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Voi,. II
No. 24.
Semä -Weekly
11 Ii WJ K i-L 11 VU- U Ii I
Pants! Pants! Pants!
A good pair of steel gray jcjins working
pants made to order for
Two grades eordnroy pants, pair to order,.
Suits and Overcoats at
liii y
Those Who Fail to Attend Our
on r
U ml
We are positively making the greatest offers in
Men's, Youths' and Children's Clothing, Overcoats and
Pants ever before known in Marshall County.
We say the greatest and most truly genuine bar
gains ever before offered, and why ?
Because we give a elean, straight discount' of
per cent.
1 IV ml of Tun Yeur Sl:mliiitr KiiiIh in
: !it-li Ualtle. at I'mMiv sale Y?ter
lu :tl lh farm of Mim. Kleeiiser,
North ul lion i Ihii.
hi lust evening's Inim.I'K.nim'.nt a
special gave out t!ie information that
John Swoverland 411 old resident six
miles north of Rourdon pad been kilted.
(Juite a ripple of excitement was caused
by the announcement, as t!e deceased
had numerous acquaintances and
friends in Plymouth ami the surround
ing section of country.
The Imkikmknt has made dilli
gent inquiry into the unfortunate affair
and gleaned the following:
The trouble that led up to the shoot
ing affair of yesterday, occured some
two years ago at a turkey shooting
sollt live miles north of Rourbon,
where in a rough and tumble tight
Samuel Stewart got the worst of it. it
is stated that young Stewart asserted
that the matter wasn't settled and that
thev would meet again. The hard feel
ingshetueen the participants continued.
About a month ago Merideth Swover
laml, who lives but a short distance
from his fat her, had some clothes stolen
from his home and accused a (Jus Sick
miller of committing the theft. Un
fortunately for all parties concerned,
this Sickmiller was a chum of Samuel
Stewart, and of course in the war of
words that followed, Stewart defended
Sickmiller. In this altercation as 011
previous occasions, the elder Swover
land took matters in hand and defended
his boys.
Some four or live weeks ago the two
parties met in Rourbon, ami a war of
the constable at that place, who brought
hiiu to Plymouth last evening.
As stated last night the deceased was
one of llourbon township's most
wealthy farmers, and the deplorable end
of a worthy citizens is to be regreted
by all. When Mr. Stewart will have
his prelimary examination will probably
be learned some time today.
An examination of the wounds made
were examined yesterday. The first
bullet struck Sw overland near the right
nipple, and another in the back of the
head, and still remain in the body.
The other shot to.ik effect in the back of
the head, but was only a scalp wound.
The funeral w'll be held next Sunday
at the White school house 1 miles north
west of Rourbon, at 10 o'clock.
That ISaiul Wagon.
I'ditor McDonald, in one of his space
tilling articles this week, takes us to
task for reminding the editor of the
Republican that it was time for him
to quit sulking and get into the "band
wagon." Me. has become so egotistical
that he begins to think no one has a
right to say anything to Rrother J'rooke
but his "lordship." So he starts the
ball rolling again by reiterating the
same discordant refrain, that we have
gotten into the "band wagon" and are
playing the organ for the so called
Don't you let that cause you to lose
any sleep. Me. We have our weather
eye on you. We distinctly remember
that grand-stand play of yours: "In
dependent in all things, and neutral in
nothing." And if you can produce
from the files of your independent
sheet, one item that has appeared in it,
wharein you have spoken a good word
for any man 011 the opposite side of the
political fence, we will give in. Yes,
we will go you one better. We will
make you a present of one of those
crayon bust portraits which we are
giving to new subscribers; yes, sir, we
will make it a lull length picture. So
Ol IR CITY FATHERS timeduringthe session of our state
legislature mat win require .Mrs. auii
to be in Indianapolis each winter, but
she will still remain with us, as record
ing secretary of our local union, and al
so press superintendant of Marsball Co.
Ituiiies of Importance Trauacted Mr.
Jiaxey liftlieil Keeognltiou Miak up
in I lie -WaterMork Department.
The city council met in regular ses
sion last Monday night, Jan. 27th, to
dispatch the city's business.
Those present were Mayor Swindell, points. One tlnng is dwelt upon by a
Aldermen Tibbetts, Bailey, Hughes, greater portion of the acquaintances.
The Tragedy.
