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(EI?e Jnbcpenöcnt
A. R. ZIMMERMAN, PuMishcr.
!N Aa.
Whisky Trust Surrcptitiour.ly Placed
in Beccivers 1 1 amis Brit ich View
of Situations in France and Amer
ica In Death They Were Not Partetl.
Too Atrocloiis to I'ublish.
Th- Westmiiist; r, Bug.. Ja.i'itt- claims
to have authority for the statement that
the Karl of Kimberly. Secretary of State
for Foreign Affairs, will not issue the con
sular report.; received from Armenia, be
cause they confirm the previously receiv
ed stories of massacre ai;l outrage. Lord
Kimberly has written a letter to the Ar
menian association in which lie states
that none of the lifty-cight Armenians
who were condemned hy the tribunal at
Frziughain in Xovei.il r last, ami whose
t-enteiices were reütlv confirmed by the
court of cassation, were condemned to
Snap Judgment Taken.
With notice to a favored few only the
appointment of Joseph I. (irceiihut. of
Peoria, and E. F. Lawrence, of Chicago,
as receivers of the Distilling and Catlh
f ceding Company, was secured in the Uni
ted States Court on Monday evening.
This order of court was made in a chan
cery suit nominally commenced by dis
satisfied stockholders. Persons who are
familiar with the methods of the present
trust management se in this suit but
another move in the game these ollicials
have been playing. It is curious to note
that out of the total of .'.."ooo-) shares of
the company only l.Too are represented
by the complainants in the suit. Since
the formation of the stockholders" com
mittee in New Yolk President iJreonhut
and his aids have sect that their term of
control would not last beyond Jin annual
meeting in April. Thin would come in
vestigation of methods and management,
wit It what result is b-t known to those
familiar with the inside workings of the
trust. To get into court under the shelter
of a friendly receivership was of course
desirable. This has now been accom
plished in the most adroit manner, but
whether it will stick or not is quite an
other affair.
Nations Hurt by Fact ions.
The London (Jlobe, in an article sum
min;; up the situation in France and
America, says the grave troubles of the
two greatest republics in the world are an
object lesson to England. Both repub
lics, the (Hohe says, are suffering from
the splitting up of their iolitieal parties
into factious.
John II. Sullivan, If, years old. shot
rnd killed William Flynn, a miner, aged
2o, on the street in Lcalville, Colo.
Flynn was accused of enticing his sister
from home.
W. II. (Jreenloaf, route agent for the
Pacific Express Company, says the total
amount of money secured by the men w ho
robbed a Cotton Belt train near McNeill,
Ark., was less than 125.
Obituary: At New York, Frank Van
sant. the cartoonist, 24. At Atlanta. Ca..
Tudge John Erskine, 82. At Jackson
ville. 111., Lewis Liter, Uft. At Dixon,
111., Mrs. Elizabeth Dixon, 7:5.
Mrs. (loedeke, formerly Miss (Jeorgia
Clcis. known as "Indiana's ueen of
Song," has just been released from pris
on at Bernais, France, having been ac
quitted of burning her husband's factory.
(Jov. Altgeld issued a requisition upon
the (fovrrnor of Kansas for the extradi
tin of Katie Dugan and Jesse Hamner,
wanted at Liincoln, Ixigan County, for
conspiracy and under arrest at Bourbon
County, Kansas.
The Bev. B. F. Bolton, of Findlay,
Ohio, for man) years minister of the
''hureh of Cod denomination, was arrest
ed on an indictment for forgery, charged
with signing the names of his wife and
rich mother-in-law.
A gasoline explosion in the American
Hotel kitchen started a lire which de
stroyed the business portion of Elmore,
Ohio. Two girls employed in the hotel
jumped from a second-story window and
were fatally injured.
The Citizens Committee at San Fran
cisco will ineororate the San Joa
quin Valley Bailway Company with a
capital of $;,(Kio,nuo. An individual sub
scription of JtCOO.OOO was received, it is
supiHjscd from ('laus Speckels.
Mechanics Institute, at Montreal, con
taining the valuable public library, was
damaged by tire to the extent of JjvVO.OoO.
Thousands of volumes, priceless on ac
count of their antiquity nnd historical in
terest, were consumed in the Unities.
Sunday night Patrick Donnelly of To
ledo, Ohio, died at the age of I'll years.
Monday night his wife died at the age of
102. They were undoubtedly the oldest
couple in the Unitd States and had been
married eighty-one years. The funeral
of both was laid at the Church of the
Immaculate Conception.
The Business Men's Committee at Oma
ha, which secured the State Fair for the
city, backed by the City Council and Po
lice Commissioners, have decided that
"Omaha must and shall run wide open.''
This means open gambling houses, pool
rooms and similar places under police sur
veillance. The will of the late ex-Semtor James
Ci. Fair has been stolen front the otlice of
the County Clerk of San Francisco, a
lot of worthless paper being substituted.
