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Death-Dealing Electric Wires Squirm,
Splutter, and Hiss with lütte Blazes
in Chicago's Streets-Sauta Fe Koael
Cancels All Contracts.
Six for a Quarter or No Fare.
Mayor Pingreo, of Detroit. rele from
his home to the City Hall Friday without
paying any street tar faro. The con
ductor demantlcd it and the Mayor offer
til it in a way that was not acceptable
to the street e-ar company. Although Ins
Honor invited the conductor to put him
off he rode unmolested to his otiice. This
situation is part ef the Mayor's campaign
for cheaper fares. Recently the Citizens'
Street Railway, failing to compromise
certain disagreements with the city,
adopted the plan of getting even by dis
continuing the sole of six tickets for a
quarter and insisting on a straight ö-cent
fare. The Mayor holds that the prece
dent of thirty years had practically made
the six for a quarter arrangement a ion
tract, and insists that it is still in fore;,
lie tested it by offering 2T cents for six
tickets. He was refused, and thereupon
declined to pay any fare. He advised
other passengers to follow the same plan,
and several of them did. In the evening,
while homeward bound, the Mayor again
refused to pay a 5-eent fare, whereupon
the conductor stopped the car and ejected
the Mayor. He took the matter pleasant
ly, and will begin suit against the com
pany. Panic of Passengers.
A Chicago trolley car was stopped to
repair a slight damage to the motor. Two
other cars followed, and the pressure of
three trolley arms pushing uion the wire
caused it to come in contact with the
electric light wires overhead and ex
tending to the drug store of II. Schmidt.
As the wires touched a blinding Hash of
electricity started a panic among the
passengers in the three cars, everyone
of which was crowded. Women and
children were trampled under foot in the
endeavor of the occupants to escape, and
one girl met with a shock from the trolley
wires. Almost as soon as the wires
came in contact both trolley wires drop
ped to the ground. Like two demons
spitting tire, they jerked about the street
amid the now thoroughly excited pas
Fengers, one of whom was thrown to the
ground. Upon the arrival of the wreck
ing wagon a sneak thief stole the tools of
the repair man, and another trip to the
barns was necessary before the damage
could be repaired.
Turns u New Leaf.
The new management of the Atchison,
Topeka and Santa Fe Railway has
wiped a big wet sponge over its slate and
will start out with .111 entirely new deal.
In other words, it has decided to camel
every contract of every description held
by or ngainst the old company and begin
nil over again as if none of them we're in
i.A. ... .1.. ! u'flUu C y C
Cc contracts, contracts or supplies, con
tracts with other corporations, railroad
and otherwise, and, i:t fact, contracts of
every kind, down to the one for the wicks
for the brakemen's lanterns. How many
of these contracts there are not even the
general accountant of the road can tell
without a long search of his lmoks. They
run into the thousands and are such as a
ruilroad corporation naturally acquires
In many years of business.
lied Cross to Help.
The American lied Cross Society has
decided to accept the duty of distributing
tho relief funds for .r0.(H)0 Armenian
sufferers and has issued an appeal for aid.
Miss Rarton, president, says such wide
spread want can be tn-A only by relief
funds running into the millions. It is es
timated that the co?t of relief per capita
will be much heavier than in the case of
the Johnstown and Sea Island sufferers,
owin? to inaccessibility. The I Cod Cross
party, including Miss Barton, will leave
Immediately a'fter being assured of a suf
ficient sum to carry forward the work.
The start must be made soon. It takes
five weeks to get to the distressed district
and demand is urgent.
Will Be Lively After Holidays.
It. (L Dun & (Vs Weekly Review of
Trade saya: "It has been a very quiet
week, without any disturbances. Prices
of manufactured products slowly recede
from the high water mark of speculation
cud no material increase in demand is
now expected until after the holidays,' but
there is general confidence that greater
activity will then appear, and that works
which have stopped a little earlier than
usual will again be called into operation.'
At Kvansville, Ind.. !eorge Rubright,
a weaL-minded young man, while in
church suddenly attacked Miss Carrie
Daum and stabbed her fatally. Rubright
h as arrested.
An alleged infernal machine was found
on Ihe doorsteps of the Spanish Minis
ter's house at Washington early Sunday
morning. The machine was taken nw'ay
by the jKjlice and will be examined. The
device is said to have been n good-sized
box, filled with a granulated substance.
Safeblowers broke into the office of At
M. Lewin & 'Co., lumber dealers at Cin
cinnati, and instead of blowing the safe
open blew it shut. The robbers evidently
did not try the safe door and went to
work as if it were locked. They drilled
ft hole under the combination, breaking
two drills, then tilled the hole with pow
der. The explosion blew the combination
to and locked the door. Tho robbers
abandoned the job, and when Mr. Lew in
arrived he had to semi for a safe expert
to "open the door.
Sir Julian Geddsinid, the Hebrew phi
lanthropist of London, is critically ill.
