: ::a 1 Midi, r-'., rivnuiad), la i. ! ilic di-,'HiVere.l it Wllhoilt his trying to
:f.l:iAZr.i: .v lirci'.-:, ATToltXKVS AN!) i -"how i'. And then she had found such a
y. f., .,,., I!,,.,;,: l.yx rivM.mth.Ind. ft,q t,f wjt ;id humor iu him, which,
OAML V. COIvHALKV, NOTARY Pl'IUdC while it captivate I her wi h its brilliancy,
V ' r.vnvia'li. In h liri r -i i,, .:,i, ;,.
2rrrs ijunuw. rinsiciA.N .t Sl'It-
J VK''. lMvinoutli, Ind. j he gladly acceded. Ihe first game she puie. oo she not only loved, but her love ' powerful in mind, and so elevated iu man- j ty-seven dollars, and ihe aggregate market
'won. The next he won; and the third wa-j was strongly f.rtihed. j,(.0,i loved her hobt of ail. : value of which, is one, million eighty-nine
!!!!;;;'N,!0'-I,AM' niYsiri..v &wn- ;l (1.awn r.imfl On the following day but very liale, was She walked on bvlier filhor's side, and ! llmusand nine liiimlied and cijJitYvseVen
('h0N' l0;,,,"itiU Ami,: VWk Mr. lWir . 1,U ..t''!1 M! seemed ! ,re h,g the minister found the old pc at ; dollar.. . . ...
fOIINMI II(FMKFR V TfII M KF!i . i i . i i . i- . n . sui.jcct. un the day .ueeeed-i the left han.l. They walked a long distance 1 i he Amut r closes this portion of Ins
! wi!, L MAKLK' pk , I" 1 Ut V h' bl,t K M ing that, when Mr. Proctor came home in i i il..,,,,.. Klnallv Kate said: ! remarks by expressing Ihe belief that the
'But you don't mean to say that you're
.. . t i i. :.,,
gS " '
4I have told him that we would.
ilut it musa.t b., Wit! h. an.
t'jr in the house all the time?'
And why not?'
'15ecau.se it'll just keep us in starch and
buckram forever! You shan't do it!'
T 1viv o-ivon mv word.
i .Tl... I'll -...!.. lic lninci im- lint to '
i. iiii v J
I Alien X II iii.inv iiiu w j
! i. ;
hold lum; iai k m oius.
r.,nv.-.rM'in occurred between Mr
her brh'ht face all smiles and dimples, and j
her heart as pure anu icuner as couiu u. .
- . i i j
pVPP .;.. slie could remember, she had-;
i Kiee, no saiu, at me same time urawnif n il long iaiu loeinci , anu uh ioki
Thomas Proctor, a master carpenter, and, o 1 each other nliinlv of their love
paper from his pocket. uiuiUiiiu jiuunn ei tn u ioo.
his daughter Kate. Ivate Troctor was a j t 1 : And now,' sai l Liiulslav, after they
. , . , i.i- : i lie then showed her bv the deed for a 1 i i - ' . o i
i li dit-hcarted, loyous, laughter-loving gul, . j had conversed a o:g while, 'on Sunday
1 lliCV. deed Uwas-where the lot was situated, i venintr I shall be here a-ain. I cannot ask ;
ling iii.v...." . , , . . . .1 i . 1 ..!!. 1. I i .... i.
i iu W Hther's p.mv every Sunday, and
y. i Vy- At:r.'" , ,, , . ,-i "nmv nchin - '
4lOU (LUtlCC.jllä0ncMtO W? Ua,IV 0 ,l, 01
! 01 1I iV- Calvm Lvador- bb0 cou,J rc'm0m' :
ber how Jie had Itowned upon ner iroin,
, 1 i
tint high pulpit, when she was a little girl, ,
'and how he had chiled her in her own
h.us- far being -o rtute. The
h.Ki of 'the minister,' wa
ho-.is" tor liem-- so r:uie. 1 ne oni v inoug iu
. . . riM 1 .
. .
! neek haudkoichief, very standi and prim
! . i r l
a l ice long ana stern, anu airov. n ai-,
, ? ., ....
, - , . ,
j.l. .ii.! iivi'.mv in-iip ti,i' lü'tiV riM. Sean?.
-- i . . "- i ;
He shrm t come, she rereated, and her i
. ,
sunny ctrls shod: ag'..n, as the brought;
, , -, , . :
!;,..r h-.-a-d b.i' k with determination. J.ot :
..iu mou ii.i i.ai oo .iiivi n.i.v,
... P . . . , . , ,
tn imitation oi the tun man facial clon-j
o : j
gati n.' 'An I then the minister would ;
, , ... .,, ...
