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Vol. II.
Pants! Pants! Pants!
A good pair of steel gray jeans working
pants made to order for
Two grades corduroy pants, pair to order,. . $4.00
Suits and Overcoats at living
A Preinventory
a ling
We take stock in a few weeks, the cloth
ing stock must be moved to make room for the
large, new and nobby line that will soon arrive.
In order to facilitate the quick movement
of this stock we will give a straight cut of
per cent.
This is no buncombe. Will give an illus
lustration: A suit is shown you that is marked
$11.50. Taking "M) per cent, oft' will make a
discount amounting to $145, which will make
the price of the suit 8.05. Every piece of cloth
ing throughout the entire store is marked in
plain figures, so that you yourself can take a
pencil and figure the price of the suit. This,
however does not pertain to suits alone, but to
everything called clothing.
Those who have as yet not made their
necessary purchases, now is your opportunity to
buy a Suit, Overcoat or Pants at less than you
ever before purchased.
This sale closes January 'U, 189(5.
min; f'YfM V H(UV j will be m charge at New York. II is
Ulli l, IL lili MKM. also annnum.e(l that Uie .;vlmullh
Cycling: Manufacturing Co., will in a
short tunc open elegant quarters in i
Chicago mi the corner of State and '
Monroe streets, where a large stock will
be pi uvd for loth t he wholesale ami re
tail trade.
In passing from themain exhibition
building to the left into the annex, the
: second space utilized by exnibitors was
o,.er.he ;i;ust .,.,. 1 1 Kiii.l'thatof the Indiana Novelty works.
i:vcr S.-.I1 in ci,i:,u-so.m- Tiling ! Ueing simply a rim to exhibit no elab
orate disp'ay could be made. Put it se
it was Brought to a Successful End
Saturday Night.
of Interest to Plymouth People.
I cured its share of visitors, and immer
; ous orders lor the only perfect wooden
. i rim will no doubt be their future gain.
The annual exhibit oi bicycles and j This llepartInent was in charge of
almost every conceivable thing t1' i Messfs. (Jeo. n. Thayer, .Jr. and Geo.
pertains to cycliie, ended in a blae of; Marbe? for assistants Mr,
glory, Saturday night. 1 his exhibition ; (. n .. d
has been tlie t pic ot conversation by i
everyone who is interested in cycling and j caustic itm True.
especially with those who were enabled j The l'exas Harpoon, is the name of a
to attend this great show, will there ! iaier published in the'Lone Star" state I
linger in memory the
Plymouth the Seat of a Noted Ex
neees. Now Most I'rohuhle. Mean
a Cur." for Consumption Metli
eiue Tlic- Test Pativnt.
i f i prv v in l i mi mi :i
iTrnof ilidi.luv ! nv l.Mil.t t-'i- n f oni It ! . c ? .u-i L- in if
j Was la,- i Her...
! It will long be reitieinU red bv thos-.
I wh. attended ti e exhibition at the Tat
j tersaüs In Chicago. Friday night last, a?:
i one of an enormous jam and very little,
j roi'in to niuve aroiiiid in. On the east.
I side where the entrance into th- anue.
J was located, in a small triangler spae.?.
! was the exhibit of the New Yrk and
IJoston Pubber Company, and under
the supervision .i Mr. K.igere Welch,
of this ci'.v. During the ijenii.s; the
J air became so heavy and t!.- crowd a
; this entran-e so jammed, that a young
j lady in an attempt to get ont of thok
It will not be very much longer be- j vice like pi essure fainted away,
fore the eys of a big number of medical j The cry for assistance seemed to
practitioners in this country and in other I cause a panic, and instead of pressing
countries will be tnrnei upon the map back, the mass of struggling humanity
pressed closer around the onbutunate
until others were in the same peear
ions condition.- Mr. Welch grasped the
situation, and by heroic etfrts removed
trie fainting women from The thorough
ly uucontrulable crowd. Ten feet above.
of Indiana in a search for the location
of the city named Plymouth.