No trace of the missing testament has
been discovered. The 'affair has caused a
great sensation, over $20,000,000 being
at stake.
(Jalveston, Tex., suffered from a storm
of great velocity. In the harbor several
small vessels were swamped and two per
sons drowned.
A plan is being agitated among Maine
legislators to purchase the old home
stead of James (J. Blaine in Augusta, (o
be used us a Blaine memorial building
und executive residence.
The Pope's encyclical got through the
custom house on t'.M- payment of $1.27, as
prin tel matter. It was appraised at $5.
Bob Fitzsimnions, the pugilist, at Syra
cuse, pleaded not guilty of manslaughter
and was released on $10,000 bail.
Three persons were burned to death in
a lire at Brooklyn. The victims were:
Antonio draff, Frank McSorley and Tony
Albert d. Davis, wanted in Chicago for
the embezzlement of Jjs,,K0 in IM- from
the Hibbard-Spencer-Bartlett Company,
was arrested in Boston, Mass.
The lower house of the Indiana Legis
lature adopted a resolution favoring the
annexation of Hawaii and defeated the
bill to place Uags on all the schoolhotises
of the State.
Judg? dnynor granted an order on the
Brooklyn Heights Trolley Company, of
Brooklyn, to show cause why a writ of
mandamus should not issue against it o
compel it to operate its lines.
The combined wealth of Mrs. William
and John Jacob Aslor has been placed at
the dispoiil of Mrs. J. Coleman Irat:i
to contest the suit for divorce brought by
her husband several months ago.
A strange atllietion befell Anna drafton
nt Crab Tree. Pa. She was about to light
a lamp, and win n she struck a match her
eyesight left her, and now she is stone
blind. Physicians who have been called
cannot account for the cause.
The Bev. J. L. Brant, of Toledo. Ohio,
has assumed the role of a Parkhurst in
attacking the police force front his pulpit.
The Chief started o-.it to chastise tlr
minister, but was dissuaded by his
friends. An investigation is promised.
At Middleburg, Pa., two members of a
sleighing party were instantly killed and
five others badly injured by being struck
by a train on the Pennsylvania Bond.
The party were returning from a ride to
Sunbury, and the noise made by the sleigh
bills prevented their hearing the train.
The shore of the lake near Center Har
bor, N. IL, was visited by a cyclone
which caused a great amount of damage
to the timber, farm buildings and summer
cottages. The path of the gale was nearly
200 feet wide. Many farm buildings
were unroofed nnd several barns were
demolished and the stuik in them was
At the beginning of the war Oliver
Lower, of De Kalb. St. Lawrence County,
N. . enlisted at Potsdam in the Ninety
Second Kegiment and went to the front,
leaving a wife and live children. At the
lose of the war he went to Washington
Territory. His wife, not hearing from
him and supposing him to be dead, at the
expiration of ten yens was married to
Charles Santius, a Union veteran, with
whom she has since lived and had live
children. Friday night Lower arrived at
his old home. lie did. not visit his wife,
but left for De Kalb, thinking to find his
children there. Some of his children,
however, are dead. Those living are sup
posed to be in Ohio.
May wheat got below ÖT cents in Chi
cago on Tuesday, the lowest point on the
crop and the lowest price for the future
ever reached.
Clarence Schräder and dus Cash, of
Marshall, Mo., each aged fourteen years,
while attempting to cross Heath's Creek,
were drowned.
The School Board of St. Joseph. Mo.,
has voted unanimously to expel any pupil
using cigarettes, whether on or off the
school grounds.
Mrs. Bessie Webb Loughbridgo. wife of
Professor It, II. Loughbridge, of the Uni
versity of California, committed suicide
by drinking carbolic acid at Berkeley,
Cal. Ill-health was the cause.
The national convention of manufactur
ers at Cincinnati elected these olücers:
President, Thomas Dolan, of Philadel
phia; Secretary, S. II. Wilsa::, of Cincin
nati; Treasurer, Robert Laidlow, of Cin
cinnati, and Vice Presidents from nearly
all the States.
Peter Kulm, a Defiance (Ohio) lumber
dealer, assigned to B. F. Enos, turning
over to his creditors all of the property he
had been a lifetime in accumulating,
amounting to more than $100.000. The
heaviest creditors of Mr. Kuhn are the
Middletown Pump Company and the
First National Bank.
The Hazel mine slope, the deepest in
tl. Lehigh region, is on tire. The steam
pipes have been broken off half way down
the mine and the pumps can not be work
ed to light the Harnes. The tire has climb
ed to the slope mouth and tin? tower of
the breaker is burning. The colliery is
the property of the Lehigh Valley Coal
Com pa 113'.
In spite of the fact that Bill Cook and
most of the other bandits of the South
west have been gathered in by the au
thorities, the Pacific and Wclls-Fargo
Express Companies have not resumed
the carrying of money packages into the
Indian Territory. They say Cherokee
Bill and Jim French and a few other
choice spirits are still at large, and they
can easily get together a sullicient follow
ing to hold up all the trains that will be
run through the Territory for some time.
