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Vol. I.
No. 22.
A Comic
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'a;f 1
observations. Comnilss.ioners Keport in Full
-Council I'ro-ceedlnss.
P.:k 2
1- ijilit in a eiir.rch in Omaha Ilaoe War in
Colorado Pith of tlie News, from all over the
wonu Mranirlea the eto. Account of the Leg
islature i-im ai Indianapolis.
Paul unon an Iowa Hank Snark from the
;k 4--
Kditorials Out on a Strike Popularity of the
xoErKNUKNT Additional Local-.
Pa (i v. -
General Local News.
Pack 6
Tonics for Fanners Steamer irfvs down in the
Ohio river tireat loss of tife Hayward. of
Minneapolis, found guilty of the munter of Cath
erine Ging A scare saved his life.
rvr.E 7
Johnny Hull will soon own Us. List of the
noldlnsrs of F.nirlish aristocrats Pulse of tlie
resh Indiana State News-Indiana Legislature
Doings "Yankee lioodlers."
Cressner & Co s. Ileal Lstate iransfers.
For several weeks past we have ob
served with interest, elTorts put forth in
villages throughout the adjoining states
to secure an ordinance making the li
cense for peddlers and non-resident
auctioneers so high, as to be virtually
prohibitive. It has been favorably com
mented upon by different papers. This
is an excellent move if carried out in
the proper spirit. The newspaper man
is the first to come to the front and con
demn this mode of depriving the busi
ness man of his locality of their deserv
ing patronage. But how is it on the
part of some of those who cry the loud
est against this imposition?
Our mind is brought to bear upon
certain business men in Plymouth, who
have come under our observation along
this line since our short sojourn here.
They had grievances the same as above
mentioned, wherein men dealing in the
same line of goods, who paid no taxes
or supported familes in our city, came
here to do business for a few days, then
vamoose." "We were approached re
garding the matter, and did refer to un
fair competition. It was but a short
timu subsequent that we approached
these same parties in regard to adver
tising. There answer was: "They did
not think it necessary to advertise, they
were so well known." It is a fact, that
when a "bummer" comes to Plymouth
whose line of trade competes with them,
they expect the newspapers to take up
their light. And what is the actual
fact in the case: Look over the files of
your home papers and you discover this
peddler has spent more money in the
publisher's office in his two or three
days sojourn than the kicker has dur
ing the entire year.
Yes, we believe in protection, and
such protection to, that benefits tlie
merchants of our city above all comers.
But we do not believe in that kind of
protection that helps the merchant,
while the printer goes begging for the
work that unfair competetion secures.
There is no business in a town that be
gins to do for its patrons, gratituously
than the newspapers, and their influ
ence for good is greater than any other
single influence exerted, if used in the
right direction.
We observe the Nappanee News tells
something of interest to its readers in
regard to money contributed toward
public enterprises. It remarks that
during the past ten years the money
given for such enterprises, if made pub
lic, would not only be startling to out
siders, but also an object lesson for a
method of building up a city.
The Walkerton Independent, in com
menting on the wail of dissatisfaction
of the News, says: "If all the sums of
money which have been donated toward
public enterprises in Walkerton during
the last ten years were published, the
figures would also be startling."
Now there is food for thought.
Whether the shot of Brother Endley
was intended to bo sarcastic, and in
tended to denote the sleepiness of that
village, we leave our readers to infer.
But here is an object lesson we have an
opportunity to illustrate to our above
quoted friends, which we cannot help
but utilize.
Have you people a wide awake busi
ness men's association; an association
that keeps its eyes open for something
that will prove beneficial to the welfare
of your different cities ? That is one of
the most important features of pro
gressive city. Now Plymouth has got
this essential feature, and ero the hard
earned dollars of her citizens go to
assist some heralded enterprise, the
closest scrutiny of the board of di
rectors of our business men's associa
tion must pass favorably upon it before
a move is made. This one feature,
gentlemen, is the key note to our suc
cess. And while we speak of success,
just for the purpose of gaining valua
ble information, keep your eye upon
our movements this com ins? summer.