This place is at the present time the
j seat of an experiment which has only
one duplicate in the world, which shows
marked success,
made by the different firms repre
sented in the great Tattersalls building
at Chicago, in the mouth of January
its little piece out in meet in". In a re
cent issue it broke fouith in the follow
ing language in commenting on the man
i who does not take a home pap?r. While
and which in such an event means a j was a closed window: and in a moment
revelation of extreme importance to the. , an iron pump that lay close to hand
medical profession of the world not ! was dashed through it admiting fresh
more than to "the laymen. Tor the! air A ladder was secured ami the
Plymouth, like every other tow n in-j we are aware that kind of nu n do not
terested in cycling, sent a good y num-' live in this part of the eountr, yet we
ber of visitors, and also a number who i produce it so they can see what other
never have screwed their courage up ' piaces have to contend with. He sayö:
to the point to ride a wheel also paitici- j When you ask a man to subscribe for
pated in tluing lienor to the popular ; your paper and he says' H)h 1 never
pastime. Hut it was not this alone j read much; and besides times are 'oo
that brought out so many. Tha citizens j plaguey tight," apologize formakingthis
of 1'lvmouth were in' eres ed in the mistake and leave him. Life isto short
principle sought to be established isjht'phs-; women were so
none less than the permanent aid
speedy cute of consumption, heretofore
considered always hopeless.
Dr. Cyrus Kdson, of New York City,
j thioug'h t lie apeaiur-1 t ti.e utside.
The next morning the ity papers do
voted considerable space narating tho
occurrance, and madt? Mr. W elch uiUs
Then cut your second growth White Ash into bolts and logs and deliver
to our factory. Jmita cut 4 long, inches in diameter and up, ?ß.r0
per cord. Logs cut 5.. 11 or We.; leet long, 12 inches in diameter and up,
JM8 per thousand. Must be straight timber and free from knots.
Smalley wheel, a home made machine,!
and the product of the Plymouth
Cycie Manufacturing Co.
It was a pleasure long tn be remem
bered, when in company with thousands
of people we entered the enormous
buildim; on the corner of Dearborn and
HUli streets. The lirst impression upon
entering this sTractur was the similar
ity both in design and decorations to
that of the Manufacturers building at
the World's Pair.
The first feature of the display that
struck us forcibly, was the almost
countless numbers of different makes of
wheels on exhibition; and yet we were
informed oer thirty would-be exhib- j
itors were unable to secure space in
this monster building with its large two
story annex.
Our lirst thought was to try to find
the locationof our home exhibit, but we
felt as though a difficult task was before
us. We had proceeded but a short
distance, when, t brought the maze of
bicycle. acc'Utienients and colored
bunting, we discovered a large electric
sign Ilashmg out the significant words
"Superb Smalley." We immediately
j made our way to the place and were
j met by Mr. M. W. iinons, who iniro
! duccd us to his large stall of assistants,
ami between the rush oi" admirers ask
j ing for information regarding that ideal
j wheel the "Pearl Queen," discovered a
! few points regarding the great exhibit -!
ion. Those who were in charge uf the
j Plymouth exhibit were Messrs. W.
t c... ill..tr li-n.iölc U W W Collier
.M1iim J lyuuit ip 'r ... . s....v.,
Marion Ib'ack and Will C. Dowdy.
These gentlemen were kept busy show
ing up the good points of the Smalley
wheel, which are numerous, and the
continual expressions of satisfaction
h?aid regarding the bicycles presented
there for inspection, left no doubt as to
the favorable impressions made. .Es
pecially was this more noticable regard
ing the w heel spoken of previously, he
"Pearl (ucen," and we learned tnat a
large number of orders were entered
for wheels of the same design.
The electric display, which had taken
days of patient labor to complete, was
remarkable and one of the linest of
the exhibitions The fac simile of the
name on the bar, in red and white
electric lights, was jne of the designs
while two large signs spoken of before
added to the Smalley wheel a luster
that will not soon be dimmed by its
host of competitors. In the way of
souvenirs, "The Smalley" button seem
ed to predominate, while beautifully
illustrated catalogues and alluminum
finished metal added their silent un
impeachable evidence of the excellent
satisfaction given by the "Smalley."
On Friday evening the Smalley
Cycling Club, composed of loO memoirs
w ho by the way are members of the
Associated Cycling Club, visited the
representatives of the fSmalley exhibit
and bad a rousing time, attracting a
iTi-o.it. crowd of admirers. It would be
impossible to give the many little inci
dents that occurred which would be ot
interest to our readers. Hut in speak
ing of this, one of Plymouth's greatest
manufacturing enterprises, enough
cannot be said in way of praise.
It is expected to take the same exhibit
to New York City to be placed on ex
hibition there at the Cycling show which
will in a short time be inaugurated.
Mr. and Mrs. M. W.Simons will attend
this event. It is also expect that Messrs
to waste in trying to teach a jackass to
sing soprano. All g- ntlemen nowadays
read newspapers and lots of them.
