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M. mmm a mm M
iJennsLilvania Lines.
vJ Schedule of PassengerTralns-Central Time
6 001
Pltb'Kh.lv.7 006
1 1
AllIauce...arJ 9 50 8 30
Canton lv.'io 2S; 9 04!
4 3
5 2
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10 3S 919
111810 05
122511 10:
5 4
Wooster "
Mansfield ... 44
1'rewtline. ar.
Bucyrus lv
Lima "
Van Wert... 44
6 5
8 3
125011 40 16 2d
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-....1212! 6 45 Pü
2 54
9 5ft 1 Art Q 9fl
4 55
3 34 2 2910 1711
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riir... ... 1 ar
4 251 3 20 ;11 20j am
4 301 3 30 11 40 13 Od
5 30
Areola "
jLarwlll "
rierceton. ... 44
Eagle LAke . "
Warsaw 44
Etna Green. 44
Bourbon "
Inwood 44
Plymouth... 44
Grovertown "
Davis 44
Hanna . 4
Wanatah..... 44
Valparaiso.. '
Wheeler 44
Hobart "
Liverpool ...
Clarke "
Chicago ...ar,
... 11 57 8 19
4 01,122? 8 33
1237 8 4
614 2
12461 8 5a
6 21'
1257f9 04
3 31?
5 31
4 35
1 33 9 09
6 38 3
1 24 9 26
6 49C
4 M T
1 31 9 33I
fl 41 9 42
7 003
1 551 9 65
2 1310 15
2 2010 22
2 4110 39
51 10 501 AM
t7 2d
7 43
11133 8 VA
t i Äina 8 zu
8 001
1051 943
3" .
Chicago ...lv
Clark "
Liverpool.... "
Hobart 4
Valparaiso.. "
Wanatah .... 44
Hanna 44
Davis .. 44
Hamlet "
Grovertown 44
Plymouth... 44
Inwood 44
Bourbon 44
Etna Green.. 44
Warsaw 44
Eagle Laka. 44
Plerceton 44
Larwill 44
Columbia Cv"
t7 30Z 1511 30 til 30 r5 402 4S
11 ou TU
1257) 1
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8 311
18 6 43
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8 44
8 50
8 57
9 10
9 35
9 46
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fl23 1477101
4 50
1 35,
2 05!
7 21 4 04
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'8 06!
10 051
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10 571
8 55 '5 21
9 02' 529
9 08 f 5 331
922' 64Ö
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9 39; 6 oa
11 A.
9 46' 611
12 R
718 4 451
958 6221
Areola "
10115 6 37
10 35
6 53
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an wert...
Bucyrus 44
Crest II near.
Mansfield ...lv.
"Wooster 44
Mass 11 Ion 44
Canton. 44
Alliance ..ar.
11 900
3 00 945
6 38
7 30
9 32
8 IS
11 52
5 SOU 5510 00
6 4012 2810 37
8 01 1 45114
9 031 2 571245
3 1$ 1 05
3 501 1 45!
6 33 5 00;
10 0.
AM !
Gsaeril Mnagr, General Passenger Agent,
il-30-9i-3T PITTSBURGH, Penn'a.
For time cards.rates of fare, through tickets,
baggage checks, and further information re
garding the running of trains, apply to any
Agent of the Pennsylvania Lines.
J. K. HANKS, A pent.
SOUTH l!()(M i i: i.s.
No. r.l f:iwa. in.
" .V.) nwo a. in. Loral freight.
" "4 1-.':."i. in.
cl 5.0H a. in. Throuiih frt'ipht.
No. r2-
1. in.
-11 :lo p. in. L.m :i1 freight.
-lo:os i. in.
F. U. HA I.E. Apwit.
Myinoiitli. Ind.
12:03 p. m. Daily except umlay.
6: J7p. 111.
9:4S a. m. Daily except Sunday.
12:03 i. in. luteal, daily except Sunday.
6:40 p. in. Daily except Sunday.
C. 1J. HUlilir.S. Agent.
Plymouth, Ind.
