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I i
Tired, Weak, Nervous
Hood's Sarsaparilla Restores
Strength and Bodily Vigor.
The cause of that tind. weak, ner
vous condition, in which so many peo
ple find themselves, is the failure of the
blood to properly
nourish the nerves
and tissues. Teed
the nerves upon
pure blood and
thev will be steadv
and strong. Kead
ä this:
Mtt 1 . ' A 1 ,
? . 1 . T 1
Airs. C. IT. Tenable T , . , ..
Ket!ibbi:rjf. Hi. r. I have taken it
more than ouce and am taking it now. I was
tired, my body ached, and I felt very badly all
over. I was afraid I would be pick. I thought
I would take Hood's isarsaparilla, and
It Has Cured Me,
and I find that it in cheaper than the doctor s
bills. Hood's Pills are the best I hare ever
taken, and I use no other. I am glad to have
an opportunity to recommend Hood' Sarsapa
rilla." Mus. C. II. Venable, KeUueburg. 111.
Hood's Pills are Land made, and perfect
la proportion and appearance. 2c per box.
The Great German Coffee Kerry.
Coffee at one cent a pound, that is
what it costs to prow it. good coffee, too.
Some say that it is bot tor than Ilio.
This we know, while in Europe last
summer in search of seed novelties wo
often drank this in hotels iu Trance,
Holland and Germany.
Thirty-live packages eat liest vegeta
ble seeds, 1 ; not Ö cents per package.
Largest growers of farm seeds as
oats, grass ami clover, corn and pota
toes, etc., in the world. Early heavy
yielding vegetables our specialty.
If Yon Will Cut This Oat and Jend It
Kith 1.V postage to the Jehu A. Salzer
Seed Co., La Crosse, Wis., you will
get five a package of their German Cof
fee Kerry seed and their catalogue.CXU
Two of a Kind.
Several months ago 1 W. Perry, of
Shortsville, N. Y., bought a box of No-to-bac
of his druggist, and began takin?
It. Keeeutly he wrote the Sterling Rem
edy Co., of Chicago, that No-to-bac
cured him so completely that he even
dislikes thesmell of tobacco. He further
stated that ;i friend of his was cured
of the habit and now dislikes tobacco
In any form.
AVe Are Behind Hungary.
Notwithstanding the fact that the
telephone was invented in this coun
try, we are still behind the. old world
In some of its appliances. In a little
village of Hungary, for example, there
was a concert held lately iu which the
audience listened by means of tele
phones distributed around the room to
tsongs by celebrated artists In three
theaters of Kuda-P; st, located miles
away. Finally the young people
danced for hours to music played in
the same distant place.
"Torpedo scissors," a new form of
torpedo net cutter invented by a Dan
ish oflicer, have proved successful, it is
said, in recent tests. They are fixed to
the head of the torpedo and fall apart
In striking the net, cutting it so as to let
the torpedo pass through and strike tho
"Female Sufferers,
" Hear mo !
" I was discouraged, broken
hearted. I was so ill with female
trouble I could not walk or stand,
and had to be assisted to my feet
when arising
from a chair.
" My head
whirled, and
back ached, but
worst of all was
that crowding
down feeling in
my abdomen.
"A friend told
me of Lydia E.
Pinkhmris Vegetable Ccmfoumi;
her faith won mine, and now I
am well. Oh ! how can I return
thanks to Mrs. Pinkham !
"Every woman troubled with
uterus or womb troubles can be
cured, for it cured me, and will
them." Mrs. Kerhaugh, Juniata
St., Nicctown, Penn.
This great medicine destroys
poisonous germs, cleanses the sys
tem, strengthens the womb.
The Greatest Medical Discovery
of the Age.
Has discovered in one of our common
pasture weeds a remedy that cures every
kind of Humor, from the worst Scrofula
down to a common Pimple.
He has tried it in over eleven hundred
cases, and never failed except in two cases
(both thunder humor). He has row in his
possession over two hundred ctrtificates
of its value, all within twenty miles of
Boston. Send postal card for book.
A benefit is afways experienced from
the first bottle, and a'perfect cure is war
ranted when the right quantity is taken.
When the lungs are affected it causes
shooting pains, like needles passing
through them; the same with the Liver or
Bowels. This is caused by the ducts being
stopped, and always disappears in a week
after taking it. Read the label.
