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Ti1 laiifiiifriVi'nj n "i
Strength of the limpire on the Seas
Dates from an I-arly Period.
It is a little startling at first to saj
that Fnglatid's great naval strength
grew out of the reformation, lint a
Ierusal of Mr. Fronde's last book on
'Fnglish Sailors ia the Sixteenth Cen
tury, ' published by the Seribners, will
fclmw that this is no absurd paradox.
Had there been religio'- unity through
out Futvpe during tJ eign of Cjueen
Elizabeth then? wo : have been no
occasion for the c: its of Sir John
Hawkins and Sir F;.neis Drake. "While
Wh would be reg; '.-d ia those times
:s pirates there can he m question that
they availed themselves of the sui'i'i r
Ings in' Knglis'.imcn at tin Lands of th
Spanish inquisition to wage their pe
culiar w.-.r upon Spain. It was their
way of retaliating upon Sp;;in.
The piratical enterprises of these two
great Kogli.-h sailors seem a queer way
of carrying on a war in behalf of re
ligious liberty. Fader the condition of
the time n other method appears to
have hen possible, (jueen Klizabcih
laeked either th eonraire or the hoi;-
csty to declare open Inutilities against
I'hilip II. If Fronde's portraiture of
her is correct, her motive vr. probably
to make her peace with the Catholic
church. She wa quite destitute of re
ligious conviction. Site 1 i 1 not scruple
r.t conduct that deserves the severest
condemnation. For example, she was
a partner in one of the slave expedi
tions of Sir John Hawkins, and shared
generously in the profits of Sir Francis
Drake's lirst voyage a on ml the world,
a voyage that was nothing more nor
l"ss than the greatest piratical expe
dition that history reeords. Hut she
was .wiliin? that her sailors carry on an
Irresponsible war with Spain, hoping
that they would thus compel Philip to
show more deference to her and aid her
In her ambitious sdieine.
Rut her notion tl-.at Fngiand could
everagainbooomoa papal power was an
absurd one. The Protectants of Kurland
were too numerous and powerful to
make that project possible. Moreover,
the outrageous treatment that Spain
showed to Englishmen stood in the way
of her ambition. The conditions, there
fore, favored the continuance of the
piratical warfare between the two groat
powers. The natural outcome was, of
course, the Spanish armada, which was
designed by Philip to put an end to En
glish piracy and to reduce England to
FUbordination to the papal power. Hut
that expedition was doomed to ignomin
ious failure. The navy that Sir John
Hawkins and Sir Francis Drake had
built In their peculiar way saved En
gland from the fate that threatened
heV. It was this navy that formed the
basis of England'; naval power to-day.
Testing the Doctors.
The emperor of China has lately had
po much trouble with his functionaries
of every kind that he has grown dis
trustful of them all. He had noticed
that while Iiis statesmen seemed to be
widely at variance, the court physicians
agreed beautifully, whenever they were
called in together. Hut a test that he
might make of their skill and sincerity
occurred to him.
Feeling somewhat indisposed, the em
ieror sent for one of Iiis court doctors.
These physicians are paid functionar
ies, and are all learned professors. One
of them came, listened to his majesty's
account of Iiis trouble, diagnosed it,
prescribed, and took his leave.
Then the emperor sent for another
court doctor, and pave him exactly the
same account of Iiis difficulty. This
doctor then m::.le his own diagnosis,
which was quite different from his
brother physician's, prescribed a differ
ent remedy, and went his way.
A third and fourth physician were
called, and each found a different dis
ease, and prescribed a different medi
cine. Then the emperor became, angry
and also sarcastic, and bepped to know
how he could have so many things the
matter with him and live, and whether
he should continue to live if ho took all
the diverse sorts of medvine that bad
that day been prescribed f :r him.
The doctors could give him no satis
factory answer to these questions, but
rach insisted tliat he was ripht and all
the others wrong. But the emperor de
clared that this could not be true, and
condemned every one of the physicians
to lose a mouth's salary.
Of course the moral to this story has
no Occidental application. Though the
doctors of our Western countries re
serve the right to disagree, such n case
of radical Indulgence probably could
not occur under the practice of our per
fected science.
Mixe! Metaphor.
A year or two ago Sir John Lublx)ck
pave a public lecture on his "personal
und political reminiscent es." In tills
discourse the famous lecturer upon sci
entific and historical subjects showed
Lis versatility and his sense of humor
by telling some amusing stories. He
dwelt in particular upon the funny
things which he had heard In the House
of Commons.
