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the Spirit of True Christianity So Per
vades Society Everywhere that It Over
leap All Cr?e! Omaha Platform in
Harmony with the Ten loimunntlmrnts.
All Interest I Isury.
This war now ra-jinp between cap
ital and labor is an "irrepressible con
flict " Here is the philosophy of the
question: Labor works for waes;
capital works for per cent. In the
production of wealth the world recog
nizes the law or just.ee that the "la
borer is worthy of his hire;' that his
wayes on one end of the scales must
balance the product on the other end.
Hut when we einer the domain of
commerce or exchange this law of
justice and ripjlit, this law of (Jod,
that "in the sweat of thy face shalt
thou eat bread," is ignored and disre
garded. All commerce is based on
per cent. Labor in the pro lu tion of
all wealth bovs to (Jod arid Iiis law;
but capital in earning on commerce
bows to the dollar, and recognizes no
law but the law of per cent.
Don't you see at a flaute, reader,
that these two methods of doin'
business an diamctri ally opposed to
each other? The law that labor rcc
.j;nizes is the law of thejjreat Father
above; the law that capital works by
is mammon worship. "Ye cannot
serve God and in itiuiion."
The nivrchants marks the seilin.4
price of hU goods so as to make a
given per cent, lie takes no account
of his labor now; the dollar is god u
far as do rig basin s is concerned,
and per cent. th,' law that governs
th case. m what grounds is he
exempt from (i:id"s irst law, "in the
sweat of thy fac?." etc? On the
ground that money cau grow and
produce other money by drawing
interest. The railroads levy charges
for freights and tares high enough
to cover all exp .rise , and make the
desired per cent, dividend. The
railroa 1 magnates, if they work at
all, it is not for wag s, but per cent.
The capitalist who runs a foundry
or factory rocecJs on ti.e snne line.
Wages are cut down to the starvation
points that capital can draw it
per tent The law governing com
merce all over tne civilized wo.ld is
mammon worship. Money is the god
of commerce. AVe may sneer at it,
or deny it, but the fact rema ns.
Now, the question up for cttle
ment is, which shall iu e the world,
God or mammon? An 1 it will not
The men who think they can make
the world wag on under the old re gn
of mammon worship, a? our blind so
called stat- sri.cn do, are a ladly mis
taken set of demagogues. Mammon
worship is slawry. The world groans
and writhes tinier it. It is contrary
to the true impa'ses of the human
heart. Let :om.' great calamity be
fall a community, such as the .Johns
town Hood or the great tins of the
Northwest, an J the i pulses of
man's better nattre rise al ove the
law of p.T cnt , and money and sui
plies aie p tried out without stint.
True socialism asseits itself in such
emergencies. Ti e wor d is one great
family. "An injury to one is thy
concern of all." The ma-ses beir-n
to Yaich on" and understand this
question. What a laborer produces
or earns by labor l.-eion- t him. To
take it ficrn Irin without giving him
an equivalent is to rob him. This is
exactly what p r cent, docs Jt tlc
vates money above man. No system
of reform can a nount to very much
which admits n-ury into its mae-up.
Land monopoly aid every other mo
nopoly is the result or fruit of mam
mon worship.
T.m II:nMy.
How are wo to obtain the remedy?
How is the world to be emancipated
from the slave: 3' of mammon wor
ship? Ylvit agency can accomplish
the work? Tin cli ovli ought to do
it. It is ,tht ( Sod-ordained agent to
do it. l.ul it cannot do it now be
cause it will nut. The church he-lives
in interest or us .ry. The rreent
perverted sy.-tcm of Christianity has
been taught for ages and "where are
we at?"
A bad system ii the hands of good
men (if such a thing be possible) will
have the sa 1 c effect a it would in
the hands of lud men. It will take
as many paupers to make a million
aire out of a Christian (if such a
thing could be done, but it can t) as
to make or e out of ;:n atheist. There
is more true Chris ianity in the labor
organizations, m far as civil govern
ment is c. ntvriici, than there is in
the church. 1 don't know of a church
that doesn't believe in and practice
ntercst taking I don't know of a
labor platform, either national or
State, that do.ift tondcnin usury
The spirit of true Christianity so
pervades society everywhere that it
overleaps all creed-.
