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A. C. TnoIPSO, Prop'r.
f i KA-.. In Anv vcr,. . .
If pud Ai'er - in nili,. . .
do. afu-r Uu vc.tr expires,
$1 50
2 00
2 50
k Pginoutl)
e alove token? wol he strictly adhered to, n A OJj. Xl
cVf rv instance.
business Garis.
rlrrt ilnpfrn
HP -o
At the Marshall County Democrat Job Office,
a-s neat mid cheap work can be done hi at any
Printing eatabli-hment in Northern Indiana.
H-iving a gootl Card Pre?, such work can be
done on verv short notice and on reasonable ttrui5.
Call and aee" our samples ol work.
A Christmas Hymn.
The Fruits of Jealousy. Why the Whig Party was
From the Albany Standard. " Jf lied
A few evenings since a man named
rtn. .n...n .r 90ii itri'Tier ems or leaa, three
weks or less, $1,00; each additional imertioa &
cents. Longer advertisements in proportion,'
leM thar bait a quart to bt cliarjr'd ashalfa square
anl over half a square to b charged hi a whole
fe ... . , .--
A liberal iloüurti'.p win ue maar on uts
ments inserted longer than oue month.
ITTLeal advertiai bmita must bi-paid for in ad
vance, or BKtofiactorilj secured.
0"The atKjve terms will be fctrictly adhered Ui
in every instance.
"More Copy." A Philosopher in Defeat- Republican Honesty.
The following article we clip from the! The editor of the Green Uajr Advocate A negro was recently esptsred in Ohio
Uar numKur fmt lM "Piinfr " find rdcnm. toL-oo tlio .hnt ..f fix hamnomL nnrtv . snd returned la his owner ill Kentucky.
since a man named rn.ler the lead ebsler and ( lay me ' , .j. i, : w: k. i.:i l ..r - . Vi IT Q f.,,.c;,ol Tko f.etn mrend-
ri ;n:o ,.., ..Y;..,. Ulm l -.,; ' , ; menu u imisuai in nui iciun;. unites ;i ibcon&in iiae a pniioaonitei . vuei wora- "J VJ- ""
Phillips, on returning to his residence in oM whi r party J as a national party. . JZLW f A i n. ( i..,Li- ,. I .k. in., the e.ae. how.ver. serve ndmiradly to
s . - it i 'in . ijvoi vi iii vi v. nit: in 'ji i uioiii 1 1 v j i iiiVf o i ii n i i k . . . 7 - -
S? TL m I I S a I r 1 1 .1 Ml . -v ! .r. o .4" k J fl 1 1 K I 1 Ö f i
ndow ot his 'fhey were tirm f uds of the Constitution
of his own and Union; tiu v r-spected the compromi-
dition into which local editor are sometimes Democracy, he found it no tro. and thus illustrate the principles ot Kepurnicati-
placed, and'is at the 6ame time nearly as' gives vent to his sorrows: jism. ltseems ihat a rtepudlican wentover
h. coai
di vuni itu IND.
k I WWW W I " " ' "
J. D. CLARK, - - - - Proprietor,
H M refittfd the sani,and ir now prepared to ive
fatidjfaction toi'i tl ose w ho may iye kim a call.
Pemöns visiting Knox c ill and see for yourselves.
- T!TiWAT?.71S TIOnSE.
W. C Eclwnrcl
Capt O Baily,S "
From an Cupublished MS.
Where, where is he? Thus -pake the sages
Who sought their Savior from afar;
The Kin-' the God the Rock of ages,
Who hither letl u- with his star?
Where istheKhij;1 But. star-forsaken.
They searched the palace halls in Tain;
Thnt Sturofllnpe its lipht was breaking
Ve, a low hut on Bethlehem's plain.
They ..w re.oic.ed and knelt before him;
AM was it strange that thus they bowed1
Wh n GihI's own Star was beaming o'er him,
And angel anthems hytnn'd aloud '
"To God be Glory!"' Spirit voice?,
this city, saw. t lire ugh the window f his
house, a man in we emhiace
wife, fondly crossing and kissing her. ! ses of the Cons't;
He looked and lo-ked again to maw eure ; lhal tbe Souths! ,ld enjoy thier equal dmiraKlw daKoeates ÜM deaoaiste ezertiona ! ikat? We have seen nothing in our ex- to run awav; when he reached Ohio
that wnai he saw was no ueiuuion, out re- . p:v:i 0fTP9 OOMr . bx them, heeintr this- i i. u . i. i i. 1... 0 ... . ..ui: ' 1,;. Ä f aft.
- 7 . . 0 sometimes rnauc uv a ioc;ii 10 nun uu c wwks ioi a mo out ve v star nf ac- lwununwn vm ireu nnu w i'iv -
. . . . . . . . j . . p , -
,n, and were willing H vrittoB as poe's .RaV(.nt' 0 style 'Elections
.1 - ... .r. 1 ....... ., I I - - -
Thank foodness for ' over into Kentucky and indured the regro
r in j,r c. to in ti ji wav i when lif reached Uhio Ui
nrivilpo-es. ocurt thv them, hoeing this 1 .i i 1 uI-n 1 .1 1...
,.. 0 .mi , , , -r. 1 . ' ,1 o ' 7 9. . . . m suuieiiuiea uiaue uv ,u iv. huh ul ciiiiiiiea ioi ii iiioiuu uui Tei v
amy. OUU UW mm wne ana wie man con- , the jeaderg 0f the jt.lition wing withdrew. ; sornethirur inlereatinfl- to his readers: and counts of some new and damnable crime where the Democrats would not find bim.-
k ,r own can(lidates forlf nT 01)e cannot forgive us when the which it was just discovered Hobart and He then returned to Kentucky and obtained
local column' is not filled with terms, after Randal had ben committing; andth facts from the owner a promts ot a reward ol
.....,. ,1. , . v... .1. :i ti .1. ill, rV.t oi l r j " . . m mm
..i.u'- Luch cauicooivii vji utiin emu jj''. .inn held 11)
tiication toward each other. The brain of' p,es;dent andotV
w . l ir nan ?n-
, i i i A. . , , . IWiAl COIUUIII IS lldl, llliru n Ikll ICI 1113, niiCI ;illU.II Ili.U U 'CIl I Ollllll lllli;if, rlllirlli'i laCLS Hum unnii . iv. "
Phillips became, maddened at the sight. I ,:. ,Pfl the ;.br ,n leaders to bui dinct ., .. , , , . i: .t . Ct,,n ;r i,a -.bl Lc,,ir ihm Ws.