At Nevada, Mo., in the suit of K. W.
Clark against Mrs. Caroline Simmons for
$00,000 for breach of promise of mar
riage, the jury was out fifteen minutes
nd returned a verdict for the defendant.
It was the first suit of the kind ever be
gun in Vernon County.
Col. Prior, of British Columbia, has
accepted the iort folio of Controller of
Customs, with a seat in the'Cabinet.
Senator Quay declares that he would
r.ot accept a nomination for the Presiden
cy if it were offered him on a gold plate.
The nomination of Rufus II. Feekham,
of New York, to be associate justice of
the United Sli.tes Supreme Court, has
been confirmed by the Senate.
Klder Kvnns, aged .". head of the
American Shakers, has t loped from the
New Lebanon (N. Y.) community with
Mabel Franklin, a -3-year-old sister.
IL Lauts, aged 00 years, traveling man
for the (ienoa Electric Company, of Buf
falo. N. Y.. was found dead at the Ran
dall Hotel in Fort Wayne, Ind. He was
suffering from toothache and purchased
laudanum' to alleviate the pain. It is
supposed that he took an overdose of the
At Troy. N. Y.. Mrs. IL K. Sliter. aged
about 70 years, and a nurse, Mary Harris,
aged r0, who was attending her. were
burned to death in a tire which destroyed
the frame dwelling in which the former
resided. The lire is supposed to have
been caused by the explosion of a kero-
Eene oil lamn.
The brownstone slab known ns ihe
George Washington stone lixed in the
base of the pedestal of the statue of
George Washington in front of the New
York sub-treasury is to be removed to
save it from destruction. This is the
stone upon which George Washington
stood when he took the oath of olhce as
first President of the I'nited States April
30, 17S0. It began to show the effects of
weather last year and was covered by a
wire netting. Assistant United States
Treasurer Conrad N. Jordan saw that the
stone was beginning to crumble ami re
ported the fact to the Washington au
thorities. At a session of the American Federa
tion of Labor at New York a supple
mentary report from President Mi-Bride
was submitted aud referred to appropriate
committees. This was sjiid on the ques
tion of immigration: "Inasmuch as the
last convention decided that no future
restriction of immigration was needed,
except in the work of keeping out such
laborers as come here under contract, all
criminals other than political and such
persons as are likely to become a public
charge, it would be well for this con
vention to give some attention t the
adoption of methods by which assistance
can be given to government ollicials who
seek to ferret out and punish those who
violate the alien labor law."
The action of the directors of the to
bacco trust, otherwise known as the
American Tobacco Company, of New
York, in giving notice that they would
pass the February dividend may result in
a sensational investigation. The stock
holders are very anxious for an explana
tion from the directors of what has be
come of the big surplus of more than $8,
000,000 and the apparently sudden con
traction of earnings which led the man
agement to pass the next quarterly div
idend on the common stock, although the
vague statement given out on Saturday
distinctly stated that there would be a
surplus of $L2."0,0lH, or nearly 7 per
cent., after paying the dividend on the
preferred stock. The investigating com
mittee which is to be organized by
Messrs. Rolston and Bess and J. S. Rache
& Co. at an early meeting of the stock
holders is determined to sift things to
the bottom and find out whether this great
company, with ?',ei,CMieV,n00 of capital, is
being run in the interest of speculators,
who bold out all their holdings at high
prices and then went short of the stock,
or whether the managers have allowed
the revenues of the company to be wiped
out by warfare with competitors.
At. Shreve. Ohio, Misses Josie and Olie
De Miller, sisters, and Mrs. Kate Flagle,
armed with rawhide whips, unmercifully
attacked William Crossinan, a prominent
citizen, on the street. The women allege
Crossinan has circulated damaging re
ports about their characters.
Patrick Crowe, who is wanted in sev
eral States for felonious (rimes, and who
Is one of the most despemte men ever
confined in the Ruchanan County. Mo.,
jail, was sentenced to three years in the
penitentiary for having robbed a Burling
ton passenger train near St. Joseph and
pleaded guilty to the charge.
At San Francisco the attorney for
Theodore Durrant moved for a writ of
probable cause for order to prevent the
prisoners removal from the county jail
to the State's prison at San Quintan.
The court denied the motion and subse
quently signed Durrant's death warrant.
fixing Friday, Feb. 21, as the date of the
Near Mitchell, Ind.. George T. Cole
man was killed. He was a passenger on
a Baltimore and Ohio Southwestern train,
east-bound, and was not missed until the
train reached North Vernon. Employes
found his lody nt Haulers Crossing,
where the road makes a sharp curve. It
is supposed that he met his death while
attempting to go from the smoker to the
The coroner at Cleveland. Ohio, ren
dered his verdict on the Central viaduct
disaster. He fails to find suHni-nt evi
dence of an act committed or omitted
en the part of any person to warrant him
in holding anyone criminally liable for
the accident. He concludes that the
seventeen victims of the disaster came to
their death as a result of the injuries sus
tained or from drowning in the river.