One honorable baronet from the south
of Scotland was speakinp on the pno
idtion to vote two million pounds to
ward the expense of the Afghan war.
Wishing to show how inadequate this
sum would be, he described It as only
a "flea-bite in the ocean."
On the same occasion the same gen
tleman was advocating an increase in
the number of European troop to be
mployed In India. In the couro of
hU argument he said, "You may de
pend uyoa It, 3Ir. Speaker, that the pale
faeo of the RrltiJv Soldier Is the back
bun of the Indian army."
Sir John doe, not regard the Irish
members f the present generation as
very amusing. The examples piven
above of what we should call Hiberr.i
clsnis If we did not know their origin,
It will be remembered are instances of
Scotch blundering. The Irish drollery
may be conscious or unconscious. I:i
either case it is inimitable.
On a. certain occasion a member from
Ireland was arguing against the impo
sition of a gun tax. The ground upon
which he based his argument was thK
tliat every man had the "divine right
to carry a gun."
The liost Chahiii.
The Egyptians, both Mussulmans and
Christians are a temperate people, but
as a warning to those who are inclined
to be otherwise, they often tell the story
of the lost 'hahim. It is certainly a
picturesque illustration ,f the d grad
ing and pitiably h'-iph uess into
whi. li even a little alcoh; 1 can lead one.
Chrihim was an houe.M citizen i
Ca in, who had. nevertheless, a weak
ness for wi:i: one eveulng when lie
had partaken of the cup he returned
home r;:t In r late. He was aware from
previous expei lerne that, v.h'-.i h"
should wake In the n.ortiitig. his head
would be in a pitabb- rendition. So lie
took his writing tablet and !al-rious!y
noted down upon it the whereabouts of
all the article whii-h he wu:;kl need in
iho lnorniiii'.
"The slippers." he v. t .ie. "are on the
outer thro.-ho'd. The jacket is on tit"
table in the cast chamber. The trous
ers are on the tabouret." Tlc-ii he sat.l:
down on the bed. and with the writ
ing tahlet s-T i i I bi his le-iul. he wrote,
'"And Citahim is on the bed."
lie fell into Fee stupid slumber of In
toxication. Late in the morning h"
woke. His head aeh d cruelly, ami all
his ideas were In confusion. Then his
eyes fell on his writing tablet on the
bed beside him.
He was overjoyed to find this record
of the whereabout of ids wearing ap
parel. Dragging himself out of bed.
he dressed himself by its aid. When
his clothes were on. he read on tic?
tablet: "And Ciiahim is on the bed."
He looked on the bed. Ckahim was not
lie was filled with consternation.
CI nth im must have been mislaid. He
began to hunt through the house; no
Chahlm was to be found. He became
weak and db.zy from his vain search,
anil threw himself down on the bed.
After a few moments hisjicad stead
ied a little, and he became aware where
he was. Chahim was on the bed! He
had found himself. Ftterinp a cry of
joy at this rediscovery, he arose sober.
He realized then what a fool he had
been, and resolved never again to drink
of the liquor whieli turns a man into
a sillier thing than a sheep or a hen.
J! is Own lousiness.
The Detroit Free Press says that
President Hayes has for one of his
Ohio neighbors a te-;y old fellow who
kept a .small truck farm. He was an
honest man and a good citizen, and Mr.
Hayes held hitn in .high esteem notwith
standing his want of what are called
the social ameuities. During Mr.
Hayes four years at the White House,
on one of his visits home he passed
this old man's farm, and found him
planting potatoes in a patch near the
The President, being somewhat of a
farmer himself, noticed some eccentric
ity in his neighbor's style of planting,
and after a little chat called attention
to it. The old man defended his meth
od, and finally Mr. Hayes said, as he
started along:
"Well. I don't, think you will pet the
best kind of a crop if you plant in that
mann er."
The farmer rested his elbow on the
"They ain't neither one of us above
ha vi u fault found with us," he said;
"but If you jest go on president! the
United States your way, an" I po on
plantin' pertat ers my way, I guess we
won't be no wuss oft" in the end."
The President, we are told, accepted
the suggestion in good part, and passed
The Nile of the North.
