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A Low Water Level
In rivers, ponds, wells, and other sources
of drinking water, threatens danger from
malarial germ. This condition is usually
found In the Fall, and it points to Hood's
Barsaparllla as a safeguard against attacks
of disease. Flood's Sarsapirilla makes
pure blood, and thus guards the system
from all these perils It creates an ap
petite and glTcs sound and robust health.
11 Jia. parilla
I hare been u!ng
Hood's Sarsaparllla
occasionally for the
last three years. I r43S
hare suffered from malaria fever for fiv
years, and have tried many kinds of med!
cine, but found no relief till I commenced
to take Hood's Sarsaparilla. I have all
confidence in it, and believe it to be far
superior to any other tonic," P. J. Fitz
gerald, 121 Ninth St., South Beaton. Mass.
Hood's Pills cure ail livor ill!. 2c.
Furniture Polish.
Incombustible paint for woolwork
may bo made by mixing1 the desired
co!or in powder in water, saturated
with potash, t which a little starch
paste has al o been a b'ed to stil'en it.
Woodwork coated with this paint will
not burn nor l.lis-ter in the neighbor
hoo I of a stove or gas light. A "poli hn
pre'erab'o tj varni-h for furniture
may be made by bailing' a satu'-ated
solution of potash in v. ater, and a Illing-,
wliüe it b üs, pieces of bee-wax.
"W ben old thi- muke a mass of the
coiw-tenc,' of soft scap, whi h may bo
applied with a brush, and which, with
a I risk rubbing, will give a fine polish.
Much of tho artistic ironwork now in
ue is hell together by s-c ews and
nuts. These are liable in time to be
come Ioo.-jC, and it is well to know that
tho oints may bo made tight again by
simply hammering tho n;.t on tho
edge, whit h makes them smaller and
enables one to seiew up the piece as
firmly as at first.
To Help Sick Women.
" I want to tell you what Lydia
E. Pinkhams I ge table Compound
and Sanative Wash have done for
"I was so bad with falling of
the womb and
that I could
not stand.
" I had doc
tored so much
without bene
fit I was en
tirely discour
aged I ex
pected to die.
"One evening I read in the
Herald ' about this medicine. I
went to the druggist, got some,
and took 2 bottles of the Com
pound, and used one of the Sana
tive Wash.
"I am now well and strong,
am never troubled with either of
the complaints. If more women
would use Mrs. Pinkham's medi
cines there would be less suffering
in the world " Mr- IDA cast.er,
III lilt. WUI1U. UI.tc Street, Sjracue.H.Y.
The Greatest Medical Discovery
of the Age.
Has discovered in one of our common
pasture weeds a remedy that cures every
kind of Humor, from the worst Scrofula
down to a common Pimple.
He has tried it in over eleven hundred
cases, and never failed except in two cases
(both thunder burner). He has now in his
possession over two hundred certificates
of its value, all within twenty miles of
Boston. Send postal card for book.
A benefit is always experienced from
the first bottle, and a'perfect cure is war
ranted when the right quantity is taken.
When the lungs are affected it causes
shooting pains, like needles passing
through them; the same with the Liver or
Bowels. This is caused by the ducts being
6torped, and always disappears in a week
after taking it. Read the label.
If the stomach is foul cr bilious it will
cause squeamish feelings at first.
No change cf diet ever necessary. Eat
the best you can get, and enough of it.
Dose, one tablespoonful jn water at bed
time. Sold by all Druggists.
Purely Vegetable, MiM and Reliable. Regu
late tho Liver and Digestive Organs. The
lfcBt and best medicine in the world for the
f all disorder of the Stomach, LWer, Bowels,
Kidney, Bladder, Nervous Diseases, Lous of
Appetite. Headache, Constipation, Costlve
negu. Indigestion. Biliousness, Fever, Inflam
mation of the Bowels, Idles, and all derange
ments of the Internal Viscera. PERFECT
DIGESTION will he accomplished by taking
BAD WAY'S PILLS. By so doing
Blck Headache, Foul Stomach and Biliousness
will be avoided, as the food that is eaten con
tributes its nourishing i roperties for the sup
port of the natural waste of the body.