Rev. L. A. Moexch! Tastor Early Mass,
7:30 a. m.; High Mass, 10 a. in.; Catechecal In
struction. 2:30 p. in.; Vespers, 3 p in. Mass.
every morning, 7:4.1. C. R. L. meets first and
third Thursday of every month. St. Boniface
Society, first Monday of every month.
Rev. W. W. Raymond, Rector. Regular
Sunday morning service, 10:30 a. m. Kegi.lar
Sunday evening service. 7:00. Regular Wednes
day evening service. 7:oo. Sunday school after
morning service, at noon. Ladies' Parish (iuild
meets every Thursday afternoon. Altar (iuild
meets every Monday evening. Young Church
men's Guild meets every Sunday evening.
Rev. L. S. Smith, Prstor. Class meeting,
9:30 a. m. Regular Sunday morning service. l():3t)
a. m. ltegular Sunday evening service, 7;l." p.m.
Sunday school, 12:Oo in. Epworth league prayer
meeting. Sunday, 6:1." p. m. Prayer meeting,
Thursday evening at 7:30. Teachers' meeting,
Thursday evening at 8:30. Cottage prayer meet
ing, Friday evening at 7::. Meeting of the
otlicial board, first Monday evening of each
month. .L W. Wiltfong Suierintendent of Sun
da ,sehool; Melvin A. Chase. President Epworth
League; .Mrs. Prof. F.D. Redd. Organist.
r i:f( )rmed church.
Rev. .1. Rotiiem'.ekoek. Pastor. Regular
Sunday morning service, M:3o Regular Sunday
evening services. 7:i. Prayer meeting and
Teachers' meeting eery Wednesday evening,
at 7::. Sunday scliool at !::) a. in. Christian
Endeaver prayer meeting. Sunday at r.:l" p. m.
W. II. Seider. Supei intcndeiit of Sunday school;
,I.C. H(e. Assistant Siiperinti'iidetit of Sim
day school; Mis Edith HoovTand Mrs, Dibble,
Rev. . p. Lamhs. Pastor, (lass meeting
every Sunday at :i:3u a. in. Preaching every
Sunday at H:':o a. tti. . Sabbath school at Iri:tii in".
Y. P P.. every Sunday at ;:iio p. in. Preach
ing. Sunday at 7:i I. in." l'ra.er meeling Thurs
day at 7:im p. M. Teachers' meeting Saturday at
7:Ot j. in. lilies' A id Society meets every ed-
nesUay at 2:u p in.
'Coin's rinimcial Scliool."
Miles Nervine fret at lJlain's.
Yrog in your throat at 1 Main's.
The Independent one year for 81.00.
Dr. King's cough cure free at l&lain's.
Mrs. 15ehrens is quite sick with lung
William Wagoner is sick with the la
grippe. Karl McLaughlin is down with the
Have you read "Coin's Financial
Charles Huff is taking in LaPorte
this week.
Miss Chloe JUitler has been sick with
the mumps.
Have you seen the full line of car
pets rugs, crinolines, oil cloths and
window shades, at Reeve's Bargain
Whips from 10 cents up, at II. 13.
J. Ii. Smalley was a LaPorte visitor
I. D. Smalley 's wife and child are on
the sick list.
Mrs. P. 1). Covert visited the capital,
Senator Parker and wife spent Sun
day at home.
Miss Dollie Beeves is aftlicted with
the la grippe.
John JJarr's baby has been sick, the
last few i'iys.
Miss Maud Flora has been quite sick
the past week.
Andrew Hitter has a child very low
with catarrhal.
Kay Tanner went to LaPorte Wednes
day, on business.
A full ounce of good Perfumery at
Blain's for 23 cts.
S. W. Jackson, of Bourbon, was in
this city Tuesday.
Edwin Meyers spent several days in
Chicago last week.
Did you say tissue paper? Go to
Shadel & Reynolds.
Chas. Turner and w ife were visiting
in Argos yesterday.
Miss Sarah Kyle, of Tyner City, was
in the city Tuesday.
A full line of Stoves from 810 up to
8200, at Whitlock's.
Mrs. York has been suffering with a
cancer on her neck.
Bert Reeve's child is sick with con
gestion of the lungs.
