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A. R. ZIMMERMAN, Publisher.
Lecturer Flattery Provokes a Riot in
Savannr-Aid for Destitute Nebras
ka Farmers Death of a Chemist from
Cyanide Poisoning Lynn Has Grip.
pettigrew Makes Dental.
The attention of Senator Pettigrew. o
South Dakota, Win;: called to reports that
he had some knowlcdg of the defalcation
cf Treasurer Taylor of his State, he said
that all the information he possessed was
that known by other South Dakota men.
The day before Christmas Charles Mc
Coy had told him that Taylor was short
$1(k;m00, and that it was to be made up,
$50.CnK) to be paid by Taylor's relatives
and rO.MX) by hi bondsmen. "Under
these circumstances," added Mr. Petti
grew, "I did not think it wise to make the
matter public. There is no truth in the
report that I ever borrowed a dollar from
Taylor. I never had any financial trans
ections with him."
Riot in Savannah.
Tuesday was the most exciting night in
the history of Savannah. Ga. For live
hours the city trembled on the verge of
religious riots because of the lecture of
ex-Priest Slattory on Catholicism. The
entire white military force of the city
except the artillery was on duty. There
were ten infantry companies and the
Georgia Hussars, the latter being dis
mounted. A mob estimated at from ,'UKiO
to3.iOO. the greater being Catholics, chal
lenged their forbearance to the extreme.
Rut for the coolness of Mayor Meyers
and the oflicers commanding the troops
blood might have been the result. I'ayo
net charges were made sewral times to
dear the streets, but the mob which had
gathered about Masonic Temple, one of
the prominent buildings of the city and
situated in the heart of Savannah, re
tired only after the most stubbirn re-sistam-e.
Slattcry and many of the audi
ence were escorted to the hotel under
strong guard.
Fire Losses of a Day.
Sehulz's wagon works at Dalton. O.,
were burned Weil lies lay. Loss. .ss.liH).
Aid sent from Massillon and Wooster
prevented the lire from spreading. A
business block at Jroat Falls. Mont.,
owned by L. G. Phelps, was damaged
$ir,tNM) by tio. Two inen wen? arrested
oa suspicion of incendiarism. At Lowell,
Mass., crossed electric wires set tire to
the four-story brick building owned and
occupied by Y. II. I. Hayes as a cigar
manufactory. Loss on stock. JOU.
Fire in the basement of the building at
St. Iuis. Mo., occupied by Friedman
Pros. & Schaefer, Wot and shoe manu
facturers, en used a loss of between .",
OM) and i?73,t M).
Seed "Wheat for Nebraska.
At Tekamah. Neb., a meeting was call
ed at the town hall for the purpose of con
sidering a proposition purporting to come
from the Chicago Hoard of Trade relative
to furnishing the destitute farmers of the
county with seed grain. So f;ir as learned
the proposed terms are that the fanner!
are to give their notes for the grain as it
is needed, the validity :ir.d payment of the
same being conditioned upon the produc
tion of a crop the coming season. The
pentiment of the meeting favored the idea.
It is understood the Chicago Roard of
Trade will duplicate this proposition in
a numWr of counties.
James McSipldo fatally shot Joseph
Reville at Richmond, Ind., in a quarrel.
Charles Nichols, of San Antonio, Tex.,
in attempting to get on ihe front plat
form of a trolley car fell under and was
instantly killed. He wa a stonecutter
and member of G. A. R. and Fn'.tcd
Veterans Lodge.
An epidemic of grip prevails in Lynn.
Mass., to an alarming extent, there being
at present at least oO'j cases; physician
reported upwards of itxj eases in three
days. There have been many fatalities,
especially among aged people.
Cadets Thomas Mahouey and Thomas
Hart, of Michigan, and Arthur Wessels,
of Iowa, are imprisoned at Annaiolis,
Md., on the naval academy ship San tee.
TLe young men arc charged witli annoy
ing an otlicer by placing a chemical jar
in front of his room.
Ralf F. Dcnison, a prominent assayer
ami mining man, died at Leadrille. Colo.,
from accidental poisoning. While taking
lunch in bis oHice he tilled a Waker with
water, thinking it was clean. It contain
cd four or five drops of cyanide of potas
sium and he died in an hour. Mr. Deni
son was popnlnr and was pj have been
married in April. Hi.s mother resides in
Ger.esoo. N. Y.
Secretary of the Interior Hoke Smith
lias granted permission to Chief No:d,irt,
Reo, and Young Chief of the Umatilla
reservation to go to Washington to ask
that money due for reservation lands sold
to white settlors be paid to them in cash.
