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A. R. ZIMMERMAN, Publisher.
Grim Humor of Judije Hoar A. I?. IT.
Leaders Hein Their Terms of Im
prisonment Great Damage by Flood
to Pittsburg's Coal Fleet.
Rich Strike by Poor Miners.
Mining circles are in a flutter of ex
citement over the announcement of a
rieh strike made in the Lackawanna
mine, situated on Green Mountain, a few
miles south of Dead wood. A twelve
foot vein has been uncovered, the one
from which, after many assays. gives
returns averaging from si. ."' t $.".7m
Ier ton. The vein is well defined. The
mine i- owned bj .lames Collins and
Curley O'Leary. two poor miners, whom
a chance "spot" in one moment has placed
in atlluenee.
Judj;e Hoar Steadily Failing.
The rendition of Judge Hoar, of Con
ord. Mass.. was reported Tuesday morn
ing as being worse, ami members of his
family are now expecting his death at
almost any hour, as he appears to bfl
steadiiy falling. The venerahle gentle
man maintains his good spirits through
all his bufferings, and at times gets into
a jocular mood, in which his old-time wit
shows itself with a sparkle as bright as
ever. He realizes that death is near at
hand, and at the same time has no fear
whatever of its coming. It was only the
other day that he was able to write to
one of his sons something like this: "I am
engaged at the present time in the occu
pation of djring. Whatever else may be
naid. tin re is 0:10 matter of satisfaction
in the work, and that is. that 1 have am
ple time for it."
All Go to Jail.
Eugene V. Debs and live other direc
tors of the American Railway Union were
taken to the county jail in Chicago Tues
day aftern 1. George W. Howard.
former vice president of the union, and
M. .1. Elliott did not put in an appearance
and a bench warrant was issued for How
ard's arrest. Elliott sent a dispatch to
lebs from Mahaaoy City. Pa., saying
that his child had just died of membra
neous croup at that place and that he
would come to Chicago at the earliest is
eible moment.
John W. Goff took his seat as presiding
judge of the court of general sessions of
New York.
Senator l'ettigrew was unanimously rc
Dominated by the Republican legislative
caucus at Pierre. S. D.
Bills fwr the relief of drought sufferers
were introduced in both houses of the
Nebraska Legislature.
Edward .1. Twiss. a law student at Ann
Arbor Cniversity. committed suicide be
cause of unrequited love.
Two men were killed and four injured
it. a collision he! ween Lake Erie freight
trails near Norwalk, Ohio.
Milwaukee Methodist ministers passed
resolutions upholding the Oshkush divines
in their war on the charity ball.
Governor Upham was inaugurated at
Madison. Wis., many prominent Republi
cans witnessing the ceremony.
A receiver has been appointed for the
Jefferson Iron Works of Steubenville,
Ohio. Its indebtedness is .ISO.IMM.
Mrs. Clara Paanefl, of Clinton, Iowa,
kidnaped when a child by her father, was
reunited to her mother at Kockford, 111.
Four lives were lost by the sinking of
the pilot boat D. .1. Lawler No. 'A by a
fishing schooner iu the fog off Minot's
Hetty Green regaled the clerks at police
headquarters in New York with stories
of her career and her opinions on political
and other questional
Illinois River tish are dying by the ton
from gases formed under the ice from
sewerage and tar drained from the 1111-
II-is and Michigan Canal.
The agricultural department has so far
this year distributed 1,300,000 papers of
Vegetable seeds and there are G,Mo,i)00
papers yet to send out.
Omaha police have arrested three men
who are alleged to have robbed Sandow
and other hotel guests of several thou
sand dollars in money and jewelry.
Mi the pretense of examining the gas
meter a thief secured access to St
Joseph's Hospital at Omaha and robbed
Father taacher of fj(L2B0 in notes and
President Cleveland say the insinua
tion in the Senate debate that the visit of
Hawaiian royalists was connected with
the departure of American ships from
Honolulu is iihsurd.
A mob of hundreds of destitute men
nt St. John's. N. F.. looted a store of all
the provisions they could find. There is
j?reat Buffering in the city, attendant
Upon tin recent bank failures.
S. II. Hutchina, father of Miss Gertrude
HutchittS of Denver Colo., who married
Clarence Clarke, an adventurer, on
two days' acquaintance, has become in
sane through brooding over his daughter's
Over fifty boats were swept from their
moorings in the Mcaongahela River
ground Pittsburg by the flood. Several
barges, cadi loaded with $10,K worth
of coal. sank. Bottom lands around Etna
nnd Sharpsburg ail entirely submerged.
