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M tf n
Vol. I.
F.J A T? 1 Poä Vl TT U.J 5
gä. JUL
The Yellow Siuri.
Lirrgest lint of fall and winter woolens
in Marshal county.
The best grade of workman-hip at living
prices are the attractions I offer the public
for the fall a nd winter trade.
Tailor made clothing is what you want,
and I am the man to make it.
lie lie i Fines! m
MOSt mm 6i
Real Estate Hustlers.
They present below a partial list of property they
have for sale.
In Marshall County.
Over 0,'Kj'd a res of farm
In Plymouth.
A few special s.a. gam.-; -One
o-rooni, ri -d. : , h.ouse, with h-ut-try,
cellar, and e oj i s press, barn ami
other o itbaiidM!''.;, oung peach, mul
berry and maple tree, a large lot, good
well, all new and :u condition,
just outside of the City tax limit, and
but I blocks d Court House
sM,;bv. Wort!- .'M .-!.
A corner I i, r.-:, feet, well 1 c i;etl
at som neasL coi n 1 n a nmgion auu
-i.i! ....... 1- 1 1 ' . ! .1 . . . 1
Fifi!. stiver.-. l'ri:-es-10o. Wort h ,
o) building lots in all parts of thy ;
city. vilm:i b'ur blo ks f lhe post-;
K"-s ramj:"'
m Ski ' to ,
SI-'M). Th'se at :', neaiest. psto'ee. :
Also the i'ark'-r House property for
Eots with buildings sold, same as
Many other properties, sueh as Residences, Lots,
Farms, etc., listed with us every day4 for sale or ex
change. If you wish to buy, sell or exchange, don't fail to see
Office, 2d Floor, Shoemaker Building, East Side Michigan Street.
A little nonsense now and then
It relished by tlie liest of men."
Confections also have a jutrt
o)oys of the human lieitrt.
Miller's : Restaurant
Keeps always in stock a fine selection of Fine
Confections noted for their freshness and de
licious flavor.
You can also get an after dinner cigar at
Then cut your second growth White Ash into bolts and logs and deliver
to our factory. JJoits cut i long, inches in diameter and up,
Ier cord. Logs cut xi, 11 or 1' feet long, 12 inches in diameter and up,
$18 per thousand. Must be straight timber and free from knots.
See the Yellow Sign.
Ii ill
shown here.
e!l onlv go: d
goods at prices within icach of all.
have just ieceived a large line of the
very latest style Walliing Hats and Tel! ;
riusii and satin ( ;''
i, ..'.'.'Si. :l.-';!:vl: -
p,.v'.i! p. .:- i.x.
which a;v- the
neil, s- rol:c. Mvstic. bova:. I.oc
L J ' 1 tit
atta an t !'. dura.
i i-ler and took charge of the work here.
A new and l ud line of Children's Hats, i The success of H undertaking is known
Sailors, Tarn u;hanb-rs Hoods 1 1 all. The eh n vh was in debt. Mem
and Caps a, j. , :, , Ul ,
25c, 50c, 75c, $1.00 am! $L50.
Our trimmed hats and bonnets are of the
iiriesi. goods and best made at satisfactory
Mrs. Dial Swill perronally oversee a'li
tmters and we guaramee sausiacnon.
219 Michigan Street,
rent on installment plan or for cash;
prices from $CMto sOmi.
In Argos.
(iood Cottage Home, 7 rooms, all in
good repair, for nou. Worth sl,M.
, ; Will exchange for proerty in- I'lym-
ou! Ii.
In Georgia.
In Troup County, v.e have .V.,MX
a'-'rt s f ri-class lauds, inijroved ami
readv for settlement, at verv low itIccs
and m a remaikabiy neahhy region,
producing l'ountifullv of eon wlieat.
. 7
i n:it. rv barlev. li:iv. eof 1 on. clover.
(f fnits an,,
vegetables known to this country,
Lands s-ild tlirectlv to Ilomeseekcrs and
lltl(. cruaranteed.
