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Marshall County independent. (Plymouth, Marshall County, Ind.) 1894-1895, March 01, 1895, Image 5

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I ijßnnsy Ivan la Lines.
Schedule of PassengerTralns-Central Time.
13 39 3 33 7
Alliance.. ar.
Canton lv.
Massillon.... "
Wooster 44
Mansfield... 44
Crestline, nr.
Uucyrus. lv
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4 55
5 53
1.1 ma 44
Van Wert... 44
145! 9 2 n
2 2910 17?7
3 20.11 20 am
M I 1 UJ UV I Jv
Areola 44
ColumblaCy 44
Larwlll 44
Pierceton. ... 44
Kngle Lake.. 44
Warsaw 44
Etna Green. 44
Uourbon '
In wood. 44
i'lymouth... 44
(rovertown 44
Hamlet 44
Davis- 44
llanna "
Wnnatah 44
Valparaiso.. 44
Wheeler 44
Ilobart "
Liverpool ... 44
Clarke 44
Chicago ...nr.
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Ch longo ...lv
Clarke 44
Liverpool.... 44
Ilobart 41
Wheeler 4
Valparaiso.. 4
Wanatah .... 44
Hanns 44
lavU 44
Hamlet 44
O rovertown 44
Plymouth... 44
In wood 44
Uourbon 44
EtnaUreea. 44
Warsaw. 44
Eagle Lake.. 44
Pierceton .... 44
Larwlll 44
Columbia Cy'4
Areola 44
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M 1 1 UJ 1117 jv
Van Wert... 44
Lima 44
liucyrus 44
Crestline, nr.
Mansfield ...lv.
Wooster 44
Massillon 44
Canton 44
All Innro nr.
6 38!
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9 20 3 16 1 05
10 00 3 50 1 45
1 19 6 33 5 00
Gasaril imager, Gsral Fassengir lat,
U-30-94.-3T IlTTSBCRGH, Tenn-'a.
For time cards, rat es of fare, through tickets,
b "-gKage checks, and further Information re
garding the running of trains, apply to any
Agent of the Pennsylvania Lines.
J. K. HANKS, Ajrent.
No. .M fi:(xt a. in.
" n: 1i:ki a. in. Local freight.
44 M 1 ':" p. 111.
" CI a. 111. Tliroujih freight.
No. 2 12:2f. p. m.
" Oi ll;10p. in. LHal freight.
F. I J. HALF. Agent.
Plymouth, lud.
12:03 p. m. Dally except Sunday.
6:J7 p. m.
9:4S a. m. Dailv except Sunday.
12:03 p. ni. lineal, daily cxcct Sunday.
5:40 p. 111. Daily except Sundav.
C. lt. II Uli 11 KS. Agent.
Plymouth, In.l.
Rev. L. A. MoF.Nc ir. Pastor. Early Mass,
7:30 a. m.; High Mass, 10 a. in.; Catechecal In
struction. 2::) 1. 111.; Vespers, 3 p. 111. Mass.
every morning. 7 :4.". C. Ii. L. meets first and
third Thursday of every month. St. lioniface
Society, first Monday of every month.
Rev. W. "W. Raymond. Rector. Regular
Sunday morning service, I0:3o a. m. Regular
Sunday evening service. 7:0. Regular Wednes
day evening service. 7:00. Sunday school after
morning service, at noon. Ladies' Parish Cuild
meets every Thursday afternoon. Altar Guild
meets every Monday evening. Young Church
men's Guild meets every Sunday evening.
Rev. L. S. Smith. Pastor. Class meeting.
9:30 a. m. Regular Sunday morning service. 10:30
a. m. Regular Sunday evening service, 7;15 p.m.
Sunday school, 12:00 in. Epworth League prayer
meeting, Sunday, 6:15 p. m. Prayer meeting,
Thursday evening at 7:30. Teachers' meeting.
Thursday evening at 8:30. Cottage prayer meet
ing, Friday evening at 7:30. Meeting of the
official board, first Monday evening of each
month. J. W. Wlltfong Sujerintendent of Sun
da school; Melvin A. Chase. President Epworth
League; Mrs. Prof. F. 1), Redd, Organist.
Rev. J. RoTiiENHEHGEK. Tastor. Regular
Sunday morning service, K:30 Regular Sunday
evening services, 7:oo. Prayer meeting and
Teachers' meeting every Wednesday evening,
at 7:30. Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Christian
Endeaver prayer meeting, Sunday at 6:13 p. in.