.Iraw down Ins longer still; and then Miss:
... . . . , iii
1'iu.;,.;h... W,M!K! oui.liaw ihem both; and
n ;iiii u 3 Iii U.II I w .uvjiiii -
.1 i-loca'.e !.' "
. ., .
AmLI ercupon Kate burst into a fit of!
: Diinl.he, a I. .-n! ot the I mniy. She went:
J 1 . 1
com vi
., , , , , , , . . , ;
whh l.er father a::il mother. Quite a little :
comnanv was present, and tl.e evening ;
'. , , . , i
promised to pass p.easantly Among thej
ii -;lt.i..,r,,j si,i l.ui .vor h,u, mn
il.n o:ie vw;o 5o coiiii)ieiei nieaseu nei.
i , l.i t 11
i . i
e lg i sho abominated.
ike any
Ihit Charles Lindsav was not li
i i .. . . 1? i
V4H4 11 'fc 4 III 4' U.V. 1 iilMI ll'.T M UN 113 I'WI IJ I
s,,uiid sense.
Kate was a chess player, and at length
i ... . .i.i f t l l . i'
she discovered that Mr. Lindsay understood 1
. L.t , , . I
me game, cue proposed a u lai to winch
think of leaving so early
We will see hoi safely homo,' said the
host, Mr. Dunklee; and thereupon her pa
rents w ent w ithout her.
'Only think,' cried Kate, after a laugh
had passed upon sonib joke of her own,
P:i says he going to hoard the minister.
Did youevei hear of such a thin"?'
'Oh, I havo heard of things worse than
that returned Lindsey, smiling. He sat
,y her side, and gazed into her free as he
I . .c-
.-.pone. onpp..e pur Miner should lake a
tiger into the bouse, for instance?'
Ho you can chain a tiger,' the girl re
turned, 'but you can't do that to a minis
ter. He will carry his long face just w here
he pleases, and you can't help it. Uut I
won't have it; and I told Pa so. Why
usj all
, Missj
only think; a minister m the hous
the timet
Vou don't mean what you say
Proctor,' said the young m.m, half smi'iii"
and half earnestly. Why if you hold
such freli'igs nowI shall look to ej you
o, :,.,h.,, u . ! tai i, and. over modest people sno IM not ; , wonder-stricken eirl dared of loo'J. and the amount of the circi'J.V.hio ihroiio-lihidi T i.as. lv the alienee r,f hi,,.. .prt t,,..,fi...l ..... .r
1, I ... I I . ., , , . i i ii . - '--I -.vv... ,o vr.ni.i4 ii-.i:4ii' ii , ... ..... ...... ... ..... ...... x... -i - - .- I um I.'. ii.v oiiioiiiiiin ..a jv viimug i Hi in1' IVlilUIIlS Ol IliC 1 li i o lor. il i. i iiai.t e
- t Iii t I I ' I O - " X 7 - - - : 1 II '."Itll H.. il''ilt,4 .'.41 l .-1.4, I -
!,'." i ,wr:liI, s,;e fe Uth KT ! I From this tuo l.o p-a t.rtl:o $BlH-t. 'if1 , , - i,f:r1' '"s!!m.J'"- , ,. . . . ,'l "'x',ls"1"' "re "in-. Wl:'- , "I'-'' J-"!" ßt 1" !. :'
'.. l...,l . r.... A.. ..,..,.......; I J" I i, cnrm.iti vu -i .iiiT-wnrw't f"..ni Ii,. . 1 lie n-r'-e"'.,i: e Olren rirloli of 1 n.-sr I i-i ' i !; s; I . m.. i-..r..,l ui' i -i .. i i-i 1 1 ?-.. r-tli .f r..-..- 1 .... .i... ......11
lil'.'.l MIL' Ihlll illit.il Cecil. lil iiivi ilin - , , .. ii.-. ....- .......... i v....-.--.. ........ j.,........ j.,. . ..... llim u ä'ii .1 loin l lli.il lliv iumih .a a -
. i.f.:fr. .tr.x-t. t.llv-t.. Ii ik.l. -ill. . . . .. ii" i ! l l . t . . . .
;'' v KrA 1 VH'i man she could not endure; and a man hui . ' ' . " . "f text, 'Come unto m-au ye mat labor, and , is .exe nunurei am. eniy-.even ihous- weeds, I take :t 1-r gvanicd that the owB?r ph-ding r.s f .st as commcti tej,e can secur-
i , in .Ulli. Ilin. , 1 oer infeiest win e he lwiitdn 1 uf cniim of 1 .... 1 Ii.iM.rtt.. .....-.': -i .1. 1 nid t iiitti-.m-!,. illlii 'I'!,,.,. i l .1. .. 1 .,: . .. .. :..i:i i. ' i i ....
