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( v.
ml Weekly
Vol. II.
Xo. !)
A Barsrain
From now on until January 1, 1890, for
each anil every cash sale I will give the follow
ing bargain: "With every suit of clothes, an ex
tra pair of pants of the same material as suit;
with every single pair of pants, a good pair of
suspenders; and all overcoats will be made at
rock-bottom prices. (Üve me a call.
Mrs. Trejjo'a I.eeture.
From Saturday's Dally.
Last night the hall was tilled to over
flow, and the subject "Mistakes in
Home Life" was founded upon 2nd,
chapter of Titus. To those who were
not present it was a "lost opportunity."
Praise the Loid for his message as it
was revealed to us by this consecrated
woman. Head the chapter, and under
stand the negative position she takes
j upon this subject, being practical in her
exposition, for which she has been ques
j tioned as to her authority. She refers
j to the "foolishness and lack of sound
j doctrine," prevalent in the homes of to
, day. The lirst mistakeis when two
f enter for the lirst time into a home and
j fail to erect an altar, and acknowledge
Go 1, and as children come, one by one,
are not consecrated to His service and
I "trained in the way he should go.' She
followed with an admonition to the
women to love their husbands, teachers
of good things, seeking to a higher life,
and be true heaited. loyal, honest
' women, giving due honor to husbands
i of euual virtues. Lack of loyalty in
j husbands, by drink, evil habits, which
evil is transmitted to the children as
they come into the homes.
The light frivolity in some of the
homes, young wives and mothers, neg
lect of God given opportunities by in
dulgences, and laying foundation foi l
two full moons in the last month of the j
year, one on the lirst day of the month
and the other on til'th day. If you do
not believe iihiint for a patent medicine
calendar for that year and find out. space to givj the niun
Pecria Transcript. at Denver, Colorado, a
i iiiiiu-.i tor n;,i. lication is completed and is calculated
The Goshen I)eni'.c;:i' in conjunction j to ellectually do awav with the snow
with u clipping taken from jht- Kansas
Chief utilize a tmali pn:tion of its
Schlatter, latelv I
severe roasting.
ami ice nuisance.
Council l'iMM-ffiliiii;.
The common council of the citv
Plymouth met last night at the usual
place und time, and was called to order
by Mayor Swindell. after which the min
utes o.' the last itgular meeting were
read ly the city cierk and appred as
------ - . While we do not for a moment believe
The inwntnr r i.iintj i'i tm.- ir;ii. j that this man is as represented by some
I.dward von Kilanji, who introduced exchanges, we do not think he isdeserv
living pictures in this country, died j mg of t.ie bitter denunciations given
Thursday of bronchial consumption j out by these papers. Schlatter has
lhe body will lie sent to (, many to. I never claim d to be the Messiah, and j read. Also the minutes of the last ad
interment. has only been quoted as such through ! journed meeting were read and approved
Kilanji was born forty-three years ago j some newspaper ar ich- wiitten by s nie of. Aitet which business Legan with a
in Hungary. He came of a theatrical j space tilling reporter. He never has vet I few remarks from Asa Thompson jn
.... . i '
company. Whan twenty-three years . accepted a cent ot money for anything j regard to
old Kilanji organized a small company j he has done, and any benefit de
some personal matter and
taxes, and ownership ot some ceineterv
to produce a spectacular piece called rived, if any, has been ghen lively to pots, of winch the records are supposed
"Venus" in the German provinces. He
painted the scenery and managed the
company. Kilanji first produced his
living pictures in March, 1V.2, at the
Reychschallen theatre, Rerlin. The
next ye ir he presented them at the El
dorado, Paris. Perfecting his apparatus
he next introduced living pictures at
the Palace theatre, London, during the
winter of 1SM-UI. The interest in them
immediately became a craze, which
spread to this country. The Kilmanji
pictures were lirst given there in "1412"
at the Garden theater.
New Door ami l.ovK,
Mr. C. T. Mattmgly has had built a
the future prostitution of the home, b) new door for the entry way to the closets
KM Olove
In famous brands that stand for
Quality and Wear,
dissipation, insincerity, untrue in prom
ises, thus again transmitting to the
coming generation the impress of de
ceit, false teaching and untruth.
JJusiness carried on in the same way
cheat if you can take advantage of your
neighbor and walk into the house of
(Jed, wrapped in your mantle, covering
a Judas heart, but being recognized as
one of the ollicials of the church. The
people are not deceived. The worst and
most skeptical, recognize true honesty
true christian character.
Plth.ss Si r T.
" Lorna," "Savoy," " Nordica,"' "Bivole"
and "Melrose," are sightly Gloves, making
friends the moment they are shown.
