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No. 1
Vol. II.
The Yellow Sign.
Largest line of fall and winter woolens
v. y
in Marshall county.
The best grndc of workmanship at livinjr
prices are the attractions I offer the public
for the fall and winter trade.
Tailor made clothing is what yon want,
and I am the man to make it.
See the Yellow Sign.
delay there will probably be few diffl-; Ai.....t i.i., i.-ir Lights
culties in store for the concern in the, 0imvraiI1!J lhe difference in cost be-
iuture. This should be done, il possi-; t iy and it ,ants the Johet
. t . 1... 14' .1 1 '
oie u an mean, i, u.e puu.i Kepublican Speaks US follows:
11 .! Ill 4
ginning as a aniaoit , T, t , , tl t foImvs silOWS ; the
Held l.:it Nielli bv the City Cmim-ii t.t
T Man:ii' A tV.ii r of the Plymouth Wayon
Company 1 Order of the Court --Aoets
tireatlv llxeeed Liabilities.
valuable in the beginning as a valuable ;
acquisition to the manufacturing inter- mt culmmi the cost of street hghting
ests of tins city it is now tnoie valuable ,jy aRl lami,s lami, aml m
to retain
Prosperity has often been a:i out
growth 'of long continued adversity.
The real history of many large manu
facturing concerns has been similar
to the history of the Plymouth Wagon
Co. to the present date. The ino-t dis
couragmg conditions in many of these
cases had to be met and overcome and
the conditions adverse to the prosperity
of 'his company can and should L-e met
and overcome m such a manner that
holders who desire that a more bar- j pjynouth shall yet have one of the
imonious and systematic state of af- i :."..,,; wt ,.iii t-.-,! nn.l m.t urofita-
...f. . , . . i - i -
The appointment of a ieceiver was
asked in the circuit court Wednesday
for the Plymouth Wagon Co.. of this
city, and 1). L. Dickenson was appoint
ed to unraul the tangled skein into
vhLu the affairs of this company have
been wound. This move was not
forced by creditors but has been
brought about by the action of stock-
the second column the cost after city
ownership of the plants:
Jiangor, Me SloO
Lewiston. Me 1S2
Peabodv, Mass lb"
P.ay City, Mich llu
Huntington, Ind 14'
(loshen, lnd 1"'
Ulooinington, 111 Ill
I'lroiIue th on'Iil ion of Atl.ii r on
l.;torti- t net.
The city council met in adjournal
session Monday for tiie purpose f in
quiring into the status of a Hairs preva
lent on Laporte street m the section
which has come to be known as the
"Midway," and was called to order by
Major .Swindell shortly before 8 o'clock.
i 'I'tiof (i, ,.;!.. ....... . .- .o
77 1 earnest in m iking an exhaustive in-
fairs shall thus be developed.
ble wagon manufactories in the conn
The Plymouth Wagon Co. lias a his-, (ry I1(T fat.jjtii.s for maintaining and
tory dating back to about three years Uu'pporiingsueh an institution are equal
ago when the location of this plant was j to tl0S0 (lf lnaiy dlks V(it!l sl.t
secured for this city, partly from liberal wou,i oome jn competition.
subscriptions by interested citizens ana
51 j quiry concerning tlie disorders and
In these seven cities, it will be ob- j rum rs of disorders on Laporte street
served, the cost of street lighting has ; was apparent by the aimot immediate
been enormously reduced, the reduction ! introduction of the subject and the
in some cases amounting to over 2U0 I presence of a number (if witnesses who
per cent. There may be something in had Leen summoned to testify to what
this worthy of serious consideration
and if so we commend it to the atten
tion of those in authority.
thev might know of the district in
The Plymouth wagon Co. as an
t c .. . i . r l .1 -...: .1 '
parm irom nit ..an oi iai.u uuiui.ru crr,,ora ed company is now nearly one , Monday night. It was reported by yes-
uy me co!npan v.n.cn as buu-uiMueu j wr ol(l During the last eleve:
Fancy Bleached Towels,
4-1X17 1NXHES,
10C. -
Lomes Pore Linen llonffierc
into lots and s id out on time pay-j
monts Tlio n.otips iHiiei:)al I v inter-' months Mr. Ketcham has stiivenval-
1 j i
ested in the beginning were J. C. Prost
and Peter Dickman, of Defiance, Ohio.
They entered into an agreement with
the citizens of this city to do certain
things, which was not however entuelly
fullilled on their part, with the result
that eonsideralle dissatisfaction finally
grew out of the deal.
It seems that Messrs. Frost and ick
man were not in harmony and as near
as we can learn it was alleged that Mi.