My fellow co tntrymcn, the lines
arc drawn, tlu i-si:c is before you.
You cannot dodge it. Whom will
you serve, (Jod or Mammon? The
time is here vl en the " Jod of Heaven
is gong to sc?, up a kin;dor:i (lan. Ü,
ver. 44; that shall never be de
stroyed. " Wiil y u aid in this
Heaven-ordain d w rk?
We are living in the most interest
ing period of the world'? history.
This conflict I etween the true wor
ship of God an 1 Some form of idol
atry has raged throujh all the age.
Mammon worship is the last form
of idolatry. It is U13 most refined,
the most subtle, and most world
wide, and, withal, the most power
ful form that ever existed. Jhit its
end is near. It is doomed. It will
die hard, but it must die. Header,
don't you want to have a hand in
killin? It? Kev. I). Oglcsby.
tailed t I'ruvt It.
Cleveland and his anarchal cohorts
failed to prove that any striker in-
jured any one, or destroyed any prop
erty during the Chicago strike. lut
proof was produced showing that
railway managers hired men to burn
cars. Comment is unnecessary.
Note of Indmtrr.
Germany runs textile schools.
California has Chinese farmers.
Uaron Ilolkctt is a single tixer.
Detroit waiters have organized.
Chinese soldiers get $1 a month.
Kalamazoo bootblacks organized.
Detroit oil peddlers have a union.
England has l,:!:7,öi7 union men.
Lexington reports a tailors' strike.
Detroit stove workers won a strike.
Omaha jays $3.."0 for a ton of coal,
lrovidcnce hackmen have organ
ized. Philadelphia has a singlc t jx week
ly. New Haven jewelers have organ
ized. Ualtimorc has a socialist labor
p irty.
Cnclc Sam has 50,000 union print
ers. Cincinnati has a Russian night
scho jl.
Chicago has a woman's Fec'eral
u nion.
of Labor have invaded
.la pan.
Toronto has a
builders' laborers'
have a single-tax
girls' bookbinders'
Alabama is
Toronto has
unn n.
Cardinal Gibbons
Cincinnati has a
indorses labor
German trades
Chicago claims l."0,000 trades un
ionists. Murphysbo:o (111.) miners held
Milwaukee retail merchants have
Alameda (Cal.) unions run a free
labor bureau.
Brotherhood carpenters have 800
local unions.
P.attle Creek (Mich ) has a co-operative
A New York bakers' union runs a
labor bureau.
L'oston garment-workers will run
co-operative shops.
Washington railroad laborers get
."( a day ;:n 1 board.
William Waldorf Astor's income
is v, OO.üOO a year.
A Pitts! urg street railway is sell
ing six tickets for a quarter.
Oldham. Kngland, co-operative so
cieties have 11,000 members.
Cincinnati Parbcrs' Union will try
to exterminate nickel shops.
Grand Rapids furniture workers
aie kicking against reductions.
A clergyman addressed the Socialist-Labor
paity or' New Haven.
Chief Arthur is opposed to govern
ment ownership of railioads.
It is sai i that ,000 women in Ihif
fa o :eceivc less than L0a week.
Salaries of oilicers of the Detroit
Typ graphical Union have been cut.
Only thrcj Nashville merchants
h ive refused to sign the early closing
Orj m'r."'.