E. L. Colbuia, prominent in church and
business circles of Pine Bluff, Ark., was
publicly cowhided by May Huggard, the
Hi-year-old daughter of Mrs. May Hag
gard, a widow. Carroll Godfrey held a
shotgun at ColburnV head while the girl
cowhided him.
TemiMTance workers from many pahafci
Here present at the funeral of Mrs. Mary
T. Lathrop at Jackson, Mich.
Ralph W, Bond, aged 27 years, of
Philadelphia, was sent to the Philadel
phia Hospital for the Insane, suffering
from an attack of insanity brought about,
ir is stated, by excessive cigarette smok
ing. The contest bctWCCS Washburn and
Kelson for the Minnesota Nenntorship is
developing a great deal of bitter feeling.
The Sultan of Turkey is furious at ex
Premier Gladstone for his speech on the
Armenian on t ra
The Pennsylvania Railroad will pay
$2"J a ton for steel rads. This is the low
est ever paid.
A syndicate of New York and Boston
lumber dealers has purchased SljU.tKJO
acres of timber lands in Nova Scotia, in
cluding sixteen sawmills.
.Judge Parker, of the New York Su
preme Court, has decided that the rail
road commissioners can use railroad
passes issued by the Secretary of State
and that the new constitution does not
prohibit the Legislature from providing
that passes may be issued to State otliclals
when traveling on official business.
me of the new rules made by the Law
rence Scientific School faculty at Har
vard requires the young men students to
take a course of hygienic cooking. The
Boston Cooking School will initiate them
into the mysteries of kettle and dish pan,
nnd there h no end of feminine gloating
over the prospective fun. Arrangements
are being made to begin teaching the
Harvard men in the spring;
Stephen Rapere, the distinguished an
thor nnd engineer, is dangerously ill in the j
pauper ward of a St. Louis hospital
Commenting on the report that he is
going on the stage Frank .lames says l.e
has too much respect for himself and the
people to insult their intelligence by going
on the ItagS and playing the role of stage
Mrs. Catharine Nolan died in Litch
field, III.. Wednesday night, aged 112
j ears and i) days. She was born iu
Wleklow, I rein ml, December 23, lT'.rj,
seven years before Washington's in
angulation. Mary T. Lathn-p died at Jackson,
Mich.. Thursday morning, Sged oti years
and s months. She was prominent in
national temperance circles, and was in
fluential in establishing the Michigan re
form school for girls.
Six inmates of the Pittsburg (Kas.) jail
(the entire complement of prisoners) ca
mped Monday night by digging through
the outside walls of the corridor, passed
the night in drinking and carousing, Slid
returned to the jail nest morning to com
plete their sentences.
Supposed murderers of William II.
Price, a prominent citizen of Cleveland,
who was murdered three weeks ago. have
been arrested. They ere Charles P.
Benz, a coachman; Thomas Grant, a la
borer; .1. Johnson, a carpenter; and Hen
ry Gruninger, a small merchant.
William Powers, marshal of the town
of Gallup, N. M.. has disappeared. The
citizens believe that he is the victim of
foul play. His room indicates the pres
ence of intruders during, tin' night, and
the finding of his pistols, siar and hat on
the table in the room is taken as proof
that he has been murdered.
.lohn Creamer, of Sedalia. Mo., is a big
man with a small wife whom he loves
very much. At their home Tuesday night
he suddenly grasped her and gave her a
vigorous hug with his right arm. Mrs.
Creamer lost her breath and when she
managed to make an outcry she was as
sisted to bed. The family physician found
three of her right ribs had been broken.
Assistant Cashier Frank II. Sparks, of
the Cincinnati Postofiice, took $583 from
the cash drawer while ahme in the lunch
hour to make up a shortage of $12S,'. He
then streck himself on the head so ns to
cause an abrasion, lay on the floor to be
found apparently unconscious by the jan
itor, and then asserted he had been at
tacked ami robbed by tWO men. His
story was so faulty as to arouse the
suspicion of the police, and when closely
pressed Sparks admitted his ffuilt.
James M. Walker, of San Francisco,
formerly associated with Sdackay, Fair,
Flood and 'Prien in mining ventures, is
dead and will be buried soon after his ohl
partner, ex-Senator Fair. Unlike him.
however, he leaves no estate to contest,
Walker accumulated millions and went
to Philadelphia in 1872. lis lived lux
uriously and entertained lavishly. His
millions were soon lost in unfortunate
peculations in railroad stocks.
Within the last few days buyers of or
anges have been active iu San Bernar
dino, Cal., picking up choice lots at a'n
advantageous price. News of the disas
ter to the crop in Florida has resulted in
an advance from 50 cents a box. hereto
fore offered in the orchard, to $1 a hx.
