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Marshall County Democrat. (Plymouth, Ind.) 1855-1859, December 01, 1859, Image 1

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. 1 "
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' i
mmu mm tm m vr,
runLisiiED even Thursday by
i ' 3
TE3.JI3 or 3ü330?.i?::io:t.
OxsYrAs,Ix Adt.?cz $1 51
If paid af'er six fa i tliä 201
do. after the year expire?,. . ........ I . . 2 50
One s'j'i ire of 22) Berier ran or l es?, three
wee'.M orle.?, $1,1'); cac'i additional insertion 25
c?n.. Ltier advertisement, in proportion,
less tha.Mlf as'prare to be cliargM as half a 5('t.tre
and over half a square to be charged as a whole
8 juar.
A liberal deduction will bo nude on a-lrcrtisc
mnt inserted longer (!un one month.
!tJLcr?t advertisements must bs paid for In ad
vance, o satisfactorily secured.
UTh. aluve terms will be strictly adacreil to
in everv instance.
At ti-.r M irhall Connfv Democrat J h O.TIce,
a neat aa.J c'icari work cm !! ilouo a at aix6.n
iMntin st i!Iilim -:it in N rtbont Tn li nn. I ' '-
ritt-;n a Cml Prc-sj. such wrk cm bo
lonc on verYshurt notice an J on reaonaMe tcrni;.
C ill an l see our samples of work. j nn!er hU ra in i,remiit, a few years ajro. w lu ro lie
-.-,; .,nT , -t , I i' fiitnrc ai.liii superictemfmi: itsalfur. The
B1W7 R? TUM PTllTV TB If MlfifyJ IIoucli-sl.ene:itirelvrc'au-iUiHl newlv fain
LÜJJi Ul 1 HiX Ülillii Ui ill JlJlivil, j iip.L t is eommoiUiMH an i comfortable in all
BRANCH AT rLYMO'JTlI, ID. j it icp.rtmciit. No pain- or will be
spareil torenufi it a ;ir.-t class Ilolel. rravolcis,
F.. S. . ORGAN, fro. I' II. . A RLY, Casliior
-ffTlASTBIlX EXCHANGE, Prä! r.rin
niti an-1 Chicago, C!.i an 1 Silver, Cr.car
Tent Manej nnsl Lirrl Wnrrants
1JO b G II T A N D SO L D .
TjT FoTvosi? Received nn-I M )nvv Lo i'.iod.
!T7Fch m ok Enrop-'boniht anl s M.
TT At t"!f irn rivrn to CoMf-rtion-. nn-1
Gen:ril Binkb Bisinsss Tra:sactea
June 2-1. l. n
ji u Jf elf k ilj n
IT rjiir
- - - a :c n
TT 73
Vi!l p-jctu-e :n tlu ivt.iI c::n:i-s of 'hi- J:vlt- i
rinl rMv'i't. fiüi ato ii.l rronr4!r to the p-iv'iv-tit
t l.,Xes,:n.ie-.irciu...t Ci.;a,.
tJ;,j 3t St ?;t
i'l rrapticc .MiMi.rii'.e.Snrjvry -ii'i J!s rtrsc..?.
PernT.entiv !o?itv ! i:i Tu ir ( :'y. M viv.vill
Co . Tii-li in i. 0?!i ! e -oo; s;it ; l-t J.l,.
Cummin S: Bi-IV re.
(h-t. 57-1 1 1 f-
m 7 . '- n-i
i i.m - h-- r
es t 1 "i- V.
v.- i
.!" 11-1.1.
p 7. -tl -I n 'I'-'! 1 -.
h- i'l'" h ii -
t.iv 1
E 1 in!-
Il ri-e, F'vr.i :;
it. s m -i;-x ..
f ' ' )
t!::!.v.n in
of everv -c:-:;tio!. ''..
i;vo'4 pi.y.m )i: ni. i ;;!)
. c. r irr. r
Pivnvvph, Mt-sViI! Co'vUv. In!..
Practice J;i Mir?!r1 ril nl;-:i."n ctn!;.
n iiiock a c .. Vt r ore kd, :;. y.
CoTev,F.ir.ve:i C .. G i ' 1 .V Hr. C'r '.
LnrlVn k C . Pii'I t G.-t:T. B;'-:r?r v C...Pifts.
II.;:). A. L. OAnrn", Cäv't. Ja-hre, Lsp-u-to, ln-1.
H. m. .o. r-.f;KAr
coitnix ä P vC'v-V'ii)
AttoV'V ,,'-','!'ts ''f Ti"'7
an r
I'l.YMOI'Tir, IXD.
Refrr tl
AucrnniAS, H NirrT, i co., X Y City;
John Livimtstot, "
Tv.vx, Smith k nri nEi, Detroit. . Mich.;
Seor. Hehax ten, Toliilo, O'ö ;
M II NoRTDi k c?. Chlcvro.I!!;
Hon C A Jjtact, Teca-.rifh, .Mich;
Hon Twos S ÖTAxnr.LD, Soulli Lhai.l, fn l
irc insurance (L Qinpanij,
r. ,m
nAPITAUS5'r.0T): cr.rolns 'M2 21; as
. T 1 1 OTT 0 ?.- c . T
r;tel lein. II IIctixcton. Pr?Hrt; T C AI
lvn.S.-cretirv; D Alexander, Orura! n'yrnt fo
thewct.ciu o;ao. rTi
lie3-ini riTTnontli.Ii.,1.
