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ziM.tu-:u.t!A smith",
Publishers and Proprietors
Cnited States to Chi im Its Own
Forecast of Cleveland's Message Ih
Correct Knulaml Can't tlrul Alas
kun (Ioll Fields Vessel llurncd.
Chicago Full of Potatoes.
Potatoes are i-r now llian they
have I - ii within tin iiMMiioiy f the
est dealers in Chicago's South Water
street. Car lots on tra.k of the choi-est
varieties are scllimr at 'SI t 2 1 --nts a
bushel, and any amount of fair stork is
going at 17 to 2ft cents a bushel. Kvcii
lit th-s low prices then is little dcmaml.
Mid tlit' railway tracks within 1 1n- t 'hicago
yards an glutted. Tin Chi-ag and
Northwestern lias not i lied its agents at
country stations not to receive any more
lotato-s till Iii rt Inr nti-e. Minnesota
Mid Wis-oi!sin have more potato-s tlian
they need. In Minn-so!a many fanners
nr having them t lot in tin ground, as
they an- not worth digging. On Minne
sota farms as choice and fair-skinned po
tates as a fai-iiur would care to s- art
selling iit .". to 10 cents a bushel. In Wis
onsin thousands of bushels are buried in
improvised collars in the fields awaiting
shipment. Iowa has a big crop, but the
quality is poor. Michigan also has a
large yield of pKM .piality.
AVill Stir the Nation.
A Washington dispatch says: I 'resi
dent Cleveland's annual message to Cnn
grss. the preparation of whieh will soon
ngage his attention, will he a most note
worthy state paper. It will he more sen
sational and perhaps of far greater im-j-ortHtiee
than the famous tariff message
of 1SS7, which many observers think
changed 1 he history of parties in iliis
eountry. The irineipal feature of the
forthcoming message will he the discis
sion if the foreign relations. It is well
known that tin Pn sid-nt is etiler for a
reply from Jreat Britain concerning this
eoiintr.v's vigorous representation in favor
of arbitration in Venezuela, and lie wants
this reply hefore tin meeting of Congress
if he ean set it. More important even
than these immediate questions, consider
ing the future of the I'nited States, is tie
Hliey of over-sea enterprise which the
President iscpctcd to t-r-rcshadow ill Iiis
message. If t!ie expectations of certain
.f Mr. Cleveland's confidential friimN
are realized, he will say to Congress and
the country that the linn- lias eome for a
new AiiM'i i ;iii poli-y. a poliey of aggres
siveness. ImiiIi jHtlitical and eonitneivial.
beyond tliis ei!iitry"s const lines.
It Is American Territory.
Superintendent Ilutlield. of tin' i;:st
r.nd geodetic survey, has hern informed
that the Alaska Held parties have n-
tinted the season's work ami are now on
Mary's Island waiting to he picked up
and brought to San 1'ram isro. The work
last season consisted of the locating of
Mount St. LTias as on the houndary be
tween the two countries. Next season the
more delicate work will le begun of run
ning the line Let Ween these two points.
Fnland claims much more than the
Fnited States c'in-.l-s as to this hound
ary. The surveys so far made tend to
confirm the -ontciit ioas of t!:is country.
General Dutlield say there is no longer
any douht that all F the Yukon River
basin IkIow tlie mouth of Forty-Mile
Cteck is American terr'Uory. which in
cludes the gold Held of that stream as far
us opened. ;
r -r
tX Onr Koreiun Trade.
Latest official statistics show that tin
foreign trade current is still running
against this country. Tin reKrt of im-
lKrts sind exports for September and the
nine mouths ending ith Septemher show
merchandise imports for S pl-inb-r St.
!f!r.;.0OO in excess of exports and S1H'.
OM.tMMI in excess of e.Mris for the first
nine months of the calendar year. The
excess of IS'.lt was S I 'S'1 H m I and the
average fir the expired portion of 1s;."
alMiut .S1:?.kh.hm u month. The shrink
age to $ t ,f.K .I MH may therefore he con
sidered a distinctly favorable symptom.
Net exports of gold during September ap
proximate .li;.MMi.rM.
Horned in Mid-Ocean.
An American vessel, the Part Ida. Cap
tain Carter. ISath. Me., hound from I.iver
lool for San Francisco with a cargo of
coal, was burned at sea four hundred
miles ofT the south coast of Chili. The
crew took refuge in the boats, one of
which, that under tin charge of" the sect-lid
mate, with seven im n on board,
reached Valparaiso. Chili. The other
boats have aot yet Im-cii heard from.
Olhcial returns for the last fortnight in
Scpteiiilr show that there were during
that time I, Tt new cases and 1.701
deaths from cholera in the Province of
Yolhynia. Kussia.
At Akron. Ohio, fifty In its to the Ed
wards estate met and discussed their
chances of securing the property they
claim in the down town district of New
York. No definite action was taken.
The iorfe has appointed a commission
to inquire into the recent Armenian ar
rests, and has promised I he powers to deal
severely with any one who is found to
have tortured the Armenians m prison.
X. It. Falconer iV Co.'s large dry goods
and millinery store at Omaha was closd
on Si chattel mortgage Monday morning.
It is believed the assets will easily cover
the liabilities. Tl ie company has be.-u
in business in Omaha for a great many
years and has Keen ousidcrcd one of the
most substantial housey in the West. The
competition set up by the big dcpartmei t
stores is regarded as one of the factors in
the failure.
A sensation was .-ius.-d at Fori Scott,
Kan.. Monday when Vice ('resident ,. ,.