The growers are much encouraged and
are now holding No. 1 seedlings and nave
at from $1.10 to UJ0 a box. J. K.Pace,
orange grower at Sanford, Fla., has as
signed for the benefit of his creditors, ilo
is said to have lost $.0.000 by the freeze.
By the explosion of a boiler in C. 1.
Wilson's sawmill at Metz, Mo., four men
were badly hurt, two of them probably
fatally. An explosion at the Mover Coke
plant at I'liiontown. Pa., resulted in the
injury of six men, four of whom will die.
Corning mill No. - of the Miami Powder
works, located live miles north of Xenia,
(Udo, exploded, completely demo Hani ng
the building and killing three men. Two
miners were at work in the colliery sit
Hazeiton, Pa., when the breast closed in
on them, crushing them almost beyond
recognition. Both men were married
and leUVS large families.
While trying to arrest two burglars,
who had just attempted to take a life,
Patrolman Edward Huddles, of Chicago,
was shot and instantly killed Thursday
night. The men accused of the crime are
Ed Bally and Joseph Carey, members of
the notorious gang that infests Market
street and the tough North Side district
known as "Little lit 11." If the policemen
who obey Inspector Schaack's orders
arry out the mandate issued by him as
sc 011 as he learned one of Iiis men had
been killed while in the performance of
his duty the murderers will be "brought
in" on a stretcher. Fifty officers were
detailed on this man-hunt and they prac
tically were told to kill on sight.
The ninth convocation of the Cniver
sity of Chicago t(Mk place Wednesday
night at the Auditorium. Those who
looked for a donation from Mr. Rocke
feller as a result of the recent conference
betWSOU the university's founder and its
chief executive were not disappointed.
Mr. Rockefeller's contribution is $17.",
000, to be devoted to the general expense
fund for the scholastic year beginning
July 1, IflOBb This gift, with the income
derived from other sources, provides the
university with $('00,(00 for the expendi
tures of the year beginning July 1, tODSk
Mrs. Caroline E. Haskell, of Chicago,
the donor of the Haskell Oriental Mu
seum and founder of the $20,000 lecture
ship on comparative religions, announces
a third donation of $20,000 for the found
ing of a second lectureship on the rela
tions of Christianity to other religions.
There was a wholesale hanging of
horsethieves in the Cheyenne and Am
pahoS country the other day. The s--t-tler
down there- have, ever since the
opening, been the victims of marauding
bands of horse ami tattle thieves, and,
finding the authorities too slow in bring
ing offenders to justice, several vigilan -e
committees were organized in different
parti of the country to take the law into
their own hands. Dorsethieves have
been particularly bold of late, and tk
Mirihiiites a few days ago started on the
trail of one band, followed it into ho
Pan-Handle of Texas and then back into
the Cheyenne country, overtaking it near
Cantonment. Here a battle followed, re
sulting in the wounding of George Gas
kill and Simeon Campbell, two of the vig
ilantes, and the capture of three of the
thieves. The latter were hanged witho.it
much demy, and their bodies were shot
to pieces and left hanging as a warning.
The Chicago Post s:iys: Corruption in
almost every form pervades the police
justice system of Chicago. The Justices
themselves may not he guilty of contam
inating their hands with base bribes, bar
the hangers on in these so-called courts
are usually men without principle, bent
only on getting hold of the money of the
unfortunate victims of police justices -is
they can seize by means fair or fool.
Nearly every station in which police court
is held has as vicious criminals prominent
in the proceedings as there are in the
cells. The special bailor who robs the
wretches who are arrested; the shyster
lawyer; the man with a pull, who ex
torts money from the criminals under a
specious promise of being aide to have
their punishment mitigated, and last and
most dangerous is the man who really
has a "pull." who can secure the suspen
sion of lines and who does so for a consid
( ratio 1 paid to him by the prisoner. The
figures takes from the records in the
offices of the city attorney, city prosecu
tor, comptroller and the various police
courts show the amazing disproportion
between the fines stayed and the fines
collected in police courts in the months of
October snd November. 1S'.4. Over $38,
000 fines were imposed, and hut $0,0 0
An Immense bed of lignite has been dis
eavered in llolptcs County. Mississippi.
The City National Bank of Birming
ham, Ala., has decided to go into liqui
dation. George Jordan. I negro, at Savannah,
Ca.. killed his 10-year-old son. sh it his
wife and daughter, and then himself.
Nelson Whits ker, the millionaire iron
manufacturer of Wheeling. W. Va.. has
announced his candidacy for the United
States Senate.