W. Morton Smith, editor of a Lincoln,
Neb., paper, was indicted by the Federal
grand jury fur attempting to impede
justice. He was also lined and jailed
by Judge Dundy for contempt of court,
growing out of the same proceedings.
Smith charged editorially that the pro
ceedings by which Richard (hitcalt was
declared not guilty of wrecking the Cap
itol National Rank were irregular and
the court guilty of corruption.
Harry Ilawyard was hanged at Min
neaiolis at 2.-0. Wednesday morning for
the murder of Catherine Ging. He wade
a statement of live minutes' duration,
and, while not making a confession, sael
he hoped (Jod would forgive him for all
the harm he had ever done. The mur
derer went to the gallows with a laugh
on his lips, and went down with the trap
just as he tittered the words, lightly:
"Let her go. Megarden." The command
wa directed to the chief deputy.
St. Fmiliauus Orphan Asylum, Roys
Home, and Industrial School at St.
Francis, live miles south of Milwaukee,
was destroyed by lire Wednesday night.
There were over 20e) inmates in the insti
tution and for a time the wildest rumors
were afloat. One was to the effect that
fourteen lives were lost. Not one of the
inmates were injured, but as they were
nearly all of tender age their rescue was
accomplished with some difficulty, as they
had to be carried from tfte building.
The leading surgeons of Youngstown,
Ohio, sent a letter to Dr. Carlos C.
Booth requesting him to resign at once
from the medical stuff of the City Hos
pital, threatening if he does not to leave
the institution in & body. He i ac
cused of violating the professional -code
of ethics by free advertising in the pa
pers of operations that he has performed.
If the hospital trustees stand by Rooth
the other members of the medical s?aff
will leave. Their services have always
been given gratuitously.
The sixth annual report of the Chicago
and Northwestern Granaries Company,
limited, which was submitted to the an
nual meeting of stockholders, held in
London a few days ago. was received in
Chicago Thursday. The liscal year of
the company closes July "11. The corpora
tion owns and controls over two hundred
grain elevators in the Northwest, and
Chicago capitalists are largely interested.
The company was formed in ISSN with a
capital of 120.000 preference shares,
12i.noo ordinary shares and 120,o0)
debentures. The lionds have been re
tired until there is now outstanding but
$01,(joo. H. Seton-Karr is president and
II. Wretts Smith is secretary of the
company. The report shows a deficit on
the year's business.
Fre-el Markham. of Santa Cruz. Cal.,
received a letter ten days ago stating that
his mother had died in Rattle (.'reek.
Mich., as the result of a railroad acci
dent ami that the remains would be in
terred before he could reach Rattle ('reek,
where he formerly resided. A few days
later he was astonished at receiving an
other letter containing the information
that his mother was alive and would prob
ably recover. The letter further stated
that his mother was apparently dead
when the first letter was written. Ar
rangements for her burial were under
way, but while the funeral services were
in progress the minister, relatives and con
gregation were horrified by a sound from
the coflin and were almost paralyzed
when a moment later the collin-lid wa
broken and Mrs. Markhiei was found to
be alive. It appears that she had suf
fered from concussion of the rain v.ud
for two day was uncns -ir.is.
Allen G. Thurinan elie-d at Columbus,
Ohio, at 1:10 p. in. Thursday. The pub
lic career of Judge Thurinan was an open
book. His comparatively recent prom
inent position before the public rendered
the important points in his e-are-e-r quite
familiar. He was lrn at Lynchburg,
Va.. in ISKt, and removed to Chilicothe.
Ohio, with his parents whem six years of
age. Thurinan was not a religious man,
in the strict sense, ami very often he was
poetically profane, yet both his private
public life was remarkable for its purity.
Since the death of his wife, two years
ago. he had been more secluded than ever.
He had felt her loss more than his stoical
spirit would elisplay, yet his grief had
been that of the philosopher. Judge
Thurmau was a rich man. The estate of
his wife had been well managed and
greatly increased. The Thurmau family
has always been among the most aristo
cratic in the State, and the younger gen
eration is prominent in the social circles
of ( 'olumbus.
Popular indignation at the manner in
which the graves in Rochester Cemetery
have been desecrated reached a crista in
North Topeka. Kan., Wednesday night,
when a mob began to form with the
avowed purpose of burning the Kansas
Medical College. The faculty of the col
lege called upon the police for protection.
The students were all sent home, and the
college building placed in the possession
of a squad of policemen. A detail of
militiamen from Ratte-ry R ef Topeka
was stationed at their arsenal to prevent
a capture of the4 arms stored there. T'pon
the request of the sheriff the Governor
ordered the infantry companv at Law-"
icuce 10 oe ic.01.1 to respond to 11 1 1
any moment. At S o'clock P. II. Ullis
identified the third body at the college as
that of his mother, who died reeently.