Stewart, of the State Hank. iostcl the
following notice at the opening tc.ir:
"This bank is closed subject to the t-lder
of the State bank commissioner. ! c
Misitors will le paid in full." The faiiure
to open is caused by ihedetah ation n, the
cashier, .1. .f. Stewart. Vi.v President."
The Tucker Pdock. at Dy. rdnirg. Tent).,
was destroyed by tire. The fire origina.c i
in the T. I. A. Hotel, which tvjs entirely
consumed. The guests 'se.pvl witinut.
injury. Total los- about .?7-"i.M, par
tially insured.
At rhiladelphia a meeting is to be held
for the relief of Henry Craeiner, a (Jer-uiaii-A:neric:in
wh is under sentence of
death for murder at Seattle, Wash., hut
who i.s declared innocent hy a tJerman
paper in I'liiladelphia, which has inves
tigated. A freight wreck occurred at Waterhury.
Conn.. Sunday night, when two parts of
a hroken train came together. Ten cars
loaded with trotting horses. live stock,
and other exhihits from the Danhury fair,
were crushed and thrown down a forty
foot emhankineiit. Mazeppa, the famous
champion trick horse of the world, val
ued at .-HMH. was instantly killed. One
man was fatally injured and two others
seriously hurt.
At Scranton. Pa., a storage reservoir
containing LÖ4K.tRMl gallons of water and
owned hy the Lackawanna Iron and Steel
Company, burst Thursday night. It
filled the repair yards of the Delaware,
Lackawanna aud Western Kailroad with
wreckage and washed away a portion of
Mattes street. A girl was carried a
quarter of a mile hut was rescued. Street
car trahV was blocked. Hundreds of fac
tory girls crossed the path of the water
a few moments before the break.
For the third time in thirty days a cen
tennial celebration was held in Washing
ton County. Pa. In all three rases the
observances have been held by Fnited
Freshy teria n churches. Four weeks ago
the Mount Pleasant Church celebrated
its hundredth anniversary. The Paris
Church observed a similar occasion a
week later, and Thursday the members
and pastor of the Peter's Creek Church
held services in commemoration of the
completion of the first century of exist
ence of their church organization. One
of the features of the day was the reading
by the present pastor of a history of the
church, including biographies of all its
preachers, situ-e the year 171C.
On the Carnegie branch of the West
Fnd Traction Kad at Pittsburg. Pa., an
accident occurred Sunday by which three
persons were killed and twelve or four
teen more or less seriously rut and
bruised. Car No. ."ill of the Carnegie
branch of the load was going to Pitts
burg. When at the head of a long, steep
grade, the car began to run away. It
dashed down the hill at great speed for
a mile, unti' a curve was struck, when
the car turned over and lolled down a
ten-foot embankment. It struck on the
top. and the heavy trucks crashed through
the floor. rushing the passeng rs. There
were fifteen passengers in the car. and
only four, together with the conductor.
escaped death or serious injury. The ac
cident occurred at a lonely spot and it
was some time before assistance reachd
the sufferers, who were wedged tightly
in the wreck. When the conductor saw
the car was beumd control he lay down
on the floor and advised the others to fol
low his example. The kilied were found
wedged under the roof of the car. which
had been smashed in uupou them.
The Nebraska Irrigation Association's
annual meeting will be held at Sydney
Dee. IS and 1!.
The National Library Association de
cided to hohl iis next convention at
Cleveland. Ohio. Sept. 1. IS'.m;.
At St. Joseph. Mo., delegates from Illi
nois. Iowa. Missouri, and Kansas organ
ized the Interstate Normal Oratorical
Association to hold an annual contest.
Charles Johnson was chosen President.
II. K. Osborn Vice President, and F. S.
I toga rd us Secretary and Treasurer.
Marshal David C. Cooke, of (ilouster.
Ohio, while standing on a coiner Sunday
night was approached ly ex-Night Mar
shal F.Inier Donnolly. An old feud exist
ed between thcin. Donnolly drew a gun.
:ying: "We will settle this ditiiciiltv
now." He tired four shots, all of which
hit Cooke. Cooke tired one that went
through Donnolly's heart. II dropped
dead. Cooke fell beside him and also ex
pired. Mrs. Susie Hogers, wife of Philip Rog
ers, has disappeared from San Francisco.
Her husliand has !ecn searching for her
for three weeks, and now believes that he
has located her in Wisconsin. Mr. Hog
ers is certain that the Durrant case had
something to do with the wreck of his
hon:'. Mrs. Kogers was very intu-h iu-t'r-st'i
in the case, ami -onip'llMl her
husband to sit down every morning and
rad t lur the full r-ort f the trial.
Ib giTs finally went on strike, there was a
disagreement t'-nd his wife left home. II-
says that if she wants to return sh -an
do so, and can spend her whole time in
reading the report ;f the Durrant trial if
sh d?sires.
All patients sulTeting from alcoholism
will hererfu-r he turmd away from tin
County Hospital at Chhago. Neither
will they Im ivccivcd at the Detention
Hospital. This was lecile upon al the
meeting of the Committee on Public St-r-vi-e,
and the members went even further
ami ronIud'd that a physician's --rtif-icate
will not be sullicietit hereaftt r to en
able the placing f an insane person in
the Detention Hospital. Tin petition
granted by the County Court for admis
sion t the Detention Hospital, to cnahl
the insane person t be eomtuit:ed by
the County Court, will ncl to be s "en red
in onler to gain admittam e.