Price 25 cts. per box. Bold by all druggists.
KADWAY fc CO.. New Yobk.
J used Ehs Cream
Balm for catarrh and
have received great ben
efit. I Miere it a safe
and ecrtaincure. Very
pleasant to take. ITm.
Fräser, li'x-hcster,X. V.
Opn and o'eansu tbe Naal ravages. Allays rale,
and iDtlainmatu n, IIinl the Sore, Protects the
alembrdi) tr ni Old. Pf-store thj Sannes of laste
and Miiii. Iii ilalin la yuiclt.y absoibed and ghee
rsilef at once.
A particle 1 applied into f a-h nostril and Ij agree
able. Pi l-e 50 cent, at druggUU or by mail .
XLI J)UOXUKS, Warren Street. NevL'ork.
7b these restrained and car.-ful timea
Our knowledge petrifies our rbjines.
Ah 1 for that re Kless flra men had
When it was witty to be mad ;
When wild conceits were pi!ed in scores,
And lit by Gering metat'h. rs,
When 11 was crned ai d out of tune
Yet held the mutdc of the tuoon.
If we could dare to write as ill
As sorno whose voices haunt us Etill,
Perhaps oven we might call our own
Their ceep enchanting undertone.
We are too difficult and nice,
Too learned and too o er wise.
I'oo much afraid of faults, to be
The flutes of toli bincerlty.
For. as tLis tweet lifo passes by.
We blink end nod with critic eye;
We've no words rude enough to give
Its charm, so frank and fugitive.
The green and scarlet of the pirk,
The undulating streets at dark.
Tue brown smoke I lown across the blue.
This crowdod city we walk through.
The pallid fa'es fall of pain.
The Held smell of the passing wain.
The laughter, longing, perfume, strife,
The daily spectacl ; of life :
Ah I shall this bo given in rhyme.
By rbyin6ters of a knowing time?
Ah ! for the age when verre was glad,
Being godlike, to bo bad and mad.
-Pall Mail Mugazine.
No wonder Dan Marston was ex
cited. Here, after ten years, he re
ceived a letter that Cousin Angienette
was coming on to visit, him and his
sister Hannah. The old man had
never forgotten 4,the chipper little
Cirl" he had been so fond of in his
younger days.
Hannah didn't like the idea of her
relation's visit, she was fearful
(knowing Dan's feelings), as to what
it iuUht Jead to, tmt there was ujth
in to do but consent.
"You'll have to write the letter,
Daniel. I don't seem to feel like It.
my stomach's so weak. 1 s'pose I
I shall be sorry 1 had her come.
I don't want her meddlin' with my
cook in'."
That day week the three were
seated in the best room, which led
out of tho kitchen. It was a mere
box of a room, and had a musty odor,
it was so seldom opened. Two large,
old maples shaded the windows, and
prcw so near that they seemed like
Krim sentinels, forbidding the light
of Heaven.
"1 don't see you look so much old
er'n you did ten or flrteen years
ao, An'icnette," said Daniel, as he
crossed one legoer the other, and
tried to make himsell stationary in
the slippery horsehair chair with Its
hard, unyielding seat
"Wa'al, I don't know's I feel old;
I've got health 'n seven nie
children! They alnt nothin' they
dont' try to do for me, sence their
poor father died. Hut I'm ;"5 next
month. That's older'n ou, Hannah,
by three years."
'I hain't never had sech health as
you've hed,' said Hannah, as she left
the low ( hair and took a seat ia one
the back of which was tall and
straight and stiff.
Her figure was little and firm and
her complexion, though colorle s, had
the hue of health.
