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0 -y
Vol. J I.
No. 2.5.
I f
Pants ! Pants ! Pants !
COM3IERU1AL CLUB. Iat Indianal,olL. l;llt failed to lind any j
, 'l e who was acquainted with the facts i
to justify us in giving an elaborate re- i
THEM j port of the same.
j The editors of the Independent
I i:ot claim to be mind readers, nor
A ood pair of steel jo'iiy jeans working
pants made to order for
do j
do !
I.,... .1
lvalue iMsm wi.er-i..v Kriit-tiN it..t h 1 lKi U1J11U l" ,,d e power 10 iiypnoTize
Kinai. iai an. i v.,.1.1, Miiy oittaint-ti i those that are conversant with the po-
in I'IhiohiMi. j ""vm uiiaiiB iji county, Mule OI nation,
and thus secaie the facts. The colums
"f this paper are always open for infor
mation along political lines, but to re
ceive it and give the news recrardms
'Mit i:litoi Ol Tin- Demur. at Make
iioMit-r KM. .it Tu 1 1 1 1 1 - TIi- I.litm
Of Hu-Only IriiU'pf ii.lent l'aprr
A t Tin-County at.
In tliis weeks issue of the
deni'irratic organ of Marshall
eohtraditinu that
nt exist in om
permanent crip'e
hdt'Je with some neighbor
iils cJass of dos (h
city unless he is u
caused liv a bitched
cat. in soiKt
other neighbors hin.
corduroy pants, pair to order,. . $4.00
Kver since the Independent has
been in this beautiful city, the necessity
of suitable building for the purpose of j Meetings etc.. thosi? who are interested
holding entertainment1, both from ! in the different political factions must
abroad, and and home talent has been j understand that we can not report that
urged. This necessary adjunct, is not i which we do not possess. Please give
! only needed for the benefits previously j 1,55 the facts, then if we do not report
t . . . . . ....
mentioned, but for the good of our city, uieni, the time is ripe to criticize and
Suits and Overcoats at living
from a commercial stand point.
We desire to place before the busi less
men, and all citizens of our city, a plan, j
whereby this! much needed improvement
may be added to our city, and through
Those Who Fail to Attend Our
11 M
We are positively making the greatest oft'ei
s in
Men's, Youths' and Children's Clothhiir Ovprrniirs nnl
Pants ever before known in Marshall County.
We say the greatest and most truly genuine liar
gains ever before offered. w1
Heeause we give a clean, straight discount of
per cent.
which is more than any other house has done or ever
dared to do.
All Clothing is marked in bold, plain figures be
fore they are placed on the shelves, which, by the way,
is the only legitimate, honest method that can be pur
suedproving at once that the customers' judgment is
taken into consideration as well as our own.
Furthermore it establishes a mutual confidence
between the buyer and seller.
The lines are yet unbroken, assortments complete
in every respect, in all grades and styles.
10.51) buys the best Clay Worsted. Melton or Scotch made.
7.00 buys an excellent all wool Clay Worsted.
u.0T buys a strictly all-w: ol line Cassimere or Cheviot.
5.'.C buys a line all-wool Cassimere, which in style, tit and workmanship
will equal any 12.00 suit.
a means that wit not necessitate the
outlay of a large sum of money by any
one individual at any one tune and in a
short period bring fourth benefits to
our city that will not only proe a
source of revenue to the projectors of
the enterprise, but give our city a
prestige that other places have enjoyed
through the pro nulgating of the same
mode of do'ng business.
The first thing to be contemplated is
the forming of a "Commercial Club."