It is belicvnl Harry Hay ward, sent-
ene-d to hang at Miiii:eaiolis. Minn., for
the murder f Catherin Hing, inteiideil
making his escape Friday evening. The
officials made a search of his -lothing.
ami in a small belt bin kled around his
body was found a full cipher and JL-H
in money. The ky t his !! which was
secured by the authorities was furnished
by Mrs. Haywanl, from whom the de
tective got it, iimlcr pretens f being in
the confidence of Haywanl. It fits the
cell door exactly. Haywanl was lum
fnumh'd when he found the Sheriff was
aware d his plans, but he öftere 1 im r'
sistance to the search. Haywanl was
placctl in another cell, ami he only r
niarkcd: "This is quite funny."
The steaieer Afria,, of Owen Sound,
with its -ousort. Ihe barg Severn. f
Toronto, left Owen Sound Monday loaded
with coal for Sault Ste. .Marie. When
twenty miles southwest of Cove Island in
Lake Huron the Africa let go of the Sev
ern's tow line. Both boats wen making
bad weather and the Afria was rolling
heavily. The crew of tin- Severn think
the Africa went down with her crew if
'ereii. Tho Severn ran before th gnl
with bare poles until 1 y:il Island was
rea-hHl. ami its canvas being all gone it
was Peached fire miles northeast of Ioyul
Island. The Severn is a total loss. The
crow w-re saved by sni fishermen after
being in th; rigging for twenty hours.
The Africa's lifeboat and preservers were
found on Loyal Island.
A novel "accident" insurance case was
de-ided in curt at Detroit, Mich.. Fri
day. K. I,. La Hossiere held a $.",HMf
P'llicy of the American Fduploycrs Liabil
ity Insurance Company. In March. Ufo".
In- was in ToIiio. Oi.c of his t-i!i .:ii-iii'n--d
aching in a vicious way. and
.March l!l h had it drawn by a Tole!
h-ntisr. In the operation La lissierc"s
jaw was broken, and h di-d March ."1
if b'ool-poisoning. The In'irs brought
suit against th company for the amount
f his insuram- policy, tin contention
bing that his death was eausel by th
ae-ident in the dentist's chair. The -urt
tihl the jury that toothpulling and tin
resultant evils are not acciluts within
the meaning ami liability d' insuram-
companies, ami dirccti-d a verdict fr the
Dedm-tions drawn from data coIh-tel
by the Mal'ory. Son S: Zimmerman Com
pany of Chicago and embodied in the an
nual r-port of that company, show that
hog cholera is so widespread as to amount
almost to an epibmie. The annual .
ports of this luiicerii an -oiisid-r-d by
the Irade as the hst f authority, ami the
subj' t f this year's report is of unusual
interest. Comm nting on the advices iv
eiv'l the report says: "Farmers in
Iowa ami Illinois fel panicky on th
situation, and are selling their drov-s d"
pigs before the cholera reaches tlmm in
rder to g-t something ut of them. This
is n f tin principal causes for th
liberal receipts f hogs at the principal
markets. Th -ontinuel shipment of
th's pjgs to market ran but result in a
shortage .f hogs for the late winter .ml
spring months. Iivry ar load if pigs
that gM-s to market now means a sln rt
air f three cars of hogs later, and with
th iiniirccciltiiicil rop of -orn in tin
farmers' hands the prospects for them
hxdi anything but 'iwouraging. Tin ad
vic's show that the gn-atcst amount of
cholera reports come from the two larg-
st hog prolu ing States. Illinois aud
Iowa. This fad is signifu-anf."
Lexingbui. Ky.. has been sel-tl by
M-xican vetrans. who have had a iv
unioii at Nicholasrilie. Iy.. as the niei
ing place next June.
At Charleston. S. C.. Circuit Judg
Simotitttu dismissel the suit of Lown
stein A: Co.. f Statesville. N. C.. to have
th dispensary leIard um-oiist it uina 1
t.u the ground of its being a monopoly.
At Fort Smith. Ark.. Ahaudcr Allen,
olored; .lohn ltrown ami lidward Wil-
l:ey, white, have been s(nteticel in the
Fnited StaM's Court to lu hanir' on Moii
lay. D !l. This is the third time that
Frown ami Alhn have been seilten''
News conn-s . a tragty that ic urre
in Pike County. !a.. in which eight or
nine chihlren lost their livs by poison a!
ministered hy t'n'ir father. It s -ins from
the best information Thomas Sper. tak
ing advantage of his wifs ahsenc. and
lieing prompted ,y jealousy, administered
the fatal drug to his chihlren. Tin tind
is now h-hind th bars.
There is no hubt at Austin. Texas, that
the grand jury will return inditmnts
against Corb-tt and Fit zsiie Mioiis for -on-
spiring t violate an article of the State
ix-nal clc. Hut it is intimated that the
State officials ! nd are to prs'-ut th
pugilists further than to secure indict
ments whh-h ran b hlI ver th-ir
heatls to k'-p them ut of th Stat This
method is taken as the eaiest way by
whidi the Sfat of Txas an avoid -om-plicatetl
h'gal contentions.
Wednesday aftermui a terribl explosion.
oc-nrr-I in the Merhants Opera Hous-.
Crsicana. Texas, where the "Devil's
Auction" company was preparing to play.