""Why, you never was sick but once,
Hannah " said the brother, "'n that
was more'n twenty years ago."
"Well, I aint been real sick, but
I don't seern to feel so strong as I was.
I pit dreadful tired washin' 'n ironln'
the same day.'
"I sh'd think you would," said her
cousin; ' what makes ye do it?"
"Good land! 1 alwuz did. You
don't s'pose 1 m going to have it
'round two days, do yo, for jest Daniel
u me ?n Hiram. I want to set down
Tuesdays I'm piecin' calico to make
6orue ( .lilts. I'd ought to make three
this f.ill, ef I can."
"I'll take holt 'n help, cf you want
me to. Hannah ef I shant be in the
way; I like to sew."
"Air your eyes good?"
"Kycs good? Why, yes, of course
they be: what's to hender? 1 don't
never use glasses, nuther; 1 was al
ways sort o' near-sighted, you know.
!omc say them kind of eyes is
stronger'n others I don't Know.
"Why, you aint leclin like an old wo
man yet, air ye?"
Trouble makes folks feel old, An
glenctte. Wa lost a cow in the
ßpring, 'n our chickens aint done
well this summer. 1'ive died, or
more; we'd ought to hev titty et
they'd done well."
"We've got -oine beauties left,"
said Daniel, "'n the man that keeps
the hotel up by the lake says he'll
take all we can spare, 'n give a cent
a pound more'n anybody else will.
The money's;all Hannah's, though. I
don't want none of it. Fhc works
hard enough running after 'em."
He did not say that a good share of
the running after was done by him
self, save on the few ocasions when
he chanced to be from home.
The second week in September had
come, ;:nd Cousin Angicnette's visit
was almost over, ,vhc was to leave
the next day but one.
I wish you'd ride up to the lake
with me to-mcnow mornln'," said
Daniel. "I'm goin' to see about
a shoat Sim Terklns has got a ter
rible nice one, 'a I want to hev it ef
he don't charge too much."
"I hadn't ought ter leae Hannah;
she's got the bread to bake 'n the
kitchen l!ror to wash, 'n 1 don't
know what el e.
"You go right along:" said Han
nah, In what was for her a very
cheery to ie. "There aint any more
work thau what I kin do well
enough. You've helped me so much
6ense you've been here that 1 feel
more like what 1 used to be than 1
have this ten year. 1 declare for 't
Angiencttc. I'd g t to be so down
hearted I didn't seem to be one
thing nor annullier. I thought I
wanted somethin', 'n I believe in my
heart 'twas you I wanted all the
time: 'n Daniel, he aint been jo
chirked up I don't know when."
"I s'pose you want to start early,
Daniel," said his cousin.
"I vi ('!;ilatin' ef we could hev
breakfast by half-past flvft or so wc
might get off about hi'. f-past six,
while it9 cool; we're goto' to hev a
hot day, jedgin' from the signs. Tho
sun set awful red to night."
A thin mist hovered over the
earth, and the grass was heavy with
dew. The air, already autumnal,
encircled the mountain tops with
ashen veils, softening the tints and
blurring the outlines. The old
wagon, with its worn buffalo cover
ing hanging over the back of the
seat, was drawn by Daniel Marston's
twenty-year-old mare She jogged
along with tbe reins dangling more
loosely over her head than ever, if
could be; and the frequent jsrk was
missing this morriiDg. The wisdom
of this laxity in discipline was ap
parently questioned, for the consci
entious animal at length stopped
short and turned her head to look at
the couple behin 1. bceing that her
master was in his uual place, she
broke into a gentle, satisfied trot.
The lake was in view and the air
grew more invigorating. As they
neared the water's edge the sun
burst forth and poured down on the
glassy surface a shower of diamonds.
