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In combination, prop r;io:i. ami process.
Hood's Nursa pari 11a p;issfv's pciuiüar cura
tive powers iiuknown to any other pie, a
ration. This is why it has a record of
cures u::t quak' I in tin history of medi
cine. It .ii' s directly upon the Mood, and
by making it pure. rie!j and h althy it
cures li -a.' a:id jives 1:0 d heuith.
Hood's Sarsaparille
Is the 1 :;!y tru blood ur.hYr prominently
In the public e.,e to-itay. $1: six for $".
l-l - - -J ' c Dil!c Mir habitual t-onstipa-
nooa s rihs lioil. pri.e & ntl
He wlio attempts to palm oft as Iiis
t)vn the work of mutt her is almost cer
tain, sooner or later, to he found out
not always .-is .r.inpiy. however, as in
this ( :iso. cited by the Syracuse Post:
"Ami did you write this essay all by
yourself;" inquired the ixe:u editor,
gazing hard at the literary aspirant
who had called t ascertain the fate of
a manuscript submitted by him.
"Yes it is my own writing." was the
reply: for it is my handwriting." he
thought to himself.
"Wfii. then, rharles Lamb." remark
ed the editor, ironically. "I am much
pleaded to meet you."
When : novice tries to write a letter,
tvith nothing in particular to say, the
result Is likely to be amusing.
An Knglish working girl on an emi
grant ship is reported to have written
thus to her former mistress:
"Dear Madam: I hope this finds you
well as it leaves me. The ship is in the
middle of the lied Sea. and it Is fear
fully hut. I am in a terrible state of
melting all day huig. Hut. honored
madam. I know you will be pleased to
hear that I am still a member of the
Church of England."
The wonl Atheist comes from two
Greek words signifying "no god." An
Atheis: is a disbeliever in the existence
of any deity.
Tor four years I suf
fered with fennla trou
bles. I was so bad that
I vas compelled tohavo
assistance from the bed
to the chair. 1
tried au me uoe-
trri JlTvl thrt
JJ medicines that I
thought would
help me.
One day,
while looking
over the paper,
I would try it. I
dil so, and found
relief. I was in bed when I first began to
take the Compound. After taking four
bottles, I was able to be up and walk
around, and nor,- I am doing my house
work. Many thanks to Mrs. Pinkham for
her wonderful CompounJ. It saved my
life." Mrs. IIattieMadaus, 184 North
Clark Street, Chicago, 111.
More evidence in favor of that never
failing female remedy, Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound.
The Greatest Medical Discovery
of the Age.
Has discovered in one of our common
pasture weeds a remedy that cures every
kind of Humor, from the worst Scrofula
-down to a common Pimple.
He has tried it in over eleven hundred
:ase, and never failed except in two cases
(both thunder humor). He has now in Iiis
possession over two hundred certificates
of its value, all within twenty miles of
Boston. Send postal card for book.
A benefit is always experienced from
the first bottle, and a'prtect cure is war
ranted when the right quantity is taken.
When the lungs are affected it causes
shooting pains, like needles passing
through them; the same with the Liver or
Bowels. This is caused by the ducts being
stepped, and always disappears in a week
after taking it. Read the label.
If the stomach is foul or bilious it will
canse squeamish feelings at first.
No change of diet ever necessary. Eat
the best you can get, and enough of it.
Doe, one tablespoonfu! in water at bed
time. Sold by all Drugnists.
BH.w are a few cnliissl esiracU from Irtttrt re-
vj f..r my own la!x atil can trill? ar that It Is el- i
jra-; ialat.-ll ln.iirWhliur. aii'l fa-iily ilifsUM " -J
W. J I..HIM-.R. M. I.. Narx.lt'.Hi. M'. ' J
"I n: 1 fwlhiir hit lmlv tv th -SiK'lal ririi-ti..iw it !
ha rkiJ iik- a rliarin." Uxi. It. S. Tlbman, lbist:i
llig'..' tinis. Ma .
An IhtT I Jijsi-iarj writes.
After Trial of Ridge's Food:
It rm-eu my ivl nanculne -xirtatliiH. I expect
to ii it when' vi r orc'aslon t.iU-r."