1 he day of tho usefu'ness of the
strike is passed. A mob of naked
savages with clubs might just as well
attempt to opi ose a disciplined army
witli all the improved implements of
modern warfare as for workmen to
attempt to better their condition by
the strik?. You tried to starve Pull
man into submission by the strike,
and while the workers did not have
en ugh saved ahe: d to feel on lor a
single month, Pullman had suilicient
rations, the kind bis average em
ploye's family subsists upon, to last
him .".00,000 jears. or m rc th::n eighty
times all the number of years that
have elapsed between Adam and
Grover Cleveland. To strike against
such social monsters is absurd, espe
cially when the workers have anoth
er weapon by which they can make
such unnatural products as Pull
man impossible, for where Pullman
has 01. c vote his employes have
1,1; 00. --: ""
It is by the ballot, and only by the
ballot, that the workers have any
chance to better their couditiou. Put
by the ballot they can tike posses
sion of the government; can mike
all monopoly government monopoly,
thereby turning these vast revenues
into the public treasury. With th'so
revenues they can guarantee every
child a complete c lucation; they can
guarantee every citizen continuous
employment; they can give every
age I man and woman a pension not
in t lie form of charity, but as a just
reward for a life of useful labor. This
proposition is just us businesslike,
and even more than the oJTers
made by our great insurance coin
pan es, because the experiments of
li-m irek have proved tb it govern
ment insurance can be made a grand
success. The tlrst duty of all work
ers is to unite.
Priiey Tax Poverty.
The idea of the old parties is to Viz
poverty. They proi ose to force tho
I o r laborers and producers to sup
port the government, and let plu
tocracy go free.
Shack i.kto.v (in the diamond busi
ness) "1 had a man in my place th s
morning who had a wonderftd eye.
He could tell how much a diamond
neighed by just looking at it" Wib
berly "He must have b en my ice
man." Ihooklyn Life.
Theuk has been an afternoon party
for women only every day this week.
The women will need the assistance
of the men, however, a little later,
when the fall hats begin to arrive.
Atchison (J lobe
He Do you think your father
would object to my marrying you?"
Jhc "I don't know. If he's any.
thing like me he would." Life.
It is a cold day when the iceman
brings a big lump. St. Louis Republic.
Something: Radically Wrong-Paper Title
Were Horn of (ireed and Itiute Force
Fverr Man Has a Klht to a l'ortiou of
Mother Earth.
iiettln? Ills Kyes Open.
James Houston m the Topeka Ad
vocate sava :
Believing there are others thinking
ulong tho same lines as myself, I come
now offering a few crtute thoughts,
expressed perhaps iu cruder phraseol
ogy, hoping to draw from abler pens
than mine a better expositiou of the
views herein advanced.
I have always been a Republican,
and am now, to the extent of indors
ing, as an eiitirity, the principles of
the party, but havo come to believe
tnat the party is not progressive
enough for the limes neither is the
Democratic party.
Lack of suilicient progression in
these parties have caused thousands
upon thousands of these restless, dis
contented voters and tho number is
constantly tmd rapidly being aug
mented. This .state ot unrest arises
from a deep-seated and well-founded
conviction that turo is ".something"
about our Government either in its
administration or fundamental princi
ples radically wrong.
What is I ha: something? Is it tobe
found in any outs or more of what we
are pleased to term the great political
issues of the day V Had our revenue,
currency ami other laws, which are
brought forth periodically, first one
and then another, as "issues," been at
all as nearly perfect as it were possible
for human ingenuity to devise, this
feeling of discontentment would not
have been stayid beyond the present
time, because the true cause of this
feeling does not lie directly or indi
rect Iv in iinv one or more of these Kmics
which are raided for the purpose of fo
menting party strife and creating sec
tional hatred to such a degree and to
the end that the minds of the masses
may be kept from iiucstions the solv
ing of which would drive abject pov
erty from the land and at the same
time dispossess the classes of their un
just powers and ill-gotten gains.
Men, through passion and preju
dice, are often blind to their own in
terests. Leaders of 1 olitical parties
are well aware of and relv on this fact
hence "issues."
Is is not about time the masses
realized this and stopped to think for
themselves, and to discover that tho
great and real evil of to-day and yester
day is to be found iu our land laws?
Ignoring 1 taper titles and recognizing
only those of occupancy and actual use,
real poverty would be a thing of the
past. Are paper titles of divine origin?
l)id the Creator place mankind upon
tho earth, some with paper titles and
others without? No. l'npr titles
were born of greed and brute force and
continue to he Porn of the same parents,
even unto this day.
Every man has a natural and inalien
able right to a portion of mother earth
on which to dwell and make a living.
Laws interfering with this right should
be set aside, and by force if necessary.