Dr. Bell, who undertook an expedi
tion last June into the fastnesses of
British America by a route directly
north from Ottawa to Ruppert's house
on James bay, has discovered a river,
which he describes as the "Nile of the
North," and the sixth largest river In
the world. Its average width Is a mile
and it is 500 miles long. It has three
tributaries, one rising north of Three
Rivers and in the Lake St. John region,
and the third near Lake Mistassini. A
primeval forest skirts the river's brink
the whole distance, which is navigable
to the rapids near the north.
A Jtovreil Wnjf.
The Kev. Caleb Stetson, a famous
transcendentallst minister of a genera
tion ago, Jn New England, was almost
as well known for his pun-making
proclivities as for his eloquence in the
Upon one occasion, at a public dinner,
feeling the breeze which came from n
window behind him a little keenly, he
beckoned the waiter to him.
"Boy," said he, confidentially, "I wish
you'd shut that window; I feel that 'ere
air) in this 'ere (ear)" pointing first to
the window and then to his car.
Furniture oft be Htar Chamber.
Some of the original oak furniture
ami paneling of the famous star cham
ber, which was abolished In 1041, came
under the hammer In Eondon recently.
It Included the whole of the old oak
paneling of the notorious chamler, to
gether with several very fine oak cab
inets and antique chairs, 11 of which
aro in an excellent tate of j-reserva-tlon.
The Sun Js the only New York paper
that does not use typesetting machines.
Nearly I0.W0 tons of tea were landed
In Tacoma from China iu one day not
long ago.
The Berlin Academy of Sciences is
preparing to issue a complete edition of
the works of Kant.
A fisherman near Seattle says that
he hauled in 1,1X0 salmon with one cast
of his seine the other day.
It is estimated that some 4.000 doicn
eggs were smashed In a railroad wreck
that occurred at Canterbury, N. II.
The season's apple crop Is set at 0V,
J.".XHJ barrels, which Is pretty close to
a barrel for every man, woman and
child !n the country.
The demand for coon cats iu Belfast.
Me., has become so brisk that ea; steal
ing has become decidedly annoying lo
the residents there.
Eondon has imported from America
during the last fovn'.ght -iO.WO tubs of
butter. It fetched from - I lo "Jb cents
a pound over there.
A Malay opera troupe is on Its way
from Polynesia to Eondon, where it will
perform "liishi Sha Himu," described
as a national opera.
Pros: eciors are very much elated over
a Und of unfading green and purph
slate just north of Casileton, Vt., -which
they say is very valuable.
On account of local opposition the
monument to John Brown, which It was
proposed to erect at Harper's Ferry,
"Will not bo built at present.
Pension Agent Milli-sen of Maine has
received 2,0:!0 applications for State
pensions, an inereastj of about 0C0 over
the number received last year.
Thirty years ago, it is said, England
had 20,XU miles of toll roads and 1,0-17
turnpike roads. There are now no tolls
and the roads are belter than they were
Eeerbohm's estimate of the world's
wheat crop Indicates a total of 2.305,
000,000 bushels for 1S0Ö. compared with
2,5öS,000,000 in 1S04 and 2, löS,0O0,00O
One of the meanest "white men on re
cent record is a fellow in New York,
who. after playing poker some half
dozen times with four friends, had them
arrested for gambliug.
Hears are becoming quite numerous
In the region of Gardner's Eake, Ver
mont. One fanner met one on the road
recently, and another resident has had
several sheep killed by them.
A Vermont trapper has just received
an order from a Montreal party for
1,000 live skunks. Just what the party
wants them alive for the trapper can
not understand, but he ays that he
shall till the order.
Indiana will celebrate in P.HJO the one
hundredth anniversary of the estab
lishment of the government of the ter
ritory of Indiana. A commission was
appointed under a concurrent resolu
tion of the last legislature- ;o fix plaus
for a Sate exposition.
They are telling a queer tale of a
man iu Orono, Me., wbc " many
months has been hoarding gold in the
hope that a series of flurries in the bond
and currency markets or a change in
administrative methods would give it
a premium, from which be could realize
a fortune.
The granite pedestals for the eques
trian statues of General Winlield Scott
Hancock and General George G. Meade,
to be erected on the Gettysburg battle
field, have been shipped from the quar
ries at Westerly, K. I. The pedestal
for the Meade statue consists of three
large stones weighing in the neighbor
hood of seventy nine tons.
One of the residents in Greenfield,
Conn., has an antique wooden clock
which is peculiar iu having a very
erratic method of keeping time which
is all its own. The house is near a rail
road and whenever a train passes the
clock starts and runs for a while. Then
it stops and waits for the next train
to pass before taking up its work again.