Ev. TThfMly thinks he Is a month oMer than h Is a
r.-at. tat. runsr. healthy !'. . . A if real many of
mjr irlemis a-e I r 1 1 1 if to in.lm-i me torhaiiKf. I.nt if my
al.y ihrlvef 0 Kitx.K's l-oni. tinrt I fimutfli." Mm.
L.n i. L.::n. Mans.
"I have uetl Itiime's Ki Iii pat stx immths. anl
niitl it jMt ax recommend!. In fact, would not Im
without it.'--.Miss 1,RA S. Davis. ltockf..r1. 111.
Sentl t WOOLRICII X ( O , l alnnr. Mass.,
for "Healthful Mint." MKNT FKKK.
MmnSTK titcmcnt of
lia3V4aeVlri. Vegetable
tSTZBlfftiW- pound. Ithom
The Only
. .
Permitted at World's Fair.
Present Condition of a People Kauietl
in History und Fiction.
The payment of certain moneys, award
ed by the Court of Claims to the I Ma
ware Indians, who live anions the Chero
kee in tiie 1 Lilian Territory, will make the
!n mbers f this tribe anions the wealth
iest of any pt :! ;n the lace of the
earth. 1'veiy man. woman and hild of
them will be worth .s;.imm an amount
live times as much as the per capita rate
of 2 rent liritnin, six times as much as
that of the United States, nine times
greater than that of tJerinany. and over
tweaty-six limes as much as that of Uus
sia. The Delaware Indians are famous in
history and tiction. The once peopled
the wilds of Pennsylvania. Delaware,
New Jersey. Western Connecticut and
Southern New York, and went under the
generic name of l.enni I.enape, or true
men. They were the Indians with whom
William I'enn negotiated the celebrated
treaty under the Shuckamuxon elm tree
in Philadelphia. A branch of their gen
eral tribe, the Mohicans, furnished the
subject of James I'eninior. Cooper's
popular romance. Another branch, the
Manhattans, drank calabashes of rum
with Hendrick Hudson, on the site of
Xew York City. P.efore the revolution
arid lon afterward the Delawares ohivee
a prominent part in the Indian wars
asrainst the whites. I 'or over a eentury
they wen niove-1 aiut and ilriven from
pillar to post with 110 prnnanriit aloe.
1'rom the time of their oripina! depart
ure from the Middle Atlantie States down
to their loeation in their present home
they have inhabited sne-essively the
States of West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana,
Illinois. Missouri and Kansas, leaving
their footprints on the soil of eaeh, and
hequeathinff to the loenlities they fre-pn-nted
the lejraey of their native names.
No other Indian trihe has. perhaps, ex
periene'd so many vicissitudes. Itut now
their trouhles are happily over. They are
in a decidedly enviable position, and he
im; assured of permanent occupation o
their well-earned land of Canaan, they
can look hack contentedly upon the hard
ships of their lone exodus. They are at
present a very prosperous people and are
highly civilized. They are the hest busi
ness men of all the North American In
dians and are noted in the West for their
shrewdness and commercial ucuteness.
They conduct a number of riilJs and fac-
i tories and all their property is well cared
'. for. their houses bciufr substantial, and
, their farms, orchards and fenees kept in
j prime condition. Over I'OO of them are
j members of the Delaware ltaptist Churdi.
! and the children attend the public schools.
Current Condensations.
According to the latest directory of
Hartford. Conn., the city has a popula
tion of t7.7t, an increase of Lljii7 over
that of last year.
At Ys trad Meurii; school in Wales the
hoys are taught Latin through Welsh.
The "pastorals" of the old founder of the
school arc used for that purjose.
In spite of ffs commercial importance.
Odessa has no direct telegraphic com
munication with St. Petersburg. All mes
sages have to go lirst to Warsaw.
The leaves of a plant are always of a
tone of green perfectly adapted to the
color of the blossoms; and there are. in
deed, some plants that seem as if nothing
else but their own foliage will assert with
them daffodils, for instance, says .Mrs.
r'eiiwick Miller.