For Au'ra. of IlirtforJ, Cuii Aäett.?, 17 ').0 )0
ForPh-rmx cU d- - 4:1,11!):)
i'or Peoria, .Marine and fire Insurance Comp:inv,
of Peoria IlLvCisli Awetti. .i ..$301,0;i)
Policies iiued at the lowest possible rates. OlKce
in Lal' irtc ptreet Pljmo ih Ind. r 2Im3
d. H. CASE,
SIT AS in Teil his öllwe on door north of Pi? rce
1 1 CI t!i:.a'4 store, noar the Democrat print. n
on Aiicai;
trett, vhfrelie will "jrlv
pronart - ntion o all ehilni. entr istrd to liim fo
ciliectioi., 'ras Justice of the peace or in hiuh
erenu'ts. T. " xing &c., pr.m:.tlv attended to
Plymouth, Ino 2.pt. 9.
Contantljon ban I at ; ; ? 1 h i A.ilY nR V?l
OIlLDannourut totheLailiej o Plymouth
and vicinitr, th.u hc Ims ju.t rcct'ivvd an
enure ni;w rwc m r.io ami inicr
Ti!linfty ood, r
W iilcli she ofTers lo 5tl very clie.ip. L:uiios wish
ingto parch.i?e Bonncc, or.-nything.n the Milll-
nery line, are respect' llvinvhcdto call.' Thank
ful for past favor-', fh etlll ujicitsj he .patronage
of her oii utoVnef, ahT i-mariy ' new on s as
. miy ;ri ve her a call. Shop tkcood vioor, nortli of
he ReptiNicm pvintirtj oßcA .' oct G-?yl
.r . l. ..r c..n l
& btatiosroy.
ir..i.rrt IX
All kin.h
fartr.res I'j'ank Uooks, V , Vc
oct2,M3vl. FORT WAYNE, 1XD
KEi:P2 .-ont ii5t!v on lnn-1 CI x-k. V.,t. ',
0Clo!;s,Watche5, &c, rcpaiid in th best
aimer po.:l)Ic. sept 23 T.9 7-tf.
- Proprietors
7. C. TV.' ARn.i h u rrhiril I t!m r. k- .p.lj
; IIouo.wh;c!i besinn noimltr with t!i nii.'t.,
j and a!; ot:u T5, wnl ha I cverv desirable aecnmmo
I I connection with lliir. lio?i. !js a lnrcre are. ron
j vciiii nt stable, where proi.ipt :it;c i.ti-n will te
"i vn. :ni O1..0
whin v:ll vovDzns CEASE!
r IP- ITA It rV MAN cVj CO.
Vj CO.
T I.I vr itirt oil i tiniv t?irn.i;j.ii .1
W- Z j ' "ois. ii .,ie oi
":'.-I'l-Mc Smot two (li-or? north of
f-rZ ,oo .1,1-
M.c.f .Mi-l1-. :.nstif.t.:.t No6i
" . . . i
(wlir-r.-lfuy iritcml Vciy'v? on
l;n.tsn!:!f5ar(l Untre of nil
IK??, .' I ll V il! eil :l. f!. :ip ;5
tlH' f;!!C-p',-'". l.T.'l Hill I -X:lil-
ine ihcir?!ock and work. Al!
; rcp-nrMitr Tom in oj-.?t fti:! n y!ti t notirc
1 It
tt "it tt ' n; o r
i fOMEOVAoUC fCYICtAX-rirtlcubr
3 atteiitinn p'l to 'p-tt tr'e IV tft i--. iir.l
Chroi.V.lNcasor W.-m n, :i.-i .li-ean f H, - !,! -
n n. O.Ii -e iivit (,". Puiii ;r rt'i.re. nur Michi-
. . . t i i.i
ir hi oi I L i"-t to -ri'f t.-. w Isi'i-c lie can lw einu!trl
,f ,j
f! .i:r-
j rrrictor.
"v. c. I n n .
' U I I i . - ; Vf
t . '
. -I ' ' . ' '
I (
i : . i i i i
' vol jr. , 9.
- TT
O f H Ct A'.ci;-''" l.tnl r .r 'e. i-r-V!l
. ; j ., .; r,:, I i;:i:r,V(!. t-.
?5--tr! ::",r ! ',r n. ronnTX
. .. "'' ' '
rf-.. r-. p r,rrf,!
-V ..4;.: --'.i L ''..l i't--;
Jh .:e or ptriia! s-t. S Teeth in 1 1 .1
r n
in'VSt :rnr;Vf! ! :.:!..
r ec'iil nt tril
lion to the p:v:'rvit"o!i of the nit r f tei-tfi.
::v oi V.-.I.I.ÜTU s teitli orrccf"!
li.'Ii'-'i t f eili i'X?r;:ei'u with or without
i ' i .
r '
C'.i iroi'irm. Cms Iv fon-ü'te! ni v if.iccr.t r.ny
time r-xce;f- m ".;:!:: -ivs aiivi Tur..iVj.
O.JI-j" in Ia ?'r::i,V'lock, r; stairs, cornrr I'eh
i;"in :n. I (;irn streets. t'v
A GOOD Assortment
O' I Cr.iv'2
ami Xotion?, at
oct C-?tf.