All these brands are hooked with the
superior Bush Hook and thumbed with the
Cluze Patent Thumb, which is the very per
fection of
They are Worried.
A rumor is being bruited about to
the effect that some of our citizens on
m1 äYÄ&otf oTarifcl iVrrJnt!
in that section to be used by the pur
chaser or purchasers for the purpose of
conducting a beer garden and summer
resort, .lust how much truth there
may be in the curreet rumor it is dif
ficult to state at this time, but,
coming on the heels of the report,
as it does, tint one of our
saloons was open on last Sunda in
violation of law, by which the teuper
ance people have been greatly exerised
this week, it has proved starting in
various quarters. Time alone will vrify
or dispove the report.
When in, ask to see these G loves.
Now on hand, a great many Kid Gloves
in blacks and colors, all sizes, which we will
close at 75 cents a pair. These formerly re
tailed at $1.00 and $1.25 per pair.
I ft ALL
- -
Then cut your second growth "White Ash into bolts and logs and deliver
to our tactory. Rods cut 4 i long, 0 inches in diameter and up, $G.50
per cord. Logs cut 5K, 11 or"ll)i feet long, 12 inches in diameter and up,
18 per thousand. Must be straight timber and free from knots.
Jot r.veii villi (he Clcll.
It was in the hotel ollice. Theiotel
register lay m a glare of brillian cor
uscations from the clerk's Ota ret
Alaskan diamond and the roon was
Hooded with the brilliancy of ehtric
light. The clerk had been craiing
stale jokes for twenty minutes lien
the following dialogue ensued.
Tom "Kvery time a man smofe a
cigaret he drives a nail into his wn
colli ii."
Kd "Yes and every wad of mi
that a girl chews is a bit of hentic
sealing-wax prepared for her eoftin.
Rill "Yes, and ever time a in
takts a whiskey punch he makes a Je
for a nail in his coilin."'
Wag- "And every time he drinla
cocktail he he'ps make a plume loiK
iMag "And whenever a man." '
Rut the ciock stopped, the annuel
went wild and the electic light went
with a dismal whir. The clerk
struck with consternation, the lustre
his Alaskan diamond faded away
back of the Model building and has
placed thereon a brand new lock with
a brass knob on the inside. Mr. Mat
tingly complains that these closets have
been used by the public to a most an
noying extent which is now to be stop
ped. Trespassers will in future be re
garded and treated as such.
The next and most uigent thing now
to be done in this connection is to put
an embargo on whoever it is that
dumps slops and tilth from the second
lloor into the little court through which
tenants of the Modle must pass to reach
these closets so that those who pass that
way may not be in constant danger of
being engulfed in a bucket of lüth from
the upper regions.
2utrr -iilicni i . "
Mr. i;d. Jinllhart, the junior member
of the linn of Urillhart & Sons, butter
and egg dealers, has been engaged for
some time past in perfecting an pIp,.
trical contrivance to be used for soften
ing butter, which has hen hardened by
tae cold air.
The rolls of butter are placed in rows
upon shelves, within a large box then a
ctno 1 1 w.
nipper wire is run through the
center of each rod. after which both
ends of the wire are connecled to a
small dynamo which is put in motion.
Alter a few minutes the butter is as
soft as reo aired for iv,i-;., .....i
i rom one to live hundred pounds!
tnose who came m contact with him. ' to have been burned. It was moved
If, as these papers state, it is done for J and seconded that the matter he re
railroad advertising, it might be a gxd j ferred to the cemetery committee and
policy for the railroad companies to j a report be made later,
furnish him transportation instead of j The matter of Gillmoie street was
letting him ride through the country on j voted upon and decided to have same
an old white horse, and that, t(, through l published four insertions in the Ply
the most obscure route he could lind, j mouth Democrat. Tie tax duplicates
A newspaper conducted on the "rin-J were then discussed lor a few moments,
ciples of the Kansas Chief and with as and was decided t have same settled
broad a conception of the necessities of by December K'.h. The report
the human race as it claims to have, of the street commissioner was
seems to be in small business w hen it j called for, but he U-ing absent the same
stoops to such insignili antsmallness as j was laid over. Then the Superintend
to call .Schlatter, "an old stinker," sim-! ent of the water works made a few re
ply because the magnetic power he pos- J marks and suggestions and the council
sesses has a soothing etlect upon s me i concluded, in the matter of burning oil
of the ills mm is heir to. Those
who laugh and scoff at the work this
man has done, should cultivate the idea
that scores of men who are given
credit for a full share of truth and
veracity, claim to have been wonder
fully helped by even the pressure of this
man's hand.