Sigmund Mayer was in Denver, Ind.,
Tuesday on business.
Pure hog lard always on hand at Fred
Kuhn's meat market.
C. C. Buck transacted business in
LaPorte, Wednesday.
Chas. K. Croup was at Maxenkuckee
Saturday and Sunday.
J. M. Kyser spent Wednesday in
Walkerton on business.
Lewis Suit has been confined to the
house with the mumps.
At the LaPorte street bakery we han
dle Fox's xxxx cracker.
Feter Zimmerman's child is sick with
the membranous croup.
Frank Carr, of Inwood was a Plym
outh visitor Wednesday.
Sam Jordan went to Fort Wayne
Wednesday, on business.
J. C. Smith visited North Liberty
Wednesday, on business.
Dr. Wiseman, of Marmont, was in the
city Tuesday on business.
All kinds of tin work done on short
notice by II. B. Whitlock.
Orr's No. 4 condition powder, the or
iginal formula, at Blain's.
Melvin Carver, of Bremen, was in the
city Tuesday on business.
J. A. Yockey, of Polk township, spent
Wednesday in Etna Green.
A full line of builders' hardware very
low at J. V. Astley & Son's.
Oliver plows cheaper than ever be
fore, John V. Astley & Son.
Get a sample bottle of Hoslicke
Malted Milk at Blain's, free.
Mrs. Fisher, of Argos, is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. C. R. Hughes.
Blain have the original formula for
all of Dr. Orr's Prescriptions.
Frank Glass' children, of Twin Lakes,
are suffering from bronchitas.
There are eleven divorce cases on
docket for this term of court.
Louis Dunham spent a week in Argos
visiting relatives and friends.
The weather is moderating again, and
prospects begin to brighten up.
Carl Reynolds made a Hying trip to
Fizzletown, Tuesday afternoon.
Just received, a tine line of men's
shirts at Reeve's Bargain Store.
Arnold Cleveland spent Friday even
ing in Walkerton visiting friends.
Miss Angie Thayer went to Indiana
polis to visit friends, Wednesday.
All orders left at Kuhn's meat market
are tilled and deliverejjl promptly.
Dr. Linkenhelt wasAn Marmont last
Wednesday, transacting business.
Frank Wickizer, of Argos, was doing
business in Plymouth, Wednesday.
Have you seen the Irish jig dancer at
Shadel A; Heynolds'? It is a daisy.
Judge Capron left for Indianapolis
Thursday, to visit for a day or two.
John Stronibeck has been wrestling
with the grippe for a few days past.
A large quart bottle of olives only :JÖ
cents, at the LaPorte street bakery.
The twelve day old baby of Homer
Stroup and wife died Monday night.
Glassware and notions at astonishing
low figures at Reeve's Bargain Store.
The Independent one year and
Coin's Financial School" for only 81.1".
Thomas Yoreis, of Green township,
visited friends in this city, Wednesday.
The Golden (J loss is just the thing for
repairing furniture, pictures and shoes.
Just received, at Shadel & Reynolds',
a full line of garden tools for children.
Mentone citizens mean business,
which is shown in the last issue of the
Gazette. It states that they have 85000
and land for the location of any manu
facturing that will locate there that em
ploys 100 hands. Such propositions as
this is what fetches the business.
Samuel Parker, so we are informed is
contemplating removing to Indianapo
lis. Emory Norris, who has been working
at the Novelty, left tor Argos, Wednes
day. Miss Jennings, of Mentone, was visit
ing her cousin Mis3 Ilalsey over Sun
day. A second hand sewing machine for
sale cheap at Blain's, in good running
If you want a hat be sure and see
us before you buy. Reeve's Bargain
Call and see those fine Dongola shoes
for 81.00 and 81.50, at Reeve's Bargain
Mrs. Compton, of Bourbon, is visiting
friends and relatives of this city this
Miss Daisy Bowell is visiting with
Miss Clara Koo.itz, at Lakeville, this
Supt. S. S. Fish spent Tuesday in Ar
gos on business pertaining to school
Mrs. Stiles has been suffering with
the quinsy, but is able to be around
Thos. Gandy, of Maxenkuckee, has
purchased Dr. Knott's fine driving
The members of the Lutheran church
have been having their parsonage re
paired. John Shroeder's child is suffering with
brain trouble and is past all hopes of re
covery. Chas. Lewis' child is suffering with
the croup, but is thought to be out of
Mrs. Denny O'Brien spent Tuesday in
Grovertown visiting relatives and
William Brekford.of South Bend, was
visiting with his father over Sunday, in
this city.