If the stomach Is foul or bilious it will
cause squeamish feelings at first.
No change of diet ever necessary. Eat
the best you can get, and enough cf it.
Dose, one tablespoonful.in water at bed
time. Sold by all Druggists.
So rro v find Want ist.illv T.iroiijili the
Hocking Valley An Appeal for Aid
Which Has Not JJecn In Vain-Kc-licf
Supplies INuirintr In.
Need I'ood ami Clothe.
In the I locking ami .Sunday
valleys of the Ohio, where
perity and happiness once held
hacked by healthy industry and good fel
lowship, at least 1o,in miners and their
families are now destitute and dependent
entirely uihmi charity, and their condition
is so serious that starvation must come
to some ere relief can reach them. Hun
ger and sorrow and suffering have taken
the places of wealth, happiness and
health. The miners" troubles began about
a year ago. There was some l;tli ulty
with the mine operators regarding wages
ami the workmen struck. The strike con
tinued for weeks ami months, until all the
pavings of the miners and the unions were
exhausted. During the Inst part of May
the ditlif-ulty was settled and the miners
returned to work, the operators agreeing
to pay 00 cents a ton to miners in OLio
nnd OTi cents in Pennsylvania. Presently
the operators of Pennsylvania violated
this part of the agreement and refused to
pay more than ."." cents a ton. Tlijs gave
them a chance to underbid the Ohio op
erators and work began to be slack in
Things went from bad to worse in the
Hocking and Sunday Creek valleys. The
miners had been in the custom of receiv
ing thwir pay iu the form of "scrip" g..od
for purchases at the company's stores.
When work began to slacken the stores j
carried the men on their books for a time.
hoping for better times. Knt finally this i
was no longer possible ami the miner J
were refused credit. The miners of this j
part of Ohio are noted for their proud j
spirit. Their earnings had always beer j
pood, thus keeping them above every i
want, and their spirits had never been j
crushed by reverses. So when they found j
themselves in so serious a plight they
ii'iti. i.k.h t. . ii.l fj. .il- .ii.l until fitolli- !
they were practically on the verge of star
vation. So far people outside of the im
mediately affected district had no idea
huw bad was the condition of the miner.
1 WW r ITTISS ft'rZ
ol ItHI I'Sll ' di'V
JÄ -VSP-Vr- ' J?" !
The first inkling they had was .lau. S.
when a delegation from the Hocking Val
ley Trades Assembly called en (!ov. Mc-Kini'-y
;tnd stated to hiui the facts of the
case, and asked for aid.
A Clem-roil l'csiioufc.
(lov. McKinley immediately ordered a
carload of provision-' sent to Nelsonville.
the Columbus Hoard of Trade assuming !
the expense. Cat load after carlead of
supplies has since been sent to the suf
ferers iu response to urgent requests, un
til to-day the number of loads is nearly
a score.
The present indications are that it will
be necessary to send several carloads of
provisions into the valley every week for
not less than three months, and ioss"ibIy
longer. It was the first intention of (!ov.
McKinley to issue a general appeal to the
people of the State for contributions. He
decided, however, not to do so at once, but
to call on the various cities iu turn as
long as possible, and (hen to issue a gen
eral appeal if it should become necessary.
His idea in this method of procedure was
to preclude the possibility of there being
a great Hood of contributions sent into
the valleys, which might encourage waste
ami exhaust the supply before the time of
need had passed.
The capital city, as before stated, was
the first to respond. Then Cincinnati
was called upon by the iovernor, and (he
Chamber of Commerce of that city sent
seven carloads to tlw sufferers. John Mc-
Lean, of thnt city, alone contributing 1,
(M worth of flour to the district of dis
tress. The citj' of Cleveland gracefully
came into line; Toledo followed, with
Chillicothe, the ancient capital, abreast,
nnd Dayton came next. Since then there
were generous contributions from many
other points, and the situation is now
much brighter, nllhouch there is not yet
any permanent improvement, inasmuch as
bore can le no final f-o!s.ion of the dis
tressing prctlui) until there is a penera!
revival of the mining ii.dustry of the val
leys, 'there is now no iremise of this.
