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They Still Exist in This Country
and Still Have Life.
JV.1:.ZIMMKKMAN.1:iitok am pKorinKToit.
J. H. AST LEY. - - r.isiXF.S! Manackk.
Ill 1 11 El S
Sl'15S( lUl'TIOX PIMC K.
ne War $l-r
ix Months ".
Owing to the slowness in getting the
lull returns, and the crowded condition
of our columns, the Independent re
frains from commenting extendedly on
the late election. An article of that
nature will appear in next week's issue.
The political prophet has lost his v
cation. Wilson, the father of the "Wilson Bill
vas defeated by 2000 votes.
The balance of power in the United
states senate will be held by the popu
lists. The people's party will now form a
thorough organization and prepare for
1 K.
What will the republican party do,
now that they have the power. The
eyes of the people will be upon them,
Fkee coinage of silver lt to 1 is what
the American people want. ItCpubli--cans
will you listen to the voice of the
people, or be swept from power in IbWt
Hill, of New York, says the income
tax defeated the democratic party. We
5av it is the financial condition that
caused it, and the people rush blindly
from one old party to the other seeking
relief thev never lind.
In the people said in regard to
the republican party: "weighed and
found wanting." In IV. 1, they say to
the democratic party, upon whom they
showered their sulTerage in 1S'.2:
'weighed and found wanting." What
will the verdict be in lss?
The Senatorial light in Atlanta (It'or
gia ended on the first ballot being cast
last Thursday. lion Augut . llaeon
securing the nomination, by a vote of '.:
against '"'2. This is a decisive victory
for free silver, and against the present
administration in that state.
The following thanksgiving procla
mation issued by (lov. Pennoyer, of Ore
gon, is the most unique ever issued from
an oilicial head. It reads thusly; "I
hereby appoint the last Thursday of this
month as Thanksgiving holiday. "In
the day of prosperity be joyful, but in
the day of adversity consider.' Kccles
iastes, vii., It."
While the republican party predicted
lhat the disgruntled democrats were
going into the people's party, last Tues
day's election shows that the greater
part of them voted the republican tick
et. This is very easy accounted for.
Knowing the disadvantages the people's
party were subjected to in the lack of
organization and the necessary funds to
carry on the campaign with.and fearing
the retaining of democracy in power,
they in their dispair went to the republi
can party. Thus the light vote for the
leople"s party candidates, and that too,
in districts where it had been conceeded
ihey would surely win.
The Obnoxious Cigarettes.
The cigarette smoker has upon more
than one occassion received the condem
nation of the press. And yet notwith
standing this fact, the use of cigarettes
seems to be upon the increase.
Those representing the social purity
of our nation have held up before the
world the results of the excessive use of
alcoholic stimulents as a beverage, and
upon other occassions, mildly remon
strated with those who were cigarette
users, and telling them oft he danger
tthat would result from there excess
ive use. And yet to-day premature
graves, and insane asylums, hold within
their bonds the result of thisabominable
There are thousands of intelligent men
w ho smoke cigarettes, and when admon
ished in regard to the "cussid" little
thing, insist with sai.g froid that it docs
not hurt them in the least. This may be
true, Hut they are setting the example
for the rising generation to folh w, who
not being able to dexteriously roll one
out of line rice paper with a sprinkle
of Seal of North Carolina, go to the
place where they are kept for sale, and
buy a package with a sprinkle of arsenic
-and belladona therein.
We have seen in Plymouth, hoys who
are under ten years of age, smoking
cigarettes. Do their parents know this?
If not, they should.
The Chicago Council did a good thing
when they prohibited the sale of this
youth-destroying luxury, whether the
mayor had the courage to put it in force
or not. At Dwight, 111., w here w e re
sided for four years, the cigarette were
an unknown feature for the smoker, as
lhey were not sold in the city.
Jood and wise council, judiciously
applied, will go a long ways toward the
suppression of this growing vice.
