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Semi - We
Vol.. II.
Xu. 2!.
Pants! Pants! Pants!
A good pair of steel gray jeans working
pants made to order for
Two grades corduroy pants,
Suits and Overcoats at
Gelting ready
line of
Xo parallel will le found in this eity. It will
th BEST, BIGGEST, and HANDSOMEST lim- yon ever s:,w.
The ever-inereasin growth in
spurred us on to do that wliieh we have
i.1 r i.! . 1
mt'iinorr, ytqirs oi pnnaieai experience nave raunr us
that to he successful in the carpet business you must
handle it hy the roll, and plenty of them.
Well, we have got them, and you wi
it when you once have seen the line.
You will lind here the cheapest, the
the very best.
In addition to this, will carry a large
line of
Perhaps you will say, u 1 need a carpet." Well
and good. Come in and let us show you through, quote
you prices. Let us take the measure of your room or
rooms and see if we cannot get the figures low enough.
You will lind them in the basement where there
is plenty of space to show them up nicely and plenty of
light to see them to good advantage.
Tadaypaly Veeraragava Roy,
(Hindoo Nationality)
Physician and Surgeon,
Treats all diseases of Men and Women.
Obstetrics a swlalty. Medicines furnished.
Calls answered promptly, day or niKlit.
Ofllce In Parks' Law HiilMIng on Carro St.
Residence on north klde Adams St., two blocks
west of Public Schools.
Orrii K Houks: From 8 to 12 m.: 1 to 5 p.
tu.; 7 tu a p. in.; Sundays at home.
pair to order,. . $4.00
1 1V1 HIT I
to receive an enormous
this line has
done, and fur-
.. . .. i i i i
not gainsay
medium and
1 and choice
Licence to Wed.
Obidah Siders.
Lucy JIutts.
Henjiman F. Weyrick,
Martha Kile.
F. AUJibbons,
Lillie M. Wilson.
Subscribe for the Ixdei'EDUnt.
aotskh or Mi i'DKi.!
I !! I I 11 1 i I t-:t I ion l litl h i 114 W orn
i .1
it i il M u I - -! at I 1 I Imiim.i. K.. an1
III- L Mtliiii; ! :i I .el Irr uuet lhe.riel
l W ill a-, .tu m 1 I n I. Ilie
I'll IIII-.
Last Fridav Will W oo.l, of Ireen !
Castle. Ind.. arrived in Plymouth and !
spent Mindav with a number of
quaintances in t his place. Young Wood
is a son of Kev. 1. M. Wo,,d, .vho is pas-
tor of tin' M. II. church, at (ireen Castle, j
Kev. I). M. Womi a few years ago oecu-
inietl the pulpit at the M. F. church in
thiscitV, ami was well liked by his con- j
.r,-...r :.t i'.ii. II ll.r.m.rl, tl,, inti.
mate church relation that Will Wood i""th, who. ever since she was deprived
was so well acquainted with the voiing;"1 lr protector, has by close ecoinony
people here, and thus this visit. At the!a,ul I)U,lent i''T connection with
tune he was in our citv he was enroute m'r s,nal1 lesion succeeded in living
I i' .....i i.. ..i...... ....... ... .
I for outh llend ami in all his act ions j
; 1
and conversation gave no indication i
i.:. ...:...i ..... i i i i.
1 1 ... i .
(ill aM HI 1 1 lllii lA lllill liUM (11 111 IT''!, I
i i
Thoso of our cilieus who are inti-
matelv at-oiiamted with the accused
laugh at the idea of him being imnli- "eiU-d rest, and return to her work ,n
cated in such a terrible affair. Ti. tn course of a few weeks. W f.en she ar
facts of the case, as published in the nu'1' at l,1,s ,,y,1,or ",- ''",
Chicigo daii.es, are as follows: learned something ot importance. It
(Ji:i r. ('AM I .L. Iti.L, Feb. .". Miss I was th,s: That betöre she could enter
P.ryaifs age is about 2:s ofJl vears. She the home, she must turn over to the
left here on Tuesday, Jan. "J ostensibly j ollicials all her papers such as disc'iarge
t. visit a fliem! a Miss Fisher, "IMVii- ; certificates, etc.. and be com-
Ira avenue. Indianapolis, a daughter o j ., . , .. ... .. ....