The contrary cannot b maintained
if we concede, as we must, the princi
ple tha every man has the right of
Without paper ti les ther would le
no tributes in the way of rents to
society leeches. Earnit.gs and piotiis
would go back into business or eis go
toward bail iing homes and providing
comforts of life.
What keeps the merchaut, tho farm
er, the mechanic and the laborer poor?
Do they have mere than a scanty liv
ing left after paying their rents?
The amount paid in rents is appall
ing, and is extorted from the actual
producers of wealth who should be
and are edti led in natural justice to
all they produce. How long would it
bo before the masses would have homes
of their own could they use their mon
ey in buying material for mm me instead
of paying rent? There can bo only
one conclusion.
Tli k 1.4 a Free Count rv.
You have a right to be born -if you
pay the doctor.
You have a right to go to school - if
you pay the school book trust.
You have a light to wear clothes if
you pay the monopolists.
You have a right to use sugar if
you pay the sugar trust tribute.
Yon have a right to use other food
if you buy the right from tho various
You have a right lo live in a house
if you buy the right from a laud grab
ber. ,
You have a right to travel on a rail
road if you buy tho right of the
You have a right to get married if
you buy the right of some ollicer.
You havo a right to use money if
you buy the right of the bankers.
You have a right to make whisky
if you buy the right.
You have a right to manufacture to
bacco if you buy tho right.
You havo a right to die and bo
buried if 3011 or your friends buy the
right of the colli 11 trust.
There is no end of rights in this
free country but I have never seen
any of them that did not havo to bo
purchased. A horde of blood-suckers
tap your veins at every turn and live
in idle prolligatenoss on your labor.
Freo country? Well, just a few.
It All C'OHtH.
oov. MeKinley, of Ohio, has been
making speeches in KSnsas. There
are two or three letures about his cam
paign that should bo thought of for a
moment. Ho traveled on a special
train, had a special car which trailed
a flat car with a cannon which was
lired off to attract tho crowd. Ho is
reported as having made thirteer.
speeches in ten hours. Who do you
suppose paid for all these ex enses?
And what did thoy pay it for? Is it
not queer that the railroads are always
at the disposal of Republican and
Democratic voto kerderj? Do you
notice any courtesies from monopolies
to People's party speakers? Can any-
thing be plainer to you than that the
monopolies are oeuma tne two old
parties, is furnishing them with funds,
and for a purpose? What oince pays
honestlv a salarv that affords such
campaigning? If salaries are so large
that for the mere
chance of getting it
campaigning can bo
such exnensivo
paid for, is it not timeto cut them
down? If this be the effect of laro
salaries, men is it not eorrnntiny fin.l
gathers in rogues instead of competent suar, with about sixteen gallons of
public servants? If the salaries will water, is tlrst put into a circular cop
justify these extravagances, is it not ' rer boil r, about live feet in diam te;
plain the people are to bo robbed in !iQfl about three and one-half feet in
other ways to pay them? And does it height. Inclosed around the sides
not strike you as queer, exceedingly ; and bottom of the boiler are a num
queer, that Kansas, that same Kansas ber of coils of steam pipe, which,
that gave 80.000 Republican majority ' when turned on, caue; the material
should require a McKinley to try to to boil and form itself into a sirup,
persuade the people to vote the lie- ' Water is also applied to the sides of
publican ticket? Poli ios has raado ! the boiler to prevent the sirup from
some wonderful somersalts in the last ! sticking.
eight years, yet the great mass of voters j After the material has boiled for
do not seem to realize it. about one-half hour, it is mn off
Main Truth. through a number ot line sieves at
XoiiTU Dakota Populists absolutely
refused to combine with the Demo -
PortLISM in Kansas has re.imWI th
tax lew the lowest in the historv of
the state. "
Only just think of -H cent cotton,
and thousands of people in rae. If
that is riht, vote to continue it.
Thj: Democratic majority in (leoria
fell trom lO.OUU m lJS'.'li to ,000 or less
1w, 1 r iiii
111 lb'Jl Democratic frauds lnclutled.
lirr: reform movement looks for sue-
cess through the education of the peo
pie. tiohloeracy lives on the ignor
ance of the masses.
