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Sem ii
Vol. II.
No. 10
A Bargain
From now on until .January 1, 181)6, for
each and every cash sale J will give the follow
ing bargain: Yitli every suit of clothes, an ex
tra pair of pants of the same material as suit;
with every single pair of pants, a good pair of
suspenders; and all overcoats will he made at
rock-bottom prices, (iive me a call.
An Appropriate
Ladies French Kid Gloves, pure silk lined, in
blacks, browns, tans and English reds, with large pearl
buttons; every pair guaranteed to give perfect satisfac
tion, good wear, or a new pair to replace it.
There are yet many dozens of the $1.00 and
S1.25 goods that are selling now at 75c. per pair.
We place on sale to-morrow morning
just received, at the phenomenally low price of 5c. a
spool. This is the same goods that we have been selling
at 7c.
Come in and be convinced that we are selling just
as cheap, and perhaps cheaper, than anybody else.
Then cut your second growth White Ash into bolts and logs and deliver
to our factory. JJoits cut 4 ; long, (I inches in diameter and up, i?5.5o
per cord. Logs cut .'..,', II or f.', tret long, 12 inches in diameter and up,
SIS per thousand. Must be straight timber and fiee from knots.
Knitting Silks,
i Our Fifetiil't Otter i F.xtemled to Header
J of tli Se-ii-Werkly I mlepc mlfiit.
I Our free crayon portrait offer has met
j with such pronounced success, as
i given in Plymouth with the Dai
ly IXDKPKXDENT that we have
concluded to extend it to all new
and old subscribers tothe Skmi-Wkkkly
I.ndltkndlnt. Witheverv cash in ad-
j vence subscription of 1.50 for t'.ie Sk.mi-
i Wr.KKLY Imh:i'KM)i:nt one year we
j will give absolutely free one 11x17
; crayon portrait enlarged from any good
! photograph or tin-type. The regular,
subscription price is 81.00 but with the
; reduction of 00 cents made on all ad-
vance yearly subscriptions the net cost
of the picture to the subscriber is only
SO cents. To subscribers who would
not otherwise pay in advance the cost j
of the picture .s nothing. j
The pictures are line and ai guar -
j anteed tobe satisfactory in every re
jspecton delivery. Their is no obliga
tion whatever on the subscriber to buy
j a frame or anything else when the
linished poi trait is delivered. Sample
portraits may be seen at the post r rice
at Kloepfer's and at the lMi:i'i:xi ; nt
ollice. This offer is for the holiday
I season and is necessarily for a limited
time only. Come in and see the
f 'oiiiiiiissionci-s Court.
The commissioners court is now draw
ing to a close, after a nine days session.
fiuday's couht.
A petition was presented by Fanny
lones asking for money to pay for the
completion of her home which had
been erected by the count y, caused from
the burning of her old home by the
board of health ollicers, of this county
on account of small pox. The aaditor
was therefore ordered to draw a warrant
in favor of the said Fanny Jones.
Cause disposed of.
The report of the poor of North town
ship comes now. William M. Sherland
trustee of said township of Marshall
county, Ind., w ho by virtue of his ollice
is overseer of the poor of North town
ship, and files his report as such over
seer for the quarter ending November
30th, 1S'J3. The same was approved
and case disposed of.
Oscar 11. Porter was ordered by the
board to procure a book for the assessors
plat books of Marshall county and files
his report wliich report was approved.
The report of the grand jury in re
gard to the the poor farm and asylum
by C. K. Thornburg, chairman, who hies
and presents the report of said grand
jury as lo the condition of county
asylum and poor farm, was approved.
SAT I'll DAY LUXKMltKli 7.
The report of the secretary of board
of health, J. 11. Wilson the pres
ent secretary, who filed and presents his
written report. Accepted.
Keport of the poor of Folk township,
U. V. ltoss, trustee of said township,
observor of the poor, given due con
sideration. Accepted and approved.
Jackson Wagoner et. al., commission
er Pulaski county, Wickizer, commis
sioner in behalf of Marshall county,
and Christopht r Campbell commission
er in behalf of Fulton county, submit
ted their leport favorable to the location
of the joint road as petitioned. It was
ordered bv the board, that said reoort !
be received and the highway be laid
out to the width of 10 feet.
The road petition of Mary K. Camp
bell, of Polk township, was presented
to the viewing committee for a route
for a proposed location of a highway in
Polk township. It was ordired by the
board that the said highway be located
as described in said petition and tna
the same be opened. The auditor is
directed to give the required notice to
the proper trustee.
The road petition of Adam Kaull'man
et. ah, of (Jerman township, was re
ceived and viewers heretofore appointed
by the board were instructed to view
the road for proposed vacation and also
routes for the location of roads in tier
man township. The report was accepted
and confirmed.
