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irn Hl O
Sem ii
3 & H
No. Iii
Vol. 1 1.
11 ILo
Uli Mit
Pants! Pants! Pants!
! wests of tiikititJ' ,m;aK T;r,'aLM,,,,,rMS,,;,t hm ; N " ! N 1111 " 11 pa vs the kkkkiht
i ii . vi ( a i,,,!,,, UK, walks up and down the , tenor,
j puhpc highw ays for the express purpose Then t 1 it- g it lift in;; as disunssed. j
J Triumphant Return of the Jones I t bumming Ins way through hfe. win. the aud'eac. ar.siug to j in heartily in Does Doctor Jones of t lie Medicins
j Company. i wiI1 IM,t l,e s"Zt-1 wilM a congestive . t!iat g d old r,o;ig, "Aiild I-an sne." Company,
j 'hi!! when he is asked t utilize a ham- the h andiw rk of that prince "l aproned
j "" : iner npnu a nek pile. Fy this method go. fellows, Kotiert Hums, lint, ab;
I THE COURT ROOM IS CROWDED, it will he very easy to discover w ho is t .loush the glee club had sung at hri-l ! LONG DRAWN OUT TRIAL ENDS
vrthv of succor
When a man knocks al the kitchen
iiuervuis all through the evening: and
.1 i I 1' tlliW IniliM II 11, 'if flo.il' III. -il'C Wl'I'H , 'II I' .1... 1 .. II I . :r I .....
... . . 1 ' x HILM l.".l0 1 l I I I V . ll'Tl 1 I . I Hill Hi' il I . . IHII t HI III." I I I h I lll'.IIT I IMHIIKI 1 Pf. I
lTliir.1 Chapter in Iii I uewlay Iuk- .. . .... . - " .. .
i door these co hi wmtrv moinimrs it is em t d. t lie audi inr would ii.it nave n t.. ii... i ir.. .it ..mi i ! i
im; Mal It- Tw Men are lit
niul !: ; Ii of Hit' Law.
il.ai'i'.l l 's.juin- i;rvi.
A good pair of steed gray jeans working
pants made to order for
IVo grades corduroy pants, pair to order.. . $4.00
Suits and Overcoats at
1 almost impossible to send him away so, and tiny were compelled tosay and I
! Without giving him something to eat : lead in the singim: ot a hall i n et i a
j 1 in the question arises in the mind numbers before the enthusiastic crowd :
.Justice lleeves' little court, room was ' ol the giver whet:. er t hev are men seek- tinallv c. .merited to break u and go 1 lA la,!t u't,iM ,s l"' ' ' ''lNk''
. , ., ,, Ti ,. I.... i , . " . , w t i r-oui t caine to an a'.t:ou.-iV-awaitel
crowded to the very walls 1 huisda. mg employment or roving "Willies , h mc. ', .
when the preliminary examination in ; traveling at the people's expense. - c v?e ye.v.erd ay noon. SMiinvhecves.de
the slm'gmg-riot case was called, and I W'e note with interest that in innum- IN THE GIDDY WHIRL. ; i idcii that t.ic evidence agam-i tnre.M.1
the squire actually thought of ren.ov-; 0)ahle instances the rock pile not only! j the deietidunts was i,,c!.m.i!.v iroiii
ing the wall paper to make room for ' ,,r,,Ves a paying m vestment, but has t . . (. , x' S Uy I'fS"
'tlie audience. Inside the railing and . t j.o.-oiighlv dem'nstratel the tact t ha ' .