Webster, in giving the definition of
this word "fossil," says it is: "Petrified
organic matter, remains of plants and
animals." This, of course, has been ac
cepted as the correct version of this
word. Yet, to the advanced ideas of
this civilized world, there are "fossils"
üterally speaking still moving and
existing to-day.
In speaking of fossils, we do not mean
that representation of animal life which
we discover to-day in our researches,
and which, no doubt, were deposited in
their resting places during the prima
tive condition of the earth. Oh no !
We mean a man. One who has became
fossilized in his ideas, his advancement,
his desires to benefit mankind by con
tributing of his stores of vast wealth to
the advancement of education, physical
or moral culture, religious benefits, and
more especially, the advancement of the
city or town in which he lives and calls
When we come in contact with such
a specimen of humanity, whose concep
tions of life are so contracted that he
does not believe in advancement and
the cultivation and utilization of the re
sources given him by an indulgent crea
tor, or givingencouragement to any and
all enterprises that may present them
selves to a community, then we say this
word "fossil," is, in our estimation, ap
propriatly applied to him.
Such a man, we believe, belongs to
the primative people who existed dur
ing the Stone age, and should withdraw
himself from the present surroundings
and be numbered among the inhabitants
of the cave dwellers. This being the
place w here he should reside, let us pic
ture to our readers a quotation from the
Story of Man, whose author describes
the abode wherein our foe of advanced
civilization ought to live:
sttM.ii as you enter, cm-p if you inur. emurli
:it lrat I'st you come in contact with the stone
litsteN. An your eyes heroine a'cutoiiu-l to the
liiii reliioii-. liht. you will mm- a MiiouMerin;
lire on tin hearth. The tloor is in the condition
in which the hiiiMcr, Earth, left it. unless cn
riche.l ly the accuiiiulatril ift of man to his foster-mother.
The walls are not defaced hy paint
or panel, fresco or wall paper, hut except for the
tracings of the smoke, stand in their native ma
Nty. Weapons are. huni: here and there, audit
may he horns and claws, and the skins of wild
hearts lind a temporary home and comjme the
wainscotins. 5ack in the recesses may he seen
piles of im and leaves and pirass. which consti
tutes the pine pillows and mattresses of the pri
mative family."
We might proceed to give an outline
of the personal appearance of this rep
resentative of a primative man, but
space forbids us so to do. Yet we meet
them every day in our vocations in
life. Why this should be, is somewhat
of a mystery to the man who believes
in push and progress. And yet this
same individual can undo more in one
day, than the good hustling citizen can
accomplish in three days by an unlimit
ed amount of zeal and hard work.
It is said that it takes all kinds of peo
ple to make up this world. Put with
all the different kinds that are supposed
to wander up and down this footstool
of the Creator of the universe, the one
less needed is the representative of the
primative period. These same "fossils"
it will be discovered, have by frugality
or truthfully putting it, stinginess, ac
cumulated a goodly portion of this
world's effects together, and if ap
proached in behalf of charity or some
beneficial enterprise for the city, will
plead the poverty act, winding out a
long yarn about their inability to supply
their daily wants.
Now of course we do not know there
are any "fossils" in Plymouth; but hav
ing in our past life came in contact
with this class of people, we think we
are capable of speaking upon this sub
ject truthfully, not theoretically. We
have done this for a reason, that is:
If in the future, our progressive citilens
should lind such obsticles presenting
themselves, they would be prepared to
brush them aside with a promptness
that is necessary on important occasions.
Burr Oak.
Fanners are busy husking corn.
Adrian Turnbull and John II. Uurns
are out on a hunting tournament for a
few days.
Ira Friend is having some improve
ments made on his residence on Main
(leorge McKinney Sr., had the misfor
tune of having his arm broken from be
ing thrown from a buggy.
A 1 Scott who has been employed as
a section man for the past eight years
has resigned bis position and Martin
Aumminger taken his place.