Chicago enjoyed the distinction Sun
day and Sunday night of being the coldest
place in the United States. At r:.lO a.
m., the mercury recorded nine degrees be
low zero. At If a. in., it was eight below,
and from then until 0 in the evening it
grew gradually warmer, until only one
degree below was shown. Then' the tern
p rature began rgain to fall, and not un
til Monday morning did it get warmer
than (I degrees below" zero. Monday the
cold was intense, not once mounting
above zero. Beports from all over the
country are that a thick covering of snow
protects wheat. So far it is believed fruit
trees are unhurt.
Wreckage, identified as belonging to the
missing (Jraliam & Morton propeller Chi
cora, was discovered in the ice off South
Haven, Mich., Wednesday, proving with
out a question that the famous passenger
boat, .once the pride of Lake Michigan,
l as gone to the bottom. This settles the
awful doubt that has been hanging over
the fate of the vessel since she was first
reported lost Monday afternoon. By the
sinking of the Chicora twenty-six lives
were undoubtedly lost. It would have
been imjiossible for them to have kept a
small boat afloat in the gale, and had they
succeeded in doing this the exposure to
icy air nnd water would have killed them
in less than twenty-four hours. The Chi
cora carried, including Captain Stines, a
crew of twenty-five, nnd there is said to
have been one passenger,. Mr. Pearl, of the
drug firm of Howard & Pearl, St. Joseph.
Chicago went to sleep Friday night
many hours earlier than usual under a
blanket of snow which refused to remain
ttationnry, except in sjiots, for more than
twenty minutes at a time. A shrieking
forty-mile an hour gnle blew "the beau
tiful" from sky to earth, half way back
again, and in more directions than the
average compass bin' ixrints. And when
the kqow did settle down it settled for
keeps settled into drifts as solid aa lr
packed by strong-armed laborers. Trans
portation companies waged the same old
battle for supremacy. Down-town they
managed to keep things moving, but in
the suburbs it was another story. All
schedules and time tables were lost as
eftectually as the rights of way. and ears
only jogged along at irregular intervals
by grace of the snow-plows and through
the efforts of front four to six horses.
Electric lines suffered principally through
the coating of the trolley wires with ice.
Hardly a passenger train reached its de
pot on time and the delay ranged from one
to five hours. Outgoing trains got away,
but all ran slowly. Communication with
the West wa.s badly broken, hut enough
was learned Saturday morning to tell
that the West had experienced the worst
blizzard known for years.
When the Chicora went out of St.
Joseph oil its last trip there was a dug
aboard. Sunday the dog wa.s talevi inio
Benton Harbor alive. Tuesday night the
dog was heard whining at the door of
Solon Culler, who conducts the read
hous at Pottowatamie Park. It is a
snuiT-coloreil skye terrier. It was cov
ered with ice. Cutler took compassion
on the little animal and thawed the ice
off it and rubbed it with va-eline. think
ing its hide had been frozen by I he ice.
Mr. Cutbr connected the vi-it of the
strange dog which had evidently just
come out oi the cold water with the
loss of the Chicora., and took it to the
city. The dog was immediately recog
nized by the stevedores; who work on the
(Italian) docks and by the crew of th;
Petokey as the animal that was aboard
the Chicora when it left. The dog has
been a tramp pas.-enger on the draham &
Morion Transpi etat ion Company's boat
for several months. It has been divid
ing its time between the Chicora and the
Petoskey this winter. Since the log be
came a passenger on these boats it has
never missed, a trip, taking the first boat
to leave. The return of the animal indi
cates the Chicora was within a half-mile
of the cast shore Tuesday evening, the
second, night out. The dog. is believed,
could not swim more than one-quart' r
mile. The place where the dog came
ashore, Pol towatamie Park, is eight
miles north of Benton Harbor, a lakeside
summer resort. Many are Inclined to
think the vessel must have sunk i.ol far
from that point.
The international folk-lore congress met
at Memphis. All the papers were read
by women.
Another murder is charged to the New
Oilcans mafia. The victim was Tony
Chisesi, lately front Chicago.
.lames Koaeh and Kichard Forma were
arrested at Mount Sterling. Ivy., charged
with aiding in the lynching of Thomas
Two masked men held up a train on the
Cotton Belt Line near McNeil. Ark., in
the regulation style. They are loported
to have got Js'JÖ.OOO front tin; express car.
The Norton iron works at Ashland,
Ky., announced a 20 per cent, cut in
wage:? of all tonn.ige-meii. It will be ac
cepted w ithout opposition and work will be
resumed at once.
A sensation has been created at Hunt
ington. W. Va.. by the announcement
that prisoners sent to jail tin re to serve
out sentences for 'nioonshining" are giv
en excellent accommodations in the way
of jobs outside the prison and the dovern
ment is obliged to pay the jailer for keep
ing them. A United States official is in
vestigating the matter.