H, i ., ill l : J .... ., ... iCfiuitiLr iiiia nc uin uuu ui uc i r 1 1 v is ou i;i; suucu suAiiiimn iuoih lur .vv uv- vuk. v . v . . -
S up a new party i hich they. call lepubli
m a
hardhearted. Read: ; doubt, that it was really sad indeed to con- After two dHligent search he found !&
Once in August, wet and dreary, sat template what two precious scoundrels the negro in the place of safety,--and hand-
this winter, weak and weary, pondering people of this State had choose between for ed him over to the U. S. Marshal. Thia
nVr ü memnrandiini hook ofiipms used be- fjiivornnr TTasiinnr -a ImmmI otnrd Sn niHti has uwy been an KCtlve K''i)ubhcaii.
whi.rs h-7 the ne Dartv name, and ne-! r i; u ,i .....u 1 w i . . .1. . ... i r i o.i a ot thi nilla. hia
the stove-pipe, which tell upon a cradle in , ciou3 promises, r ..re sadly delubed. Web- ;temg taki dayB tQ gA(her them in ho aad took three percent, of every, man who infamous conduct illustrates that Republi
which was an intant, nai rn y scaped , ster and Clay, inK the political trap. Lnd ,ultrv weather, (usiug up much passed that way. And Dyon 'Silverman, can sympathy for negroes i not strong
death. itc and man we a Dotn Knockerj refuged tQ join th MUwotsed republican time Rnd leat))er) pon(ered we these items ' notwithstanding he was said to be a Jew, enough to racial 8300 The only parellel in
n in c
himself with an ae failed into the room can wj,j, enoJgi ihoiilionism in its plat
where the pair were. Without stopping to f' and acts to .jA jlUo 5 ranj-, the ab
look, think or speak, he made an onslaught 0ijtjonjts; ail(l 8t, ..life to tell, very manlv
on Doth. AS he raised the axe it struck
the stove-pipe, wh
which whs an inl
influence on the
In Heaven attitude' now thnll the the earth; ' down . Mr. Phillips revenged himself, I (T and caMl! influ
"And j ice to man;" tntis Heiven rejoices especially on the man, whom he knocked ' S tu ' demoPra,;0 mrtv a
Over the an-God'. humble birth. Jd abouU unmercifully. The poor J 'tty! The r,dS r
Jo v: For our orb's eclipse is over! woman unaertoois to f.-.ve ne man. t ms e ti,ps eminent täte m
Joy! Earth grows green in Heaven'sownbreath step exasperated Phillip?, who turned upon ; democratic part Webster and
WM!:i';l(;.U"irl Za.:l.,i:.o: , r l ? wllich hp never h ?ca I predictions have" 'been verified, a
a a 1 I .1.1 1 I 1 a m jm. i m . 1 .1. 1 ,1
o er. V hi e we rountf'l them, s ow v rock- im ,H'n nnrti ,nrn m hm Snm li. meaiiessi to tins ease L oil w c ..r nearu ui
the Only nation-, :n(T thrnnrrh one mind nneer idji flor-k- f.nl UmA tiiod 1st lainilb m Q-oi mi ,f . win one th:i1 h uinened soni-i vears .'.CO.
. I H' ",v,,ft - - ' , v a v v HIV. Iii" V VH1. l id ...... 0
fr,. I - 1 v . . , , IDB will w a ijuiun uu nunuu. i 1 111; ; 1 HVHNHU U'yli.llft, aillldim UOVVl! WOU1U UO v grtii;v'i ircxiun u io j' v.....j
tlll,nf tlioa nmlnanl itfll tnfln Oct ITllll IM i . .. . I r, .1.1. . .. . . T- i 1 f.l 1J
ui iura ciuii.ciii. nw.... ...v.. ..vv v. Knoeuinrrat he s.me rum nnr. Mire iat t ! aume on v mvo him i m .,,,,. .mu rum KeiiKirkv nrsu no ttace ol inem couiu
attention paid to Obftlillk Practice. : rd
Cknm&c deeas i Worn-: .and iiseaifs of Child
ren. Office over C. Palmer's store, corner Michi
s in ind Laoorte streets, where he can be consulted
Hope to the hopeless bliss to death !
. oyl Joy! With .ngles voices ringing
Over the earth, can earth be dead?
Let praise, and prayer, aud joy, upspringing
From a world saved, tlie glory spread!
Joy1 For the faithul shall not perish!
Christ lives to save, died to atone;
But let this truth each bosom cherish:
Ht tares the pure in heart alone!
nredietions have been verified, and the
aion to do boh re abuse and maltreat her. j evilg cf abolitionism which have befallen
! While he was doing this, the young stan- counlrv jn setting the North against the
gr saw the door open, picked himself up South.in cauäiri soctional jealousies; in
; and made off. and that is the last that has caHSin,r j0iin Browns assault en a sister-
beer, seen of h-m. After going on terribly i oti,rtp Iii- mnroa whieh wenkna
- l k (III vi Olllv I jiwa'-''- " ..w
knockin-rat the sanctum door. .Sure that the same onlv trive him the chfnce.
must be Jinks,' we muttered '.links that's lieg and Van. Steenwick were likened bj be found A man who resides in Kentucky,
knocking at our door, Jinks, the everlast-, a totally depraved paper to Tom Marshall ! however reported that he thought that
ing bore.' undertaking to walk Blondin's rope, and he could trace tliem. And a large reward
Ah, well do we remind us, iu the walls ?puires, and Harvy, and all the rest, were being offered; he carried the owners toa re
which then, confined us, the 'exchanges' a set of abandoned Wrciefcef unac countably mote place iu Michigan where the negroea
lay behind us, and before us, and around loose from the .State Prison. " sew all found. The 'discoverer' of the
us, all scattered o er the noor. thought liut election is over, and some of these runaways hab hrst induced the negroes to
C . . pi in a c1, 1 vi hjc inj'ji . iiiuujjiii, uui eifuimn is over, aiui some 01 tuese iuna.oB n.iu ui.-t muut c-u mjiuvgw
h.r some hve or ten minutes nilim sat the bondg of Unioi8 are opening the eyes j we ginks wants to borrow some newspapers diabolical individuals are elected to fill our run oT and then located them so as he
. J.ivii i ii il 'Onr hLa 1 r " 1 1 1 1 M nisi U Hti i i - aw 1 i 1 I 1 1 v -
Ml 8! TI! STATE If Ollili
E. 9. ORGAN. Pres. B. ARLY, Caahiet
71 ASTER N EXCHANGE. Drafu . Lue
j rwiti and Chicago, Gold and riilvcr, L'ncur-r-:.t
M .iii-v and Estnd Wa
HT Depo-sit." Received niu". ioney Loaned.