(ioLD standard must be driven from
the land, or the American republic
will decline and fall as surely m did
Home and Uabylon.
Tin: people are tired of many things,
but they are weary of this Yanderbilt
domes! ie rottenness. In the name oJ
Hoke Smith, saw it oil'!
Tin: sugar and whisky trusts are ot
the opinion that the present tarill' bill
is better than the 3IcKinley bill. It
is a hundred million better to those
trusts. .
Tin: colonists only left Hunker Hil!
when their ammunition tfaYe out.
Many labor armies have retreated'
from the same cause. Moral: Fill up
our treasuries with munitions of war.
Mrs. Fakmki:, did you have anj
tro dle to support vour familv and
lipiidate debts when wheat sold for eighth inch iu thickness. The in
j er bushel? And was that not at a ! terior sides and bottom also have a
time when money was most j lentiful ' crystallized coating of about one
It is crime to call at.ention to the ! inch wllilc the inferior part remains
panic. It has been no crime to bring i a liquid form.
it on. Kven tie old feudal baron rob- : The pots are Iben tri ken ouL of the
hers denied the right of criticism. Hut ! hot-house, t lie plaster scraped oil",
criticism will ilounsh, and don't for-
get it.
If it be anarehv to oppose national ' hieltcd and littered and run into bar
banks, oppose tho single gold stand- j T,'!s- to e sol(1 to it uor arid soda
ard, Eiifrlish domination of American ! water dealers. The pots are then
linanees, Presidential control of tho
militia and to u-dvoite free speech;
then brand us with letters of llaniing
lire as an anarchist of the most pro-
. , A
nounced type
Money is made by law. There
never was, nor can there ever be, any
other kind. Hankers and trusts tell
the people they can have no good
money but gold, and the sillv llles do
not see the net that is impoverishing j For yellow lock candy the liquid m
them. Coming Nation. j colored with hurried sugar. About
Tin: man who has brains enough to j niu'hty pounds of suar and three
support a crop of new ideas, is the fei- gallons of water is mixed together
low who, by the babbling throng, is 1 and pla cd in a shallow circular cop
looked upon as having herns on his ' Jer pan, abtr.t th.ee feet in diam
head. Hut there is one consolation : I ter and pla ed over a hot lite, wliecs
A "critter' with horns cannot be mis
taken for a jackass. Living Issues.
Till-: elections in Maine r.nd Vermont
show how popular Clevelandism is.
The northern states will all ndorse
(.iroverism in about the same way.
How ra; idly the Democratic chance is
slipping away. One term of Demo-
cratic "chance" is enough for the peo-
Eminent economists have estimated
that the
the ea: acitv d' nnchanical and
scientitic iiistrumentalites even
other so
now existing is suilicient, if thorough- I
ly utilized, to supply ail mankind with ; tendant turning ho pot upside dowp
not only tlie nee-.-ss.ii bs of life, but ! and whacking t he sides wilii wooden
also reasonable luxuriv-. - Western 1 mallets, cauin,' the candy to fall
Watchman. down into a hc ip Ti e strings are
Ixr.r.ratiKN r farm ts ar.i beginning i then sei arat.td fr.i;i each other and
to learn that their only hope is in i weighed out ami pacKcd into from
standing together. While they vote five to foity pound ho e-;. Twenty
against each other in the interests of ! one hands turn out about lM.'i:N
bunkers, lawyers ami professional poli- ; pounds of rock candy and lü(:,:;.j'.)gab
ticians, th"v are only helping to make ! Ions of . rock candy sirup jcarly. The
paupers of themselves ami slave of material is sold principally to cenTec
their children. , tdoners, liuuor dealers and g:oc:r&
(iov. Ai.Toi;rd has called the atten- j JScientilic American.
tion of the State lioard of Fqualiza- '
lion io i no lax taniging proclivities oi
the l'ullnian coiuj)aiiy and insists that
tiieir assessment should he lit, 000,000
instead of only ?1.C'.5.."00 of only an
increase of the neat little .sum of 11,-
001,500 or aliou: h'jO percent.