This club to form itself into a stock
company, shares bein? placed at 10.00
each Let this company organize with
the understanding that in one year ag
gressive moyements will be made to
purchase a suitable site to erect a large,
commodious building, the principal fea
ture being, that it snail contain suitable
space for an opera house. The impoit
ant feature regarding this movement,
should be so conducted that the hum
blest mechanic could buy stock if he so
desird. While the shares may be Slo.uo
let it be so arranged that the payment
of the shares will be dividid into four
equal payment during the year. In
this way, by judicious management,
and an enthusiastic effort put fourth, a
largt sum of money would lie in th.
hands of the treasurer of the Commer
cial Club, besides the accumulation
year. At tins time, the club could more
readily decide how to invest the money
accumulated in this systematical way.
Will our citizens thoughtfuhy think
over this mattery There are a large
number of our citizens of Plymouth,
who have invested their money in
Hit- A riiuu MMtle ly the lf iiiucrat Till
Wt-ek Itcguriling die Caucii Dring
ia tlit- Clerk OltU-e Not
Mitaiiifi hy Evölrn
nr- I.
In all matters pertaining to the wel
iaieoi me public, be it o! a private
nature or otherwise, the Indepen
dknt proposes to stand out fearlessly
and boldly, and light to the bitter end
anything that comes under our obser
vation that is produced by 'Ting rule,"
or where, for partv sake or poli.ical
gain, untruth is Haunted in the breeze
under the mask of hypocrisy. Our
rea-lers no doubt have fresh in their
memory an article in yesterday's In
dependent wherein "A. Observer"
desired to learn whether the charges
made in the issue of Jan. 23d of the
Plymouth Democrat, were true.
Appreciating the gravity of there
quest asked at our hands, we proceeded
in an honest and fearless manner to
learn the exact facts of the charge.
made and present to the public the
evidence secured by close investigation.
The facts in the case are, that the
republican county central committee
met in l'lymouth last Saturday after
noon, at about 2 o'clock, in the vacant
bui.uing formerly occupied by Kyan &
Joseph. And further, at this meeting,
SpOMMIui x ,,, ,rt, j
Wiltfong anil J. M. Ulack, were elected
to the position of chairman ani secre
tary respectively. We also learned
from competent witness s that at no
time during Saturday, Jan. 1Mb, was
the ottice of the county clerk obstructed
many who were lormer readers of the
Democrat an explanation is necessary.
In quoting an extract from a worthy
contemporary we gave him credit for
something that llrother McDonald says
was produced by hm. ,;after much
mental exertion.' Jle also informs
that JJrother .Minor" is not the editor
of the Columbia City Tost. In cunnec-
i L 1 Ii . . 1 . ...
p'"' uu.n uiw. til ij m
'juries received in a m-e for all tii-ht at
former a sociable a half mile from home. Xow
futility, j the city do differs rnaU-riaiiv i:
himself useful in
we recitve;! another "call down" fiom j habits from the countrv do"
our worthy friend McDonald. Tj the countrv make:
While the city dog is certainly a pub
lic nuisance, he is here, and theie ai.tr.
everywhere. In the ypiing and sum
mer time he is out u lon e, lie visits
... i ...... t . i . . .
ns his eVerlastinir scruti hiin' i!cr,
' - -'- v, VIV OV1 y ' J
every thing within his reach. You
wake in he morning to timi your best
lion with the latter assertion, we are ! ilower beds destn.ved and
aware of this fact: The Post announces
at the head of its editorial column, F.
K.Mihor, as city editor. That is sulli
cient for us. As to McDonald being the
author of that article, we are perfectly
w illing to allow him all the glory there
in contained. Hut the thouirht that
McDonald tries to impress upon the
minds of his readers, is that we made
this horrible "bull " "because we did not
read the Democrat, as the article re
ferred to appeared m his last weeks
issue." This soft impeachment we can
not deny, for the evidence is too plain.
Hut we have a good excuse, one that
will bear the closest scrutiny. We
have become exceedingly tired of read
ing Ueininiscences," "Kainblings,
"Sunday School Eddie.' "Eddie the Pure
"Oranny aiders," and a great many
other squibs of rot that appear weekly
in the would-be Independent paper
No. 2.
fcT-trj buys a tine Clay Worsted, stylish made,
manship tine.