TExchanjr on Europe bought and sold.
O Attention iven to Collections, and
General Banking Business Trar.ractea
June 23, lJ-.". 31
I down and wept like a child. His wife I r manv Huned whfirs and showing1 them
' Still lay on the floor in a helpless condition. tha tl' are in llj6 ..wrong lot." Since
' He raised her up and endeavored to soothe the new . unr th5 ead of Garison,
j her pain!. As soon as she had recovered, Phillips, Greeley, i Co., have, by thier
! she informe him that the yonng man he sav;ngs and do'in, earned the name of
1 had so attacked and abused was his long tt:,,u nilki;ia. thev hav orossU lf-
ebaent SOtr, who had jllSt returned froaa I IIUJ Waahino-fii. Weh!er. and Clav.
T I A -T j i 1 rm r , , ,11 ! . i . n I vv..vv. O " ' J
renious AQvenmrHS on T. n t a.itornia. vnere no nau oeen since ioiö
Some of the best whigs in every State have.
m i . e 1 I
conformably to thier national principles, j for one deemed always civil )
till to-morrow, and 'iwiil be a relief Iron State offices. We shall ira !o Madiaon next could find them when a rewaid was offered
sorrow to get Jinks, the bore, by opening winter just to look at them. We shall , The actor in the last place wa9oneoftlr
wide the door.' Still the visitor kept take the precaution to carry very liittle presidents favorite federal office-holders in
knocking knocking loader than before. money there (and we ad viae all editors to Illinois' and was promised a large reward
And the scattered piles of p ipers cut do the same,) uid wo shall take two revol- j by the Cabiuet if he succeeded in killing
some rather currious capers, being lifted vers and an infernal machine in our trosers oil Douglas in 1 f 68.-- t'ihcogo Tmm
by the breezes conning through another pocket. ...
117 . e . l e r i o ,
te icei sorry ior .daiiison. such a
door; and we wished (the wish was evil.
that Jinks
Plains-A Young Hoosier s 1 T,ie wife w;lä m ba'!1-v i"i,l,vd b-v ? ff
- I . .. l,AK.tnl H, n I r I . In lo o O i A I .1 ' . . . . I
Experience- " ""7 -a w - i r7 y 1m1'c Pf'y. '' in iho d I, to ,ur then ,ermon;
The L .., Lri! MiblLhe, , Un,. i V?. TV.sT'J "S ? -"easing IhM j th4re t0 linJ m !,,,.l-j,ks,il:e r. u-
. ' .J.. oeeu nei luv: i"oni, no auu " - i-n limK,. ( ihn nosiiin nt uion or ur I
- ..--w I S il V I ' LJf IMIL.
.... . ... -. .1 a )
disunion, which lathe rallying point, the Bracing up our patience firmer, then condign influences that will beset them
true whi.'S will be found 111 the national ' without mi other nnrnir 'Ifr JInka.' ..tU.I.,!. I J .J
-. - - - . . w . .. .. - , '' U'M l IV Ulli I 1 IV.I1UV3 ll'.'t tll Uv. UIllll iM'iUU
... I -' . . -
T t . V l K -i miTiii.ij . f T-T ' l n rrm r 9
f. , , . L HIT l' 4 I tl 111 1 ' 11. IV, . i m
scamps as wi 1 descend upon that i t , . a j r - -
, v , . . . uru" have mads important demands 01 the era
V M'M Till i . . . v- 1 m m .... r. .. .. m
. .1...WU 7 c.ini IIIV'UVI llll O I ill ll li.l
bellte ruination of it. We ad viae the
:hv lt.'er fnm Georoo Winter, of thai ci
ty atldres-ed to tlie fatler, from Carson;
V aller, on the 20ih of Sen:ember. oi v i n J
. - w w m
becumino insane.
MadtsonuMS to steel tbemaelvea acainat th.e
From the PUladelpiua Ledger.
Coronet Ferner, on Saturday afternvlbn, ranks. "So motalt be.
, ..f i, i i
au.viuu.n oi inr- 'Mrti a lit- ii.mi en 1,1,1.. ., , i, Ä I. .1 . t , L
, - , , . I iinu on liiviii'.'t vii ire uvuit 01 um i in,'
conatered and tlie minent danuera he bad -e e i i . : ' i
I wne hi joiin tüiior, wiiu u en m
ie testimony
as married to
tmni.'. na .inn nie mi iii'.-u k vHULie'is lie liau -e e i 1 i
, , , 3 , , . win of John DoUiflas, tailor, w
scaped, white on hia way over the p a.ns v m,, r . r-
, . ,- . .o. 214 Quincy street, ill
t C alifornia,. c make an interestinir . .. . .,- , ,
o showed that the deceased was
1 was eaptared twice by the Digger Iai
diaaa on tiie Banholt River, and once by
the Goose Creek Indians. I escaped from
them once though the interference of a
wh te man. v bt U living
Will p-iictice in the several conntiei al ti.i Ju'.i- upposed t j be a
7lrvi eireuil, ri'i mieiei ininiui i v iv i"" " "
of Taxe, and cellectiou of Claims. 11 fl
among them j
-but was not
so lueky die last lime, having received ;
aevere cu: With a knife, two iiitdies Ml
.lohn Dooglaaa in Ireland.aboat nine yen s
ago, and that thej have been in this cosw
try sewrel ycar3. That some months ago
be became aeijui'.i'.ted with Uathattae Hai t,
a taiioress, and that he left his wife and
went to live will her in Censpen. Subse-
Iqwostlj he returned o Iiis wiCs and llc v
peror of Ausiri.i, in isbstance follows-
1. The restoraikui of the aaaWSt Hsw:
garian kingdom.
2. The organizations of a Hungarian
a . i. . ..t H ... i a
said we, -your pardon, your forgiven s we M advising them to steel, themseves; but w f
; u n.,t fc-i'fci rZ r. L. . , .,' , ' uul voice m the imperial cabinet.
