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Itars&äll Comitn Bcniomit
D. & P. McDOKALD,::::::::::::::: Editors.
Plymouth, Thursday",
JUXE - - - - 30, 1859.
Messrs Rounds fe TiAXGDOxare our or.lr
authorized advertising Agents for Chicago.
Tor Cleric,
For Commissioners,
Terrible Hail Road Accident
near South Bend!
Fifty Lives lost & Sixty TFonndcd!
I From the LaPorte Daily Union.
The sad intelligence tvas brought to us
this morning that a lemble rail road acci
dent had occurred between South Bend
and MUhawafca last night. The principal
Editor, accomoanied bv Holmes, from this
office, and other citizens, went to the scene
of the disaster bj the first train going east.
South Bsxd, June 28.
A little before midnight the night ex
press from Chicago to Toledo, when be
tween South Bend and Mishawaka, passing
over an embankment spanning a ravine,
at the baso of which was a culvert, the
mbanliment suddenly gave way and the
"whole tram was precipitated into the ra
vine, which was filled with a perfect tor
rent of water. The engine was literally
"buried in the opposite tide of the ravine in
quicksand and nud, and the tender, bacr
gage and express cars and two second-class
cars were shattered almost into kindling
wood, and piled on the top of the engine.
Tws first-class passenger cars fo.lowed and
were torn to pieces and carried down the
stream, while the bleeping car, although
making tha leap with the rest, was less in
jured. The stream is naturally but a rir-
ulot, but was swollen by the extraordinary
rains of the previous afternoon and even
ing. Fboxl wood probably chocked the
culvert, converting the embankment into a
dam, and the great weight of water with
ihe concusFion of thi crosssing train, caus
ed the sad catastrophe. Abont 150 persons
wer or. tfci train; of these, 30 havo be-sn
taken from the ruins dead; a?ii 50 or 60
more are wounded or escaped hurt. The
rest not heard from. As many of the dead
were drowned in the ravine, it is feared
that others not heard from have lost their
lives in the same manner.
Citizens of South Bend and Mithawaka
turne! out en masse to assist the wounded
and search for the dead.
One lady was carried down the stream
towards the river, but lodged in a tree top
and heard several float by, crying for help.
Engineer had been running ovei the
bridge, from Laporte East very carefullv,
but supposed tho embankment safe. The
train was not running faster than 10 or 12
tniUs an hour. The train going west had
pissed over the embankment safely at Sk
p. m.
The United States Express had over
S33.000 in their safe, which wa3 broken to
pisce3 by the collision, but the nent there
has found most of it in the ruins. One of
the through mail bags was found near the
river, two hundred yards from the wreck.
Whether othsrs are lost cannot yet be told.
The ravine is about 25 feet deep and 75 to
100 leet wide.
The night was very dark, and a carve in
the road just before 'he embankment was
reached. Osgood, Conductor, was but lit
tle injured.
Tho Republican Convention, last Satur-I
day, was pretty well attended. The nom
inations were: for Clerk. II. R. Pershing;
fur Commissioners 2d District. Isaac Bo
ley; 3d, I. N. Morris, The business of
the convention was conducted without anj
regard to Parliamentary rules; and at some
a'aes of the proceeding, it was impossi
ble to tell what motion was before the
house, or what the movers were trying to
get at. Wo need give but one instance to
show the manner in which business was
transacted: A motion was made for the
delegates to retire to the shady side of the
court house: an amendment was offered,
that those who were not delegates leave the
hoHsc; another amendment was offered,
that the delegates confer wit.i each other,
either in or out of the room, which was
adopted, leafing the original motion and
one amendment, both duly seconded and
neither withdrawn buried in the rubbish
without any action ou them! An infurmal
ballot was taken, which, of course, had
no effect on the nomination. The delegates
voted according to their instructions, with
tb following result: Pershing, 42; Bailey,
18; Beeman, 14; Shirley, 12; Corbaley, 7;
Thayer, 1. On the formal ballot, which
wa3 really the first ballet of tho conven
tion, Pershing received 5o 14 mora than
he was entitled to; Shirley. 3220 more
than ho was entitled to; Bailey, 9 9 less
than he was entitled to; Beeman and Cor
baley received none of the votes instruct
ed for them. This method of casting in
structed votes according to the wish of the
delegates, may be satisfactory to Repuh-;
licans, and may be their manner of doing j
business ID conventions and official capac
I i . f . .... v.
it:es. but we are sure mai wouiu u uc .
tolerated by the Democracy.