Mrs. Lou Fisher, lorme. ly of tins cily. i l,,U",i Ut w,,rk while able and lorleil the
Miss Uryan h id not visiied the liousej pension .she has been in the habit o re
in question, as a teletrraiii from that j ceiving. In so doing she gave up evcry-
noint to her brother here staled lasi
night. She took a sw itch of hair with
her to have i repaired, and it was re-
turned here from Cincinnati, which
fust excited the family's suspicions.
The susperled party who has been
ordeied arrested is Scott Jackson, of
the Ohio lental College, at Cincinnati,
whose mother resides here. The detee-
the-; also ordered the arrest of Will !
Wood. of South Uend, a son f Uev. 1). siie tjid not accept such arbitrary de
M. Wood of this citv. I . . , j . iii V
The clew was given to the detectives turned to Plymouth. Now
by Ous Farly, operator of the Western if such is the case, a lew woman like
I nion here, who heard a letter read ' this one spoken ot could form 1u in
irom .lacsson to u ooo. w no was neie .
and was an intimate friend of Jackson,
and Miss P.ryan went direct to Cincin
nati, it is thought.
Cincinnati. Ohio, Feb. ". At H:ls
o4c!ock tonight the following telegram
llashed over the wires and was deliv
ered live minutes later:
lllMIN I'Axll.l. Illd. In 'lolirl I nl -til.
Chirl l I'olii-'. iiiciiui.itr A 1 T--l :ml li.i 1 i
wilh tit'" noii ,1 r nl V;nl r.i wtn. i.ih- . nH
.laclvMiii, stililcnt ;it ilrnla! l!cuc. .ilioiit 'Jl
c.ir- old. ." iri-t. 7 r iin lii-. Iiiuli. weighs
iilxuit r..". I'liinli'. :uidy iiiiihI.icii. IhjIiI ciin
'i iiii. -tt-itifi:il in .'ippt'iirain'c. positie
iili iitiln-ilitui ni t-tot liiiitr I'N taniilx. .in--t il 111
CilH-IIMI.lt I. Willi. III! WimmI. 1 1KIK i nl .I.kI.s.Hi.
and cliarvi' a an it - i 1 -1 i ; alxml .1 rar
nld. ." I II im In". Iivrlil 1'lmnli' hair, siiumtti
larr. rallii-r v'i Mili'i'. wi'iulit al'imt ic.:,. We i:n
1 1 1 du l.iii' tu S i it 1 1 i'.einl alter i'ixl. a In-li-l I
here lui that place. CKI'Vt.
M ll KMOl I.
ri. t .mmi:i;.
Accordingly, at 10:1" o'clock, Sc'tt
.lackstin was in the mayor's ottice un
dergoing an examination by the mayor
and chief of police. The culprit was
perfectly described in the above tele
gram to the detectives, lie stood the
ordeal with apparent calmness, though
it lasted till midnight, most of the time
before the mayor and chief alone.
The family of the murdered girl
live on a farm about one half mile
frcin (ircen Castle, ami at the tinu
their daughter was missing felt posi
tive that the boJy found at Fort
Thomas was that of their daughter,
Fear! P.ryan. Last Wednesday morn
ing the sheriff of Cincinnati visited the
family of the murdered girl and sub
mitted all the clothing he hud in Ins
possession taken from the dead body
of the woman. Mr. and Mrs. P.ryan
positively identified the dress and shoes
as those of their missing daughter.
lieports seem to ily thick and fast
over this late sensation. One of the
most shocking stories is to the effect
(hat .lackson or Wood, after killing the
girl, decapitated her and for several
days the disiigured head was carried
around in a valise.
Soi th P.r.ND, Feb. ', U:I.V Specilto
'I'm: lMi:rr.Mr.NT, Plymouth, lnd.
Detectives arrived here this morning.
Will Wood has been arrested and
tinned over to the oilicers, and left on
the noon train for ('in Mimati.