Show us a man who lives for years in a
town or country and never subscribes
for the papers published there, and we'll
show you a man whose head is shaped
like a piece of pie, with the point up,
and whose ignorance is exceeded only by
his gigantic gall. A couu'ry newspaper
is an institution that works day and
night for eery decent man in the com
munity. Therefore every decent man
in the community is in honor bound to j
assist in its support. The trouble is
ii ..I i i !.,.
tnatsomesweiineaugaioois laucj ea by Drs. Horton and Aspniall under
are making me eauors a piesem neu h lai amj detjllled instructions of
Dr. Kdson. Both cases have been
ex-commissioner of public health, is one j a hero. Saturday it was v i y noticable
of the most noted scientists and j that a great number of the latly visitors
medical authors of today. For several j loitered around this particular corner.
years he has been engaged in a study ot I and A an ire to rnlate the greater por-
t tie one disease which his professional tion were clad in bloomers.
brothers have pronounced incurable.
The result of his labors was the dis
covery of a new compound, essentially
simple in its bases, which he has named
"Asepsin." It is this which he claims a
veritable elixir of life.
It is the test of this remedy which is
now being made. Two cases of pure
consumption are under the treatment,
both exactly the same, and both well
along in the stages of the disease. One
of the cases is in the private laboratory
of Dr. Kdson in New York, conducted
personally by the inventor: the second
case is in the Plvmonth Institute, treat-
thev take his pa er. Wea.ways hold,
however, the profoundest sympathy for
tiie man who lives in a country a
numbers of years and never subscribes
and never pays for his paper. If that
poor fellow were to encounter an idea
in a lane he would turn and fly the
other way, with the tail of his garment
beating the atmosphere. Don't waste
much time on such cattle. One of them
has not enough good common sense to
keep warm in hides.
secretly conducted because of the desire
of Dr. Kdson to preserve his secret un
til every vestige of doubt concerning its
nowers and possibilities has been i
changed into a certainty.
The I mTkpkn l'K.vr rep iter a few
days ago called at the Plymouth lnsti-
. ii I :l i tor's I. i.e.
One of the beauties and charms of aa
editor's life is his dead-reading it on
all occassions. No one who has ever
tasted of the sweets ! that büss can
begin to take in its glory and its happi
ness. He does s'Ji hi worth of advertis
ing for a railroad, gets a pass for a year,
rides s2ö worth, ami then he is looked
upon as a dead beat. He ' putts" a con
ceit troupe S10 worth and gets 61 in
"complimentaries" and is thus passed
"free." If the hall is crowded he is be
grudged the room he occupies, for ii
his complimentaries were paying tick
ets the troupe would be so much in
pocket. He blows and pulls a church
festival free, to any desh-d extent, and
does the poster printing at half rates,
and rarely irets a "thank ji'u" for it
It goes as part his duty a& an ediior.
He does more work gra'u:tous!y for the
town and community than all the rest
of the population put togiJher and gets.
The Tt-ri- Haute HiifcK'er.
No doubt there are many young ladies j
and name older ones in Plymouth and
elsewhere who are perfectly reconciled
to the practice of hugging and who in
fact would prefer being hugged to not
being hugged. Put down m Terre
Haute it is different. Kven the remote
prospect of being hugged has terrorized
the store and factory girls of that city
and thrown them into a state bordering
on panic. When they are compelled to
be on the streets in the evening they are
in mortal fear of being hugged and so
great is this fear that the matter is
discussed only when the girls are to
getfcer in numbers and then with proper
reservations and becoming modesty.
All this is because Terre Haute has a
hugger, a mysterious somebody w'o
disregaids the conventionalities of
every day life and revtls in the stolen
sweets of contraband hugs. The matter
has been taken into court. The suspect
has not so far been convicted. No re
lief to the strained nerves of feminine
Perre Haute has therefore been ex
t.rreit (loads Men.
There is hardly a comunity but some
'A..? 4.. ..i M.n.v
onerecieves an invitation io nun
some of their good money to secure a
large amount of "green goods"' to dope
their fellow mortals with. The great
trouble is, there is always some one in
every neighborhood who is self conceited
enongh to undertake the little scheme.
The inducements offered are of the most
roseate character and often cause the
guileless suckers to pack up their little
grips, stow a good-sized roll into their
inside pocket and speed away to what
they imagin is a sure read to sudden
wealth. They know better when they
return. The imagination is knocked
higher than a kite and as they lie awake
at night chewing the bitter cud of re
pentance they realize how woefully
they were worked.