, Eor ful! particulars aJdress or call
i im I!ii'wtr A- t!tir ftr !ifciil
i'i. V.Ii.V. VV A'.'ltVA Wl lIllVllll
the met tings held at Jlentler k Molter's
ollice Wednesday night of each week.
to my win-:.
(A V.AirMN'i.J
I cur nt yen niii' ii my dear.
H mi wear pennants in eadi e;ir.
Ainl rinirs n everj tiu'--r:
I. mi iiy a siring the jMmUe pup.
And !n M ur skirls mt -ii5'y up,
Yet hy m:r si.ie I'll l'mi-r.
I will I'oruivf ymi tu iiirTi you wi ar,
I I " tt-eth. false !; IIini anl l'aN' Iiair.
As I - f r-C as yoiiV' true hearied:
I';;. nt our ((j)ji,1fi.,n white r red.
A:nl friz iir tai:,rs ail 'roiuul your head.
And yet we'li n t he palled.
You n ay. with iiiilx-voniiiij; taste,
Wear corsets far too tightly !ai-.-.
Till you look like a hornet.
Moist wir l;tI!oon --l mean your sleeves
AikI tli'iiiiih my heart In sorrow jjrieve.
I'll lcar it, though I mourn it.
I may forgive you -when I'm dead
For wearing on your pretty head
An atom called a hoiiiiet;
r substitute, if that you will.
A convict eai more hideous still -With
rainbow hues uihmi it.
l'inch. if you will, your dainty feet.
And laugh and talk upon the street
With voice as loud as thunder;
Adopt each fad and fashion new,
Mowe'er absurd it seems to you
I'll pardon every blunder.
tit may I mildly intimate,
Without iis ussinu or lebate
These are no I I'.e rumors -I'll
seel; ail absolute divorce.
And die alone i f sheer remorse.
If you ii:t on the bloomers.
Ii; i.b Hi kt
W. W. Weese. Lombardy. Mit.
Kc. Hciii v M;no(te lliddei; l .r.i v i!.
1'rom Tuesday's Daily.
A l:rewell recetioii was given to
Uev. Henry 3laieotle in t'ne lecture
i'ixini of the I'p-sbylerian eliureii last
evening and was remarkable lor its
Iai,.e aHenahcc Mr. Marcotte came
to this city but a short live months j
s!i:?o almort a t er feet si rati ''er. a
a perieei strangv.,, a
; youMg man n
Net an osdained miu-
other, and gen ra!iy he church was in
a bad condition unancially and socially
With that natural tact that has been
so ably demonstrated he took the helm
and with such suer r-ss wr-re hi.-, olTui ts
vm.d that ,(C was earnestlv re.
... ' A.
iiuesieti to leinaoi 111 cnarge anoiner
month after his alloted time had ex
pired. This he decided to do but no
longer, as he desired to return to Me
Cormick Seminary to complete his edu
cation for the ministry. During his
stay ti e financial cloud has been lifted
from over the church, harmony has
been restored and Tlie church again
placed on a working basis. It was as a
testimonal of the appreciation of the
church and its many friends of the good
workdnn.' , to express their regrets at
his departure and to extend best wishes
for his future success that this re
eepinn was tendered the popular little
minister last evening. It took
the fo! m of a sociable, ami a
of a ge neral good time was enjoyed,
alter which refreshments were served
i in the bcsemiut of the church. At
a late hour ail departed wishing him
unbounded success in future fields.
"5w!5!ill 'utility :.nis S-tr;tl OM Res
ident. The following party left for Oeorgia
this morning, several of whom will re
main while others merely went on an
investigating trip, but with the inten
tion of purchasing property for future
homes if pleased with the country:
W. IE Albert, A. J. I'ncapher, A slier
Stitson, John Sibert, J. 1). llemminger,
Mrs. Cummins, James llemminger,
E. Hosier, E. Whitewer,W. liish, Willis
Jllubaugh, and Mr. and Mrs. J. I). Moi
ter to LaOrange, da., and J. IE Huff
man, Win. Worm, .1. E. Hentz and sonf
Mrs. John Sherred and Mr. and Mrs. L.