Harry Coolrilg, master f transporta
tion and manager of the calcium lights
nipany, was tsting a -ylimler. Thiv
arose some loubt as to wlicthr or not it
contained black gas, and a bystander sug-
gestl that he try it with a match. H
stru-k tin- m:it-h ami louche! it to the
cylind.er. ami the exfilosion fi!lwed.
wr'cking lh scoihtv and t'aring mil two
windows thirty fet distant. One man
was instantly kilN-d ami several hurt.
S retary Herbi rt has r-turm l to
Washington from Alabama, where h- has
been sp-aking on tinan-e.
In Powell County. Ky.. Levi Anderson
killed Duke Wilson. agl 1-1. bc-aus th
boy made a slighting remark about his
At Montgomery. nar Savannah. Miss
St-lla W-st. a young stn-iety leader, shot
and killed herself while trying to get out
a bullet.
At Washington. D. C. ihe Knights of
! t lohh'ii Fagle leritlcd to move the
dli of the Orainl Castle .roni Philalel
phia ti Washingtiti.
Judge Itradh'.v. of the District Supreiu
Ciurt, Washington, onlere! flu discharge
from -usttdy if ('aptain tJeorge A.
A nnos. who was arrest! on th rd'i d'
Lieutenant tJeneral Sehotield just prior
to the hitter's retirement from command
of th. army fr having written him an
insulting letter. Judge ltradley scored
the a-tioii of th lal general if th army,
characterizing it as unlawful, tyrannical
ami ciiprua'ous.
The examination of a class of twenty
t tie privates of th army for protmdi.ni
to lieutenants was hli ut Itt Leaven
wrth, Kan. Th result of the examina
tion was sent to Washington to be ap
proved by the Secretary f War. The
ineii in the class are from ail parts of the
oiintry. Nearly every regiment in the
s-rvi- is represented. Seven of tlmm
are relatives of officers, ami three of
them. Sydenham. Ityther and Turinan.
sr men who were stinhmts at West
Point, but were dropped at that place
after examination. Of th -lass. l'ur
failel. The same men tried ami failed
last year. One of them. Meekh-in. a sn
of an oftiT. trid twi- under the 11
ami twice umler the new army law.
The Hritish steamer Napier, belonging
tit North Shields, Itouml fnun (roustait
for Rotterdam, was . in collision off the
Island of Aalaml with the Hritish steamer
Livonia. f Leith. The Iattr v'ss-l sank
am! fourteen of her crew wen drowned
in spite of the efforts of the Napier's
-rw, who. lmwever, su-ce'lel in resign
ing 1 4it men.
Logo t a is clamoring for the withdrawal
f tlie Hritish minister, .Iciiiut. The
press clearly reflects the pmilar excite
ment in its e.pr'ssioii if the hope that
Jctiuer's relations with the railway 011-
Iractors. which wt re not before exposed.
will persuale the l'ritish tSovernmeiit
that it is an injury to Colombia to retain
him in office at Hogota.
Some of Ihe sapphires ami rubies which
foritMsl part of the jewelry belonging to
Mrs. Langtry. which was obtnined by
ini'iiiis of a forg- orl r frni th Sloan
treet branch of the Fnion Hank of Ion-
loii Aug. 21 last, have been !iseov'rel
in the possssion of a firm if lm-rchaiits
in business in Hatton (lanh-n, Lndn,
to whom they had been sold. The value
1. 1 the sto! :i jew Is h;,- l.e-n -s:ii..;:l"d
at fnm .1ini.inh to .sJ( n . h m .
The mail stannr fr mi Kingston, Ja
maica, brought to Halifax an account by
an American citizen, who was a pass-u-ger
on board ti.e steamer Al n f the
Atlas line, of the tiling upon it by a Span
ish gunboat while passing the eastern end
of Cuba. Tin American sajs the gun
bat. when slightly south of Cap Maysi
lighthouse. tir-l on tin Ahne. and wln-u
ihe lattiT hve to the gunboat made lr
the nearest headland, im Tea sing to full
sp- 1. evidently lisiuclin'! to come
marer r give any explanation f its a.--tion.
The Treasury Department has r-
-iv ! through the Se-retary f State and
the Spanish minister the substance f a
telegram from the Spanish msul at Key
Wst stating in effe-t that anth-r tili
b:istring expedition is fitting ut at Pine
Rerf. one f the Florida keys. Leaders
and a number f men have h ft for thre.
The Cincinnati is said 1o be at Key WYst.
Assistant Secretary Wike has snt I !
graphic -opi-s d the Spanish minister's
notes to the colleetors of customs at New
Orleans. Key West ami Tampa, with iu
slrm lions for them to consult th I'nit-d
States attorney and the officers of the
narest revnue eutt-rs with a view to
preventing any violation f the neutrality
laws of the Fnited States.
The TSreen County I'ank at Springfield,
Mo., has gom into the hands of a re
ceivT. Deptsits, .V-r'i.iHt(; ass, -ts. .si::.-
Heavy shipments f new dollars are
being mad almost !aily from th City of
M'.xi-o, lestine! for China ami Japan,
via San Francisco. The total exporta
lions of Mexico in th last tis-al yur
were SI 1! I.S."..".V;. livilel as follows:
Fnited States. SSL'oCV.: Fnglaml. .S'-MJ.-
!.-,.( M Ml; I'r.in.e. S7.7M..MH; tMiiiiauy,
5C.474.ltli; Spain. .SL'.S.TJ.!.: Relgium.
Si;;i!,tMM. and the retuaimler to minor
riiiinl ri-s.