Peport of grand jury as to condition
of the jail was filed by C.F.Thorneburg,
the foreman. The board after exami
nation disposed of same.
N. P. Punch files his report as to the
sale of certain timber on the poor fa 'in.
The report is in all things accepted.
The ditch petit ion of John Kuby et.
al. was received, and the viewers here
tofore appointed by the board to view a
proposed location of a ditch in Pourbon
township filed and presented their
report. There being no remonstrance i
the same was approved. 1
N. K. Hunch files his quarterly report
as superintendent of the poor farm and
asylum, and the board after due con-
sideration, approved and disposed ol
the re ort.
Pieport of the poor of est townshi.,
riled and presented by Henry S. ('rube,
is approved by the board.
John Cordon et al. tile and pre
sent a petition to the board askin? for
an allowance from this county for the !
erection of a cottage at the soldiers'
home at Lafayette. The matter was i
continued until the March term. IbW.
The ditch petition of John F
Johnson et. al. was presented and ap-
proved, and Charles II. Woodbury,!
llir;im li-ifir 'irwl I I x'ul I l,.i i l.r. I
......... ..-IIUIVI (IUI lU 1 HI llUtr. I I IV
... , , . -41.,
viewers heretofore appointed by he
board, were instructed to view the pro-J
posed location
of the ditch in Polk
! ,. (kin.' on a p,-h i.o, k
for I'm ! Nam's Mail.
Mr. W. Peterson, of the pos ollice, placv as comfortab!: uul attractii-e as
of this city, is an all around pracücal may be.
man. lie has demonstrated this in j What is now needed lor our' last
more ways than one. He is the only ! growing city, is some place lor the
man in Plymouth, one or two skilled j proper presentation of public e'ileitain
mechanies possibly excepted, that ; ments. There surely can be found m
can make a key for a Vale lock without Plymouth a sullicient number of inen
a pattern. Where he has opportunity j who will form a stock company for the
to observe he has a quick eye to detect ! purpose of erecting some suitable place
the necessities of improvement and a for these entertainments. While this
ready suggestion as to how improve- movement would be a great help to our
ment may be accomplished and now, by
a single bold stroke of genius he is to
revolu. ionize the methods of locking
and unlocking Uncle Sam's mail bags.
The present met had of locking and
unlocking mail bags is the same as it
was years ago and while the postal de
partment has undergone wonderful im
provements in almost every way within
the last few years post masters and rail
way clerks have to handle the same to
day as they did years ago. Mr.
Peterson's device w ill greatly expedite
n.2iU;3 in this respect with the result
of an almost incalculable saving of
time when the whole department is con
sidered. The United States has millions of
dollars invested in mail bags and a
strong recommendation for Mr. Peter
son's device is that its adoption will not
necessitate discarding or throwing away
the bags now in use. The present
mail bag can be adapted to it with but
slight alteration.
A New Km iia'ii;'.
While looking over our exchanges
this week we came across, one of an
unfamiliar nature. When we examined
its contents we discovered it was the
Daily Evening News, of Dunkirk Indi
ana. Deing aware of but one person in
that city who had previously been in
Plymouth, we were not very much sur
prised to see the name of Sinalley Pros,
at the head of the editorial page. J. It
Smalley, formerly of this city, is no
doubt one of the proprietors as he
seemed to have a sneaking desire when
he left Plymouth to encase his form in
in editoriil chair. The News is a well
conducted and interesting local paper,
and by the appearance of the apvertis
ing, an appreciated auxiliary in Dun
kirk. The lNDi:rr.M)i:NT extends well
A Word to I lie Vouiijj 3l-n.
Young man, don't get too foxy. If
you happen to get in possession of a
few dollars, act just as you did befoie
you got them. Don't swell up and
burst. If you have a good share of
brains you won't do this; you will re
member that neither money, clothes,
nor good looks makes the man, and
that worth is as often garbed in a ragged
coat as in broadcloth. Don't stand on
hotel steps, dangling your watch chain,
and talk "Hoss." Those who load
themselves with airs are the smallest
kind of potatoes, and the fewest in the
hill. A fat job often spoils young men
of weak minds; they immediately com
mence to dress line, and take pride in
cultivating an aldermaniac corporocity
and a sporting air. Sensible people are
always disgusted with such actions
when they deign to notice them, which
is very seldom.
Tapfr Walls.