1311a Norwood, the young woman who
killed her 90-day infant by placing pins
in its mouth cud forcing it to swallow
them, will be hanged at Durham, N. C,
Feb, s.
The Alabama W. C. T. F. has passed a
resolution condemning Congressman
Breckinridge snd calling on Christian
men and women to boycott him and his
Two young negro hoys have confessed
to an attempt to wreck the Cotton Pelt
express Monday night at Bucna Vista,
Ark. Their only object was curiosity to
see a smash up.
At Kl Paso. Texas, more than $10,000
worth of dian onds and other jewelry w.is
taken from the store of Hickox & Nixon
Tuesday. Not a valuable stone or watch
was left in the house, but not a cheap
watch was disturbed.
Editor Moore, of the Blue Grass Blade,
was assaulted with a cane by John T.
Shelby, Breckinridge's law partner, at
Lexington. Shelby pulled out a bunch of
Moore.-, whiskers. The cauae of the trou
ble was an open letter from Moore to
Madeline Pollard inviting her to go on a
lecturing tour with hini.
On the heels of an attempt to rob the
Cotton Pelt express Monday night near
Boens Vista, Ark., an obstruction was
placed on the track near the same spot
Tuesday night, but was discovered. Two
negro boys. 12 ami 10 years ohl, have con
fessed. They wanted to see u train
The public debt increased $."1,320,775
(luring December.
Senator Allen of Nebraska, Populist,
made a two-hour speech in the Senate de
manding an investigation of the Senile
restaurant because of an item on the bill
of fare wherein S4 is charged for beef
steak and tru tiles.
An older has been issued extending the
civil service regulations to all superin
tendents of stations in the postoflices of
the United States. The order takes effect
immediately. There are 1-ti of those
David B. Hill crossed his legs comfort
ably beneath the hospitable mahogany of
G rover Cleveland Thursday night. What
brought it all about is more or less of ft
myst ry, but the fact remains at the first
state dinner of the season, given in honor
of the C; binet by the President of the
United States, the most observed of all
observers was the Senator from New
York, whose attitude toward the Presi
dent for the last two years has been a
household word from the Atlantic to the
Senator William P. Frye was renomi
nated at Augusta, Me.
In Georgia county elections the Popu
lists did not carry over fifteen counties out
of 150.
A caucus of Ma ssachusctts House Dem
ocrats has decided to nominate John E.
Russell, of Leicester, for the Senate.
Judge Nathan (JofT declares that he is
not a candidate for United States Senator
from West Virginia. This insures the
election of Steve Blkns.
The Joint caucus of the Republican
members of the Michigan Legislature up
on the short term United States Senator
ship took place in Representative Hall
Thursday night. Julius .Cesar Burrows,
the Kalamazoo Congressman, was chosen
on the second ballot, receiving 70 of the
181 votes, (Mils being second with 'A'2, and
Patton third with ÜÖ. On the first ballot
Burrows received 04, Olds IV2 and Pat
ton U.i.
General Pcixoto, ex-President of Bra
zil, is dead, according to a rumor from
Fire started in a French laundry in
Edgeware road, London, early Wednes
day morning und eight persons asleep in
the building were bunted to death.
The Mexican Government has made 1
formul nnd specific demand on Guate
mala indicating the amount of damages
indicted by invading (luateninlans. The
total indemnity asked is $l,S(W,.r44.
It is reported that the Governor of Bit
Iis, Taushiu Pasha, who commanded the
military operations in the Sassaun dis
trict, where so many outrages have been
reported, has been assassinated by an
Armenian, who committed suicide.
Official reports received at Vienna in
legnrd to the use of anti-toxine in the dis
tricts of Trieste and Csemowits show a
large decrease in mortality from diph
theria. The reports advise that the rem
edy be administered at the earliest possi
ble moment.
Convicted of disclosing important in
formation concerning the war department,
Capt W. Fred Dreyfus of the French
army was publicly degraded at Paris,
sentenced to deportation and imprison
ment in a fortress lor life. His epaulettes
were torn off by a non-commissioned
officer, his sword broken and thrown at
his feet, and, manaded, lie was led
around the public square. He attempted
many thnes to proclaim his innocence,
but each time he essayed to speak the roi'
ol drums drowned bis utterance.
Great suffering in Newfoundland has
bt en in a measure relieved by the adop
tion of a bill by the Legislature guaran
teeing the : ,tes of the Union and Com
nt rctal banks.
The most disastrous tire that has taken
place in Toronto, Out., in many years
broke out in the Globe Newspaper Pudd
ing early Sunday morning, and before it
could be got under control the Globe
b idding and half a dozen buildings ad
joining had been destroyed, causing a loss
aggregating sbout (1,000,000. In addi
tion one fireman lost his life, and several
other firemen were injured, some of them
possibly fatally.