!nutside,ni the comers, nut in the hall- it reduces the n unher ol calh-rs f.,r citv ... V. " ,. t. " v,v :l,v "
, , Al ... i . 4. iii i he ' . l. :- au organ! .a' i u -i spio c.-cu. i icica-tui..' t wo pi .-.on-
i wav and down the sta'rs the crowd , accommodations to a inaiked degiee. t. 4 '
. ! . .......... .i i , 4. , sweety henes -ten-u-re-i a ncption .VVt wt:e di-cu.i! u d. r ;-ic:; o ,.2o..i
i !!' - i! I rorn j i ; ! ; o a i i n
wellnigh sullocated as they fought l'or : oanniission.-r uierirdends h" work
standing room and a chance to hear a lVi at cvt-ry place whcie this metin d
Traction of the :.esf iuiony being given ,a been given a thoi-ough !es! i;
W ithin the o.tr rail sat the live d-
felidauts who had beu ca ! U;
hiansp !
d at
Thev weie:
ji ivt-n ol great hi i:e!it U) the city
a ioj'tinu it. 'A'e ne in favor f a in. k
pde in I 'P. moat !i and t lie st reel c -:u
i:: i. ;er or mai ha! 1 av.ng ' !:e am !."
ii v (o jiv- ve:y man who applied I'".-a
j:;.;.;'. loi'ging a t.ueakl'.i' t in the mojii
:i". provided !, ow;-. a w i'.!i!;;.:n-ss to
( ,ii ,f i i i::e mail!. er ..ho.- ,t -
'; i!M'd
! If this is a ieasih'e proj.-c! in ci lier
d ,"eA
Th- event w t-;
"e oj ah rav.
t !i in
. .1
1 he liiell '.!l.--h
1 icrg ai.d .! 1
. v i are 1 r. i .
.1 ar: i " ', and ih a
at . : a - .- iii;., ,'.-
i i ,
I ' I
: t,ia-.'c. da-icing and
i' if; h ; 1 1 c
; i', - , t ;
. ' ' I
M . i : .
Ti! Mi'.as
n 'U't'j
. :
M u tia 1 1!-.' and S evens.
d r : u
liS, 1. MII Iv ill
. d c s o in
A Happy
nd Prosperous
j Knighton was assisted by .lud ! I ess
;ti iookmg after the iut:,resis '.' t in
st ate.
Kt'.urn f lite ..i'H'M'.
In accordance uiih the Klegra'u se it
b Marshal Myers 'lhicsd iy al'o i iio -m.
the pohce oiliciais ol Logansport h:;d
arrested t h- w ho'e Jones medicine ci in-r-anv
as s:on as thev landed in that
city irom a 'ar.daiia tr.iu. T.'a-ie
weie ti-ven of them, including ti:- two
iiioutl : and we b.-hrw every tax pa,v'
wi;i. iiis a d'st lu-'t reüicndcuüce of the
frequent call- a their ! ;nk d or .'o.
"ii an.1 o'i's" will be heartily in favor
ln.rill tli.'ii- OMi.-. r-. ;liil iiO-.i
lie Ni i-.ir I ii
Th" vi,a,-!o;is ap irtun nts u Inch coin- j ( ;.,
pose ,Ma-onic h-ol Were cro,ueo io me
M . walls mi New V ais eve. ty a
j light and who weie driven out of town ! ( ious and merry crowd of themem-
by dacox's livery rig, had not gone to i i,t.:s ., jMymouth Kilwinning lodge. A.
' Logansport, but had taken the II. A: (). y y-d j'H'ir hnhi-:- and friend-.
; train from Walkerton to Chicago and j q ;u. mstail itiou of the llicei s elect :' ,' " :
I .... ti.,wl 1.... 1 ..!. , . i . . .. I.I--H' A..P
i ii I i.ius nrji'iin i .n ii.
j 'ldie seven pco.e ai rested were held
, until the arrival of Marshal Myers and
A pr '. ty .' r.
ihje-' Wir- th
i : i -r i d"
XrW . i ' - e , .
.1. 15. i - .
i l : m !:;. ;(! , on; g i . i. '
wis a t 'eh j hi tu; sü; e-s
i .ci ; L ir. ! . i : s.r.:;i ii t s v, e?
e :i t v Wi "( ri !'t
th.- waV:;.:e: of , ,:, i,
c '.'n il i;' ' 'Mi;!', w
a- ih. i'h:. ,i"t !