In regard to lh candidates who have
become the standard bearers in the present
campaign, we shall have something to say
between this and election day. But we
will preface what we may 6ay hereafter,
by paying that thoy.are not superior to
ether men of their time. If we apply the
spr.rs to them pretty freely, we hope they
will bear it patien'ly, and like men, other
wise we may double the dose, at disagree
ably short intervals.
If cur ofthe Week.
The State Sentinel says the location of
t.ne new Penitentiary north, has come to a
dead lock. The Commissioners, as they
claim, in the exercise of their best judg
ment, uninfluenced by personal interest,
after a careful review of all favorable siteg,
located the penitentiary at Ft Wayne, and
so the building of a prison for the prevent
is put at rest. Wo think the prison wilJ
be located at Indianapolis.
The Republicans of Laporte county
have nominated Luther Mann for Record
er. Extensive preparatiohs are being made
for a grand Celebration of the 4th of July,
at Lafayette. Among the speakers to be
present are Gov Willard and Tora Cor
win. It is said tl at German merchants of New
York are in possession of private advices
which render it certain that Prussia and all
Germany will immediately j.jin Austria in
her struggle with France.
A destructive fire occurred at Milwau
kee, Wis., on the 22nd instant, destroying
Young's Block adjoining the Custom
House. Losa estimated at 8100,000 on
the br.ildinss.
Kossuth, at the close of his speech at
Glassgow, said:
4I bid you farewell May a bountiful
Providence pour its blessings on each and
all of you, on your city, and on your coun
try at large; that strong by the enjoyment
of tho first gift of Heaven liberty the
star of Britannia may shine from the can
opy of Bations with undiminished luster."
Tho Boston Traveler, noticing th ap
pointment of Douglas delegates to the
Charlestown Convention, from Vermont,
'The indications from Maine are that
Douglas delegates will be sent from that
State, and we should not bo surprised if
he obtained the votes of all the delegates
from the New England States."
The laying of the corner stone of the
Catholic Cathedral at Ft. Wayne, Sunday
week ago; Arch Bishop Purcell, of Cin
cinnati, and several other Bishops and
Clergy were present.
The Post Master General discontinued
the following post offices in Indiana during
the present month:
Celestia. Marthel C; Easter, Orange
Co; Holmesville. LaPorte Co- Aurora,
Lawrence Co; Spring Mill, Lawrence Co;
Harborotigh, WarricK Co; Davison, Jas
per Co, B'anton, Green Co; Menden, Mad
ison C.
The New York Times of the 23d con
tains a note to the editor from Kossuth, da
ted, London, June 9th, together with an
atjJress to the Hungarian exiles rpsidin?
in the United plates, in whHi he warns
hi fellow-countrymen, fhai it is not ypt
time for them to move or attempt to take
part in tho war.
The President has is9?ed a proclama
tion for the salo of public lands in Iowa,
commencing at Ft. Doge on the 26th of
September, and at Sioux City on the 3d
of October. They are in the north-western
part of Iowa, at the head of the Des
moine3 river and its tributaries.
In 1854 tho total value of real estate in
Indiana was returned at 8176,894.981
The late assessment makes it 318.439,965
Increase 0141,535,984
This increas of real esta'e i to be at
tributed largely to our railroad system di
rectij and indirectly.
The total taxables of the State are put
down as follows:
Ral Estate 8348,430;865
Personal Property 141,037,977
Total taxables ....8489.468,842
The Washington States of the I7thinst.
says that Hon Robert Dale Owen, is about
to return to Indiana, after rn absence of
years, during five of which he was Min
ister near the Neapolitan government,
where, we are assured, he will exort him
self, as in bygone timjs, in behalf of Dem
ocratic principles.
To carry a single mail through from St.
Louis to San Francisco, Cal., requires the
use of 166 stations, 164 changes, 91 dri
vers; and 716 horses. The total number
of horses required on the route is about
Appraisements in 9th Con
gressional District.