Within the memory of many persons
London was once, like many American
cities, absolutely treeless nothing but
brick, stone and mortar being seen any
where. Of late years intelligent horti
culture lias been drawn into service, and
tr-es and shrubs are being planted every
where. If there is any truth in the old saying
that :i season of abundant wild fruits and
nuts presage a cold and snowy winter,
severe weather may be expected from
December to March next. All the wild
fruits have been unusually abundant, and
there is promise of an equally abundant
nut crop.
Dr. Litel. the inspector of schools at
Hong Kong, says that the best educa
tional theories of Lurope, based as they
are on observations of western children,
are inapplicable to Chinese children, whose
minds and environments are essentially
different. In I long Kong Chinese schol
ars spend from four to seven years in
studying I'nglish without learning the
The betting mania seems to be increas
ing at an alarming rate in France. Dur
ing the year ending last month no less
than x7.ri y,0 N was distrib-itM to the
"Paris Mutuer by the people of Paris,
compared with .", Kß ),( M N ) in the previous
year. This amount is exclusive of the
money paid through bookmaking and
agriic'n'S generally, which is estimated to
be even a still larger sum.
The best remedy
for nil diseases
of the blood.
The best record.
a century
of genuine cures
till :T y ' x&Hii
General Macco's Patriots Achieve a
Great Triumph D.vnamite I Vacd
with Terrible K fleet Uartoloiue
Masso Klectcd President.
Killed by Hundreds.
News of a battb- i:i which the Spanish
Were defntcd by th Cubans was re
ceived in New York by President Palm 1.
It came in a letter, writtt n Sept. I I. by
Pedro IJodra. a '!ilan privat-, who de
sertd the Spanish ranks at Pera Legi,
when Campos wa defeatc!. In a later
engagement Kovira was captured by tie?
Spanish, court-martialed and sntcnccl
to receive Pxi last.-s ami to be shot. The
sentence was -arriei! 011; while Kovira
was shouting for Cuban liberty. hi Aug.
31 the Spaniards aptnrcl Fr:;n-is. and
(ion. Jose M:! eo fot tilled his few men
in a plantation house near 1 1 1 - Casamhra
Hospital. The Spanish were slowly clos
ing in on him some days later when Gen.
Cbre'o and a Cuban -dumn came to his
relief and made the enemy evacuate their
position. A hot engagement folloel. iu
which the Spanish r'gainel their posi
tion, but were unable to hold it long, as
Gen. Annio Ma ceo suddenly appeared
on the scene, and. with Cebreco and Col
Mienninit. succeeded i:i wresting it from
Canalh and Oariko. who commanded the
Spanish. This battb lastcl from o
o'clock a. tn. until i o'clock at night,
when it was liscoiitinu'd until the dawn
or.i si'amsii foi:t, santi.m.o tr:n r.A.
of the next lay. Sept. 1. The Spanish
then cmineu'l to retreat until they
reached the Igubanabano field, where
they were able to use their cavalry, which
was impossjl! 011 the mountains of Santa
Maria. They did not gain any advantage,
howcvi'j. ami after burning their provis
ions they continued to retreat to Moun
tanin. which plac' they entered iu scat
tered groups. The Cubans had no caval
ry, but made effective us of dynamite
bombs, which, the letter stats, struck
terror to the enemy. In the engagement
the Cubans' loss was forty men, wounded
and kilb'd. The Spaniards last over .'.
men, forty horses ami a large store of
provisions and munitions of war. The
Spaniards after the battb snt a cable
to Spain headed. "The defeat and capture
of .lose Maceo." and also asked for the
reward and the alvain-e of the officers in
the engagement.
Cubans. Klect a President.
