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No. 21.
Vol. II.
Pants! Pants! Pants!
A good pair of steel gray jeans voi
pants made to order for
Two grades eorduroy pants, pair to order.. . $4.00
Suits and Overcoats at
J-OliG El) A NAME.
Hie Man Who a hort Time asu ( Mit-!-plated
Maillot au trj;:iii Kuilorj
III l'lviiiuutli.
Those Who Fail to Attend Our
Wo are positively nntkiV.r the greatest offers in
Men s, 1 ouths and Children s Clothing, Overcoats and
rants evei before known in Marshall County.
We say the greatest and most truly genuine bar
gains ever before offered, sum why.-'
Beeause we jfive a clean, straight discount of
per cent.
which is more than any other house has done or ever
dared to do.
All Clothing is marked in bold, plain figures be
fore. they are placed on the shelves, which, by the way,
is the only legitimate, honest method that can be pur
sued proving at once that the customers' judgment is
taken into consideration as well as our own.
Furthermore it establishes a mutual confidence
between the buyer and seller.
The lines are yet unbroken, assortments complete
in every respect, in all grades and styles.
$10.00 buys the best Clay Worsted Melton or Scotch made.
7.00 buys an excellent all wool Clay Worsted.
'.." buys a strictly all-w Mil line Cassimere or Chßviot.
.V.C buys a tine all-wool Cassimere, which in style, (it and workmanship
will equal any .?!:!.( jo suit.
$7.oj buys a line Clay Worsted, stylish made, quality guaranteed, work-
Tor several days past rumors have
been tloatirg around that Mr. Wiiber S.
Hill, who has been conducting an organ
factory in Warsaw, had forged the
name of a former employe. The facts,
as near as we can learn, were about as
A man by the name of Davis was
in this man Hill's employ at Warsaw.
He was indebted to Davis and could j living at the home
nut. i.roduce the amount, so sold him ! brothers-in la vv Sullivan.
material to construct a piano with.
When 1 1 ill came to Plymouth for the
purpose of starting an organ factory,
he wrote to Davis to come here to work
for him. Davis shipped his tools and
the material pertaining to the instri
ment he was building to Plymouth.
When it had arrived here, Hill went to
the Pennsylvania depot ind, signing
Davis name, secured not only tue in
strument, but the private tools of this
7 I
man Davis. It is said that he now has
the Stull hid away some where on the
other side, of the river, and Davis is
r:i!.;UiS his tools, etc.
It will be mntiiibifcd that o.i:'.
weeks UgO Hill was talking 1,1
establishing an organ factory Jure, ami
several of our business men became in
terested in the matter. Hecent develop
ment go to prove that he is not wholly
responsible foi his assertions, äs his con
versation at times indicates with
out doubt that he is "a little, ilightly."
It is but a few days since he
brought suit against a lady in Plymouth
claiming that she had promised to buy
an organ of him, and then refuted to
his vagaries, the general opinion ste,ns ! I J A I )S ( ) I F( ' F F i steaill5v increasing, the ei.ect will be
to be that he is an unsafe person to A 4 , decidedly appearent in the next gener-
remain at hrge. Notwithstanding his iation of mankind. The cigarette is a
religious lmacy he is said to have been j THE AMERICAN BUILDING AND j form of slow poison, which, while it
ouite infinite with a woman of the! LOAN. mav not result in death must neces-
neighborhood and to have been out j -
with her oj several occasions until three . ,..,..... ... ,t-,.t4. v.. tu nu
or four o'clock in the morning. His of a ,:,.e,r A Nliml,,,. of durin-wann weither, il üies are shut
inclination hive taken such a turn V...i.- 11. .1.1 j up in a cigarette case, they will die in
that half the women of the neigfibor- : live minutes. The atmosphere will poi
-oütl.eni. Cm the other, hand 1 hac
nlaeed ii:es in a cigar ease, .jut out of
j sarily leave injurious elici ts upon the
! human svsteni. I have no' iced that
hood are :errorized and will not remain
at home alone under any condition
through 'ear of Canaan
l'ridav an account
m 1
curiositv to n te the difference, ami
The P.iv. Hittenhouse has again taken ! 'bieago Chronicle 'ol:ug the ; Uity sllw. ,((? lhe v.Mest evidence of
1 ieuiHILr lioiii i;us!liet, ui llif .1 inn 1- .1 v... ... t ,
1 can Saving and Loan
1 Plymouth alone over
Ass u-ial ii -n.
twentv of
cf the protracted meetings 1:1
pro .revs at Fairview, Piea.mer Faulk
ner having retired in his favor. Canaan
i 1 . . . , . , .
still atunds the meetings and although cuiens nae si, aus m xu mmuuhmi, j
ho dr. s not hr,-:ik the seats as formerlv i ami t,ie remarks heard on Jail s:des do ; , n..