No. 3, Perching Block.
InrBiirancc Agency,
No. n. Vai.l Hr.. xr.w VOHk.
capital,.. ......co
No. 31, WALL ct., NEW YORK.
-iöU t 1I.L, $2'J),G,0
MJ . ,rn , m-n i a- rtnn TVf,
CAPITAL, $-:öV33. .. .. .SURPLUS, 150,000
The above companies fire well csrjha hed and
fivoraMy known as TIKST CLASS Insurance
Comp-m.-.-s. and wiil i rouij-tt ailju: .!! l,:?.-fs
O h i1 In-i;r.tnce on buildiir-s. ! tiniituro. or
Merchandize, applv to
J. G.OSBORNE, A-et.t,
nov3-12vl. Plymouth, Ind
By. State Authority.
JFh'C Enhitranrc sCvrittsit'cIi.
CAPITAL. $400,000 OO.
S- L. LOOM is. President.
' II. KELLOGO, Secretary.
Agents in Iii principal citie. & towns i i the Union
.L7L i-se- proian'ly p id. Applications receiv
oil, ami Policies is.-ued ami rrrewnl h
CIL REEVE, A rcnt.
Plymouth, Au. II, 1FM Jm3.
Tlie not or, and account due McDonald & Bro. fo
"inscription, ad vrrtis-iig, an I Job work are in the r
IniKbofT. McDonald,-? er Pierce. Clothin-Rtore
We ar nnVrir.f' for ttie amounts tluen?, und wt
hope all knowing themselves indebted 'to us will
come forward at once and par up.
' - - r-'- : Mcdonald j. ERO.
srpt.22 Ctf. . : -
! book
I ki
You nre sober this oveiiinr. said Mrs.
LlM!l'11 l f nothing has
Mr. Laude!! who had b'-on Killing with
bis ?yi'8 upon tluilioor, süont and ab-? trad
ed for sown muiDt'nts, arousod himself at
tht'e words nf bis wit., and looked up at
her, smiled in a forced way, n.4 he answer
ed Ob ro; nothing at all li.as jjonc wror.if.
Doni you b-ei well?
Tb voire of Mrs. Landell was just sha
ded tvith concern.
Well enough in body, but not as com
f liable in mind as I desire.
Then something has one wrong1, said
h(! wif, her nutiiner troubled.
Noil.inj more than usual, replied Mi.
Landell. The forced smile faded away
fiom bis couiiieuanee. Mrs. Landell sib
Cll. Than usual! She repeated bis vords
looKiii whin an est iiii(jttity into her hus
band's faiM. Tlier: she added in a tender
I . .
t llritKi r.:mA Vitir trmihw np.nr TiMiif
hide any thing. Lt me snare villi you
the -rood and ill of lifc. Did vor not know
that l.eaitsdraw nearer in uiferin than
they do in joy.
Lless your kind neart, Alice! said Mr.
Lini.'ell.'a broad smile creeping over his
face as lie caught her round cheeks be-
iwti'ii I is hamls an I kissed hi r. There
isn't ar.yil.i'ig in the case so serious as all
that conies to. I nm not mug to fail in
business; have iiot lost anvthin Vorth
LsjH-aking atout; "have not cheated anvbodviwly VUUi l,ee Si;;. w.is a great fioii;e
.i .,,1 t... w i . ... It. lj lv.
I ,,1;,-., ,.,. i .i 1.....-
, ., slv. temper
' I it... I . t I ...
... iiiii in.it ij nin i,s:
'"i; '" M'nieiniujr u-ii
i .... .. .......
I'ni rs .i i o'.
The cloud p.issed from lue face of Mrs.
u vill ove; conic that in tine, Iv.l
v...d. I (.iiii'o. see that I make anv proress.
v"' i;.i ... wi.en a mthl re I) roof would
! 1 ave a ? Kioto sa.u uTV flirrt. II-- .-
j hi e. rin I tnv w..rds hiirt him ,-everelv.
i p. t i . ,i . i i r " o
1 ' 1 aibw I'.al r ma!it"0 iij bis lace ab
, ... . . . .
il t .! my petpeaul i bukt, and I feli it
o;i af'cr ir." sun v..n' !ot.
fii V
Hh rü-
greater ;b i:t his. Hut l If !ev-
... ! l . .
ii 1 illll MliiJ.-i
I l is
ll'"fl I:
i v.
Im'' c;i
.1- i.m
:il i 11.''.!!: '
1 ll.e s li:V' o.iiig ih.'l I
il i:'.lil n. .liuei) I i. at
i .. v. ci.-: i.p vi i! i 'i-nt.g. 1 1. is 1 ie-
! . . . r " ! : 'IV I
, imc! lii-j.' ; I . a ! hrca ci;ed 10
dl-i::i-s i.i:n iir.i my mm i tiv if h due.!
c':t::i. a !t-joi ot hi?. Ia:i jii ig.-. When
j "-' 1-i "'" ,ri '-g1'- l''- tine i---a:
-i -Mi. I MW I la I b-s-t v.ioüg :,nd
i '1 M ,! ;i, ,,y nh,,u: i: i V('r ';, '" 1
I I; i I n ote .elf roiitnd: tha I ro il l
jb'i!!ery t.o.ott wb.'it feeling i; sti l.!-:!y
j.-jurtrd. Tu teinj nrameut nt.d long in-
utiMi'u i .'.iMtN ae agai t.-i me
Mis Landcll cnci.iiragil and ooihed her
t t . t .
i'lr-ran i, au i so von ins u.in l awav Horn
l ! . . ? I I i l r
iisst jf ti-jir-ifiches.