L vi 1:1:: - As near as can be ascer
tained the facts in the case are these:
Young Jackson had been intimate with
Miss llryan for some time, and it was
discovered that the girl was in a serious
condition. She left home, it is thought,
to meet Jackson, when an operation
would be performed. She was never
seen alive afterward by her friends. It
is thought she met Jackson and died
probably while undergoing an opera
tion. The young fiend is supposed to
have severed her head to prevent iden
tification. What implicates young
Wood is: A letter was written to him
by Jackson designating what kind of
medicine should be purchased to give
to the girl. It is not probable that he
'u':,1"; - n"r-
as t lint , according to valuable mioriua-
t ion, occurred Friday niilit last, an. I
! i WnniJ was in Plymouth on that
i 1
. one.
A lltMne lor VV id"" and Orphan- nl lllii
j Ili-i - not What ll huild r.t.
! A great deal ii;is been said ami writ
. ten regarding the advantages ami bene-
fits to In derived from homes tor aired
widows and orplnns. and it is taken
tor panted without ques' ion that they
...... ..i. ..... . ... .....i
ac-:UIt Jumr Mt..1 i..u, anu mh-
! 1,um a grasping disposition. While we
;m not " t,,u'h with t,ie ,ilUM,r u"lk
i .. . i : i i... 4 1
i uii.ru u un'M
connected with these !
instituti(ns, vet there has come under!1
I l . . : . I : I . I
,:ur onervauons. acase upon which wei
" " o conni.em mini .riu i .
All aged SoUlRTS' WldoW 111 I'lV
i.i . . v.. - i I..
m-m i umr an . o mg ,
I,. r. .:;.,.- .. i,,... ; .1.1 i ..
M' l,K: ,a,m, 1 ' :,'-ul- l,,,u a
reiieral irivimr wav of her nhvsicalicon- i
stitution. she conclmled to go to
I... I ..-i e i...... ...
um., n. -.t - o.. ... (..t .......r.-
is established, and secure the mu.h
j thing that pertained to her recognition
as a soldiers' widow, and the home
would in the future receive her pen
sion, ni it appears, if she even remain
ed there three weeks for a much needed
rest, in gaining admittance sic resign
ed her rights to any assistance from the j
government in the future. Of
course i
llsl ..mil., i.nui .-.,i nii:iiu.
apartments in this city, and with the
money they receive as pensions lit
themselves up comfortable quarters,
and live more comtoitable than they
would at I.afavette and not he com-
pencil io work eitner. 1
Canaan IAhiiiIih-iI,
Lewis Canaan, the religious acrobat
and all round contortionist who has
been enlivening the community north
of P.ourbon, was examined Wednesday
by Drs. Matchette and Linn of P.our
bon. whose diagnosis of his case cor
roborates the general impression that
he is mentally unsound. They did not
seem to think, however, that his condi
tion would warrant proceedings for
commitment to an asylum. It is un
derstood that Canaan went to P.ourbon
with Messrs. Sullivan and submitted to
the examination with the understand
ing that if he did not do so his case
Would be taken tip by the neighbors in
legal form.
I.ool.-v It. nl.
We never believe in kicking a man
when he is down, and an aware when
a man has established a bad record
any little thing that happens in his im
mediate neighborhood, he recenes the
blame. It is thus w ith Mr. Hill who is
incarcerated in the county jail. The
following is from the Warsaw Times
regarding a little transaction in tli.it
"Piano" Hill, a gentleman fairly
well know in Plymouth, called at a
house in this place where a piano was
owned, claiming to the wife that he
had been sent there by her husband.
The subject might end here, but un
fortunately th" wife cannot find a pair
of gold spectacles since that day!"
Iteitlli of Mrs. A. I. .Incol.v.
Mrs. A. D.Jaeoby, of FJkhart,died at
her home in that city Wednesday
night of neuralgia of the stomach. She
had been sick only since Sunday last.
The remains will be brought to this
city at noon today and funeral ser
vice will bo conducted by IJev. Kothen
berger at Jacoby iteform church at I ::'o
o'clock this afterno m.