Eli Parker, of Maxenkuckee, has been
in our city the past week. He is doing
jury duty.
Theodore Cressner was doing busi
ness in LaPaz Junction, yesterday
Miss Ellen (J lass enjoyed a visit at
South Bend with friends and relatives,
Our city niarshall, S. Myers had a
short tussell near Michigan street bridge
Sunday last.
Will Yoder, of Hammond, came to
this city to accept employment at the
Cycle Works.
The K of P's., of Walkerton are con
templating the erection of a castle hall
in that place.
Mrs. Warren who has been keeping
house for Jacob Mikels, left for Men
tone, Monday.
From this issue until the 1st of April
you can secure tne Independent one
year for 81.00.
Miss Amanda Boye, of Yalparaiso, is
visiting relatives and friends in this city
for a few days.
A fine baby boy made his appearance
last Saturday morning at the home of
R. B. Oglesbee.
Fyank Lynch, of Fort Wayne, came
to this city one day last week, to work
for the Novelty.
Jas. Talbott transacted business in
Chicago last week. He returned home
Friday evening.
Langen & Co., are busily at work
erecting their foundry south of the
Pittsburgh track.
Representative Simons and wife came
home Saturday from Indianapolis, re
turning Monday.
The latest in the line of lamp shades
and tissue paper can be found at Sha
del & Reynold's.
Mrs. Chas. Britton, of Crawfordsville,
is in the city, visiting her sons, George
and Otis Mikels.
Bring your chickens and fat stock to
F. II. Kuhn's meat market, and get the
highest cash price.
Ask your grocer for Cunningham's
llavoring extracts. Take no other.
You can't afford it.
John Cleveland has moved from his
home, southwest of Plymouth, to the
Seltenright property.
Job work is our specialty, in from one
to three or more colors if desired. We
guarantee our work.
The largest stock of paints, oil and
varnishes ever brought to Plymouth, at
J. Y. Astley & Son's.
William Jeffries is the happy posses
sor of a girl baby which made its ap
pearance Wednesday.
At the LaPorte street bakery you can
find a fine line of canned apples, worth
2-" cents per gallon can.
Miss Ollio Bronson, ot Buchanan,
Mich., is visiting relatives and friends
in Plymouth and Argos.
Sheriff Smith had his pony's leg broke
Ly being kicked by another horse, while
in the barn, Friday night.
S. W. Rothenberger, of Mulberry, Ind.,
visited" his brother Rev. Rothenberger
last Sunday and Monday.
It is truly stounding how some peo
ple get the '.estern fever. It seems to
make little difference about the ugly ru
mors that come in from those who know,
people will sell out what they have
where they have lived for years and
made a good living, and go west. They
learn the exact condition when they get
"How dear to our hearts is the face
on a dollar, when some kind subscriber
presents it to view."
J. C. Barrett, of Rochester, passed
through here Wednesday on his way
home from Eastern Ohio.
We are offering a fine grade of Cali
fornia prunes at 10 cents per pound at
the LaPorte street bakery.
In blacking the kitchen stove better
results are reached if the blacking is wet
with coffee instead of water.
Edward (J ibson has been confined to
his home for several days past but is
able to be around once more.
Oliver plow points "only 30 cts. each
and marked genuine Oliver on each
piece, John Y. Astley & Son.
When a man gets a ways with a fortue
in a short time, he's always anxious to
ell how he earned his first dollar.
Bernard Nussbaum returned to Mar
mont Tuesday to resume his work as
clerk for Nussbaum, Mayer & Co.
If you want something to please your
children, buy one of those Irish jig
dancers at Shadel & Reynolds'. ,
Mrs. Peter Bisher was called to Bour
bon Wednesday on account of the seri
ous illness of her father, Mr. Senour.