Jack Grisby, of Eawrenceburg, X. Y.,
was engaged in storing pumpkins in
the loft of his barn and his 5-year-old
girl was standing near by watching
him. A large pumpkin, weighing about
thirty potinds, rolled from the loft, and.
falling, struck the girl In her upturned
face, bending her head suddenly back
ward, breaking her neck and causing
lnstaut death.
There are -t"l Federal licenses per
mitting the sale of liquor iu Vermont,
or about one for every 781 inhabitants.
Burlington has sixty-three, Brattleloro
ten, or one for every (VSG people. Barre
has one for every 22." t and Montpelier
one for every 241. Rutland has one
for every 405. All this in a State where
the prohibitory law is supposed to be
impartially en f o recti .
There Is complaint In the shut II towns
and In the rural districts of England
that it Is difficult and frequently Im
possible to get a glass of cider at the
public houses. The reason Is that
many of these public bouses have fallen
into the hands of the big brewers
through mortgages, and the new own
ers allow their tenants to sell no drinks
that will decrease the sale of beer.
The city of Manchester, England, al
ready owns the tracks of the street
railways within Its boundaries, and is
about to petition parliament for au
thority to operate the railways them
selves, on the expiration of the lease
to the companies now operating them,
which will be within r few months.
Glasgow ami Birmingham already op
erate municipal street railways with
Several towns and cities in Oregon
and Washington have lately obtained
nn excellent and adequate water sup
ply In an Inexpensive manner by the
use of woodeu pipes. The pipes are
made from common pine logs, ten
inches In diameter, hollowed out with
A six-Inch bore. It Is claimed that the
wooden pipes last as long as iron pipes.
One town has a line of pipes seven
miles long that, with all connections,
cost but $2.000.
Mongolian pheasants have been suc
cessfully introduced for game pur
poses in various parts of Oregon and
Washington in the las: few years, and
now an attempt is bcit.g made to propa
gate them for the same purpose in Cali
fornia. A number have been imported
Into Santa Clara County from Oregon,
and lettuce seed is to be planted by the
mountain springs to provide food for
them. They are protected by statute
for three years.
One of the Crazy.
Times of intense general excitement
lead to an unsettling of weak minds.
Mr. A. G. Kiddle, In h'.s "Recollections
of War Times," remarks upon the num
ber of visionaries and fanatics who
came to Washington In 1SGI and 1S'2,
sonn of them of the propheth; order,
others wltli a commission, as they felt,
to take ihe!r places at the bead of the
government, one such unbalanced
man, perhaps years old, Mr. Kiddle
saw again and again hanging around
about the hall of the House of Kepre-
sentatlves, of which Mr. KlddL was a
One or twice he managed lo remain
In the hall till after prayer, and w:v;
then hustled out. Ho Feemed to know
no one a harmless, moon-struck young
man, country grown, neatly clad in a.
home-made Ktiit of light brown.
One morning when I bad reached the
hall early, this specially commissioned
young man came In, an unus-ial look of
resolve on his meaningless face. See
ing me alone, he approached, ami cast
ing' quick glances about, hesitated a
moment, and then said:
"You aro one of the Congress feller,
ain't you?"
"What makes you think so";" was my
"Wal, you are sittln' In one o' the
seats, 'n I've seen you 'round talkiu' and
actin' like one on 'em."
"Well, if you won't tell on me "
was my hesitating answer.
"No, no! I won't tell. I shouldn't
think you'd want to have to git out. I
won't tell on ye."
"Well, then I am one o' the Congress
"Wal," brightening, " you're one o'
Ute very ones to help me."
"What is it?" I asked.
"Wal, you see," stopping near inc. and
In a confidential tone, "you see, lm
sent here to take things in hand, and
put 'em right you understand V
"Well," asked I, "why don't you take
right hold? It needs somebody, the
Lord knows!"
"Yes, but somehow I can't seem to git
hold. Can't git a-goin'. An' you fel
lers must help me, you see."
"Who sent you":"
"God." solemnly.
"lie did? Are you sureV
"Oh, sure as I live."
"As lie used to send the prophets?'
"Exactly. That's it in the Old Tes
tament times."
"But don't you know that when He
sent a man He always opened the way,
provided the means? Iiis man always
knew how to get hold. If I were you,
I would go right back for instructions."
This was a new idea. lie stood dazed
and confused.