A bold robbery of the railway and ex
press otlice at Sugarland, Texas, has
roused the town. A band of masked men
rode to the otiice and demanded of Agent
.Adams the safe's contents. After a se
vere beating Adams opened the safe and
the robbers took S LÖ00 in cash. A num
ber of citizens undertook to intercept the
robbers. A sharp battle took place, but
the highwaymen escaped to the Brazos
swamps. A poss started in purst: it, and
returned with four men under arrest
Crane. Thompson, Denton and Flowers.
The posse is still scouring the country for
The Secretary of the Treasury has au
tbciied the sale of gold bars for export
on payment of a premium of 's of 1 per
cent, to cover the cost of manufacture
and transportation, and Friday morning
1 ,(0itMK was taken on these terms.
There was alo withdrawn $i,SlXMH) in
coin and JjSM).m' additional was engag
ed for ixport Saturday, making the total
,s.".i;(u).K)). This leaves the gold reserve
JsoS.trj-l.-PJS and the amount of gold coin
on hand, above th amount of outstand
ing gold certificate;., J 10.01 LV2.N). The
i tnnsnrv oilicinls. however, do not reirard
! the amount of e. in on hand received on de-
liitvlt fill rikljl 'orlilii.otn i j iw..t. 1 io
their redemption, but will continue to pay
out gold coin in demand for legal tend
ers. It is deemed amply sufiieient that
there is enough gold in either coin or bars
to meet the demand on gold certificates.
While tlte situation is regarded as a very
trying one, there is no thought of Any
thing so serious a.s to involve the credit of
the government.
An order received at Vallejo, Cal.. from
the Department at, Washington has put
the naval ollieers and men. and all others
to whom the news has been made known,
in pleasurable excitement, and their ac
tivity is as great as if u declaration of
war had come to their knowledge. The
order is for the immediate preparation of
the cruisers Banger and Alert for n sea
voyage. The same order extends to the
cruiser Boston. The work of coaling and
provisioning th? warships is being pushed
as rapidly ns possible, ami the equipments
put into perfect condition and with the
utmost care. It is thought that the des
tination of the vessels is Honolulu. The
reason for the belief is the report thit
(rent Britain is determined to make an
imposing show of naval strength in Ha
waiian waters consequent upon the ar
rest of certain British subjects caught
reibhandiil in the recent revolt against
the republic of Hawaii. The -United
States, it is thought, does not, under the
circumstances, care to have the warship
Philadelphia, already on the way, tho
only representative of the American navy
present when Fngland's licet of gun
boats drops anchor in the harbor of Hono
l'esubntission was carried in the South
Dakota Senate by a vote of 1I(S to 11). It
had previously passed the house.
Both bouses of the Illinois Legisla
ture balloted for Senator, the Bepublicaus
voting for Culloni and the Democrats for
MacVeagh. Culloni won.
Senator Dolph failed of re-election in
the joint session of the Oregon Legisla-
ti re, losing four votes from the ballots in
separate sessions of the two houses.
Lucien Baker w as elected Senator from
Kansas, deorge E. Perkins was re-eb'cted
in California, and in Wyoming Francis
E. Warren and Clarence D. Clark were
Knute Ne!r:. three times a member of
the national House of Bepresentatives
and twite chosen dovornur of Minnesota,
was Wednesday elected United States
Senator for the term beginning March 1,
IS',).-,. The vote stood: Nelson. 1-J; Wash
burn, öd; I)e;:r.el;-. Comstock, 1;
Mitchell, -1; Mct'Ieary. '2; Lind, 1.
A resolution out of the ordinary was
introduced in the lower house of the Ne
braska Legislaiure. It recited that lb p
reseutative Ulbert son. of Holt County,
was charged with being a member of the
vigilance organization at O'Neill, four
members of which are under arrest for
the lynching of Barrett Scott, and asked
for the appointment of a committee of
i five to investigate.
lhe resolution w:is
adopted. This is the outcome of a meet
ing held at O'Neill, when til'ty constitu
ents of Mr. Bobertsou adopted resolutions
denouncing his attitude in the Barrett
Scott case, and demanding that he ten
der his lesi,' nation.
The output of iron ore f.r the Ccrman
Fmpire during the year 1V!1 was ö.r.'..
.".'"J tons, an increase of ';, 174 tons over
the output of ls::i.
The Jo ernme'.it barge Petrel. loaded
with gunpowder, shot and shell, exploded
at (Iravesend. Kngland. No trace of her
crew has been found..
A royalist plot to blow up the govern
ment buildings, with President Dole, the
council and troops, with dynamite has
been discovered at Honolulu.
A royalist plot to blow up the govern
ment buildings, with President Dole, the
council and troops, with dynamite, has
been discovered at Honolulu.