. . . e ' ' 1 1 Ö J rfu. tviiiu e tl. i.ii eil, tili, i i 1 1 . i i i.- i 1 . i e o . . i. . .ll. iiun.iio. .inn .iur 5 ;i i;i-:u , eil, ii lie i cue, oi mi i iii.v.ei . ;i ;i Oracle;'.! (''Ii. 'l.ll Ii.l 'Ii I IS i 0;:'i V
: assumed airs on the strength ot ins K'.iowl-; ., ..... ... . .. . ; , . i .... ...t.i. t : ' .... . e .1... i...... ... i. . i.- i t . .... ...... ...
..i . .1 t. i ill ll.ese. Iii (I ! .i.i v..i 1 fli-un L- iirtii lei 1 1 re I
i . :.. i' in. i in. . ------- - - - . ... . . i .-v. , . r ... ui. i i l f .
boarding th? miuist
these davs.'
I 4 Te Ma hoird
l l r ...i
iit.Huui.HijmuijjBu .tu&uiu uciti.
hearty laugh followed this retort; and
Kate thouyht some of them lau'died rather!
funnily. But the conversation took an-1
... , , T. , , .
other turn, and ere lon, Lmdsey and lvate
wem again conversing together. TheVj
talked of various things; and after a while
the ycung man told his fair companion he
ad been'purchasing a piece of land in the
i , ,i e ,
lace, as he thought of making that town
, .
his home.
is home.
'I h ive bought it of our fiiend.Mr. Dun
: t 1 eh., f,v c.-.. Löf 1,: .....
i 1 . 1 1 v. i v'l itiv n'ovi u ii v ovv- Mimt mo
that ,vlf
for she knew
WaS a,WnS l'Ut tkmU n 0iiS' 01,0 r
- Chai'k's LlnJs-v' C7'-'
'Aha he's a cleik,' she said to herself.
. nj mun b a -Oi.d one Vnd he'll
most likelv be a 11
mendiant ono of those
mudunt oiu ot t ...-.
; days.
l, . mii 1.'.i'-.c lh.iiD.Vte ?iwl tl.nv
:itcs thoughts, and thoy wore:
iterosting to h.er. Several of '
' " "' i i.i' ii-ii.f, "ii" ..... .
stranieiv in.
frtiiIrt ,v.-t 1(lM.l5 (1f ..
" v . " '
siiWh ine u i.e.e.ia iv.m i iii;i , i'.'i iue e.iu i
'r ey s:iw
Proctor was
plainly enough that .Miss Kate V
: already in love wi.ii lier hands opinion
i ..jt
companion. And they couhhfV tliink
1 ,
much less of Lm::say, f.r he adhered to
. .
that particular ciKtir, v.hieh hapietiej to I)'
1 ., . 1 , . ,
, ii...
others could not see it.
. . ... ,
1 he evening v.as a bentititul one; the
- -
moon v. as up and shilling biT'hm . and t!ie
. . ,A
;nr bi.n ami ceoi, anu loaoeu nun a tfrarc -
e , e e , . .
; ful fra-ianco from a thousand dewy How -
.. .
eis. Jmüsav sail
, , , ." .
calm an I IiJ v lailii
something .-iboiit the
ipnrc of i iinie cum.!
i - i
. , r ' . . , ,
warn snow ot piety. Ji was a tnougu;;
. , . 1 .
tl;C aml "lX'" , ' j
hate mane a modest rcplv, ü:kI a con-'
f.nj.. I a .hort time the'
j T", 7 'T , . ', ,
' s kMnv.it s in found Ine who e t h.-m..
i -. - - -
ir,' yourself, one of j prise, as ho saw the big drops trickle down ! i-.i law, the term is still retained. If you : re-valuation of real estate si 'ee lCo, there ( (;jod fiuit i always valuable, a :I sd.ouIJ
between her liagsrs. : had not thought, will give me leave, I will teach you law and is of course no increase m the real estate ' b - raided by the farmer, mt u fr rnar
,.,. t ,., lt would offend you so. Surely, my cluld, j Latin, eo that in the future yöu may not except that v. hich arises from sales of l.r.uls, kct, but f--r consumption hhis own faim
.1 nilllls.er 1 llCUT . , feel "that he is un--' fall into such trans of error.'" ' which pre immediately add.- 1 t tlie tax 1 As .. uvjrcejili-htened views of . diet
IWOtlllV II I VI I " . H i 1 s l 11 tl I'- iL 1111.11 .Tlftt.l- I J 11 1
or I'e-iveti r roo ?.. oti.owi.i t.t e,.- in., .viivi s;ti ei nii'i ic li-vr ii-:d iieioi :m:i i :i,r i' ue v ice.ei :i i i t i.-iu to.n'-i tii i.hpufi-inifi .i.r t'i,i mm i i. t . . i r.:. M" . : r :i...