- 1.. TT- t i"ii" 1. in -.v. nui icwihik iciraiu iioin u iiioua outers uo. o ti r . . c i , t
All A nolltlOMSt Sees Virginia ;uf ,ome curi0us proceeding, and thus it But whatever is, we suppose, i. riwhl !, ?j lhe JF1 of T!
and changeaThis Sentiments. ' was. unheeding your leeki knocking there Kow, for instance, what on rth would K!er- "h' wu 1 ,e chancery and th.
vi. l-Ali,..,,,. .U,,, ' h.fo,e--' H,r L onened w-id. , C door ! ,i, .7! - "AV, ban of Crotia. shall organne one Htm-
Ii. wiiii.i v. ukiiv. vi nnnv. i tv v.v ....... wv.-.v - ...... ..v vvi. i iu UOIUIUUIJ UO 11 V e MIUU U lull LW'J llll f L
i .1 . ... i.:!?: .i.: . i.. i ! D... A- i i.-u- :. 1 1 v v. rL . . fifarian stadtholderate. ins'ead of the noi
oi Dimer lowuftiiiBiu tuir v-ojimv na i uul pu.nn.j, no,,, um piivv-uufto iui ii i nonesi men lor uovornor there vr
ways been a warnt aocinionist. tie is an
un;'3 of E lward (ppic and went od to
Juki i . j .1.. r i.
il, l..vrrt mtm i , r , eMsunz uiuat auu tue v. rowan luioiiiiOier
the uoie link t imou'Si , h.i n,. oIiami . f.... - . . &
, , VVj Mv ' .li I i i I i . .l.'ivl. II, lvi 1UII, II'.' ItUtll
Will nrnet'ce Minlinne. Snrjerv a- dOM eti
Permmentl lc-ite i Tvaet City, M-ir-sfalt
Ca . Indern. "Offi- oo oüth of Mr. J. C
C :-!m.in .V 9mm
Oct. JT-1 ttf-
ived bapi.v tor ;i urn-, ,-ive wccks
-i-ii... .....l. ..... ..... r ... ..:... .! i n... u
. . , , IIC lOO I '''1113 I'l I.OIl"il ililU V. t L 1 1 il I I 1 1 e
in mv leit brenst. It was not a lair how.!,, x . . , ,
Li iiii i i iiiin ai - s-ia uuinee s.reet. wnere ne j . . n ,
or woukl mos: pr. baMv have proved fatal. , , , ted man. lhe
W V W vi:miI l.ii- ..in. I iv i ..r ilw.v u..r &i;iii acin I . - -
The Ind. hi. wImi .ibbed me almost lost , . , Vl i hearted and christian a pei
his lif- ld.es mi revolver and ahoi hm T T U f , " V ' vv .s among. Our ai.ti slavery agitation at withThe forem
....I Dremred to 7- . . w . . . "T . . rfu tho North U all ,r.M,r I am satisfied it I says he wants some more!' Yes, like Ale
Virginia for the purpose of bringing home
the remains of hia nephew for interment.
On his way home he was detained at Well- ' ry quickly bore u3 back again to days of
ville for a couple of hours and tnere had i vore days when items w here in plenty
and where er this writer went he picke;
up interesting items bv the score. Two
m m
as kind the form of oar 'devil,, in attitude uncivil
pie as I ever and he thrust h
wasn't .links,
e-veimore! ing. Nobody would get mad, nrr drank;
But the form that stood before us, caus- and the whole thing would bo a great fiizle
ed a trembling to come o'er us, and mem- like the Great Eastern."
a conversation with Air. u. 1. L.awson,
i:i w hich he said: ! come home a conver-
Viririnians are
The Long Lost Found at
Our readers will remember cur r.arra-
OFFERS Iii profraion:d service- to the citi
zens of Marshall county.
Office at his re-u haM. thir l door norrhof the
F.-lwanls Howe, Plvmouth, Ind. aup lUlyl.
! 1. I 1.,. 1 U ... , , 1
ic ..p..... i I .... i ..... i Ä i. umrJ" orlh i aliening
a i v v-,' ii. ii Mivr; ltv. ' k 1 - I- I r,.
wm awroverea o-ner in- , i , ... ..... j t.
. , - . ,i loo- .1 i.ni , .-5 iir.iiu .1' ine un"i. Ah
l ii -i w t .... i.i . , lv 1... . . . . . . .
I'hiiu iifiiw e.iiiL-iu . ,i i ,r
c , , , " v i ii.ia opeiie i o v. a naiiMe n;in
aLrairi ß o run as last a I eoiild to imim . .
in the 'vie k o," th.. head.
sh.oot aim again.
d'.ai.s iear-
r devil, ,in attitude uncivil üve of the young mau SQppoaing himself ,
is head within the open door 'to be the son of one Joseph Tod, who ' (ie . p JV j
aan's oulo, ropy sir and I claimed to have been stolen from his neigh- "PfJ rZ TL,2
has piK back tlieVwuse of the slave, and j ander, wanted more!'-'
h. a. dioksov
ii B- nit'K
them. In retreating for safety, I ran into
the WSodl amidst another band of Indians,
wi'ao were in lhe act of stripping the body
i f a white man who had jttSl been killed.
Ore bloody de 'I of an Indian tore off hi-
j. c isauas scalp. The SsfortSnssi man belonged t
"kJ X- rn our train, bv name Thomas Hardinir. from
r v. ' m m -
O. 1
( my surprise and a'-irm. I gave
WWW T "77" jA. n. 1 "' ' '"''rii;' yll which brought a bdy j .
of overv description, a!so. of out men from the Other si la nf the cn-k. j i.f,
; ..Tr onil CnnnerXare 1( Sed me hon a horrible fate. The'
oi". I-" -r i.i, ...... -...i i: i I """e
iivo.ii- wt-nr - 1 1 ji i ofii , auu uij no; ' em i
. v ' " lf '
- " Ii. .. n it i j nt t m
r.., an i I Li I i n tainsa tome mjurv. lvphns fever
but a sad an I b.o. lv strih ensu-.d. Our . . , , J - , ; , , -
I-.r.l ,i . . . lowed, and she gradually sank, dying
141 ( j w 1 1 1 v vi ii iiiu tarn " ii i.i iiT L'(J, übU I
r tf , luesdav
iook twenty prisoners, eleven ot whom es-
- a
bothood when a child. Our readers will
also remember the iateraef awaktfhed bv
1 am g iing home to do what I can to put iNow, this" local" had already walked his story among the Drayton family, resi-
it down, and I hope thSa will do tho same, about till nearly dead ho had aasstarsd ding in Wyandotte County, who had lost
I am satisfied all Virginia wants is chris- through tho city till his fret were very a chill under circumstances similar to
tian treatment and at the proper time she ! sore walked through the street called those narrated by the Indian Captive. We
will do more for the slave than we aver! Dasshin, and thebv-wavs rasnins off into hare oivnn from limA tn tim iIia nrmiMu
m W m " - - " " 1 mm .ii. - V tllll'v I v I - I w. J mm
. Willi a, V v ' L' I i v I I v. i i. I viviv. ''Lll 'wavivv.-.-i,v"v-'til..liK
i'ie .-oiii:isslon i Hat ensuel tlie Hunt Was ... ,.