The Board of Equalization, for the 9th
Congressional District, met at this place
on Wednesday of last week, and adjourned
on Friday. The following table shows the
appraisements of real estate, as returned to
the Board of Equalization for this District.
The total includes Rail Road and town
Yal.L'dtfc Avper
Counties. Acres. Improv'ts Acre Total.
Lnoorte 365,661 $4,522,528 $12,37 $6.952,206
GST 258,579 2,e95,455 10,18 3.555,193
St Joseph 255 47.T 3.000.4G5 11,74 4,065,095
l1;.: S79 2 0S9.847 7,39 3,162,855
231.761 2,blbS& o.wj.jco
Mftr8haii 26626 2,249,727 8,44 2,776,739
WhUe 312.T5 yfa
Fulton 227,013 1,420,410
lt- 273.726 1,5635143
6,22 1,578,905
5,61 2,666,812
3,03 981,534
2,81 694,098
-0 Q1Qt85
18 ,879 507,282
643,494 2,225,079
3,44 2,297,497
Valuation of Ileal Estate.
Tho following table shows the value of
real estate in Marshall County, by Town
ships. The total includes rail road and
town property and improvements.
Lands nnd A v. per
Townships Acres Improv'ts Acre Total.
Union 21,466 $204,293 $9,51 $206.648
Center 25.814 503,955 14,06 611,420
Plymouth Rail Road and town property 186,250
3d,dOU 321, U19 y,U4 .),B1J
28,942 249,450
31,431 238,399
36,335 217,885
26 603 1 67,720
23.1 S4 151,005
26,896 201,310
8,61 357,190
7.56 242,449
6,00 227,585
6,11 165,720
6,51 168,252
7,48 277,414
266.325 2,49,627 8,44 2,465,139
The Iflasonic Celebration
At LaPorte, last Friday, passed off very
pleasantly, with the exceptijn of the rain,
which did not materially interfere with the
exercises. The number in attendance was
not as great as it would have been had the
weather been more propitious, yet Hunts
man Hall was well filled; and when in pro
cession, the members of the ordar made a
fine appearance. Tha oration, by Rev.
King, was the best we ever heard; the
music and other exercises were entertain
ing, and the dinner at the TeegarJen was
superb. After all was over, thofe in at
tendance were "glad they were there."
The gentlemanly host of the Teegarden
will please accept our thanks for compli
mentary favors.
jTSTAn article fron- ti e South Bend
Forum, and also one t'rora the Register,
complimentary of Plymouth, will appear
next week. Wo are crowded for room, and
also short of help, this week, but will be
all right soon. Several articles are in con
sequence laid over until next week.
JtirWhen you go to LaPorte, the first
thing you do, go to the Parker House and
register your name. Mr. Hopkins knows
how to do the handsome toward his guests,
and will give you every attention to mnke
your stay agreeable! Then walk 'round
to Wilson ii Andrews Soda Fount, the
nice3t one in Northern Indiana, and drink
till you are satisfied.
X57On the coming th" we suggest
to our business men the propriety of clos
ing their stores, shops and offices, and re
frain from tbe transaction of busineis, at
least during the hours of exercises. Oth
er towns pursue this course, and why not
The Scientific American. The pub
lishers of this widely circulated and popu
lar illustrated weekly journal of mechanics
and science, announce that it will be en
larged on the first of July, and otherwise
greatly improved, containing sixteen pa
ges instead of sight, tho present size,
which will make it the largest and cheap
est gciencific journal in the world; it is tho
only journal of its class that haa ever suc
ceeded in this country, and maintains a
character for authority in all matters of
mechanics, science, and the arts, which is
not excelled by any other journal publish
ed in this country r in Europe. Although
the publishers will incur an increased ex
pense of 88.UÜO a year by this enlarge
ment, the have determined not to raise
th price ol subscription, relying on their
fri-nds to indemnify them in the increased
exr enditure, by a corresponding increase
of subscribers. Terms S2 a year, or 10
copies for SI 5. Specimen copies of the
naper, with a pamphlet of information to
inventors, furnished gratis, by mail, on ap
plication to the publishers, Münk & Co.,
No. 37 Park Row, New York.
Rats. The Bloomtngton, 111., papers
state that the rats are devouring" the corr
crop in that region to an alarming ezteüt.
One man killed two hundred when he
stopped counting, and continued killing.