Ml the topic of conversation to be
heard today is the shooting affair that
occurred yesterdav. Having takeu
place at a public sale, there are plenty
of eye witnesses to the sad affair. The
reports given do not contlict in the
main features, but only in some minor
( I retzinger, Tanner and Reynolds, City
Attorney Logan and Clerk Leonard.
About the lirst item ol interest was
the appearance of Mr. Maxey, who
a feud of long
that it was the result of
A number of our prominent citizens
were personally acquainted with the
words ensued. At this time the elder, ; produce.
is more
to do.
than any other house has done or ever
All Clothing is marked in hold, plain figures he
fore they are placed on the shelves, which, hy the way,
is the only legitimate, honest method that can he pur
sued proving at once that the customers' judgment is
taken into consideration as well as our own.
Furthermore it establishes a mutual confidence
between the buyer and seller.
The lines are yet unbroken, assortments complete
in every respect, in all grades and styles.
S 10.00 buys the best Clay Worsted. Melton or Scotch made.
7.00 buys an excellent all wool Clay Worsted.
I.Cj buys a strictly all-wr.ol tine Cassimere or Cheviot.
ö.ir buys a tine all-wool Cassimere, which in style, lit and workmanship
will equal any SI'J.oo suit.
$7.00 buys a fine Clay Worsted, stylish made, quality guaranteed, work
manship line.
4..V buys a heavy, strictly all-wool Cassimere.
buys a good wearing knock about suit.
$1.20 buys an Imported Knglish Novelty, nobby, neat and stylish.
"IM'l buys an all-wool Cassimere, not to be had elsewhere for $1.."0.
1.10 buys a good Cassimere, durable and substantial.
7oe buys a Suit.
The Overcoat stock is yet very complete, assortments large, varieties good,
all quantities, all sizes. Come in and look through, gladly show you.
Prices are spot casJi; saL will close January HI, IV.m',,
Swoverland went to a hardware store
and purchased a 'A'l caliber revolver
with this declaration.
"lie had but a few years to live,
and that he would kill Stewart before
he died." At the same time he is quot-
eu as saving: "ii any one nan any
trouble with his boys he would take it
up for them."
Matters stood in this strained condi
Hon when they met at a public sale yes
terday at Charles Klcesner's which end
ed in a bloody tragedy. The place
where the affair occurred was only
mile south of the home of John Swover
land, and all the parties were there,
lieloic anything of an antagonistic
character arose the Uder Swoverland
returned home.
Shortly after this a discussion was
entered into between Merideth and
Stewart. Merideth then sent his young
er brother to tell his father to come
back. When the boy arrived at home
on his fatal errand Mart Swoverland
tried to persuade his father not to go
back, Rut i:. seems t he old gentleman
had made up his mind to settle the
trouble lor good as his subsequent
actions proved, when he arrived at the
sale, lie stopped in the middle of the
And, how about the time when the
democratic national convention meets,
and the free silver plank you desire to
ride is not placed in the platform: what
will you do? We will tell you this.
When the "band wagon" of democracy
comes rolling down the street, with its
banners waving, ami the band playing,
and the wagon tilled --with the excep
tion td' a small space in the rear end -
if you attempt to scramble in and squat
down on the end gate, we will be there
and give von a punch to remind
you of that saying: 'Independent in
all things and neutral in nothing."
represented the annulled 4th ward and deceased, a man of quick and uneon-
desired to know whether he would be trolable temper, and rash in his actions
recognized by the mayor in the official toward anyone he believed was trying
capacity of an alderman. to injure him in any way. It has been
The mayor informed him that he stated by those who transacted busi
could learn by referring to the minutes ness for him, that upon many occasions
of a previous meeting. he has been warned regarding his ag-
Mr.Maxey further insisted upon a posi- gressiveness getting him into trouble.
tive answer, m regard to the r;ayor re- At the court house this morning,
fusing to recognize him. Recoming numerous reminiscences of his past
satisfied in the matter, he retired. life in connection with lawsuits were
The minutes of the previous meeting brought out.
of Jan. 13th were read, and approved.