Two hundred thousand dollars in the
hands of the Interior Department remains
to the Indians' credit, $J3,XKl having
been already distributed.
Walter . Ilamner, for twenty years
the trusted teller of the Lynchburg, Va.,
First National (Rank, was arrested Sun
day charged with omWzzling $,(MlO of
the bank's funds. The bank oflicers are
engaged it making an investigation and
will make public an official statement.
Ilamner is bonded for $1..X, and the
bank, which is one of the soundest in the
South, will lose only ?S,(Km).
C. Farn urn & Son, leather dealers of
Providence, R. I., have assigned with
heavy liabilities. Failure of a State bank
led to the suspension.
An immense gorge of lee let go in Guy
andotte river at Huntington, W. Ya., and
40,000 logs and mi immense quantity of
railroad ties were swept into the Ohio
Genral rains fell in Nebraska Monday
night, breaking the drouth of a year's
duration in some instances.
The Court of Appeals has aflirmcd the
conviction of Dr. Ruchnnan, of New York,
the wife murderer, and he must die.
The grand jury at Rrooklyn has Indict
ed Motonnau Orlando Worthington for
manslaughter in the second degree. Wor
thington's car ran over and killed a
school boy.
Mrs. W. S. Rainsford has been named
n trustee of the public schools for the
Sixteenth Ward of New York. She is the
second woman to hold that position in
New York.
Patrick McCaffery. a day laborer at
Ilorr.ellsville. N. Y., has entered a claim
for the 5m,oo estate left by John Mc
Caffery, who died in Chicago last June
without heirs.
Fremont P. Peck, first lieutenant of the
ordnance corps, was almost instantly kill
ed on the proving grounds at Sandy Hook,
N. J., by the bursting of a breech of a
Ilotchkiss gun.
A gang of counterfeiters near New
York has turned out within the last twelve
weeks $1, tu 10,0m in American dollars,
halves, quarters and dimes, made of pure
silver and full weight. Their profit, after
allowing for cost of manufacture, was
While the body of Mrs. Rowden, 73
years old. of Rridge Hampton. L. L, was
being prepared for burial by the under
takers, the physicians made a last attempt
with a heart restorative and in less than
an hour the woman was walking about
the room.
John (leiger, a pioneer resident of Nor
folk, Neb., has received notice from New
York city that his brother, who recently
died there, left his entire estate, valued
at Sl.otKUMt), to him. Mr. (Seiger will
go to New York immediately to take pos
session of his inheritance.
The Raibach Smelting and Refining
Company of Newark, N. J., the largest
concern of the kind in the country, ha:
been robbed of at least 10,000 worth of
gold and silver ore and bullion during the
past year. A former employe and two
supposed accomplices have been arrested.
Three men. of whom no description can
be obtained, used dynamite to blow off
the doors of the Thomastoti. Conn., Sav.
ings Rank vault at 1 o'clock Friday morn
ing, securing all the cash in the vault.
Citizens who were aroused by the explo
sion were driven back at the muzzle of
revolvers in the hands of the inen. The
bank refuses to give any statement of the
loss, except that it was small, but it is
known that ij"l!m in gold was taken, be
sides other cash. The men are supposed
to have driven towards Waterbury, but
no trace of them has been found. The
town has offered a reward of .j00.
At New York, August Rclmont & Co.
and J. P. Morgan & Co., managers of tht
bond syndicate, closed the list for tie new
4 per cent, bonds at 10:"0 o'clock Wednes
day, the amount having been subscribed
for many times over. A private dispatch
from London says the new American
loan is quoted at 4 per cent, premium in
London. This is reckoned on the syndi
cate's price of llo. N. M. Rothschild A
Son say at London that the new American
loan has proved a colossi! success.
Though the opening of subscriptions only
began Wednesday morning, the amount
of the loan allotted to Europe had been
covered very many times over by noon,
both with them and with Messrs. J. R.
Morgan & Co. It is impossible as y..t to
give the exact amount of the bids, as ap
plications are still coming in from Lon
don, and the country is yet to be heard
from. The Pall Mall Gazette says tint
the success of the loan is a tribute to the
power of Messrs. Rothschild and a mark
of confidence in the great wealth and
financial ability of the United States.
The California Assembly has passed a
bill imposing a line of $00 for wearing
hats or bonnets in theaters or places of
public amusement.
Dennis Dunn, a Rull Hill man, who
was engaged in the Cripple Creek war,
has been found guilty of assault with in
tent to kill Captain Defenbaugh, of the
Colorado National Guard, last July.