There is i:t t the s-Iii-l.test opportunity
for fraud or imposition in the distribution
of the supplies. The rcüef com mit tees
are cmi-jh .! ,,f VM.n ,,f tu. p. vf charac
ter and intelligence. Many of then! are
lawyers, dj-tor at.d n.iiiistv rs of the
gospel. In several instances the Mayors
of the towns where distress prevails are
the chairmen of the relief committees.
The utmost care is exerted to i revent any
person from drawing supplies from the
vonimiss.arics who is ;..it worthy of char
Council Hlum- tifhVtrs Have a l'i
with n daou of Desperadoes.
For a short time Monday evening the
business streets of Council Pi! tiffs were
transformed into a bnttlerieh'. and timid
people beat a rapid retreat in their efforts
to set
k places ef saf
The fvwilade
was caused by :.n attempt of iVp'ity
OT'rh'Mi and three tl, r oliirs to arrest
three men suspected of rchbiug the bank
at GriswoM, Iowa. O'Hrieii and one of
th" alleged robbers were M-riotjsly and
perhaps fatally wounded, while a motor
man was struck by a glai.'-ing ball. Two
of the three zm n wore captured, though
the third made good Lis escape.
During the afteri.on the 't.ti:1 P.Iuffs
of!ic-rs were notified of the robbery of the
National Kai.k r.t flriswohl. Iowa, and us
a result the men were en the hx.kout for
the suspects. Just after dusk as one of
the ofikcrs was patrolling his beat ho no
ticed a m:tn sitting in the oflice of tin Kiel
Hotel wh answered the descri-gion tele
graphed from Griswold. Deputy Sheiiff
O'l.rien wjjs notitied. and after taking a
look at the man he concluded ihat he was
one of the -individuals who were wanted,
but not feeling like attacking a bank rob-
her single-linniel an alone, lie called to
bis assistance Hejaity Sheriff Ibw.ker,
JS,1 jn company with (Mbcers Peterson
ami Ware the party entered the hotel ollice
:l;.d invited the inspected man to take a
As the live inn left the hotel two oth
t.rs. who had been sitting near, an.se and
followed, keeping several yards behind,
The suspect was eondin-ted toward the
...mtv b.iil nl -nvt l...x- r.-n-)..l tt,.
steps of tho ri.'-rt hoiiM' iK-puty f)ltrion
droppid behind, telling his prisoner tc
walk in front. As he did this the two men
who had been following the party whip
ped out their revolvers an.l commenced
firing at the otfi eis. This was the signai
for a general "ln-oenter, and. pulling theii
guns, the officers returned the fire, the
prisoner and the two strangers separating
from tin otücers and sl:..t:ng as they ran.
Pol some ininutis the fusillade was
kept up. ci;i;:t ns and other oliicers ioin-
iS in 'he battle, which had become gen-
vViil ',,0,!-' he h-. titil the despera- I
o"oes were overcome and twe of them plac-!
'1 under arrest. They gave their name.
as John Ileiüy and Janus Wibon. As
soon as lhey w re secure behind the bars
the officers started to look for the wound
ed, and in the search thy discovered that
Deputy (I'Mrie:: was severely wounded,
a ball having struck him in the abdo
men, entering the body and lodging near
tiie spine Ib-ii'y was hit in the groin,
l he ball penetrating sui two inches.
The thiru man. who is supposed to have
been one of the rubbers, escaped and l'.cd.
In -a rchSuir i h ii.cn at the jail their pock
ets yielded ;i !:rao n m.l.tr of postage
stamps :!!;'. a e, uJity of small chamr.
A sack i: -k. Is was als found which
had evidently thrown away.
The Nevv
If Congress agrees to the proposition
to kill off all the Alaska seals this year,
the sealskin sacque will cease to frighten
young men out of marrying.
The conventi n of White Kihhon Winn
en at Washimrt m are asking "What are
our special needs at the national capital?"
Hotter boarding houses, probably.
President Cleveland can't accept the set
of plate presented by the Krazilian !ov
ernnient. diclo Sam ties a string to any
present offend one of his ollicials.
There is nothing wonderful about
"Prince" Ilaiiz being found impecunious
iu New York. Lack of cash is what
Illings most titled gentlemen over here.