. , , o ,. e i ins eves to tue disastrous conaeqoen
n v : 1 1 1 i'.- ' i 1 üomn m : ii m 'tic ü I i r 1 ri . r
.. m i , ! -''-s of Borthen fanaticism, but now feat
ioie l i'"in.i ne ie,i . aim. LoUl as tuen ,
ma l'- iwwarde her hub.in
obliged to hohl her tu pret
VI -Iiii-e. Iu i be me:
t left the room and did
when, to
t v i m
tier aurpriaa, Bars, iougiaaa rushed in in
a Slate of eaeiteSMBt bordering COOfl fren
zy, and asked where her husband waa,
sayiny; that she had seen him enter. In
4. Th-"1 appoUmest f administors for
the difhrent coumies. and of royal com
missaries for the free cdies.
5. The restoration of the suprems coi'rt
of justi- e. and of the Septem irate; the re
foimation of the court of exchequer.
C. I lie replacement of the religious, pc-
;v funds, under thn
of the stadtludderate and
ecclesiastical commission, and the restora
tion of theresian pstivi leges for the Pvsth
7. The use of the Hunganan language
in the court of law. and in all the school.
P. The reetoration of the r y.d body
A Good one.
Mr. Loppic never betöre bad open- j tne portions ol IBS city DOtn publu- and ob- of the liiavjons in search of him. The last
DAtlV.l I i I - v rv- i... I at r. nml m.1 .in And 1 . II .1 I - t l 1 S M
ov.ua, nan vi,...,, aiuiv: mm wn.ii, uuu step recorcco was tue departure ot the c;- mo; over, is told d a man wno jm-: an
nmu 4ue.siio;ie.levrey iencr wnom i.o met dest brother Brayton tr l'ennsylvania- -affi itv.' as well as an ann-Pte for fish.
In anecdote w irth laaffh
i.i ix. . ... i ' r i . .1. . :r i : . . - . . . . - . . . .
i .o.'l Um ..c ,u- ''. nonewowo, ae nvm wwr a4iwr, n auviuiag was nrnng- v e learn to-day lrom two residents of lie was anxious to kvp up Ma repttatun
u. .mo nt. W.M9 1 m 1 . J : ti ,.u 1.. i ... U1M. .1 , - r . , . ....... . . - . ,.r . . 1 -
i; irom do iv,u.uvu ng.i-uuu. iiieir , ....j ,e.uC.,. ui oun i ug uuu p uoi isne u t ppcr öamlufe H?, Messrs. WiUism and Jo- tor honesty, even while enjoying his favor
aii. a irivi! maiiv nera le nf ihn üamia r! heretofore- find had reift viili nr. iieencc I -Sl. ri;i, , " ,.1. .i. .u. i l. l .:i- l: i :n v.:-
ui'illi'- C'-l'harine ? " r . - - - , run uiuvm, pi.ua uiumra, iu;u news nas i;uu ini-ai, ;iuu trau iiiaHingu urn wiiu ins
f ii ' TW'.nii flint' irut f i'i-Ip In nmlrD'onrl ' Via l.ollld rQfllir bliiibir irllACC Iv r ril, n li,fli ' 1 ' 1 1 . 1 . T . ., , . .1 ,1 ,
ni-it ii.tniM "..v.. - $ " "'. u"uo.1..m..v ......... ......... .,.v.v, uv, vo. iiLii.-, oeen received oy tne uraytous that tne merchant, as tne story goes, ana when nt
. c. eaSM
I n. It i 1 I A r i.vr .. .n rlilifin.. I ..... ... I I .... I . , - W- M L-.nl nt I Ld - I . r I l.'tl.. K.-v-.. nil . I . . ' 111.. ., .1,. , ,.
Whil John D.'ti.'las was hoidinc his wife - ", ""'j mui iviuoe .vvv. ,t -ij muc uuu-, wiu ma young man lias Deen lOUnu, and proves to back was turned, the honest Ottyer aiippen
I frmii his arm a to the floor ind Qua. iwjm hviihuii im, hu ki uwm m luicuimi mn 11 iu.ildu Do the missmg boy iMattliew üriyton. lie a co'itisii up uiiUor Ins coat-tail. JJut the
"" " " -v--v.....,vt 4-. - r 1 Iii UHIL2 . P . . T.
Ö 1 ' m mmt" c n o rv-i r
testimony sliowed ; Trifs is Life. if we die to-day the sun k,.i. n:
i i i ' t wcv- nnv inu -'Ii
uii.eeiy aueniiou was paid to ner in nie .will shir as nrlilly and the birds sin" as !
i -1a .i. . rtl.x..'.' u . I .,, 0 ... ... . oeiore,
r, .i r ..i. -ii r . Ta i tili e W,MP lllt)'- on ? te oWiu r mornimr I . . . . . ' j ...... .w. . . v.o. ..v.-.c ... ..vo
i vmoi-M. . rs:mu vnuiiv. uiu.. a 1 mi. vo. r l,.,. tk ....... ,..aa ......... i;.. l- . o
- - 'i ( - i , . , - ..v.. .i.i- uv.,, i ur in i i 'j 1 1 vi r i l u vi inuii i oi k Kni'M! ii a mompn- inn rriii irrifi r I . . . , , ...