Eleven hundred tvere killed on one man's
farm, and another man put one hundred
and fifty hug fellows out of misery. An
other man got three pounds and a half of
arsenic, and mixing it with threo and a
half bushels of corn scattered it over the
field. The result was that he had carted
off six wigon loads of dead rats, and the
half were not yet removed! Out of one
hole he pulled one hundred and twenty
dead rats, and a bushel and a half of cornl
Fourth of July. We are requested
to 6ay that the Committee of Arrange
ments desire every citizen of the county
attending the Celebration at this place to
bring with them provisions enough for
themselves, and as much more as they
can, conveniently.
The Peru Republican says the Small
Pox has broken out in Miami county, and
has spread to several families.
The LaPorte Board of Commissioners
issued thirty-eight licenses to retail spirit
uous liquors.
After nit Monday thirty-three stars
rarst be on the national flag. This is in
accordance with the act of Congress pass
ed April, 1848, which declares that un
the admission of every new State one star
shall be added, and that such addition
shall take place on the 4th of July next
succeeding its admission.'
The Logansport papers state that John
k. Graham, of the Peru Sentinel, is ap
pointed Governor of Kansas. Another
newspaper writer says he thinks this is
true from the fact that he received a pri
vate letter from him a few days since,
written on gilt-tdged paper!
jTJThere will be a special meeting of
Protection Hook & Ladder Company, to
morrow (Friday) evening. The members
will please take notice.
STAn additional freight train was
placed on the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne k
Chicago Railroad last Monday.
JCiTMr J. Q. Osborne requests us to
6ay that, owing to previous engagements,
he cannot accept the part of Reader for
the coning celebration.
The Emperor of Russia has presented
a diamond broach, valued at five thousand
dollars, to the wife of Captain Hudson, of
the United States Steamer Niagara, in ac
knowledgment of his courtesies to some
Russian sailors while he was laying the
Atlantic Cable.
Clerk of the Supreme Court.
Upon our own responsibility, we ven
ture to p'-esent the name of Samuel M
Chord, Eqr., of South Bend, in connect
ion with the office of Supreme Court Clerk,
and we believe we but echo the sentiment
of the great body of the Democracy north,
when we say that a truer Democrat, or
one better qualified for the post lives not
in IndUna. An experience of twelve years
f.8 Clerk of St Joseph county, the duties
of which he has discharged with signal
ability, his great personal popularity
abroad, as well as at home, and his de
served reputation as one of the banner
men of the "bloody Ninth," justly entitle
Ms nama to the favorable consideration of
the Democracy of" the State. Goshen
Thank you, friend Eearle 'tis nobly
done and well doe9 tha subject of your
notice deserve it. The name of Samuel
M. Chord, with the Democracy of this
county, is of itself a power, and on any
ticket carries with it the prestige of suc
cess. A County Commissioner for one
full term, twice elected County Clerk, with
large adverse party majorities in every in
stance against him, we hazard nothing that
saying that he possesses as much popular
strength as any man in St. Joseph County.
His high position among us is the result
of a conscientius discharge of every duty
public and private of open and manly
dealing with his fellow beings, and of a
generous and warm sympathy in whatev
er relates to their welfare. He is a model
officer and would make a model Clerk of
the Supreme Court. His Democracy no
less than his character a beyond a doubt.
Such a nomination would carry gladness
to the people of St. Jo., and they would
answer with a peal of welcome through
the ballot box. S. B. Forum.
The nomination of Mr. CnoRD would
suit the Democracy of Marshall County,
and, if we are not mistaken, the Democra
cy of the State at large. Northern Indi
ana is entitled to one candidate on the State
ticket, and we know of no one we would
sooner see on it that Samuel M Chord,
of South Band. Marshall County will
cast her vote for him in Convention.
Buffalo Hunt.
(Extract from A. C. Elliott's Journal.)
Wednesday. April 13th we camped at
Biglow Creek about noon; some snow had
fallen, and we did not feel obliged to trav
el. We were now in the Buffalo Range,
and all hands were anxious for some sport
some of the b'hoys went out in tliB af
terncon, but did not kill anything. Wo
concluded to remain here Thursday to
hunt. All hands that could be spared
from the camp, were off early in the morn
ing. Five of U3 were in company with
Mr Dodd, who lives here, and is an excel
lent hunter. All returned without any
game except Hewet' and Mitchell, who
came to camp late in the evening with
about seventy pounds of meat, they hav
ing killed a monster buffalo eight miles
from camp. They were almost 'gono in'
when they got to camp.