i i . "i.i . .1 ,i : :." l.. . i. ........ .t-l. l? r 1.
isoaific'ftU curl, as mythological stoties" K;lU' lorj;;t:iii hor strantroii-1
t .. , , . . , ., , ! h'.e. It was a n.;b!e theme, and il wasj
lit r-ii'istf' lllolis. filiil Mien li-l lie. I fo ler . riilU IS ili r- ! :e;i . r n.lliil'il n mi.u ms ; um f. i , lu.icmtiiii. ..'i iiit ui e i, ji i i3 . j;i ji i u I i'i oe. or in- .wiu 1:0; ir is 1...TII o I I 1 1 o i : . : i , ? I T ..... .
i u Hiv. ii luv tuiiiotiio ii3ov'., ii n i. ii cii viii
her parents had invited him to call upon
ihem, and she hoped he would not f onret
it. He promised that he would not and
thn to,L-hi-lnci '
men took iiiaie.ue.
. .
Without going mt an extended show of
ih.v,.! ii l.. .i .
..mv.i,.iiuii.3, Mm Minpiy snv mat
Kate I'roctor was in low. She loved
v harlcs Lmday with her whole heart; he I came down from the pulpit; an-1 she mark- j have an outstanding circulation of nine
had taken it captive. He bad charmed ! cd how warmly they grasped his hand, and hundred and eighty-eight thousand and
her f mey, and at the same time seized up- j how etiler they were to gain his smile. j twenty-one dollars. They have on depo
on her respect and esteem. She had not The?, ir :is that a feelinr of Diidc of ! site as secui ides for the redemption of their
oil 1 V e:l r I i, ( I in lu.r nS.wl il,.. I..... . C .1
" - ".o'l.. mi- iiikil-i; i nei
1,,.,,,!,.,,,., ... i . i .
handsome )oung man, but in her .soul she!
, Held ihe assurance th.-ii he was noble and
the evening, he brought Mr. Lindsiv with
him. Solvate spent an-dher evening iu
his company. When the mii den lai.iher
head upon her pillow that night, she knew
that she loved. She tried to hide tho fact
no more. She first examined her heart,
and she found that "Charles" she loved
that name had the whole of it. Then
she examined her judgment, and she could
find no reason why she should not love
him, but she found a hundred reasons w hy
she should love him, and cherish, respect,
and honor him, too.
On the evening of the next day, M.
Proctor called Kato aide, and told her he
had a matter of importance upon which
he wished to'spoak with her. She g-ied
wonderingly into his face. fr he looked
very serious ar.d earnest.
is- aft,!rnoun' ?,1dhe has ask-d
J11'5 I 't0 m,out for y mir heart and
hand. Ho says you are the first person
whom he ..aa loved as ho.now loves, and
10 f,,('1, suiod that you will make him
napj 'Ha.. i kiiow tlnit ho luvos you;
vitc, and 11 that he is worthy of you.
I)o you think t.iat you could love him?
YY hat. tears' uttered ihe pareut iu stir-
i i i iviim 1 1 iiiiii imii ii i
.. proctor was mterruntea hv Kate
falling upon his r.cck; and as the did so
she murmured
, i
. 0l ;'m U'fvl 1
him with my whole heart. I cannot help
L, . 1
these fears.
The parent cau-ht his child to his
bofom, and in earnest tones lie said:
'Bless von, Kate bless you. I should
j like tü 800 3'oa hh w',fo f,jV 1 lov0 llim m.v
iself. M iv he come to see yo:t to morrow?
n , .. TT P ,,
He leaves for Harrison in the afternoon
Of course Ivate sai l he might com e.
And he did come. And he ami Kate
' at Hint tmi it. i t ,e dar .-ifrer t,.m,.rrou-
i 7
' 1 may ask vou if you will give me yur!of iido-mation on subj -c!s peitaining to
. . . o . : th.nt office. The didaüed statement of r-
- " " ' ' .
' K'tte rested her head upon Ins shoulder,
' and te-ldhimshe would think seiioulv of
' it. She meant it p!eatn:lv, f.r she ha 1
' tbought enough in her wn esti.nati..,,.
-unMa morning came, an-i n line, o -
j , , (,, , . . , ,
C... 1 1
1 thought yciu were not coming till ove -
ning,' said Kate, as she irave hiin a warm
i 1 thought I would come and "o to
; meeting with you.' he returned. You
j1;lVo llo oli"(tions'?'
, ;ot any setious ones,' site returned,
. . ' '
! smiling.
f Ir
, ,ri
! U;ir nov
;vp?r tun
they set out for the
minister is to prea-.-ii to-
i ... .... .
j 'V. ell he is spoken very well of; 1 think
! , . .
ho "mean wu.l.