Tiny waves curled up on the seg
ment of beach and a soft breeze
stirred the little ringlets under An
gienette's straw bonnet, which had
been trimmed by the village miiliner
only the day before. "Go 'l -ng,
Jenny," said Daniel. "She don't
cate much for what 1 say," he added,
looking across the water to the dark
mountain beyond
"That's cause you're gentle with
her, Daniel. I guess you never
abused a dumb animal."
"Xo, I couldn't do that" Then
after a pause, "1 alwuz thought,
Angie, that somehow l?d ought to a'
bin merried, ef I'd found anybody
that would a' cared about me. But
1 s'ros:; it's too late to be thinkin' o'
that now."
'You ain't sixty yit, Daniel"
"(, but I'm close onto it. Go
'lo:ig, .Jenny."
"i u ain't called me Angie before
sence the day I told you I'd send you
my ambiotype. 1 nev r knew
whether you gut it, Daniel."
"Wa'al 1 couldn't seem to make up
my mind to say anything about it,
but it's rolled up in a little silk hand
kerchief I meant to a'sent ye for a
weddin' pr.sent My courage kindo'
give out, so ye never bed it Go 'long,
"Couldn't I hev it now?"
"Do you want it, Angie?"
So answer came. Daniel looked
from out the tail of his eye at the
round cheek with its pink tinge and
saw two generous tea:s pouring down.
"Whoa, Jenny. 1 don't know's
you'd do it, Angie, but can't ye
come back 'n live with us in the old
house after y'e bin home 'n seen the
folksc Hannah, she would be dread
ful pleased ef ye would to be her
sister, ye know. Angie."
"1 was jest thinkin' o' that, Daniel
I didn't know how she'd take it"
"I know she told me yisterday."
A robin teetered along and with a
glad chirrup circled in the air, like
Kleiner's lark, "with a loud day in
his throat."
"The birds'll be goin' now before
long. Cousin Angie."
"We'll see 'em together next year,
please God," said Angienettc.
"Go 'long, Jenny," said Daniel
Marston. New York Journal.
I'artots, Puppte. Scrttp Iron, and ISoiled
Grasshoppers for Sale.
Tne articles seen in the market I
will here give as they were written
down during a recent Sunday morn
ing visit. Kiys a writer in the New
York Advertiser. One department is
under cover and is filled with assorted
fruits, including oranges, lemors,
limes, pineapples, pears, peaches,
plums, banuanas, quinces, alligator
pears, cocoanuts, and many other
tropical fruits, most of which, owing
to the high market tax and costiv '
transportation, sell at about New
York prices. The streets and side
walks in the vicmitv are lined with
men, women, and children, who are
seated on the ground surrounded by
their market products, which include
besides the ordinary Aegetable
market product, parrots, pigcous, un
weaned puppies game chickens, pet
lambs, haltered pigs and kids. Then
cherc are heaps of old iron, bird
tages, cheap cili:o, bras jewelry,
boiled corn, potatoes, stewed pump
kins, beans, pepper, cooked and raw
pigs' feet, sheep heads, hearts, lights,
and entrails. There are also flints
and tinder for starting fires, metal
mounted stone for grinding corn,
roots, bark, and medical herbs and
dye woods. C lose by we see fried
shrimp and grasshoppers. Each arc
cooked whol and et ten so. The lat
ter are about the si e of our common
grasshopper, but are entLely red, but
as to looks I would jut as soon try to
go the common 4,hopper" of the
JSTorth. Uesides these tho natives
gather the eggs of the swamp fly and
boil them into a paste and eat them
with salt, chili (pepper), and tortil
las. The fly and its egg are each sold
in the market The former is some
what smaller than the house fly, while
the eggs are about the size and co'.or
of a hayseed. In iact, everything is
eaten here that the human stomach
will digest, or anything that is capa
ble of being converted into soup.
No More Trouble.
Almost anything Is better than a
quarrel. Even if your neighbor's
hens forage in your gaiden, it is best
to control your temper. Try a little
innocent strategy, like this reported
by tho New York Weekly. The trick
is not patented.