In returning from a dance at Waite
Park early Friday morning a St. Cloud.
Minn., omnibus containing twenty-live
men and women was overturned one
mile from the city ami a stove ignited the
curtains and straw.
The Union Flour Mills of Stockton,
Cal., purchased last year by the Speny
combine for .llt)4,000, have closed down.
Of the thirteen mills owned by this syn
dicate in various parts of the State only
three are now in operation.
The trial of Crawford Goldsby, alias
"Cherokee Rill," for the murder of Er
nest Mellon, at Lenapah, I. T., has be
gun at Fort Smith, Ark. "Cherokee
Rill" has also been indicted for killing his
brother-in-law, Mose Brown.
"Link" Overfield and Charles Abrain,
the train robbers charged with assault
with intent to kill Dad Prescott, engineer
of a Santa Fe train, near Gorin, Mo.,
last September, were acquitted, although
they had confessed to the shooting.
The Denver Times suggests holding a
miniug and industrial exposition at Den
ver in 181M, when Colorado will celebrate
the twentieth anniversary of her admis
sion to statehood, and the country will
have been a republic at that time just
110 years.
A prize fight, this lime on the top floor
of No. 11)11 Washington street, Chicago,
was nipped in the bud by the police Fri
day night, and the two principals, George
Rrownley and Paddy Sinon, together with
100 spectators, were carted down to the
Harrison street station. The raid was a
surprise to every man present, and when
the iolice made their appearance the
"siorts" were so dum founded they did
not make an effort to escape.
Mrs. (J. M. Fowler, of Millport, twelve
miles south of Alliance, has just secured
the appointment as overland innil carrier
between that village and Gavers Post
Ofiice, a distance of eight miles. When
this route was advertised for sale recent
ly Mrs. Fowler put in a bid with a large
number of competitors, and her proposi
tion being the lowest she was awarded the
contract. She will be obliged to make the
round trip daily, Sundays excepted.
Driven half crazy by the loss of $SN0
which had been stolen from her, Mrs.
Annie Miller, of Chicago, rushed fran
tically about a witness cell at the Harri
son street station, striking her head
against the stone walls and tearing at her
hair and clothing. It was all because
Mrs. Miller and her husband do not be
lieve in banks. Miller and his wife have
been married twenty years. They had
succeeded in saving a good sum of money,
which until recently was dejosited in a
bank. A few weeks ago they became
worried as to the safety of their money
and determined to take it out of the
bank and keep it where they could IT
eonally watch it. Mrs. Miller went shop
ping, and in a restaurant was robbed of
her cash, which she carried tied tip in a
handkerchief. Four years ago Mrs. Mil
ler was robbed of i'XrtKi which she had
concealed in her dress. This sum had
also been taken from a bank because the
woman and her husband feared the insti
tution was not safe.
While performing the "human target"
act Sunday night at Rngel's Pavilion on
North Clark street, Chicago, William
Haderle. aged 17, was shot and latallv
injured by "Prof." Alfred Rieckhoff,
"champion rille shot of the world." Ha
derle wa-i Ricckhoff's assistant. Strap
ped across his breast was a steel plate
twelve indies square, in the center of
which was a bell. Rieckhoff. at a dis
tance of twenty paces, was supposed to
lire at the target twenty times in rapid
succession, hitting the bell each time. Ail
wt nt Well to the twentieth shot, when
Haderle threw up his hands and fell to
the floor, crying: "My God. I am shot."
In an instant the crowded house was in
confusion. Women screamed and men
jumped on the tables and attempted to
reach the stage. The curtain was hastily
lowered and the police summoned. A
young physician made Ids way to the
stage and a moment's examination was
enough to show that Haderle was f'ataliy
hurt, the ball having entered his stomach.
He was removed to the Alexian Rrothers
Hospital. Rieckhoff was arrested and
taken to the Larrabee street station.
At Columbia, S. C. the main building
of the Allen University, a colored school
with a law department, burned with con
tents. The loss will not exceed 7,1" 0;
partly insured. The lire was accidental.
Mrs. W. T. Leachman. of Louisville.
Ky.. is trying to establish her claim to
an eighty-six-acre tract of land on Rroad
way, New York. There are over twenty
other claimants, among them being Chief
Justice Fuller. The claim to the estate,
which is worth from .SöM,(,'OO.'0 to 1.
OOO.tNH .om. is based on a grant from
King George I.