1 1 was a Mir; ri
id on
ni;4 !
i , ;t.,-
j women. 'I'he other two men, who ha 1
' been m the very iiea 1 au 1 front of the
sey. .1! U J
eer j i;
m i ed a:. 1
o: is of i 1
A nioii'i t
! ti'!i. ( j'.i I"
i a .. enu:ae
f , . ( l h- !). ' I .-.
open to the mvii. 1 (uboc, at r. ivei. .
i. ndtv ceremonies had been set for tin- j .s,,., .....
iasinigntof the year, that the arrival j "i;-. s.-i.im.i.
. . .i i lol'fl.rc Süi. Pi.
of young might he gieetcd with the , . r)ii.,(.,.
sounds d music and mirth and 1 easting ; n.iei u. i. iüti i.
in ti.Len of the arc of promise .hose; M.ister-
.1. C. Oavis, A. II. Zimmerman, v . ; aiih-hk' s,:u mi-
Ihitlcrand T. W. Hi!!, epened the exer-1 s"i"'-
. : iii .: i ' in. I wilt li'iu'i r- '
i i t x iiiii i i i ii i :. i u I I ' i .. . ..... . ,
I " "w l-i I .IIU f V II'
!iu; c
1 his deputy, who took Ihem in charge
Is our mos t sincere wish, and we also beg to j Älu" " u k '" n'1"""""
exnress our srrateful thanks and kindness i wi-u ti- train came mto van-
for the liberal distribution of patronage you I ". n-.; '!"'ZJlt 'M"1 lT,s,.h s'"'"',,1 ';",,i,ti,,,'rv' IU"'""'
. 1 -4.1 4. i and ndeies ed crowd at the depo, to C,M1U, twelve-month 01 the lodge. ' i-m.-s pu 1 s
nave so kindly bestowed, on us in tue past j w ltch thHr amVai. Thepiatronn was nse giee dui., eouM.osed of Messrs i ,.,;,;,..
year. i
Pardon any little failings or delays that
may have inconvenienced you: especially so
do we crave this pardon for the trouble and
annoyance occasioned during the period of
our remodeling and general repairing.
We are incessantly trying to better this
store's service, and with this object in view
we hope to accomplish wonders.
With our extraordinarily light rooms
coupled with many other advantageous
facilities, we will be better able to meet the
constant growing demands of a conservative!
purchasing public.
o!d Year v.i ie
round of plea.s
present were:
a, ,i:,'!i ; ; ' " i
!"..:::) V. :.,
! ; ! !'.
; ,y .'i :.f.i.
.i.-L'lii.' Ii.iv. .
M.( Seia!,..-Cl.T-i
K i.?.t.'.
t in : rii'le I'l-P-i !
M:u I'.mw 11.
1 :e 1 iiil 'it-: t.
Ih. Tarner.
si.i n" I ; kfi'.
('Hirt M.Miis.
I're l l.iiikculica.
M'.'ir Simons,
l ie. I Martin I ne.
iu 1'oit.r.
r.-liie WiicA
Artliar Vi!tf.!iv.
:; 1 .en:iiua.
Ciae le Kis.ei..
1 ' ana
I h ' ! ' i S '
. - !: : t
Ca;.' 1
.a v.";-s ;.i ri
up S ci : '1
. ' r '1 h - i- 1 .
i u I r '. i t ;.:.-
- !.: ', a-.ii:.
c i-- in ua:;.
eil. v s ::''
a Ci-od o:i!y
iir-V !:ar P
: -'pi"-" -
: In. -....( o-il llhi".- '
l'h'-.l r.Ml.'t '.a. ';'!'
ir ri' !
- . i! - ' t - ;'.
y . t- ;. ' ; in.1' w :.