W. H. Seider. Sujierintendent of Sunday school;
J.C.Howe, Assistant Superintendent of Sun
day school; Miss Edith Hoover and Mrs. Dibble,
U. li: CHURCH.
Rev. O. F. Landis, Pastor. Class meeting
every Sunday at 9:30 a. in. Preaching every
Sunday at 10:30 a. m. Sabbath school at l2:Oo m.
Y. P. C. U.. every Sunday at 6:(io p. m. Preach
ing. Sunday at 7:O0p. m. Prayer meeting Thurs
day at 7:o P. m. Teachers' meeting Saturday at
7:00 p. m. ladies' Aid Society meets every Wed
nesday at 2 :UO p. m.
"Coin's Financial School."
The snow has disappeared.
Miles Nervine free at IJlain's.
Frog in your throat at Ulain's.
Mr. A. M. Miller is on the sick list.
The Independent one year for 81JO.
Dr. King's cough cure free at Ulain's.
Oranges are high and wheat is low.
Circuit court will convene next Mon
day. The editor did business in Chicago
Have you read "Coin's Financial
Mrs. Vamer has been quite ill for the
past week.
Dr. J. Maker has remodeled the barn
lately purchased by him, and has ar
ranged the front portion of it so that it
can be used as a warehouse. It is now
for rent.
Tops! tops!! tops!!! at Shadel &
A full ounce of good Perfumery at
Ulain's for 23 cts.
Mane Harris is now employed at Lou
Suit's barber shop.
Pure hog lard always on hand at Fred
Kuhn's meat market.
A large line of tops just received at
the People's drug store.
At the LaPorte street bakery we han
dle Fox's xxxx cracker.
A good dwelling house for rent. In
quire of II. U. AVhitlock.
Orr's No. 4 condition powder, the or
iginal formula, at Ulain's.
Oliver plows cheaper than ever be
fore, John V. Astley & Son.
A full line of builders' hardware very
low at J. V. Astley & Son's.
Ulain have the original formula for
all of Dr. Orr's Prescriptions.
Cet a sample bottle of Iloslicke
Malted Milk at Ulain's, free.
Just received, a fine line of men's
shoes at Keeve's Uargain Store.
All orders left at Kuhn's meat market
are filled and delivered promptly.
II. C. O'Ulennis, of Argos, was trans
acting business in town yesterday.
Mrs. Moore, of Uruce Lake, Ind., vis
ited friends in I'lymouth this week.
A large quart bottle of olives only 35
cents, at the LaPorte street bakery.
(Jlassware and notions at astonishing
low figures at Ueeve's Uargain Store.
Justice IIolTman removed this week
to rooms over Kendall's grocery store.
The Independent one year and
Coin's Financial School" for only 81.15.
. S. Lillybridge had a new safe
placed in his business house this week.
A second hand sewing machine for
sale cheap at Ulain's, in good running
Mrs. Adam Schoner spent Sunday in
Peru with her daughters, Mary and
If you want a hat be sure and see
us before you buy. Ueeve's Uargain
Call and see those fine Dongola shoes
for 81.00 and 81.50, at Ueeve s Uargain
AV. F. Young, who had a touch of
lung fever, is able once more to be at
his post.
See ad regarding "Coin's Financial
School." It is for sale at this office for
30 cents.
Miss Mary Delabarra, of Walkerton,
is visiting in this vicinity with relatives
and friends.
From this issue until the 1st of April
you can secure the Independent one
year for 81.00.
Leave your meat orders at Kuhn's
meat market where they will be deliv
ered promptly.
The largest advertisers nowadays are
the fellows who have discovered some
new drink cure.
The latest in the line of lamp shades
and tissue paper can be found at Sha
del & Ueynold's.
The colony contemplating a removal
to Georgia, is reported as increasing in
numbers rapidly.
Ask your grocer for Cunningham's
flavoring extracts. Take no other.
You can't afford it.
The young people of Uourbon are
having considerable trouble with the
mumps these days.
Job work is our specialty, in from one
to three or more colors if desired. "We
guarantee our work.
The largest stock of paints, oil and
varnishes ever brought to Plymouth, at
J. V. Astley & Son's.
At the LaPorte street bakery you can
find a fine line of canned apples, worth
25 cents per gallon can.
Chas. Wrightsman, who has been on
the sick list for several days, is once
more able to be around.