A London dispatch says: It has now
luen ascertained that '.Yl'i fishermen be
longing to Hull. Grimsby and Yarmouth
were lost in the recent gale. The gales
caused immense damage on the Island of
Heligoland. Part of the town was wash
ed away. The Berlin Minister of Public
Works has gone to examine into the con
dition of affairs. Snowstorms prevail
throughout Europe. The heaviest fall has
been in Silesia, when' railway traffic is
partly suspended. In Italy there are high
walls of snow on each side of tin streets.
Many deaths from freezing are reported.
Troubles continue to heap upon the
whisky trust Answers from stockhold
ers on the organization scheme are not
coming in to suit the directors and word
was received Friday morning at Peoria
of the collapse of one of their outside
deals by which they lose over $0O.0X).
President Greenhut and some of his as
sociates invested S7Ö.O0O in an irrigating
canal scheme at Gila Bend, A. T., some
years ago. and have kept on sending good
money after bad. until their total invest
ment has reached $900,000. The property
was sohl out by the sheriff and all the
rights of the Peoria people were forfeited.
P. J. Dun & ("o.'s Weekly Review of
Trade says:
Failures for S'M are fully reported, be
ing lo.SNÖ in the United States and 1,850
iii the Dominion of Canada. Liabilities
in the United Stab s were SITü.WJ.söi;.
and in Canada $17,016,215. Neither the
decrease of over half in this country, nor
the increase of over JJ per cent, in Can
ada is surprising, but the statement shows
that most of the decrease in the United
States is in manufacturing liabilities,
while the entire increase in Canada is in
liabilities of trading concerns. A few
States, including New York and Pennsyl
vania, show more failures than in 1883,
and in a few Southern States the amount
of liabilities is larger, but in central and
WCStl rn States, very much smaller. The
fsilures have been 12.5 in every thousand
firms doing business; the liabilities have
averaged SI.'IL'.TT to each firm in trade,
and in proportion to the volume of solvent
business represented by all clearing house
exchanges, $7.k? for every $1,000. Tin
review places in a clear light the fact that
prices of commodities are at the lowest
level ever known.
Kirick Prot hers, commission dealers of
Buffalo, have issued their annual stock re
port, covering tin- States of Ohio, Indiana,
Illinois, and Michigan. The table givwi
shows the visible supply of stock in com
parison with last year. The percentage
on hogs is based on the supplies of last
year at this time. On sheep and lambs
the percentage is based on the stock on
hand Dee. 31, 1 v. U . The figures: Cattle
Ohio. W'l per cent, decrease; Indiana, 30
per cent, decrease: Illinois. 33 per cent, de
crease; .Michigan, per cent, decrease.
Hogs Ohio, 10 per cent, decrease; In
diana, unchanged; Illinois. IN) per cent,
decrease; Michigan, ö per cent, decrease.
Sheep and lambs Ohio, 52 per cent, de
crease; Indiana, 4'2 per cent, decrease;
Illinois. 45 per cent, decrease; Michigan,
-( per cent, decrease. There seems to be
a decided shortage in cattle in Illinois,
but two counties reporting more feeding
this year than at this time last year.
Hogs are reported generally unhealthy in
Southern Ohio and in a good many parts
of Illinois. Some sickness prevails in In
diana, but very little iu Michigan. Wheat
is being fed quite liberally; in some locali
ties the percentage runs as high as 75.
In Michigan particularly it is fed to a
large extent, ami the best results are re
Chicago Cattle, common to prime,
$3.750; hogs, shipping grades, $."!., r0
(VH.7Ö; sheep, fair to choice, (24;
wheat, No. U red, .r."V."Vle: corn. No. 2.
4445c; oats. No. 2 2829c; rye. No.
2, 4S51c; butter, choice creamery. '2lV.Jt
24V&C; eggs, fresh. l'.'.L'lc; potatoes, (al
lots, per bushel, 5u70c.
Indianapolis - Cattle, skipping, J.'
Bw50; hogs, choice light. $'.Vt 1.75; sheep,
common to prilne, $23.50; wheat. No.
2 red, 52(5 .":'(; corn. No. 1 white, 410
42c; oats. No. 'J white. 33333c.
St. Louis Cattle. &VH: hogs. .$.'174.75;
wheat, No. 2 red, 51(r52c; corn. No. ü,
442c; oats. No. 2, 3U(V31c; rye, No. 2,
Cincinnati Cattle. S&8Of$o.60; hoga.