I saw him about for some time after
that, waiting, perhaps, for instructions.
He was not a solitary instance.
'Tricks in Every Trade.'
A merchant and a dairyman were re
cently swapping business secrets, when
the merchant found he was not "in it"
wish the milk dispenser, when he re
marked: "Why is it, you ask. that I have the
reputation of never being out of milk?
I'll tell you. 1 make it."
"Make it!" echoed the merchant.
"Yes, sir! And I will give you a for
mula for making as nice milk as ever
flowed from a ow, ami, what's more, It
will stand the test of any inspector's
"When I find myself running short
of the genuine article, I take a couple
of cans of good condensed milk, costing
mo about twenty cents, pour them Into
a forty-quart canful of water, adding
a little common baking soda, and then
thoroughly stir the mixture up. The
soda takes the sweet taste from the con
densed milk and gives the mixture a
regular Jersey froth. I add a little
salt, which with the soda sends a test
Instrument right up to the notch re
quired by law.
"Why, during the blizzard last winter
I sold fifty cans of my home-made milk
every day, at a clean profit of $2 on
every can. Talk about a milk scarcity
you never find one where I do busi
ness." Michigan Tradesman.
Cat Did Not Come Back.
When a parrot In a large cage arrived
in a passenger's baggage at the Great
Northern depot yesterday morning,
Bapgagemaster Miller set him on the
floor of the baggae room. There he
stood for two mortal hours in dead si
lence, and no coaxing of the passengers
could arouse his loquacity.
When the crowd had left the depot a
large, sleek cat appeared on the scene,
and spying the bird arched majestical
ly up to the cage and sat down. He
poked his nose between the bars and
sat contemplating Poll, thinking what
a dainty morsel he would make if those
pesky bars were only out of tho way.
He had sat thus for an hour, and the si
lence had gradually grown denser,
when Mr. Miller was aroused by an
unearthly scream from Poll's direc
tion: "Ha. ha! Come on, boys."
The cat did not care to continue the
conversation; he just went, his tall up
lifted and swollen with fear till it look
ed like a feather duster. The parrot
smiled a gleeful smile and the cat did
not come back to trouble him.--Seattle
Borne Attractions Even in Such Float
in' Heils.
All is grk-t that comes to the mill of
the .showman, and even a convict ship
is serviceable if it can onlv be mado
attractive. There lias lately arrived
in the East India dock, at Black wall.
tne Australian convict saip success,
which is to be put on exhibition forth-
with. The vessel belongs to the old
bad system of treating criminals with
barbarous cruelty, bordering on inhu
manity. Built in 17'.j in British In dir,
of solid teak, the Success was lirst an
East India trader and then an emi
grant ship. It was iu the year 1N"2,
jus: at the time of the gold discoveries '
iu Australia, that she was turned into '.
a convict hulk, and moored at William.--
town, Victoria. The new gold fields at- '
traded many bad characters from all
pans, even convicts breaking loesi
from the penal es tablishriei: and in '
order to afford safe (juarters for ;h. ;
worst os: utc evii-uoers Live snips were
turned into hulks. The So-cess form- ' tendant rubs ;,:n:;.v:oa im
cd otic of the group, and was known as j v ith one h;.nd and keep
the "'dark cell drill"' ship, being fitted j from squinnir-g with the
up with solitary cells that admit n-- : profess. r eails that listle
light. Une can well uiulersiand the j Mvt the l;;:rohvb-s m:;c:n:
Honors oi me rigorous system 01 pr:o:i
treatment practiced on board these
hulks by an inspection of this ship.
Eying in the East India d o-.k. she is
a weather-beaten old wooden vessel,
dingy and free from aey suspicion of
new paint. The iir: wonder, ir.dofJ,
Is inat she ever accomplished the voy- j
age from Australia to Lomhm, which
took no less than live mouths and a
Laif, but her stout timbers of leak of
great thickness make h-r almost im-
pregnable as a fortress. The quarters
ence occupied by tiie warders are !
hown on tiie quarter deck, where th?re
are exhibited various rusty muskets,
pistols, leg irons and manacles, as well
as an original copy of a "ticket of
leave," signed by the governor of tho
colony. The 'tween dvk is titled with
cells on each side, every cell having
been for the accommodation of three
men, and on the lower deck, where no is which." This one. howev r. r:;ty l
light and but little air could penetrate, told by the fact that four of "use- s am
are the dark, solitary eel's, which must located in a squad in front, with -he re
almost have been living tombs to tho , maining four grouped in pairs on e ich
occupants. At the end of ea h cell is a ! side of its head and a little '.he rear
space shut oft by iron rails eallod the ' of the others. The eyes are b'fziog
"tigers' den," which was used for those j and glassy and cf a deep grc n;-'. hue.