Prsctic: in MirshüU snd sidjoinins curi. i nis was none oy placing; tie tongues ot ; , , , , vii-A.C Ti i . . mi . "r T b 1 .seizea a cuugei, broken, that was iving on
r t- r- c-1? Tn I . I..-. ,i i l -. . . i - .... . . . ..ui,..;.,
HIO l.ll IIIC Wil'-'IIIO H1' 111" 111 II Villi'
raped dui ing the night. The remaining
Refer to
.ACT'I.RIAS, Bo;, ,-ETT, 4 co., N Y City;
Johx LiviGrrox,
Toirx, :ith Siiki.oei. Detroit, Mich.;
f?rroR, Bf.rdav & co, Toleilo, Ohio;
M II Norton & on, Chicago, 111;
Hon C A TAar Tecntnh. Mini;
Hon Thos 3 SriNrtri.n, Jouth Fend, In l
novo- ltf
. . 1 a
; work to create a tone ol healthy cunser ; -something more. was to be home in a few days. The Gib- garment was rather short to cover th-
vatism. 'JMOW US lime you were deparatlll Jf. VOU ' cons, when ehildien Wrtr,- nUvmlMnf ilio thnft nn,l th MMliMtMMaivail it
amp!' cried we, upstarting, '(et Jos j loat child, and exprraaed irrest anxiety to 'Xow,' aald the custowier. anaiocra to tal
cs office where Voll Wer see him rsin. We ''.ill nroh.-iblv h ni-r.vn nil nnncrnini'i. s to riill ultention fi.
his virtues, Mr. Merchant. I hate traded
w ith you a great deal, and have paid you
promptly, hav'nt I ?'
'Oh yes,' said the merchant, "I maie bo
'Well.' said the customer, I always in
sisted that honesty wa lhe best police
and the best rule to live by. and to die by.
'That's ao replied the merchant, and the
customer turned to depart. 'Hold oa friend;
- . ..l v. i..l U, I- .1.- u- . r l t .1 :il U.. T.. - t Ä o. . . " 7 : O I ,,, . , .. uuw o- 'ui-neei un nime in iraun
lie was stripped the iron end-ga-es of 1 " ,mu IM:mö 'uJ'-cl ner n g"- Je:,S and his voice is heard, still screaming.-- every innig was stni, we suppose; relative afrin vou better wear a 1 '-ner coat or
five wagons were used to whip him until JW?' ll he evening in question not a living being can say 'I remember i 3, tjie foreman wants some morel' And , to ceri' very nice gentleman who stood ,feJ a ahoYter aodfiah "
he was nearly dead; they were then heat- 1)er 'ee'lng9 'blind over' in the form of a him.' Wo lived in another age, and did i our 30Ui pierced with that screamino. is at her side, called her w ife, promised to be .
mt 111" 1 I I ? " 1 . I 1 1 .1 I . m m
who hiumuer in tne otvilrnnoH fmm ic . .m r, ...l v.oa !,,. .i lather to her three ciliaren ana ao a var- T...,. .. u... ,t
..v.ivv. ..v. iii v o 00 .lining, 11 vi una ivuv 1 & AAI11U IUI IIIA 1 . im III" 1 II U l." K
i. .. t I . .. fir- ' '. . . . I.V. n nnl.K II 1 . . rt , .
house, and th..t Catherine liar: assisted in sweetllv to Borrow. Basrheas will not ! 3T 1. .-IT , V!i' 7 7. r. PUi ,,wu.Par,!cu,?rs 0 lhe, ü,lulr
www u -neo .in uiviiicu, inula ii c: this long lost-prother in a lew days.
I seized a'endnL hroken. that w.is lvint-r nn , f'.. tt. "...i.i
JZabel l DoUIaSS Was müBa ui!' nor huctoB, n llinmrlvl noon AM', n 4 . ? , . citric. HIIUIU.
a rone at i , . . . . . I 1 "r" .-..iS..v ..t the noor 'take your hands out ot vour
n.b ;.-k Co. IJirirw . P ,1 & r -. Y. ' the .apex. The Iudims'were made to V wver, orosni ot. oy , memories Is he dead? will be the solemn pocket8, and leave tho sanctum door; tell j A &soufaB Dkkvm as m Ecuriu..
i'in V(T Vv-ur Gff bI;- Tro 1 rt nd upon a horse, the rope was adjusted excitement, tue effect of jealousy. , inquiry of the few as they pass to their I ho foremnn there's no copy, you Httlt bore.' . Our indistrious and entertaining
lln. A. L. O'berno, Clrc't. J ; L -, I -rf"! I: . around the tu cks, the horse was then ' , the Troj Tuues. j work. But no one will miss us except our i QQOth our devif sen(i him -raore quill-cousin of the Eveniaing Bulletin, lias
4- driven from under th gallows, and each'. Aji odd incident happened at a church immediate connections, and in a short time j And our devil, never sittin-r, still is flit-: a somewhat tough story, having reference
"coBI .A.o.rica.fj one was thus landed into eternity. It Was I ID x est i roy, .Sunday evening, it appears ; tbey win torget us, and laugh as merrily i tjri 8lju lg ftnn(z back and forth upon the ; t0 Miss Sal!y ance, a respectable widow
POPHrv .tt P tri. a ssdscene. nit nnf of tonihln nproQO:. i inai a lery iep..ctaoie iauy memoer tnereo . ts neu we sat ueaiue mem. aoos snau ll.ndintr ust. outs de our s.inetum rlnor I OV woo resiueü on t.Jark avenue, near
v v a . . . v v . . - . - . ...vww.., - i r M r
I is flittinrback and forth unon the : to Miss Sal!v Vance, 'a respectable wido
Thus shall Unndinrr iuat outside mu sanctum door tody who resided on Clark avenue, BSI
. ii, i r , 1 1 o j - . ., . , ... e us o i me i mi neu 10 vO'ini i. lions on i ri
AHiirnPV nml ( nillKplI'llS at Uw f'"Jf preservation. One of them proved T:lst "J obmi whu jea.ousy oi ner j w an, now acme m nie pass away.- T(mn down his cheeks are streaming-, rourtecntli-street, who, our neighbor says, SDOakinrr of honesty I have a bftofad
ülimfJSail IJIBSeUOrSai L?f, te be a White man 'evidentlv a mormon.-1 husband, and that a sister member of the ; Our children crowd close behind S Bad 1 iranas Kffht from his saws ie beamimU dreSmsd s drssrs the other night (when TC!lfIl wEiTSft! iL?S
ed.reddiot and pushed into his flesh.
Oh! if was horrible and revolting; yet I,
wun many others, stood and saw him suf-
public prayer, vehemently expressed, and
business with those
tomb. Thus is life.
evidently intfiider for otaer than Divine
ears. The substance of the petition was, .ses! .dUBBB.
fer. They burned him so that at last bei1"1 pw7 m,oht be extended to the vile
did not seem to care any more for it than 1 n'un-a" wlu was fading away the heart "d
me mere prion oi a pin. At nrst he curs-
' 1 1 r
ice in k te, a hicl
the stfsaat isews
How rapidly it pas-, lne peaceful feeling had before, for tho fuu- j f er benevolent acts. Xext morn- lhc hint j8 , harp practic
inywill come o'er us. that each readers Z si,e went to Lucas market to lay in often nuta to the stretch tl
. face before us, bears the horrid words stock r beerstahe and onions, and there ity 0f rustic swains and maidens. Thf
? 18 'we want a little more!' Words, on their beheld the very image of her dream, who area thousand and indescribable little w
. ! foreheads glaring 'your 'funny' column accompained her home, stayed a couple of ;n whicli lovo can delicately find itself wit
a little more.'