On th next m.'iiiii'g as Ir. Lauddl
was leavii-g for I.i tst.oie. hi-? nie looked
up at him, and will, a meaning, bail to
Tl.eu vas ll e slightest peu-ensiblc warn
t;ig i.i her to::e.
1).mi vh i:? Ur. Landcll seemed a Ik
tl" pczzled.
'Don't fuget yoniM-If.
0h! I-ight bloke in nj on his mied.
Thank u, I iil no:; and he eut forth
lo meet ihetiial of the d;J.
Almost the iirst thing luat fell' under the
noiiee of Lande!! was an important lette
w: ich after viiiing, he h.ul givjn ;( a
(dell; to com and mail. Instead of bein"
in iJoKton, as it sl.ould have been, it lav
uj on his desk. Neglect like this felt
to be unpardonable.
'Join,' he railed sharply co a young man
at the fulher end -f the 6tore.
Don't! it frems to him like the voice of
his vite in his rar 'don't forget Vou rsel f.
The mental varning came just in season.
The cieik com quiekly t.vards him. By
the time he reached the desk of Mr. Landall,
ilu letter was under elf control.
' Why Tas not ibis letter mailed John?'
he ake J. The tone was neither impera
tive nor caption-?, bul kio'd; and the ques
tion vs'.s asked in a vay that said, of corse
there h good reason lor Omission; and so
there was.
it lliiiiU. Pir, answered John, 'that there'
is a mistake, and 1 thought it not bcst not
put the letter in the mail.
A miä:.ike? lIo-.v?and Mr. Landell open
ed ihe letter.
I reads, said the clerk, 'threo hundred
cases of shaVi8.
On no; thirty rases, replied Mr. Ltndell.
Bui as he said this Iiis eyes rested on ihe
three hundred; So it is. Hör., cculd 1
have inadcsuuh mi error! Ycu !id right,
John, in not sending the letier at all.
The rlerk vent back to bis place, and
the merchant sail to hitmelf. 'IIov jjlad I
am that I vasable to rontiol myself. If I
had ppoken lo that young man as I felt, I
would have vrongh. and alinated him,
and. made trouble for myself all day.
No', long ahe ibis a case of goods, fell
through the la:rhwayR. crushing down
upon the landing villi n no?.e that raued
Mr. Laude, whose temparament was ex-
Icee lingly nervous, to spring to his feet.
I i blame somobo'ty was , hrst impulse.
j What careless fellov has done ibis? vas'
i on Ins lmoue.
Don't! the inward monitor spoko in
i time: ' Mr. Landell shut Ids lips tightly.
jind kept silei-t uniil he. could comma-id
himself. Ho then inquired calmly into the
cause of ihe accident, and found tff.it spe
cial blame attached to none. Opening the
ras of goods, the damage was found io be
trifling. - i '
Anotlsnr conquest said Mr. Landell,
as he tiin.ed to his desk. Self-control is e.t
Ye.Mcr ay 1 s;ioke sharplv to oii of myiil e fiel vas he kuet
sv encuixb if the trial is made in earnest.
A d'iz-Mi times that day w:.3 thj torch ap
plied to Mr. Laiuh ll's qui-l; emper, and as
of:en was he in (Innrer ,,f blazing out. Dut
be kept hi'9 temper till th.e snu went down,
and then he turned his steps homeward,
feeling more comfortable in mind than h
had for sevoral weeks. There was no shad
ow on his countenance when he met his
vif.-, but smiling od humor.
You said Don't, as I !?fi this moeninn-.
And I didn't.
You are a hero. sa:d Mrs. La idell lau li-
Not much of a on". Tii9 eor.quest vas
easy uuoh vhen I drew the sword in
And you fell better?
Oh, a thousand times. wL.it a curse of
one's life this quick temperament is. I am
ashamed of myself half a d zen times a
davon an average. Diu t have made rood
begining, a-,'J 1 mean to kept on rirlit until
Iho end.
Don't, said Mrs Landell to her husband,
as sl;e parted with him (or the store at the
front door of their home the next moi sting.
von't; God help me!' was answered
heartily. J
And he didn't as- the pleasant evening that
bo passed with his ife,' most clearly testiii
cd. I
Readers, if you are quick tempered,
don't. j
A G-oocl Jnctefc of Cows
fcquire lck. a lawvi.- liM-ies that what
he don't know 'ain't vrlh knowiag, and
t hose home is not a thl isaml mi!.s from
I viilt 11,0 -l!r- .7 f 1 biM fTit'ii-b Ott. tv! ....
. vihin r ili4 .liiil-e. lb tiriiT im i ml bii.i
o O ......
walk over toe premil-S. Among other
places, they visited thef barnyard, and t lie
fcquire. was snick iui aJminiiion as he
gazed upon the, iu.blf U-rd of imws which
had jusi been ill Ivcii uj lor milking. He
talked as elaboraie'v of their iniuj noinis
as wo
fiisliate s'.iek breeder, vhen
next to- liotl.in.
anoUk so'ck, and Some
ift O-inKl Ijl-lill.
t - lU-il i'f ::tllrcd till
a hearty
which ol
lallen ru Ihe .eve.