ZMMaö; sheep, $1.254; wheat, No. 2,
r4ft.Vc; corn. No. 2 mixed, 42'' K$! - ,
oats. No. 2 tuixed, 32(iIWc; rye, No. 2,
T ut 5uc.
Detroit- Catll, $2.50JI.r.W: hogs, &
4.7Ö: sheep. $2."'..2r; wheat. No. 1 white,
f .Vdötic; corn, No. 2 yellow, -i'.VnA'.V c,
oats. No. 2 white, &UU4c; rye. No. 2.
Toledo Wheat, No. 2 red, Mtfö&KV
corn. No. 2 mixed, 4243c; onts, No. 2
white. 3233c; rye. No. 2. 5153c.
Buffalo Cattle. (2.0065.50: hogs. $Vi
5, sheep, S28.60; wheat. No. 2 red.
57 38c; com, No. 2 yellow, 4047e;
osi 1 s. No. 2 white. 353Ic.
Milwaukee -Wheat. No. 2 spring, öbd
Imc; corn. No. 3, 4,'56i44c; oats, No. 2,
white. 31j32c; barley. No. 2. r:y.".c;
rje. No. 1, 49051c; pork, mess, $ll.,ri0
New York -Cattle, Hr,ii; hogs. $.,.;0(o?
5.25, sheep. $24; wheat, No. 2 red, tj2(&
OoV; corn, No. 2. rUrö2e; oats, white
Western. ÖSf(42e: butter, creamery L2(flö
, 90e; eggs, Western, 24f25c.
One Hundred Lives Lost in Hrazil
Snow Slides liiubarrass Mountain
Roads-Actors Want to Vote- While
En Route.
Rivers at Flood Height,
Towns along the Ohio and the Eastern
water courses, especially Pittsburg, were
given a scare Monday; but the vort. it
is thought, is past. Heavy rains for forty-eight
hours swelled the sCoaottgalM ! 1
and Alleghtny Hirers to Hood heihr.
This is about eight feet less than the last
Hood four years SgO. Over fifty boats
were swept from their SJOoringS along
the afonongahela River. A number of.
barges loaded with coal and worth 1'.
000 each said;. Maivy mills had to ctosd
on account of the water setting into the
fly wheel pits. An&Ottg them were the
converting ami the ol ö:?. .T and 4o inch
mills of the Carnegie Steel Company at
Homestead. They were compelled to
Stand idle just as the Strike collapsed.
The Carrie furnace, the Pittsburg sriro
works, and the Braddock wire works at
Braddock were also compelled to dose.
Terrible Accident in Rio.
A terrible accident, resulting in the loss
of lit) lives, has occurred in the bay at 1
Rio Janeiro. The boilers of the steamer
Tort Xiehtheroy. which had a large BUBS- .
ler of excursionists on board, exploded
and the shock drove the red-hot coals Li
the furnaces in every dire tion. The
steamer caught tire and a greaf numb r
of those su board lumped overboard to
escape the names. Altogether 120 per
sons were drowned.
Heavy rains anil dissolved snow have
started floods in the Ohio River.
John ESdridge, brother of s wealthy Chi
cago man, was killed for $23 nt lb nver.
Fire originating in the Eagle Hour mills
destroyed the business iw.rtioii of Hamlin,
W. Vs.
Louis Galloway and wife, who lived
near Edwards. Miss., were murdered by
unknown thieves.
An agent of a gang of New York coun
terfeiters was captured by a deputy Mar
shal at Torrent, Tenu.
General II. B. DeBray, who command
ed a brigade in the Confederate army,
tied at Austin. Texan.
Adelia Phelps, Syracuse, N. Y.. is bus
pected by a coroner's jury of killing Icr
husband by ixjisoiiing him.
General Philip Sidney Post, member oi
Congress from the Tenth Illinois District,
died suddenly in Washington.
AY. C. MacCane, a rich mine-owner of
Denver. Colo., atompted to kill himself
at Norristown. Pa. lie may die.
Eire near Baltimore, which destroyed a
Standard Oil plant, acid and fertilizer
work, canted a loss of $2O.n)0.
Kidnapers of little Ray Wickham. of
Thorutown, Ind.. who were surrounded
in t!u' Woods, eluded their pursuers.
Philip Weinburg, a rich hermit, who
carried heavy life insurance, was found
dead in the river nt Little Rock. Ark.
Mrs. William Flint, of Ftic.-i. N. Y.. shot
her husband and his mother because of
the hitter's interference in her affairs.
In a lecture in New York Felix Adler
Scored Trinity Church because of the un
sanitary state of its tenement houses.