A gentleman of an observant turn of
mind was in our city Saturday of last
week, and in conversation with some
of our business men coincided with our
utterances of last week in regard to the
erection of a modern hotel in Plymouth.
lie stated that the state of Indiana
could not produce a more lucrative lo
cation for a first class hotel than Plym
outh. The reputation that our beauti
ful lakes have abroad, makes this
feature a necessity.
We have been informed that at Max-
enkuckee great preparations are going
to be put forth to make that place very
attractive for their summer patrons. Of
course a greater majority of these peo
ple will pass through Plymouth, and
will need hotel accommodations. Are
we going to be prepared for their
arrival ?
While we are trying to locate every
thing that is of interest to the people of
Plymouth, we might ad for the benefit
of our city dads, that there are a num
ber of complaints made in regard to the
condition of the Garro street bridge,
across the river. It is said that it is in
need of repairs badly. We have not
examined this structure, but of course
give them this information so that they
can act in accordance to the necessity
of the case.
Council Meeting.
Meeting was called to order at 7:50 p.
m. ah the counciimen, mayor ana city
clerk being present.
Minutes were read and approved.
II. Corbin filed a petition as J. C. Kuhn,
F. II. Kuhn and II. Corbin were rebuild
ing where they lately burned, and as the
city and themselves would be liable for
damages if anyone would be hurt, that
the west side of Michigan street and
north side of La Porte street, and side
walk in front of said building be kept
from public use and allow them the use
of the same for the construction of said
It was moved by Councilman Tibbetts
and seconded by Councilman Maxey
that prayer in petition be granted. The
motion was carried.
It was moved by Councilman Maxey
and seconded by Councilman O'Keefe
that petition of John S. Bender for cut
ting down South street, be referred to
the street and alley committee. The
motion was carried.
It was moved by Councilman Heyn
olds and seconded by Councilman
Maxey that the bill of the Plymouth
Republican of 'J for printing the ordi
nances changing the fire limits, be re
ferred to the city attorney and he to re
port at the next meeting, as to the pro
priety of the city paying the bill. A
vote was taken which was as follows:
Tibbetts, no; Bailey, no; Gretzinger, no;
Tanner, no; Hughes,'!; Maxey, I; O'
Keefe, I and Reynolds, I. The mayor
records his vote no, and declares the
motion lost.
It was moved by Councilman Maxey
and seconded by Councilman O'Keefe
that the Republican bill be not allowed.
The vote resulted in another tie and
the mayor voted no, and the motion was
declared lost.
It was then moved by Councilman
Bailey and seconded by Councilman
(Jretzinger that the Republican bill be
allowed. The vote being a tie the
mayor voted I, cast the deciding vote.
The motion was declared carried.
It was moved by Councilman Tibbetts
that the city attorney be instructed to
prepare an ordinance putting lots 4, 4
and 48, into the fire limits. (Lots 4, 47
and 48 are the Williamson lot, engine
house lot and the Briggs lot.) The mo
tion was seconded by Councilman
Bailey and by a vote taken was carried.
It was moved by Councilman Tibbetts
and seconded by Councilman Bailey
that the report of the street and alley
committee, be received, tiled and placed
on record and the sidewalks be ordered
built. The motion was carried.
Moved by Councilman Tibbetts that
bills be allowed. Motion carried.
Moved by Councilman Bailey that the
street and alley committee and city con
fer with the county commissioners and
prosecuting attorney in relation to build
ing new bridge across the river (Bi own
lee bridge) and report at next meeting.
Motion was carried.
Moved by Councilman Reynolds that
the chief of lire department and super
intendents of water works open all hy
drants of water main9 and slush them
out wherever they may deem necessary.
Councilman Tanrer moved that the
report of sewer and drain committee be
received, filed, and placed on record, and
that the committee on sewers and drain
be authorized to purchase tile sullicient
to carry off water. Motion was carried.
On motion of Councilman Bailey the
street commissioners report was re
ceived and filed.
It was moved by Councilman Maxey
that the committee on sewers and drains
be instructed to purchase two car loads '
of sewer tile. Carried.
It was moved by Councilman Maxey
that the report of the superintendent of
the water works be received, tiled and
placed on record. Carried.
Councilman Maxey moved that they
adjourn. Motion was carried.