f . 1 . A. . J
ir. nenry iiumncnouser preserueu Stewart Talk
i . . .1 A A A
petition to nave taxes removed mat ne An ineipkmext reporter inter
icou uuioniu,. viewed Samuel Stewart this morning
matter was relerred to the city at- in his celi at the couuty jail. He did
torney. i no seem uneasy about the result of his
lhe Logan brothers also presented shooting Swoverland, His own story
petition, desiring the city to purchase regarding the previous trouble that
a strip of land owned by them on (iarro ijr0Ught on the shooting is the same as
sireei anu joining city property, wnicn, rePorted in another column, with the
if secured by the city, would straighten exception that his trouble with the
t .arro street in mat locality. 1 ne mat- Swoverlands didn't go back farther than
ler was relerred to the street and alley the lime that nis friend sickmiller was
committee. accused of stealing the clothes . While
At this time the superintendent of he knew yesterday the'old man was very
the water work presented a report re- maiL he dul not thirik he intended to
garding the condition ot atlairs under h t hi t u it too late for nim
his control. He said that the work be
to retreat, oung Stewarts arm is
somewhat better, but will give him a
great deal of trouble, and may yet cause
the elbow joint to be stiffened. The
dirk used by youii7 Swoverland entered
the front part ol the arm, below the
elbow some live inches, passing through
and the point coming out on the other
sidenear the elbow joint.
Then cut your second growth White Ash into bolts and logs and deliver
to our factory. Holts cut 4'. long, I inches in diameter and up, $ti.r0
per cord. Logs cut x, 11 or 1 feet long, 12 inches in diameter ami up,
$13 per thousand, .fust be straight timber and free from knots.
road and called to Stew art, saying:
"Come out and take your medicine. I
hive got something for you and you
have got to take it!"
Stewart started toward the middle of
the road, and when within about twelve
feet from Swoverland, the latter drew
his revolver from his over coat pocket
and fired. The bullet, Stewart says just
missed his head.- At this juncture
Stewart pulled his gun, a US calibre, and
fired twice, both shots taking effect in
Mr. Swoverland's head. At the second
shot the old man fell, and ere the horri
fied witnesses could move to intercept
Stewart he tired a third shot into the
prostrate man's stomach. Merideth
then jumped on Stewart with a dirk,
jutting him twice once on the left
arm and again on two of his lingers. In
the meantime Stewart snapped his re
volver several times at his antagonist,
and finding it was empty, turned it and
beat young Swoverland over the head
with the butt end until he knocked him
down. A constable on the grounds
from Cremen was called upon to arrest
Stewart, but not being armed was un
able to make the arrest.
l.y this time those present seemed to
recover f nun the shock. John Carter
ran up to the old man and attempted
to raise him up. Swoverland looked up
and told him to let him lay where he
was as he could rest easier. A buggy
was brought immediately and the dying
man placed in it, but he never spoke
again and expired before the short half
mile between the place of the tragedy
and his home had been traversed.
Stewart went to llourbon where he
received medical care for his wounds
then placed himself into the hands of
About the i;.v
We recognize another of Mc Donald's
dream-land vagaries when he reters to
the I n I k r kn i k n t as the Twilight Or
gan. We might most fittingly call Mc
Donald's paper "Political Paradox" but
by co doing would simply express what
the public, the democratic portion par
ticularly, bvi already taken as tacitly
understood. We are suprised though,
at the negative admission of fin de
siecle Journalist McDonald when he re
fers to the editor of the Twilight Organ
with his l'T daily subscribers."
Why, Mc, we have ome city sub
scribers other than those the Denn erat
have lost to the Imi:pi:nii:nt. on
can not reach a fair estimate by simply
counting those actually lost by the
Democrat. There are others. For in
stance, there are some, quite a number
in fact, w hose paid in advance subscrip
tions to the Democrat have not yet ex
pired and who take both papers but
who will take the Indki'KMM'.nt alone
when the other subscription expires.
And why not ? There is no reason why
people who want a newspaper should
take the Democrat, once a week, at
2.U) a year when they can get the 1n
ii:ri:Nii:vr, six times a week, at tflJK)
a year. The Democrat has done well
not to have lost more than Hm. No
doubt the others have been held by
'Old Time Ueminiscences."
ing done by the engineer and his assist
ant was entirely unsatisfactory. That
considerable waste in supplies was a
daily occurrence and the machinery at
the pumping station, either through
ignorance or carelessness, was misused.
He further continued, that he had been
considerably worried over the affair,
and desi-ed the members of the council
to investigate the matter and learn for
themselves that it was as represented. I social .Meeting.
l'hat the chairman of the waterworks A large number of Plymouth Divi-
committee had seen suHicient to satisfy sion No.C7.of the 5th regiment K. of P.
himself that a change should be made met at their castle hall Tuesday ee-
and that immediately. ning. After the transaction of business
He also informed the council that he consisting of reports from the different
did not believe in the present plan of officers, and the reading of orders from
doing the work at the pumping station, headquarters of the regiment, they pro-
1 1 any thing went wrong, and one of
the men in charge was reprimanded, he
would invariably lay it on his assistant; !
and vice versa.