Tuesday A. N. Drake of North Topeka.
whose wife died last week, dise-overed
her grave' had been robboel. The remains
were found at the Kansas Medical Col
lege. On Monday I. O. Van Fleet, who
had buried his wife but a few hours bo
fore, found ker mutilated and disfigured
remains on the dissecting table at the
college. This discovery resulted in the
arrest of S. A. Johnson, a student who
acts as janitor eif the institution. These
revelations, coining one after another,
caused a wave of indignation to sweep
over the city. The mob violence is a
natural outcome. All the A. O. U. W.
lodges met to denounce the outrage and
demand a full investigation to discover
the ghouls.
Lillian Russell is ill with acute bron
chitis at New Orleans.
"Dr." Hammond, the notorious 11-
nrountl criminal, has be-en arrested at
New Orleans.
Near Bear Wallow, Ya.. en atrocious
crime was committed. John and Mary
Fcagan. husband and wife, aged 01 and
il, lived alone on their farm. Feagan
sold his hogs and it was known he had in
his house some $:!00 or $,'00. Monday
morning early ene uf his neighbors went
to the house and a terrible sight present
ed itself. On tho bed lay Mrs. Feagan
with her head split open. Feagan
lay on the floor with his skull crushed
and a deep gash in his bivast, which had
been made with an ax. The house had
be'en ransacked.
Nearly 200 half-starved and terrorized
negroes were brought to Tampa. I I:., oil
the steamer Lawrence from Lee County.
The negroes were hired to go to Lee
County ami pick oranges. When they
reached Fert M ewers they were ordered
to leave, being told they could not work
there. The negroes showed resistance,
when armed whites surrortneled them and
they were kept under guard for two days
until the steamer returned. The negroes
were given nothing to cat and feareil they
would be massacred, as the guards kept
up a constant fusillade at night. Twe lve
of the ne'groes became so terrorised that
they leaped overboard, and, it is .bought,
were drowned. Several others trie-jl to
run. but were shot. The ucgreics say the
!odics of those shot were thrown into the
river. A. V. Lane, a prominent resident
eif Fort Meyers, confirms the story told
by the negroes. He says white men '.iave
been visiting the camps of the orange
pickers and tiring into them until nearly
nil the negroes have fled the county.
Many ne-groos have undoubtedly been
The Republican national Convention
will be held at St. Louis 011 June 10 next.
That was the decision reached by the
Republican Nations) Committee assem
bled in Washington Tuesday, :tttr spirit
ed balloting lasting two hours. The suc
cessive ballots are shown as follows:
St. Louis 1.1 14 IS 22 20
San Francisco "0 11) 1!) 11) 10
Pittsburg 1 1 I) 1 0
Chicago 8 8 1) !) 0
New York 1 0 0 0 0
Washington dispatch: The statement
is made by persons who are among those
best quo li tied to judge than in the absence
of legislation to relieve the ÜLancial fcltu-
atlon another bond issue Is altogether
probable within the next few months at
the farthest. The present condition of
the exchange market, and the commercial
situation generally, it is said, point un
mistakably to further large withdrawals
of gold, and unless something is done to
prevent the usual heavy exports during
January and February, which for the
last two years have forced the issue of
bonds to recoup the depleted gold re
serve1, a similar situation will confront
the treasury before the new year is far
President Fan re. of France, may re
sign in consequence of underhandeil at
tacks on hi:n because of a sejudal involv
ing his father-in-law.
A spee-ial eHspatch from Rome an
nounces that numerous wrecks have oc
cured during the great storms which have
swept over Italy. Much damage has
been done, especially along the coasts.
The severe storms which have prevailed
over Switzerland and throughout Europe
in general have caused great damage,
especially in the villages in the mountain
distiicts of Switzerland. An earthquake
shock was felt at llasli. aNo known as
Ober-IIasli, in Berne canton.
A dispatch addressed to the Associated
Press and signed by a number of Ar
menians of Constantinople has be-en re
ceived iu London. It says: "Armenia is
at her last gasp. The number of people
massacred reaches lm.ni) and half a
million of survivors have taken refuge in
the forests and mountains, where the'y
are feeding on herbs and roots. Hunger
and eold have begun to make givaf rav
ages among them. Iu the name of hu
manity and Christianity save us."
In her struggle for independence Cuba
has found a powerful ally in the Island of
Porto Itij-o. According to the late-st in
te'lligeiKo Spain has two insurrections on
her hands, or will have if the plans matur
ing are e-nrried into execution. An army
is "being formed by the separatist party
of Porto ltieo, and as soon as the leaders
are ready the new campaign will open.
As In the Venezuelan affair, the revola-
nonisis are ( unaii patriots residing 111
New York, and the same secrecy attends
their movements. The leaders claim that
a vigorous declaration of independence
has benui prepared by the leaders of the
Porti Kican separatist party, and that
it is their intention to issue this as soon
as they can feel sure that they can de
fend themselves against any action Spain
may take in e-onseiinence'. One of the
most prominent Porto Kicnns in New
York Marcd Tuesday that this might be
in loss than a fortnight.