4.r buys a heavy, strictly all-wool Cassimere.
2.27 buys a good wearing knock about suit.
quality guaranteed, work
in any way so that the regular business
Uuilding Loan and stock, wherein the pertaining to that ollice could not be
money has been sent out of our city and transacted. In an interview with
in a number of cases no actual bene- County Clerk Wiltfong we learn that
tits derived either by themselves or the ne was at t ne court house attending to
community in which they live. This hig recrular business as county clerk
I u
project presented will not only prove a the entire day, barring the time he ex
financial uentht to mem, out wuiuu excised his rights as a citizen ami a
two years, or sooner it necessary, a republican while attending the conven-
grand monument will arise m Plymouth Ulon a tne building spoken of, last
which will be the direct result of pluck Ua urday afternoon. While the word
and energy displayed by the citizenr of aione of Cjunty Clerk Wiltfong, in
Plymouth. our estimation, was sutlicient proof,
This is i matter of considerable im- yetf to make it entirely satisfactory to
portance, and we are confident our eo ne gentleman who a-5ked these perti-
wili without prejudice look into this nent questions, we interviewed those at
subject thoroughly. It would also be a tne court house, who, we are informed,
feasable plan to make an assessment of are 0f a different political faith than
25 cents or 30 cents upon each member, tLe cierk, and their evidence bore out
to conduct the business so as to leave the above assertions. We have not in
money received on shares wholly iu- terviewed Mr. McDonald about the
I I l: ill;..
tact. ' matter, lint snnoose that if he has the -
We might sav this is no new scheme. tn refute these statements, he An article in Saturday S DAILY IX
I .. . ,
Marion, Indiana, entered into the same will hTins it to the front and also dkpexukxt touching upon uogs ana
plan of business some time ago and as lne names 0f ti,e several republicans lg killing has attracted considerable
a result, the Commercial Club of that xvun ,iocirei tr attend this narkPil can- attention anü caiieu oui no intonsiuer
city has sustained an enviable reputa- cus but couiu not secure admission.
tion throughout that entire section oi
a t . a a MM ' ..l.!,.. li t-.4n noli.
inesiaie. inis suoject as uccu i0ihonH joliS.
vassed among some of our business
W ill-r. Hilt I llrld ln.lr if, on UoimI
To.ie;ir In Court.
From Monday's Dally.
The trial of Wilber s. inn, occupied
the entire afternoon in justice Peeves'
court, and during the trial the well
known phrase of "Standing Koom,"
was visible to all those who attempted
to enter the hall of justice. It is truly
marvelous how a cae ,f this kind will
bring out the men. T'-vfl ö-ww
ual struggle was going on by those pres
ent to claim this piece of inoffensive
furniture, to get a glimpse of the plain
tiff in the case. Mr. Chas Kellison was
the attorney for the defense, and the
manner in which he handled the case
convinced those who look upon the case
ivith an impartial eye that the evidence
presented by the plaintiff was not per
tinent to the charge made. J udge Hess
handled the prosecution. While in our
estitmation Mr. Hill is not guilty of the
serious charge made against him, and
believe tie will be discharged when the
case convs up before the court, yet lie
has built up for himself an unenivable
reputation, not only in Plymouth, but
elsewhere, and it is to be hoped that the
lessons presented in the proscutions he
has gone through during the past
month, will lead him to be more cir
cumspect in the future. A e learn that
attorney Kellison lias applied tor an
early trial and under the circumstances
it should be granted,
a hopeless wreck because he has select
ed your premises as a pleasure resort
the night before. He has been there
the mischief is done, and you have n
recourse, because your neighbors dog.
never goes Leyond its owners yarui
fence, and you don't know what neigh
bors dog has done the mischief. Jit mg
the owner of one these j ets meif i
once found him gnawing thoba;' fron;,
the trunk of a handsome shade t ee uj
which had run a yellow brind; cut
seven blocks from home, when 1 just
tcJd my neighbor that my dog never left
my premises. It is proper to add thav.