An AmeiaVan baby has bven born ui
ILrschel Island. Its niotlur is the wife
d Captain A. C Sherman. 1 the st-a;n
whaler Heluga. Hcrschel Island is a
barren spot in the Arctic (Iran. It is
th exlri'ine northern portion f Alaska
and of Hritish North America. The
whalers, most of whom had been away
from Imme for tnr than eightc-u months
when the baby was born, were greatly
interested in the event and sinf many
ir's'iits to the happy luotloT. Th-r
I hap'peued to be a clergyman d" the Chun-li
of Koglaud at the camp, ami he christened
the hihi Helen Ilers-h-I Sh-rinan. 'I"h-
baby has taken very kindly to the mihi
but perp-ti!al daylight f tin- siiuiiim r at
!Irschl Islam!, and bids fair to thriv
there through the long. dull, winter
months. Its playthings are made from
whalebone, ami its -radle was cut from
pieces f wreckage by a ship's -arpenter.
II. !. Dun V- Co.'s W.M-kty i: vi w of
Tra!e says: "The pri-e banunettT giv-s
indications that an not entirely favr
ab!. Cotton goods go up. with increas
ing evidence that the crop of cotton is
short. Pri s of otln r mauufa-tur
pi-oli!-t s. f hciiiI, h'nles. ami h-atlu-r. all
show some decline, a general abatement
in new .i-1ts being the principal cause.
With an iimm-ns volume of business, not
mm-h exceeded in the largest month f
lh exceptional year 1 SPÜ ami with -vi-l
n 1 1 1 1; r in several important branches
ih volume has surpasse that of any
pr-vitus year. th-r is a gmwinir un--r-lainty
about the n'ar future of industries.
Mmy markets ar nciiher slraimd nor
threatening, foreign exchanges i.o longer
raise :ippreheiisini. ami fears for the
great Northwestern Tops a r past. Thr
ha" been fw advances of wags d" labor
timing the last month and only a few
wirks hav b'n -losl by strik'-rs for an
Private dispaiches reeeive! at Sa ti
I ran is- say that La Paz, M-xi-i. h:is
been completely destroyeil by a hurricane.
Th storm was fdlowel by a tilal wave,
tin watrs in tin bay rising to an uu-
pre-'i!etited height, invading that Mrlioii
d" the city fronting on th bay and arry
ing out to sea men. animals and debris of
wr'-k-d buildings as the tide subside.!.
Mxi-ans in San Fran-is-o say that thy
hal lispat-hs about a severe storai
wh'uh prvaihd all along the -oast early
in lh w'k. The loss of life is reported
heavy, but details f the disaster are
meager. La Paz is the capital of Lower
California ami situated on a bay of the
sann name. The port is well sh!terd
and easily left usible against attack from
the sea. The city had a imputation of
.".(MM, a cathedral, a government house
ami a town house ami the place was n. e
the abde f luxury, as vih-ncel by the
handsome dwellings f the wealthy class.
Th city was also on- tlu seat of exten
siv p'arl tis!i'iis. silvr mining was "X
teiisively engagetl in and the commere
of the port was not iin-onsiderab!e.
Chicago Cattle, common to prime,
$.".7." t .S."i.7r: hogs, shipping grades.
;;.IMf to 4.r4; sheep, fair to choice. $Löi
to -I.W; wheat. No. '2 red. ."! to til.-;
orn. N. ''. HS.- to ir.tc; oats. N. 'J. I7c
t ISc; rye. No. -He to l'V; butter,
choi-e creanu't-y. LI1- ti iSIe; ggs, fresh.
l(e to ISc; potatoes. pT bushel. IMe t
ÖUc; broom corn, common gtuwth to line
brush. I'jf lo -Ie per immiihI.
Indianapolis-Cattle, shipping. S.'J.MI to
l?.VJä; hogs, choice light. .$.'5.00 to 4.rt;
she p. oiimioii to priim. .'J.cxi to .V.",.7ö:
wheat, N. '2. t'l- to ."; -rii. N. 1
white, LN.lc to :il-: .als. N. 1 white. IT-V
t. L't-.
St. Louis-Catth, So.00 to $.".7.": hogs.
$::.."0 to ,$4.r0; -heat. No. '2 reI. to
."; corn. No. 2 yellw. LTk to "7: ats.
No. '-' white, 17e to IS.-; rye. No. 2. .".tie
to .".Sc.
Ciin innati Cattle. $."t.."i0 to $.".): hogs,
f:iJM to ?L."t: sheep. $'J..r.O to .S'1.70;
wheat. No. 2. t7e to ti'Jc; corn. No. 2
mil. "Ie to ".'J.-; oats. No. 2 mixi .l, '
to IT-V; rye. No. 2, 44e to 4ti.
Detroit-Cattle. .."iO to Jjs.Vjr.: hogs.
J?:!JM to $4.oO; .sheep. $2AHI to 6.77;
wtieat. No. 2 rl. t4 t tlT-; corn. No. -yellow,
.".Ie to :2r; oats. No. 2 white, 'Jlc
t -!': rye. 4 lie to 4"-.
Tol-Io Wheat. No. 2 re!. tlöc to t"7-;
corn. No. - yellow, .'Ulc to ,T.V: oats. No.
2 white. 2r to 21U-. ry.. .No. 2. 4.U- 1. He.
Ititltalo-Cattle. to .f.".r(t; h.'gs,
$:t.(M to $4..r,; sheei. $2.7) t $.27k
wheat. N. 2 rl. tS to To; eru. No.
2 yellow, .". to ."Sc; oats, No. 2 white.