Crocker to Abbeville, (la.
To IttiH'ulo New York.
The following, taken from the Hour
bon news, will be of interest to many
Indkpkndent readers. Miss Theurer
was well known here.
Miss Itegina Theurer, who has been
working in a hotel in Bourbon, is going
to start to Buffalo N. Y. in a week or
two. llegina says if she likes it there
she isn't coming back. We are sorry
to see her go, she is such a quiet and
sociable girl and is welcome every
A Straight Tip.
"A Straight Tip'' was played to a good
house Monday night by the Henderson
Comedy Co., and was a little superior
to any thing in that lino that has been
presented here recently. Frank De
Leon, as Dasher, and Nellie Ileimer as
Elipsy Jenkins being practicularly good
in their respective roles. The music
was first-class and the dancing fully up
to the standard. The orchestra was
line and rendered excellent music.
A DAI!lN(i HiÜU'.KiiY.
An !! oij.!e Koiiiol. ;:.;tt-i .-iii.I i;olS-t
'llieii I.eit t'lili! Disroveie.i by Nc!!ilois. i
Frm We-.laocJay's Daily.
Tht- i'-it Wavne .loiinuil is authority
41 .11. i- . . ,1.,..:..., i
"'-'viu omuu ui a uanum
.leeai-erietratoain Alleu-o5:i:ty,wl,iehf((ilMiu,rHini((,!K. advi..u!itv ot- .
ie.cml.les in some articulurs t!io Dun- j in the ful, ir,(ltllfK nieV will
1 11 inl '.- ti'l i.ii.rl.t Ii..,, ,.,. I '
fee tragedy, una might lead one to he -
lievethey were hol h i-vq-ef rated by the
same parties:
one oi t most darmg roobenes that j
have been i.erpetmted m Allen county j
in iveent years was reported to SherilT
Clausmeier vesterdav bv Mr. .Ian Wed
ding, a fanner of Lafayette township.
The victims of Hie robbery were John
Akers and wife, an old couple who re
side ui a farm about fifteen miles from
tlie city, in Lafayette township. About
2 o'cloek vesterdav morning Mrs. Akers
was awakened by a heavy step in her
sleeping room, and looking up, saw
three strange men standing m the
in the apartmtnt. Mr. Akers also
woke up, and tlie men immediately ap-
l.rouched the bed and demanded to
know where their nionev was.
Mr. nor Mrs. Akers would tell where i
the cash was hidden, whereupon the
roblieis seized and bound them both.
:ind lihiefil :: e".!" in Mrs Aivers month.
Mrs. Akt ts. on promising to divulge the j
hi'hng pla'-e l the money, was not
g-.'gged. The old man, tliough firmly
bound, attempted to loosen tlie cords,
ulieti one of the vi!!:inis ( hü '.ed :i
, .. , . ,. . , .
, . , . '
out ms lace, aim ,
id he was soon u.-'ieeo.
The men went tot he n!acc imiicatcl bv
the frightened v.oma:i, where lh-
v:v.. O.-'hi gold vir-ci-s and an
cured ugh! goiu pieces and a purse
containing some .-mail change, i ne of ,
the gold pieces Wc.s marked wi'h a Je!-!
tcr L tm cither side. While t! e
strangers were ransacking the hoiec
.Mr.-. Ak. Ts ivei heard them ta.img oi
... . , .,
a rig: whtcJi was evidently h.b-hed m
.. .... . .
1 11 3 vicmuv. ilavmg seen ret I their
, . . - , ,-, ,
bootv, the no lelt, leaving the old
1 . 11 1 a ,,,, ,
couple tied nnnlv to the betl. I Sie ro!-
bei "
.1. toscovei ed ov ncighnors, who!