Letters received ::l Tampa. Fla., by
prominent Cuban leaders stat that on
Sept. 10 a Constitutional convention was
hehl at Najasa at which Partohuno Masso
was elected President of the Cuban re
public, Matpiis of Santa Lu-ia Minister
of the Interior. Thomas Lstrada Palma
Keprescntalivo of the Government iu the
exterior and Maximo Gome. Gcncral-in-
chb'f. Some time ago when delegates
were called Santa Lucia was mentioned
as President of the con vein ion. and lh
impression prevailed that he was the
destined Constitutional President. Mas
so was born sixty years ago at Manzan
illo. II is highly connected and thor
oughly lucated. He left Manzanillo
l'eb. '2 last, and was considered as the
head of the revolution in the eastern de
partment. When this occurred Calleja,
sent a committee of prominent autono
mists and some chiefs of the former rev
olution to dissuade him, but he was not
pliable. Tin committee went again, re
enforced by ex-resident Sportono. who,
during his (rin. published a decree to put
to death any person who should propose
anything but Cuban independence. Mas
so reeeiv d him. but learning his purpose,
told him to h'ave the camp iminediat.-ly
or his own deree would be enforced.
News has been received at military
headiuarters in Havana of a desperat
tight at Meti. near Pahna Sola, province
of Santa Clara, between .'m insurgents,
Id by Pcrmudcs and Fleites, and a d
tachment of Government cavalry under
Capt. Kiestra. The vanguard of the cav
alry, consisting of a sergeant and seven
privates, were lirst surrounded bv the
" -
1 1 1 K i; A 1 : A K T K C. V 1 .
insurgents, and in the engagement every
one of the vanguard was killed. Py this
time Capt. Iiiestra, with the main lody of
cavalry, thirty in number, came up ami
engaged the insurgents, whom he forced
to retreat, leaving three of their number
dead on the field. Their wounded the.
carried off with them when they re
treated. As the cruiser Harcastegui. which was
sunk by the merchantman Mortera Wed
nesday night, constitutes a danger to
vessels leaving or entering the jKrt of
Havana, it has been leci.led to break up
the hull of the vessel with dynamite. Tin
divers have refuseil to work uon the
wreck on account of the danger from
sharks and because of the insufficiency
of their outfits.
Sparks from the "Wires.
The ball at Par Harbor in honor of
Secretary f the Navy Herbert was a
brilliant social success.
The sloop Jumbo sunk at Newhury
port, Mass., and Capt. Stephen Orr ami
George Welch were drowned.
Five members of .1 Staten Island (N.
Y.) family were dangerously ill from be
ing poisoned by canned tongue.
Steven Talle, occupant of a shanty boat
at Sand Hill, Ky., was rocked from hi
Iosition by the swell of an iucoming
tauer and drowned.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U.S. Gov't Report
Desperate liattle Itetwecna Flock of
Sparrows and a Tom Cut.
A hundred Ainlersonians witnessed
.1 lively encounter the other morning
between a large Maltese oat and ;i
score or more of Fngiish sparrows that
took plac in the heart of the city.
"Tom" invaded the nest of a sparrow
In the loft of Merrick's livery barn.
The mother of the young birds showed
tight, and her piercing cries soon
brought a score or more of other spar
rows to her rescue. Tom beat a hasty
retreat, but the birds followed liini out
into the street, where the battle waxed
hotter and hotter.
The sparrows swarmed about the
dospoiler of the nest in dozens, peck
ii at his head, ears and back, ami
tlcn darting1 away before lie had a
chance to claw them. Occasionally
Tom would stop and, rising on his hind
bgs. make a wicked lunge at the birdV,
and several were sent to the earth as
the result of his sharp claws. The air
was filled with the littJe excited birds
and thir chatter could be heard a
block away. By this time Tom was
squalling at the top of his voice and
his eyes glowed like coals of tire. The
light continued up the street until the
house was reached, when Tom made a
live for the thee. but was headed off
and at last found refuge under a cab
that stood In front of the door. A
large crowd gntlnml and saw the
light waged by the birds on their com
mon enemy. Under the cab the bints
ould not reach Tom without subject
ing themselves to great danger from
his sharp claws, and soon flew back to
the barn chattering and making every
possible manifestation of delight.
When the noise was stilled the thor
oughly whipped Tom crawled from un
der his retreat and scurried down an
alhy. Indianapolis Joi1n1.1l.