AViikn such men as dude Lyman
Trundjull of Chicago deserts the Dem
ocratic ship and announces it time for
every American to have a care for his
liberty, that it is threatened and iu
serious danger, it is :mre time for men
to think. It also shows the wonder
ful growth of the Populist movement
when he enters the platform to assist
it. Emergencies always produce men.
A proposition in logic, lo he a prop
osition at all, must consist of two
known points, from which a third can
be reached. So a problem iu life must
contain two known quantities, to be a
prooiem tu au. aiiv prooiem eeniereu
euiireiv uuont sen can increioro nave
no thinkable solution. The o.her
member of the proi osition must needs
bo the neighbor. New Church Mes
se uger.
IJuiTAlX, like the United States, has
a noble navy to protect her citizens
abroad, but has no protection for her
citizens at home who arobeiinj starved
by heartless 'landlords and
monopolies. That is much like those
ministers who preach n heaven of
beautiful epuulity and peaeo after
death to all who will submit to rob
bery, extortion and all forms of social
injustice from the rich while they live.
An ounce of protection from averioe at
homo would be worth more than a
thousand tons of protection away from
An Industry ConernInff m.leh Compum.
tiveiy i.ittie i Know,,.
Kock candy is a crystallized sugar
irup wl11. after boiling and being
kepf at a (Crta:n temj erature, forms
,lseu oni strings suspended across
I,he inler'or of circular copper pots.
! Tne ,Irst Process in its manufacture
is tnc boiln t)f the sirup. About
1UU1 01 me 11 nest L'raue 01 1
the bottom, and passes down through
' A lotir-inch hose to the copper candy
V: l,c!7. Thr I;tS dl Ci.r,'Ul;ir
111 fonn- "Cing about two leet in di-
aeter a-ross the top, and tapering
down to one foot at the Pottum. The
sides 01 each Pot are tierforated with !
small holes, ranirdn: from one half
inch to one inch apart: through the-c
holes a l ecc of cotton c ud is run.
the ends of which are fastened to the
,lllf-;,i ., .,.,m , ,
outside by a small nice or p a-ter of
i,.ir- rr,, . ,l f. . , . !
: J ans. Ine potsarc then hlle 1 up to
lne l0p wilh tjie i;oi itlur sjnt?s which
hol is ahDUt. live gallons :u;d of fortv
pounds weight, and carried away by
two attendants to what is railed Mi.
h ithouse.
This hotdio:;se is made entirely or
brick, and is about fourteen feet
sipiare and abuiit one foot in thi' k -
nes. each side hein- lit ted ui with
shelves, made of heavy plankin-
i u ,
to the side walls, are a number o
l-in h steam pips, which, when
turned on, furnish the re juircd heat.
ü be atten hints plae ' the heated jots
.side by saloon these she!vs, where I
they are left for two or three days in !
a temperature of a'oit Kio decrees. I
the heat of which eau-es the best J
art of the surar to crystalli.-.e ouio I
the strings. I
After the expiration of three days ;
a crust of crystallized suar is formt. 1
on the top of each pot of about one-
ana the uncrystalli.ed pjuid pou ed
off into into a tui. where it is re-
I taken and rinsed out with water to i
i taue th sirup oil the andy. and
! then taken to the drainio-roum,
j where thev are placed bottom up in
1 - , . ; . -
an inclined position, one against an
other, in a trouirh, and left to drain
about one day in : temperature ot
about 7( decrees, which dries and al
so tfives the candy a glossy appear
ance by toiling and conrant Stirling, H
is allowed to gci thick. Ma k and
burned When properly burn 1 it is
taken out and pla-ed in a tub and
lülut d with water, it is lheu run
through Uue bia-s s eves, and is ready
' fov use,
! An intense smoke issues from the
burninsugar causi'iir the attendants
; tc. wear respirators. T.ie red rock
: candy is colored with :. 10 carmine;
after draining, : heccntcnts of the pots j
j are knocked out onto boardsabout two !
feet s.uare. This is done by an at
Nitrety r Touch.