The White Star line steamship Ger
manic. Captain MeKinstry. from Liver
pool Wednesday for (uecnstown and
New York, collided at the mouth of the
ltiver Mersey with the Scotch coasting
steamer Camhrae and was eibliged to re
turn to London badly damaged. The
Germanic has a hole 1 feit by 7 in its
bow above the water mark. The collision
occurre! in tm" log. Itotli vessels were
going elead slow at the time. About an
hour after the Germanic started it had
an extra lookout man. but it was impossible
to avoid the collision. The cries of the
Cambrae's passengers were heartrend
ing when they found the vessel was sink
ing. The Germanic's bulkheads were
immediately dosed, so that little water
penetrute'd the hull. A volunteer crew
from the Germanic and the Cambrae
started to elraw the fires and to save 4 he
valuables on board the Cambrae1. but it
st- i.r.ji- iii.y reached if. This crew
mil nil o.-iiimi nisi iraces 01 tne ticr-
manic. but fortunately their cries at
tracted a tug, which rescued them.
Obituary At Freeport. 111.. D. W.
Dane, 7t; at Warsaw, Ind.. Professor
E. J. Me:Alpino; at Rnekford, 111.. Frank
Benjamin. 7: at Kalamazoo. Mich.. .T.
Warren Taylor, til; at Dayton. Ohio,
Charles G. (J rimes; at Tocumsch. Mich.,
NcovH C Stacy; at Gardner, Idaho,
Jack Langrishc.
The Ameri.-an University has ju com
pleted an agreement with the Board of
Council of the Te-inporance Educational
Association, by which the latter agrees to
secure and transfer to the university
$2r0,(KX) en condition that here shall be
inaugurated as one of its departments a
college of scientific temperance.
The British steamer Principia, Captain
Stannard, from Shielf via Dundev for
New York, took fire it. the fore hold
when about forty miles north of Cape
Wrath, on the northwestern extremity
of Scotland. She ran for one of the Faroe
Islands, struck a rock and wvut down
with twenty-seven of her crew, only 01;,
Henry Anders. ef Rostock, being saved.
He was taken from the water after cling
ing to the wreckage for eighteen hours.
A p: sse'iiger named Jackson was also
Chicago Cattle, common to prime,
$.'i.r0 to $.".,"i0; hogs, shipping grades,
JjsJ.n') to $"5.7ö; sheep, fair to choice, .l!..")
to $".75; wheat. No. 'J red. .""Sc to iV.c;
e-ern. No. 1!, U.V to HOc; oats. No. ". 17c
to 18c; rye1, No. 'J. ."7c to ."Sc: butter,
choice creamery. iMc to U7c; eg.s. fresh,
Lde to iMc; potatoes, per bushel, lSe to
Hoc; broom corn, ?"0 to J?.jO per ton for
poor to choice.
I ndhiuaioIis Cattle, shipping. J?".) to
$4.75; hogs, choice light, $.".00 to Jfo.7.";
sheep, common to prim'.1. JS2.U0 to $.t."0;
wheat, No. L 0-c to vile; e-orn. No. 1
white, 20c to ".Sc; oats. No. '2 white1, 21c
to IS'c
St. Lo u is Ca 1 1 1 e .00 to $5.00; hogs,
$.'5.n0 to $.".75; wheat. No. 2 red, 05e to
07e-; corn, Xo. 2 yellow. 25c to 20c; oats,
No. 2 white, 17c to 18c; rye1, No. 2, 3."e
t :5c.
Cincinnati-Cattle, $:?.50 to $4.50; hogs,
$.100 to $4.00; sheep. $2.50 to $."'.50:
wheat, 2o. 2, e-5Sc to 7(c; corn. No. 2
mixed, 20c to IV-; oats, No. 2 mixed, 20c
to 21c; rye, No. 2, lie to 4.".
Detroit-Cattle, $L.r,0 to $5.00; hogn.
$o00 to $..75; sheep. $2.00 to $:..:0;
wheat, No. 2 reJ, 00c to 07c; e-orn. No. 2
yellow. 2Sc to ::; oats, No. 2 while, 21e
to 22c: rye1, .".Sc to .').
Toledo Wheat, No. 2 red. 05c to 07c;
corn. No. 2 yellow, 27c to l0e: octs. No.
2 white, l!c to 21c; rye. No. 2, ".3c to ÖIV;
clover seed, $I..'S5 to $4.45.
Ruffalo-Cattle, $2.50 to $5.25; hogs,
$."1.00 to $l.M; sheep. $2.50 to $:'.75;
wheat, No. II red. 7ec to 7:'.-; corn. No.