Geo. Pashbacker and wife and daugh
ter, attended the funeral of his sister at
Röchest e'r Saturday last.
Ex-auditor Hahn is contemplating
moving to his country residence two
weeks from next Monday.
Fred Kuhn has been superintending
the removal of the relics of the late fire,
preparatory to rebuilding.
We are offering a fine grade of Cali
fornia prunes at 10 cents per pound at
the LaPorte street bakery.
Mr. Easterday, of Marmont, was in
our city Tuesday. lie is in the furni
ture business at that place.
Miss Lizzie Stine left the first of the
week, for a week's visit with relatives
and friends in South Uend.
Mrs. Sievers, sister of Mrs. W. F.
Young, has been quite ill for several
days past, but is improving.
Mrs. Leona Foley, we understand
was arrested last night, charged with
keeping a disorderly house.
Miss Gertrude Peterson and brother
Leotto, visited with their aunt and uncle
in Walkerton over Saturday.
Oliver plow points only 30 cts. each
and marked genuine Oliver on each
piece, John V. Astley Sc Son.
The following is the names of the
grand jury for this term of court: J.
M. Davis, Union; M. A. Goodrich, Cen
ter; Peter Uichards, Center; Aaron F.
Hancock, Tippecanoe; Walter Kimball,
North; Myron Chase, Polk.
W. II. Craig has been removing the
relics of the tire in the building occu
pied by Hansen's music store.
J. A. Moulter transacted business in
the eastern part of the state this week.
He returned home Wednesday.
The lire limits were extended by our
city council to center street in the block
occupied by the Democrat oilice.
Another disasrerous lire caused by
high pressure of natural gas at Parker
City, this state, last Friday morning.
Kellison & Lauer have received their
new library and oilice furniture which
they are placing in position this week.
Have you seen the full line of car
pets, rugs, crinolines, oil cloths and
window shades, at Ueeve's Uargain
The Shoemaker restaurant has been
put through a thorough cleaning up and
repairing, which adds greatly to its ap
pearance. Chas and Frank Wood secured the
contract for removing the debris from
the Corbm block. They have been at
work t Iiis week.
Day wanted to bale. You can have
your hay baled by leaving your order
with Suit S: Orr. Melvin ConroitoN,
Mishawaka, I ml.
The Princeton, Ind., llecord, came
out last week, as a live column quarto
all printed at home. Its editors are to
be congratulated.
Lee Kendall, who has been troubled
for several days with a carbuncle on
his right hand, has come out of his dire
aflliction all right.
The "Mellow" tones of the new bell
at the U. U. church, did not-satisfy the
members of that congregation, and it
has been sent back.
Golden Gloss is a liquid to be used
for gold enamel. This can be used on
either furniture, iron or leather. Sha
del fc Reynolds keep it.
Although our popular butcher Fred
Kuhn had a trreat deal of th?.t fine lard
burned up, he has on hand another lot
of pure lard that is A 1.
The elTorts toward the establishment
of a National Pythian home in I'lym
outh is assuming proportion which
make it an assured success.
The fastnact supper given at the res
idence of Mr. and Mrs. John Ilohan's
last Tuesday night was largely attend
ed, and an enjoyable time had.
When you buy flavorings get those of
known purity. Cunningham's extracts
are always pure. The leading brand.
Buying others is false economy.
J. D. McLaren, who for some time
has been very ill, slowly recovering. His
many friends will be glad to see him
once more enjoying good health.
Mrs. M. A. Millef and daughter Mary,
have been sick some days the past week,
but are once more able to be around and
attend to their household affairs.
Lee Kendall has been appointed no
tary public, and will have his desk
room in the oilice of Justice Hoffman.
He received his papers this week.
Miss Lou Russell who has been the
guest for two weeks past of Mrs. R.
Oglesbee, leaves for Illinois to-morrow
where she has secured a lucrative posi
tion. Remember that the Independent
has a full equipped job department in
connection with its office. We guaran
tee our work. Mail orders promptly
Ed. Hogarth Sc Co. are removing the
counters from the west side of their
store, to make more room. It will
greatly add to the appearance of the
Uy taking advantage of an oppor
tunity, we are enabled to sell you a fine
quality of tobacco, either plug or fine
cut for 25 cents per pound. LaPorte
Otto C. Marsh was married to Anna
Warner, daughter of Silan Warner,
Thursday of last week. The young
couple will live on the farm of Mr.