lK.ti-'o! !i :u: it-r lo-ninor iifiniKf flu
lit i j v 1 1 n. luttuv i it aiitiikj v t, - 1 U 1 1. J V
porch, and on investigation found Mr,
and Mrs. Akers in the house, bound
with binding twine. The robbers had
evidently tried to enter by the front
door, but failing in this, had procured
the ladder and climbed through a win
dow over the porch. Something over a
dollar in silver was found on the lloor,
having evidently been dropped by the
thieves. Neither of the victims were
able to fiirnk.Ii an accurate description j their feet Mr. Sherer attempted to di
ol' the rubbers, other than that one of j mount and in jumping stepped in a rut
them was a tail, slender man, and the j and was thrown violently to the ground,
others were short and heavy set. b, caking the large bone of his arm, and
Neither of them wore a beard, and they J dislocating the wrist.
wire einenuy young men. iure
men answering the description lur-
nislied were seen bv a ladv who resides
about half a mile from the scene of the
rohberv. Thev entered her house and
..i.!-.,. f. .!.f..,.,i n,,t ..!... i n.ot ,.,,- .
U'ilVM 1 W'Vlj ; t I I j I I t
iul of their tough appearance, refused
their request, whereupon they left, and
were seen by her son some time later in
an old abandoned hut m the woods.
.lnnit KixMiij; .Mother.
A father' talking to his careless
daughter, said: -'I want to speak to
you of your mother. It may be that
you noticed a care worn h ok upon her
face. Of course it has not been brought
there by any act of yours: still it is
your ciutv to chase it away. 1 Avant
you to get up tomorrow morning and
get breakfast. When your mother
comes and begins to express her sur
prise, go right up to her and kiss her
on the mouth. You can't imagine how
it will brighten her dear face.
"Besides, you owe her a kiss or two.
Away back, when you were a little
girl, she kissod you when no one else
was tempted by your fever-tainted
breath and swollen face. You were
not as attractive then as you are noAV.
Through years of childish sunshine and
shadows Ahe was always ready to cure,
by the magic of a mothers kiss the
little, dirty, chuby hands whenever they
were injured in those first skirmishes
with the rough old world."
Soldlent' lteimioii.
Levi Artz, A. Young, D. Betiding,
Eli Beece, Josiah B.CJrover, .I.J. Wind
bigler, David Fields and J. K. Hougton
left for Knox, Ind., to day to attend
the 10th annual reunion of their regi
ment, the Äth lud. Vol. Infantry, that
gallant old regiment which was second
to mine in the great war of 1 SO 1 - (.",
there having been mustered into that
organization during its term of service
two thousand one hundred and twenty
fjve. I.i'iietl to AVel.
Win. E. Leeper and Mary Boss;
(jeorge Morwiser and Florence llanes.
A :out TK
d.i;r:;l A b r. ins:y -.II ut
I At till- liK-i-t lüg i.i tl.e üirer
f tht
Jair asvM'.-iat b "t list vAz'.f. a W Was
.. I . : ! ! . . ; : i
tioa of t !;it oiga'.iizat!"'!. and ili-;.-
tibueiuv of tlie annual county fair,
t'ciimiitte' (.ii!:sin .if " T
iuw . i(.rrv i...,:.,, . ,, ,
fll ,;irt, tlf. u'
ol- t!. rM,.ri,.; ai,, buihiij.-J
aml rt.,.ort ;) ,!u. stuck!,. Mera at the I
N;)Vl.xnU.r nu.. t :,.,T 0u U;e :1(;t,liu llf
tliat lllN, is hk,,v t tm,. t f ul
the fair.
There seems to be a general feeling
with the directors ami stockholders that
it is useless to kick again d the pi ices,
and that the fair in this city does not
fill what might be termed a long-feit
In the interval between now and the
time of the stockholders lmeting next
month something may develop to re
vive the dropping spirit of the associa-
j l5on aml i?1 theIieanlilne t;e ,.Ub!:e i
j wlJ, wait wih an..il;tv thti a;o ol- j
th, lair u js gaid t,..lt lhe !airj
was a money losing venture
souiid Adicc.
e is
j 'i he ioüowing from un exchai
! sound:
"A sound bu!y is endu-. tixe to an ;
active miiui, and healthy exercise m '
(bid's fresh air is a holier tuna than j
three slugs of whiskey with se! er on!
the side Light h;uis sleep is bet! er!
jthan spending the nivht 'out ska1 in"!