I have no', kept a dog Mnce because hi
is of no use V) me: and he is a nuisance
to all my next door neighbors and it
don't seem to me that to persistent!;
maintain such anuisanc- is the marki
of a model citizen. I agree with you.
that the log killer is a nuisance, but I
add thereto that the dog is :i dog gone
nuisance."' A Subscriber.
oiuplet j iirprih!.
From Saturday s Daily.
Were the boys at Mrs. Frank OrrV
last evening. Mrs. Orr had invited the
boys of her Sunday school class tc
spend the evening at her pleasent houie-
on Michigan and Adams streets. Oi
course the gentlemen knew the evening's-
pleasurecould not be properly consuma
ted without the presence and aid of the
young ladies. They we.e eaca trying.
suggested "The 1'rVnct" -S oi ine-Jitiwr
but suddenly a charm was added to
the scene that would gladden the most
cvnical heart. Half a sore of the -dear
little innocents" precipated themselves
into the midst of the masculine
crowd. The cloud f depression di
sappeared as the mist before the wind,,
and the rest of the evening was passed
very pleasantly. Later on a supper was
served, to the guests i:i ' blocks of four."
Those prese nt were:
1'va Smith
dirt X;h,
Mcrtie f iimiiiiiiK'.
Janttt.i Kwtmid.
Mahle VVaila.f.
Mary Howe.
France Kvern
Mesers -P.crt
.losie Vli!tlo-A.
Harr f ral.
Will Warrens.
John lUiffit.
Joseph Hl.wk.
I'.ert i'limmiits
$4.20 buys an Imported English Novelty, nobby, neat and stylish.
2.32 buys an all-wool Cassimere, not to be had elsewhere for 4.50.
1.10 buys a good Cassimere, durable and substantial.
70c buys a Suit.
The Overcoat stock is yet very complete, assortments large, varieties good,
all quantities, all sizes, ('nine in and look through, gladly show you.
Prices are spot jash; sal3 will close January 31, IH'.hJ,
all & Car ABI N,
Then cut your second growth White Ash into bolts and logs and deliver
to our tactory. .Holts cut ij.; long, inches in diameter and up, $G0
per cord. Logs cut 11 or U'' feet long, 12 inches in diameter and up,
18 per thousand. Must Le straight timber and free from knots.
Simrit iinnrinrinlefi rpnrohate, is evi
men and they all will one accord are demIy g hQW gfeat ft nuisauce he
in favor of the effort being put forth, i,imif hv nnisnnina doo-s.
and a Commercial Club organized in The lNDEP2NDEXT has previously had Srea!est
Plymouth that will make itself a potent ,M.,.asiim to P4lfftr t th .ino-killer and A m 1
factor in the future of (Jueen C.ty, of
Ki.tirely Wnmc.
We have been informed by a little
'bird that hears a great deal, that some
of our democratic friends think the lx-
dependent is inclined to considerable
occasion to refer to the dog killer and
contends now as it did then that any
one who scatters dog poison promiscu
ously is beneath the respect of a decent
community. There is no excuse for
poisoning dogs at all.
If your neighbor's dog is dangerous
. ä m
or annoying, or n you nave a gruuge
against him do not poison him. To ad
minister poison is the act of a coward.
partiality when speaking about politi
cal conventions, giving preference to , , , been poisODed within
t I frM ....... a T I
the republicans. me i"--''M three or four dava. One is known to
tries to be impartial in all its reports.re- haye died Another !iarmiess puppy
gardmg political gatherings. ve re- whkh neyer goe3 beyond it8 OWner's
ported the meeting of the democrats wM 8ayed ()n bv proIll)t
recently neiu ai me uieia uuuso m
this district convention with nearly a
hl rnmment. This is as it should be
because, though dogs have not a com
mercial value as have cattle, hogs and
horses, they are taxable property and
are equally tieserving oi iroiection.