Three lives were lost and $70,000 wortii
of property destroyed in a tire at Hot
Springs. Ark. The dead: Mrs. Sammon.
Mrs. Mcl.cod, unknown lady. The fire
originated in a bakery on Ouachita ave
nue, over which were furnished rooms.
Here Mrs. Sammon, who kept the rooms,
was burned. There is very little insur
ance, the loss being practically total.
William Dobbins, a penurious old mar
ket gardener of Rirmiugham, Ala., was
the victim of the gold brick sharper Fri
day to the extent of Si'.tMK. He was
so afraid some one else would get hold of
the "snap" that he introduced the sharp
ers as his relatives. He still believes the
bricks genuine and says he is going to the
New Orleans mint to have them made into
A Henry County, Georgia, farmer nam
ed C. R. Cook was held up by a woman
in the outskirts of Atlanta Thursday
night and robbed of $15. She walked up
to him in a dark place, and before he real
ized her purpose she threw her arm
around him, held him with one hand as in
a vise, and rilled his pockets with the free
hand. Netta Heard has been arrested on
suspicion of being the footpad.
In the House the joint resolution ex
tending from March 1 to April 15, 1S.3.
the time within which income-tax returns
may, be made was agreed to.
The naval appropriation bill, including
the provision for the transfer of the Co
lumbus caravels to the Columbian Mu
seum, has passed the House.
The House Committee on Pensions has
agreed to report favorably the Herman
bill, which gives to all survivors of the
Indian wars prior to IS"." and from 1S42
to 1S5J a pension of . S a month for thirty
days' service or longer.
Frederick Douglass, the noted f reed
man, orator and diplomat, died a few min
utes before 7 o'clock Wednesday night at
his residence in Anacostia, a suburb of
Washington. D. C, of heart failure. His
death was entirely unexpected, as he had
been enjoying the best of health. During
the afternoon he attended the convention
of the Women's Council and chatted with
Susan R. Anthony and others with whom
he has been on intimate terms for many
years. When he returned homo he sat
down and chatted with his wife about the
women at the convention. Suddenly he
gasped and fell back unconscious. With
in twenty minutes after the attack the
faint motion of the heart ceased entirely
and the great ex-slave statesman was
P. Rogdanoff, first secretary of the Rus
sian Legation at Washington, D. C,
killed himself Wednesday morning by
shooting. He had been sick for two or
three weeks, and his suicide is supposed
to be attributable to the suffering he
had endured. Mr. Rogdanoff left behind
him two letters explanatory of his act.
One was addressed simply, "To be open
ed," and the other "For relatives." The
latter was not opened. Mr. Rokine, the
second secretary of the Russian Lega
tion, opened the former. It contained a
long gilded card on which was written in
Russian: "For a long time, dead soul, thi
bdy is all too heavy a burden to be car
ried. For this reason I destroy myself."
The notes were written just before the
suicide went out riding. lie was rather
reserved in Iiis manner, and as he had
been in Washington only a few months
comparatively little was known about
him. He served In the Russian diplo
matic service in Servia for eight years,
then in Rulgnria for two years, and then
in Rrazil.
Some pretty plain Anglo-Saxon lan
guage was used by a committee of the
House of Representatives Friday in dis
posing of an application made by a citi
zen of Michigan for an appropriation of
$SO.0O0 to reimburse him for eight acres
of land near Portage Lake Ilarbor of
Refuge. There were letters tiled from
prominent attorneys and others of the vi
cinity protesting against such a claim be
ing allowed, and Gen. Casey, chief of
engineers, put another sioke in the claim
ant's wheel by declaring the alleged farm
to be nothing more than a pile of sand
at its best. The Claims Committee de
clared: "We have no hesitation in saying
this claim is the most unblushing attempt
to defraud the Government that has ever
come under our notice. This statement is
made with a knowledge gained by years
of experience with this class of claims."
Letters on the subject stated the land
in question was absolutely worthless, be
sides being fully half a mile from the
canal. "It is simply an attempt to bleed
the Government out of so much money,"
wrote a correspondent of Congressman
Moon, "and furthermore nearly all the
land that could have been made available
has floatv out iuto Lake Michigan, At
the very fairest valuation the land which
the claimant asks SSO.O-K) for would not
bring $50 at a private or auction sale."
Prince Rismank is suffering from ar.
attack of neuralgia and a sevtre cold. He
will be SO years old April 1.