Jrirf jfiisuranre tfompanr,
"iAPITAL. fö'ili.OOO; sumhn 99,'''- 2n: vi
act January 1. 1559, 798,639 2.i. In
111. II MciTiNGTov, Pr. -..lent; T C
..eretirv; D Alexander, General asent
e We?,Columhu-. Ohio. Polleies isncd bv
c3-lOK Ph mouth, InJ
Dab CISC in .Switzerland. Dancincr
a weak man. and return her to the way of not permitted in the Linton ot Z,ut
O I-J 1 1 1 I IVHCIIv
ed and swote that his friends ( the Indians), '"gi.ty. The prayer evidently stiuck r.anu, un.ess oy spec.a permission
would have revenge for this. They then s,,mewhfre Before it was half . goverment , an : mis is almost always .
hum' him. and lied the knot in such' a wav ! hnished a lady 'flopped over, in an adjacent reiuReu. in oruer mat tne pleasure ol a jyir. bewarQ S UDmpUClty.
a5 f n-ninni, bt C(T0,; ti .t.' 1 seat in an evident state of faint. The ar- I oanoe may be enjoy Ml without incurring. Whoever else mav or mav not have been Wednesday
' . v. .. inj ouiiciiii. ajvj rir i I ! il a ia- , I I J
. ew 1 1 m. 1 l 1 1 a . i i i a i flut nnivilhoQ o o.irtain Ii ra m Ylw v At ri r.-, .nc W s . f i n - r n t
cut down and taken to the willows. He c,iemei11 navmg suusmeu anu me laay oe- r"-"-. " .w,, privy to Drown s uesigns upon tne regions Samuel rentier nee 3irs. fcaliy ance, to-
was watched by men secreted in the bushH nf to sensibility, she explained must subscribe a paper det laratory of thier about Harper's Ferry, it is certain that gether with tho Doctor and the children,
ies; in a short lime some Indians came her exeite.nent by saying that, knowing of 'nleu.Uon- This is handed to the Council; Wrn. H. Sewards was privy to them. The ieft for the Doctor's residence in Cincin-
sneakincr up to take the wounded man a he jealousy of the sister, she considered an(j lf the conservation of public morals in black republican prints have undertaken nati.
1 i l. . 1 1 B i tli.. I i i -i ' . i i . . f i i i t 1 iiii t - . , . 1 . m mm a m . M m a mm . . J . . mmmm .
He seemed to revive through some- u'e Pem,o:- especially directed to bar. zTTZ I to explain away the torce ot Uol. rorbea
hours, calling again in the evening, and
j kept on calling till i: was fixed up that they
should be married, which affair came off
In the afternoon Mtb. Dr.
Ihias that was adminis'ered to liim He '"y enough, the strange affair is the oe nowaa. nu ine repuonc preserved in statement in that respect, which the NeW ! " aowooouj nw ueen imoo
revived ufficiently to relale to the Indians ubject ( comment and of many di-; PUI ,lJ not withstanding, permission is acor- j Y rk Journal of Commerce meets as fol- R,na on oUr cotemporary. Now, the plain
his sufierings. In their effort to run lhe vilie(1 Pil,itJ"s- It said that the fact WL vfj facts in the acquainted in Cincinnati bofore
- wounded man off. the nartv snran , from, be examined by a church council. n : , ,L: , If Ht Seward's friends wants raore former was married to Mr. ance at
r -i r , i i , ( , ii, i i it i i i w iii'ii c i ! I
. r s --
ly find itself w iih-
out the formality words and declaration.
The eyes, and every elpression ot th
face, can WJ the hint, SSfSS she young
peoples sit demurelpy in the chnrch, listen
ing to way home, the duckling of a simple
riolet by the roadside, and gi'ing it to a
particular lad or last, is a very loud hint
hat somebody tninks a good deal of somebody.
1 t I omlliiplv AnJ nl.Al . I . . ... i I 1
j mvii (1IIUIU3L in! sin, uir nDumii'vi man
.ideadand wounded ano'her Indian. The
S i x o u l a a Phenomenon .
,e,t- aironnJ Mt hl the Indlins 8liPPod intoour1le,r UmHM glve8 Jhe, blowing singular premises; in short to '"dry up; that son ! t Pt,
Assetta, $1. J camp and killed two men by the name of phenomenon: "We hear from the towns neVer etpect to "come in; it is not ßG" '
rnaurance C..mpin, fferson. from Indiana. They were broth- totOS, Bloomheld, and Mendon that 8Uph Ä x .. d thin , k f ,. , myt 1,
I 3 i a mr mm ä. l , J : . 1 l I J mm I bi t Iai
'or .Etpa em H:irtfonl, C ish
or Y itfMUkW do do
r Pena. M irine and Sr '
f PeorÄ III., Caah Adsetts f.K),MH eis, anu once UVdd in Lafayette. Une ln-
Polies ii-suediit the lowe-t possible rate?. Olr dian was caught and was Dllt throurrh the
LUn.i j tortures the next kav.
A Happt CoyvERT. A girl ont TVet
having professed religion, was so "extrem
ely happy that she was ever afterward
,rht ,b,a ,.i.;.t. ;r il .., r.ionmr which time the doctor was a suitor tor her iiaQrd ..tMrri.-rr t l or.n nf km - ,t,.,
M ,. I i iillV Vll OU U I' V. I , It IIIU 1 ...I,' fl . ... . I.V.. I.. rl. .V. .JV iv . v .. v . . v i - v , r, m
cesslnl : hin H-here "she in whom vmir . X . , . - Lm Tim ln,l,r ..... .1...,..- .!. ... 1... ... . r, ,
The RmIim. , . , " .. . J T statement than Uol. f orbes has lurnishecl "7rr . v . .j ... oirt ,yniri: iheioveoi uou is cemmj;
i'lU IIIKIKS" l,.,il l.,li,.l..uU ,..'! .. . .., ... i. . . ... ... 1..-. 1 I . 1 J JJ -L J . f
nan for all the facts, r orbes . m-e. inen, .i. f 1 gre-i siiunnir thW fonc. One dav old 'Jowler.
