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Vol. II.
No. 28.
A Barsrain
From now on until January 1, 189G, for
each and every cash sale I will give the follow
ing bargain: With every suit of clothes, an ex
tra pair of pants of the same material as suit;
with every single pair of pants, a good pair of
suspenders; and all overcoats will he made at
rock-bottom prices. Give me a call.
i Handkerchief
acknowledged by all to be the most complete
and finest line ever put on the market in this
city, is still unbroken. Thousands have been
sold, but such large quantities have been pur
chased that still sufficient remain to satisfy the
wants of all.
Our Special Sale of
Curtains, Blankets,
Comforts and Spreads
still continues. That money can be saved at
this sale can be proven. All new goods at re
duced prices. Don't delay for this sale closes
tomorrow, the 24th inst.
P. S. This store will be closed all day Christmas.
Then cut your second growth White Ash into bolts and logs and deliver
to our tactory. Doits cut 4) long, ß inches in diameter and up, SG.&O
per cord. Logs cut 5, 11 or UJ feet long, 12 inches in diameter and up,
518 per thousand. Must be straight timber and free from knots.
The Feast of Old Kris Kringle Is
Observed in this C ity with Mirth
and Music (ialore.
Hard as it may seem to believe it,
yesterday brought Christmas eve, that
chief of all occasions for the juvenile.
It is that wonderful niht when the
jolly little snow-bearded patron saint of
merry, laughing childhood Kris Krin
gle holds undisputed sway over the
homes and hearths and hearts of men
through all this world of ours. What
a dear old necromancer he is, to be sure!
A single wave of his kindly hand and
there springs into full and sudden
growth the Christmas tree, with its
green boughs lighted with the brilliant
candles and glittering trimmings, and
bowing to the ground with its varied
gifts. And whot a marvellous memory
old Kris must possess! For year after
year he comes on his Hying visit and
seldom or never are the little o. es for
gotten. Not less glad is lie to visit the
bedside of the shivering waif in the
chilly attic than the romping children
of wealth in their luxurious boudoirs.
Well, Christmas eve belong i ex
clusive! and solely to Kris KrincX- and
Iiis lleet reindeers and his woi .'erfal
trees. And here in l'lymouth the cus
tomary Christmas eve services were
held by the various churches and bible
At the Methodist church, a really
charming program had been arranged,
including among its numbers anthems
by the choir, recitations and dialogues
by the children, solos and quartets and
class exercises of number and character
to make the evening pass like a dream,
no matter how dismal the night
At the Presbyterian church was
presented one of the prettiest little can
totos which this season of mingled
mirth and melody has ever called into
being. It is entitled "Santa Claus on
Time," and the children have been de
voting their time and labors to its prep
aration with a vigor and enthusiasm
which precludes any possibility of fail
ure. The rehearsals have been given
under the careful and competent direc
tion of Miss (J race Jin wnlee, Mrs.
Aulcult and Charles II. Leonard.
Nearly all of the other churches and
schools had prepared something in the
way of special entertainment for the
evening and something which de
lightfully repaid all for their attendance.
Aud all were free to every youthful
watcher for that day for on that night
of all others there may be no caste dis
tinctions drawn between the children
of wealth and of proverty. Santa Claus
knows and loves them all.
K. O. T. M. at the Front.
At a special review Plymouth
Tent, No. 27, being the second special
review in December, live candidates
were initiated and a general good time
was had. Thirty -two members were
present. On account of our regular re
view corning on Christmas eve the
meeting was changed to Thursday,
December 2.. Sir Knights should turn
out, as we will have a lot of work to do;
be prompt, as our time for opening is
T::iO. S. X. C.
Cheap Lnnu;;li.
Ait Indianapolis jury has just awarded
a verdict of 3,000 in lavor of a young
women who sets up an unusual cause
of action.
The plaintiff says that for the last
nine years her time and attention have
been monopolized by a young man who
ha3 courted her and kept company with
her steadily, to the utter exclusion of
all other gentlomen. At the end of
nine years the young man explained to
her that he had never contemplated
matrimony, but was "merely trying to
enjoy life as he went along." "Thereup
on the fair object of his monopolistic
devotion brought suit for 310,000 for the
time she has wasted. The jury gave
her half the amount she demanded.