An agent for V. K. Vauderbilt bought
at an auction sale of jewelry in London
a pearl nevkhice. consisting of thirty-nine
pearl, with a diamond clasp weighing
sixty-two grains. The price paid was 1!,-
An English chemist has discovered a
new solvent for gold. The solvent con
sists i:i adding to a solution of potassium
cyanide a portion of bromide of syancgen.
a salt which'has hitherto had no commer
cial use.
Two thousand Chir.es.- soldiers are re
ported to have been killed by the explosion
of a magazine in the furls of Takao. a
treaty port on the southwest coast of For
mosa. Many others are reported to havi
been injured.
A Paris paper reports that the French
expedition which left Marseilles some
mouths ago. under the command of Com
mandant Mont;-:l, for service in the inte
rior of Africa, was surprised and a san
guinary conflict ensued. Three hundred
men. comprising half of the force of the
expedition, are said to have been killed,
while the remainder have been driven
from the line of march, and their retreat
has been cut off. The minister of colonic
has received an urgent appeal from the
commander of the expedition for rein
forcements. Lord Rosebery's administration has
passed successfully through a storm
which its opponents hoped would over
whelm it, and which many of its friends
believed would require the most skillful
statesmanship to weather. Despite the
predictions of the conservative papers
and the more or loss badly disguised fears
of the liberal organs, the Government
came out of the contest with flying colors
and a majority that surprised even those
who would at no time admit that there
was a chance of defeat. The question
that precipitated the dangerous situation
was a motion made by Sir Henry James
to adjourn in order to call attention to the
import duties on cotton recently decided
upon by the Government of India. The
cotton interest is strongly represented
in the House, and when the notice of the
motion was given it was conjectured by
not only many conservative papers but
by some of the stanch liberal organs that
the Government, which was bound to op
pose the desired change, would be over
thrown by the Lancashire party in com
bination with conservatives and liberal"
interested in the cotton trade. The Par
nellites, too, were expected to cast their
votes against the Government. Rut the
result did not bear out the hopes or fears
of the political parties, for, by a majority
o! 105, the Rosebery ministry triumphant
ly repelled the attacks of its assailants.
Standard Oil barge No. 5S, which part
ed from the steamer Maverick, off Rarno
gat, during the blizzard of Feb. 8, has
arrived at Rermuda.
Mrs. James Rrown Potter is said to be
anxious to secure a divorce, but insists
on retaining the name under which she
has achieved her position on the stage.
A little Maltese cat is beating its way
around the world without the expendi
ture of a cent. A tag attached to a cord
around its neck tells the story thus:
"Came on board at Minneapolis 'on my
trip around the world. Please take the
best of care of your passenger. Via Ros
ton. thence to New York steamer. Kit
ty." From Minneapolis the kitten went
over the "Soo" line to Montreal, via the
Concord and Montreal and Roston and
Maine to Roston. Friday night it left
Roston for New York in care of the bag
gage men, who will see that it gets to
New York via the Fall River line. When
it arrives in New Y'ork it will be trans
ferred to some ocean steamer.
R. G. Dun & Co.'s weekly review of
trade says: "The surprising success of
the new loan and the great confidence it
has given to investors on both sides of the
water and to the business men here en-,
courage many to hope that it may be the
beginning of a real recovery. In twenty
two minutes at New York subscriptions
are supposed to have been at least five
times the amount of bonds offered, and in
(wo hours at London they were twenty
times the amount there offered. Consid
ering the power which control of these
bonds gives to regulate foreign exchanges
and to prevent exorts of gold, the trans
action has indeed greatly changed the
financial situation in spite of the fact
that government revenues are still defi
cient and that domestic trade shows
scarcely any gain as yet. The industries
are net enlarging production, nor have
prices of farm products improved. Rut a
very important source of apprehension;
and hindrance has, for the time at least,"
been removed."
Chicago Cattle, common to prime,
$'..7f'"l MO; hogs, shipping grades. f.".(KJ
(ft 4.30; sheep, fair to choice, $;
wheat. No. - red, rOi7rlc: eoru. No. 2.
4Jr'-i;ic; oats. No. "Sr-rdc; rye, No.
2, 5o(ijr54e; butter, choice creamery, 2o(ä
iMc; eggs, fresh, LWJGe; potatoes, car
lots, per bushel, llö'fj 73c.
Indianapolis Cattle. shippine. $.1f?2
6.Ö0; hogs, choice light, $rWi4.."V0; sheep,
common to primp, tg-LuU; wheat, No.
'2 red, r.LYfföoV: corn. No. 1 white, 41 'a
41'.c; oats, No. 2 whte, ?5Vf.i4e.