Mrs. Mary A. I.ivcrmore. the woman
suffragist and temperance advocate, will
shortly retire from the lecture platform.
Secretary HcBryde lias made a flnal ap
peal to the Coal operators' Association bo
arbitrate the troubles iu the Pittsburg dis
trict. niaba police have captured three mem
bers of a hand of thieves who have been
doing wholesale stealing at prominent
Western hotels.
SnoW8Üdes covering five miles west of
Look Haven, on the Philodelph is ami
Erie Railroad, blocked trafhe. A freight
train east bound was submerged by au
avalanche between Ritchie and Hyner.
lira. W. EL Bannister, of lYurytown,
whose husband was, until last summer,
law partner f Senator Lcxipw, has eloped
with a haekman, taking her child with
her. Friends say the couple have gone to
Bismarck, N. D.
The San Francisco Morning Call, one
of the oldest newspapers on the Padnc
coast, was sold at auction by United
States Commissioner Heecock to Charles
M. Short ridge, proprietor of the Saa
Jose Mercury, fur $300,000.
The Actors Protective Union of Boston
is considering a plan for securing for the
.-., (HHi actors in this country an amend
ment to the national election laws where
by they will be allowed to vote in the place
where their profession may call them on
led ion day.
The residence nf William Weoifbik,
Sear Marengo, Ind.. was destroyed by
lire, he and his wife having barely time
to escape in their night clothes. They
credit their escape to the Intelligence f
a large cat. which awakened them by
ear-piercing cries and Hawing at Mr.
Wool folk's whiakers.
The Humane Society at Cincinnati,
obio, received a Imx from Bwtglar James
Anderson, now sen im: a long term at the
Columbus penitentiary. It contained a
lot of loya made by the burglar for his
children, who are under the supervision
of the society. Anderson is the crook
whose escape from the Cincinnati jail
caused a great i!iticni scandal three
reads ago. His recapture was lue to his
love for his children, from whom he
Could not stay a wa. .
S. I Bwaim shot and killed Widow
Cooper and her daughter at the McDnnh I
farm, twelve miles from Newport. Ark.
Bwaim surrendered himself.
Maud Pries, el alillrille, N. .1.. 14 years
ohl. had a large shawl-pin in her BJOUth
11 nd w hen sb laughed it slipped down her
throat. She is in Philadelphia and sur
geons are trying to remove it.
Hand Williams, aged W years, was at
tacked by two dogs at Allegheny, Pa., aud
so Sadly injured that she mav die.
The late .John Walter, proprietor of the
l-ondou Times, left a neraottal estate of
t&t."?. lill of which gtcs to his children.
(J. M. Acwe. a WSSilthj plnuter of
Henott. Mss., accidentally shot and killed
himself at Memphis while cleauing a pis
tol. fW ,1s m Stuart has retired from the
Richard Maiwdiwkl Com puny. It i wiid
that she it U nuirry Cieucral Auer, tha
AüIwuuImw aiUliouairtf.
.Military Academy Appropriation Hill
Passed- House Sharply Stirred Up
by Ielate on IVmliiiu: Currency Hill
Mr. Hendrix Opens tlu- I-'iuht.
At the National Capital.
The Hawaiian SSSBSthsn v. as SgSSU
brought before the public in the Senate
Friday by the dlscUSaioU of tW resolu
tion introduced by Mr. Idge, f IISSSM
chusettS, calling on the S- : tary of the
Navy for information as to why the
United States battleships had been with
drawn from Hawaiian waters, The do
bate, which was interesting throughotr.
consunu-d the BSWatST part of the mor.i
hsfj hour and at its close the teantuthua
took its place on tha calendar aud can
now l.e taken up only by unanimous eon
sent. The debate was list nsd to attSUk
tively by Senators and visitors in the gal
leries. The general dcoatt on the cur
rency bill consumed the time of the
House. The feature of the day's debate
Was the speech made in opposition to the
Bsee sure by Representative Ilemlrix. a
New York banker. The situation that
confronted the treasury and the country,
he said, had not come suddenly Spaa us
uor without ample wnrnint:. A aUnnsca
sinister of France hail once rsUSSrhSSl
sarcastically that Ckfi WSS g 1 t
drunken people, little children ami the
people of the United Stales. Was the
United States to g. ..ut of the business
of furnishing currency for the country as
a bank issue) Mr. Ilemlrix askd. If
net. what was it going to do in order t
read the financial bad hinds? Were the
people transgressing every iaw of finance ,
defying The world, and continue to SS
what every other nation had failed to do?