Not knowing the principals in this
case, we are not in a position to speak
positively on the justice of this verdict,
but there can be no question of the
principles involved. Generally speak
ing, 533 a year is too cheap rent for a
Iloosier sweetheart.
Simon' School Liitertaiiiment.
One of the pretty features of the hol
iday season occurred at the Simons
school on Saturday evening. Notwith
standing the inclemency of the weaher
the attendance was large.
The decorations that adorned the
wall were a superb array of evergreen
intermingled with snowy Hakes of
popped corn, while in the back ground
the national banner lloated conspicu
ously among the gilded trappings.
The progiam, excellent and well ren
dered, rehecVs much credit on the
tea her, Mrr. Mamie Kleinschmidt, as
there were many vexatious dilliculties
to contend with.
The last act, a table u, "The Star
Flag Drill,' was a striking one which
appealed fervidly to every beholder.
The financial proceeds of the entertain
ment will be applied upon the school
From ieor;i;i.
La(JkangKj (Ja., Dec. 13, lb'JÖ.
Mi:. J. S. Ulndeh, Plymouth, Ind.
My dear Sir: I am at last again com
pelled to take to the pen. 1 have been in
"the woods" long enough, for I hear
there are many false reports going the
rounds at Plymouth about rne concern
ing my healtii, and general success here.
Xow I saw in an article in the Ply
mouth Republican of Nov. 13, purport
ing to be a statement oT Mr. John C.
CummiiiS, to the effect that 1 was suf
fering terribly from rheumatism, leav
ing the impression that it was the re
sult of this climate, when in fact 1 came
here with it, as you well know. I often
came to the o'tce with a walking stick
before I left Plymouth. It is true I
have had the rheumatism very bad this
winter again, but at present feel as free
from it as though I had never had it ;
and further 1 have lost but four days
work since I have been here fro.n any
cause; and all my work has been out of
1st, 1 built a house on a lot 1 pur
chased near the city and now 1 am
building a barn on same, and have been
cutting cord wood and clearing up my
farm preparatory to planting cotton in
the spring. 1 have about 30 acres of
land in cultivation and as many in tim
ber lands, 1 have 2' JO grape vines which
require pruning and staking, and much
in re cl aring up to do, so that I have
plenty to do and am hard at it, and
what is most gratifying to me, ihat 1
am enjoying jood health, in fact have
not felt better in a long time.
1 am more and more pleased with this
country every day, as well as is my
neighbor Charles Schmidlen, who has
come h : n t as a few, who came here
from Indiana, it appears, under the im
pression that southern hospitality was
something good to eat; they have gone
back to Marshall county. Mr. Schtnil
den and many other Northerners from
other points, however, who have come
here and gone to work, have found
plenty of helping hands, and are much
pleased with the country and its people.
All are enjoying the beautiful weather,
we have had but one or two heavy frosts
yet, and no cold weather.
As yet we have no notion of coming
back to take sleighrides with you, we
prefer grass and flowers.
i ours very truly,
J. D. Moltek.
La Pearl's Kail road Show.
Mr. J. A. L.3 Pearl, proprietor of "La
Pearl's Ui Ilailroad Show'' with which
Plymouth and Marshall county people
are well acquainted, is in winter quar
ters at Danville, 111. Of last season's
business Mr. La Pearl, in a letter to the
I m i : r en i en t, say s :
"It has been the most successful dur
ing my career in the show business, en
abhng me to put before Die public this
coming season of lb, the very best
show that has ever been witnessed in
your city for theprice of admission, still
heralding, as in former years, an honest,
moral and pure show."
Tliey Know Hi in.
The Valparaiso Star is well acquainted
with Mr. K. E. Small, our city editor, and
in the issue of Friday says:
E. Eldenne Small has been installed as
city editor of the Plymouth Independent,
Mr. Small is a young man of pronounced
ability for news paper work, and with
his fund of practical experience will no
doubt score a splendid success in this
new field of work."
An ENay on "Corns."