; .Tj j U;,'t mneh of a minister, is
I h-? -
; ,mm. ... '... v.. a: ... t.,:.,, .i..,
! ' 1 here mav be diheient ( pinions on tha.
! .Wt. Sunpoe we comrare notes after
we have heard him.'
'Wewiih lUt hii Shau t board with lis.
..'W ed I cannot.
This brought them near the church, and
the conversation was dropped. As th-v
walked up the broad aisle! Mr. Proctor
! "' i'""" f"' 0,""li"M4 KiM
' . lo- .. : 1,,.. W. ... Tl.. ....I...
,oini,iii;iii..i. jhi; iiiiK'i n.n in.i,i',
handled with great power. His aim was
J gratitu !e. Many an eye was wiped as the
I liible was at lengih dosed, and one simnl -
i taneous murmur ol half a thousand deep-
draw n breaths told how all had been cu -
K;ite saw the old men and the young
i men
.;, he old women and the young wo -
crowd around the minister, as he
i i i I I I
( eel) in v "lainui' i.i i" iinoi iier .-.oui.
. . " ' . . .
lb... so honored and llitteivdhe, whom
all .seemed so anxious to know lie, so
'It was
Was what?' asked her companion, ga
zing earnestly into hr lace.
It was cruel t deceive me so!'
'Cruel Kate? when you told mc with
your own lips, that you w ould not havo the
minister iu your house.' - t
Ah but you knew what I meant.
So I did. toil meant jut what you
said; so I meant that you should know tho
man before 1 introduced vou to the minis
Fv ih!..h I ... ...II l. . cnu.ii lh. f :ifn i io J i rri ? f i r t is SsIt - ! Aom. d ifi.tiwl 1. 1 i, . 1 1 t w t v. t i . - . 1 ' s.. und o.-..
ter. I fcaw the dilliculty, Vou thought all j timate for extraordinary expenditures, in
miuisters were alike; and if 1 had told you ; eluding the interest on the State debt; the
that I was 'ihe minister at hist, you would
h.ave been coy and reserved. Vou would , ; plnsfs of Agency; appropi iitions on ae- i
not have h-amed me as I am, nor would j.count of Iusam Heal and Dumb and
you have opened your soul to mo as you '-Mind Asylums, and interest on Fuivei ity
iiave done. I think 1 am right.' j bonds, is ?s pjj.l:." IU making an aggro - -
' 1 'iileiiK von are.' ..leale1 oi 'Xiienililiiie: ordiieirc r i 1 eli.-ior-
! you know tin- man, I trust yoi will take ,
iiim Vor. what he is. And if, upon fair)
trial, vou do not like the minister, we will
keep him f r the p arish. What say you?'
'Hut your deed said you were a clerk.'
'Ah, me little minist'r-hater, you are
nof v;cll-ivid in l.il lore. The word j
clerk is from tho latin clcrn ue, and was j
formerly applied only to elergyme 1.; and'
ii in Hin i in i i i ii i hi mi ii ii
Jvate fetm eJ: and slie was very far horn
'wishing to scold anv more, iht came,
t i i . i - i , ,
and ere ivate 1 rector repi aijaia sue na.I
concluded to board the minister for life;!
and so far from making 'the house too '
even then she kept him company when
I she could, for the good parishioners said
h.ct to hold h.im,'fche kept it so nicelv warm estate, somo towr.s: and eines hav' utubled ; rt!id I canr.ot doubt that d:e time willccfr"
with her deep find ardent love, that'll svh their value, and i;i maiiv part? of the coun-v. hen faniieri i'ist ad.f putting down ih,
dorn left it, save upon those pastoral du- j try, and ctpeeially in the vicinity 'of rail- j large quantities of m- a: they do at plen
ties which ho wished not to avoid, and, roads hnve increased in value r.eatlv one 1 cut, will give their attention i:i autumn to
that twas onlv half a visit for tiie minister : 1 he nuniner .t p !!s returned lor K.jb ; article t diet, the early part ol the h.
lo come without his sweet, gentle wife. J is lTi.öU'J being 5,1)27 less than fr the : lov. ing summ.-r. Fruit will not then np-
- year 1 055. This decr:ib is to hi r.ecount-l pear as it docs now, only as a desert afi--
Animal Report of th3 Auditor of State, ed for in no other way than by carelessness, dinner, but v i'.! come nih every :i:A
The following Abstract of the Statv An- VA niaking the a .sessm jnt. There should ; be r'c-koned a ruls'anti d aliment."
ditor's Report, we clip from the State Sen-! h:'ve ;l il -e V"1? f a. ' IToV Wlw T" -
1 crease, as u cannot be doubted that there : .i.w-wfie a Uwa l.
llnd- m e ' has b -Mi larg-i additions to ,,v i-opuiation. Sugar Duties.
l w. i i .i.'i "i -i.;v.- is .v
: o.iii.uaoo-s tioi utueni, cmoiaci.ig a iau..'i
: . "
j Pls expuiditure for the last year,
-''d uot be ret.ured to, as they have al-
. ready beer, given in our abstract of the 1 e-
1" of th- Treasurer.