St. Louis-Cattle, $13.73; hogs, $"
4.ÖU; wheat, No. '2 red, ütXfiäle; corn.
No. 2, 40(j41c; oats, No. 2, LiiKJiöÜe;
corn, No. 2, 5u7r.38e.
Ci nci n na t i Ca 1 1 le. $.'t.r0g:i.r0 ; hoes.
$."Wf4.73; sheep, $2.304.73; wheat. No.
2, .'4&Ö41&C-; corn. No. 2 mixed, 42$? 43c;
oats. No. 2 mixed, 31&&!c; rye, No. 2,
57(5. 30c.
Detroit Cattle, $2..r03.fi0: hogs, $4t5
4. "i0; sheep, $2 r 4.30; wheat. No. 1 white,
5. '!! 1531!!'; coru x0 o yellow, 42l4.'tc;
oats. No. 2 white, IK&VIMc; rye, No. 2,
34'f3e. ,
Toledo-Wheat, No. 2 red, 34r!34.e;
corn. No. 2 mixed, 42,i4te; oats, No. 2
white, :WL:k'IVac; rye, No. 2, Wff3.V.
Huflalo Cattle, $2.S0r(((UK); hogs,
4..r0: sheep, .y4.73; wheat, No. 2 red,
33f.33,ac; corn, No. 2 yellow, 4(K4(c;
oats. No. 2 white. '.WiUKW.
Milwaukee Wheat, No. 2 spring, 3.'M
54c; corn. No. 2, 42r(f43c; oats. No. 2
white, :R.:?2e; barley. No. 2, .W..Vic:
rye, No. 1, K34c; iork, mess, $..73(r
New York Cattle, $;( J.00; hogs, $X50
(?4.73; sheep, $."f4.73; wheat. No. 2 red,
rVi..!e; com, No. 2, 4Sl40c; oats, wldte
Western, oStf42c; butter, cieauiery, 15Q
24c; fgfs, Western, 20ft27c.
j Quick Work of a Boston Drummer
Startling Discovery at Chicag
Running Fight with Rurglarb in
Council IJliifTs.
Shower Flowers on an Assassin.
In his new privat- quarters hi the Ger
man Hospital at Philadelphia. Pa., .lames
R. Gentry, the murderer, passed his first
Sunday since the shooting of Mau;.' Y'oike
in an uneventful way. His general con
dition showed marked improvement, and
it is the opinion of the hospital staff that
there is no longer any reasonable doubt
of his recovery. Gentry has become a
lion in a queer way. Women send him
flowers by the armload, together with
photographs and cologne. The mawkish
sentimentality is remarkable. Friends
are paying for his private attendance and
Money is flowing in to Gentry.
Horrible Crime in Chicago.
Partly devoured by dogs, soaked, in
kerosene and badly burned, the murdered
body of Fred Holzheuter was found at
Western avenue and Ninety-filth street.
Chicago, at t o'clock Monday morning.
The man's skull had been split, his wrists
were tied together with cords, and a de
liberate attempt had been made to burn
the body by pouring kerosene upon it.
stacking brushwood about it and setting
firv to the pile. To make recognition more
difficult, kerosene had been poured over
the upturned face and into the mouth of
the murdered man. Fred Holzheuter w:;s
in the saloon and commission business at
No. ."SOl Honole street. He was last
seen in "Nick" Mertxen's sahen. No.
ÖÖ17 South Halstcd street. Jan. :,o. That
day he showed a roll of bills, and told
some of his friends he had an engagement
with Mertzen to go to Manhattan Park in
the morning and buy some cows.
Pullets for Randits.
Three men supposed to be the burglars
who looted the First National Rank of
Griswohl, Iowa. Sunday night, fought a
desperate running battle with deputy
sheriffs on the streets of Council Riuffs
Monday. It began at the court house
yard, where the desperadoes, who had
been passive captives, opened fire and
made a break for freedom. In the con
flict that followed one of ihe robbers and
one of the deputy sheriffs were probably
fatally wounded; another of the gang
was captured unharmed, and a thirl, sup
posed to be dangerously Wounded, suc
ceeded in getting away. The battle raged
in many parts of the city, renewed at in
tervals as the robbers made a stand for
an interchange of shots, and then resum
ed their flight. A stray bullet in one ot
the fusillades nearly killed a motorman
on a passing car, and many other lives
wer,- in peril.
Wins a Wife in Twenty Minutes.
The romantic side of a wedding a few
days ago came to light at Providence. R.