Edward Solomon, the well-known com
poser of operas, and at one time the hus
band of Lillian Bussell, tin4 comic opera,
singer, died in London of typhoid lever.
The Berlin VoIksMatt has been confis
cated for publishing an article entitled
"Ode to A gam." which wa.s reg tided as
a parody on Bmpcror William's "Song to
Lord Baudoiph Churchill died at Lon
don a little after midnight Wednesday.
The family desires to deny the report
that extra doctors had been summoned
to attend Lady Uando'ph ChurchiL!.
Cuaiemala dispatch: Sonor de Leon,
the special envoy xul to Mexico to ne
gotiate an adjustment of the dilliculties
over the boundary line between the two
countries, telegraphs that Mexico is mak
ing active preparations for war. Fpon re
ceipt of this news the tluatemalan Cov
ernment wired to Seiior de Leon author
izing him to make concessions if üo
further delay can be obtained.
A dispatch from Che-Foo says that
sailors from all the foreign warships have
been landed to protect the consulates of
the different countries they represent.
Advices to the Pall Mall Caxette report
that a panic existed there among the in
habitants of Che-Foo on account of the
proximity of the Japanese soldiers to that
city, and the Chinese troops were said to
be upon the point of mutiny.
The Paris correspondent of the London
Times mites the extreme danger of
the it;. id increase of radical power in the
Fiench Parliament. During seven
months the radicals have gained a hun
dred votes, and now need only eighty
live to command a majority in the Senate
anil twenty-three to command a majority
in the Chamber of Deputies. Such a
majority would mean a collection of revo
lutionary measures, such as the abolition
of the Semite and the Presidency, an in
quisitorial income tax, and a confiscating
separation of church and state which
would be fatal to any country, especially
when taken in connection with a licen
tious press and the so-called democrat
ized, which means insubordinate, army.
Hugh Craig, manager of the New Zea
land Irsuraüce Company, says he has
offers from would-be bidders who will lay
a cable between Honolulu and Monterey,
Cal., if an American concession can be
Tite war against the Standard Oil Com
pany is on in enrmst. The company
which was projected at the Butler, Pa.,
meeting of independent oil producers has
taken decided shape and will be formed
nnd under charter within a month, a cord
ing to the statement of David B. Kirk, of
Pittsburg, who was one of the vice presi
dents of the meeting. He says: "The
company will embrace ;!! inde'iendenl
producers and refiners in the United
States. We wiil have a capital of $ 1 . K ; ,
W to start with, and can get .s.", M H U 0
when it is needed. The company will be
called the Pure Oil Company of Pennsyl
vania, and we will erect a plant in every
city in the United States where the Stan
dard has one. We w ill handle only pure
Chicago Cattle, common to prime.
',.71&.7t; hogs, shipping grades, $o.00
(0A.7A); sheep, fair to choice, ij.O'V? 7 . IT,;
wheat. No. 'Z red. .V'.ilc: corn. No. Ü,
A'Mi b'i'.jc; oats. No. L üSCJiic; rye, No.
2, .!' 02c; butter, choice creamery, 2o'u
Hie; eggs, fresh. LVd'-Oe; potatoes, cai
lots, pel bushel, 0!j7lV.
IndianaiK-lis Cattle, shipping, $.V.'
r.o0; hogs, choice light, $.'Vj. I.ol); sheep,
common to prime, J, 'l(j'..W); wheat. No
2 led. Ö.",'. ""'; corn. No. 1 white, MKi
lie; No. 2 white, YltM:U
St. Ixuis Cattle. $:Mr.7r: hog?,
l.r0; wheat. No. 2 red. 7AYu7MU", e-ern,
Ne. 2, 4r741c; oats. No. 2, JWtfOc; rye,
No. 2. 521 ."fle.
Cincinnati Cattle. $o..V,"i.oO; hops.
&'!.f0(f4.7ö; sheep. $l.r0(Tf I: wheat. No. 2.
r-rM.'öte: corn. No. 2 mixed. A'lZlY?.v;
oats. No. 2 mixe-d, air.T2e; rye, Ne. 2.
Detroit Cattle, $2.rHYäÖ..,0; bogs. JJ-ltf
l ot); sheep, 2$t;.2ö: wheat, No. 1 white.
5."(öte; corn. No. 2 yellow, 42i l2-;
oats, No. 2 white, :i34.34c; rye, No. 2,
Toledo Wheat. No. 2 red. o2'm-.V.c;
corn. No. 2 mixed, 4Ua 12c; onts. No. 2
white, IVJfrX'lc; rye, No. 2. riärSc.
Buffalo Cattl-. $2.r0:,ö.r0; hogs.
J.W): sheep, $2Cfl.2.: wheat. No. 2 red,
57(57Ic; corn. No. 2 yellow, 4(K(f4tUe;
oat. No. 2 white. I5.V7.'irVL'.