Gootl Court Story.
humorous scene was enacted in
Superior court room at Jackson,
recently (according to the Atlanta
Constitution). A negro had been charg
ed with burglarizing a store. Colonel
Watkins defended him. and was about
to open the ase with a well-prepared
oration of his innocence, when the ne
gro quietly informed the colonel that
he h'sired to plead guilty. Judge P.eck
accordingly read the law in the cr.se,
and sentenced the negro for ten years.
Dumfoumled at this long sentence, the
negro rolled his eyes round ami beck
oned Colonel Watkins to come forward,
and when the lawyer reached his side,
the negro gently whispered: "Say, Mr.
Wadkins. kain't yer 'peal fer a new
Smull Fry Swimllcrss.
Some of the meanest of tlese are they who
s ' k to tnnle upon and make capital out of
the repui atlon of th gre:'t-st of Ameri-an
ionics, I lostetter's Stomach Hitters, by iini
t.iting ils outward guise. Reputable drug
jrlsts. however, will never foist upon ym as
Kenuine spurious imitations of or substitute
for this sovereign remedy for malaria, rheu
matism, dyspepsia, constipation, liver com
plaint ami nervousness. I niainl. ami if tin
lealr lie honest, you will get the geiiuiue
Port iignese Illiteracy.
The report of the Portuguese census
of lN'.X) has only lately been published.
It shows that the population f the lit
tle kingdom then numbered ,. P. i.7lh..
and liscbkses the almost incredibh fact
that over 4,!H0,tMjo of these ,Vm,ijm in
civili.d L'urope are unable to either
read or write; only l.'S,l5 can real
and write; and H0.ti)7 more can read a
little. An effort may be made to estab
lish 1.r:M new primary schools within
the next year and a half. New York
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Is taken internally. Trice 7 j cents.
A Persian philosopher, being asked
by what method he had actiuired so
much knowledg answered: "Iy not I
being prevented by shame from asking
ltiestions when I was ignorant."
It is positively hurtful to use ointments i
for skin discuses, l.'srf instead Glenn's
Sulehur Soap.
"I I ill's Hair and Whisker Dye." lilac'
r Brown. ."iO
The smile that helps others has to be.
gin in the hart.
Piso's Cit.e for Consumption is an A
No. 1 Asthma medicine. W 11. Will
iams Antioch, Ills., April 11, 1814.
a little now and then
in removinp offend
ing: matter from the
stomach and towels
and you thereby
avoid a multitude
of distressing: de
rangements and dis
eases, and will have
less frequent need
of your doctor's
Of all known
agents for this pur
pose, Dr. Pierce's
Pleasant Pellets are
the best. O n c e
used, they are al
ways in favor.
The lVHet rnrp
k m m -- -
1 YA'I biliousness, sick
Vl rwi ant k.lio.us hcad-
acne, aizzmess, cos
tiveness, or consti-
Ymtirtn amir cfnm
ach, loss of appetite, coated tongue, indi
gestion, or tlyspepsia, windy belchings,
'heart-burn," pain and distress after eat
ing, and kindred derangements of the
liver, stomach and bowels
ükK'U HHJM2 7aT
kl CUIUS WHtHt All (ISf (IIIS.
J Best Oouch Syrup. To lea Good. Um
I "I in lima Bold by druggists.
1 1 1 y 1
Italian Politeness.
A friend of mine who has just re
turned from Italy, where he has been
wandering for several months, told
me an amusing story with regard to
one of those railways that disfigure
the high places of that delightful coun
try, though doubtless to the lazy and
the invalid they are a blessing and a
boon. My friend was seated in one of
the cars near a stout matron as th
made the ascent of a certain mountain.
"And where would we go, conductor, if
the brake would not work?" asked the
stout lady in vile Italian. The ronluc
tor courteously explained that in such
circumstances then was a second
brake, a duplicate safeguard, which
might be relied on in such au unlikely
"And where should we go. conductor,
if this second brake would not work';"
ivpeated the persistent stout one.
"Ah, madame," replied the official,
with an inimitable shrug and smile,
"that would depend on what our lives
had beoii." Providence Journal.
The Modern Reality
Thrives on good food and sunshine,
with plenty of exercise iu the open air.