A lot of boys in a Pennsylvania semi
nary for both sexes have been expelled
for invasion of the women's wing of the
building. Is this what co-education lead
China's Emperor has ordered that nil
the defenders of Wci-Hai-Wei shall be
beheaded. As they are all in Japanese
hands, they have the j,Le on His Ma
jesty. A trip-hammer with a sirring force of
1'2) tons is being made for the (overn
ment. Send it to Washington to hammer
the people's will into the heads of Con
gressmen. The padrone system has come to light
in Kosten, where eight natives were liv
ing upon what they compelled a dozen
boys to beg. A Yankee is never too proud
to learn.
b Those Iiong Island Methodists who
have had a strong spring of water burst
forth iu the basement of their church
should trade edifices with n Kaptist congregation.
r- '
Accept None of
ILtjECAUSE inferior
&i preparations are
so much lower
urging consumers to use them in place of the Royal at
the same retail price.
If you desire to try any oi the pretended substitutes
for Royal Baking Powder bear in mind that they are
all made from cheaper and inferior ingredient?, and are
net so great in leavening strength nor cf equal money
value. Pay the price of the Royal Baking Towdlr
for the Royal only.
It is still more important, however, that Royal Baking
Powder is purer and more wholesome, and makes better,
finer, and more healthful food than any other baking
powder or preparation.
Khe Had Xo Time to Waste on Him.
"Your country has no future." said
the esthetic Englishman to the clever
j girl. "There N here no art atmosphere,
don t you know, such as wo have in
London. Look at your stage, for in
stance, Knglish authors and Lnglish
players doing the only things worth see
ing. Your painters work Iu Paris, and
your two best novelists in London or
Rome. Keally, don't yon know, you
Lave no future."
"A moment ago." retorted the clover
girl, musingly, "you said we had no
past. With no past and no future, it
bceuis to mo I'd better improve the pres
ent. Do go and ask that man opposite
to come and talk to me. He's an Ameri
can, and can teach mo something about
my unhappy country while yet there
is time."
The Englishman afterward remarked
that she was an extremely impertinent
young person. New York Press.
Small IlcKiimiugs
Make groat endings sometimes. Ailments
that we are nrt to consider trivial often
grow, through neglect, Into atrocious mala
dies, dangerous in themselves and productive
of others. It Js the disregard of the earlier
indications of ill health which leads to the
establishment of all sorts of maladies on a
chronic basis. Moreover, there are certain
disorders Incident to the season, such ns
malaria and rheumatism, against which it is
always desirable to fortify ttie system after
exposure to the conditions which produce
them. Cold, damp ami miasma are surely
counteracted by Hostel ter's Stomach Hitters.
After you have Incurred risk from these in
fluences, a wineglassful or two of Hostetter's
Stomuvh IJitters directly afterwards should
be swallowed. For malaria, dyspepsia, liver
complaint, kidney and bladder trouble, ner
vousness and debilüy it is the most deserved
ly popular of remedies and preventives. A
wineglassful before meals promotes appetite.
Tumblers of nearly the same shape
and dimensions as those employed to-
dimensions as those employed to
day have been found iu great numbers
in Pompeii. They were of gold, silver,
glass, agate, marble, and other semi-
precious stone.
Deafness Cannot He Cured
lv local cpplkutions. as they cannot reach the
diseased portion of the eari There is only one
wav to cure Deafness, and that Is by constitu
tional remedies. Deafness caused by an in
flamed condition of the. mucous lining of the
Eustachian Tube. When this tube pets Inflamed
von haw a rumbling sound or imperfect hear
ing, and ben it is entirely clo-ed Deafness is
the resr.lt. and unless the inflammation can bft
taken out and this tub restoied to Its normal
condition, hearing will te destroyed forever;
nine cases out of ten are caused by catarrh.
which Is nothinj hut an inflamed coaUltioiiof
the mucous surface;.
We will give no Hundred Dollar-: for any
eae of Doafnnvs (caused bv catarrh) that cannot
l e cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send lor cir
culars, free. .
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. O.
"r-'okl by Dnigni-ts, 7.V:.
Carrie Liebig has been apointed as a
Division Surgeon of the Northern Pa
cific at Hope, Idaho. This is the first
woman physician to be appointed iu
the railway service.