1 At thn lini , t fl,,. i ..F ll,.- 4 ..f
.... j,.... . ...
J:IIU 1C1G, providing f,r an ad u.t -
; ment of the ndehtedness of the State, the
1 tutal amount of the bonds outstanding
; W:1S fl 1 ,010,0'JO. Under this ac: mi
.arrangement was citected l,r the pay -
mcnt of "'"'5halt of the debt and interest
j b7 surrendering to tho bond-holders thej
Wabash and EtU Canal, its lands ami ;
revenues, r or tne vaiioits Kinus (d-canal
I . , . , ..
locks tliat have been issued on account of;
! that portion ol the pu!;he dcLt, the State
is in no way responsible'.
i i
For the olh'-r half of the ubr, fr!:. are in moderate circunistauec-3 can -
old bonds!
stocks issued
ck for th.e
iMit. State
,r cent, oi
.1 . .1 ii
t' ccrntntj interest on those bonus.
I Tfo t.,il am.,'!- .f ,.- ri..r ,..-.
J.r.o io.ai amo-i ic ,i ..i. p i ( tnt.
stocks issued on account ot the bonds so
i i . o- o r-t r
; surretidered, was bo,.'G,5.b--Ieavi:ig of
: bonds outstanding, s?425.UCJ.
! Of the two and a hull per cent, stock
! there has been issued, J40,ol i.
, ine mnouui oiuie hiorhs reueeme i,
1 nient ot the arrangement under the act oi
1 nient of the arrangement under the act of
i , .;()01., ..a- -
: -ib. oJJIo,..) .
The report presets an attract of the
condstion ot tne su-pemled rice bank s, bv
? whbd, it ap.p ars thVre has been redoom-d
! ki";l :ind ''' l'f 1!""d '' '')
i . .-i 1 . . f t i. ., i ..v. .i -n., ...... tloi.l o
.n- .i'. vti...ii - . . iw jioi:m i -
ilo stocks, amuunt at lj:cir.r vtfc u.
nine hundred and throe lie-usand ni.:e
' hundred and ninety-four. d liars. This
was published. The frets connected with
! these failures are already so well known to
j the public, that any leterence to them here
j h u.iiiecvjoi.try.
rn T t - t-
lho munber of sp.-cie-paMag l ive
lkmks which have complied wuhando:-
; ganied under tlie General L inking Law of
; 1 "-3", is fourteen. These fourteen- banks
, i . ... I.. 1....... ......
i iui.nmii, "ihm hw.- ;-i ! v-'-.m; o.ii
i -n- i . i i i
: value is one million three hundred and
j twenty-two thousand live hundred ami bix
rree jkuiks oi inuiann are organized upon
a most safe and reliable basis; that they
are ablate edeepi all their eirculHtiou at
par, ami are kuo.vn to h; iu the hands of
men of honor and responsibility. Further
legislation may be necessary in regard to
some of the details of the system, but noth
ing further is required to "insure its safety
The ordinary.expendituio3 for ti e year
i.i rii- - i
iüo are estimated at ?j wv,vo,). The es
, salary ol State "Agent and incidental ex
mated receipts for 1 t'oT are tfolöG IG.
Kstimated expenditures, ordinary and
extioidiaarv, f u 1 C5 h 81 Id.thFi. "
Total estimated receipt: for lT.o'd, 0717,
I he value of all tax iblo prtperty in the ,
State for lÄ(Jf was $;Jü..7,S 10 -show-
ing nn increase f $ I,0o0,o 10 over that of
the previous year. There havi-i k-cis !;-
-. . -. . i
list. L truer a valuation ot tlio leal .
property of the State, tl-.e Auditor thinks
. i r i ill : 1 1 i I
uuu a xair ;is.h'S5Ti?iii ivui ive nie ;uue
of all taxable little, if any, short of $-100,-1
000,000. Since the last assessment of real
hundred per cent., while all over the State ;
a steady advance has been realized. ;
Jul i i i i i-t;,ii i was v.rooaniv maue . to as-1
certain nut return tiioSe v. no had tu bro-
.Yv js taxable.
Ti-.. v.... tt . l-.i ''r...; !. .,:!
- - i
cl,cti-.n was" -o5, hi i-heing an exe.ss
,mv th.e polls returned of Üü,G:$3. and
.houmga dimunition of the po!U as com-
pared with the vtes, of More than one-
r .....1.