'Jb- t U.V.
Milwaukee Wheat. N. 2 spring. ÖS-
to .'.He; corn, No. l, ;ilc to .'.'Je; ..ats. No.
2 white, 1! to "JO.-: barley. No. .".1- to
41: ry. No. 1. 4Uc to 4V; pork. nwss.
jj;.s.iM to $s.:t.
New York Cat th. t .50..": hogs,
to ?r.tM; sh-ep, .yj.öo to $4.ut;
wheat. No. 2 rt d, t'Sc ti !!; irn. N. 2,
."w" to .".Sc: ats. No. 2 white, 2Xo to Jle;
butter, creamery, Hie to l!lc; eggs, Wrüt
crn, 17c tj UOc.
"When the Devil WasSick, the Devil Thc tzr'cultural DcpartmcrC Kr.
u Monk Would He; Wlic-n tlie levil I u (iiuuntic- ITnlerf ali Ir:
..... I 'I' 1 . A. 1 . v .
(lot Well, the levi a Monk Was
Spain in a New Hole.
iVn. C itnpos has ii -1 a proclama
tion to th" Spanish ::rmy in Cuba for
bidding tin siiininary eeutioii or ill
tnatment of irisoners. The placing of
Cuban woim-n and hild;--ii and prison
ers in front f the "Spialr.n 'f I)-ath."
Spain's hearth-ss -otivi t company, as
well as the atro-ities of .ther Sanish
b-al-rs. who look upon Cubans as snaks
and not as human beings, has x'it'd
tin disgust of tin world. The Spanish
Cabinet, ignizant of the eff-t smh
cruelties would have in exciting sympathy
for Cubans, has instrin ted Campos to is
su the proclamation in t1t to appeas
an international wrath that might de-
v-lop into lh r--gnit ion if Cubans as
blligerents. "W do not hop-that Span
ish cruelty will I. any !-ss v-ngful than
it has lu'i'ii. but ii will b- inoi s'-ret.
more discreet than in th past." said the
Cuban who brought llu news to .laekson
vilh. Fla. "Th!ay I left Havana scoros
of prisonrs wre taken from Mom Castle,
pitiful. half-starv'd sp' im ns of human
ity. burl-u-il with i hains. ami -arril on
Imard sliij to b transported to Spain's
prisons in Africa, never to l heard of
Death of a Famous Woitiuo.
Mrs. Clara lty Hates ii-.t Monday
morning at Chicago. She was born in
Ann Arbor. Mh-h.. I . 22. ls.ts. and was
th daughter of Samuel lbs rans Doty,
a cousin of (icncral llosecrans. wh
tral bak his an-stry through Lthan
Allen to th tirst Doty .if tin Mayflower.
On her niotlu-r's side s!:e was desvud-d
from lh Lawreiic family .f Viririuia.
ami sh inhrit'd the "Mtirdy mora! tiher
of the l'uritnn with the grac-. of person
of th -avalier. Sh was mari-ictl in ls;'
to Morgan Iais. a vve'lkn .ii tr.i!
p.1I'er publisher, and since 1S77 'hey hie
ina.h th'ir hone in t'hieago. Mrs. Ial s
was always a -Ise stm!t!it f the l. st
literature and a -otitiiiuo is. though not a
Voluminous. writr f po-'try ami of
stories and sket-hes. hi.Ily :': the
y.ung. II r first vrs. re publish !
before sh was -iuhl ye.rs ohl. and sin .
then she had written onst iatlv for tln
bst iublish'rs.
!icr that
siu- the death of Louisa M. Aholl she
had a wider circle of friends and :;d-
iuircrs among the young ami among moth
ers who have grown up t t rar tlu ir ( hil
dren to the stori s of h.rs thai they tc.nl
th'insel v-s in -hildhoo, than any other
woman in America. It is .-i i I of Mrs.
Kates that sin was a I'urit-in without be
ing a bigot. II
ful ami lovable.
t cha.-i tor was beauti-
One Man Kille-l, Seven Injured.
Two onverters ai the Ann-r'n-an Iron
Works of .bums V: Laug'd ns at IVts- i
m k i
Kiirg vti urn'i .moiki.i. m. nung' ami
sixt'n tons of ni iilen ii...il po-.'i-.-d in
to the pit below, where l store of tn.e-o
men were at wuk. tine m::i v.n" fatal
ly burnetl. three lamreiousV ami foi r
otlu'is susfaine! serious injuries. The
injured wen reumve Jo the hespit::!.
where ev'rything possible was I nn to a!
lviate their sulVetiair. The respeiis'.bd
ity for the ac-idc;;r nas not 'et been
place, but it is said to h-. ' been i;ti
avoilabl. The lain-ige 1 ihe mill was
not very heavy. The aeidetit nrn-d
while tin men were raising -onv rier N.
1. which contained iv.r ighL tons if
molten metal. It is i v.itei! by -. i -prss'd-air
pow-r. Samu.-l l.m an-1
.Idin Tunney w-r wurki.i; :.t it. and be
forc they got it raised the nn-n wrk
ing at i!ivern-r No. 2 st.ir- t r.vis- it
also. The metal ran out of cnvcrtor No.
1. ami the men bcanie so :;clietl over the
possibility of an explos.on thai ihe.v I-
go of the -omrese(bair machine and
allowed ihe -inverter to drp. Tin im ta!
was thrown in every l:r-ct:o-i and cti
vlopt nearly all the m.-n eiajil .d iu
that portion f the mill.