he do -snot show any improvement in j n,,t favorably impress thnte who are . i.lti n..-v.-;.
mer.lal status. It is said that he is now ,nmt,1,ll"Jl' rmrilI' imij:m,":'"1"
1 . . . i" 1 . 1 . . . . .
of one of his. I 'iai companies. iiint ui oui peojue
1 who are interested in the settlement of
1 this association, have received notices
SOLDIERS' AMUSEMENT. 1 to the effect that W. D. Hale, of Minne -
- j apolis has been appointed receiver, and
toij. 1: .1 .mr;i.ie. 1 1 1 nt 1 iii i hü a i 'at- ; they are requested to forward their pass
11 re ol Army Life. Told I the j books SO that they n be bail lllCed
Lau- .lames iiim ii. j with the books of the association, after
d. vi!,i iiv a viin-vivnr of the In-! which thev will he returned to them
k l 1 1 1 'i ' j " - - - - ---- 1
t.rc ic rr:i.iie:i'lv i 1 1 us- and a so ad( s --' A Hit mav he used uy
4 i t 'i 1 1
trative of one td the creepy horrors d"
war. The late .lames llurcli, whose
funeral occurred in West township Fri
day,.Ian. lT.at 11 o'clock, is said to have
always been the life of his camp, lie
was endowed with a super-abnndant
energy and had a turn for humor, some
times wet and sometimes dry, but very
ofteii; as the liumors of war are apt to
ne. Somewhat grim. Veteiali TJilieh
was not one to object to the grateful,
stimulating effect of Virginia moun-
iaiii oeV and while encamped on
Cheat mountain hit upon ttrl f.rJinul
and strikingly unique plan of procur
ing the essence oi moonsl'dne in quan
tities. One of his comrades tells the
story this way:
"Uurch had been scraping a clap
board for two or thiee days. Every
where, he went he had the clapboard.
vou as a basis to tile your chum against
the association,"
This association, we understand, has
been receiving money on shares trom
Plymouth since Dec. 20 Instand a large
number have carried their shares for
months. There are those who are so
unfortunate as to have deposited over
.sr,ou with this concern.
Wihle the probabiütes are that sume
of the money will be received, the loss
tin,.. ;.. ''titration and other
M fllltJV
" r.rMvnHn? circumstances, will iH
. -rr " '
..ii ..t-.a.iliilit n-s cut the r.rliirinai
Uli III 'JUUtJ - - i - - - - l
to I
Ti;e ;iew ilirectors of t.'e llusmess
Men's AS"ciatlon me ITaiay night and
elected oti;-t-rs for the enduing year as
f iliows :
j . L. 1 :cki:;son. i ies;;e::T.
". L. Morris, li t vice president.
Tlieoilore Cress!. er. -o ;-e president.
( h F. Ketcliain. secret, u .
L. Tanner. t:e isur r.
Jose ph WP.ie,!. ".-.-, :.ding sec-
retar .
The following resort ;o;. wa- ojiered
and unanimously endorstd:
"Mesolved, that t hi- U.ard hereby ex
presses its high appreciation of the
services of Mr. C. T. Mattingly anl Mr.
(. F. Ketchau: av piesid!.! and secre
tary of tni.- association for the past
three years. In this perm I they have
given a large amount of aiuable time
to the business of the associathui: they
have promptly and faithfully met every
cid) upon their attention, ami hymen
i I i , . . j,..rfV f tw-
W se cCUbsei anu iiu.i: ""'s;
have in
-mall degu'e insured tue
a small margin. We bavenotlcarnedthe . tur( i ,AU. ;l.HcUii"!. advanced
cause of the failure, but ilis supposed j Jj ,..,,.0,. K.t ; fn:r clTy.::
to be from misman tgemen;, and some; ' v..t. T(1 1;,,,! from the
1 Iii -
. .1 I" ... A io.,(. I
believe tne purloining 01 juo-i.
loinmlttcd (O Pviu0lsriu
ward he was arrested for assault by the
same lady, pleading guilty and paying
the line imposed upon him.
Like all other affairs, there is two
sides to every question, and of course
this one is not an exception. Hill says:
This man iMvis was arrested in War
saw, and not being able to pay his line,
he (Hill) stood good tor the amount
and eventually paid it. Also while he
does not deny owing Davis, he says
the latter has a watch belonging to him
which he is holding as security, thus
the reason for gaining possession of
Davis' tools.
au.ucuj im, - ...... .( ,(, U wit, b,t ()f bl'oketj i.loloi . Ibll. WameU lor I cr i.il ion
came up nu iiiai. iiv nisimsoiu u i'j ' . . ,
mg the costs. Hut a short time alter ;':-,a ",ui: 5 suriace Wu.
remarkable smoothness, then he pol
ished it until it was as sleek as a shoe
maker's lignum vit;e buffer. When
this was done he invited thebovsto
4..V buys a heavy, strictly all-wool Cassimere.