Friday 15th, on the road again. At 10
0?clpck a. m we saw a herd of buffalo
some three .miles cff- Jordan, Shirley and
myself were in for' a chtf wo got
near enough we saw that there Cere about
five hundred in the herd. We crept aNt
a mile on our bands and knees and (hen
laid flat on the ground while they fed to
wards us, the wind being in our favor;
when in shooting distance, we all fired,
but did not kill. They ran a few rods
and halted. We re-loaded our guns,
crawled around again and let fly second
time; this time we were within ninety
yards of them, and after selecting a fat
one, gave the word "fire," he ran about
thirty yards and fell, two balls having pass
ed through his lungs. The herd having
fled but a short distance, we crawled up to
our dead ox. and resting our guns on his
body, we shot another one which lay down
immediately. It being now 2 p. m., and
the wagons going on, wo found we had no
time to fool away, so we cut stick for camp
and after a walk of some eighteen miles,
without dinner, we met some of our boys
coming to meet us with horses this re
lieved us much. The buffaloes we killed
were "whappers."
On the 3d day of May, after a "long
pull, a strong pull, and a pull altogether,"
we landed at Denver City, on the Big
Platte, at the mouth of Cherry Creek,
about 780 miles from the mouth of Kan
sas river.
MARRIED At the Parsenage in this place on
the 24th inat-.bv Rev. W. P. Watkins, Mr. Henry
Hildreth to Miss Adaline Grover.
Hew Advertisements.
STRAYED from the subscriber, living in West
township, on the 19th, a two year old mare
Colt, brown, no white on her, tall and light built.
An j person returning her, or giving information,
will be suitably rewarded. Address
81t3 JOHN LOWRY, Plymouth, Ind.
Produce and Commission Merchants,
WHEAT Red, ,Pbu $1
do white bu 1
CORN "Q bu.....
OATS $ bu
FLOUR $ cwt.. 4
MEAL corn bu
EGGS doz 10
LARD 13 & JO
CHICKENS V doz 1 25
SALT bbl.. 2 00
BEANS V bu 1 25
WOOD- cord 1 50
HAY mush ton 4 00
do tame do 5 00
TANBARK cord 2 00
The undersigned propose getting up a Litho
graph Map of Marshall County, (if sufficient en
couragement is given.) containing the Civil and
Congressional Townships, Section, and the small
er subdivision?, with the owners' names thereon;
Water Courses, Towns, Post-Offices, principal
State and County Roads, Rail Roads, Mills, Lakes,
Churches, ic, ic. It will be 63x63 inches, in
side of the heading and references.
If a sufficient number of subscribers are obtain
ed, it will be ready for delivery in November next
One copy, $3 00
Cloth back and rollers, 4 00
j. b. n. klinger,
t. Mcdonald.
Plymouth, June 23, 1859.
NOTICE is hereby given to holders of County
Orders, of Marshall county, with numbers
corresponding with the numbers below, dated 1853
and 1654, and all orders protested prior to June
19th, I81i5, that upon presentation to the County
Treasurer, at his office, they will be redeemed:
4019 4818 4122 4129 4156 4172
jun30-31t3 D. V1NNEDGE, T. M. C.
To Non-residents.
The undersigned with the couaty Survevor will,
on Tuesday the 18th day of July next, proceed to
survey and locate the corners of their land in sec.
14, 15&20, town 32 range 4 west in Stark County,
Ind., to meet on the premises, and continue from
day to day till all is surveyed.
Non-residents who fail to meet the surveyor at
the time and place above specified and defray or
provide for defraying their portion of the expense
of aid Surrey, will be returned to the county Au
ditor and such delinquency placed on the tax du
plicate and colected according to law.
jun30 31t3 RODERT LOCKE.
State of Indiana,
Stark County.
In Stark Circuit Court, September term, 1859.
Nancy M. Smith )
vs ' Complaint for Divorce.