I with til!
ra;'i. llovs. be sine uui a;
right, then go ant ad, w is the so ul
1 i .,! ...1
, i
i i-
vice of Daw ("nickel.
h;gh and use every honorable mean.: to
attain your end. I'patth" top of 'he
niuer there are L'reat elmns
I wailing to i.e la led. .iways be a nun-1
' nie ahead id' time at your post instead ;
; ill' ! Cii- !i.ii"ili.i; li..'i:!-il titi. ". iiv !
I!"'. . v 1 it 1111:1.111 .1 .1:1 I iii; ;
emp.over mav n-.r sav anvthing. nut he
' , , ,
keeps up a ''devil ot a thinking. J ! v
. , .
is tho age 01 ge aboard and ride or p;.-t
, " ,, . . , , ,
, lelt and vaiK. 1 he longest pole knocks:
, . '. , .
. , .... . ..
1 Dm i t-M'.'.'i: : tii l..ir w"'.:f.-
An Aee:l"iit.
Klias Sherer, who resides on a farm
about six miles east of town, met with
a painful accident a few days ago. lie
went to a pasture lot, caught a horse,
and started to ride him to the barn
without a bridle. The horse started to
run, and seeing that he was going into
a drove of other horses and was liable
to be brushed off and trampled under
Tii l'.'iir A-.;i:u ;;i Ali-cts.
The directors of tlie Marshall C-untv
i -ncu.iurai anu in.ms.in:.i assockiuom
i ,lU'1 "i-1?ht- We have hot been ad -
i t lf 1 A .... t 4 - . A
i vi.-id as t o t lie amoivnt of divitlendis tie-
dared, but were advised that there i
to be no more Sunday base ball on the
fair grounds. Sunday base ball players
on these grounds will hereafter be re-
i garded as trespassers and dealt with as
such according to law. This is the re
sult of nuuerous complaints that have
been made to members of the associa
tion. Vou'll All A'-cree.
One of the teachers in our public
shoois, a few days ago was trying to
impress upon her little pupils that
nothing had been created without a
burpose; that every living thing, ani
mate or inanimate, was made to serve a
certain end. One of the little maidens
in the room raised her hand, and said
she knew something that was no good
on earth, and in response to a query
"what V she replied "a bed bug!' Mess
The enterprising firm of Bothenber
ger & Bodocker has recently made
some extensive changes and improye
ments in their Michigan street market,
by which they are better prepared than
ever to promptly serve their growing
patronage. Messrs. Bothenberger &
Bodocker are always on the alert in the
interest of their friends and patrons,
and are making for themselves a prom
inent place in retail commercial circles
of this city.
Hurt ly I all.
Wednesday Mary, the little daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. (Jeorge Field, of La
porte avenue, was running on the lawn
with a "bean blower" in her mouth.
During the play she tripped and fell,
striking on the instrument, which was
driven through the roof of the child's
mouth, making a bad wound. Val-
paraiso Star.
: s T".V I lil . ;-
M. !'. Citr.tch !..;sf lAeni'!.
o . fj. A. T;icK.-r.
Tut' ' 'I 'T eere;ses. ,.f !. - n- iiis
lri't tnvt n: i. -n oi tl.e l!r w.'i ;ii League
t l'-av :i? tn- Mft!to.,it Kpis.- ..a
! H:!!:vh' M' :-'-;i T-'-
': 'rtv I i. ,.'.nt .m.l ..Ii
a ; ea-t nM
t: t!:e 1'Jl't !'"1 KeV' I!' " '
1 i,.,n,uT l'd''r l,it :i' K' ch, !i
at this place, but nv oi Ter re Haute,
was to aihiress them the la:ge .'Uiliiing
Ciiiu'oi tably !il!t d. Mrs. Nellie Craig,
viee-president of the IMymoutii ilistile-T.