2 yellow, "kc to 31c; oats, No. 2 white1,
2oV to 21c.
Milwaukee Wheat. Xo. 2 spring, 57e
to 5Sc; e-orn, No. '., 20c to 27c; eats, No.
2 white. IS,; to 10c; barley, Xo. 2, :2e to
.'He-; rye1. No. 1, "10c to ,"8c; pork, mess,
$7.50 to $8.00.
New York-Cattle, $,",.00 to $5.25; hogs,
$:i.00 to $4.25; sheep. $2.(H) to $.'1.73;
wheat, No. 2 ree, 00c to 70c; corn. No. 2,
IMc to "5e; oatr, Ne. 2 white, 22c to 2."lc;
butter, creamery, 17c to 28c; eggs, Wt
cru, yie to 'Jits,
Disastrous Karlj Mornin Blaze nt St.
Paul Swear Words Are Assessed nt
Fifty Cents ICach in Ned Bank, New
Gloucester Schooners Meet Disaster.
Dispatches to the Glouceste-r. Mass.,
Mutual Insurance Company say that the
schooners Hattie D. Linne'.l. S. P. Willard,
Mabel R. Renne tt. and Jennie Seaverns
parted their cables while lying at anchor
in the roadsted betwee n the islands of St.
Pierre ami Little Miqmion during a ter
rible gale Thursday ami drove ashore.
The Linucll is a total loss, and after go
ing iislmr" was burned to the water's
edge. The Bennett was forced to slip
her chains or ho sunk with ail hands at
her anchorage by tho French steamer
Pony er tjuie-rticr. which had parted h r
c able :;n 1 was drh in x a den e. The steam
er is a total loss. The Willard. Seaverns
and Bennett lire in bad positions and full
of water, and it is tVare-d they will bo
total losses.
Wann Builelii:; nt St. Paul Burns.
At 2 o'clock Friday in. ruing fire br'ke
euit in the Wann Ruilding. St. Paul, en
eupied by Henry S. Sternbe-rg as a job
bing elry goods ami clothing house and by
Guiternian Bros.. manufacturers of
shirts, pants, ove-r.ills. etc. The whole
department was e-alled out. The tire
spread rapidly to the roof of the building
adjoining, which is occup'ied by Prn o oc
Bobbins" wholesale paper house1. The-whole-
upper floored the building iu which
the fire euiginate-el was damaged. The
pipemen had a hot and elangerous tight on
the top floor. They we-re- fore-e'd from the
building to the extension ladder, and at
one time1 the ladeler be-came diargvd with
electricity from the wire-s below, but they
were e-ut before1 any fatalities resulted.
The cause of the tire is unknown. Tin
hiss is estimated at $5.on:. fully e-ov-ered
by insurance. Five1 hundred eiu
ploye's of Guiternian Bros, are thrown out
of work.
Bad Worels Cost Money.
There se-e ins to be a eleterminalion on
the part ef the authorities of Reel Rank,
N. J., to suppress swe-aring on the public
streets, ("rover Re-e-ves was arraigned
before Justiee Childs and line-d $.".5) for
having used seven bad words on tin1
street. This is the1 se-cond ease if the
kintl that has occurred in a fw weeks.
All who wish to swear mi the public
highway may elo so, jdovided the-re is no
objection to pacing for e-ach swear at the
rate of 5 cents a word.
The Grangers Bank at San Francisco
lias closed its doors. Liability's, $."."5,
020; assets. $1.7on,00.
Rich gold deposits, in which an Ameri
can firm is interested, have be-en elis
covcred ne-ar Me-ndoza, Argentine Ite
public. Sunday morning saw an innovation in
the choir of the ("race Hpiscopal Chuivii.
Detroit. A elnzen women surpli-il wen
added to the i hoir under the iir--tion f
Prof. Remick.
Francis S.hlatfer. "the Healer." is at
Santa Cruz, thirty miles north of Santa
1-e, N. -M. At Kan. lntos le Taos 5K)
people grctel him. He- bless-l hand
kerchiefs and cured many persons.
H-rr Ahlwardt. the GVrman "Jewbait
er,"' made his first appearance n ilu
American hx-ture platform at New York
Thursday night. His audience was
small, but enthusiasti. Only nie .f the
bad eggs thrown at the spakr struck
the mark.
Judge Thomas L. Nugent, one of the
ablest minds in Texas, the Icad-r and
twie-e the andidate of the IVpulists (
Texas for Governor, and who has ben
prominently mentione'd in couuc-tin
with the Presidential nomination in .1800
on the Populist ticke-t. is dying at Iiis
home in Tort Worth with diabetes.
The eontra-l ree-ently It by the1 ('an
dian Government fer the carrying f the
mails from Juneau, Alaska, to Forty Mil
('reek is in the lispute-! b-rritory to which
claim is laid lwth by th I'nited Stal's
and by Canada, ami the establishment
of the mail service is e-ah-uhitcd to fur
ther complicate the? boundary dispute1.