To illustrate the result of the present
system. Mr. Hendrix pointed to the lare
Secessions at gold mad" by the Rank of
Prance ami the Bank of England at aw
expense. The former yesterday held
24)00,000,000 g'dd francs, the latter CS1,
UU0t000 in gold. The capital and the
gold bullion of the world was resting in
these great pools, waiting to see wh-it
this country weeds! la; whether it would
because a bankrupt unable to meet Us
obligations. Mr. Hendrix depicted
graphically the present anomalous situa
tion, the credit of the United States ex
cellent, money idle, the banks full, enter
prise at the lowest ebb. men living fr.cn
hand to mouth and the treasury fighting
to keep its head above water. He de
scribe at some length the process by
which the gold was withdrawn by specu
lators for shsjasirat abroad, and then pro
ceeded to contrast this with the situation
in Franco, where the Rank of France re
fused to pay except where actually nsOOS
ary, Sters than Ö per cent, of gold on its
demand obligations. These aggressions
on our gold reserve must he stopped, and
if the pending bill would stop them, af
ford relief, take the Government out of
the banking business as it had been taken
on of the silver business, he would vote
for it. Mr. Hepburn, formerly solictor
of the treasury, brielly replied to Mr.
Hendrix, whom he described as a self
heralded national banker who came with
oracular utterances to tell the Hon SB
what to do. Mr. Hepburn said his elf
laudatiuti was impaired by the molh -tion
of his speech sixteen months airo,
when the same conditions existed. Mr.
Hendrix then found the panacea for all
financial ills in the repeal of tin- Sherman
silver law. Mr. Hepburn declare! that
Mr. Hendrix had painted out unwittingly
the remedy for the present evil when he
told the House that the great banking
houses of Eurojkc exercised their discre
tion shout depleting their jrold vaults.
Why will not the Secretary sf the Treas
ury exercise the same discretion? he
asked, amid a round of applause. The
exercise of this discretion did sag impair
the credit of European banks. Who dared
to say that the credit of this eountrv.
with 63,000,000 of ieoplc behind it and
an unlimib'd tuxhsg power, would be iui
BSUawd lancuuns it refused to kneel at the
detimnds of the shylocks?
In the House Saturday Congressman
Cockran made a. vigorous sikh-cIi against
(lie currency bill. He sdvo ated the
Baltimore plan. He was ssemseed by
Mr. Lacey of Iowa. Mr. Bfcsssj of M.;
souri. and Mr Punut of Colorado, whi'.e
Mr. Boatner of LsusSlans and Mr. Cnteh
iuga of Mississippi exhorted their party
to unite in support of the measure.
In the Senate Monday Mr. Ransom wan
elected President pro tem. and Mr.
Mitchell replied to Mr. fundi ciiliiisma
nf the Kiearagns Cnnal bill. Roth House
and Senate adopted resolutions of re
spect to the memory of Cental Post and
appointed committer's to seort the remains
to laleshurg. Rh The House ordered in
vestigatioa of charges that fudge) Ricks
prostituted Ids office to further a con
spiracy by Thick S. .!. Ritehie was robb !
f.f f&flQOjQOa. The caucus of Bauen
Democrats indorsed the substitute for
the Carlisle currency bill by a vote of M
to .V. after a spirited debate. The bill in
tended to take the distribution of seeds
out of the hands of 'onirrossnien has been
pSS SSI rod by Secretary Morton. At au in
formal seating of tlte Republican steer
ing rammitttse it was asjsedl there should
be no tariff legislation at this session.
Representative Sibley made an attack
on the President in a spMeh in the laueJSS
Tuesday in spnoaitlosj to the currency
bill. D seussion of Mr. Lsagl ll.swni a 1
resolution was continued in the Senate.
Messrs. Palmer and tlray opmsing its
adoption. The House Committee on
Rules ngrHd to rejHirt a resolution pro
viding for a vote on the currency bill.
"Ceiieral" .la cob S. Coxey explained hin
lion-interest lenring bond plan to the
House Ways and Menus Committee. The
Beamte Committee on Appropriations or
aVared favorable reMrts on the army ami
urgent deficiency bills.
In 18M lUUpoWiksr sob for 14 per
Mar.. . Qusjssj of Scots, sjbsg pnid $2,
000 fo; a dross.
A hunting born cost in Spain in 1Ö2T
a little over "Ze.
During the gold fever iu California
the price of bonrS was from lo 10 a
day in San Fratu isco.
A Countess of Anjou in the twelfth
century gave HM sheep for a copy of a
favorile set of sermons.
The sum of .S..U for j. pair of boots
was deenuHl reasonable during the last
days of tlie con! dot a .
A snit of chain mail, such as was used
about the time of William the Con
queror, of tau cost $!.(.

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