Don't miss Jean Ingelow's "Songs of
Seven'' at Miss Celestia Simons, Friday
evening, March 15th. It will be a treat.
Miss Grace Kingsley, of Benton Har
bor, Mich., came Tuesday for an ex
tended visit with John Blain and fam-
Estimates given on tin roofing. Any
quality of tin used from 88 to 823 per
box. Work guaranteed by II. B. Whit
lock. Frank Thomas left for Fort Wayne
last Tuesday, to resume his work as
brakeman for the Pennsylvania Com
pany. Man wants but little here below of
wealth's bright golden calf, but when he
gets the horns and heels he wants the
other half.
By actual measurement the snow fall
this winter in the Cascade mountains,
along the Pacific slope measured sixty
three feet.
Mr. Gorham, of Berrien Springs,
Mich,, was visiting his daughters, Mrs.
Spangle and Mrs. Botsett, the first part
of the week.
V. E. Leonard Sr. lias been changing
the possition of his stock the past week
in such a manner as to make quite an
Bread is now made of wood, and the
day come when sawdust pudding may
grace the editor's table along with a
glass of water.
John Williams has left the Novelty
and has formed a partnership with
Chas. Rumsey, to engage in the well
driving business.
Hay wanted to bale. You can have
your hay baled by leaving your order
with Suit & Orr. Melvin Couporon,
Mishawaka, Ind.
William Pooler and Charles Johnson,
of St. Joe, Mich., came to Plymouth last
Wednesday to work for the Edgerton
Manufacturing Co.
Mr. Allen Moon, went to Maxenkuc
kee Tuesday, to :ommence work on the
new Culver academy, which he has the
contract of building.
Mr. Wilik, of Pennsylvania, has
moved his family to Plymouth, and
with two sons has commenced working
at the Cycle factory.
Ottice Miles and Rosa Wylies, aged
respectfully 10 and 14 years, entered
into the blissful state of matrimony,
last Thursday week.
L. C. Deardorff, of near Bourbon,
passed through Plymouth Saturday on
his way home from Rochester, where he
had been on business.
William Ilaslanger was brought be
fore Justice Reeves, Tuesday afternoon
on a charge of having been drunk. He
was fined 81 and cost.
Golden Gloss is a liquid to be used
for gold enamel. This can be used on
either furniture, iron or leather. Sha
del & Reynolds keep it.
The W. C. T. U. will meet at Mrs.
John Blain's March 11th, at half past
two o'clock p. m. A very cordial invi
tation is extended to all.
Mr. Marion Cummins has moved from
the Palmer property to the Gabbert res
ilience on the south side, which place he
purchased a short time ago.
The ladies of the M. E. church will
meet on Tuesday afternoon with Mrs.
Allen Cole, Walnut street. Ladies bring
your needles and thimbles.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith C. Caldwell, of
Bucyrus, Ohio, returned home after a
week's visit with their uncle and aunt,
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Welch.
W. i:. Leonard Jr. was laid up with a
sprained ankle the fore part of this
week, and Fred Wentzler was assisting
him in his express business.
Reports throughout the state are very
favorable regarding the wheat crop. If
no severe freezing weather visits us, a
good yield may be expected.
The buildings tobe erected by Messrs.
Fred and John Kulm, will, according to
tho plans be among the finest in the city,
and strictly up to date. The front will
be composed of pressed brick, with a
five foot stairway to the second floor.
The offices on the second floor facing
Michigan street will be graced by bay
The Georgia Colony Company has 3S
signers up to date. Their numbers
are increasing rapidly and they will in
all probability make it a go.
Cunningham & Chase have purchased
the fine team of horses owned by M. W.
Simons. They will be used in connec
tion with their medicine line.
When you buy flavorings get those of
known purity. Cunningham's extracts
are always pure. The leading brand.
Buying others is false economy.
Leave your meat orders at Kuhn's
meat market where they will be deliv
ered promptly. Shop at the old Tuttle
gallery building on Garro street.
