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l 9,
No. in.
FT,"P"fr Im IP M Wfo W Rlfi fP
r j
vayer Allman
From 25c up. AVo have just received the
largest and most complete line of Xeckwear
Novelties ever shown to this community.
Sei: it and you will he convinced.
A Necktie will make an appropriate present
for your "feller.'' We Avill "Box them" in
a fine necktie box, if desired.
Handkerchiefs, Japanese Silks, and all
kinds imaginahle.
A list of articles for
Holiday Presents.
Plush Caps, Minuiii ous values.
Mufflers, 25c and up.
SllSpender Specialties in Holiday Suspexd
eks, 25c up.
Shoes, Bahies,Children s, Men's and V omen s.
Shirts, Night Robes.
Trousers, for men, invar values.
OveiXOatS, Up Stairs.
Hi mm
We will during the Holidays display the finest
lines of
Kver shown in this place, also largo lines of
Albums and Manicure Sets,
I landkrivhii'f Boxes, . Collar and Cult Boxes,
have been bought for cash and selected with
great care, and our Dress (Joods Department
never was more complete. Our wareroom is full
of the best stock of Mixed Candies, which will
go at 5 cents per line.
A Fact
which, many good people overlook, or
forget, in deciding where to get their
properly fitted glasses are absolutely
essential to correct the defects of the
eyes. Improperly fitted glasses are
most as bad as none. Did you know that
J. R. LO
has made glass fitting a study for sever
al years and has purchased one of the
finest Optical and Testing Cases and
Lenses made ? He is here for legitimate
business only.
Away with the Quacks.
The Independent From This Issue
Withdraws From the Political
lie fore the Ixdkimindkxt was estab
lished in Plymouth, and ever since its
first issue was presented to the public,
it has been known as, and plainly bore,
the ear marks, of a people's party jour
nal. While we acknowledged and announc
ed our political lines of action to be in
harmony with that party, and in our po
litical efforts used our ability to serve
the people's party, yet, we believed, that
under the circumstances, our trying to
advance the interest of Marshall county
and Plymouth, and publishing a good
local home paper, the people would
overlook, to a certain extent, the politi
cal views advocated and advanced by
the lXlU-lPKXDKXT.
While we intended that the editorials
appearing fröm week to week, should
not prove obnoxious to our readers, yet
we have become fully aware that they
have, to a large extent, hampered and
interfered with, the growth and popu
larity of the Im)i:pi:mi:nt.
After careful and due deliberation
upon this subject, and to free ourselves
from everything that might intcifere
with our efforts to work harmoniously
in our endeavor to advance home inter
ests and an unbiased compiling of local
events in Plymouth, we have, with a
view to our future interest, decided to
withdraw from the political field. In
arriving at this decison we do not wish
to be understood as retiring our politi
cal views to a reclusive field of inactiv
ity, or in the least compromise our ideas
in regard tothe'great issues before the
American people. Put we wish to be
understood to mean, that while we may
differ with a number of our readers up
on political issues, these ideas will be
withdrawn from the columns of the
ii:ri:xii:xi. Our editorial columns
will be taken up in the future with such
subjects as can be handled from a strict
ly independent point of view, and com
ments made upon whatever we believe
to be for the best interest of the people.
The principal effort and work will be in
the local field, putting forth all the con
centrated forces at our command to pro
duce a good, spicy, local newspaper.
Hoping that those who have given us
their patronage and support in ourshort
acquaintance will continue to feel
kindly toward the Ixii:im:xii:nt, and
realize with the editor, that not being
controlled or encompassed about by
party ties or affiliations, we will be able
to do more for ourselves and the people
in the future than in the past. The Ix
DKPr.xDKXT will thereafter be all that
its title implies, independent in every
way, with an eye single to the advance
ment and improvement of Plymouth.
Sweetened Thoughts.
We are indebted to the ladies of the
Altar Cuild of the St. Thomas Episco
pal church, for some most delicious
candy which Avas presented us as a sam
ple of what they would offer for sale at
the residence of Mrs. C. 1. Hughes, on
Saturday and Monday next. We have
this to say: That if all the candy dis
played there is as good as that presented
us, there will he no dilliculty in dispos
ing of it, It is such little tilings us this
home made candy sale that show up the
true merit of the young ladies of any
community and develop talents which
otherwise would remain hid under a
bushel, or some other convenient cover
ing. It is probable that few people here
ever surmized that t ho young ladies of
the Altar (Juild, of St. Thomas Episco
pal church could develop such skill in
artistic, beautiful and deliciously fine
candies as their product displays. If
the old saying that "the way to a man's
heart is through his stomach," has any
truth in it, these young ladies have, the
key to the situation and should never
lack admirers amongst the sterner sex.