Samuel T. Smith,)
The plaintiff in the above entitled cause, by
Jimes O'Brian, her attorney, has filed in my office
her complaint against the dt fondant, audit sippear
ingfrom the summons issued and the return of the
Sheriff endorsed theron.thut the defendant, Sam
uel 1 . Smith, is a non-resident of the State of In
diara ; he is therefore notified ofthc filing nni pen
dency of said complaint, and the same will be
heard at the next term of the Stark Circuit Court,
to be holden at the Court House in Knox, on the
second Monday, the I2th day of September, 1859,
and unless he appear, plead, answer or demur
thereto, the same will be heard and determined I
his absence. J. S. BENDER, Cl'k S G C.
jun30-32t3 By J. E. Short, dep.
OF the Receipts and Expenditures of Marshall
County for the financial year ending May 31,
159, submitted by the Auditor to the Board of
Commissioners at the June Term, lboü:
For expenses of Assessors,
$388 35
Auditor, 802 14
Appraisers, 280 00
Bailiffs, 110 00
Bridge?, 300 00
Clerk, 226 29
Criminals, 314 82
Commiss-iorcrs, 87 00
Delinquent List, 88 90
Election', 16 00
Judge C P Court, 275 03
Jurors. 4G1 18
Insane, 202 59
Money refunded, 52 11
Poor, 1,481 77
Public buildings, 223 82
Printing, 43 00
Roads, 21 00
Recorder, 11 00
Stationery, 940 04
Specific allowances, 43 35
Sheriff, including extra)
Special provender,
Wolf Scalpa,
Wood for offices,
249 75
151 22
10 00
8 00
47 00
Int. paid on County orders, 465 18
Treasurer's fees for collect
ing revenue, 681 23
do fees for redeeming
county orders, 12 87
do fees for settling
with State, 64 00
do fees for collecting
and paying out fines, 2 75
Printing, Express charges
and drayagc, 20 37
Total Expenditures, 80e5 81
Total Receipts, from all sources 10,277 77
" Expenditures as above specified. 80S5 81
Excess of receipts over expenditures,
Treasury minus, June 1st, 1859,
2,191 96
3,630 03
Making present indebtedness of the
County, according to this report, 1,438 07
All which is respectf ally submitted.
June 1, 1859. A. FULLER, A. M. C.
Wm. Hughs, 1
R. S. PirEx, Com'rs.
Moses Ketser,)
P. S The undersigned deems it right and prop
er to submit the following additional statement
concerning the financial affairs of the County, for
the information of the people.
In addition to the above indebtedness.thc
County owes the County Library fund,
principal, $300 00
Interest on same, 193 00
Railroad Stock heretofore entered to cred
it of County as cash, but for which that
amount of orders are yet outstanding,
Interest on that amount of orders,
Bill of Stationery purchased iu 1852 & '3
presented June, 1853, not heretofore
950 00
312 27
89 08
Making $2,074 35
To which add above deficit of Treasury, 1,438 07
Making true indebtedness of County) 90
June 1st, 1859, ) '
Less whatever the Railroad Stock is worth
or can be sold for.
The Treasurer paid to Com School Fund$3,957 85
Specitl M "
Township "
2,750 60
1,719 44
1,146 70
Total County Bevcnue,
$9,573 89
10,277 77
Total disbursements,
Which is respectfully submitted,
$19,851 66
jua23 30t3.
Real Eslalc Agent & Notary Public,
ornci over tierce's clothing store,
DRAWS DEEDS, Mortgages, Bonds, and
Agreements; sells Lands, examines Titless,
and furnishes Abstracts of the same; pays Taxes,
and redeems I And sold for Taxes
Hon. Johx B Nilu, Laporte, Ind.
Norma Eddv South Bend, "
G N Fitch, Logansport, "
J W Dodd, Auditor of State, Indianapolis, "
Sol. D Bavleps, Esq Ft. Wayne, "
R D Logan, Esq Rushville, "
S C Stevens, Esq Madison, "
E W H Ellis, Esq Goshen,
A L Wheeler, Esq Plymouth, "
G W SriTLER, Esq Rensselaer, "
Plymouth, June 23 30tf.
The members of Protection Hook & Ladder
CoJtrANT are requested to meet at their Hall on
Monday the 4th day of July, 1859, at 10 o'clock
A.M., for parade, in full dress uniform. By or
der of the Committee of Arrangements.