The Liowest Kates I'.rer Made to tho
Will be in effect via the Louisville and
Nashville Kail road on March T. April 2
and .". lStr. Itound trip tickets will be
sold to points in Kentucky. Tennessee,
Alabama, Mississippi, tJ-orgia and West
Florida, and one way tickets to Florida
at about half the regular raten. Ask
your ticket agent about it. and if he cau
not sell you excursion tickets write to
C. T. At more, (ieneral Passenger Aeut,
Ixnisville. Ky.. or iJoo. 1 Cross, N. W.
1. A., Chicago, 111.
The lancers was the invention of
Joseph Hart in 1S11. The title page of
his original edition of ihe music says
it was danced by the nobility and
gentry at Tenby In that year.
Which Man Wins?
The one with steady nerves and n clear
brain. That menus, in nine cases out of
ten. the man with a good digestion. A
ltipans Tabule after dinner may save to
morrow's business.
The cap of the Washington monu
ment Is a pyramidal mass of aluminum
weighing 100 ounces. When this was
made aluminum was $S a pound.
We cannot define It, but there seem to
be an "aroma of lovew about every young
lady wbo6e complexion has been beautified
by tilenn's Sulphur Soap.
T-w-w-yr-w-ww-v-w -w
If It's a Sprain, Strain, or
St. Jacobs Oil
Will Cure It
Substitutes for
I Powder
and cheaper made baking
bought at wholesale at a price
than Royal, some grocers arc
Ulack Ciistipowtler.
Saltpetre, charcoal and sulphur are
the ingredients of black gunpowder.
In this country the proportions are:
Saltpetre. 70 part: charcoal, PJ.5 pari-;
sulphur. T'.r parts.
The Modern Invalid
Has tastes medicinally, in keeping with
other luxuries. A remedy must be
pleasantly acceptable In form, purely
wholesome In composition, truly bene
ficial in effect and entirely free from
every objectionable quality. If reallv
111 he consults a physician; If consti
pated he uses the gentle family laxative
Syrup of FiS.
Lamps were used before written his
tory. Thousands of ancient lamps
have been found.
1,000 Du. Potatoes Per Acre.
Wonderful yields in potatoes, oats,
corn, farm and vegetable seeds. Cut
this out and send .re postage to the
John A. Sal;:er .Seed Co., La Crosse.
Wis., for their great seed book and
sample of (Jiaut Spurry. CNU
Senator (Jalliuger, of New Hamp
shire, used to be a compositor and re
porter. A Constant Cot c.u with Failing
Strength and Wasting of Flesh, are svmp-
J toms denoting Pulmonary organs more or
less seriously anected. l on will hud a safe
remedy for all Lung or Throat-ails in Dr.
D. Jayne's Expectorant.
Denmark has 14. m square miles, a
little larger than Maryland.
I use Piso's Cure for Consumption ltoth
In my family and practice. lr. (i. W. Pat
terson, Inkster. Mich.. Nov. 5. 1S1.
rives you a f;clin of horror and dread.
here" is no '.ouger necessity fcr its use
in many diseases formerly regarded as
incurable without cutting". The
Triumph cf Conservative Surgery
is weil :i!u-t:ated by the fct that
RI1PTI1RF cr Ereach is row i?
I tUL caf-Y cure(j without the
knife and without pain. Clumsy, chaf
ing trusses can le thrown away ! They
never cure but often induce inflamma
tion, strangulation and death.
Tl 1 MOP Ovarian. Fibroid (t"trinrl
I Ui'ivylvO an(j many others:, are now
removed without the perils of cutting
PILE TUMORS, fHVu ia 1 ar i
other diseases of the lower bowel, are
permanently cured without paiu or re
fort to the knife.
CTAVC in the Bladder, ro matter
OIvi"Li l;ow large, is crushed, pul
verized, washed out a cd perfectly re
moved without cutting'.
QTRIPTI IP F cf Urinarv Pass-ice is
O I IVlw i UIU ab-o removed without
cuttir.p in hundreds of cases. For pam
phlet, references and all particulars,
send 10 cents (ia stamps) to World's Dis
pensary Medical Association, 663 Main
Street, Buffalo. N. Y.
and those soon to be
come mothers,
should know that Dr.
Pierce's Favorite
Prescription robs
childbiith of its tor
tures, terrors and
dangers to both
mother and child, by
aiding nature in pre
paring tne fysteni
for parturition,
Thereby "labor"
and the period ofj
con lineuieut are
greatly shortened. It also promotes the
secretion of an abundance of nourishment
for the child.