Umrofitabls ? arming.
j The fallowing extract fr.m an address';
by Mr Greeley before the lv.ie County Ag-1
: rictiltural Society at huüih, A. 1 ., coti -
tains som useful hints:
"The Inuli which 1 am most anxious to
imprefs is, that no poor man can afford to
; i,... a poor larmer. i.en 1 have ncoi.i -
. . . . . .
jnend.-il agricultural improvements, I h.ave
j otten been to! I this cxpemive tanning will
... ....
! d well (-r.ouglt tor lieh eotJiO, but we
not rdlbrtl it. it ii itot orn:tir-i.tcd
- m . .
formimr th.at I recommend, but, pivlitabk-! .-.u ma:iuf ictures. The 1), m-.eratic iartv
farming. It is true that the amount of a cr.u coiisintlv urge the rcductiv.i of all
man's capital must fix the limit of his busi- duties to th.e lowest pos ihle )levi:u"
nesL in agriculture as in everything : - :n:d:rd, but tho children cf the Vhies f
else. But however poor you may be, you 1 and '10 are doieliet iu duty to their v;t
can afford to cultivate land well, if you can ; n-.;ts when they forget the prec- pts then
attoid to cultivate it at 11. It may be out ' tat'ght them. Better be careful hoy; yoj
of your power to keep a large farm in a stray from your cid stakes, entl :.-..-..! .
high state cf cultivation, but, you should ! Cripple the interests of Louisiana, and
sell a part of it, and cultivate a small one. you will be furnishing an example whos ?
If you are a poor man you cannot atiord : copy may laise a storm about your ears in
to rai-e small crop; .u c:iunot aii'-.-r.l to.u- 1'ngland, the hon-.e ..f your strength,
accept a half a crop fivm land cap.iui i of Lengthen riot vour tether cl.- v-'U ma.
Yielding av hole cr-.p. If you are a poor
bushels of corn per acre, not even if the
land were given him, for twenty hushels ; tme, and our witness U not so credible as
j er acre will not pay the cost of the mise J we would like only a leading nn mheroO
table cultivation that produces it. the order.iu Indiana it was the tirs? de-'
"Xo man c::n allord to produce wred-j. , j;nrfj:e of th ambitioi:.: V'-ua- man frcm
They grov.-, to be sure, without cultivation: the ,-;P4 cf his file Vl'v. G: ! v v.-;s
They sp.ring'up si.ontaueously on all land, lovn on K. Xs. Mr. Co'frtx ia:i tl.-t
and especially rich land; but though they '".hobby out of capital i:i hi di:ti:td, A
cost no toil, a farmer can't ailbrd to raise' then a!and(-ned it. IIi.- return to th- pe
th.em; the same elements that feeU them, ' culiariir-s of the (ir-eley tch'M l ' k jda..-e
would, with proper cultivation, . nourish a 'las, -summer. He is now taking a &eco:d
crop, and no fanner w.i ahbrd to expend ! flight from his parent n -st, and we tru-t,
on weeds tlie natund weaitli which was "he" v. i:l have the nerve to stand rp to the
bestowed by Providence to lill his grana-! posh ha he has :itsumed. M.-tv l.o Xvrtl-.i-i.-s.
lam accustomed, my fiiendi, toes ;u .SiiLTir Cane sermons d;ie him u rai:i
.i i r .1 l i'
allow ihtf hetitage which Gad g-ive him to, j ie uid p.-.v l.ir, - l- u-iti-s i, a f v.
diess and keep, fo be sm dfownuil and pro- '.. grU. giMVl.:s. 'w hether thev he kcatod iu
fined. Ambto-mnhe an apidicäüou of the the Votitii or in the Xoith t'hd v.c. l.oj..
above remark, I must s-ay, thorc is mi;c!i : now to see u good blow Mruck at the i
niisionajy ground between New Yolk and dicul'-us doctiine of the past, JTou.
IJurt'alo. Xatu're has been bountiful to you, j tion for the .-ake of 1 'lotecti If the
but l!;or. is a great need of better cnl :i-; hlow eoirs from one whetc eye- l.af
vation. To prevent th grbwth r f weed. , recently been r.s:sc::!ed. we l.'ko i' nil
is equivalent to enriehing your land with ' tlie better. G. or, Mr. C f x! Y
manure; f .r to retain in it the elements of , rive had an occasi-'tial tilt toU. :hcr. bi.t
wliich crops are formed, is as profitttblo rts : we are of one oj iuioti Low. and ue tnttt
to bring thcm thvjre. It is better th.at this may be only the beginning f a ov.m1
weeds should not grow at all; but whenV, nw::o:i to the t. of the true frith,
they exist, and you undertake to destroy When ' y.u defend your bill fir n ti e :i..
lh jm,-k is economy to githcrthem up and aults That wiil.be "mad- upo i it. ih it
carry them to your barn-yards, and con-1 upon pnin irde' and vu an? sale Do
vert them into uianuie. Vou will in thi- l ,-.? K. coaxed into the maz s of :he t aL
anner restore to your firms tne frnnity
ot which the weeds ha I drained it. th it unprolitah!". 1 . not rest v-ur ca-e
"Farmers cannot affor I to grow a crop jup-ui :Uy stn-h el ip-tiap as Slave l i
on a soil that does not contain th.e natural j bur," "Slave-ocrMev," or Weeding Kan
clcments .hat enter into its composition, f :l5." M. el the ad e.it. s of Prot.-ctiou a.