Frost was the injured partner, and that
iantly against, the adverse conditions
with which he has had to contend
from the beginning' He has succeeded
in turning out a large number id wag
ons for which there has never been any
difficulty in finding immediate sale at
a very fair margin of profit. All that
now remains to make this institution a
decided success is to effect a proper re
organization which shall be guided by
competent management with which a
stockholders should be fully in harmony
question. These witnesses took the
stand and were questioned in order as
.. j follows: V. Ii. Carpenter, Dan Mc-
A r.ai l ire. . 0na!d, 1'ugeiie Marshall, August Cara-
There was a destructive marsh fire at ' bin, V. I!. Xewhouse, Frank Lanson
ritomaston, 110 miles west of this city, II. Sehuehhehs, C. II. Leonard, Oilicer
llennett and OHicer Myers. The exam-
ven-; terday's Valparaiso Star as follows: i ination f witneses vwis conducted by
"Last night the marsli south from i Ciiy Attorney Ilarley Loau and was
j Thomaston, a small station east from participated in bv the aldermen, the ap-
this city on the Nickel Plate road, was ; parent tri !e uhj ei ov the inquisition,
the scene of a bad lire. j being to establish:
Here a large force of men have been j First--The character of some of the
engaged in pressing an immense crop ! occupants of the r-ccond llnor of the
of hay with live presses, and in order to : Iloham block.
be near their work the men have ; Second The geneial character of the
camped on the marsh. j crowds that frequent Lapoit street be
Now a greater portion of the hay ; tween Michigan and Center streets and
Ciop, estimated at ',)() tons, all the J the reason why these crowds are at
presscs and the hay makers' camp have traded to this seili'-u more than t any
been ilest roved bv a (ire which is sup-1 other section o! the city.
posed to have originated from sparks ; Third The eiüciency of the police
Thesis no ono dopartment in a first-class Dry
Goods Emporium that is so important as the
Linen and Kerchief Departments.
It lias been our constant aim to make these
depart .nents par excellence.
We think we now have, through keen spot
cash purchases, through judicious selections
and tireless efforts, brought them to the high
est standard attainable1.
It is because every household is directly
interested that such exceeding care and exact
ing attention is given, and in consequence of
quoting prices always as low, or lower than
obtainable elsewhere, it at once becomes known
that our store is the first and very best place to
supply these wants.
AVe cordially invite inspection.
Mr. Dicknian was somewhat at fault in A I.tüe capital will be requ.red o bring i ;
his management of affairs. Tue , eole about suen a result, nit we nave no , AUer a lt.ci(h. but unsuccessful ( liort Much interesting testimony was
of this city were dissatistied with ,h( j doiilit that the investment ol what . (o subdue lhe l5a!ne the Jire was!dk.it,(l t(V the qU( ,.;on:ng to which
outcome of what promised in the 1: -in- money is necessary to put thrs concern j al.owcd to bum itstlf ollt. The los witness V-re ,id.j,cted, all having a
niii"-to be a "reat industry Uelit i:v ; on a solid looting would prove prohta- , , , .
imipuiutapiui iuuu9u. nun l4lt ... will be verv heavv. Kiakiicy to ir.oic corr-'borate
that by affecting a re-or-atu. ..ion mi! ; hi? enough to more than warrant the 1 . ' ! h-Mh-Imt. tnm: vr :,a tr-.m tune
changing the active management i: tht ' investors m placing it m that way. a riea,nt M.rpriM. lu imt. tou-hiug r.poj. Uds subject
factory it could be made profitable, i.ot
alone to those financially interested bui I s!i,n " ,"om :,t :1 "".
. . . . . . . If II rt- I., I
to tne entire city, steps were ta:.e:i to ; nou. n.u. muu'i as a leennei neeus
see what could be done in the matter, I - comments from those who are ac-
whk-h i.nally resulted in the purchase ! ainted with him. Hut the following I and t u I(ickt4 lv,lt,rt.li that a stranger !
of Mr. Dickman's interest by Mr. O. V. irom the K ehester Uepublican, gives j w,shea t() ge1 ,ho cominjl!ldt r. TheL'i
Keuiiam, of this city. A stock com
pany was then organized which a.;.-.w til
ed che liabilities of the old company
evidence of the receptions he meets
JoWiV from home. It says:
The announcement that Hon. II. (I
Last night was regular meeting night ; a:ij jur.i li was brought at to indicate
i of the K. O. T. M., and the lodge was 1 tjK. tiniehness oi the present public
j busy witii work when about'.) o'clock ,iu.-.i;i,nii,g and proie t'oe necessiiy of
! an alarm was sounded at the; outer door ! immediately instituting reformative
iui urc-s that v, ill c jiievt t He present
ten. rah.e conditions.