Milwaukee Wheat, No. 2 spring. (n
r2c: corn. No. 2, 4'.US,t ilV, oats. No 2
white, 22W2yi barley. No. 2, KWjöoc;
rye. No. 1, 51(jriö2c; pork, mess, IU.25
New York Cnttle. $,5.50: hogs. $3.5
(Mio; sheep, $2'?1; wheat, No. 2 red,
WKiiliOe; corn. No. 2, 5CVf5lc; oats, white
Western. 37f41c; butter, creamery, 10
24c; eggs, fresh, 21&23c.
. Clevclnnd Tells of Inminent ranker
' to the Treasury-First Fatal Y. nck
c.ii the Vaudali;: Little Lock L.-ses
a IJijg riant.
VSctim of a 111 wilder.
A farmer living near i'a!U City. Neb..
v a s anv.-ted several da.- : wailo at
work and tak.n to St. .b.seph. M-... .u
the s;ipi.os;:ion that he was the forger.
Fulmer. who cs. ap. A f:-..;;i with Pal
Crowe, tic t:
r..bber. Br-.wn. c
dem oi his innocence, agiv.d to gn t
St. Joseph with. ait a rc.jei-i; providing
1 is railroad far.- was .aid ba--k to Falls
City. He was thrown into and. was
leieased Moj.dav. but was denied u o;ie
to retain to Lis hoi;-.
e ui;.
o;l!C to
beat his way on a j as.Mi g, r traia, v,;:s
thrown off. baddy injured, clubbed by a
policeman, and ane-.'ed and sent to the
workhouse as a vagrant. Mayor Si.ei:
ard pardoned Brown and gae him a
ticket home.
One Ic:d, Forty-Three Burt.
T'.e i;rst pa-. -n-or wreck Ince the
cot, -iroctioii ,. (!,,. Y:::d;:!ia s7i in
whi h there was a -. of life oc- err d
at Ü:."ö Monday a 1 1-moon at Ooates
ville. twenty-e!-;ht miles West of I;:ii;;ii
apolis. Iml. The rails ;read und r the
private ar of Presid -nl W. B. M Kecn.
ami this car, with the dim r. pari r. worn
i n's coach, and. smoker. roll-.l ! iv n a
steep embankment. Mrs. M. L. powers.
Ca fill. 'Ige. Mo., d.ied before ilo (.':M be
taken out. .John W. Norton, ibe widely
known theatric:'! manager f Si. Louh
Chicago and Pittsburg, was mortally in
jured, and th s. wr' seriously hurt:
Dr. II. .7. Colbert. Indianapolis, head
mashed and internal injuries: ! ri rude
Parrish. 4-ycar-oM girl, face ;u:d head,
cur. probably fatal; M. L. IWe-.-s. Car
thage. Mo., internal injures; Mrs. Zelda
Seguin Wallace. Indianapolis. '-gran.I
opera singer, back badly era-h-'d. hut may
recover: Mrs. Lwing Wldtimr. Boston,
hurt in the chest; Con-hie-or Wise. St.
Louis, arm broken and internal injuries.
Thirty-six others were less seriously hurt.
Treasury Must Have Cold.
President Cleveland submit tel to Con
gress Monday a special message on the
financial situation. He insisted upon the
maintenance of national honor in mat
ters financial; admitted the practical fail
ure of the two recent bond issues; sug
gested that the Secretary of the Treas
ury !e granted powers sullicient for
emergencies, and advocated permitting
national banks to issue notes up to the
full value of bonds deposited to secure
circulation, except in case of 2 per e-eiit.
or other (love-rninent obligations Itelow
par. An important bill from the Finance
Committee accompanied the message.
Oilcloth Makers to Form a Triitst.
There have been rumors for some
I months of a combine among the manu
facturers of oilcloth in Akron. Ohio. Dr.
A. M. Cde. President of the Western
j Linoieuni Company of that city, oonürmod
the re-ports and said the combination
would le eonsu:nmate-d within three
weeks. The capital stock tf the new com
pany will be .'",( :a,!Ho. mid it will include
practically all the i.iaiuifacturcr.s in the
Heavy Loss by Fire in Arkansas.
The Crescent oil mill, situated two and
a half miles from Little Bock. Ark., on the
opposite side of the river, was lestroye!
by lire Friday night. The lire originated
in the refinery and before assistance
could be had the e-ntire Jmilding was in
flames. It is estimated that fully St0 tons
of seed was burned. The building and
eojitents were valued at S 175. s, partial
ly insured. The property was ow ned by
Austin Bond, of Memphis.
Motel ami Dry Hoods Store Bunt.
The thni-story brie-k building nnn
P'ed on the ground floor by Hogan Bros.
dry goods establishment, with a hotel
nJiove. was destroyed by lire at St. Louis.
There were from thirty to forty guests hi
the hotel at the time. All est aju-ul safely.
The damage, including the loss sustained
by tin' gues's, will reach $7 ,( n KJ. Only
part of this was insured.