When you burn a vegetable, a luge pait:Pi:t im t th" lVr-nds ot Coh'j.i d a-sd-of
it pases away, during. the proos of hi the Ihi.Mi Paili-im. i: up..u
combustion, into ihe air. lint 'there is al- bioa 1 "rou-id .f ;..7, a;-1 a. a o.oi'. t
ways n residue of mineral matter, cousin- f,;i
ing of lime..tash, and other ingiedieiit-, ( s nd u.,.i cj v f y. ur .-je -, h. and w
tli.1t entered into its compo-ilion. Now, ' u-ill sfttf-tl um a column of oomplim-nt
thf plant drew these matei i ds out of the ' f ,r Y.u!
eartlii and if you attempt to erow' that in ... --
a soil that is ilelh-ient in tb.ese ingredients, Fr v-ti i. ; i.: t. Tin fellow "rr is rt .-'uv le tr.l
you are driving an unsuccessful business. ! cnwti::.l n nie.tv f. r li: t-'. tVt t and er.o tL.t vUl
Xature docs not make vegetables out of , ;iihn.l iiiumiU.te relit f:
nothing, and you cannot expect to take' -Ika b.kk vciv hot, hoM our lot over
crop aficr crop (loin a lidd that does not j dcsi h, as it cm he hi M vhh. i:t Lianini:. Cut fii
conlilin the elements of which it is fo: med. j onioiim tvo, ami j.n-it lejKutelty iavdt'n.b
!fitl ll tjl! t.l IM.MllLlItt (b.V Til f (lift .'.r l'.illl' I i. I . t . rol . -
t. jvu ...on to iii.ii.iotiu ic: ii.nj I'lu'iu j
harms, yu must constantly restore to them
the materials which are lost in cropping.
Xo farmer can afford to sell his ashes.
Vou annually export fiiun Western Xew
Vorkalarve .amount of potash. Depcinl
upon it there is tudiody iu the world to
w hom it is worth so much as il is to vour-!
selves. Vou can't afford to tell, but a !
firmer can a fiord to buy ashes at a higher ;
price than is paid by anybody that does '
not wis'i to ure them as a fertilizer of soil. ;
Situated as the frrmers of ti. is county are, '
i?i ihe n.-I ' , h, ul i. u I id i -i v tli-it bevec ,
' make it a par t of your system of fanning :
; to secnr the ashes il procures.
j When your teams go into town wi:h!
' beuls of wood, it would cost comparative-j
jlv little to bring back loads , f ashes and .
other fei lilizerp, that would improve tlie;
productiveness of Your farm. j
"Xo poor fa rmerVan afford to keep poor j
fruit lives that dor.otlo.tr 'rol b utt.--'
i.ivvai!, trait is destined to t-upti
excessive iuanti.K-s cf animal food that
are contmufu in u.ia counii . mis riia:i'.
will produce b-tter health, greater ir cf
activity of mind and elasticiiy .t sj'iri's,
i : .1: . ' I I . . 1
the preset va'i'.n ,f a large juantitr of e.-
cel'ent fruit, lor consump;ion r.s a regular
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strength i:i :!:e hi -her excitement :.t'end
I ant upon the ''Slavery issue, ' its our op
it is that theopposi.ion is a jrty i e
pJi.-ttt? and nof of t tiücij h.s. '1 Vn v-at
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iame.ng tl.vm who would l.ave hazarded his
: puii,i-d wpu'xtion lor Y1. ig soundness by
! nr,-....ain" to vote lhi Protective- policy a
i :mlhty. Oie.leytf the J riVatte, cedoi
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; the A'ibaiiv Journal and se:al .hor an?b
i Democrati- Avar-hc-rs; s, d- !:ot yet coa.nt,
I with ad their fete at the sugar-producing
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a joii-.-y that will b
! woiideilullv fatal to tl.e interests of Xortb-
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j a;ray into full communion wi h the 1
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to reconcile inconsistencies, fou'll lind
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time. If t!ii It-r.e a few fries it i? liuo.t ccr
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fer ami elWct tl.r tttuicraturo cut a i!e
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These tw lines that look So solemn.
Our Vert to iiii this ccluinti. '
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