Well, iviuire said
. . !
j the rows viil you takr-b
inch u'H I take ;ai.l 1 v Squire. no: know
ing the Judge's .manlli.
!-. vi. Ich il von like? Ir
im troiiiLT lo
iii.H.c V'l p.c-e!,l
of o:ie of ilu III vhich
si.-li! t. U-V
eaiv. "ur i.oii(.r, ibis is unexi ( ctcd. 1
; is unexi (eb d. 1
vi t im. obj -el to the pies-nt, but 1 voahl
j l.i.lii-l Ao.ii iionor would in ik the seleir.ion
a I crvei tdiouid not !; cI.oom.'I s.
J If you accep; ibis pr sett I, you mui.
niaUe il.e S'lecii-u. Jvl?g qui e a "-oml
' j idge .f s.ock, y-U w ill not be like to clieat
,,ur4,, . '
Ti.e .'rq'.ii.e I ub!.:il his gold bowed spec-
taeh-s asol b.-an to ev the cows ui ha
cii ic's pi"ci-.iou. Af.er much soruii
be said
I appit hend voitr honor voitld imtliLe.to
part i:h thai very lai, short horned, .hick-nc-rked
1 hvc no choice; mal your ovn seloc
Hon. f.aiJ the Judge, his licibla hardl coii
Uolable J don't vant to rob vou of your favonre
cov; but if you Lave i.o choice. 1 should
prcier the veiy Cm one; the. has many good
point s.'
No robbery at all the fat cow is your-.
Mv fserant wül djiv her uvour horstb
foe miikiiig.'
The delighted Squire hastened homo to
inform his vi,e. Ju about an lioijr he sav
the lattest and best pointed cow in the
village,' as he stvlcd her, driven into his
.yard and lie despatched a 6nb!e daughter of
Africa to milk her. Ia a fev minutes in
came ebony oiy-'glintr and lauhinr.
S(uire Vick ktnr iheie was something tt
pay, but what he could not conjictuie.
There stood Dinah convulsed villi laugh-
ter, the empty pail dangling by her side.
What c-n earth is to paj", Uiiiaii; laqstr
led the Squire.
Oh Masa for r.ufiia, only ki. hi.-hi.
he. lie, he,!'
The Squiw looked at Iiis wif? slve at him;
and then both al Dinah, vho had connip
lioned iih laughter and settled down by
the door, her face covered vhh her apron
and her laughing machinery shaking bei
sides at a iremeiidous rate. The Squiie's
mad siz. ,
Dinah, said 1 c at the top of his voice,
tell mc what's up, or I'll thro.v you out of
the vindov.'
Dinah roso and controlled herself long
enough to say .
Oh, lor, masaa. nufii , only that cor of
V ourn be a "cmmun coxcv and then f.dl
into anollier tit of laughter.
. If you knov hov a chopfallen man looks,
a portrait of Squire Wick' countenance
vou!(J be supcifluous.
The way that 'very fit short horned,
thick necked cow' walked bad; to the yard
of the Judge, wasn't stow; and the v iy lie
shook Ids sides ras a raution to stock crit
icj. An Audieiisa cf O .io-
The oldest and most eccentric circum
stance that evei came to our knov ledge
occurred last Saturday. Mr. Foster, the
manager of the Theatrical Company, then
phuing at Concert Hall, wnssi'iingin the
bote, ruminating, in all probability, -upon
the full house he was t" Lave that even
ing, rhen a stranger entered the room,
i:h a bill for tha evening's . performance
j l i his hand.
"Are you the manrger of the Theater?"
quoth ihe stranger. -( . ..
I am sir replied Mr. Foster.
You are to play ... .Richard III, to
night? ' .
'Yos sir.
I am, and always havo.bectn extremely
fond of theatricals, but naver had an op
porlurity of seeing ltichard III.' , : ! :
...-'Unfortunatelr, I leave jo.vn .this
evening on the G-4G train. Now, bow
much money would induce your compa
ny to play Richard III for me this after
noon?' Foster thinking the stranger was j 'king,
replied he would do it for twenly-five dol
lars. The stranger looked at the bill
again, and inquired what would be the ex
tra charge for the Hough Diamond? To
carry out the joke, Fos er, replied ten dol
lars, and handing it to him remarked that,
he would like to have the play to com
mence not later than two o'clock.
Foster got the company toeth.r, and
related tin circumstance. The i lea, of
playing Richard III to Jin audierce of one.
was so excessively ludicrous, atd so p.?w
in their exprince, that they corsvuted.
Two o'ebek ciime, ard the solitary au
dience assembled. Choking an eligible
potion, and cocking his f-et upon the
back of fhe seat in front of him, waited
patiently for the performance to commence.