The lecture delivered by llev. Titcktr
"The Nation's Cuard," electrified the
young people and it bristled throughout
with excellent ideas presented ina mas
terly manner. It was a uenuine pleas
lire to a numbtr of those present to
again look into the kindly countenance
of the speaktr and listen to his eai rat-t
WLI)MIA Y M(i;.MN(i.
j 1 n;s morning s session was open d
I by a stirring sen ire of song ami prayrr
! led by Uev. X. Tmkham. of Arg
! This service was followed bv cuvfidA
j prepared papers t,.l! thought -
jeets (f dsee' interest in the line o w.rk
eii'ered inio by
speakers on the moming piograia w-:a :
M ;ss .1 1 sie 1 1 ol :l;i:i"s
I Va!ker?ou
Lome Wl.l'e.
Ind-on: M. A.
Miss Mam:.
;. and 1
aft. 1:.
the ear.
opV ;;t
. h tine-.-I.
ill i i Vc
de:die o
1 ot old' C
lb- eve'
i 1 v...v .,...,
: "
i ,;l u l!
. ,.. , , , . ; .
: (,,i'U : ' r-'' 's .
. v, ,, ;:t.-
! ' 1 !--' l-'. ..es : .0:
a ted 'r.: ian no
t h--. a i (,
Ilching linm-c
. a is caned 1- rank -he's Pleasant
' Hours for Ih.y- and (i;:l, and is i.
j eery way equal to th - !'. iddk-atioi.v
of its kiml. although the price is but
10 cents. Th2 !rs number eOctoberj
contain the opening chapters . of a
serial story for boys by Edward S.
Ellis, and tme for :rir!s by Jeanni-tte JI.
Walworth. Th.Te are sliort stories by
Oliver Optic and llebeica Harding
Davis: a football ct ry by Henry E
Haydock; bicycle stories by Max l
Harvey and A. L. Miüct: an article
giving some '"Hints u Trapping." by
E. L. Oswald: a paper telling how tc
turn a hiap of rubbish in'o pretty m
namtms. by Adele Heard: several illus
trated poems and prac tical descriptions
of novel tricks, games and puzzles. The
editor of the new m iiraxinc is I'rar-k
Ii II 1 I... I ... ......
j j.ee i amen, wuo nas -on eouueeuv
1 with Eiank Et siies i'u' !:di:::g Iio;i,t
i for a mi uder oj- years, and
. tr.(
oinrhlv understands wiait wid p.ej:f
and intertst tlie young people.
Oliii K sM'si.Mi.
On Wednesday, o.t. ler !"., tV
Yahdalia line will run its annual e
elusion from Lukeviüe, Ind.. t-. I. in i.
Forest, L'ppcr Sanauky, Bivyn-s-
Crestline, Mansfield. Wooster, Orviiie.
Masillon, Canton, Alliance, Xihs, War
ren, Youngstown, Akrn. Milleisharg
ami Ml. Vernon, Oi;l tickets goo I re
turning thirty days. Sptci.d tra!u'-d'
leave Lakeville, Ind., on ti e above bv
at i):j p. ni., running through via Ely
mouth and tlie l'enns Ivania line. Tht
rate from Lakeville will L-e .St'.t for
the round trip to any of the abo
points except Yoingstoun. Kate te
Youngstown and return, s'.'-0. Eor
full information regarding time oi
trains, etc., address Mrs. M. C. Bens
berger, agent, Lakeville, Ind., or C. M.
Wheeler, traveling passenger agent.
Terre Ilaute, Ind.
To !iv tin New.
An exchange gives our sentiments
when it says: "We want to give all the
news possible to obtain in our own
proper bail wick. But there are many
things we do not like to publish which
will frequently come up as news which
cannot be left out of our columns. In
police matters, for instance, the public
expects the news, and we shall endeavor
to give these items as they occur, Avith
out discrimination. Xo man loses his
moral sense or his moral responsibility
by becoming the editor or the publisher
of a newspaper, and we do not expect
or intend to pander to any public sen
timent which we deem corrupt. Wc
intend to try and giA-e our patrons the
news, but we also intend to publish a
clean paper, one in which no man Avill
lind anything improper for any of his
family to read.

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