Marsh's father.
Many know, while some do not, all
should that Cunningham's flavoring
extracts are unequaled for purity and
strength. Ask for Cunningham's. Ac
cept no substitute.
The Uicycle Works commenced op
erating two sets of hands Wednesday
night last. They are preparing to do a
large business this season and orders
are coming in fast.
John Hansen, the music dealer, has
placed his instruments in the rooms
occupied by E. Spangle, where he will
do business until a more favorable loca
tion presents itself.
The Independent and tho Stock
man and Farmer one year for 82.00.
The latter is a largo farm paper and
the subscription price of this excellent
publication is 81.50
Tho County Commissioners have
been in session the 21th 25th and 2Hh
of this week, transacting business. The
reports of all tho township trustees
were received, examined and accepted.
The following salaries were allowed the
different trustees: Porter, Union, 8200.
Dilly, Tippecanoe, 8120.. Carbiner, Ger
man, 8121, Joseph, West, 8231, Wade
North, 8178, Kyle, Polk, 8172, Vöries,
Green, 8108, Uonham, Center, 8170,
Gordon, Walnut, 8251, Uiggs, Uourbon,
Our telephone exchange erected two
large polos on the corners of Garro and
Michigan streets, last Monday. This
was done in order to elevate the wires,
they being too low.
Joe Wolf represented the linn in Chi
cago this week. He was there for the
purpose of laving in a stock of goods
lor the new store. Joe will make a
hustling business man.
Misses Maggie and Alice Woodburv
entertained a large crowd of young peo
pie at their home two miles north of
this city, last Saturday evening. Al
had a very pleasant time.
The ladies are especially invited to
call at the People's drug store and se
cure some of their tissue paper and c
lamp shade. These are essential fea
tures for spring decorative work.
We will casually mention the fact
that at the display at Ketcham .v Wil
son this last week, that excellent coffee
you drank is for sale by Ed. Hogarth
Co., the proprietors of the " When
Mr. win. Späth, of Michigan Citv
has accepted a position with Mr. Fret
Kuhn, and will assist him in his meat
market. Mr. Späth is a first-class butch
er, and understands his business
U. S. Phippe, of Greenville, Mich.,
paid Plymouth a Hying visit Monday
last. Mr. Phippe was formerly agent
at the Yandalia depot at this place.
His daughter Jessie accompanied him
and they were the guests of Charlie
The boiler at the steam laundry be
came unfit for use last week, and had
to be sent away for repairs. This ne
cessitated the shutting down of the
laundry and the sending of work away.
The laundry is once more ready to do
The Independent commences next
week the mechanical work on a 300 page
book for Rev. Wilkinson, of Kewana,
lnd. The reputation of the job depart
ment of the Independent, though but
a short time in Plymouth, has gone be
yond the borders of our county.
Many a good item is lost to the
newspapers by the people who hesitate
to tell a reporter of things pertaining to
themselves. Not that they do not want
it to appear in print, but they will be
pushing themselves forward. That is
not right from our standpoint.
A law suit was in progress before
Justice Hoffman last Friday, wherein a
note held by C. C. Miles, purchased
from J. A. Molter, against Hosea
Thompson, was the bone of contention.
It was a jury trial and the verdict was
rendered in favor of Mr. Thompson.
Our old nurseryman, Wm. Holland,
of Pretty Lake Nursery, is preparing to
make his spring delivery. He reports
an excellent trade, and he no doubt de
serves it. Our people should surely ap-
1 j
preciaie sucn an enterprise in our
midst, and give it substantial support.
A young fellow by the name of Whit
ner, who has been working near the
Pittsburg depot as a barber, has become
entangled in the meshes of the law.
The cause of this trouble is a young
lady who resides at Donaldson. He
was bound over to the next term of
Gus Wolf, the clothier, being of a
hustling nature cannot wait until some
commodious building is completed for
his use, but has rented the building in
the rear of Ulain's drug store, and will
put in a stock of furnishing goods im
mediately. Watch for his announce
ment next week.
Legislatures are queer institutions.
For instance the Missouri legislature is
trying to pass a law compelling men to
shave off their whiskers, and some years
ago a bill did actually pass one branch
of the Pensylvania legislature prohibit
ing immigration into the state of any
red headed men.
A fellow in Minneapolis has gotten
up a corner on eggs and claims that he
controls all the eggs in this country.