"Are you still troubled by your
neighbor's chickens?" asked one man
of another.
"Not a bit," was the answer.
uThcy are kept shut up dow."
"How did you manago It?"
"Why, every night I put a lot of
eggs in the grass under the grape
vino, and every morning, when my
neighbor was looking, I went out and
brought them in."
The latest investigations by
the United States and Cana
dian Governments show the
Royal Baking Powder supe
rior to all others in purity and
leavening strength.
Statements by other manufacturers to
tke contrary have been declared by the
official authorities falsifications of the
official reports.
An Univeleoiiie Philosopher.
A few evenings ago an eminent pub
lic otlicial hero gavo a dinner party.
The host before his marriage had been
known as a comparatively poor man.
The lady ho married was rich in her
own right One of tho constitutional
delegatos who had a plate at this din
ner began to descant on the motives
actuating marriage, an I his fentimeuts
wore of tho mcst practical although
6omewhat annoying character.
"Now, sir," said he, as ho thrust his
first linger almost in tho face of his
host, "let mo illustrate. You, tor in
stance, married for wealth. Is that
not so?"
The hest was silent and chagrined,
but the constituti ;nal delegate, not to
bo thwarted, turned to tho hostess and
"And you, madam, married for sta
tion. Is' that not sov''
The hostess was somewhat troubled.
but thero was no resentment in her de
meanor. Tho next day, however,
when the philosopher on marriage
camo to make his party call tho host
ess was "Not in, ?ir," said tho maid.
Albany Press and Knickerbocker.
Misery After Meal.
The oppressive embargoes levied upon the
Inner man by his Inveterate enemy, dyspepsia,
after meals, are lifted and the yoke cast off by
that BOTerelgn medicinal liberator from bodily
ailments, Ilostetter's Stomach Bitters. Heart
burn, flatulence, oppression at the pit of the
stomach, the presence of bile where it does not
belonjr. are alike remedied by this potent re
former of a disordered condition of the gastrlo
organ and tbe liver. It is the prince of tonlos
and stomachics, Invigorating at the same time
that it remedies. Both 8rpf tite and sleep are
Improved by lt. JL wine-claai before or after
meals, and before retiring, will be found an
efficient restorative of the ability to digest
and assimilate and to rest tranquilly. Use It
for malarial, kindney and rheamatio trouble
and for constipation. For the aged and intirm
it Is highly beueticlal.
Strange lT for Hay.
Experiments are now being made
with compressed hay for pavinsr blocks.
The hay, after 1 einj proved, is soaked
in a drying oil which, it is claimed,
renders it indestructible.
Invent Now
In the best, most welcome and most valu
able reading obtainable for 1693. The
Youth's Companion offers unequaled value
and good reading for all the family, and
costs but $L 75 a year.
Mr. Gladstone, two of Queen Victoria's
daughters. Rudyard KJplln?. Mark Twain.
J. T. Trowbridge, and more than one hun
dred other eminent writers contribute to
tbe volume for next year.
New subscribers who send St 73 at once
receive The Companion free until January
1, 1693, including the ThanksRivln?, Christ
mas and New Year's numbers, and a year's
subscription beside
Tns Yocth's Companion,
Boston, Mas.
Two sexton' beotlo will bury a
molo in an hour, a feat equal to two
men burying a whalo in tho same
length of time.
A Sample Package (4 to 7 doset) of
Dr. Pierce's.
Pleasant Pellets
To any one sending name and address to
vs on a postal card.
Hence, our object in sending them out
They absolutely cure Slclc. IYeadache, Bil
iousness, Constipation, Coated Tongue, Toor
Appetite, Dyspepsia and kindred derange
ments of the Stomach, Liver and Bowels
Don't accept some substitute said to be
"just as good."
The substitute costs tke dealer less.
It costs you ABOUT the same.
HIS profit is in the "just as good.