William Boherts. a white man, was
hanged in Franklin County .Tail. Yirginia.
at Boeky Mount for the murder of Jerry
Barbour, a prominent farmer, two years
n go.
St. Joseph. Mo., and Icinity is Hooded
with count r feit money of recent make.
The spurious coin is mainly in half dollars
and inart rs. although many dollars have
been delected.
A large mass-meeting of Wa. Texas,
citizens dechlcl to rebuild the Texas t
ton Palace, reconlly destroyed by lire.
The new structure will Io of steel and
brick am! as far as possible lire-proof.
The cost will bo ,S 1 ( M .t t . ami Jhe build
ing is to be finished by September next.
President Fa uro has summoned M.
Bil'ot to form a cabinet, and llie latter has
ace-epted the task. The wife of M. Bibot
was formerly Miss Minnie Bureh. of Chi
cago. Sine the fall of M. Bibot's minis
try under President Cainot he has occu
pied rather an obscure place in polities.
At the death of Banker W. P. Callup.
of Indianapolis. Ind.. one year ago, it de
veloped he had over .-2Ki,H in loiids
which had not been returnee! to the As
sessor for thirtei-n yars. The County
Auditor lias put on the tax duplicate the
hum of 2,!2ii.ltO total taxation charge
able to W. P. Oallup, and not heretofore
tax! during thirteen years. Tlie tolaJ
taxes due is .Sl,2.".'?.
A. A. Bonner, son of Bobert Bonner,
who was taken ill with a eold at Bo bes
ter, chartered a special car to carry him
self and physician back to New York.
The billet department of the Illinois
Steel Company at Joliet has been closed,
the men refusing to acept the wages of
fered by tlie e-ompany. One thousand men
are idle.
Joseph Choynski. the pugilist, was mar
ried at Cincinnati to Miss -Ionise Mil'er,
the young actress.
Marie Burroughs, the actress, was rob
1-eel of her jewelry, valued nt many hun
dred dollars, at Philadelphia.
M. Bilot lias pticceedd in forming a
new French Ministry, as follows: War,
Bibot; Justie'e and Marine, Travieux;
Foreign, llanotaux; Interior, Leggues;
Public Instruction and Worship, Perin
ea re; Public Works, Dupuy-Dutemps;
Commerce, Andre Linien; Agriculture,
C.adcau; Colonies, Chautemps
MAKERS. Proceedings of the Pcnatc and I! vse of
Ilcpresetitativrs Important Mc-urc
liircusscd and Acted l'po: Clist of the
The Nalioii.il Salons.
Widely differing ;Iai.s to meet the cur
rency e-oi;, plication wer-' !:". r 1 in the
Senate Wednesday ly Ms-rs. .!.:. es, of
Arkansas, i.iel Smith. f New 7" r-ov.
Senater Turpi made a viir- i'-e.- speech
fL-ainst the Nicaragua Y.tai !'.:.. w hieb
he said had b. en conceived i t frai.d. A
bill D inc.-rpi-rate the Na;' il " i:tral
Bailway Company, w!;;. !i pr :.; to
construct a railway from the Hud -"on
Biver to New York, was red i. the
II. use. InothViency -f the B.-hriug S-i
regulaliii.s to prevent pclagi. sealing was
shown by a statement to the House Ly
S".-retary 'nrlisle.
In the Senate Thursday d. bale upon
the Nicarauea Canal bill .1 .sed. Mr. Alle!-
preseete.l a rcsoJuti u fa v -: h:-r annex
ation of Hawaii. The bill for ' e trans
fer of a porti .n of the exhibit d the De
partment of State at the Y" ;M"s Y-
lambian Exposition to the C:.!r.uil.i:i:i
Museum f Cid ago was pas---.-.!. Tin ex
Iiibit transierre! overs ihe La B-.bida
Convent and the ceictio:i r-!aliie.r to it.
Another new Senator, Mr. Pi bard, of
North Car;iim. was sworn iu. The
Hor.se practically agnid up -n the Sun
dry Civil bid.
The sundry civil 1 1 1 1 j a- -1 IV'day in
the shortest titao, s( , ;-.s k; o v;:. -,!
reeopl. It was uTid -r consideration lnit
three days. As pa.-s.d, tie bill carries
$.:.U2:..72L Two prop, si;io;.s by Mr.
Savors Mnl Mr. ..;uh the f ;:. rs to
clot lie the Seen tary of tie' Ti'f.i-ury with
power to issue l'nito.1 States h. l.ds of
ich eo iiominat ioi;s as be shoal 1
instead i f as now to re-issue tie-ai of the
same denomination, and the lutf i's ,o
retire ami aue' l t!." gold -e;-i i;i.-a '.es and
make them i:en-reeeivab!e fi r ensjoms
dues after.Ic.ly 1 next, furnish .d '; prin
cipal thonic of ilis i:ssl.:i. Mr. Sayres
proposition was deflated, whib' that of
Mr. Coombs was carre-d. An appropria
tion of .SidHM for a lightship to be sa
tioued off tie Straits of I'u a. Washing,
ton. w as adopt ed. A bill pled .'im: the
faith of tin Fnited Suites for the con
struction of the Nicaragua Canal passed
tiie Senate.