It might be added, that when such
papers as the Chicago Tribune take
the ground that the numerous reports
regarding this "faith healer,"' c miing
from authentic sources, must at least be
given some credit, that a scientific
investigation should be made, before he
is so bitterly denounced, without an
excellent reason, for in all his deal
ings with the people he has refused to
receive pay, or recompense, except food j
and clothing, and even that in a limited j
or coal, to still use oil.
The treasures report was read
which is as follows:
Deceml er Uli,
To the mavor and council of the citv
of Plymouth, Indiana:
No funds from last report.
Received from taxes collected, . 72 02
Received from ceineterv lot . . 'A fJO
VIS 03
Total received
Disbursed on orders
Amount of general fund over
drawn. hT-i O'.i
vAii:i: wor.Ks itni.
On hand last report '.iölö 8t
Received from taxes
Receive I from water works. .
Total amount received
Amount, disbursed on orders.
Loaned general fund
;ittinj in shape.
1 he 1 . M. (j. A. rooms are being rap- 1
idly 1'iit in order to receive its visitors, j
During the past week the carpets have'
been put down in the reading and re-
ception rooms, and ere thPfb ,,f fi.ic i
week the tables and paper racks will be j 1 , V ' ' ; V
in niKitii.ii ti... i: ieceieul
icjui.-ig room is a cozv
and pleasant place to spend an evening, t
and our voim.r ...... i i
'l till lLliHi III III
Total amount disbursed. . .
Amount to be accounted for.
Lir.lLYKY i t'M.
Amount on hand at lat re-
fioni tax
:u Ot
il 51
21 20
b7:j o:i
1 TJ7 23
spend a few-evening.
Total to be accounted for. . 1
can be softened at one time.
l itliMi.iphif I'msm's
It is difficult to predict the futu e
werk in the magazine Held. Xo one
would have conceived, ten vears
that a thirty-live cent magaxine would
ever contemplate the use of the expen
sive lithographic presses in printim
Rut a ten cent
...0M11V una juil 111 a
1J1C complete lithographic plant
with the avowed purpose of furnishing
a certain amount of color work every
month. The lirst result is the reproudc
tion of a water color, drawn bv Rossi
iui me cosmopolitan lithographic
presses. Work upr-n even a more ex
tended s.-ale is promised for the Janu
ary number.
leisure hours tbr. i. ........ ,
luUi counieu lor 2I-V. ."7
1 1 esj cct f u 1 ly submit! e ! ,
W. Kkij.v, City Treasurer
V!l orders composed ari f,Mted oy
the lirst publication to make its appear- j v - tierh' " ' l" Leonai1 Jr-
ance upon the tables of this new asso-' , ,,JS re,iWrt Was mt"iv as read and
nation in Plymouth. We will alo ht, I . AUer wl!k'h the superintendent
the liberty to announce that anvtlm,., I 'rMUS,,t 1 the matter of tramp
Saturday evening for the lirst time the j
leading room was opened to the pub- j
lie. and th Dot v u-i.i !
........ him'.i r..ii
...I .. . w i iir U.I IT 1ITI-0 ..t-..-.. ..
1,1 lcs,iiape oi periodicals or inr'iyin.v . " u,Ji"lt hkjuis lor a
'S using
will be gladly iceeived
The services Sunday afternoon were
very interesting, and it is the purpose
of the oiiicers of this association to have
a short and interesting musical pn
ever Sunday afternoon.
puce ot rest, at which point Railey
moved and .Maxey seconded that all
tramps and loafers, should be kept out
of that place. Motion carried.
It was then moved bv r
KT-llll i - '"all
,dm I Reynolds, seconded bv Gretzin r,.,-
. O-'f 1
A I.oHkUv Tatly.
At a recent social party given in hon
or of Isaiah Seiders, of West townshm
I ,..;... I .-..: j i i . . , . .
i w" 1113 loouein oirinuay tlie follow
among othrr guests, were present.
H . Siders, of Chic ago
j toe nigni ponce be instructed no: to
,' visit the water works engine room dur
ing the night, only on Ins olücial dutv.