Mr. and Mrs. A. D.Jaeoby moved to
Flkhart from this county in 1NS7 and
are well known to many people beside.",
having a number of relatives in this
Mrs. John S. (Jarver, or Mamma (Jar
ver as she was commonly called, died at
her home mile south of P.urr Oak, on
Tuesday Feb. I.
Mrs. (Jarver sutTered a stroke of par
alysis in the year 1SS2, and a second
stroke inlü)5, since w hich time she has
heen in declining health, but never so
poorly hut that she readily recognized
and gave a hearty welcome to all tier
old time friends and acquaintances, of
which she had many. The (Jarver home
was known to almost everybody in the j
1'iilllitv li'lui Iii rn I i -1 I in II... wn.li. I
" '"; mi" nan iiiiu 111 tin- 1. mi til
many years, she having children in al
most every township. he was the
mot her of thirteen children, eleven of
whom nine boys ami two girls sur
vive her. Mamma (Jarver was years
old. Ilername will ever be held in
sacred rememberance by her many
friends who she has so often welcomed
at her home.
saltation Aimv 'onitiieii-t Their
Work at (iosliou.
For some lime past the people of
(Joshen have recognized the impor
tance of making a combined attack up
on his Satanic majesty in that city.
A t ier due deliberation a Salvation
Army band of Chicago was enlisted in
i the cause, ami upon an urgent invita
tion came to that city Tuesday to com
mence the work. The M. K. church of
l.a-jtlllt l,Iaie "l'11'11 ltbl lloor to those
young men, ami although the large
auditorium room was crowded, a great
er number no doubt through curiosity,)
they will no doubt do a great work.
How many of our people know of
the work done by these people. It may
be of some interest to our readers to
state a few facts regarding this great
representative military organization,
and the work they do: They are
divided oil into working forces, such as
slum work, rescuj work for fallen
women, the prison gate brigade, who as-j
sist discharged criminals, the shelter
wo'k for t In homeless in cities, and
much more of interest to and connected
w ith the work. The membership of the
army has reached nearly two million
souls, with I l,!i:C oilicers or evangelists j
whose entire time is given up to the
u" K lls operations are being carried
on in more than Indifferent countries
and the average number of conversions
per year numbers one hundred thou
sand. Another New I lei .rie.
An eastern firm of unquestionable
responsibility is desirous of contracting
several hundred acres of cucumber
pickles to lie grown within tive or six
miles of Plymouth. Could they be
assured of sutlieicnt contracts to war
rant them in so doing, at prices as
favorable as have heretotore been paid
here, they would commence the erec
tion of salting works in this citv at
once. They will also want lare quan
tities of cabbages, tomatoes, small
onions and string beans.
The Pusiness Men's association, be
lieving it would be highly advantageous
to our farmers and citizens generally to
have them here, have undertaken to
ascertain to what extent the tanners
would interest themselves, and to that
end will have, on Saturday, the Nth
tust., and a few days thereafter, in the
hands of every groceryman in Ply
mouth, papers for the signatures of
those desirous of making contracts
The fust to sign will have the prefer
ence w hen contracts are awarded.
Fanners, please mention this to your
neighbors and get as many interested
a.-, possible.
I'ire A 11 ul ternary.
from Thjrs.luy's Daily.
W in, but those who are acquainted
with the patriotic energy of our people,
can walk along Michigan street and
look upon thosr two handsome struc-
Pues that now grace the corner of
Michigan and Laporte streets, can in
the minds eye look back one year ago
this morning and see the great wreck
created by that early morning lire.
One year ago tins morning at about
l:.'(Mhis correr was a mass of dames;
and our plucky firemen were struggling
with froen hydrants, and hundreds of
our people who looked upon the seeth
ing llames, believed tho entire block
was doomed. P.ut the rapid change has
been completed and today not a vestige
of the great lire ruin remains.
An -. :oiiil ii.ii needed.
"It was a Plymouth school teacher
win was trying to explain the nie.iiiing
of the word "husband" to a class of
youngsters the other day, and not being
able to make them understand the word
to her satisfaction, asktd the question
"What would 1 have if 1 was married?"