Her form glows with health and her
face blooms with its beauty. If her
system needs the cleansing action of a
laxative remedy, she uses the gentle
and pleasant liquid laxative Syrup of
Wanted to Keep Her Ow n Statistics.
The little girls of Iloston are reported
to be overeducated. The story goes that
a child was asked in a street car her
age, with a view to half fare for chil
dren, whereupon the premature little
damsel murmured, "If you don't ob
ject, conductor, I'll prefer to pay full
fare and keep my own statistics."
Dandruff is due to an enfeebled state of
the :kin. Hall's Hair Kenewer quickens
the nutritive functions of the skin, healing
and preventing the formation of dandruff.
The Unitarians were thus named be
cause they denied the doctrine of the
Trinity. In theory they are opposed to
the Trinitarians.
Mr. ATintovs Soothing Syrup for CMHrot
trthlnjf: sotten the emus, reduce inflaminaUim,
aJlays pain, cures wind colic, ceuts a bottle.
Nursing Mothers,Infants
JOHN CARLE & SONS, New York. it
Follow the directions,
and you'll get thc best work from Pearline. Not
that there's any harm to be feared from it, no
matter how vou
Millions Pearline
"A Fair Face Cannot Atone for
An Untidy House."
Says it saves time saves money
H sary. Tell your wife about it.
lv Ii ix Ola ist. I iv wvuu j 9 WlllwtklU II
Mot toasu at V
w .
cakes for general
blacking of a Move.
POLISH for a quick
after-dinner shine,
fipplied and pol
ished with a cloth.
Kort Broa., Prop., Canton, Mat., U.S. A
Mr. Bert M. Moses, the adver
tisement and business writer of o02
Third street, linx.klyn, relates that
he recently had occasion to consult
Dr. J. S. Carreau, a well-known
physician of IS West Twenty-first
street. New York city, for a stomach
trouble which was pronounced a
type of dyspepia. "A f tr consulta
tion," writ.-s Mr. Moses, "the doctor
gave me a prescription, and I was
somewhat surprised to note that
the formula was nearly identical
with that of IMpans Tabule., for
which I bad, on more than one
occasion, prepared advertising
matter. I had Dr. 'arreau's pre
scription tilled, and it proved
satisfactory, giving quick relief. A
week later, when I had taken all
the medicine. I again called on the
doctor and mentioned the simi
larity of his prescription and the
proprietary remedy spoken of,
showing him both the remedy itself
and the formula. The doctor was
at first somewhat inclined to crit
icise what he called patent
medicines, but appeared to be
surprised when he noted to what
extent his own prescription
conformed to tlfe formula I showed
him. It was practically the same.
After a short time devoted to noting
the careful manner in which the
proprietary medicine was prepared,
he wound up by prescribing it for
my case. Of course I h.;d to pay
him for telling me to do this, but
it was worth the cost to have such
high professional assurance that
the advertised article was, in fact,
the scientific formula that it
purported to be. I might have taken
the proprietary medicine In the
beginning and saved the doctor's
fee, but I think the confidence I
have acquired in the ellicaey of the.
remedy, through the doctor's
indorsement of it, is well worth the
lüpft': Tahnios an Mid hj dniffff'.sts. r by mail If
th itIc? iM cents a box) Is s-m to ihe Klpajis heml
cai Company. No. 10 Spruce Street, New urk. Saaipla
vial, 10 teats.
Very latest Two-step, llano 00 cent. Band 5o ceuii
For short time, 15 cents. L. I'.Kl l'KR, M. Lout.-.. Mix
nftTniTC Töoni P- Btmpgon. Wiahlnitofa,
I 14 I til I w
D.O. No att's fe until Patent oi
talced. Write for Ioreatort Quid.
'o. 29-93
C. . U.
Dlease Rar you saw the ii.il vert iMninft
In this paper.
use it or how much you use.
But to make your washing and
cleaning easiest, to save the most
rubbing, the most wear and tear,
the most time and money keep to
the directions given on every pack
age of Pearline.
If you'll do that with your flannels,
for instance (it's perfectly simple and
easy,) they'll keep beautifully soft,
and without shrinking. sos
makes overwork unneces-
Your grocer sells it.
only by

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