A son of Levi Hartman two miles west
of IJurr Oak is reported sick with ty
phoid fever.
Miss Milla Hall who had been lying
at the point of death, died at the home
of her parents on Tuesday Oct. 30. Fu
neral services were held at the IJurr Oak
chapel by the Hey. Heese of Marmont,
after which the remains were laid to rest
in the IJurr Oak cemetery. The bereaved
parents have the sympathy of the com
munity. "Fkank."
The Independent will be sent post
paid to any point in the United States
for 131.50.
- TP
That is What You
Where to Buy it
Asks you to give him a call
and you will find it very easy
to decide where your money
goes the farthest.
Underwear, Gloves, kittens, Shoes and Caps.
5000 customers to buy Flannels and Under
wear at prices 20 per cent lower than they can
be bought at any other store in Plymouth.
Also a full line of Wool and Heavy Cot
ton Hose. Our Flannels are of this years'
make ; made since the price of wool took a tum
ble. "Wool and Cotton Blankets at prices
from 00 cents to 5 per pair. Cotton Flan
nels from 5 cents upward, and remember every
Saturday, we sell Good Standard Print at
3 Cents per yard.
Shoes for the barefooted. Shoes for the Ladies
and also for the Babies, Shoes for the Boys and
the Girls, Shoes for the Old Men and also warm
lined shoes for the Old Ladies. Shoes that will
fit your feet and prices that will suit your pocket
book. I am closing out my Leather Boots, and
will sell you any Leather Boot in the house at
cost and below. They must go at some price.
1 will not keep Leather Boots any more. 1 have
a full line of both common and Snag-Proof K lib
ber Boots, also a full line of Felt Boots, the best
in the market at the Lowest Prices.
Hack and Baggage Line.
Passengers and Baggage to and from Depots,
Hotels or any part of the City on short notice.
Baggage free wTitli Hack. Leave orders at the
Boss House.
State Seal Cigar, 5 cts.
Marshall County
Must Buy.
is the Next Thing.
We Are Wide Awake.
In Clothing we have no competition other than
First-Class Tailors. In fact, you would have to look
more than twice to tell if our garments were not custom
made. You need have no care as to fit, that's our busi
ness. This week we are making some awful cuts in our
Overcoat Department. In fact, we are "knocking the sox
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Special Low Values in Winter Underwear.
Special Prices in Men's and Boys' Suits.
Special Figures in Men's Shoes, Caps & Neck Wear.
This Week-
In Our Overcoat Department
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Good Fine Kersey, Melton
"Worsted Overcoats in all
Colors, in all sizes, made
to sell and worth .?G.50, 7,
87.50 and $8. But Free
Wool Prices are now in
order and go at above.
We want to make November our Banner Month.
Prices will be cut. Values sacrificed to swell our sales.
Come in. Look over and try our goods. You Will
not be pestered to buy but you will be astounded
at the quality, styles and Low Prices. We give all our
attention to Clothing, Hats, Shoes and Furnishings for
the Male Sex. Consequently you will find a class of goods
here that is not obtainable in any other store in town.
A Stove,
A Range,
A Heater or
A Base Burner?
If so, let us show you our stock of the latest and im
proved styles and quote you our prices. We can inter
est you whether you purchase or not.
We can show you something new and unusually durable
in the ANTI-RUST LINE, warranted not to rust.
If you have ever tried this Tinware you will never
believe what other dealers tell you is just as good,
but you'l always wrant the Anti Kust. Yes! ancftliat
is SO too. The first cost is a little more, but you
save in the long run.
" We don't mark down or sell for cost, but we
do give you the lowest nrices for good duality
goods in all lines of practical and useful! lardware, Tin
ware and Tools.
attention to TWO ITEMS.
FOR $10.
Thibet-, V iciuna, Covert
Cloth and Extra Fine Ker
sey, in silk or plain trim
med, in all colors, worth
and made to sell at 12,
814 and Sl(. Free Wool
Prices must be met now.

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