Mrs. Por a A. Gn rrniv. of Oaklev, Cm ton Co.,
Trnn.. writes: "When I begxn taking I'r.
l'ierce Favorite Prescription. I was rrt nl1e to
stand 011 ray feet without Mtfletiug almost death.
Now I do all my hcusewotk. washing, cooking,
tewing nnd everything for my family cf ei j;Iit. I
am Mor.ter now than I have lieen in six year.
Your ' Favorite Preset iptiou ' is the best tö take
before confinement, or at 1eai it proved 0 with
me. I never suffered so little with auy of my
children as I did with my last."
t B
-1 VA 1 ff 1
Bear in Mind that "The Gods Help
Those Who Help Themselves." Self
Help Should Teach You to Use
-w i
v m M -.-
DO NOT BE DECEIVED '-Gterttsmfrtrt
with Pastes, Enrtmel, and Taints v.J.icii
etain tho hands, injure the iron, and burn
red. The liising Sun Stovo I'oMsh is Piil
liant, Odcrles, :mu Iur;dle. E.-u h p.te k.-.-j
ccutaiiis ix omnes; when n.oi-trned will
make srver.d box s e.f Paste Polish.
.-:7.i4f f
Frrthf.t full feclii.j:
Thnt conic" after ijitii.gr
Tht r" i- a remedy,
fr-imrde but tTe :ive
und inamcüiatc.
A Ripnns Tahulc.
Take f.ne ! nt the tin e,
fc wallow it
there you nre.
One nlio pets Ju-t as full
In auy ot ner v ax
I i;ot tu uneomiorti.bly et ite t o.
That m Tj?at!on, to hiii:,
Conies: later.
To prevent it
Take a lahuic
lkfore goinj; to bed.
Tr. AVinslow's Soothiso VTSr? T: Chlldrea
tettune; eo:t-ii6 t'ie uum, reauoe. lntiir)ii;ati'ia.
tiiays imn. cures icd colic. i5 cr Lt a bottlo.
Proverts t'uv .-lvert i.Cfn.
A p;"d advcrtisoniejit is like ihe incr-
chant's chilis it bringetli abiit;daio
from a far.
lie that payeth for advi'riiseinent.s
with goods is a fool, for he rajseth tip
competition in his own market.
Kvery wise n-an advortiseih. luit a
fool spceulateth di the Stock Kxchan.go.
He that, trusleth in a hirür' circulation
shall be wealthy, but he that U-lievctU
iu -h "-ap lvii s shall be br' 1.
The smallest circulation i.ath ift tho
loudest. loligU".
A big advertiser b avetl: an inheiit
ance to his children's children's chil
dren. A small advertisement Is better than,
a bad traveler.
There is iie worse robber than a Jour
nal that does not circulate. leoorator'ft
(lazette. London.
Catarrh eaur-l Imais'--rf.
and diß;ul'y in j ih
iwj 1 also to a yrca rrtcnt
lo,t hrariiiQ. liy the uf .
I-'y's Cream Hdlm lr- 'ihq
of noiit hau rruxrf. rr
and hairing Itnif ctfi
iuifrttrrd J. IF. Vir7.'n.
A tt'u t:t Lou , Mvnnmuth IU.
FLY'S CUKAM It AI.M Op iif ar.tl e'eansen th
J:;al l'aM,j4r. k. AI.'avk I'.iin iil Inrlumiiiatioii llala
the Sorer, l'rott-etn tlm Mei.ilirnc froiuColdH h
ttoreK the Sn-e ot 1 kt-t and Stiiea. 'lbe Halm is
yuickly abt-orlw-d md roes n iif kt cu.-u.
A ptrtlr Ik appMf-d Into each cot-trl! nd 1 ajrr
ble. Price Mi i r-nth. at tiri:at or bv luil
1XY PROim iW. I Warren Street. w York.
Ove." One MUUoa People wear tho
W. L. Douglas ?3 & $4 Shoes
AH ourshoes are equally satisfactory
They give the best value for the money.
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Thsir wearing qualities are unsurpassed.
The prices are uniform, stamped on sola.
From $1 to f3 saved over ether makes.
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03 South Jefferson Street, - Chicago, 111,
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