S. A. FRANCIS, Foreman.
N. B. Klinger, 1
J. II. Beeber, j
J. Blai. Committee of Arrang'm'ts.
A. Mvers, j
Dr R. Brow n. J
THE partnership heretofore existing between
the undersigned is this day dissolved by mu
tual consent. Settlement can be made with either
of us. Those indebted are requested to call and
jsottlc- JOHN GARDNER,
un23-3Ut3. C. 11ASL.ANUEK.
Notice is hpreby given, that the undersigned,
administrator of the estate of Robert Rusk, de
ceased, late of Marshall county, Indiana, will of
fer for sale on Saturday, the 9th day of July.lc59,
betw een the hours of ten o'clock a ra, and four
o'clock p m of said day, all the personal property
of the decedent, consisting cf a one-hor?e wagon,
one beds: cad, one cooking stove, one set of tin
ner's tools, an 1 other articles too tedious to men
tion. A credit of twelve months will be given on
all sums over three dollars, the purchaser giving
note with approved security, wai ring Taluation and
appraisement laws, with interest from date.
30 tf. N. CHAMPLIN, Adm'r.
5NEVIra,IE ! ! !
Highly Important from Enropel!
Tho Emperor of France at
the Head of half a
Million Soldiers!
The Empress proclaimed "Regent
during the Emperor's Absence!
T)UT in the event of all these stranjje- facts
do not fail to rcmei&ber the
mrt ot h
Xo. 1, AVestervelt's Block,
PLYMOUTH, - - - - IND.
Now propelled by
Successors to L.Crane k Cn who are selling all
kinds of goods usually found iu a Hardware Store,
consisting in part of
3 "37 32
Cook, Parlor Plate Stoves
m77 355 2
EConso Trlmmlngs
Conductors ,
IVÜo plann 1 es Tools
Agricultural Implements'
Saddlery and Coach HARDWARE,
cutM Powder,
Load., cfco., cft?o., c&o.
Together with a host of other thiflggtoOftüniCfCus
to put in type. We would state to the good people
of Northern Indiana, who purchase their Hardware
in Plymouth, they will always find us in readiness
to show them our goods, and in all asea will find
them as represented. We do not advertise to seil
at cost, but will sell at a fair advance on manufac
turers prices, and as cheap as the cheapest, for
Our TIN SHOP is in good running order, and we
would Bolicit any work you may want done in that
line, at low rices, and with despatch. We have
recently taken up our abode with you, and intend to
make it our home. Would ask all who are in want
of any goods in our line, to give us a call before
purchasing, and we trust, by gi viug strict attention
to your wants and by giving jou good goods, to
merit a share of your patronage. Doa't fail to give
us a call. Remember the place, one door louth of
Westervelts Dry Goods Store,
c. c. Bü,l Your?, Very Respectfully,
c. e.toa4 buck & TOAN.
June 227
TAirr. effect araiL 28. at 8 40 o'clock
Goine: West Going East
L've Plymouth 4 30 r iL've Laporte
do Clark's
do Tyner
do Knott's
de Walkerton
do Kankakee
do Van's
do Stillwell
do Plank Road
Ar. Laporte
5 00 do do Stillwell .Jda
5 08 do do Van's 9 23 do
5 25 do do Kankakee 9 35 do
o t -
6 00 do do Knott s
6 10 do do Tyner
625 do do Clark's
c t a An Walkerton ao
10 12 do
1020 do
10 :0 do
640 do Ar. Plymouth
1050 do
Respectful y announce tohe Lmlir s of Plym
outh and vicinity, that they have commenced
the above business on Adams street, between
Michigan and Center, where they are prepared.
with the latest fashions from New York and Bos
ton, to give satisfact.on to all who'may give them
a call. AU Kinos oi sewing snin., ram",
4c. done in good style, and on reasonable terms-
s yr TTNT IiOODE ! I
And may be seen free of charge at the store of
No. 1 Corbin's Block, Plymouth Ind.,
Where there is kept constantly on hand a large
and well selected slock of
Consisting of
Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Tobacco,
Candies, Xuts, Ilais'nis, Pepper, Alspice,
Saleratut, Mustard, Com
mon and fancy
Starch, Indigo, Soda, Cleves, Cinnamon,
And everything in the Grocery line, down to a
stick of Allen's Celebrated Pulmonary Chewing
Gubi, And in addition to their heavy stock of
Groceries, they have filled their commodious store
room chock-full of
Of every variety and style. Also Sheetings and
Bleached Goods of every grade, which we will
sell cheap for cash or Ready Pay.