It certainly was nice of them to remem
ber that even an editor sometimes has
a liking for the good things of this
world, and their candy certainly sweet
ened the labors of everyone in this
of lice.
A Surprise.
The routine duties of an editor, though
at times monotonous, finds an epoch in
his life that brings pleasant thoughts
and recollections. And while as a rule,
he thinks at times his labors aro vain
and unappreciated, there occur some
times, little trifling incidents that warm
his heart and puts new zeal into his
efforts. One of those incidents occurred
at this ollice Tuesday evening.
It was while puzzling our brain over
a difficult problem, that tho ollico door
was opened and the harmonious strains
of mandolins and guitar struck upon
our ears. Looking up, we discovered
that Hansen's mandolin orchestra, com
posed of John Hansen, Pert Harris. Ed.
Kuhn, John Capron, Harry Corbin and
Ered Uurkett, had walked in unan
nounced and taken possession.
For over half an hour we weredelight-
fully entertained by this popular and
"Peace On Earth, Good Will
Toward Man.
while it is admitted bv some writers
; ture has never been in our midst, and
his many friends regret exceedingly that
j the course conducted by him has ended.
! The beginning of the second series of
the lectures will be s.-me time in Janu
ary. The subject for this course will
that there is some cause for disputing U, different statesmen of our c.imtrv
accomplished club, and can truly say the date set apart to celebrate the birth anU tju.ir policies,
they are no amateurs, their selections j f .lesus Christ, one of which is, that in ;
being linelv rendered. The man who the month of December in Judea. it is Narrow Escape.
caniioi appieciaie me music piouuceu i "v,r.'" '"'.' " miv
by these gentlemen must surely have a j it is chronicled in history, neither Mocks
soul for harmonious sounds constructed ! ,,nr shepherds could have been at night
on the plan of a cast iron kettle, den-1 the fields of IMhlehem. Vet we com
tlemen :ie-..i,t our frrntefnl th.-ink :m.l ! lueiuorate that date with the same love
a a a a i a a V V X - ' a aa a " x a a . a a -a a a a a a a v ,
call again.
j and veneration.
In all civilized countries the annual
I arrival of Christmas has for ages been
j celebrated with merry-making and fes
tivities. In none, we believe did it re
! ceive a more heart v welcome than in
England, where even to-day the old
time honor has not been entirely extin
guished. In that country it was the practice
after the evening's devotions, to which
great reverence was given, to throw on
The Independent.
With this the tenth issuethe Marshall
County .Ixiu-ti:xikxt comes to its
readers with its Christmas edition.
The typographical construction and
make-up is lut what we desired to place
before our eaders, owing to the lack of
time to more fully prepare the matter.
The lxii:rr:xiu:NT has during its
short period of existence made a host
.tf fv i i 1 1 l' mill it. t . 1 1 1 .1 I ' 1 i 4j.1k- lii'jiilil
? . .. 1 the open hearth a large log, calhd the
ot the manv words ot encouragement 1 . . .. ... . , .
j"uleLog or ( hrir-tnias Pdock. At
received, and the many commendating
comments that have come to him un
solicited in regard to its reception among
the p 'ople of Plymouth and surround
ing country.
The future of this publication is!.
becoming brighter and more substan
tial every day, and for the confidence
that has been placed in its publisher
shown in so many ways, gives encour
agement that will assist him to more
earnestly strive to please his patrons.
The subscription list is growing very
rapidly, and at the present rate, before
the spring trade opens up we will be
able to show over l.ooo bonefied sub
scribers upon our list. One of the most,
pointed reasons why we have a right to
feel proud of this rapidly developing
symptom of appreciation, is, that the
IxDKi'KXDi'.XT is making itself welcome
to the many homes it visits to-day upon
its own merits.
Those who are not securing this pub
lication regularly, are cordially invited
to give it a trial at least, as we believe
this trial will give tons a regular subscriber.
of local shooters were practicing at a
trap, a gun in the hands of John !I. Ast
ley. was accidentally discharged in the
midst of some four or live spectators,
('has. Harris. J. K. Houghton, ("has. i
Shadel and some six or seven others
were standing direetly in front of the
muzzle of the gun. when Mr. Astley in
endeavoring to lower the hammers
accidently discharged the left bam 1.