He was in favor of hireing a compe
tent man to take charge; this man to
hire his own help and stand responsible
for all trouble. It is probable the coun-
ceeded to elect otlicers which resulted
as follows:
Sir Knight Dr. P.rown, Captain.
44 44 Schilts, 1st Lieutenant.
J. Kich, Herald.
44 44 Slater, Recorder.
44 44 Hay lor, Treasurer.
The division starts out this year with
cil will act accordimg to the suggustion bright prospects for a brilliant future,
of the water works superintendent. It is to be hoped that the members ol
I th rrcrni7tion will see toit that this
1 lie IllldlllU bWlllllllllCD noo uiouuii- "v ..... ...
i. . .
ed to borrow $2.000 at f per cent inter- important project in the city ol I iym-
est from the state Rank. puth is pushed to the front where it so
The committee appointed to investi- richly deserves to remain.
gate the feasibility of erecting a new
school building on the south side, re- iistH t contention.
ported unfavorably, believing it me nest The ,)0pUiists district convention was
policy to deter the matter another year, he,i in south Rend Tuesday, and an
owing to the scarcity of money, and the enthusiatic time was reported. W. 11.
debt already carried by the city. rrais and 1. (1. Keeley, of this city, re-
At this time Alderman Tibbetts pre- preSented this portion of the district.
sented a resolution that in substance .1. s. Render, and P. (J. Keelev. of Plv
I j - tf r m
was as iouows: uiai mo sneci aim moth were e ected chairman and se
alley committee be authorized to inves- L.retary in the oner mentioned. Al-
tigate the plan of paving Michigan and though Mr. Render was not present at
Importe streets. lhe portion to be the meeting his former work for the
paved on Michigan street lying between nartv was recoirnized by his receiving
ashington street to ellow river, ana tnis jmi)ortant ollln e.
I - ... ma. . a I -
I on I.aporte street lrom .Michigan streei Tne jnct convention for the elect-
to Ft. Wayne depot. The paving to tiftn ,,f deleirates to the national con-
Tliut lM-i.iou.
As announced last night in the Inim:
ri:Nii:.T, the supreme com t has made
a seewping decision, regarding the gerry
manders, which reports says was done
for leglislature purposes. It has caused
a great commotion throughout the
state. Owing to the fact that conven
tions have been held, it is probable that
no calls will be-issued under the new
condition of affairs.
Wishes to ICetnrit TIimiiUh.
C. C. Wilkinson, a veteran of the
civil war and member of Deacon Post,
No. lir, !. A R, of New Carlisle,
wishes to return his deep and sincere
thanks to Post No. LM of this city and
especially to a number ot individual
members of this post who materially
aided him in his time of distress and
sore need. He returned to New Car
lisle Thursday.
be done with bricks and extend from
curb to curb. If the matter in the mind
of the committee should be feasible,
they were further authorized to present
to the council a declaratory resolution
at the next regular meeting of the coun
cil for such improvement, together with
plans and specifications to be furnished
the city civil engineer.
The council also passed a resolution
admitting the Klinger addition to the
city of Plymouth.
Mr. J. (I. Leonard was appointed as
temporary engineer at the water works.
vention at St. Louis, will be held in
Plymouth May lilst. at which time a
great love feast will be held.
State Committee Met.
The state executive committee of the
W. C. T. V. which met m Indianapolis
Jan. Uli, made the following appoint
ment, there being but one for each state.
The state representative of "Purity
of Literature ami art," Mrs. Harriet M.
A tilt of Plymouth. Mrs. Ault was noti
lied of the appointment, and through
correspondence met the requirements
for this ollico. As this department re
quires legisla ion, there will be a short
Commissioners Meet.
The Roard of County Commissioners
met Wednesday to transact business.One
of the important features of this meet
ing, will be the appointing of a success
or to recently resigned superintendent
of the county poor, Mr. N. K. Runch.
As there are several applicants for this
important position, considerable inter
est is being manifested. Up to the
time of going to press no appointment
has been announced.
Latkk -Prosper Mickey, of Walnut
township, was appointed Wednesday
afternoon receiving a salary of $700 a
lliirnesel I'p.
At Justice Reeves office Wednesday
occured the marriage of Klmer Cook,
of Van Wert, Ohio, and MissMillie Rax
ter. The ceremony was done up in pro
per shape by squire Reeves.

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