: 'Fbo bell tang, tin went the curtain, and
me jnay commencea. iever at I actors
do better. Tiioy all exerted themselves to
give their patron an entertainment fully
worth lh price pail for it, and they sue
ceedeJ. The stranger applauded vigor
ously at different points; and it the close
of the play called Mr. Foster before the
curtain vho responded in a neat Iii Je
speech. A dance and a song f dl -wed, af
ter hieb ihe farce of the Rough Diamond
vas played.. The audience laughed, roar
ed and applauded, and as at the close of
the lirst pi.-ce, called out the leading ac
tors. Bucyrus Joi(r.vl.
. i. - i t it
A H'ool and Iiis i:Ioii3y Parted-
The New York Trüuioe teils the fol
lowing siory of a man named Fatis of Teii-ness-e,
which proves lhat there is voik
for the fool killer ye::
EiUebeih Trail, a tall, slim, good look-
iti$5 wonnn, a Luv nv-mths sin.'e, was trav
eling through ihe West, stopping al va
lions ciiies and towns to teil the fortune of
the credulous, who desired to be humbug
ged. Many were the' servant girls vho
llocked to see the famous "Gipsy Queen,"
as the insinuating damsel called herself.
During her ttaveU in Tennessee, the 'Gip
sy Queen romo to the plantation of Mr.
IL-z-'kiah Faiis, m Franklin county, The re.
she put up f r il.e night. Duriv.g the
evening, she, being of a pleasing address
and winning manners, go insinuated hcr
sell into the gi oi I grace of her host and
hos:es as to induce them t invite her to
stay still lotigor. iShe consented and cou-
'tiaued a guest at the plantation fur s.'Vtial
At last, however, she wa3 forced to take;
liT leave; before doing so, 9he took Mr.
Fa;H io one hide, and. ia a confidential
nrm ttT3-t-iiiru.-j Ttnv, told i.i 111 ill TC W.l;5 ail
immense treasure buried on his plantation,
and that she alone could direct him how
tiMib:an it. Mr. hanr, eigei ly sw.il!.ved
:he gli tering bait, and vas anxious to
bring forth his pick and shovel and at
once uncover h-i promised veallh. This
the Gipsy votild nut aliov, but loll the
anxious digger that the gold could only be
reached through her mj-etie spell. In or
der that sho" might properly work her
chnrms, she desired Mr. Fans to procure
SS.UU'J in gold, which b was to place in
a j ir, thej ir lo he covered villi earth, the
whole to be placed in a trunk and securely
locked. The trunk was then to be set
avay and allowed to remain tvelvo days
he keeping the. trunk and she retaining the
key. During this lime he was not to men
tion the subject to any one and on the 13ih
day shö was to return and assist at the
resureclioti of the buried treasure. The
gold vas procured. an,d amid prayers and
incantations the So.UOO was placed in tlie
trunk, and tlie sorceross departed.
Impatiently waited 'the confiding Faris
for the thirteenth day, which hould bring
him both witch and veallh. The former
came not, and he found to his sorro? tha
the latter had departed, For, on oiv-nin"
the trunk and examining the jar, lie found
lhat instead of S3.(KK) being there deposit
ed, the gay gipsy, during her incantation,
bad substituted a package of lead for that
gold. The dup'd monal was forced lo '
pose his own folly, and the fortune tell-
er was persued for months vithout success
Jill it
v;;3 niniored hat she Jnd taken up I
her residence. in Cellvüle, N. Y. Accord
i .
ingly, a requisition on th Govennr ot
Nev Jersey vas obtained from the Gover
nor of Ten nesee, and a .son of Mr. Faris
came to Xev York, vhere he obtained the
services of sergeant Dickson of the Detec
tive Police, who vent to Rellville, and af
ter some trouble, succeeded i i arresting
the woman. She vas recognized by the
son of the dupe, and last evening ihe offi
cer started Tennessee vilh her, her- she
will b' required to answer, the charge of
of grand larceny.
A. ToucniNO. Anecdote. Hon A. II.
Stephens, of Georgia, in a recent address at
a meeting in Alexandria, for. tho b?neflt of
tlie orphan Asylum r.nd Free Schools of
lhat city, related the following anecdote:
A poor little boy, in a cold night in June,
tili no home or roof to sheler his head, no
parental or materual guardian or guide to
protect or direct him on his way, reached
at nightfall the house of a rich planter, who
look him in, fed, lo3ged, and sent him on
his way vith his blessing. The kind at
ten'i'ins cheered his heart, and inspire him
with fresh courage to battle vhb tho obsta
cles of life Years rolled round; Piovi
dencc led him on; he had reached the legal
profession; his host had died; the cormo
rants lhat prey on tho substance of man
had formed a conspiracy to get -from the
widov her estates. . She sent for the near
est counsel to commit her.causo to h:m,
and lhat counsel proved to be the. orphan
boy years before welcomed and entertained
by her deceased husband.. The stimulus
of a warm and tenacious gratitude was now
added to the ordinary motives connected
wilh the profession. 115 .undertook her
cause vith a will not easily to . be rested,
' - ' ; ä- - . -- t
lo gained it; the vidov's estates were
secured to her in perpetuity; and Mr.
Stephens added with emphasii of emoiion
that sent its e'eetiio thrill throughout the
house, "that orphan boy stands before you!"
A CorxTur Dctor. The Knickeibook -or
does up a yarn in a superior manner.