All the hens in the country are as mum
as mice about this man's brags, they
don't even cackle about it. This state
of affairs won't last long though for the
hens are too enterprising.
A father who evidently does not de
sire to "marry off" his two daughters
tells a pretty good storey on them:
One cold night recently they took a
large bottle of hot water to bed with
them to keep their dainty feet warm,
and when they awoke the next morning
they found the water in the bottle had
frozen solid.
During the cool breezy mornings of
the past moath, when the gentle zephyrs
softly blew, and the frozen snow glis
tened like diamonds, and all nature
seemed favorable for a healthy man to
have a romp with the invigorating ele
ments, most of us had a full realization
just as the first streaks of daylight came
through the window, how pleasant it
was for the refreshed and re-invigorated
sleeper to turn over in bed and take an
other nap.
An editor out west having been asked
if ho ever saw a bald-headed woman re
plied: "No, we never did. Nor did we
ever see a woman waltzinc: around town
in her shirt sleeves, with a cigar be
tween her teeth, and run into every sa
loon she saw. We have never seen a
woman go fishing with a bottle in her
pocket, sit down on the damp ground
all day and go home drunk at night.
Nor have we seen a woman yank off
her coat and say she could lick any
mail in town. No, God bless her, she
isn't built that way."
Warren Omey. of Elkhart, represent
ing the People's Mutual Uenetit Associ
ation, has been canvassing Ply
mouth for that institution, and it is
said, is doing a good business. We are
informed it is upon the "grave vard"
order, but not being fully aware of the
fact desist from commenting.
A jolly party numbering about thirty
eight, appeared at the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. A.ll. Green wait Wednesday
night of this week and took posession
of the premises. Recovering from the
surprise, the genial host and hostess
bade them a hearty welcome. An en
joyable evening was spent by all.
The fanners are now beginning ac
tive preparations for their spring work.
The usual routine work of fixing up
fences, t'imming hedges.etc., is about
the most tedious work and makes the
fanner sigh for the time to come when
he can hitch to the plow and commence
the turning of the soil for the spring
There was a quiet wedding at the res
idence of Mrs. llitcliey last Sunday
morning at 10 o'clock, at which time
her daughter, Miss Maggie Agnes Maish.
was united in marriage, to Mr. Chas.
Mackay, of Valparaiso. Rev. L. S.
Smith, officiated. Mr. Mackev is tele
graph operator at the Pitsburgh depot,
in this city.
The erection of a large building by
Messrs. O'Keefe and Dr. Reynolds,
which was to have been built on the lot
known as the Daw's property, is about
to be abandoned owing to the extent ion
of the lire limits last Monday night by
the council. Mr. O'Keefe thinks the
value of tho property has been damaged
nearly 81,000.
Names ot those drawn for the petit
jury are as follows : Eli Parker, Union ;
Mark Elliott, L'nion; Louis Weedling,
Center; Clarence Slayter, Center; Daniel
Jacoby, Center; Achilles North, Cen
ter; Wm. Schlemner, German; Adam
Uauer, German; Alex Newhome, Green;
Lewis Clifford, Polk; Joshua W. Uen-
nett, Polk; Frank Wickizer, Walnut.
The new firm of Anderson & Hansen
are now ready to do business, and will
start out with three new special brands
of cigars. This new firm are preparing
to do a large business, and it is no more
than right that our merchants that ban
If . 1 till A W SB
uies cigars snouiu neip tins firm in
pushing their productions to the front.
This is an opportunity to show your
appreciation of home industry.
The millinery firms of Misses Mc-
Master and Humphrey have consoli
dated their respective interests, and
have located in the building occupied
by Miss Humphrey. The Independ
ent always likes to speak a good word
for any enterprise established in Ply
mouth, and know that these old firms
under one management will reap a large
harvest in their lino of work. "In
union there is strength."
The entertainment given by the G. A
R. post at their hall, last Friday night
in honor of Washington's birthday, was
well attended. The principal feature
of the evening, was the address of Prof.
J. Martin, which, although occupying
over an hour's time, was listened to
with rapt attention. His patriotic illus
trations of George Washington from
his boyhood, step by step, up to the
time of his death, was vivid and well
Owing to a misunderstanding a com
plete account of the Teacher's Institute
held here on Friday and Saturday of
last week, has been omitted. We are
informed that in the agregate, about
170 teachers of the county were present.