A re-port from Antananarivo. Madagas
car, says that an anti-I.uropeau mob
numbering ei.tnf) destroyed th1 mission
station at Ramairandrn. Rev. Mr. M
Mahoii. the missionary in -harg and his
family escap1! a few hours pnwinus to
the looting of the mission. All Furope-nns
re'siding iu th country listricts hav1
bce-n ordT-d to the capital and tM
Fre-nch troops hav1 h--n elispatchcel with
ord-rs to put lown the riots.
The scent service nllhials have lis-
cove ivd a new e-ounte-rfeit N'-'O t'niled
State's not'S of (he se-ries of lSXn with the
portrait ef Hamilton poorly engrave1!.
The paper shows ivd ink line's in imita
tion eT silk fiber. Ihe h'tterilig is very
poor. NiiU'tee'ii of the not-s wer found
en the person f Louis Smith, who has
Wen arre'st'l at Td-1, Ohio, where
he had alivady parsed five of thi-ni. He
is believed to be new in the business.
Sonn misapprehension e-xists as to the
exact feat uivs of the1 bill introduce! by
Senatr Lodjre for ivstru-ting imtIgra
tion. The bill pro, ide's for keeping out
such immigrants as e-autmt raI ami
write iu some language, while the impres
sion has obt-ii;icd that it means that im
migrants wlm cannot real ami write th1
Knglish language aro to be prohibit !.
Senator Lodge says the latter provision
wtmld b absurd, as many lesiralde im
migrants e'ome1 t this -ountry who are
highly cluate-d in th-ir own language
und who do not unde-rstaml Fnglish.
In a rush for liberty at tin' Louisville
workhouse1 James IIward, a negr who
11 the eseaping prisoners, was shot lead
by the guards. Tin1 prisomTs we're being
followed by a number of either e-omicts.
The guards lir tl sveral shots in tin1 air
ami the ringle -ruler was finally bnuight
e!wii by Guarel Lynch, who has b-en ar
rest 1.
Obituary: At Cincinnati. -x-Congress-niau
IL S. Bundy, 7S. At Grand liap
ids. Mich., Col. Van I-'. Young. 7o. At
Me-Lcanslmre. 111.. F. W. L'lbetter. At
Gah'iin. III.. Charles Fl k; Janms Birk
ctte At Aurora. In!., Mrs. S. F. Davis.
IVnrJ Barton, the Wilkesbarre girl
wlm lias been asleep since iv. 2S, liel
Thursday morning without awakening.
Recent e-eiinpilatiems shw Seuiator
Sherman one eif cle-vcn e hildre-n to begin
with, to lie1 neiw thirty-seven times an
uncle and the granduncle to sixty-three
MAKERS. A Week's Proceedings in the HaKa f
Cont'rcss-Important Measures Dit
cubsed und Acted Upon Att Impar
tial Itcfriimc of the Buincs.
The Natienal Solon.
In the Senate Monday a sperch by Mor
gan of Alabama opposing the setll ment
of the Behricg Sea claim was the event
tif the day. The Senaje in executive ses
sion conlirmed the following nomina
tions: Linier R. Adams of Missouri to
be elistrict jmlge for the western listriet
of Missouri; Kufus II. Peckkani of New
Yrk to be associate justice1 of the I'nited
States Supreme Court. Tb1 House held
a short M'sshm and devote! most of i:s
time to discussing the flpV'i:itmrnt of
llousctouwrs. The lirst business repo
sition brought forward in the l!uso wa-j
a bill by Mr. Hopkins to amend tho
statute fixing the customs district of Chl
cago so that the district v,o-,ild embrace
all of the States if Illii:is ami Indiana.
The bill was passe-' by unanimous ee;n
sent. A resolution was passed for tho
appointment of thn-e new assistants to
the superinteinlent of the docuuvuit-reioni.
The Senate was in session :ecs than
two hours Tuesday. The proecdir.gs
consisted of the introduction of about
100 bills, followed by a speei-I on the
Monroe doe-trine by Senator Oulh.m.
Representative Rarre-tt of Massachusetts
enjoys the distinction of bci::g the author
of the first thrilling incident in the pres
ent House of Bepre'sentative-s. He threw
a uVmibshe-l! int. that body by offeiing a
re.selution imiaching Thomas I". R:;y
ard, I'nited States ambassador to the
court of St. Jame'S, for high crime's and
misdemeanors, embodieel in the utter
nnces of Mr. Rayard befre the L'dir.
burgh, Soitland, Philosophical Intitu1
Nov. 7. In this speech. It is said. M:
Rayard spoke of "protection" as a folia
of "btate socialism" and said it had doto
more t "foster class legislation." "breed
inequality," "corrupt public lif-." 'Mov.Cr
the tone of national representation," "e'i
vorce ethics from politics," than any oth'.r
t-ingle cause. Mr. Barrett's resoluticn'
was: "Re-solve'd, by the House1 of Rep
resentatives. That the Committee Kin
Foreign Affairs be elire-cted to as ertain
whether such statements have been pub
licly made1, and if so to re-port to the
House sich action by impeachment er
otherwise as shall be proper in the prem
ises. Far the purpose of this inejuiry tho
commit te-e is authorized to s-i.d fr per
Fons and papers." Fpon motion of Mr.