There is more truih tlnn poetry in the fol
lowing from ihfl experienc. of a country
doctor a fact that more than one ofthat
badly treated and worse paid class of indi
viduals would be williti' lo vciify on oath:
The pcor doctor is called from his bed
on a stormy night villi the stirring - sum-
o:or, wait y cu to n me right straight
aw av off to Rank
s s.
His child is dead.
'Then ? by do you come?
IL'j's poisioned. They jia him
anum for paregoiihy.'
IIov much have they given him.
'Do'n.i, a great deal. Think he von't
get over it.'
Tin doctor pushes on through the storm
meets vi h divers mishaps on the vay. and J
at length arrives at the house of the pois
Miedpatien. He finds it all closed not a
light lo be seen.
He knocks at the door, bul no answer,
lie knocks furiously , and at l ist a night
cap appears at the Chamber viudov, and a
voman's voice squeaks out
Who's their?'
The doctor to be sure. You sent for
Oh, it's no matter, doctor. Emphraim
is better. Wo got a little skee.-ed, kinder.
Gin liim !a:i lanannm and and he slept kin
der sound, but hit's vakrd up now.'
Hov much laudanum did he swallow?'
Only two drops. Tai:it hurt him
Wonderful bad storm tn night.
The doctor turns away, buttoning up his
overcoat under his thrnat, to seek his home
ng-aiti, and tries to vhkto away mortifica
tion an aner. vh-n the voi- e calls
-Doctor! Dortoi!'
What do oti va:it?'
Yoa Tori't charge nothin for lbs isi.,
will ye'?'
A Tough Story.
Some twenty live or thirt years ago Mr,
Harris nivned a liorse ll;a'. mel villi a hor
iblrt accident. He va ailached to a plov
in a iiel l and becoming fiightened, ran
away The horse in t le a spring atr! alight
ed tin tlie stump of a tree, vhich was about
six foci high and nine inches in circum
ference. The stump wont entirely through
the b ly of t!io animal, raising ihe skin
over live inches .iear the back bone, but
t:ot b:e;:king through. An ox was procured,
the tree chopped down and urn -vo from
the body of the horse. The animal vas
ch:i."rdrred twined, and Some one advisie
Mr. Harris lo hava him killed lo end Ids
sutleiings. The horse fiaelly walked to
his stuhle, when; he received every alten
jion, and in less than a rear vas sound as
ever. The place where the tree entered
toon healed up, bul Korn: three months
"ftenvar.ls small splinters vero discharged
from the back. Although this seems an
incredible story, it is positively true, and
there are fOople Äiill living in Watemlle
who remembers the occurence well. The
hots' did not d:.e for many years afterward?-,
and never appeared to have suffered any
mueria! injury from the terrible impale
ment Watcraille Times.
A Dtin'o Man's Repentance. A fev
yeats ago, Rev. Mr. B , a faithful,
fearless preacher, In one of the4 'hill towns
of Hampshire Co nty, preached a pointed
sermon against the use of at dent spiriis,
especially designed for n member of bis
eongregadon, who vas in the' habit of
Idling Iiis help at a low price, in consider
ation of the frequent "treats" lhat he fur
nished his voiknin. "Old Nat" felt him
nelf particularly "hit" by the disoour..", as
ihe coil fiited bun exactly, and therefore
absented himselffrom church for lvo years.
A few veeks ago he was seized his last ill
iirss, expressed a great anxiety to see Rev.
Mr. B before he died. His son vent
po-st-haste fur l lie mitiister. who, of course
was qui'- ready lo respond to ihe dying
mar summons. On entering the room.
lte was L'reeted with tha rool salutation
I I I . 1 I ! I m iiKvtlt Ist II I! 1rt I
ft V W 1 1
AMr- ",r,Ul ,i,M1" ""u
!iivA fr vnn In, vnti iTirhf li?lV ?l
chatice lo apologize to mc for that liquor
sermon preached lo me a few j-ears ago!"
Foiu Republican Estimates of Capt.
John Diiowx. A cotemporary puts them
thus: Tlie Rev. Mr. Way bud, of Wor
cester, comjiares him' to 'Patjick Henry.
Oiis and Warren. Also, decl-res lhat
History shall treasure his vords, and youth
hall icpeat them on tho stage o( boyish
declamation. Wendell Phillips says he is
a greater and better man th.an Washington
was. and that if he is hanged it i!l take
more than two Washingtons to be born in
Virginia 1 to .wipe out the wrong. The
Hartford Courant compares him to Alger
non Sydney, Hampden and Cromvell. Al
so, declares that he is a hero. (When the
nevH of the murders first came, it declared
he "ought to be hung, as a felon.") Wiu.
Jomes Watkins. (negro, ) who addressed
a Republican meeting at 13 rocket t 6 Bridge,
New York, on tlie evening of Nov. 2, de
clared of him that "he was a hero, as brave
and as holy as the sun ever flashed upon."
Also, that Washington does not deserve
to be mentioned in the eame day with Capt.
Brown.", . . .
C'Husband. I ish you vou!d buy me
Some prety feathers. 'Indeed, my dear
litule wife, you look better vithout them.