It is a common opinion that ma
chinery works with an exactness and
steadiness of movement not to he ac
quired by a al orer's hau .. This is
j not really ti tie. Toe workmun can
i suit his stroke to the needs .f the
J case as no machine can do, and this
! is proved in the I immini; of rootlnir
j elates. The sp ittin process is per
formed with meat nicety by means j
Df chisels, hut tlie."hap:n is more re
ma. kable, and cannot bo properly
executed by any who have not been
trained to it i mm youth. The wor -man
sits on a stool with a pad ou one
knee and a ledec by h s side lie
lays the slate on thep.d on his knee,
and allowing the part to be cut rest
on the ledge, strikes it with a heavy
knife, and separates it instantane-
ÜUS;y with lne gicatest accuracy.
A Iori Name.
An Knji.ish fanner has presented
his Mrst-bom for christening at h s
parish church with twenty-six Chris
tian names scLcted from Scripture,
ieprcscutin every letter of the
alphabet. Only with the grcateso
did culty could the clergyman per
suade the farmer to content himself
with the tlrst ami last of the appcla
tives proposed. The name of the un
fortunate infant was to !uave been
Abel Benjamin Caleb Daniel Ezra
r'elix (Jabricl Haggai Isaac Jacob
Lish Levi Manoah Nehcmiah Oha
Äiah Peter ftjuartus Kecbab Samuel
robiah Uz iel Vaniah Word Xvusius
lechariah Jenkins.
A Temple of ITealtti
Where viper, pood digestion, appetite, aaa
nound repose minister to physical comfort Is
the bodily structure which, howerer much its
foundations have been sai ped by Ill-health,
has been restored rebuilt, as it were by the.
ercat renovatlnz tonic, Hostetter's Stomach
Iiitters. Nothing Infuses strength into a debili
tated frame like this saving medicice. which.
In the vigor and regularity it imparts to th
system, endows it with the suiest defense
againt disease, and the be.t tuarai.ty of a
I long life and h ile old age. Woru-out men of
business, tired mecliiuie. overworked mill
hu!s, miners broken down by hardship and ex
posure to nalaria.maiir.erf end toi'ris:s all
it' clare that it i th i 6t saf gucrd :gainst
the influences of fatigue, brdily or mental, and
of climate and temper dure, lnco'i -.pa -able for
bilious, rheumatic, kidney, and utrvous trou
bles. Mk-.- Musir with Mis Iliflr.
E J ward M. Cordon is a marksman
who prolu -es nai-ie with his 1 i 'o.
His e foi raance has b?en heard night
ly at Tony Pastor's The iter, an I will
b ' t: ansferred this weck 1 1 Proctor's
Th -ater. His target is a xlyophono
which is placed at tho back' of Die
stae. Standing at tho front wiih his
back to the audience. Mr. Gordon 1 ie3
0l1 mo notos wu.i a rit.o, Mrilun;
1 !,rn" m
Pia;1 hT"hJo iwlet'Vl
! -America." "Swott M.n in ' nn,1 .
oil tho notos with a rifle, t-trikin'r th m
rhich ha
c f that simple deWintion. It requires
fori v-th reo shots for Mr. Cordon to
merica. 15 we -it .Ma le. and others
1 1
Kn:cK o t cswect .v.urie.
New York
How's HiH?
We offer One Hundred PolVirs Ucs-p.rd for any
case of Catarrh that cu:ir.ot N? cured Ly HiUl a
Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY ft CO., Props., Tol-do, O.
We. tho un lerBfi:o 1. h ivo known 1". J. Ch--rey
for tho last l'.ttcu y. :iro, an.i l"i:vf liiu
ter.'ectly honoral!? in fill lue-ino-ts tram-a-tiorn
1 RC'l,aiIlc;'a!1yii ioto(ar. r. auy oiii-aiion
wr.sr .v ih- kx, v, 'hr.waiim-:,-;.-ta, To:-d -..
Wau?. Rinnan a Mauun, W ualo 11:3.
tiBts Toledo, (.
Hall's l aiirrUCrsro i tc.':rn lute ruall v. a
din-cTlv uii' ii tli-- 1: tr.i nid ci :;- :iu hrrfftcu
js of
tho BVHleni.
l'ri ; IZc ). r ho'.tk
Sold by nil
0 ls a ro ont 1 : ort to t!i0 nitei
Sito Ifepartm dit of A-nculturo Mr.