regarded as irreclaimable. Here she j Its mandibles are not very hirv bur,
most outrageous offenders were herded i as many a victim can attest, .-:- -Mpa-togcther
in semi-darkness, and often j hie of doing great damage. Its i :ioa
murder was committed among them-j Is quick and alert.
selves as the result of an old grudge or j Prof. Behr laughs at ths :d m :ii:it
dispute. j f10 hifc 0f ti.o kiirodeetes ni is j-
The barbarity of tho hulk system is j fatal, bur he admits that the itient
further illustrated by iron necklep; by suffers the most racking brtur for
which unfortunate malefactors were j several days, after which. :f 'a li.is
fastened by a line as if by halters, and ; been proper v treated, roeowrv i or-
!n some torture chambers prisoners
were so chained that they could neith
er lie. sit or kneel. Hardened miliaris
though the convicts were, vet such
treatment could only have the most
liendish results, and the prisoners on I.ehr, net at all dangerous Though its
the Success in 1S17 found an opporiu- bite causes considerable pai:i a.i: i -ove!'-nity
of revenging themselves by assas- t ing ab.--.ut the wound, he s-iys it is not
sinatmg the otto-nil head of the convict j fatal. Its bite N not nearly so d inger
cstablishment. Inspector (Jeneral Price, j ous as that f.f th? "katipof bur. be
The public sentiment revolted against that as It may be. it Is more f,.r:nvinhle
v i ..11 ,.. .. ...l.: i l . j ' .i . t . . . .
mc oniK svssein. w r.i. ii u as Mipcrseoeu
in The old hulks were broken up,
with the exception of the Success,
which after being maIiciou-lv scuttled
In Sydney harbor, was raised and ex- j
h'bitcd as a show vessel at various!
pons in Australia. I his old hulk, reek-
ing with the memories of many cruel-
ties committed in the name ol the law.
Is not allowed lo tell her own rale, but
somewhat questionably it is sought to
heighten the effect by the aid of wax
figures in cells, and tableaux of scenes
with notorious bushrangers, all of
which appeal rather to morbid tastes.
London Chronicle.
Why He Itesigned.
A romantic tale is going the rounds
among Chicago business men of a man
who voluntarily res'gned a S'-'ÖMH)
salary. Ä business had gotten into bad
shape through the owner being in Ku
rorte most of the time. The t?2."i.io0-a-year
man was employed to put the
business on its feet. For a year or two
he worked like a steam engine, putting
in eighteen hours a day. When the
manufactory was once more on a pay
ing basis the manager told the proprie
tor that, as there was nothing further
for him to do. he proposed to retire,
and handed in his resignation, to take
effect at once.
"F.ut we don't want you to go. You
made the business what it is," eaid
the proprietor.
"Yes, but you can take care of It
yourself now, and there is no use in
its being taxed $r00 a week to support
a person who isn't needed."
"Well, at any rate let us run till the
first of the mouth; that's only three
weeks longer."
"No. I won't take what I don't earn.
I'm going to quit Saturday. I've been
working hard and need a rest."
The man has had his test, and want
a job where he can get big pay and a
chance to earn it. Chicago Tribune.
Truly Religious.
The minister had been In the little
Kentucky town but a short time, and
wlien he was called to preach a funeral
sermon he thought it best to pick up a
few facts about the deceased. "I trust
our brother gone before was a truly re
ligious man?" he said to the surviving
brother. "You bet he was," was the
earnest answer. "Why. brother, he
never tuk out his gun to lay fer one of
the Simmonses without first pray in
three hours."
Soap us a Microbe Killer.
The hygienic value of soap is hardly
realized by the general public. Recent
experiments have shown that a solution
of soap will kill typhoid or cholera mi
crobes. A 1 per cent solution wi'l do
so In twelve hours, while a 7 or 10 per
cent solution will do It In a few minutes.
People Should lit ware of a Pretty Yel
low-Spotted Sp-dcr.