I. Thursday afternoon George McLellau
Whitney, a commercial traveler for a Rs
ton shoe house, engaged a room at a
boarding house, and during the day was
introduced to Miss Grace Seavening
Grant, daughter of William II. Grant, of
Indianapolis, Ind. Twenty minutes after
the introduction he was engaged to her
ami they were married by the Rev. Dr.
J. Y. Yose, of the Congregational Church,
the same afternoon. The young w man
is l!t years old and good looking. Whit
ney is "S years old.
Alloy Metal for Torpedo Roats.
Senator Rlackhurn, from the Commit
tee on Naval Affairs, reported an amend
ment to the naval appropriation bill au
thorizing the Secretary of the Navy to
use other metal than steel or an alloy in
the onstrucl ion of the proposed new tor
pedo boats. The .'intendment is made at
the suggestion of ihe Secretary, who de
sires that the department may be free to
avail itself of any improvements in naval
construction so far as relates to the ma
terial best adapted for use in the build
ing of torpedo boats. He thinks that an
alloy lighter than steel mav be used.
Ward McAllister left persona) property
valued at 1MN. He had no real estate.
Charles K. Norton jumped tint of a hs
pital window in Raltiiuore ami killed
himself. He shot himself last I teccmbcr
with suicidal intent, lie is thought to be
a New Yorker.
William Walsh. Q who lives in a hovel
at Sc. Joseph. Mo., and who is known to
k-ep a great deal of money, was over
powered by masked men. and under
threats of death ordered to reveal the hid
ing place of his wealth. He stubbornly
refused. The robbers finally kindled a
fire and his feet were thrust into th'
flames, but he remained obdurate. The
robbers beat him into insensibility, but
were obliged to leave without sc-uring his
Gov. Morton, of New Y"k. thought
Friday a most excellent day to sign th
Hag bill and make it a law. He said it
contained nothing but patriotic snti-
ments and was truly American. It pro
vides: "It shall not be lawful to display
the Hag or emblem of any foreign country
upon any State, county or municipal
building; provided, however, that when
ever any foreigner shall become the guest
of the Fnited .States, the State, or any
city, upon public pro la mi: t ion by the
Governor or the Mayor of any such city,
the Hag of the country of which such
public guest shall le a ili.en may be dis
played upon such public buildings."
I Muing high mass at the Catholic
Church in Ocala, Fla., the dead leaves,
ferns and other decorations around the
nltar became ignited from the caudles.
At a meeting of the Fnited Lalor
League of Philadelphia a resolution con
demning the pdico authorities for sup
pressing the speech of Anarchist Mow
bray was adopted.
The annual address at the Yanderbilt
Fniversity commencement in June will be
delivered by Chauncey M. iVpew and
the sermon will be preached by Dr. A.
Carmen, general superintendent of the
Methodist Church of Canada.
Stanley Smith, aged 10. of Paris, Ky.,
was accidentally shot and killol while
Joseph I). Hall, of North Reach. Md.,
was frozen to death while attempting to
drive across Sinepuxent Ray on the ice.
His horse was later found fast in the ice
MAKERS. A Wet li's I'roccc dings in the Hall of
Congret- Important Mcnvurit Iit-
enssed and Acted Fpon-An Iiupnr
tial Iicst:ti:c of the Uusi iiftr.
The National Solon.
Free silver ndvovatcs were route. Wed
r.esday in the Se::ate. the Jones I ii! belli'-
displaced and Wol.-ett's res du t :.::
going to the calendar. During del ate ,r.
the Indian appropriation bill in the Sen
ate Mr. 'handler said the next Congress
would investigate the bond dial. In tie.
naval :;;;:.. p via t if -n bill as adopted by
the House was a provision for transfer
of the caravels to the Columbian Museum.
Th naval appropriation bill was prtssed
by the H-use. Attempts to strike out
the proviskii for three i.cv ba.tle ship
failed. The IIo;e Thursday refu--el to con
cur in the Senate appropriation f.ir cn
struction of a cable t.i Hawaii. Consid
eration i,f the general deficiency bill wa
begun, and ouh gies on the late Senator
Stockbridge were deliv red. Congress
man Durborow se ure adoption of an
am i;!nn i:t to th general d-ii-ien-y bill
donating to the Columbian Museum the
State Department exhibit at the fair. An
a r:ueni..-,:s discussion of the sectarian
school question occurred in the Senat:
during consideration of the Indian appro
priation till.