'Z; buys a good wearing knock about suit.
JJ4.20 buys an Imported English Novelty, nobby, neat and stylish.
'.V1 buys 'in all-wool Cassimere, not to be had elsewhere for 34.00.
1.40 buys a good Cassimere, durable and substantial.
70c buys a Suit.
The Overcoat stock is yet very complete, assortments large, varieties good,
all quantities, all sizes. Come in and look through, gladly show you.
Prices are spot jash; sab will close January 31, 18W,
rD s
A cr 1 tv 1
. Then cut your second growth White Ash into bolts and logs and deliver
to our lactory. ltoita cut i long, inches in diameter and up, SCDO
per cord. Logs cut 5, 11 or feet long, 12 inches in diameter and up,
18 per thousand. Must be straight timber and free from knots.
The Krport I'liat .1. W. ICoull a Im
)tliiitel in I lie Shooting of liNi,
I Htrue.
The lMuii'KNini.NT is always ready
to remove suspicion from any individ
ual who is accused of a crime, be he
ever so deserving ot punishment lor
other devilment.
It has been currently reported that a
well founded suspicion was being run
to the earth, which would in all proba
bility be fastened upon W. Howell,
at this time incarcerated in the county
jail for being implicated in tho terrible
beating of an old man at Donaldson
some weeks ago. These clues, if sus
tainded, owing to the undesirable record
established by Howell, of late, would
have no doubt, though purely circum
stantial, have convicted him before any
A brother of the prisoner has pro
duced the following sent by the accused,
which if verified, will remove from J.
W. Howell any suspicion that has been
left against him as being one of the
dastardly cowards that attempted to
murder John Miller. In substance it is
as follows: He stayed Monday night,
Jan. 13th, at the home of Arthur Kilgore,
near Tyner City. On Tuesday night
the 14th, at Chas.Forsythe's.at In wood.
On Wednesday night the 15th, he stop
ped at the the South Henri house with
Wm. Ueech, and Thursday night he
says, he, in company with another fellow
named Leonard Ueech, took a special
room in the barn of Jimmie Oliver. He
further states that the truth ot these
assertions may be verified by apply
ing to the above named parties. Thus,
if these statements can be proven
true, one of the dangers hanging over
Howell's head is removed.
Ilie Neighborhood Terrorized.
A special to the Inpkpkndent says
that Lewis Canaan has laid aside his
sacrificial block and axes to the great
relief of church goers to Fairview, north
of Bourbon. He has not quit acting
queerly, however, and while a number
of people, including preacher Faulkner,
strange as it may seem, uphold him in
his pole shanty when- he promised them
some fun.
Hurch produced the polished clip-
uoaiuanu, wnat was very common to i
the brave boys in blue, a louse. The
louse was in exc llent fighting trim and
when Hurch set him on the smooth
surface of the clapboard he looked
formidable indeed and was received
with applause. 'Two to one, my louse
can lick any one in the crowd,' said
Hurch. Tho banter was returned
and another beliggerent parasite
was set beside the challenger.
They fought. Hound after round they
fought. Hurc i won. Other insects were
dropped into the arena. Hurch won
again and again. He kept the clap
board on an incline with his favorite on
the upper side but "every thing went"
with the boys ami the clapboard prize
lighting ring kept the camp in an up
roar until after midnight."
. NehtMr .Man Formerly of the Wa
hash Time Humps up Against a
We wonder if the ordinary, every day
sort of people ever noticed what honest
rejoicing is exhibited by the newspapei
fraternity, when some one who has trod
den the pathway of journalism, has
through some unexplainable freak of
fortune, came into possession of enough
money to buy more than one suit of
clothes at a setting.
Wo are pleased to record the an
nouncement made by a large number
of our exchanges that Harry M. Pindell,
a former editor of the Wabash Times, is
said to have become heir to a half mil
lion of money. The surplus came
through the death of a Mrs. II. C. Noble,
of Columbus, Ohio. Our informant
does not state whether the lady was a
relative or not, but there is not much
doubt that such is the case, for there is
to our knowledge but one newspaper
man on earth who ever received an al
lowance exceeding over $1.00 a week by
the will of a departed; and in this case
referred to, the court produced a
great array of evidence showing con
clusively that the deceased was Irre
sponsible for his actions.
John W. Howell and Heu. Wolf ,u
been wanted very badly of late for the
almost killing of an old man at Don
ahlson by the name of Litchfield
Since the shooting of Miller, a hot trail
has been followed closely, which, m
all probabilities, implicates him in the
shooting of Miller. For some days just
extra efforts have been made to locate
Howell, and it was learned a few days
ago that he was in South Hend.