As for Trices, we have only "to sav, call and
examine raid our friend Mark will be always ready
to welcome and accommodate our customers.
Very Respectfully Yonn,
State of Indiana,
Marshall County.
In Marshall Circuit Court, August Term, 1859.
IMancy 1 oung
David Young.
Complaint for Divorce
The plaintiff in the above named caue, hy
Osborne & Phillips, her attoiiifjs, lias filed in
my office her complaint against the defendant
for divorce, and it appearing by afiidavit that the
defendant, David Young, is a nonresident ofthc
Slate of Indiana; he is therefore notified of the
filing and pendency of s iid complaint, and that the
same will be heard at the next terra of the Mar
shall circuit court, t be holden at the court house in
Plymouth, on the second Monday of August, 1859,
and unless he appear, plcactanswer or dtmur ther
t j, the same will be heard and determined in his-
ahfence. Attest
un9-S8wSS2 N R Packed, C C C M C.
State of Indiana,
Marshall County.
Before E. IC. Eal,J P, May 31, 1829.
John Zehner, )
v Proceedings in Attachment.
William Wolf. )
IT appealing that the defendant, William Wolf,,
has had no personal service of summons in this
cause, he is hereby notified of the filing of said
complaint, the issuing of process, and the pendency
of said cause, and that the same is set for trial'
on the second day of July, 159, at 10 o'clock a.
m, at mv office iu Green township.
jun9 üä K. K. EARL, Justice Seal
Jcst rcBMSHED, Gratis, 25th Thocsamd.
Treatment, without Medicine, of Spermatorrhea,,
or Local Weakness, Nocturnal Emissions. Geni
tal and Nervous Debility, Premature Decay of the
System lnapteneyraud impediments tonvuriage
The important fact that the anny alarmin com
plaint, originating in th imprudence and solitude
of louth, mavbe easily removed witiioct Mf.di-
cine, is in this small tra't eloarly demonstrated?
and the entirely new and highly successful treat
merit, as adopted by the Author, fully explained,,
br means of whic't every one is enabled to cur
Himself perfectly and at the least possible cost,,
the "cby avoiding all ihe advfrt'acd asstrums of
the day.
Sent to any ad'.trcss rrrtis and post free in a
sealed envelope, hv remittinc, (post paid) two
postage stamps to Dr B. DE LA NEY, 88 taat
31st street, New York City.
Would respectfully announce, and invit the at
tention of the citizens of
Marshall and llic adjoining Counties,
To the fact that he has purchased of Mr. JAMES
MITCHELL bis atock in the
And from his experience In the husincs, feels con
fident he can give
Done on short notice.
Having employed GOOD
WORKMEN, he will
dofee in th shop.
warrant all work mat is
Produce and old Iron
Taken in exchange for Castings at his Grocery
Plymouth.Jan. 59 6tf
Sheriffs Sale.
By virtue of n execution and order of sale to
me directed from the Clerk of the Marshall Cir
cuit Court. I will offer for sale as the law direction
Saturday the the 16th day of July 1859, between
the hours of 10 o'clock a m and 4 o'clock p m. o
said day, the following described real estate in Marl
shall Countv Indiana, to-wit:
West half of the north east quarter, the eouth
eost quarter of the north east quarter and the south
east quarter of section thirty one; and ths r.srth
west quarter of section thirty-two; and the north
east quarter and the north east quarter of the corth
west quarter of section thirty-three, township
thirty-four, range one east.
A lor. tVin nrvrtli i(t fiua-ter of the SOUth WCSt
quarter of Eection twenty-nine; the west h-lf of
the south cast quarter of section thirty, and the
north half of section thirty-one, in township thir-tv-four,
north of range two cast, containing in all
of said tract oi iacu lea nuauruu iuu vi&uij
acres, more or less.
Taken as the property of Edwin A Wales and
Mary E Wales at the suit of Alexander H New-
bould. .
oow3$3 O. M. BARNARD, Sheriff,

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