Appn; rial ions for the maintenance of
Indian sci. 's was reduced Friday by
the Sinar 2 per cent. The b:U is' slid
under di ,. u. Senator Mills has
given notice ;f an amendment to the
sundry ivil bill to prohibit the furth?
sale of Govt run. cut bonds. Senator
Rlackhurn has introduced a bill providing
for the payment of the full sugar lmn
ty f.r the n.p ..f 1 s: t:. The Hons,. , .,n
sidered the proposition to appropriate
money to p:,v marshals for si-rvi.-es dur
ing the Chicago railroa! sirik
An at! nipt to take up th railroa. 1
I'oo!i:.g 1511 was h :Yat-d in ib.- '. i: it
Saturday and the measure is dead for
this s-ss;..n. An amendment was ..tTcivd
to the sUi;.!,y civil bill in the Senate au
thorizing tli' President to appoint com
miss;.ii. is to alten! an inP-rnatioua! mon
etary conference, should nie In oalVd.
In th' House the general h-fii. !, bill
was further considers!, ami ruhigies wore,
delivered n the late Senator Yanoe. A
restdution was introduced in the Ileus
looking to reversal of its approval f the
Pr'silents -ourse during th strike.
Chairman Reilly reported the bill agrd
on by th Ho-.is' committee for settle
ment of the debt of the Pacific roads.
The !-ti-i'iicy appropriation bill v.
passed by the Ibms;' Monday. An ane t:d.
im nt to pay Gn at Rritaiu .S42.".mi in sVt-tb-mcnt
of the Rering Sea award was d
feati!. A numbirof amendments to the
tariff law b-signi-! t remove ambiguity
have been sugg-sted by Seen-tary Car
lisle. President Ch-vcland is annoyed be
cause Congress has not authoriz! him to
k a way nut of th- Samoan 'nTang'1
ruent. Ambassador Kustis has be-n in
struoted to make a vigorous protest
against the exclusion by France of Ameri
can cattle.
Amendments providing fir payment -f
the sugar 1-ountios prematurely -ut off by
tin tariff law were addl to the sundry
civil bill in the Senate Tuesday. All the
-orr'spiii!n,-c relative to Samoa since
the ratification of the Rerlin treaty was
sent to the JsVnat-. McGann's railroad
arbitration bill was passed by the House
without division. Lulogies wre deliv
ered on the hit General Post. Mr. I'ith
ian made a sp-e h eulogizing Gverimr
Altgeld and condemning President Cleve
land fir s-nding Iroops to Chicago. A
minority House coi:imitt-o suhiuiitcd a
report giving their reasons for pposing
the Pa ihe Kailroa! bill. lb.us' ami
S-natc oonfoiws again r port their inabil
ity to agree on the Hawaiian cable amend
ment to the sundry civil bill.
Tbe 'Leveii-I il toeit."
The following incident is sahl to lu:vo
happened on a Southern railroad, ami
Is reported in Harper's Magazine. Th.
conductor must have been a humorist.
A traveler bad come to th' station to
biarl the 11:13 train, and much to his,
surprise, promptly at 11:1," ihe train
"Will." be said to tb conductor, -is
that worthy passed through the car,
"they libc! you up North when they say
your trains m-vor start on time.
"I Kiicss p.ot," said the conductor.
"They tel; the wind.' truth. We iievt-r
got a train 1T on time yet."
"Why. tbi. train got off on time. It'.s
the 11:1.". isn't it?"
"Yes. it's the 11:13. my liicml. but it's
last Tuesday's 11:13. We're three days
law. To-lays 11 ;l."i wmt get off nun n
bofoh Monday, I reckon."
Roes the Rojs GihmI.
On' interesting result of the military
instruction at seventy-live or eighty
colleges in this country has lnvn th"
lioticonbh improvement in the cai riago-
oi lads Hint enter college without piv-
viu;s military training. It is not i ca
ble, tH, that the youth at tbse agri
cultural colleges that have but recently
bad enough students to entitle the in
Mitutmns to have an army otlicer !o
tailel as military lastruet show vast
ly better discipline under such instruc
tion than when the department of mili
tary tactics was in charge of civilians.
liHiIies Make a Hit.
New Orleans has a tirst-class orches
tra com i ose 1 entirely of women, and
their services are in great demand for
entertainments and parties.
Thin und That.
The Spanish sculptor, Alvarez, drift
ed naturally from stone cutting and
polishing into executing works of art.
Curtains were employed for bvl
steads in the eleventh century; they
were afterward transferred to wiu
ilows. Dishes of gbl and silver used In
table service in Poo R. c. were found
at Troy by Dr. Schlleinann. One of
these was about the size uow cms

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