Corns are of two kinds vegetable
and animal. Vegetable corn grows in
rows; animal corn grows on toeses
There are unicorn, Capricorn, corn
dodger, field corn, and the corn you feel
the most. It is said, we believe, that
gophers like corn; but persons having
corns do not like to "go fur" if they can
help it. Corns have kernels, and some
colonels have corns. Vegetable com
grows on ears, but animal corns grow
on the feet. Folks that have corns
sometimes send for a doctor, and if the
doctor is corned, it would be better if
they had not sent for him. The doctor
says corns are produced by tight boots
and shoes, which is probably the reason
why, when a man is tight, they say he is
corned. If a fanner manages well he
gets a good deal of corn on an acre, but
we know of a farmer that has one corn
that makes the biggest acher on his
farm. Another kind of corn is the
dodger. The way it is made is verv
simple, and it is as follows: You gu
along the street anil meet a man tin t
you know has a 2orn and rough char
acter, step on he toe that has the corn
on it and see if you do not have occa
sion to dodge. In that way you find
out what a corn dodger is.
C'oniM-il Proceeding.
From Tuesday's Daily.
There were two vacant chairs at last
night's city council meeting, and the
fourth ward was only a reminiscence.
Couix-ilmen Hughes, Tanner, (Iretz
mger, iJailey and Reynolds were pres
ent. Iter calling to order, Mayor Swindell
notified the body that the supreme
court had reversed the decision of the
lower court in the fourth ward case, and
added in effect that h had aUavs be
lieved the council's action in creating
the fourth ward llhgai; that he be
lieved at the time he irave bot d tocarrv
the case to the suoreme court that it i
I stayed any further procee imgs; and
that he had not been iegaily bound to
rccopnize Messrs. Maxey and (J'Keele
i as councilmen but did set in obedience
to the will of the court and for the pub
lic good. The rules of the council had
never been repealed, and were now in
The standing committees were reor
ganized as follows: Finance--C ret
singer, Tanner, Tibbetts; Accounts
Uailey, Tibbetts, Hughes; Ordinance
and Police Tibbetts, Uailey, Tanner;
Streets, Alleys, Etc. Uailey, Tibbetts,
(Jretsinger: Fire Department Tanner.
Hughes, Uailey; Water Werks Tib
bets, (iretsinger, Uailey; Electric Light
Hughes, Reynolds, Tanner; Sewers
and Drains Tanner, Uailey, Hughes;
Telephone and Stationary (iretsinger,
Tibbetts, Tanner.
No. ."- DieU Crying for Cigarets.
William Green, a 10-vear-o!d Uu
chanan boy, who has been at the point
of death some weeks from cigaret
smoking, died yesterday. The boy has
smoked as high as l'ö boxes of cigarets
in a month, always inhaling the deadly
nicotine. One of his tricks was to drink
a glass of water after inhaling the
smoke and then blowing it from his
lungs. On his death bed he cried pit
eously for a cigaret.
.Annual Social.
The V. P. S. C. E. of the Heformed
church will give its last social for the
year on New Year's eve at the home of
their pastor, ilev. Kothenberger. A
cordial invitation is extended to the
public to attend and help make this the
best social of the year.
Ui:sii: Wilkinson, Cor. Sec'y,
A Publisher's Fnion.
We have made arrangements by
which we can supply almost any news
paper or magazine published in the
world in combination with the INDE
PENDENT, Daily or Weekly, at a reduc
tion of from 5 to 75 per cent from reg
ular subscription price. It will pay
you to call at the Independent oflice
before renewing subscriptions for any
American or European literary or news
C'lerjjJ' Hate Will Kemaiii the Same.
The question of a change in railroad
tare charged clergymen has been settled
by the managing otticers ot railways in
territory covered by the Central Erathe
Association agreeing to continue to
allow a rate of one and one-half cents per
mile. For the coming year regularly
accredited clergymen, who may be en
titled to the same under the rules.can
therefore procure reduced rate tickets
over the Pennsylvania Lines West of
Pittsburgh, same as during 18'JÖ.
J. E. Hanks, Agt.,
Plymouth, I rid.
Cheap Bates to Atlanta, Ga.
On account of the exposition the
Vandalia will sell round trip tickets
daily until Dec. 20, to Atlanta, Ga., lim
ited to 10 days from date of sale for
$17.80. T. O. Downs, Agent.
Holiday Excursions via Pennsylva
nia Lines.
On December 21th, 25th and 31st,
18'J5, and January 1st, excursion
tickets will be sold from ticket stations
on the Pennsylvania Lines West of
Pittsburgh to points on those lines, valid
to return until January 2d, 18M. For
details pleise apply to nearest Pennsyl
vania Line ticket agent.