-vi. xmuor MeAd-.-e state? that, th- lia-
bility to damage by lii:lit;:i rtb crt a-es
in thickly j) pulaied di.-tricts. the rik
in tho country ' ei'iu'. in penora'. about
iho times as reat as that iu the city.
Tin: people of the United States pay
more taxes thau the poo !o of any oth
er nation on the g!obv The e -tdnated
total of national und local taxation is
!r(5 .o,t0 ,,0 .
Hood's Is the Best
Tall Medicine, because it pii rifies. vitalizes
and rnriflie-i the l.loo-l. and tlicreforo
cives strcii-ith lo resist b:id effects from
Colds, C.itarrii, Kheuitiatisnt, I'neuruonia.
Malaria, the. (irlp. etc. T.iK5 it low and
avotJ the danger of serious ihnes. It may
save you rnany dollars In d tors' bills.1
Ho suro to set IPm.u's a:d rniy IIcod'3.
"I can truly recom
mend Hood's Sarsa
pnrilla as an excei
ient laediclne. 1 havo
taken four b;tIes and I arn Letter than I
havo been for two years rast. I was all
run down, my Pnil s swelh-d and my blood
was in a very bad cinlition. Now lam
free from neura!i-i and better In every
way." Miu II. I'm u i-.u. Hume, N. V.
Hood's Pill 5 cure all llr:r ills, biliousness.
Jaundice, liid'xestiori. sick headache. 25c.
m Isq a
w 4
--r-C f2 ?l 75
You can tare rjonry by Yrrarinjj the
XV. Ii. Donjas C3.GO Slice.
r?eeane. tvo era t'." lor-st r'.ar.Tifacti.TPrs ct
valu3 br stam;.! tho car.io'V
tbisgradoof sVcs In t '.:o v . and pjiaranU-o their
cid prko ca tho
tif-'t Lit'h prloo3an 1
i ro::.i. o :r sik-os ciual custom
wort in etr'.o, ca.y r.tl:n( m-1 vi'arit: qa-at;o.
7eh2vethera o!d cvrrywln ro Ml wer prices for
tli valus clvon tlian cny otl-.or nnti'. Takenosul).
sUtute. It your dealer i-aaa. a sul7 you, wo can.
Tl.e Largest Manufaeturers of
ibvfT t .r- Cn thU Ccr.t:nc3t, have rcceiT!
rtm -n mriiroT
on alt tlidr Coods at th
it J v'!':"''i- ""hi..- fio Datrh lVn-rf ,
;. i i ' i.-t '.".idc iOici-it !.c uof Alk i'.ir
' I fc-i.,. ........ i .J. i .
tjC iv Dun iui soluble. Kail coU
Icu than cne tent a cup.
Of U k H An Urn c. y,.
for vour t'&f.
Any iz joa wart. 2)
to Min high. Tire I
to 8 in. wil but s to
tit any alo Savct
Cost many time in
a pe&fn tv Lsvo rrt
of lot? whpls t-. tit
ycurwaRon forbsulin
grain, fodilor. manure,
bogs, Ao. No rpBPttiasr of
tires Catl'g frea Addref V-.;--
Owen Electric Belt
Says: "They are the Dtst." Get a cat
alogue by writing
The Owen Electric Belt Co.
209 State Street, Chicago, Ilu
Lata Principal Examiner U.B. I'aueloo burtoatt,
3 vm In Inst wr, IS adjudicating claims, attj aiucok
MINTION THIS FA TOI wm im, ,mmuii,
uUftW IilUllLl porrhasinff 1 ritii.kme on th '
New ork Stock Market and liavinir tlnra lntellti
gently worked by A. W.BAKNAKU. Hanke, tio and
Broadway. New York, hend lor lYonpectus.
.Mr. U IimIow'h oothim( Stbup for Children
teething: aottena the gums, reaucoa Inflammation.
aUay pain, euro wind cUc 23 cent a bottl.
l Ii x?

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