Jos. Bergman, of Peru, was in our
city Tuesday and Wednesday, visiting
with his parents. Mr. Bergman is a
prominent business man of Peru.
Bowell & Lampson, have remodeled
the interior of the Ross House. They
have put in the finest water closets in
the section, and also steam heaters.
Wanted A good competent girl for
general housework. Apply at residence
002 South Michigan street.
C. T. Mattingly
Mrs. Fitzgerald was the guest of Mr.
and Mrs. W. M. Kendall Saturday last.
She was on her way to Goshen, where
she will visit with relatives a few weeks.
The body of Miss Amy Wright, of
Yalparaiso, was transferred from the
Pennsylvania to the Yandalia, Tuesday.
It was taken to Lebanon for interment.
Thieves broke into the L. E. & W.
depot last Sunday night, but did not
secure any plunder. They made their
entrance through the east ollice window.
George Klingerman is acting in the
capacity of foreman of the machine de
partment at the Bicycle Works, during
the absence of the foreman, Chas. Huff.
Dan McLaren was arrested Tuesday
night on a charge of being intoxicated,
lie was brought before Justice Reeves
and fined 825 and cost. He went to jail.
Eugene Welch has returned from an
extensive trip through the south where
he was traveling in the interest of the
Plymouth Cycle Manifacturing Com
pany. Remember that the Independent
has a full equipped job department in
connection with its ollice. We guaran
tee our work. Mail orders promptly
Give your children an opportunity to
receive proper exercise as well as en
joyment by keeping a set of those gar
den tools for the children, at Shadel &
By taking advantage of an oppor
tunity, we are enabled to sell you a fine
quality of tobacco, either plug or fine
cut for 25 cents per pound. LaPorte
street bakery.
Many know, while some do not, all
should that Cunningham's flavoring
extracts are unequaled for purity and
strength. Ask for Cunningham's. Ac
cept no substitute.
The man who is in the habit of bor
rowing a paper to read and never taktng
one, is said to have invented a stove for
cooking his meals from the smoke of
his neighbor's chimney.
O'Keefe and Dr. Reynolds have
erected a commodious ollice building
on the lot next to Mr. John Park's oflice.
It is a three room structure and will be
occupied by Dr. Reynolds.
Dr. Knott, while in Chicago a short
time ago, bought a fine team of horses
They are the finest in this section of
the country, and the Doctor may well
feel proud of his purchase.
Examination for graduation from
country schools will be held on the 3d
Saturday of March and April. Those
wishing to take examination can gov
ern themselves accordingly.
The ladies are especially invited to
call at the People's drug store and se
cure some of their tissue paper and a
lamp shade. These are essential fea
tures for spring decorative work.
In speaking of Auditor Hahn last
week we incidentally said "Fx." Of
course we were a little previous, and
appoligize for placing him in that posi
tion before his term legally expired.
The National Stockman and Farmer
gives a full market report each week,
from Chicago, Pitrsburgh, and Buffalo.
It will be sent one year with the Mar
shall County Independent for S2.
A young man down east hung him
self, because people found fault with
him. If this practice should become
general, the trees would be full of
preachers, school teachers and editors.
Frank Carr, of Inwood, has sold his
store at that place to Nolan liros. This
new firm has purchased the stock of
dry goods at Knox, belonging to Cooley
iv McDonald, and moved them to
P. J. Pitzlin.of St. Louis, Mo., was in
our city yesterday, looking int) the pros
pects of establishing an atheletic class.
He was unable to lind a room suitable
for his purpose, so he abandoned further
The Rochester Sentinel is the author
ity in telling Knights of Pythias not to
contribute towards tho erection of a
sanitarium, as it was not authorized by
the supreme lodge. Of course not. It
would be against the law of the order
for even a subordinent lodge to under
take anything along that line through
its members. But the members can in
dividually undertake anything alng
that line.
Dr. Daugherty, of South Bend, was
called in consultation in the case of
Mrs. Peters, who lives about live miles
west of this city. Dr. Horton is the at
tending physician. Recovery is almost
At this season of the year house keep
ers may well remember that burning
soot in stovepipe or chimney may be
instantly extinguished by dashing a
handful of salt on the lire in the grate
of the stove.