Luckily the heavy charge of shot
struck the ground directly in front of
these gentlemen, but many of the shot
rebounded and some struck the bystand
ers. Ered Kuhn received one shot in
the chin, ( has. V. hadel was struck on
the hand by one shot and several shots
hit ('has. Harris and.I. I. Houghton
:.. .I... i . X- . : 1.- :.. :
court, or the homes of the wealthv. an 1 ""'"" :'J1"
officer named "Lord of Missrule." was b,lt 11 was a m"A 1,am,w , H'al'e
lor all pieseut.
The gun 'Ir. Astley was using was a
new one and it is probable that the
electcd to take charge of the revels. In
Scotland a similar ollicer was appointed
under the title of "Abott of Unreason."
and this oilice was continued until the
year of lööö, when by an act of
ment it was abolished.
The functions of these oiiieers com-:
menced on AIl-IIollow eve, and contiu
ed until Candlemas. i
We might extend on this article, giv-;
ing the games and sports entered into j
bv the voung and old on this occasion.!
but we desist. j
Hut this day and age how differently do j
we observe this occasion. While the;
young look forward to the time when ;
Santa Clans will appear with the good j
things for them, and the wild and noisey j
boys have by shere force of will be on j
their good behavior, yet the masses of I
our intelligent, home loving Christain I
people view with heartfelt emotion the:
Our First Effort.
i hammers and triggers were somewhat
: stiff; but this can in no way excuse so
! careless a handling of firearms. Too
i much care cannot be exercised in the
use of any loaded gun, more especially
j at such a place as a shooting match
i where many are sure to be standing
' an und the eore.
In the first place, at any trap shooting
match, all the shooters should he com
pelled not to handle or load their guns
until they are calhd to the sn re to
shoot, and no one should be allowed to
"scout" on the side of the man at the
score. Such a rule would reduce the
chance of such an accident a this to a
minimum, and should be enforced at
all shooting tournaments.
The fact that the mishap resulted in
.... ;.. i..
. 1 ! 4 1 . I . I- II 41 .. ... : 1 ' III' 'I M l"in IIIJIIIH. J.- UIV 1 '111
approach ot that dav ot all the ear; J
I with profound reverence. U,1U- u,ul ?a1
We think that Christmas is a time nf a ni o',r.Mu,.M uom neu-
i cnarged io-uay wun mausiaugnier, mur-
; der or at least criminal negligence. It
peace, of joy, of love. In commemora
tion of the birth of Him who came from i
is hoped that this accident may prove
In this our first effort to five :i com-1 Heaven to briny neace. iov and love, i
,..,,.f ,.;),,,, of i.,,-ci..,u ,.,.,.,- n,wiiitKMv,nlm,K,1Tr in," nnion i.,.Ja lcssoiito local sportsmen and be in
Plvmouth and the numerous business
interests, we may through an oversight
and our slight acquaintance, overlook
some one who is connected with some
line of business in Plymouth. Our en
deavor has. been to make the matter
interesting and readable, and if in the
hurry and bustle of compiling the sta
tistics some one has been omited, it has
not been intentional
. ,...4..i ;.. ..,..1 4i . ... ..... ... i. ii
tweentheCod and man, Heaven n,,,'''''''''.... tmwin.oM u,a.
this world. It is a time when hearts ""arily careful in the future.
may ring out to each other sweet music
of affection. It is the day when the
One in honor of whose birth the day is
celebrated stands by the cradle
and the bed of every sleeping little one
and also brings love and ji-ace into the
hearts of every father and mother. It is
the time when the moroseness and self-
We are under obligations to Mr. Alex ishness id' one's nature is thrown out
Thompson for the statistics and refer
ences in regard to the early days of the
county and Plymouth. We hope that
the efforts put forth and the great
amount of labor necessary to present
this number to our readers, will be un
derstood and appreciated.
In the near future, it is our intention
to get out an edition that will not only
be a credit to the 1mu:i'f.xii:nt from
a mechanical point of view, but a last
ing benefit to Plymouth, and a great
help in inducing those who are looking
out for favorable locations to invest
their abundance of wealth among us.
Concentrated action upon a given point
or subject, will work out great benefits
for a community. Will you lend us
your assistance m these efforts that will
in the future be put forth to advance
the financial interests of our beautiful
city V
A Misrepresentation.
In the notice of the Plymouth Cycle
Manufacturing Co., in another column
of this paper, we inadvertently made
an erroneous statement, in attributing
the invention of the bicycle manufac
tured and in securing to Plymouth the
manufacturing company's plant to the
efforts of Mr. Ceo. W. Marble alone.