There is a question as to which is the
town nuisance, pigs or dogs.
..I. . i. -
pen may raise a siencu mai
smells to heaven and contaminates the
atmosphere of an entire neighborhood.
Why then should a dog be poisoned or
shot for a generally less olfensive an
noyance ?
It is not our purpose to discuss
. ...
this matter further here. Ye append
a communication on the subject and
since it has became a matter for public
discussion we open the columns of the
Independent for a free general dis
cussion of "The City Dog" and invite
the opinions of our readers. The fol
lowing is in reply to the Independ
ent's article "He Poisons Dogs" of
Went tu tli- Orient.
Wm. Mc. Laughlin, the genial sales
man at J. C. Kuhn A: Sons, was sick
Friday. When he deteimined to
vary the monotany of unspiced occi
dental life by luxuriating for one night
in the land of the Orient he little kuew
the insidious nature of the seductive
pleasures lie was about to encounter
The odors of ineeme and myrrh and
the lauguorous, dreamy pleasures of
the East were too mucn tor illiaui s
Western nature and he succumbed..
When he was annointed with oil of fra
grant poinegranites and l.n senses were
lulled to delicious restfulness by potent
potions from the hand -f an Kastern
Princess he was lifted to the seventh
heaven and was ready t worship at
the shrine of Osiris, Apts, Somnus, or
any god that might be set before him.
1 Jut all this was followed by a reaction
when he returned from the Land of the
Morning Sun. His mind wandered
some what, lie saw strange phantas
magoria and finally fancied himself a
night blooming cereas. As he fancied
himself folding up and fading out of
existence, he awoke. His tongue was-
furred, indicating a ease of indignation
He is reported as being on the road
to rapid recovery.
half column report. When the republi
can county committee met, they re
ceived a notice of about a dozen lines
The renort of the Independent re-
rrwwISt.il attuiwl'iniu It llflll P.'ltPTl Ot 21
uiciutai ohviiuuihv. v ------ - , i M i.,v
I with ctrvplinioA tut I 3
7 vrv . " . r : i : kwtok daily independent:
tossea inio uie yam .-,
OUe IU lUlH CllJ ow laaia a iuium
much interest
He poisoned dogs," in
his muddy train fumigated, with the'
L.lrene t IVrtl.
gardlng the meeting at South iiend, was Ldeaof lnaking him a respectable citi
about the same in matter as me report
of the democratic gathering in Ply
rnouth,and delegates who attended that
meeting were courteous enough to give1
the scribe of this paper the information
regarding the meeting. We did seek
for information regai ding the meeting
vnr article on 41
I : i. l :.. f.a 11 ta lima liu liml I J
iigui in yuiBuiuuB wKo v .o v ..-v. :ltr,lav. Jan. 2T. I can
ov" w '
heartily endorse all you say in regard
to the dog killer, but as the dog ques
tion is up for discussion 1 would like to
say a few words on the other side of
this question especially in regard to the
harmless puppy which never goes be
yond its o.vners yard fence. Now I
wish to say without tear of successful
John Deal,
Priscilla Weaver.
Alva Hall,
Olive Waltz.
llirtlolay Tart).
A small gathering of near friends as
sembled at the residence of J. W. Wilt
fong in honor of the bhthdiy of
Miss Ethel Wiltfong.
An enjoyableevening was spent. Those
present were Mr. and Mrs. D. Frank.
Redd, Frank and Carrie Itrooke, Miss
Lilly (iilberts, Miss M. A. Thayer and
friend Miss lnwood of Chicago. It has.
been the costom of Miss Wiltfong and
Miss M. A. Thayer to celebrate their
birthdays together, as they come on the
same day, and both are the same ago
; i
" i
i !
i I
I t
; is

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