Mr. J. W. Maxey has introduced into
this city a novelty in interior house
finishing. Instead of plastering he is
using a specially prepared manilla wall
and ceiling paper in a house just being
linished in his addition in the west part
of the city. The paper leaves a smooth
even finish, looks well and from the
maimer in which it is applied appears
desirable in every respect. It is claimed
to be superior to plasteimg in many
Vif l Our iti-n win, Hit' litie it-stetl
in Hit- H i ll:iic of t'ly Hitiuf Ii tu llii-rt
ait 0it:i iloiivf.
'I'lu. Iviiriavtii at l.-- ..I.....
, , , ,
deavored to advance such subiects as
j would be of material benelit to the :n-
telligent pe p!e of Plymouth. Among
; those spoken of, is tiie need of an opera
i house in our city. No village of l,ooo j
j inhabitants througiout the broad do-j
i mams of Indinna an Im ivt nf vn,), -i., '
- J ' - ' v ' ' V V 11 Uli
: eye sore in 'he shape of a public hall, as !
disgraces ,upoi te street to-dav. I
j We do not desire to be dubbed as
I kickers, bui it is tune that our citizens j
who desire lo attend in entertainment '
! in a public hall, received some consider'
ation legardmg their own persona! cum-
' 4 . ... I -1 . . I
1 lort- Jt se!iis that the present owner
, , , , , , :
do anything toward remodeling that)
; .structure and making it a lit place for j
'an evening's gathering. The present !
i management is, in our estimation, in!
noway to blame for the condition of!
, 1 !iJ lilMCt'1. tri r jc lioc in I
1 J - - - - -" . J jivo ill
its piWer, without the expciulilmeof
its own personal lands, uiadt; iho
city, it would also be a paying invest -
ment to those who would enter into the
We believe this is one of the most im
portant subjects to be settled at this
time. There is not a town in the state
of Indiana the size of Plymouth, that is
not the possessor of an opera house that
gives its location prestage. And we
will venture this assertion: No strang
er has ever entered the prehistoric
structure known as the Centennial
opera house, but lias been astounded.
This is important. The Queen City oi
Indiana, with its magnificent business
blocks, its beautifully shaded and
graded streets, its magniticent manu
facturing enterprises, its intelligent and
han Jsonie women, its broad, liberal and
progressive business men, who all are
interested in the welfare of
this community, cries out against
tins antedeiuvian imposition.
Let some one set the ball in motion,
and see how quickly this matter will be
Tin Last I.--ture.
The good results from the lecture
given by Mrs. Trego while in Plymouth
will live, when she with us, have been
carried to the other shore, where the
white ribboned host are gathering one
by one. " The good we do, lives after
us, the evil lies buried with us.' As a
union we publicly thank Pro. Smith, of
the M.F. church for his kind invitation
to Mrs. Trego, to preach in his pulpit
on last Sunday morning. Her lecture
in the opera house on Sunday evening
was given to the largest audience ever
gathered in our city for a lecture. The
close attention, the death like stillness
which reigned through the vast crowd,
was commented upon by the thinking
ones present. As we looked around
over the mass of faces, we wondered if
there was one home in our city not rep
resented. "The bread has been cast
upon the waters," and we have the in
finite promise Fiat "After many days
I we shall find it." Wednesday at 1)::0
o'clock the ladies waiting room at the
P. F. W. & C, depot was filled with W
C. T. U.. women, to bid Mrs. Trego
good-bye, (Jod speed, as she left us,
first for her home in Deleware, Ohio,
then to other Fields of labor. She was
given the Chatauqua salute, and we
parted to meet again we know not
when. Pres. Sitt.
Thanks are due to the ministers w ho
assisted us in the devotional exercises
of these meetings. P. S.
Sin pri'tl.
Monday noon a few of the friends of
Mr. David I lew gathered at the resi
dence o" Vdcf Mcl aughlins, on North
Walnut street, where a birthday dinner
had been prepared in honor of Mr.
How's fi'Jlh, anniversery. In the eve
ning the party all left for Win Murphy's
farm residence near Pretty lake, where
an oyster supper had been prepared and
a good social time is reported.
Iiir! pVur! Fur 1
Wo are in the market as usual and
announce to trappers and dealers,
that our facilities for handling large
quantities the best. Pring in your
collection early. We are also m the
market for hides. Nussbaum A: Maver.
ii i;-iOui: hihi ioini.
t An l-lyll. I.y . I! .Ionian.
On y.r lowering .v. a nil.oj.
Htii iv iu. kti.N tJ;.- i .a ! M.ie k.
V.'liiNt uiuitle.1 t-ii.n.U in anii:ii tivinM.-.