but real flesh and blood: and deal ot yng, kc , she dutifully did. Af-
ry good thing" It makes a tel-' . n r . nMiM flB mnh nQ ter her marrage she moves to St. Lous,
her husband
n JSSrort -tr-et P'.ymoutU LtnL
T7 . m -
JÜ5MILL Dt IHK rPiACU ZiAnds. A corre.sdondent ..f the Lot
-. .-n 'ntfontoatl ' i.tcd to him ta lew things more ex'rsordinary in the his-
1 'o ra3 Jmtt-ccet tie peace or :n liiirl tury of farmin kin-wledege -ban the pre-
; ? ' M. M -a MaM; h s
. : preieired the yhe to the rotier n ke-p-
V I I N W'LL BONDERS CEASE! i: g down the ihistle- la I he North Rid-
PLTM I TH? inif ot loj-kshire a far back as forty years
w3s mW-
7 I
. 11 mm - ... I .. .. . I. ... I. ...... I . I
& CO. a5' iBSrower was an improved instrument anu jjihihik dhu wpa rap 101-
on mondav mornimr tho fields were mat- i i. t cl. Jlu i - ".er.
, ' . , . ,, .7 'ow ieei i.ie seninir inraseii ior two cents, ,iw" ,, - .i,.,.0 wiiere. two years nro
lar.I ,.vr unVi niAo i.o i. . r - ' t H'V will raie to know. Amontr others ' 1 l"v . S"
appance, which ImacTed 80rae lher Pr I things' Hey can fcSrHrss, aV5es She had but oe child, and not tor
tion. These balis varied in Le from six ! . - V rfonr, the fact, which we have ! our neighbor reports Several days ago
to eighteen inches in diameter, and. though J3TA little ragged urchin, begging i ; stated, viz: that lie did tell Seward fully f,ie met "- runner, who hai ing heard ot
,hin spheiical. were elongaed or U.uioii-shaped, the city the other day, was asked by a about Hrown's proposition to make an at - -"uu ul","aB' . J :"B
' - O. r . . J . . . J . t t' ,, 111 hie hoar his o n nvi r-amn In Ihn eit
taca upon iiarper s i-erry. - - . - "
Journal adds that Mr. Seward dared lu b,JC " JUIUU n"u "-r uul- 1 " :
- - - a - a niiwlor ot I ha or. v r v it it n t ho nvnnn' u.-i
.r. :. . . .LI . - .!. L Tl . ... 1 ft. I nnl i nur ,,,-..r ,ii -nme I inl ia tnrtW r.t . ' ein 1 nuci vi uic a w. i , .-nil n.' ciuiiun ;
-niiiei'Mii io eii:ioie h ui.'in to insert ms i nit in . j.uen von nuve t-iioujrii in vour ; "j ". i w- . , , . , - . ,, . . ,.
w t ... L....1. !k-t..r .- i-.Ij .ur.m;t..V. J . 1 Rmw,;, nl,nS" ot the dream, is substantially as it is related .
di in. ,ii-(.- '-i line i mese umiis WS u.nici iu, i .v . j nio iviiiiiiy nu oume, .v... - ,,.....w. . a. r - n ,,
i . . , ! .1 i . fx. t , . - in the Bulletin. St. Jso".i Bepubltcan.
cunld be seen the prints ol us rolling in time said the lady. Oh. no. I haven't ne- . ,
tii- snow, it ia p:-esumd. of course, that iiher said the lad, 'for dad and me keeps HOW tO Cure JrTjZe i? iglltlllg. onj s(,rv js tod 0f an Irish hostler,
this rotytMj pioees was preformed by the five boarders; he does the house-work j Prize lighting is decidedly unpopular in; who was sent to the stable tobring a tiav-
wind; the snow being moist on Sunday and I does the marketing.' Mobile. Itecenllv, one Birmingham sent ! icr'a horse. Xot knowing which of lhe
AS moved his otIc on -2 door north of Pier- faed in commeiitiii- upon this eksa of rvrf !SM of these balis was perforated lady who had filled his basket, if his par-i tack u
Ctothjj ne mocr.tprinH pPBfg; rsmarks t,mf tn,,.HK have ftpp,ai,,i ' longiiudiually; the largest having holes, cuts were living? Only dad, mam,' said! The.
lgmg this song.
"the house-dog, came in while the waa
ßinging' and helped himself to a pei-
of that was on the table. Polly, obser
ving the movement of "Jowler'cör.tiu
uing her favorite singing. a.tiJ:
"IfteadaHeooe! I'll knock rasaswa,
Halle. Halktaiab;
You nuptv, athikSoari '"P toted Iioi ad,
0b, felurv HaOdrjah."
I.uby a cliallenge to fight him a Liverpool two s range horses in the stalls belonged to
fight in a fourteen foot ring. lhe 1'ohce the travler, and wishing to avoid the ap-
A fiuAM Maiiriace. Two ronr mn-
one dresses in girls clothes pnt before a
OMfrlotrate, in New Jersy iH other day and
were married as a joke. When the magis
trate heard of tho imposition; he threatened
prosecuton, but the town people
him out of it.
i f. .1 r. ....... .1. . i. nuimr nn ir ii l ii ir V a rl.i not reent ert nn- C .... . r.i.j. X V
. . j, ii I i rjiiiM ... ii nurs nniu T if irni iniiK " - " - - .hki.i, vii.m. , .i i -1 . 11 . i
nav. -i.i-.t.u i new tirncs8ii. . . J , . ' .:..:.." . :.. " i:i. .i.. u. u , , . , , .' :r .: e ,,1 e : v.- i. ! A, Q o F;b
: old'-Shor two doorr north ana most enective was it touna to be the " j n" mv:iiv,iiiciivii w . tuey have a mantiiactory ot cnewing gum . gul- i-""" wwiw "v- pearance oi ignoni-ice in nia uusiness, net " ""S-
änex- we, jet u may be no uncomon occur- whore, with in the last six months, ware 1 partKB, ana took them ceiore .Mayor saddled both animals and brought them a.iaeKeu nv a gang ei
J Brownlee's store, on tin lvi4 bruise and crush of the Iod of the ol
! I t. A ft. M mm m .
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each box containing 5J0 stick or rolls . sender of the challenge to pay a fine of $50. ; uwn horse, saying:
A down cast editor savs he has seen the: rnakino a total of 7.000.000 lolls. Allow-lor to submit to 30 days imprisonment, i "l hat's mv naff."
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moral code. The old man fired cn hie
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