The answer came quick as a Hash from
a 7 year old boy, but was not w hat she
expected, and her blushesmade thesun
light pale in comparison."----Valparaiso
Look here, K. F., what have the
ichool teachers done to you, that would
give you cause to spring such a diabol
ical no-such-a thing. Our teachers in
the public schools do not waste their
time by asking such jfoolish questions.
Don't attempt to shift onto Plymouth,
stories that have originated iti Yalpo.
Aller I Ii' l:aiiihiation of Two :tnse
Vediiedu ( oKiiier Kiitei Kendel
II U Verdi. I.
Wednesday at i:I." coroner proceed
ed to hear two inoie witnesses in regard
to t lie Swoverland shooting. Those
j who were betöre Coroner Kaszer
! were Melvm Soencer and Mel-
viri Ueed. The evidence secured from
those two witnesses did not materialy
differ from that secured from those
who had heard the remarks of John
Swoverland on the streets of Jlourbon
two weeks ago last Saturday. These
two gentlemen were in the Jgroup on
that day when the threat to kill Stewart
was made.
At the conclusion of the evidence
given, Coroner Kaszer rendered the fol
lowing verdict: "That the deceased,
John Swoverland. came to his death by
being shot by Samuel Stewart.who eom
mited the act in self defence, and was
exenorated by the coroner."
Immediately after the rendering of
the verdict an allidavid was filed by
Mart Swoverland against Samuel Stew
art, charging him with murder. The
warrant was placed in the hands of
Constable Klinger who served it. on
Stewart was brought before Squire
I Jeeves Wednesday at Ü o'clock,
as he was arrested on the charge of
j murder, ami not bailable, it will neces
sitate his laying in jail until the next
term of court which is set for March.
Samuel Mewart seems to feel confi
dent that he will be cleared of the.
charge, of murder, and is perfectly will
ing to wait patiently the result of the
trial. His arm which was cut is im-
j proving slowly and though at first he
was unable to move his lingers, they are
becoming so that he can move them
without much trouble.
Kl Mul;s hmm Till-: i: l l l.r. i.;iM)
There are alwajs rumors as thick as
hairs on a dog's back that originate
from such a scene as occurred at the
Flsesser's sale last week. A report
comes to us, the truth of which we are
not willing to assume, but give it space
as it is worthy of perusal.
It is said that Joe Anderson, of this
city, who is now in the oil business for
a tlrm at Cleveland, was there. When Die
shooting commenced there was a lively
scattering. Among those who were in
close proximity to swoverland and
Stewart, were Joe Anderson
and James Sheet, a constable from
Mrs. FJsesser hearing an unusual com
motion in the house went to see what
it was, and discovered Joe Amleison
and Constable sjK.ttz. hid in the bed
She asked them what they were doing
there, and Sheet, replied that he was
an "odieer of the law." It is said that
Anderson was speechless and kept jerk
mg his head from one side to the other
as though he was trying to dodge bul
lets. Mrs. Flsessec again ordered them out.
of the house and as she went int.)
another room an unusual noise attract
ed her attention and an investigation
found three more brave men under a
bed. It is said it took considerable
work to get them alPout of the house.
1 but she finally succeeded, but not until
after the shooting was over.
Knifed il -Ie-n."
.Joseph M. P.erkley, who is managing
ice ciitting at Fagle Lake, will in the
future be careful how he lills out a
check. A couple of tourists, worked
for him a few days, and on Saturday
last desired a little money tocatry them
over Sunday. Not having the necessary
cash he combined their wages and
wrote out a check for si. 1 1, obligingly
accompaning the check with a little
note to the banker stating it was all
0. K.
The "Weary Willies" took a turkey
feather, made a quill pen, perhaps, but
did insert a figure I in front of the first
1, wrote in plain Fnglish "teen" after
the four and there you are ten dollars
ahead. They cut no ice this week.
A SiM-inl ;at lierinc
Afternoon tea socials are becoming
all the rage in our classic city and the
time spent at these receptions by our
home people seem to form a stronger
bond of friendship. Wednesday one of
these social gatherings was held at the
residence of (I. W. Thayer. The pleas
ant time had was simply the same as
experienced at all of these gatherings.
1 1

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