Address for Free Samplx,
World's Dispensary Medical Association,
No. 663 Mala Stt BUFFALO, K Y.
XT SHOCKINQ1 A mild, con
(J tlnuous current of electricity
Get a catalogue by writing
809 State atreet, Chioiqo, Iu
Different Now.
A few years ago no man dare rile
through tho streets of any Chilian
city on Good Friday. Even tho cars
! were not allowed to run. No sound of
; human labor was pe:m tted to disturb
tho religious silence.
A CliiII Knjoy
The pleasant flavor, gentle action and
soothing effects of Syiupofr igs when
in need of a laxative, and if the father
or mother be costive or lilious the most
gratifying results follow its use; bo that
it is tho best family remedy known,
und f very family ehould have a Lottlu
on hand.
Great Reicher.
It has been estimated that tho quan
tity of lava thrown out by Vesuvius
since the first recorded eruption in A.
IX 7' is great enough to build all the
house in New York and London.
S100 Reward. SI 00.
The readers of thin paper will bo pleased
to loarn that there Is at least one dre&led
disease that Bcienre has been able to cure
In all Its stages, and that Is Catarrh.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is the only positive cure
known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh
being a constitutional disease, requires a con
stitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cur ia
taken internally, acting directly tipon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby
destroying the foundation of the disease, anil
giving the patient strength by building up the
constitution and assisting nature in doing its
work. The proprietors have so much faith in
Its curative powers that they offer One Hundred
Dollars for any cane that it fails to cure. Send
for list of testimonials.
Address, F. J. CHENEY i CO.. Toledo, O.
bold by Druggists, 7jc.
Objects Visible at So.
An object 100 feet high is visible
thirteen miles at eea level. One 5U0
feet high is visible thirty miles.
A Gloomy Outlook
Is that of the dyspeptic, but his face will
brighten when he knows that Ripan9 Tab
ules cure that terrible disorder and will
make hlia a cheerful and happy man.
Send your full name and address to Dob
bins Soap Mfg. Ca, Philadelphia. Pa., by
return mall, an4 get, free of all cost, a
coupon worth several dollars. If used by
you to Its full advantage. Don't delay.
This Is worthy attention.
A mosquito injects poison into tho
wound ho mikes in order that the
blood may become fluid enough to flow
readily. This is what causes the pain.
Bsautifct. birds and fragrant flowers are
nature's charm, but a divinely lovely com
plexion comosfroni tho use of Glenn's Sul
phur oap.
In a great many case of Asthma, Plso's
Cure for Consumption will give relief that
Is almost equal to a cure. 25 cents.
50f2 J 7S
Too ran save money by wearing tho
W. L.. Douglas 83. OO Shoe.
Became, we are tho largest manufacturers ct
thüi grade of Bhoos la the worl J, and guaranteo their
lue by stamping tho name and price on tho
bottom, which protect you against high prices and
the middleman's pronti. Our shoos equal custom
work In styls, easy fitting and wearing qualities.
We hare them sold everywhere at lower prices for
tbe value given then any other make. Take no suo
tltute. If your dealer cannot supply you, we can.
Sold direct to consumers T Mm ft ruins
erer before offered. Huy direct Iidiu Im
porte. 4 and manufacturers. We fchlp
cavojuu from &to 60 tT rent. A tailor
tit Milt, $l.iO. Fall or winter overcoats,
a. IL lln1 onmhf natlun Cull. MID
M R OTt llMMTM 4 H'll Ml.TV. bendtOHUy
fori1 kt- K mammoth cattüotf. address
344 Wabash Ave., Chicago, III.
A rP'.f'.tiin th. (met that tbouMDil of i.dtm
ef Ik. U.R. bT Dotuvd my Bleack..a
accmict of price, hkh U (t per bctdp, .J
la arier tint all niy r It a fair trial, I
will aa4 a Sample bottle, aafrly parked, all
ekarM prepaid, on receipt ef tie. FACE
BLEACH remove, and cvrea aUoloUly alt
frechlea, pimplta, moth, blackheads, aallow.
em, aras, tvirma, wrlnkln, orroogkeeaof
akla.aad keaatlfi.s th.complexloa. Addreaa
Mme. A. RUPPERT, Dept. E. 6 E. 1 4th St.. N. Y. City.