Tiic an : n - audio.. -,
( ac ! 1 '. 1 1 . S I ee , a i
j r.i-' 1 o. h i i s .--ide-. a 1
u: . ! eat : ai'!e C. :U . -
1 1 4. aat a a , a: r.i 1 1 ! , -;
lis' !: ! !,...'oi!gii!y. a -can
i.en it is ;-,-aed
' c.i i rl into ;i in -in : :
' -jo . ait in the 1 all to r!ao -jv ! heir ni:i d.
They guessed il: w 1 . i : 1 1 e pi ''b
; aii'e 1 . suit and mm.:!;, -i up"': t he
co,:i,,sS of t!a- p: i ..;.d hi tweer
'li.l.eS added, ili.e. ilit Iv , h.otches of
.itaik ic'ii'.vn p.'ug i"';aue. ...;; t.. the
'idle evidence :n'i'.; ci . by 1 -
fens" was Pot. very ei . .1. and h - d
: ed lyn iii'lv t, bra 1 ( ihe theory t';;:t
i the vvh'.ie atTuir v;p ben-t and prarf
I ca'iv forced upon IIa; nude i.ieiubers ii'
tl e troupe by ounr iJoi.r. the prosei tit
ingwiliess. ( h oss-exaiaa.a: ia uper
.the side of :heUdcu e -:e clo-e ami
dudge Ilesv ad;ln ts 01 behalf oftl.t
sta'e v;i- a lengthy one, Postered up Vi
legal authority in large lunches. Tin
spt vents of the deteiise covered tat
giound from the beginning : iie ''giit
clear thiougii to the end, ai o t.:P. ni'n
! Idled and the scene lesembie't tlie tri-
uniphant entry of some houortd guest
to whom an ovation was to be ten
dered, j ed musäc. Then followed lhe inspiring A r,.,;,"., u ,.,,..
1 in- 1 1 io. land real I v oleasi:.' c remonies uitlh i:..- Ar.
The trial is still on as we write this. wIiU!i the new otlicers were formally in-1 's c ,lh
Tl.n stufe bus :i ho't of Witnesses. While 1 ,hn. foil mtn their les' eetive stations. I
the defense may call the two women to j 1)r. s. i Luring, d' Uurr Dak, the re- j The ball at the opera house Thursday ; very possible weak point was tal.cn at
test if y for them. The testimony so tiring Worshipful Master, presided as j evening by inenibers of the Plymouth vantage ot.
far has siic.ply gone t bear out the ,,islabing o:ticer,and .lohn N.Wilson as- j dancing club proved one of th most de- H didn't take the cam t v-iyl.mg U
story given in Tuesday evenings In- vd as Marshal. The ceremony was j lightiul evenls of the season. Seven- i up his mind pa regard to Wi
1);:im:mi:nt, and told by young Hohr , ,irt.redeil bv a praver from Kev. W. W ! teen couphs were present, and j eourse !:e should pursii-. his decisis
andthe ltiddies. ! Kaiimnd. " Then the able addiess to j every number which graced the ; was soon arrived at ana t wo 01 t .
A little extra wave of excitement j the'ollicers and men.tieis was followed program was generally enjoyed, j u-n cereal once ilisrnu ; al 11. a
cam about noon when Mrs. Uichlle, j pv a brief intermission during w hieb the j Lxcellent music was rendered by the ; -uso.dy.
wife of the farmer whose house was j tVo lar'-'e iiajis were arranged for the! new orciustra, made up as follow:
broken into by the prisoners while j Irving". f the banquet. ! Don Harris, leader, L-,-t (' .nfcr. Ii. ; 11... it........... 11 1 .-.