Lion Lushes His Tail.
A telegram from l'ara. I'.ra.il. lias been
r-eivel in Kio .laneiio. stating that an
armed ltritish force is marching through
Itrazilian t-rritory to that part of "en--
.u'la claimed by the l'ritish (Joveru
nient. Th news will rate a irenmn
lons sensation wIkmi it shall ln-coine g-n-erally
known. Olli. ials f tin State De
partment beli-v (Jn'at I tri tain has leti
nitely h itled to refus arbitraiion of the
Venezuelan boundary dispute. This be
lief leads to an uncomfortable feeing that
serious trouble is in store for us. and
that (real ISritain is lik-ly to show stub
born resist a m-c to the tTorts of i.nr gov
ernment to apply the Monroe doctrine to
this cas. The Civsident am! his cabinet
an in favor of enforcing the Monroe
Franklin Leonard I'ip. of tireat I'ar
riugtoii. Mass., the notel h,-trician, was
killed by a shock of l trieity.
Along tin Nva Seotian coast a havv
storm ragcil. The American brigantine
II. 5. Sibley wnt ashore at llhu k Hock.
At .latnestown. N. V.. it is reported
that defectives have traeetl th murder of
Mrs. Sherman ami Mrs. Davis in Busti
last December to Linim-t Bittlcs ami
t hre ithers who re in tin 1'eiiiisylvauia
piiitiitiary fr another -riine.
Mrs. Lillie .1. Krepp and her son of
Ilam-roft. Wis., were arrestel at Den
vr on tln supMsition that they were to
m't .lohn Krepp, h-faultiug -ashier f
the Bancroft Bank. IL lil not appear
an! 1h womaii and Imy were release!.
By the explosmn if a thrashing en
gine near Mountlake. Minn.. .losph
Shiiniahr. .!asp-r Maltte ami tw
other men. n:iin-s unknown, were killed.
At Cincinnati. Ohio, Victoria Killnr.
10. was found guilty of passing couiiPt
feit money. Sentence was deferred to
await a decision from Allrny J-m ral
Harmon b cause )tf Iit ytnith.
National (Juardsmeii will ! interest'.)
in lh cnsi' of .lose Uyan of th Iowa
militia, sind hy Iiis captain for .511 for
seven days absence from amp. Two
curts leidl for Ityau and the case will
go to the Supreme Court.
Stat Seiiabn- Herb, who was stricken
w ith paralysisaf Alton. Hi., is slowly sink
ing and there is little hope that he w ill re
covcr. Obituary At West Point. N. V., Lieu
tenant B rl d'Armit. .'52; a l Nashvilh. III.,
ex-.ludge Isaac Miller. TU; at St. Paul,
Bev. acariah Stiemke.
I nrMTC nnun nnm i i-,rr
uLiio üLUYU ornjiAr i. u.
The A cent Kcceiver Only Ocpurt-
incut I)cu titer. t s in Cn-. n'osut iii.
Impri i ii rj: the Service.
V'!s!iiligtO!l ci-; i :ile!n-e:
son. tie
meiit. is
. IL! HIN-
t):.-: s.!a-
i ;ie AiT-
: .! : t-
ih gig;;:p;- ..f"
olgailiy.''. .. .-HjS
;.o x ii.
i i . -
; 'o:iTi,.
v ;.i I
' a llie
" 't tf.e
s -V ; r
.. fofc
i o,-
t ; . . j i
. - gr. : t
'" ; i ; . i
VcI Ii-
.'as the
in ail of 'li
a ml T rr'i'oi
twelfth Of 1 ji-r . ;:. .if th- p . i,;
the I'uite.I States. t"iftP 1 I -1 , - -.
as the W hol- ei,'i' ,,f firs!.
third class postmasters in :.
meiit srie. 1,. whom near);. '.
is pat.i e r je;;r. And lh ;
corps of con-, spin!euts w ill 1 ;.(
I'll "i
without any n,t to tin- go. e:i:jii,-..;. e
cept wliat is repres l.tc.i by 'lie ;i,. ..f
.-i.uM- , iop auipliiels Wim :; are lit.-.l.i't-
'd by the Sei letM v
f Agri.-- Ii cr- v i v
'1 his work of organizing
r-s. it ,,f
tin meeting at Washin
gton last .-.:!
the r-pr-st ntatl-s .f coinnn:--i.i; ho.iits
Itoin all parts .f tl;- Cnit.i Sf.it.s to
prot.-st against tin- system ;nd r wfiili
tin information alH.ut ihe r ps a .is . i.p
h'cted. The chief oce-.ipai itr 'he stat
istician of the Agricultural I ep:; :-t,i js
the preparation .f statisti- s !).. :;ig the
coii.lil ion of t he grow iug crops. lt ;!;,-i ii:w
con:aining this iufnrniathi:; are p. ii!jh;
every month. Timy an awaited .,ni..us
ly by all tin- people win. are in : .; -s. ,1 j;t
...ft...-. 1
coihmi ir r ais. i m y an : . ; r
-t to the sp' ulatols in gr;.:;- -;, 1
anse if i he vori:me!:i iis.'im
a good comliiiou d" tin gnv;:.g
i ; s
;. 'i..