W'hiT rliill Aurelian
I.iii'i inu: t)ak'N i,,w v;uc i.n;
limrif loin'.y i! nt It-uioii:
Alld all- pilloWftl t. n.irl l
a.h that .lim Ai ii.tl n ;..n.
but 1: n y.n far t-;t-.tf-i u IimiI. h
Is lr-iim-.1 a vini,. ",I -i .-.i t. ;n ;
h.-avfnV i-.-Mii-ssl,M.ii tlt- inu-.M vaiiv..
I M' the st.itm , hriul.t ;.n.
I l-r yi-iitic iM-ains 1 1 1 . t .I an.i v,
And tin- b-i it tl air ! nLhi :.-f;;
1 lie Ii a u.ii ai.-nt- ! ii., ,
u tin- v(.m an. I in tin- l..!t ! i.i
Like a Miinny il !1. tin- r -.- 1 1 . .,i l ie
W ln ic tioii'. iri im- ri..i!,jv naii- i,.w
In lln'riniii'-s v ..!, ,,; i-;ti'.
And lr.'tfil n-f, ,-,,1!!,. ,.,. v ,. ,,,,,
An i;itin- lixiilini .mint I Willi :
liuriiii Lamp.
Last evening about ."::;n ihosi-iii the
neighborhood of U e cumt :.f Michigan
A; Uarro streets, .-aw the rear dour of
j llyan A: Joseph's s!i-ivl!y open and a
! burning lamp sail : ibe-ur, and
jjiist before MrikiMg thcgnmnd U ex
jploded ui;h a l -nd rep. it. I'ps.n j.,.
e&ugaimg me mailer it was learned
that Mr. Joseph's little by ii.u. -cently
ignited the oil that had accumulated
m the little cup that hung below ono
of the large lamps, and before those
i present had time to act th; entire lanio
was a mass ot ilames.
Mr. lly.m made a swipe at the offen
sive customer and succeeded in getting
it as far as the door, when Joseph, who
is built for foot ball work gave the glim
a lifting kick that dri ve it to the goal
amid Ihe cheers of the large host of
lsokers on.
ioi.ii i:u.
ihco Wf tiavv been located ir
Plymouth, one 1 the iat annoyances
that has ajeomnanie.: entertainments
at the optra house, i-- the order kept in
the gallery, it is hard matter to locate
this blame regarding this crying evil.
If the nianagetnerr. ,i the Centennial
barn iecehed tt.e x;jer encourage
ment f i oni the . w'.'.i r :' the property, a
radical change :o o;il.4 would be in
augurated in the diatter. Yet it seems
to us that some means could be divised
to protect those who give their good
money to bo allowed to sit on an uncom
fortable chair two or three hours, to
protect them from the mischievous
pranks of the -gallery gods." At the en
tertainment, Wednesday night, at times
when the lovers of music were giving
. the closest attention to some passage of
; music mat was oi great interest to them
they were disturbed by the boys in the
gallery in more ways than one. There
is noe lasing the fact that this could be
prevented, and the responsibility should
be located and attended to.
Mn-t llavt Horses liol.
At South Fend the humane otlicer has
commenced giving notice to the farmers,
that if they expect to be allowed to
drive their horses upon the streets of
South Pend, they must get their horf.es
shod. While this in some respects looks
like discriminating against the country
folks, jet it is a matter of human
sympathy for the beast.
I'nll'l 1 I list to l.lM k.
You cannot afford to subscribe for a
paper that you run a cha ice of l.jing
dissatisfied with. Therefore l.sjy don't
trust to luck but subscribe ivr tin
paper that is admitted by all stand
hk'h as a tanners trade journal. Tin:
National Sku kman am Faumf.i:
is authority on all agricultural and
stock topics. Fach depart ment is com
plete with live articles treated briefly.
The leading topics of the hour are dis
cussed pratically by practical writers.
Its market reports are made a special
feature and acknowledged to be the
best published for the general farmer
and stock raiser. Most of the leading
market centers are represented, and
are in every way icliable and trust
worthy. Many subscribe fortius feature
alone. Agiiculture, horticulture, poul
try, dairy, the apiary, live stock, and in
fact all matters of interest to the gener
al farmer and stock raiser, and pertain
ing to his business and social lifearo
discussed for the good of its readers
from a practical and scientific stand
point. Sample copies may be had freo
by addressing Tin: National Stock
man and Fakmli:, Pittsburgh, Pa. I
will be pleased to take your order to
start from the date 1 receive it to Jan
uary 1, 18V7, for one dollar. Subscribe
now and get the most for your money.
CaL Switzf.k, Agent,
Plymouth, Ind.
Low rate Holiday excursion tickets
are sold by agents of the Nickel Plato
road, Peemeher 21th. rth, and .'list 'i'o,
ami Jaunarv 1st lS'.K.

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