after Kohr, fainted away. Theexcite- The nuuv substantial leoast was en- j Thotnou, Leonard Yogeii and Jeorge ; At ih'Urbou Thursday feat : r '.r, r
ment and tlcMiervou.-t strain had been livened by a thoroughly informal llow i I'ogel. ;;ipi'are l before a ju-tn-- ' a..; ';'
too mmdi for her, -oupled with the heat ; 0f wit and i niuoiuptu enj vment i ! lu t't' ( l n e ons i r.
of the ciouded room. Dr. Knott was ' am,,n. the, host of httie tables which1 A party of youm; people from this chief. Attorney Chaii-s
rni O,,;. ovwl Qm-mnov linPG lm.Vft called and successfully applied restora- idled the rooms. ; city enj -d a Weighing tup to Argus 1 resented the procutn n.
-L Jit OJ11I1JA CHI VI UUllluiui .... i.e. t);.rM Ul,,,;!,,,,,,.,.,.,,,,,. Mn.ni is I he Xon-e' fe'!-.-. wh C.I
. j i t 1 1 vi s.
1 1 e r I a
mili'd l'r .:'kh.
v.M.d.ho. r ord-i- was at last se-! Thurstlay night. A similar pai t y e ime ! st rout is the young le!!
cured a'-ain and the least of reason was I from Ifniili and the two met at p res seven dilfeien'
Tabor's, wh re the evening w; eui'iv-'Ut the In iek caape!. , u
bfifm sRlfint.pfl with the greatest possible
rn rp nU;r' -rc onrlommvirKr t.O lTl'OCUre tlie I !t seems tfiat the troupe had arranged 1 usu ,,.,i ,a i,v Masier-t h ct Daniel M'.-
-T j . . n n,w1 o 4- 4-1-,. to go from rou:t)ou to Argos, and just . Donald , who re-pond-d to -Our .,ewly 1 aoly sp.-m. 1 ae I m.ed , cat m- :.t
widest assortment of styies and at tne;,. .,,,,,,,, , .j k,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,..' n-, .u !:, :i..,'!.'.i.-i u- :!- .;r.s.- .u-, 1;,.
lOWCSt PriceS ' COllSisteilo Wltll QUalltieS p,?i4.r rIai.,. to have the opera house ; j,;s mUl u.iva,ice,u ni an I experience in ! Stoddaid t ;d i : -uvder, and M' s
Our Dress Goods, Silk and Trimmings
department will be, as heretofore, the best
in the county.
Again wishing you the season's compli
ments, we are yours always to please.
i heated for them. Alter the light, how- j Imliaua hi auch of t he order, and of Ciiarh-s Wniion., Fiuhh McN;nne
; ever, 'hey foresaw probable t rouble . .Vpi.-onry an 1 it 1 Us aims, fouu hi- j and lleib ' i:l .11.
and quickly 1 hanged their pj in-, go.ug ll0n mul a hud ol it s ceieuionral basis.;
P. S. -This store will bo closed New Years.
Then cut your m ond giowlh While Ash into I oltn ui d h gs and deliv r
fo our laetory. I'oitM cut I); long, ii.cben in dinineler mid up, SHU.O
per rid. l.ogK id ., II i 1 1.) . In I hi e, 1'J 11 ( 1 1 s in ilinn ( Id 11! d Up,
IS pi r thiiiuaiid. Must be tt 1 aight t llnl er til d hie In In kliotH.
Mr. McDonald has been a Mason foi
ellnigh forty years, and is hiirhly land
'iar wiih theleueJs ;in 1 the literature
of the craft.