Letters iu which (Ier:na::y disavows re
taliation in excluding Aim : can meat
products were read in the House Satur
day, during debate n the bil' to repeal
the discriminating duly n boenty-paid
sugars. A resolution indorsing the ad
ministration's Hawaiian policy w;.s :;dopt
1 in the Senate by a vote of 2! Jo 22.
'1 lie Senat committee on pnh!i- buihlings
and grounds fai'ed to muster a ;.!on;r.i
and the Chicagj po-teliiee bill was not
The Senate Mot-day pass. .! the Ftc bill
and adopted res b;:i i:s aliing f r in-f'-rmatioii
en various subject. Debate
on the bill to repeal the diä'ei i.t :ai duty
oi: sugar from b-i'iuty-paying c -.utt ies
was cont::i;i 1 iu the House. A v- rein-y
l iil in aeiMi'danee v.lili ;!ii vi ws -x-pre:-s
d in the Pre sl.Jej.t's i.. 'ssa:.c was
introduced ia the House by Mr. Springer.
President C!o.elai:d sent a:uess.:go ,,
Congress e.rgii g prompt actio:; to roioiv
confidence in our li::::;.e;a s -(. imss.
Ccmmissioner .Mill. ;- l a ;.: p:..- d a i:
tice, copies of which will ie p.--;.-,i in
every city am! town. a!ö::g ai;.i:ti ;i to
tlu- provisions ,.f tlK. im-eiae ::, !., v.
A cottipo'.; i-e cu: r.-iicy p'an was ,::',:-o l
i:i the Senate Tuesday by Mr. Ma:.I. r
son, of Nebraska, a Bcpeolic S :.at.r
Chandler offerd several amei'dne ids to
the railroad pooling bill and s.en-od ad.p
tien of a r soluiio;; calling for inf-rmaii::
regarding the trunk line
The bank-
repfey h:il w as T ! t a .--d.s! i; .;i. ,.n
the liii' s of the old T.-rrey bill b lag of
fered. The Seiiale Cemtuiif cc n Fi
nance discu sso. I ihe v.-.ri-o.s curien .. LdU
lelore it. A free silver measure clVr, I
by Chairman Yorhees was dof. . t-i on a
tie vote. A canvass oi ti e Snal" o:u-
initteoon Public Building. shewed a ma
jority favorable to tin Chicag. p..s;,,f
l:e bilk The hill t inal tin- differ
ential duty on sugar from bounty-paying
countries was pas--.! by the house -2.T.
to Tb liens Committee n Flec
tions decided the Steward C!;i!d-- contest
ir. favor of the Litt r. who is ih. sitting
liiciiilivr. Tie I Ioc.sc commit; anu mhd
the administration , n.vm-;. bid by strik
ing out tie- section i . ic.ii import duties
t be pa:l ja gold, redi ing the tax u
circulation and !. .rtciot.g the una of
Herr l'anl Singer Tii.r.n1cmt vitli
Bx-iulsi-'ti i'rous the Bc
Heir Paid Singer, the mm list leader,
who is thi-oatt n-sl willi expel.-.. a for tb.
prominent part ! l,k in the r.veat s-ene
mtheOerniaii Beich
stag, was formerly
a successful man of
business. He is very
shrewd, very charit
able, very obstinate,
and has repn sente.l
i i
one f the Beilin
elect oria! 1 ist ri t r- as
a sH-i.iIi.st sine
1SSI. Fntil his tem
I.T. v
porary expulsion
from Beilin in 1SSC. lr jv
he was a partner in ' -Iv Hn
a large manufactur- , VvVV'
ing linn, but of late ufi:i: tiM;rK."
years has devotd himself to jHilitical atnl
municipal affairs. Herr Singer is a He
brew. He is very wealthy nnd b- purse
is held fri-cly at the lisosal of Ins parly.
This und That.
The Icbrati'd Sphinx. tiu figure ef
the crouching; monstrosity ma the
Creat Pyramid, is 172 feet ::! ; in he.
long and V2 feet high.
Automatic maibliies Imve lnen L
visl for use on a moving train which
imc luinienlly recorel tlie condition of
every foot of the track.
Tli hygienic congress at Budapest
drought etit the fact that there are four
thims as many men who stammer as
there are women who an He alllicted.
Professor Bailey, of Missouri, Is said
to have obtained more than l,0i tyjH's
of pumpkins by crossing the flowers of
one kind with the pollen of another.
The nine tsns of Kirk llaekhani. of
Sturgeon, Mo., have fornl a bas
ball club. They challenge any family
nine in the country. Their agis rauge
from 22 to S year!.

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