Moved by Reynolds, sec.nd d i,v
j Railey that the police be instructed to
Keej) the li'.tle house
4 I . ,
7 - -......uhij :
. I ..... r ... 'i-'il
i:i-ethu of Otliu-rs.
a,a';- F. J $eilerö anil Jlr. J. IjiirtnliarU
1UU a. Jliü 1 411. fWtrul ...
oiiicers f, r th c rr. " - T V üous spread was discussed
w.uiuK jcar; ifaniei with manvworifrrMt.iiof u
1 MCDonalri. V M. txt... n ' 0 "a me nosi
"y aW., .1. xv ' V V I1;ü.nger- and wishes of many happy returns
as theguests departed the hotel regest,- ' Q . T . ' , " ' " oice, ot his natal day. It was an occasion to
lay in the pale, sickly glare of the yellLeona;d gr " , . V ' , : " be lnost idcasantly remembered by all
globed cigar lighter. Public installation i, n , L ll "t prese,lt-
lunD jiiato .ew
I ear s evening. The oiiicers elect were
Two Full ."Moons This .Month.
ppointed as a commits 1 N""l,1ff
xwto i ...W....O ... m, v.v..rUjrram anu banoupt wbinh ..-ii i.uihis Btummieis got out a
ber this year, one last night and onunediately after installation. church directory advertising scheme at
me oisu um moon is supposeu is i vjwuru anu weni away owing the printer
occur once a month, but as a matter o . , thereof the sum of i?20. Look out for
fact it is not so accommodating. Tin. ., ... " these scoundrels with there different
result is a complication of the cahndat f (1 "l mar army, schemes in this city just now. This is
which gives the mathematical astronol , ,u euj, is at a harvest time for such swindlers.
mers some ngures to keep tnem uusw, &" AW1 11,0 '""piiui ienu limes.
.... ... , w m over seven venrs d
wnue mey are waning ior a new comer i,, . A.
J IIV l)(Pn rntlr.nr..! ... ...
or a double star to be discovered. An, ' .... rtt 1 u nerman,
item has been Moating around the news-J"'' . ;re hl were those of a
papers stating that this is the first De-' j J n J'e ,n! ltj"7 band- He has an
cember since the advent of Christ ini, f of photos of
1-11 i i r o 41 "mnntain, camn anl ntbr
which there have been two full moons.,,,,.,, , ' ia,"i' omer
lern Keni
The Buperxtilious la been JleiBmv.'will
iu uo loOKiii upiii in id Mitieiueiit wm
Tocr condition.
of Donaldson:: Mr. .md Mr n,.,, .. I earned. Alter some remarks
derson, Mr. and Mrs. II. Rheinhart' Mr" I 7l,l1l,ei,,I,WI. tl were then
and Mrs. ,h Rauman. Mr. and ii i.-
i'. icionaiu s
Plymouth Republican i
Win, Säddall i
Lib Cross
Lincoln (Jiek
' . M. ,1,1111,1 J
Chas. Koebert.
Rimer Wilson..
W. K. Reynolds 12 ;t
Geo. Longmore 2 2"i
. Manual ; (K)
Geo. Noll
1 CH)
1 :io
2 CO
1 50
1 o0
C. Stevens.
ltobert McKayne. .
Lern Rhodes
T I .1.
xvFau Diuillt'rS j
12 15
L. Lmmerson
; 00
They Have Itone it.
correspondent says: "The citv
authorities should take measures to have ,,as- McAller
the ice and snow removed from the Tliayer and Son ;i ot
pavements." Standard oil company. rj -.1
On December 2d, an ordinance Was J' c-1Iut,er l.'l (m
ive here to rpnorf
passed by the council of this edv n,-,L-. The
KUlllllllli II lllJI.,1.. . ...... . I - .... "
iiiiv ill. iK.rt-oit qi.n,.i 4i. . ..ii. 1 iTirr i tm i o.i m r . .
awe. as thoueh it were a foreb.Hline. Di u,u i-tn- 0 w B,UPWdIKS compuis
io lua'c i I .lc fli'lt 1 iiw.rilli clwilll.l iri t O" IO ...
"",u'v"' h"'.- "Hi.t-rrwi.M-N. cleaned bvU.iVl.ioH n , ...1.;..,. , . 0 1
years without two full moons, but iiohen the ba.l u-on..., ..... " V , Z 2 ."7 " UI,U"S 01 "Jt ueen copying agreat deal
astronomer could be found who would W infftw '7." -j .mg a ran 01 snow the oi lime, as it is a d.llicult task
IiupL- II. KtpniP,,t. vvifn nrr,. Kn....... J"U1 . W laK6 11 1Ua "aV "'6 WOrK ÜOUe and Charit
VM. v..--. ..v r " m " - UIH'I II III -V 11 ., A. i. f
meeting then adjourned to
meet next Lridav CVOIlitl for Iii mir.
ory and providing that if walks are not ! se of linishimr un the r,iinL.
far as December is concerned the state
merit is incorrect, for in 1870 there werejr,
iu i.. , w ow, anu "v " oauiu iu inooecupani or own- vii.-n u'imm i i...
te-U cleaned, oiled and stored for the er of adjoining property. This ordl i n 1t and
TtT. IVices reasonable. nance will Bo into 'effect L " T' ih& S.
i America, only j?1.83 per year.

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