Henry (i. Thayer, past grand com
tnander of Indiana, spoke of "Masonry
M l'oreign Countries,'' and right well
was the topic handled. Iispecially inter
esting wai hi.s account of the
visit oi himself and Judge Coibin
to the lodge at York, llngland, where
was born Free-Masonry, so many years
Prof. I. Frank Hedd spoke on behalf
)f the "Visiting Friends " and his ad
dtcss was one of (ho most able und fin
ished productions Plymouth has ever
maul upon Mich an occasion. Apt,
iii.Ihi lunik iiimI. timely and thoruughly impregnated
Whenever we read of a cily that rises ; villi the spirit of the occasion, his re
to the necessity of the occasion by pro- uiarkH Veie at once a pleasure to those
vidiiitf some meant of making tlie whom he represented and to (ho wear
tramps that vidt iheir community rrs of the white apron who were ad
uoik.lt creatcsuithiii l sadesue Innige dns-ed.
our citv fathers lo nroide some meaiiH' .Judge Horace Coihhi, tho oldest
of compelling there daily vlitmH to meiuter of the lodge, wan called trt hf
earn their bicakl'iist, al leasl. 'I'heie is jand resiHHided Willi an .lo.itcut trihtili
nol u poor unfortunate, on the road to Masonry and its whole ulnichue. lie
looking for wmk ulm vmild not gladly !s an inleicding sp iker and Iii. ears
bieak lock an hour In themoiniug loijin the woi k have except ion. illy ipi.ililied
instead to Logansjiort.
Ilou I liev ( Il 1-01 lie.
" It is not strange," said a gentleman
at Kuhn's clothing store Tuesday even
ing, "how so many mystei ions tins are
Incendiarism is not so raiupaid as
we are naturally led to believe by the
frequent allegations of newspaper and
other reports. There are many reasons
other than incendiarism fur neaily all
lircs of which the direct cause, is not
known. The little brown-headed parlor
match is a lite liend prolific of more
destruction than could easily be told if
A social was given Wednesday even
ing at the. home ollbad Sout h uoj i h.
in honor of Miss Myitle Metner.
's . -
A party of fourteen young people,
under the reins of Tabe How, indulged
in a sleighing paity on the good old
fashioned hol sled order, last evciiin".
A jolly time is reported by the members
ol l ie croud.
Sil.l 1y .Min WllUnl.
It Is not so much what comes to you
na what you conn; to, that determines
whether you nro a winner In the great
raco of life. Never forget that the only
IndcRtructlhlo material In destiny's
fierce crucible I- character, sny this, not
to nnothi r say It to yourself; utter it
early, ntul repeat It often. Fall me not,
thou Fi omen i:. Wllhml.
o! l "irn. u. 1 he h -sah
ti e !:!;.!!. an I i' i
his i ! O." U.i' some d i: '
fun. Th v harm '-s w 1 ;
iroye i. tin! the ouau
pel bal t l e1 it'll ln'lil"
their bu ;';ies at '.he f aiiü
M rout's tl iai w as po-; :
Mo idav.
1 1
' !
II. ri"
"U It I Its l t ?
So 11 vo with men um considering al
ways that Coil iren thee; ro pray to
(Üod ns If every man heard theo. Do
nothing which thou wouhlst not havo
Uod see done. D.vdre nothing wlilcli may
either vron: thy prufeniden to imk r
(lod'a honor to raut.-Uhliop lien-phaw.
1(1 iiliii.oi :i l .."' l..i
If siiltscribeis to the Si mp V, i.s'M.
1 MU l' I :muni w ill lead ib columns at
ithe rate often a day foriiy week.
d ay continuously for one eai l to y uil
have still to read at the end of th.iv
tune something over four huudict!
columns before all the matter cont amci!
in the 10! numbers issmd will
been exhausted. And this Pm only
cash. The Sr.Mi-Wnr.KtA 1mm 11 ni
i:nt Is the cheapest thing in Marshall
I lie New l'.ir.
The night preceding the dtwu 'iw;
new ear was the perfection ot Die
ideal. The mow -mantled r uth lay in
a glitler of silvery niooulihl and thr
circumambient air was i ip uid cold
ami clear. Winter unilcd jriaciourdy.
The waning moon, yet (bice (juaitei
full, hung, idlctit and ulvn, in the.
heavens at tucho and, almod at her
yentth, gloved triumphant oer th
bnth of a IS'.'.
' 1

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