lovtge was dismissed to pen ncess for
a few moments and when he
!t . us developed, hcvewr, that since
hi setting in ;i" cooler weather, the
viewed the stranger, it was found to be ; n,,:a ice of the 4-Mi.hva" has iu some
.... .... . . .. I 'im. i.i . ..4. I l
ana it is partiany uue to these liabui-1 ' W ; l 1 ! twenty Ladies of The Maecabt is ; measme been abated, owing, no doubt
t ii-si i hur i htwutniiMiiv i,.o t.vi.r i lluotist church, in this citv iast eveninir i .....i r i -. i . i . "
-i J " , ' . - - - v.nn uasKeis inn (i iiietieii:CKen,caKex ; t) tf:i ;n t t!iiit co'd wea'.lH'r will drive
viMted witha meat decree of irns!er- orougur lonn an immense auuience,
and long before tiie exercises began
Th?:e were other causes, however, ; slaxitlh g room was at a premium and
whicli were active in preventing any many were compelled to iehirn to their
largely succesful results from the idTorts ' homes unable to j;ain admis.-ion. The
of this company, prominent among j subject of the lecture was "St. Pauls
which was the fact that the same lack ' journey to, and his imprisonment in
Red Damask Table Linen
Crochet Quilts,
Then cut your second prowth White Ash into bolts and logs and deliver
to our factory. j;its cut y, long, f inches in diameter and up, ).S0
per cord. Logs cut "., 11 or U,' feet long, 12 mchfsin diameter and up,
&IH per thousand. Must be straight timber and free from knots.
Of Every Description
nn nnnimu?
of harmony between Mr. Trost and Mr
Diekman lias continued to tist in
some degree between Mr. Frost and
other members of the present company. !
The new company was capitalized at
which was considered to be the
actual value of the plant, but with the
debts of the old company saddled upon
it as they were, and with Mr. Frost,
owner of one half the steck and secre
tary of the new company, engaged in
other business in Defiance, Ohio, and
unable by reason of his distance from
this business and the limited attention
he was able to give to it the stock com
pany had many difficulties to contend
with from the beginning.
The debts have been a burden and
the lack of harmony and strained in
ternal business relations have so hand
icapped the company that it is really
surprising that it has continued so long
without some vigorous tstochange
o b im i j: v.'.i c.h round
ed having been made.
The manufactured product of this
company is first class in every respect,
and has always lound ready sale. The
Plymouth wagon is said to be one ol
the best, strongest, lightest running and
most durable wagons in the market,
and there lias never been a time since
these wagons were manufactured that
the product of the factory could not be
sold faster than made. The indebted
ness of the company is now about
!?'.,000, and the assets, figured at fiO per
cent, of the value of the plant and
stock, are nearly 15,000. There is no
doubt that it w nild bring this sum of
money at forced sale. Wo trust, how
ever, t hat it will not be necessary to
make such a sale. There is no doubt
that with the proper reorganization
and a linn, systematic business man
agement the stock can be made to pay
large dividends. The company owns
six acres of ground and tho plant is
splendidly equipped with tho very best
of modern nun hirery. There is now in
stock almost enough material for the
manufacture of &U0 complete wagons,
which if I'Liu!'; up and sold, would re
turn enough ready casn to pay the ex
penses of their manufacture and pay
oil' tlio indebtedness of tho company.
If an organization can bo effected by
which this stock ean bo turned into a
commercial product and sold without
Home and his extent ion outside the
gates' Mr. Thayer is a lluent, self
possessed and entertaining sneaker, and
the lecture was an intellectual and iit
erarv treat to all who heard it. From
the fact that the lecturer had made a
visit to the old Kornau capital in ls'.M,
he was enabled to give manv incidents
and matt eis of personal observation
connected with his sojourn, which were
of intent-e interest. The lecture was
given under the auspices of the V. 31.
C.A. and a generous collection was re
ceived at the conclusion for the benefit
of the organization. Should Mr. Thayer
again visit Koehester he will be greeted
by a similar audience.
bread, coilVe and cold meats of various ; fM, ;:; ,rit;v of street loafers indoors,
kinds, and everything ready for a good j )r,t thi'r; u.v not lessen the necessity of
sociable time. j ac:;on n Hie Matter because the nu:s
After supper a joint meeting was j anvt it .t pt u uh according to its
held and good jokts were t hi also. An j ,s m-, y,-;,, , riven indoors by
! areiion sale was held, in whien the ; u; v i n !,. rft.
h djes enjoyed themselves very much. tU spring, to come forth again
with iis character unchanged.
Circuit Court.
The following is the disposition of
Chas. Huff vs L. K. & W. K. K. Co.
Damages. Tried last term of court
Motion by defeedant for judgment in
it lavor on the interrogatories sus
tained. Judgment vs. plaintiff for costs.
John II. Klassmgham s. estate of
Joseph Kurden. Claim dismissed.
Kcbecca Apple vs. Thomas J. Apple
Divorce. Defendant ordered to pay
25 into court in ten days for plaintiff
for attorney fees.