Santa Claus
Has induced the Nickel Plate road to
sell excursion tickets at low rates to all
points on the line between Buffalo and
Chicago December 21th, 25th and 31st,
18'JD and January 1st, IS'JO.
Mysteriojs Iia-ara n e of a Iotal
a k lioin i'.oui lion Cu'im s ixl-r
aiul lnesti;;atinu.
if a number of Plymouth people don't
get those letters, Xmas presents they ex
pected by way of Dourbon, they should
not jump at any rash conclusions re
garding the matter. A sack full of
mail from the Uourbon postollice is
missing some place, and has thus far
eluded the watchful eyes of the depart
mental men who are endeavoiing to lo
cate it.
Mrs. Lewis is the messenger who car
ries the mail, under contract, from the
oliice to the depot. Tnin b, eastbound,
does not Mop at that station, but the
mail clerks aboard eaten the sack from
one of the hanging iron crane arms,
frequently seen at small stations.
On Friday evening las', alter the
mail sack had been hung upon the
crane and the train came through, the
repoit came back to Uourbon in the
shape of a telegr.im from Warsaw, that
no sack had been leceived on the train
The railway m iii clerks siy that when
the train pas-c i t.iroi'.-h. S;u-k was
on the crane. On the other hand Mrs.
Lewis is positive that he hung the
leathtr bag up while the train was in
sight and Hearing the stition.
The only possible explanation is that
somebody who was near at hand and
watching, stole the mail. It has not
turned up yet, and a postal inspector
lias been put upon the ea.-e to discover
its whereabouts.
The Seeivt Mill
The newspapers all over the country
are trying their ! est to solve the prob
lem of the -'new woman" with but little
success as e . Some say tha: she only
exists i:i imagination, others claim to
have seen her, but kn.iw nothing of her
origin. Now a young western lady has
come to the front and cleared up the
mystery to every one's satisfaction. She
says, in a letter to a well known patent
medicine firm: "After taking tour bot
tles of your medicine, I have become a
new woman."
Special Low Kales ia IYiimm Ivania Line
I -m! r "iOth"
The last special low rate excursion to
the Atlanta exposition has been fixed
for Friday, Decern jer 2oth, when tick
ets will be sold via Pennsylvania lines
based on the exceptional luw late of one
cent per mile. Tickets will be good re
turning ten days from date of sale. The
exposition closes December 31st. This
will be the last chance to see it. The
fare from stations on the Pennsylvania
system will be very reasonable, making
a delightful holiday trip possib'e at
s'ight expense. For details see nearest
Pennsylvania line ticket agent. Ticket
Agent J. E. Hanls, Plymouth, Ind.,
will furnish information about rates,
time of trains, etc.
IMetl from Iiis Injuries.
Walter Chriswcll, a Wabash freight
brakeman who fell between the cars at
Columbia City Friday anil was terribly
mangled, died later from the injuries
thus received. Doth legs were crushed
and he was otherwise badly hurt. lie
was a man of family and lived in Peru.
Holiday Rates.
Account Christmas and New Years
the L. E. A: W. will sell excursion tick
ets at l'j fare for round trip tickets.
Will be sold Dec. 21, 25, 31, and Jan. 1,
lS'Jt,. Cood returning Jan. 2, is'...
Fur! Fur! Fur!
We are in the market as usual and
announce to trappers and dealers,
that our facilities for handling large
quant itiesare the best. Dring in your
collection early. We are also in the
market for hides. Nussbauni ä Mayer.
Turkey Time.
The time to sell turkeys is when they
are fat don't hold for holiday markets.
The markets usually on omt stock at
that time. We can take care of all that
will come, any day in the week, at full
market value. Don't feed on the day
you bringjto market.
J. Swindell A: lino.
Cheap Kates to Atlanta.
Dec. 20, the L. E. & W. It. K will sell
excursion tickets to Atlanta, Ca., 313.75
for round trip. Tickets good 10 days.
C. 11. Hughes, Agent,
Holiday Excursion Rates.
For the holidays, the Indiana, Illinois
& Iowa railroad will sell excursion tick
ets between all points on its line at the
low rate of one and one-third fare lor
the round trip. Tickets on sale Dec.
21, 20, and 31st, 1S'J5, and Jan. 2nd, .H5.
(lood returning until Jan. 2nd, 'in. For
time of trains, rates of fare and all in
formation, inquire of agents.
S. S. Whitehead.

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