Investigation of the report proved
that Howell was in South Hend, and
upon watching at the postotlice, he was
discovered getting his mail under the
name of Howard. Oilicer Klingerleft
for South Hend Saturday and returned
that afternoon with Howell, who
will be placed on trial here.
While reports tly thick and fast re
garding his being implicated in the
shooting affair at the depot, sullicient
evidence has been secured that proves
he was in that locality that evening
and went to bed at the Franklin House.
At the preliminary trial in Justice
Heeve's court Saturday he waived
examination, being bound over to court
under s.'H) bonds.
Indiana -täte Hoard f. ommerce
members of standing cmniHtees were
appointed as follows:
H. i. Thayer. "Organization
Membership. '
.1 lines A. ii:s:s"i'. "M1-' -l'u
j i; T. M .''o.-iy. "Agr
Mm . ii.r-p.
Routine .,. ""'.
and nu-etimr al ' ui ..
.i!t oral and
, completed
A New Firm.
A partnership was entered into today
between Mr. Yost of the cigar factory
here, and Mr. L. fcf. Vanguilrier, of Argos
Mr. Vanguilder will tako entire charge
of the shop, while Mr. Yost will attend
to the outside work. The popularity of
the brands of cigars manufactured Ly
this firm will no doubt give it deserving
Election of Olt'u-eiM.
The odicers and members of the
Local Hoard of the Fraternal Huildmg
and Loan Association of Indianapolis
met Friday night and organized. The
following are the otlicers elected:
President Louis McDonald.
Vice president D. Frank Hedd.
Secretary tleo. K. Paul.
Treasurer Fred IL Kuhn.
Hoard of Appraisers James II.
Hrink, John C. Hallagher, Daniel S.
Hoard of Directors Thomas Tribbey,
Fred II. Kuhn, John C. Gallagher.
The association is said to be in an
excellent condition, almost doubling its
business in the past six months. Far
ties wanting loans or investments, call
on (L II. Paul, local secretary.
The Deadly Cigarette
In all the good advice given to the
users of the subtile cigarette were em
braced in one endless strip of paper,
there is no doubt it would moreth3n en
compass the state of Indiana. Yet the
boys of our city as well as those of other
cities continue to smoke the attractive
roll. A Philadelpha dealer is responsi
ble for the following:
"The meanest thing in the shape of
tobacco is cigarettes. I suppose 1 have
sold millions of cigarettes. I often
wonder wheather niy'doing so will be
placed against my credit in the next
world. It is the one part of my busi
ness that I positively loathe. I really
think that at the rate cigarettes are
now being consumed, and the rate is
It has bee 'tue a sorry -mi i ' into
which a large number i our laigecities
have been placed by lh .r Interpre
tern of the law regarding the viola
tion of the abjath day. In Xew
York city recently, a little girl
was arrested for selling i'owtrs on Sun
day. The redeeming feature of the affair
was discovered only when she was
brought before the judge, who dis
charged her with the following remark.
'Anyone who sells (lowers has my bles
sing, and I now give it to you by dis
charging you. There is only a violation
of the law when the peace and quiet of
the vabbath are disturbed."
In the great city vi Chicago, where
evils of the very worst kind go un
punished, and where the gre.iter num
ber of the saloons carry on their busi
ness on the abbath day behind closed
doors unmolested, and where those who
are supposed to protect the city's honors
are openly charged with rcceving bribes
conditions are similar to the above.
An ordinance will be presented, and is
considered as good as passed by that
great body of honest men, prohibiting
the sale of milk on Sunday.
pelliiij; S-hol
The spelling school given by t lie ladies
of the W. H.C at the 2. A." H. Hall
Friday ni?ht w as a grand success not to
be foregotton very soon by those who
were present and participated in the
amusement. The Hev. Haymond car
ries olT the prize as the best speller.
Complimentary prize is also due Mrs.
Arthur Underwood and Mrs. T. M. Orr.
Mrs. K. Sponsler won the "booby" prize
The ladies of the corps are greatly in
debted to ll.ILHonham who played
school master to perfection. Many a
one present was carried back to the days
of their childhood in playing the old
time games such as ''The needles eye'
The proceeds recieved trom this enter
tainment amounted to &1."1.
'leaded Cuilty
Owen Harber the fellow who lives
nearUourbon.and has been proiminently
before the people in that section as a
harness cutter, plead guilty Saturday
before 'Squire Heeve and was fined
1 and costs, which amounted to the
neat sum of $2t.25. It is said that other
cases against him will be prosecuted.
For the boy's benefit it should be
stated, that he is only about Hi years
old, and if reports are true, this boy was
loaded with hard cider, after which the
deed was done.

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