The following bills were allowed:
Napoleon Sherman, labor 8 .50
Chas. Ebil, labor 50
I. F. Lauer, labor 50
Carl Reynolds, labor 1.00
J. F. Bentz, shop labor 1.15
W. M. Kendall, oil 2.05
Geo. Null, labor 4.70
David -Wiser, labor 5 .00
II. G. Thayer & Son, tile 9.00
Plymouth Republican, printing.. 'J.00
W. E. Reynolds street commis'rs. 1U3
Stansbury & Co., coal 13.73
Nussbaum & Mayer, groceries. . . 22.57
F. II. Kuhn, (cleaning hose) 23.10
Chas. J. Eich, labor 47.G8
Star Refining Co., oil 77.78
Commissioners Court.
Commissioners court met last Thurs
day and the following is the business
Clinton Jones, Alexander Newhouse
and Ezra Jones, who were heretofore
appointed new viewers to view a route
for location of road in Green township,
filed their report.
John Leffert and Joseph, by their at
torney, Chas. P. Drummond, filed re
monstrance for damages against the lo
cation and establishment of the high
way petitioned for in this cause, before
the board. The board appointed James
Smith, William Scott and John Davis
reviewers to assess damages, if any, that
said John Leffert and Joseph Leffert
will sustain by the location of a public
highway as prayed for in this cause and
said reviewer will on the 11th day of
April 1S'.5, meet at Levi Allemans, in
Argof and proceed to review said route
and make a report of their doings to the
auditor's ollice of Marshall county at
least ten days prior to first Monday in
June, 1S'J5: and this cause is continued.
James B. Snyder, Philip Ileckeman
and John S. Wisler; heretofore ap
pointed new viewers to view route, pro
posed location of public roads in Ger
man township, filed their report. Jos
eph Balsley and Jacob C. Balsley have
filed remonstrance against the location
and establishment of the highway pe
titioned for in this cause. The board
appointed Lambert M. Comb, C. G. Halt
and William Hildebrand, reviewers as
to utility and damage, to assess the dam
ages if any, that said Jacob C. Balsley
and Joseph Balsley remonstrators here
in will sustain by the location of a pub
lic highway as prayed for and report the
4th day of April, 1SU5, at ollice of Chris
tian Seiler, in Bremen. They are to
make a report of their proceedings at
least ten days prior to first Monday in
June, 1SH5; and this cause is continued.
Ella F. Snyder on the part of herself
and others, files a petition for the loca
tion of a road in Center township. The
board appoints James Parker, Morris
Banks and Wesley Updike to view the
said route and make report of their do
ings to the auditor's ollice ot Marshall
county, at least ten days prior to the
first Mond iy in June, l&'.tö.
Auditor of St. Joseph county showe J
to the board that by certified copy thct
the board of commissioners of said
county, after having examined the re
port of the viewers, filed in this cause,
dismissed the cause and directed the
auditor of St. Joseph county, to collect
from the bondsman the cost incurred in
this matter and that their action be
made known to board of commissioners
of Marshall county.
The board being of the same opinion
as the board of St. Joseph county or
dered the cause dismissed and further
find that the cost duo Marshall county
are as follows, towit: William Schofield,
viewer, $20; August Weisert, viewer,
$20; for sheriff's fees $7, and Peter
Hahn's auditor fees, $3; total 850; and
the auditor is directed to certify this or
der to auditor of St. Joseph county and
the case disposed of.
The county auditor was ordered to
purchase for the use of the board, a
copy of "Burns Indiana Statute Revi
sion" of 1894, 3 volumes.
A report was filed by C. II. Woodber
ry, F. Sparr, S. N. Champlin, appointed
viewers of a proposed ditch in Polk
township, petitioned for by F. L. John
son and others, for such ditch.
L. Mc Donald, of the Democrat, filed
a report that a notice was published of
a petition of the Lake Erie road by its
attorneys. M. A. O. and (). M. Packard
filed a motion to quash which was over
ruled and exception taken and motion
made to dismiss; leave given to file
amended report and cause continued to
March 13. Board adjourned to Friday.
Jacob Carbiner filed report relative to
poor of German township; approved.
The purchase ol a roil and chain by
county surveyor Warner was approved.
A report of the poor of Green town
ship by T. L. Green, approved.
A bid for county physician of West
township, by Dr. Hiehey, wi.s laid over.