Frank Saner, of Delaware, Ohio, and
Lewis Swearingen, of this city, have
purchased Lewis Alderfer's cigar fac
tory and expect to get started this week.
They are both experienced men in the
cigar business.
M. Lauer A: Son purchased the fine
residence of N. H. Oglesbee and expect
to take possession in June. Mr. Ogles
bee intends to move to his farm, which
is four miles south of Plymouth, about
the middle of May.
Mentone, Ind., is getting a hustle on
herself. They have formed an improve
ment company, and last Saturday night
had a public meeting to talk over plana
to advance the interest of the town.
There is nothing like it.
The Plymouth Breeders' Association
met at the court house last Saturday
afternoon. The business transacted
was of great importance to this associa
tion. They will meet again tomorrow
at the ollice of John Houghton.
A beautful lithograph of sweet peas,
painted from nature, has reached our
table, presented by the well know seed
tiriu of Atlee S: Hurpee. It is a beauty
and they are liberal enough to favor
their customers Kith a copy of it.
The Edgerton Manufacturing Com
pany, started up a few days ago with a
force of about fifteen or twenty hands,
but have been forced to close for a few
days on account of the inclement
weather and change in machinery.
The girls will have a chance next
year. It will be the last leap year for
eight years. The leap years which fall
in the last year of a century are not
counted, so there will be onlv twentv
eight days in the February of r.toO.
An excellent way to cure insomania
is to bandage the eyes before retiring.
The ccmpress seems to drive away the
blood from the eves and so cure, or at
least temporareily relieve, that feeling
so often experienced by sufferers from
sleeplesiiiess or trying to see in the
W. J. llulf, whoa short time ago took
charge of the Monticell Press has ful
filled his promise, and the Press came
to its readers last week enlarged to a six
column quarto. We are glad that Bro.
Hull' is pushing his journal to the front.
His subscribers will surely appreciate
his efforts.
The remains of Mrs. Geo. Babcock,
who died in Bourbon, Saturday last,
were taken to Valparaiso last Tuesday
and interred. The deceased was a
member of the Eastern Star, and the
funeral at that city was in charge of
that society. Mrs. Babcock formerly
was a resident of Yalparaiso.
Any of our farmer friends who desire
to secure an excellent farm journal,
should not fail to secure the National
Stockman and Farmer, a twenty-four
page paper. This edition we are giving
in connection with the Independent
for one year, for only 82. Take ad
vantage of this wonderful offer.
The circuit court opened in duC form
Monday, at 2 p. m. Nothing of import
ance was done, with the exception of
Wednesday's proceedings Albert L.
Ayers was tried for allowing minors to
play billiards in the Gem Cigar Store.
He was acquitted. Court adjourned
Wednesday afternoon till next Monday.
The following marriage licenses have
been granted since our last issue: Ottice
Miles and llosa Wylie; Noah F. II art s
ough and Ada M. Barber; James M.
Poulson and Mary .1. Miller; George W.
Johnson and Viola llass; John W. Birt
whistle and Nancy J. Phillips; Nelson
Hams to Onntha 1". llighshew; Himer
I teed and Eunice J. :itU r.
We are in ivciept of a book en; it led
"A Year's Work at Ford hook Farm,"
published by W. Atlee llurpee A. Co.. of
Philadelphia. It is handsomely illus
trated book, giving an exhaustive ac
count of their mode of work and the
great efforts put forth to make Ford
hook Farm one of the most successful
seed farms in the Fnittd States.
Editors are very frequently censured
for what they publish, but get no credit
for what they do not say. Many things
occur every week which, if published,
would wound the feelings of innocent
parties, injure the reputation of the
town and do no good to anybody. Give
us credit for not telling all we know,
while you censure for telling too much.
Arrangements have been completed
for the appearance of Barnum A:
Bailey's great show here, 'on June 21.
The pcniu.-sion has been given by the
pnier authorities for the parade
through our streets, and owing to the
enormous amount of ground they will
need, jermission has lieen granted for
the use of the fair grounds. Plymouth
is becoming quite metropolitan.
(Additional Local on Editorial page)

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