Cannon, th1 words "by inip'a-hniit er
otherwise" were stricken out, and tho
re-solution adopted.
l'roe-ee'dings f the Senate Thursday
-overel the entire range of legislation,
from the introduction, of petitions, bills
ami r-silutioiis to the passage of bills,
and inelude-d two frmal addresses. A
bill extending the Chicago port f ntrr
so as to cover tho State of Illinois re-e-eivctl
the final imlorseniemt of the Se nat-.
Almost an hour was devoted to a sjie'edi
by Srnator Peffe-r in advo-a-y of his bi'l
e-urtailing the expenses im-urrd in Con
gressional funerals and providing that a
sergeant-at-anns shall take the place -f
the committee now sent ut by the two
houses as es-orts to their home's f tho
remains of ele-'ased me'inbers. Mr. Cül!
aeldivssed the Senate1 upon his resolution
upon the cruelties alleged to be perpetrat
ed upon the Armenians by Turkish au
thorities.' lie thought the l'nite! States
should at least express eiH-ouracemei.t
to tiie civilized powers in the effort they
are making to suppress these outburst
of bigotry, superstition, cruelty and crime.
The House listencel to a spee.-h by Mr.
Grow. ox-Speaker, relative to President
Clevelanel's utterance cneenihig tariVP
find currency. Roth houses adjournl to
What the Farmers Were Akitt; for
Crops the First of Tbl Season.
The December returns to th statistical
elivision ef the elepartment of agriculture
relate prine-ipally to farm prices Dec. 1.
The farm prie of corn averages L'tl.7
cents, against 4.J.G last year. The avir
age prie e of wheat is ."V5.2 cents per bush
el, against 40.S last year: ed" rye 4H.7
cents, against 50.""; of ats "Jet.," eents,
against ."2.1; of barley oA cents, agains!
44.ll; of bmkwheatc41.2 ce'iit. jifrnic'-t
r(5.2 cents last year. The returns show
the average pri-e of hay to be1 SO.MS per
ton, ngainst J?S.33 same date last. year.
The average pri-e of tobacco is returne-!
at (J.O cents, against 0.7 eer.ts last year.
The prie-e of potatoes on the farm is re
ported at 2S.S cents per bushed, against
öd.. cents last year.
The eondition of winter wheat Oer. 1
averaged f;r the country Sl.-l p r cut..
against SO last year and 01.. in ls'.i;;. In
the principal winter wheat Siat-s tho
peTe-cntage-s are as follws: Ohio, 74:
Michigan. 7!); Indiana. SO: Illinois 70;
Missouri. 70: Kansas, SO; N braska, !';
California, lrj. The returns make tho
.vreage of winter wheat just sown 104.0
p-rcentage eif that harvested in 1S1C.
This estimate, which is pr-liminarv to tha
coniph'tcd estimate of June ne xt, makes
the area sown for tte harvest of 1S00
2o,0 17,nne acres.
Telenraxiliic Ilrcvitie.
Over 1.000 hogs have e!i-l f holerai
during the last three weck iu Harper,
ItarOcr and mi turner Counties. Kan.
A receiver has been appointe! at Ka:u
sas City for the Pennsylvania Invest
ment Company. The liabilities Me esti
mated at $;.(m,000.
The Cleveland Chamber of Commrreo
has de'i-hlcd to erect a new building on
the public sepiare, which is to e-est. to
gether with the site, half a million dol
The Kirkham eold storage buildings
at Ai'.lersn, I ml., were .vrct kcil by a
natural gas explosion and llartv Gaither
was severely but probably not fatally
Senator Sherman receives a mvalfr on
Iiis book of for each -opv sol. I. As
over 127,000 have been sohl the Se nator
is re-aping a satisfactory financial return
frm his effort.
I'nuna Davis, the sixth victim in the
nie 111 .1 . 1 1: 1 ! 11. 1 1 1 c 1 ic 1 1 11 ! 1 1 . IIICU. !!
math nn ante-inort m statement that she
was the common law wife of ihe Into
Thomas Hanna. a millionaire1 whose es
tate eiwns the building that was burne-d.
Russians were the instigators eif the
conspiracy ef Li Han Shin against the
King of Ciie-a. The Russians who as
sisted iu the affair have identified some
of the Americans who partieipateel in
the plot. It is alh'ged that the latter
joined iu the conspiracy owing to the
revocation of the gill mine e-oiicessioiis
granteel by the Ojieen ami because their
salaries ai advisers were reduced. - '
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