Teachers from Rochester and Knox
were also here to listen to the words of
wisdom and instruction, that were con
tained in papers read. It was a success
ful gathering, and good results will
surely come out of such an assembly.
The dedicating exercises at the new
U. U. church last Sunday, were very
good. At the time for the commence
ment of services the church was
crowded, all available space being oc
cupied. The dedication proper was
held in the evening, being officiated
over by Uishop Weaver. Revs. L. S.
Smith, of the II. E. church and I. Roth
enberger assisted in the memory exer
cises. The cost of this beautiful edifice
is in the neighborhood of 85,000, all but
some 8 00 being subscribed.
The following are the marriage li
censes issued at the clerk's oilice this
week: Charles Ilubler and Sarah E.
Ilinckel, Schuyler Keyser and Eliza
beth Caroline Uower, Edward Uerg and
Ida Hendricks, Chas. M. Mackay and
Maggie Agnes Maish, Ohmer M. Mar
tin and Olive U. Korp, Everett L. Jor
dan and Estella M. Coar, Fred Green-
burg and Amanda llennev. Chancy
Hecknell and Modesie Neidig, Simon
Urockey and Lauretta Stonehill, Nelson
G. Ilershburger and Minnie A. Hersh
berger. A couple of young fellows who work
ed a few days at the Novelty Works,
started out Tuesday night to enjoy
themselves in a lushing way. After
thoroughly soaking their frames with
whisky one of them at least, by the
name of Round, proceeded to convince
everyone ho met that his privilege was
greater than tho majority of our citi
ens. He at last became so insulting ai
to become obnoxious to all passing by
Dr. Linkenhelt, who chanced to pass
that way, noticed this imposition and
gently chided him for his abusive lan
uage and belligerent attitude. His ad
vice was not heeded and in an offensive,
manner attempted to hit the Doctor.
The latter "jared" the constitution of
this fast young man, causing him to lie
down and rest. In the the justice court
the matter was discussed, and this friv
ulous young man was lined si and costs
Not having the necessary funds be was
removed to the jail where he can medi
tate upon the evils of his way.
The supper given Tuesday night b
the v
oung ladies ol the
of St
Michael s church, at St. Josephs hall
was a successful affair both socially and
financially. The musical part of the
entertainment was of the very best,
while the supper spread before the
guests was excellent. A large number
of our people wvre present and speak
in glowing terms of the reception, hop
ing for another opportunity to show
their appreciation of tlie young ladies
efforts. About 83 J was cleared by the
The Supreme Court has handed down
a decision holding that a saloonkeeper
may be responsible for damages result
ing to an intoxicated person who be-
j conies intoxicated from liquor purchas
ed in his salo.n. The decision was ren
dered on a case that went up from
Huntington county. Louis laus, a
saloonkeeper in Huntington, was sued
by Joseph Sliney for the death of a son
of Sliney. The court said that a person
who sets in action any dangerous power
of force is responsible for the conse
quences. Ex.
A Careful Perusal of Our Offer De
sired. The Indi:i'i:ndi:nt has been located
in Plymouth over four months, and it has
recieved a great deal of encouragement.
Our subscription list has had a steady
and healthy grow th, and the apprecia
tion of the Independent has been
shown on every hand. Rut yet we are
not satisfied, and propose to double our
present list the coming month.
We will make the following offer
which will be closed on the 1st day of
April 16fJ5: The Marshall County Inde
pendent will be sent to any address
throughout the United States for 81.
Or we will send prepaid the INDE
PENDENT one year and a copy of "Coin's
Financial School" or a "Tale of Two
Nations" for 81.15.
Remember this offer is only good up
to April first, and the opportunity may
never be given to you again. The
Independent proposes to add new fea
tures during the coming season which
will more than pay its readers for the
money invested.
If you have seen copies of the Inde
pendent and are satisfied with its ef
forts, give it your endorsement by send
ing or bringing in you; subscription. If
you have a friend who you desire to see
a copy, send the address to this office
and it will be promptly attended to.
Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
Sash, Doors and Blinds,
Flooring, Patent Lath,
Fence Posts and Fence
01 1
The Day
Of glittering gold in the mouths of tho
people is rapidly giving way to the moro
modern and certainly more harmonious
and durable
in (Jiw on Bnoae
Newly patented System of applying
this work is a revelation to all who de
sire thrift eeth preserved and restored
to theirjiatural whiteness.
Call at the
Model Dental Parlors,
a fl mW
w riomes

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