Examination and Advice as to Patentability tf In
f entioit. Hend for inventors Guide, or How to (let
a 1'ateut. Patbick OTa&rill, Washington. U. U.
I ... .JanrereiieriP'TTTm
by mail. Stowetl&Ua
fCliAx leatown. Mas
orphlne Habit C'nred In 10
o20lna, ! pay IUI rnred.
R. J. STEPHENS, Lebanon, Ohio.
Mr. Wlnftlow'a fiooTHiwo Siaur for Children
teethins- soit-'iis the Bums, reduces inflammation,
allays vain, cores wind colic 39 cents a bottle.
1$ in
is m
For Durability.lcomomy and for.
General blacking is unequalled;
Has An annual Sale of 3.000 roNa
the only Perfect Paste.
Morse Bro shop's. Cantcn.Mass.
If yoa wish to Jlay, Sell or Kxrhanje any partl-!
ular article, new or second-hand, write to 1
for rpy ef Rules and Omeral Ii.formatlon. Tht
Most Direct and Simple, Cheapest and liest
method of reaching the party vrlio
Wants What You Have
or Has What You Want
Snd fer fres Sample Copy ot ".SUrPLY AITO
DE5IAXD," the oaly Journtl of iti kind ia Am er
ic. Issued weekly by the Company.
If you have
I A Headache,
I A Furred Tongue,
Spells of Dizziness,
S Hot Hands and Cold Feet
I Bad Taste in the Mouth, $
I Distress after Eating,
I Loss of Appetite,
Irritable Temper
I Broken Sleep,
I Low Spirits,
1. J. I. MEAN'S
land Kidney!
I The Dr. J.H. McLean 1
Medioine Co.,
ST. LOUIS, !!0.
It It not surprlalsa;
That a renedy
That has been
The Physician's Trump Card
For a century Hla a-v of trump ,
Ehould now,
Por the first time,
He so prepared as
To make H possible
To offer It to the publlo
In a form
Available for immediate ose
And capable of being; preserved
Without los of virtues
For a decade ?
Or until the oocaaton arises 7
Buch a surprise exists In
Ripans Tabucs.
Rlpans Chemical Co, 10 Spruce St.. New Tork.
rlce, 60 oents a box, of druggists or by malL
lnioo high grade
93 Sooth, Jefferson Street. - Chicago, 111.1
T1IIK SPANISH ItEMEIlY eure all dlsa
. of urinary organs, either pet. itcstores lofct vi
tality. Plain package by eiprets O. O., or ca r
cflptofprlre.it a box; full tretmMit ii for 10.
Spanish Medicine Co 109 C. DIVISION IT, CllCf SO.
SURE MONEY parVfasfry VbW'i:
New 'iori h tock Market Süd bavit'g.
VTKVE U by 1
ilkgks on the
n tliem irtel!1.
Rfnt'y wcrked by A. W. BARN AKl). KanVer. 0 and
3 Proadway, New fork, bend lor Prospectus.
C. N. Ü.
.No, 43-91
V'ease say you
aw the atlrertli.eineal
in mis paper.
HUkIx WH;r.f All tKt IAilv. V,
ZI urn uouga tsyna?. Taates Uood. use
in time. Bö! by drvrtrista.
so i i nm
si Bosno eel A(t!as
jüiVGn AS VIT A UUgf
pä üjüy
A a !
pspers in Illinois, ff 1 K tTi M'
I guaranteed circu H 1 i
1 latlon lOO.OOO II B I
or we can innert - A II I i
n 1,315 country U $Jj tjj

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