Daniel Savage and others asked for a
highway in Union township; board ap
pointed Eugene Rent diet, Ezra Jones
and E. McElfrcsh viewers to report ten
days before the first Monday in June.
The water works contract with Ply
mouth was renewed to Men. 8, lb..
Adjourned to Saturday.
Aug. Weisert, Jas. Parker and John
Hite reported in favor of road in
Bourbon township and road 40 ft. wide
ordered open, kept in repair, auditor to
notify proper trustee to have work done.
Aaron Herr, Geo. Clark and Samuel
Wauer appointed viewers of road in
German township, asked to be vacated
by Stephen Knolbock and others.
Petitions of Drs. Wahl and Spencer
to care professionally for poor of Ger
man and Tippecanoe townships laid
Attorney Drummond, for Moses Rose
and others, asked for a joint ditch of
Starke and Marshall counties; O.Webb,
H. J. Jarrell and Benj. Snyder appoint
ed viewers to meet those of Starke Co.
April 11 and file report by four weeks
prior to next regular session of the
board; auditor to notify auditor of
Starke county of this order.
William T. Vanvaetor and 1). C.
Knott, copartners, by attorney C. B.
Tibbetts filed petition for exclusive
right of highways and other public
grounds of the county for erection and
operation of toll, and telephone lines be
tween Plymouth and Bremen and Ar
gos. Given the right but not exclusive.
Conditions that should not interfere
with use of highways and right shall
not e'.fect the right of owners of lands
abutting on said highways to recover
any damages they may sustain by ad
ditional use of such highways thereby
JacobMartin who isplattingMarshall
county asked instruct ions, board directs
that plats be finished up to date and
parties living within the incorporated
town of Marmont, be designated so that
the assessor's books be properly finished.
Cause was continued.
The matter of Index Book No. 7,'ot
the recorder's ollice is again considered
but dismissed.
Board ordered Thomas Walker, re
corder of this county to have deed rec
ord "P" and mortgage index No. 7 re
served and report cost to board at next
Adjourned till Monday.
Auditor of Kosciusko county, filed a
memorial of the viewers of Armry ditch
asking for extension of time on account
of inclement weather. Granted.
John R. Deitrich on part of himself
and others, filed petition for joint road
between St. Joseph ami Marshall. Benj.
Snyder, commissioner of Marshall
county, will meet with commissioner
Adam Dittle, of St. Joseph, at tlie o!fice
of Monroe Stiner,Lakevil!e, on Monday
April 1st, 1V.5, lo view proposed road.
Notice is to le given to auditor of St.
Joseph and road commissioner by audi
tor of Marshall county.
T. M. Walker tiled a final report of fix
ing shelves in recorder's ollice. Ap
proved. Adjourned till Tuesday.
X. K. Bunch tiles final report ot en
largement of radiators at county asylum
N . K. Bunch, suporint endent of c uiit y
poor farm tiles a quarterly report of con
dition of asylum. Approved.
T. L. Yoreis, trustee of Green town
ship, petition for iron leg bridge known
as "Logan bridge." Cont intuit.
Matter of "llernnie bridge," Center
township is continued.
Trustee Roitham filed report of poor
of Center township. Approved.
Carvender bridge in Union township
is continued.
Adjourned till Wednesday.
Frank L.Johnson et al, by Attorney
H. A. Logan, filed a motion to permit
viewers to amend their report. L. E. &
W. road filed a motion to strike motion
of petitioners out. Overruled and mo
tion to amend sustained.
C. H. Woodberry, F. Sparr and S. N.
Champlin, viewers of proposed ditch in
Polk township, asked for by F. L.
Johnson and others filed their amended
report. Lake Erie road lile motion to
dismiss petition. Overruled. They
then tiled remonstrance with bond duly
approved by commissioners. Sustained.
Board appoints Anthony Turner, Jacob
Zumbaugh, and Henry Roberts to meet
at surveyor's office on Monday April 1st
Dr. Yiets filed application for pauper
practice of Center township, not includ
ing county infirmary. Continued.
Henry Humrichouser, by attorney
Kellison, filed petition for remission of
taxes assessed against him in this coun
ty. Dismissed for want of jurisdic
tion. Court then adjourned.

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