Next time anybody is bitte:
r t.
n -Ii
o be
: . ; o i , -
"poisonous Hack spider" he will
a favor on Prof. H. II. Behr if h
refrain from crushing it long e.
to give the professor a chance
bitten, too. lie would like to d
! strato to that part of the pub:
j feei finicky about such things tl. t: The
bite of the same "poisonous bi-ick hi
er" is really absolutely harmless i; 1 n---
more painful than the sting of
or a mosquito. r even a Ilea of '
ifornian gemts. Mr. Behr is pv
of enfomology nt'd araneo!. ,
few other sciences at the big .v
in Market street, and what 'r..
know about ms.-r ts cf all ki'.; ..
!y worth talking about.
But if any one sh-.uld hao;
bitten by a smrM "black sp.-i.-four
or live scarlet spot4 on :;s
had be: tor prepaie to gv.y..!c b:;.
rd -
i -
a (-av- lV(.( n j,:
a nay or two wht.e a str";:j; .11
: a:
j jj js ni; V,.T,
j not even excev; '. .
! about o n ton..
::io;is ot
the tar;i
- as big.
than a
! 'l
i nnrilv not bi cr than a 1
i' il'C
i but boasts of considerably :t
; than is .-.nuüi-.iiiy found a:
j er.
' 1 - - -
Its ho.lv 1-
d and co-
I beautiful vclvetv
fuzzy hair, wish the sen riet
mentioned n iis Pick.
p t
'. . Ye
e' gilt
J rather long rg for such a :::ui,
and eight eyes, though the.
taken as distin-ui-iiiug
r oi
s of
I an
; this particular s:ye. as tin
says all spiders 'nave eight
equal numbo-r of eyes. IP:r :r ;
location of the ryes in the? n:;.;
the insect that the classifies ;
made, and as there are so:m
.- :.-
:r of
; are
io or
0,h0 species known to armco' N's.
it is no small tak to distinguish " a ii'ch
tainty. He says that many p- :so:s
may have died of fright, but ssc-t from
the poisonous effect of tie biio. Tho
tarantula, which is s nur-- -rsallv
! dreaded, is after all. according i Prof.
. ana ugiv KioKing. ana one m;.:t as
well be poisoned as be scared to !. arh.
San Francisco F.saininer.
Her Argument.
The teacher of a larsu Sajlvitl
i.olf (i
j class of poor children v?.s riart;
j anxious that every one of them
be present at the last session before the
summer vso-atio. He cspoct-ilb
upon them to let nothing b v i "
: 1 1 ne-
j cessity keep them at home
The day after the closing service he
met one of Iiis scholars on the .treet,
and said sternly, "Why were y vi no; m
Sunday school yesterday, .lemi: Vf
After twisting in her hands for nao
moments a dubiously rl.i'A !'.! gy
for an apron. Jennie ans,v;v.:. with
a downcast look:
"Recaue my hat was s dirtv. sir."
"What of that:" said the 'eacher. still
more seriously. "Don't you know that
God does not eare for outward ippe;;r
ances? lie looks to that which us of in
finitely more importance. .Jennie that
which is within."
"Yes, sir," replied the iitfle maid,
submissively: "but," she added, feeling
that she had the right or The matter,
after all, "the linlug wastu't ciin!"
The Norman's Dream.
The Normans are called the Y.s-ikees
of France, which is a compliment to
them, no doubt, though it sometimes
has reference to their extremely thrifty
habits, and to the craft which they em
ploy in evading a service that m ty cost
them something. It is related fii.u one
pood Norman farmer went ariv one
morning to another's house, and found
him still in bed.
"Art thou asleep, neighbor?" he ask
ed, somewhat falteringly. Iu the tone
of a man who is going to ask .i favor.
"If I were not asleep." murmured
the other from his bed, "what probably
wouldst thou want of me?"
"To borrow thy donkey to g; to the
fair at Iisors."
"Well, then, neighbor, I am omni
"13a h! Thou canst not be asleep
when thou talkest to me."
"Nonsense! It Is only a dream 1 am
having, neighbor!"
And tho other had to go away without
the donkey.
Hyuienic Item.
Teacher-So you -an't remember the
names of the great lakes? Can't yon
keep them in your head?
.lohnnie -No. ma'am. If I was to
keep them lakes in my head I might
have water on the brain. Texas Sift
ing. Don't Forcet.
When you want a waiter at a fash
ionable hotel to serve you properly don't
forget how you get molasses out of a
Jug. You have to tip the jug. Somer
ville Journal

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