Kerghoff Krewing Co. vs. Paul Feiser
et al. Foreclosure. Judgment vs. de
fendant for 210JÜ and for foreclosure
of mortgage and order of sale of mort
gaged property.
Noah Ilerrell vs. Clark Weidner on
judgment. Judgment vs. defendant
for Slu'J.Ö',.
It is too much to hope that either tho
expert lii;g.tiöt, Sorbett, or the speedy
talker, Fi;.nuinons, will be permanently
shut up b fie turn of events in Aik
ansas. The pugilist who has a proini
nent position before a certain part of
the public and whoso theatrical venture
may be benefited by a constant notorie
ty cannot bo expected to relinquish all
at once his opportunity to make him
self conspicuous. Unless the previous
history of each of these notables beliea
him he will soon be at it again, talking
as courageously as ever and making
new arrangements for a "meeting" at
some time in tho remote and indelinite
IteuK'iiilx-ri'U in 1 1! 1f'ull!i.
We are pleased to note by a disp itca
that (J. L. Elliot, of South llend, for
4 1....... .... .... ....... I v It.,. f i. ',;,r.lll '
umi u-a.suiK-ii.i.i.cuLu.i..mii:i;ai. , ..:,. . ,f ,, ; j ..... f:,,;,
until late and diseushion was deferred
until another meeting, but there is no
The whole testimony was heard by
the aldermen and all present with
serious ami earnest attention. The ex-
' a highly commendatory letter that he
has been ;:iven a three months vaca-
tloiibt that the manner in which inves-
t: .. ... 4 ,;i . .... ......I I,. t.;... 4..
iio ia-. iiuipa iu u.mu.c i.im vo , . , b onU.rea iuto and(,in
io some health resort, ir. i-.iiiott was
agent at Kalamaoo ten years, and
twenty years agent at South Kend, but
of late has been in poor health. If his
health is not regained he will be re
tained on the company's pay roll at a
liberal salary as long as he desires to
remain in their employ. lie is one of
tho best known agent in the company
TVacluTs Institut.
Center township teachers' institute
was held Saturday at tho jury room in
the court house. The attendance was
good and the meeting was ono of the
mest successful ever held in this town
ship. Several interesting and instruc
tive papers were read. Trustee Mc
Crory and the township certainly have
been fortunate in the selec.ion of such
an intelligent and ellieient corps of
An Attempt to Kol.
From Tuesday's Daily.
This morning between tho hotui of
2 and 3 o'clock, some one tried to gain
entrance into Wolfs clothing store, by
cutting a hole through tho back c dlar
door just above the latch, but before
an entrance was made they were scared
away by the night watchman. In cut
ting tho door the party who did the
work must have received a severe cut
as a great deal of blood is smeared on
tne door.
Court Xt.
On a complaint filed this morning
by Palm Kros. & Co., by their attorney
Samuel Parker, versus the I'lymonth
Wagon Co.; on note and for appoint
ment of a receiver to tako charge of
assets of tho Plymouth Wagon Co.
The court appointed D. L. Dickinson
as such receiver. Frank II. Hoffman.
Anderson Yost tmd John C. I hitler
were appointed as commissioners in
the caso of Martha J. Finney et al vs
Silas S. Fish to divido land.
ducted to this time will terminate in a
thorough reformation.
Mayor Swindell read a communica
tion from Chicago, in which he was
urged to call a citizens' non-partisan
mass meeting for the purpose of formu
lating some public expression relative
to war of Cuba for independence from
Spain. The communication called for
such a meeting about Oct. '.il, when it is
proposed that similar meetings shall be
held in many sections of the country.
Adjournment was taken to date of next
regular meeting.
Hstr I'iinK 'ou" 'IVi'tli.
It appears, acceding to the Valpar
aiso Videlte, that some pro-historic teeth
have been unearthed to the west of us.
The Vidette says:
"A few days ago an enormous tooth,
the remains of some animal, was found
on the farm of Peter Hear.
Yesterday while Mr. Hear was dig
ging on tho farm he found two m,.re
teeth of enormous size, both of which
are visited with old age.
Fied Keycr has all three of the teeth
and is exhibiting them to relic seekers
Farmers are digging near where the
teeth were found in hopes of unearth
ing some more."
TI.e Nail V:i Never D:iwii.
On tho 15th of April, isr,r, the little
building now used as an express room
at tho Illinois Central depot was in pro
gress of construction. When the news
came that Lincoln had been assassinated
the prev.ous night, a carpenter was
driving a nail into a piece of moulding
over the window and it had penetrated
about one half its length. He left the
job unfinished and the nail remains as
it was to this day. Tho man who
started tho job of nail driving thirty
years ago called attention to its unfin
ished condition yesterday. lilooming
ton Pantagraph.

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