The rorlrstlts.
Those who are to receive p utraits on
account of subscription orders to the
Independent and who have not yet
handed in their small pictures must do
so at once as the portrait oiler will soon
expire aud the business pertaining to it
will be elosed.
. .. X 1 . I I
tute and, with Dr. iiorim, saw me man t.uj.seti j-,,,- xv:,i!,- m many m
who has the honor of being one-half ! stances a man who donates a few dol
Dr. Kdson's primary experiment. Again j lurs (t a j.',mrtii of duly, base ball club
on yesterday, in coii.pauy with Dr. X. J ur a c' j is gratefully remember d.
P. Aspinall, the Institutes capable ! () it is a swtt.t t;.jng to ,e an editor.
physician in charge, and under his di
rection, the writer was given an oppor
tunity to make a passing thorough ex
animation of the patient and his con
dit ion of progress.
The patient is William Hogarth, Ply
mouth, .T, painter, unmarried, " feet I
inches in height, I Hi pounds weight; so
says the big record book in the front
room of the odice. The treatment was
begun Dec. 21, although he had pre
viously been cured of the morphine
habit there. The record says that be
had taken morphine internally for or
7 years, about 8 grains a day; us.-d
alcoholic stimulants for only few
months. Treatment for morphine stop
ped Dec. 1.
The brief renort of the medical
side of the cas.- given me by Dr. Aspin
all is as follows: " Physical diagnosis
Hepetization of left lung, involving all
three lobes, result of previous pneu
monities, bronchitis right bronchi, sibi
lant rates nlainlv audible: unmistakable
i .
bacillus in expectoration, and complete
train ot symptoms readily recognized.
The treatment had reached 13 days of
the intended -8 when the patient was
seen by the reporter yesterday. He was
wonderfully improved, has gained seven
pounds in wiight, pulse rate lowered
from 105 to 02, temperature from 101 J2
to W. lie eats and sleeps well, and is
getting the color of health back into his
face. The prognosis is decidedly favor
ble and the prospects for his complete
recovery are most excellent.
The importance of these tests can
hardly be over-estimated. This report
is about :10 days in advance ot Dr
Kdson's own articlV in the Medical
llecord, and the Independent readers
thus have positively the lirst account
which has ever appeared in print.
Asepsin is a colorless liquid, and is
claimed to cure also malaria, brights
disease. It is prepared from nascent
phenic acid, which is derived from
phenol. It is injected Into tho walls ot
the abdomen or the muscles of the
It is expected that the patieht Hogai th
will bo discharged in about 10 days
he passes
tree" you know! Texas Sift-
New OHicer Take Uuhl.
The Sons of Veterans installed their
oHicers-eiect Friday evening with suit
able ceremony. Past Captain Howard
Kelly was installing officer, and con
ducted the seating of the new officers..
The new commander, Captain .Joe M
Plack, will be assisted by the following
staff. Chaplain, Lee M. Kendall; First
Sergeant, J. S. (last; Quartermaster Ser
geant, lt. II. Henneet; Sergeant ot the
Guard, Hurt Hushman; Color Sergeint,
Harry Meade: Corporal of the Guard
Win. Schroder; Principle Musician r
Kvert Fields; Camp Guard Thomas
Another l.aniet.
Invitations are out for another ban
quet to be given next Tuesday nignt
by Plymouth Tent No. -7 Knights
the Maccabees. The occassion will 1
that of the installation of the newly
elected otlicers of that lodge, speeches,
by eminent visiting knights will be m
tersperced by vocal and instrument"
music with ail the settings and accom
paniment of the most pleasurable to
cial occasion and there is no doubt thai
the gallant knights and their ladies wit t
fully sustain their reputation charm
ing entertainers.
Three llih Kol! is.
.John K. Kvans, of Decatur, diett
about twenty years ago and left Ihre
infant sons. He left ten thousaiw
dollars to each one, which, w ith inter
est, was to be given them when tlu
were twenty-one years old. The nlde
son squandered his in six weeks, David
did the same aud Samuel, the younges .
who received bis share three week
ago, spent it all and has been arreste
Keeelel laioas.
It is currently reported that Klla Mc
Masters who recently sued the town o
Walkerton for damages, arising fron
injuries received by a defective sid
walk,rcceived S1M.00, ami Du re issom
talk of instituting proceeding toreeovc
sutlicent to pay the aJditional expens
for medical treatment.

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