It is only fair to Mr. M. 1). Smalley to
say, that the bicycle which has made
the company famous, is the sole inven
tion of that gentleman, and the loca
tion of the factory here was due to the
efforts of Mr. M. I). Smalley and Messrs
II. (J. Thayer, (. II. Thayer, jr., Jos. A.
(Jilinore, ( L. Morris and (Jeo. W. Mar
ble but not by the single efforts of any
of the gentlemen named.
Teachers' Association.
Through the courtesy of County Su
perintendent Fish, we received a copy
of the program of the Forty-first Annu
al meeting of the Indiana State Teach
ers' Association. This interesting event
will take place at Indianapolis, Decem
ber 2th, 27th and 2Sth, in the Plymouth
church of that city. The program is an
extensive and interesting one, and some
of the most prominent educators of our
state will be present and participate in
tho exercises. We understand a num
ber of our teachers will be present.
into kindness and charity, and when
everything bears on its front the inspi
ration of Christinity. All the chan
nels of one's better nature are filled with
genial thoughts and higher aspirations
for good. It is a time when good reso
lutions are easily grafted with fine
prospect of good growth and fair frui
tion. In every household in the land,
rich and poor alike, the rich benediction
of that life which commenced on earth
in Ilethlehem eighteen hundred and
ninety-four years ago are felt and real
ized in, that a life of 1 ve is better than
the mere emotions, and all are happy
because of this realization. Men of busi
ness, full of care and anxiety, are ready
for one day in the year to shut out their
cares and give themselves entirely to
the pleasure of a holiday which is born
of love, and is the harbinger of peace,
and which brings back all the joy anil
happiness of their childhood days, with
mother, father, brothers and sisters in
the background. Home never seems so
pleasant, wife and children never so
dear. 15y the general goodwill of the
occasion, one's neighbors and friends
seem nearer to him and are more highly
prized. The old year is fading out. A
general balance sheet is to be made.
The old put aside, and as with new pur
poses and better aspirations we step in
to the new year, every one should be
willing to lay aside all animosities and
reach forth an open palm to all who are
of the same spirit.
Extension Lecture.
The last of the first series .of he
university lectures was dehvereU hy
Prof, (irose at the opera house Tuesday
eve. With this lecture ends o'Je of Ü
most enjoyable and instinctive toaw?,
the people of Plymouth have had n ca.
sion to attend. In the establishment of
a local center for ihis work, the execu
tive committee have taken a great stride
in the right direction.
Prof. (Jrose has a pleasant voice and
his articulation is excellent. He has
an effective manner of expressing a
thought. He indulges frequently
in antithesies, which has tho effect of
making his arguments remembered. In
fact, a more able or accomplished lec-
A Needed Reform.
It is very true that the Plymouth post
oilice is not beautiful and our citizens
are well aware of that fact, but to a man
up a tree there would seem to be mi
definite reason why it should be made
more unsightly than ever by thedisplay
of the lot of badly written and oft times
ill spelled signs.announcements and no
tices which are usually displayed on the
railings around the front of the delivery
windows. It would appear to an out
sider that 1'ncle Sam's place of business
was regarded as "'Pro Ioiio Publico" by
the man who has a house to rent, has
lost anything, or the church or Minday
school that has any meeting or social to
announce. This would be all right if
some bulletin board or frame were pro
vided in which to place these announce
ments and notices, but it does not seem
right to decorate the postotlice with a
lot of cheese box covers and shoe box
lids daubed up with blueing and ink,
as apologies for signs. If our churches
and societies, our lecture courses and
public institutions have anything to an
nounce to the public it would be as well
for those in charge to remember tha
Plymouth is no longer a jerk-water
milk depot village but a city which
should, and does rank amongst the most
prosperous of its size in this part of the
country, and consequently treat our post
office as something better than a mere
dumping ground for free ami horrible
apologies for advertising. Such displays
as these are naturally an eyesore to
many people and there is really no need
of them, while the columns of the Ix
i)i:rr.xiu:xT are open free toanvsocietv
or church having anything to announce
to the public.
Shooting Match.
The greatest shooting match of tho
season will be held at the Fair grounds
Tuesday, Dec. iSth. There will be fifty
turkeys and many ducks and geese to
shoot for. Hlue Kock. Peoria Mack
b7ds, and various marks will be put up
us targets for both shot gus and rifles.
Every one in this vicinity is cordially
invited to come and try their luck for
a good young turkey. The shooting
will commence at 10 a. m.
I have innvy possession one robe, one
duster, two table spreads and one half
dozen napkins. Supposed to have been
stolen. Any person owning same and
proving property will please call and
pay expenses and get them.
Simon Mkykks,
City Marshal.

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