(lie s.f grain for lutui- dc'ix ,
! h '
lo go dow n : a ud if t he go . i n o
shows a bad i;!ii i-i .') th-
l-cr-as in the .-o rcav pian.d.
is likely to go t;p. 'hat-ve;- ti:
ter of the report, tin r is oi.. ,..
diss.-i t islied with it: and n
jtasses ihat th siatisti. an .
ioiiii-el by ih sp. culatoi s
I' ! pol t
-r a
!.e pl i
-t !.-
ste.pid or corrupt. Mr. Ib.b.a ,o,t"s .r,-dec-ssor.
I'l-f. I lodge. 1;;m'i 1'i.. eperi-
eiice. and it was ihe persiv:.. h .nt.i.ks
ot ihe speculators and Ihe deal :v m iiraie
in tin large iti. s that bri;g!i j n;t Lis
retirement fn.m the .hpar'-i.,)-. Mr.
Kol. ins, ,ii is having a similar .:'-r',-i:ee,
and it is making his hair gr.r. .
Weakni-SH if the M1 sjslfm.
Linier the ! system ?' m-.iUoit: up the
monthly Top n port. ras n.;v re-
-ivI at the statistician's fimi
ach agriu!tur:'.I county. la .-.oh .t
lln-se counties w. ! four corroNpondents.
One of tluse was lesigüated hi'f
con-espondetit, and to this o: i the other
ihr- s'iit thir n-ports of tin- .-r.p m
ditions on a lay ti.-l. 'J'ii'.-e r i -- - re
ports the chief .iiiespoiid-üL (:nh:icd
with Ids own. and he made -i report to
th I)epartm-iit f Agrici:!tu;- on fin
er p oiiditions of his county, i'h.-.-e w etc
anl there ar- now. for lh.it m.i't. n 1..
"IMI ,f lin s. -oii-esMiiideri! . of w ii. in
L'.ÖIMI s lit reptrts to the hp;."t:fe:.j. I:i
addiiiou t, thes' corr'spoii-;,-:i ?l'.cre is
another orps which is ir
jut as large. whi h i oi-ü::
Stal und r the superv isj, i
"! i:i -a. h
:' M.-i!-!Yo;n
I he
'-e ;::,-Iii-
agent, who r''ivs a salary
governnieiit. This salary :n
thing from .b"! to Sd.LNM a v
amount is swpp.e to be pr.ii :
the work. Mr. Robinson !:! ne
division if salaries has i;.j h, . i
fair in ihe past, ami that t -i-.-.
a reorganiatioii of these S'.si.'
ii lu d to
tiia; the
iii -rely
s to be
soiiu lime in the near future
These Slat' agents appoln ' !:-.!.- coi r
spondenis iu each county, who ai- iu
d'pn! nt d th- agcuis reporting ;j.
reel io th depart in nt. Tie :(... iis of
tlmir ag nts at- mad- t them i:r t. tind
then -ach Stale ag-iit !isse:ili.s iln re
ports wliich -oitie to him ait. I rn.ike ;.p a
general reptitt f -np -nditions in tin
Stal to send to Washing:- :! TIm two
sets of correspondents are expected to b-
i t.i ,.i
a cii-k iu cadi oiii i . ir tiier is a ny iis-cn-pam-y
between tin reports .!" ..ne and
the raorls of the other, the statistician
investigates ihrough a special a'"nl. and
learns which s-t of c.rrc;., .u i.-nts is
When the rcpresntatives ,,f tip. .ui-im-rcial
bodies nu-t h-r !ln t a it ician
went v'r the uhje t d' the r p .rs with
tin-in very thoroughly, and aft-T s.um-.-onsid.-ratioii
h -auu lo t!:e ' -m iusion
I hat lie was not raking th cotmrry an--fully
enough for his Top facts. S he !
I er mined to multiply the iium!"r of the
.leparttneiit's !ire t -orrsp.i. ! nts by
liv. Instead of having fnir t;-resp,!i-
.Inls to a. county, he !eter::ii'i ' ! to have
die to each tow nship. The p: 's'i.ni was
how lo get at tlie right men. Mr. K.h-
inson d'cid'l to write to the county
.hrks. as nun lik'ly to know the most
.i vailabh rr'sMnd,iits. So lie selected
twenty-one States, iu which from two
thirds to nine-tenths .f the grain rops
are raisl. and sent circular h'ffeis to tin
county clerks, asking llnni to send 1h
names of men. two in -ah township, who
might be willing to at as tin- depart -uietit's
-orr'son.lents. ami who w ould In
competent to make -rop estimates With
ea h circular was inclosed a trank-! n
velop for reply.
This orr sK.ndeii lias inv-i'ved !u
Iii 1 1- lalM.r. Most if the -ounty l-rks
have rcli'l pnuuptly, but a g::it many
have not replied at all. and it has hc-n
ne-'ssary t athlress tlu se again. In all.
there are about -.."no -ouidy i h-rks to
Jiar fnmi. but the lpartunnt lias n..t
.liiere! into coricspoii.l. n e w ith all of
ilu'in at on.-e. Iir. when the county clet l
npli's. if is necessary for the st itisti.-i;.
to address circular letters to twenty in n
more or less in the county; and when
these lw-n1y men liave rpl;ed. f s-id
circulars t ihe alternates, j;, ease the
men first addressed refuse to sei ..
Harvard Fi:i-:sty began its LT.Sth
ear with iiüicsel a!t ti l.;n ia a;
th-parlim-nts and tlie prospect :(f another
prspTuis y ar. 'i liest mit n s have been
pouring into Canibr'nlg luri g tin past
week ami ihe old ile aid Is is shaken
off its summer !t::rgy a nl b.'ioase all
1'U.ttle and aci'nity j i. - v. ue.

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