'Oh, no. Raid she coaxingly, 'youalvays
call me your little bird, and hov does a
bird look without feathers?
iCdTHe that gives 'good advice builds
wii.ii one hand he that gives good counsfj
and "exam p! builds with both; but he that
gives good admonition and bad eyample,
bi ilds wilh one hand anJ pulls down with
the other. .' ' "t
2r'.MoiherfM said a tart little boy the
o'he day, "I've got such a bad head ache
and sore-throat, too." "Have you, my dear?
asked the mother; "well, you thall have
some medicine," "Its no matter," retor
led the shrew urchin, "I've got cmt lut
they don't hutt me."
57'One boy in a shop is as "od ns a
man. Two boys, however, are wjrsc than
'Old Scratch." If there be but one bo
ir, a room, he i9 as quiet and sedate as &
Quaker. Introduce another, and ground
lofty tumbling, nnd sumerseta, will be
the order cf the day from sunrise to dark
ÄT5?Joiix Buowk, Jr. Tlie miscreant
is in Ashtabula county at this time. He
has been in Canada, but at present i? res
iding live mitos from Jefferson, and J, IL
Ciddings son proclaims lhat he is armed
viih thirty two shots and three bowie
knhes, and will never b taken alive
John, n his return from Canada, asserted
lhat Iiis faiher never votild ba hung, r.nd
thai a force was concentrating to rescue
him, and lhat the Harper's Ferry war r8
not jet ended. These facts ve have from
persons of undoubted veracity i;i Ashtabula
count'. Cleveland Democrat.
Tue Would t a Mas oct of Work.--To
a man ov.t of employment, proscribed
market!, ihere is nothing so terrible as the
close ranks of society around him. Every
busy man seems to have found his place;
each locks s.ep with his neighbor, and the
vast proc-sion moves on. Once out ot the
serri.v.l ord.r, the unhappy rretcb can nevr
resumed his posi. ion. He finds himself the
fifth wheel of a coaeh. there is nothing foi
him todo no place for him at the bounti-
full boitd where others feed He may s'-arre
ordr.nvn himself, as he likes the world
has no use for, and will not rnis him.
T3TA good washing fluid may be made
of hot vater and plenty of scap.
Children's dresses ware longer by letting
them reach to their ankles.
Miik that has stood for some tire should
be permitted lo hit down.
Carpet will prove to be more durable if
you lake care not to tread upon them.
A plenty of fresh. sveet butter and good
appetite vill keep bread irom spoiling.
Woolen rag? should nlvavs be washed.
infiwejtoil before iheyare made into flan
nel cakes.
A regard for decency requites that sa!.vd
should be dressed before appear'aj at thJ
dining tab! 3.
iirDAXGERou3 Habit. The Harris
burgii (Fa.) Telegraph say.: A lady had
il-.e iiabit ot picking her teeth with pins.
A tiitiing humor was the consequence,
vhich terminated in a cancer. The bias
and quicksilver used in making these pins
will account for ibis circumstance. Pins
are always pernicious to the teeth, and
should never be ued for toothpicks.
jTSTThero is nov on the way to Eng
land, from the Maharajah Casdimere, ft a
present lo Queen Victoria, a costly shawl
luit, vhich will contain a bedstead of solid
gold. The value of this tegal offeiingis said
to exceed fifceeu laces cf rapees (lB0r
Parricide' Thomas Redmond, an old
gentleman of considerable property, resid
ing; near Wyliei-.burg. in Charlotte county.
a, vas slioi a iev oays since Dy ins ion,
aged 18, and died on the 12th inst. Thir-;y-6even
shot vere extnurtecl from hi? 6ide.
The son had a difficulty wilh his father,
who drove him from the house. The mur
derer was rresied at church, Sunday, and
i now ia ' il-
J"A man passing through a gate-way
in the dark, hit hi nose against a post. -I
wish that post was in h I, 6aid be. Bet
ter wish it was somewhere else, said a by
stander, you might run against it again.
il -fjy ever reouhe ciuiu iur iu-uniiii.
,v ..... a.:i.i r. :
It vere well could w laugh as we did twen
ty years ago.
If vou vish to increase he siw
and prominence of your eyes, just keep ac
count of the money you Fpend foolishly,
and add it up at the end of the year.
Tl. tr.n A ill fA CAne tftf TaIiI
Brown with him at Harper's Ferry. Two
of them. Watson and Oliver were killed,
and one 0ven, cseapt d and is now safe in
Canada.' So 'says the Cleveland Herald.
iwtTGov Welles has appointed Judge -John
P. Haun, formerly of Kentucky, to -fill
the seat made vacant oy ihe death of
Senator Brodet ick, of California.
X57"During an examination, a medical
student being asked the question, "When
does mollification ensue?" replied, "When
you pop the question, and are answered
1 1 i
iCIt is a general remark lhat all rlae
?es of persons are ever ready to give their .
opinions. W think the lawyers must be .r
excepted they .sell theiis.
"Sidney Smith eays the Anglo-Saxon
race were made for the two purposesto ,
manufacture calico and steal land.
fSTAn itinerant preacher who rambled -in
his sermons, when requested to slick
to hi: text, replied that scattering shots
would hit the most birds.
5?"A man having been awakened br
the captain of a boat wilh the announce-
ment that l.c must not occupy the berth
with his boots on, very cotuideratelj re?v.
plied: . . . '
"Oh, tho bugs xvnnt hurt VmI gueR;
they're an old pair let -era rip.
There are eight Republican candidates
for nomination for Governor io PeBCSjlTa
nia. ' "''' lK:-- - --- -

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