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Incidentally lie I.low a I'mbl'iic to J
JJit Omt Vive Hundred Million
tMihscribcd for Ihm;! Despondent
Cnicagoan Wipe fust Jlis l'atiiily.
Two Pcop'e Severely Hurt.
While experimenting with a new thtxh
ght powder invented l.y Cenrge Lau--nce.
a Chicago photographe' F. T.
uniihig. an employe, caused an explo
..ii which wrecked the building, severo-
;.....! I im . . t ..- 111,1 Mrs I .:i w rciirt'.
t IIIJ II I 1 ! I l.il.l... . i . .' - ' ' - -
wife of Jin- photographer. anl shattered
windows iü .rviral structure- adjacent
to the studio, 'i ll' explosion occn rrcd m
a room iü the second story, where Duu
uii;g v;i eng-tue! in mukimr powder used
.n making lhihliirhf pi-mres. I!e li:il
?o!i'iI( t."! work of -oinpoundihg the
materia!, ami was petting it iht small
noxes.' .;. ii calculated to contain two
iiiifv--. wr n wit!:. nit apparent cause the
powder exploded.
Senate Committee on Foreign Rc'atlons
Resolutes Rcaroin;; ihe lnsurg;nis.
The Senate 'niiuüii tee on Foreign lte
!a;iw!i agreed upon a substi; uto for tho
resolut i' ; hi reo f r reported on tin
rjue-eioii if il- recognition f Cuba and
Seitab;- Morgan reported it to the S t .
sayimr it no t v. itli his full :: ij.rt :i I. The
substitute is ii; the shape f a concurrent
resolution. As reported it is ;-s follows:
"Kfinl i imI. l'.y the Senate, tlio House of
Hoprosentatives concurring, that In tin
:jiiiioii of Congress ; condition of public
var exists between tto ioviTiiinrul of
Spain ati'l tho Covernineut proclaimed
alio! for so::ie tiim inaiiitaiiicil by force
f arms by the people of Cuba: anl that
flit I'nited States i.f America should
maintain a strict neutrality lelween the
.onteudin:: powers .mm! aceorl to each all
Hie rights of belligerents in the ports ;;nd
territory of the I 'idled Stales." Senator
Fall ;';ivc notice tliat lie wouhl call up the
resolution as soon as he couhl secure the
attention of the Senate. The Foreign
Affairs 'omtuiltce also voted to make an
effort to take up tlio Cuban qiK'stioii in
!lie Senate as soon as the unrein leticieto y
hill ami the resolution f or the distribution
:f the appropriation bills can be Iis
Ooseil of.
Richard Klattke, a Chicago Carpenter, Kills
His Parents, Children, Wife, and Himself.
Chloroform and a revolver were the
agents with which Kichanl Klattke. n
:arpenter of 4'hicasro. slew his entire fam
ily of six; then, turning the revolver upon
himself, he coinmittcil suicide. When
resilient in the vieinity burst into the
home, early Wednesday tnorninjr. they
fouml seven crrpss. ami a superficial
xamination showed that each of Klatt
k's victims h:l lnen shot through the
brain ami that he himself hat! died in a
imilar manner. Xn evidence of strujr
ple existed, and an empty chloroform !ot
tle would indicate use f that ancsthetie
hefore tin shooting. Klattke was de
pomh'iir. The i:ietnl.ers of his fatn'ly
were cold and hungry. Since Christmas
e had been out of work and lie ended
his troubles just as relief was in siht.
Wednesday morning his next-door neiirh
por. Adolph Schmidt, called at the cottajre
ivitli the joyful le-ws that he had found
a job for Klattke. At the same time
Mr. Itrown arrived on a similar errand.
They came ton bite, just how much no one
knows, for the bodies were cold when
Sood Price Realized, and Uncle Sam's Credit
Considered Gilt-Edged.
Washington dispatch: The public -rets
from Js'.tUXHUmo to .SPUMXUMk of the
fltM.M'O.MM popular loan, and the IVr
;oiit Morgan syndicate secures the re
mainder on a bid of HfMiSTT for SI'Mi.
tilO.MK. S atterin bids Were receive I
froiii banks and investors aioe thai 1 : ir -tire
for about the sum tirst mentioned. The
Moriran bid shuts out the combination
bMi'in- n:neered by John T. Siewart.
Itusscll Sae. and a half dozen trust com
panies under their leadership. Not les.
than .1i:."i.imm.i:h was bid for by these
:-oiiccrns and their c.istomers at the
uniform price of 1 10.070. The total
number of bids was -!.Ho, representing
a total subscription of '."'i . iMHt.otKi. not
Muntin a bo-tis bid of .SKh.(km.mw from
I Michi-raii doetor. and another from a
Texas humorist for SlC.tMtM.tiiio. The
net price realized by the I Jovcrnnient for
the whole issue will he Very dose to IV-'
er ( nt. The Morgan bid is fractionally
hove that figure-about .'I 7-10.
LcV3 s is Lroken.
A I'ort Wo.th. Texas, dispatch says:
At lat accounts the Ira.os Iliver ua
f!i!l rising an im-h an hour. The levee at
Stone plantation, near I lei, instead, is
hroken. The crevasse is forty feet wide
mid ;:rowinir wiiler. and the water m
rtisii'.ntr ov r the surriumlimr country.
The entire valley will be ii, undated. At
llichiuoiid and Vdasro the river i-- still
rising and llood'n;- t!ie valley. In Wasli
in'ton County the Yeipia Kivcr is out of
its batiks and thousands ,,f aires are
Hooded. ISesides the loss of property
fannimr operations will be delayed by th?
prolraeti-d rains.
Apache? Again on the Rampage.
The San C.irl s Apaches are ajrain oi
the rampage. Sam Hinlon. a cow man.
while riding aloitj; the reservation, was
lircd upon from ambush near San Carlos
iiirejicy. All settlers are confidently ex
pecting an attack in the near future.
Nrvat Officer Sued for Divorce,
l.ieuf. Neumann of the I'niled States
man-of-war Charleston has lt. cn sued at
Perry. O. T.. for divonv by his wife.
They were married in llaltimrre and hae
lived in New York and Washington. She
Is a daughter of ('apt. Daw sou of the
I'nifed States annv.
Prof. Dowd Declared Insane.
Prof. Daniel L. Dowd, inventor of
Do.vd's exerciser, which is now in many
cymnasiums in New York, anil w ho is well
known j:s an exH.nenf of physical and
putul i-ti It tire, was dreht red. insane.
He Shows the 2'oad of Kij;lteo;isncss
to I?e Safe, riain, Pleasant, Uroad,
Smooth, and itli a Glorious Ter
minus ut Last.
Sermon at tlc Capital.
PlCV. Dr. Ta Image's sen.i"n in Wash
ington last Sumlay was a picture of the
road that many have traveled and others
are trying to .vet on and is no more appro
priate for the capital of the nation than
for all places. The text chosen w as Isaiah
xxxv.. S. . 10: "And an highway shall be
there, and a way, and it shall be called the
way of holiness. The unclean shall not
pass over it. but it shall be for those; the
wayfaring men. though fools, shall not
err therein. No lion shall be there, nor
ßny ravenous beast shall P up thereon,
it shall not be found there, but the re
det med shall walk there, and the ran
somed of the Lord shall return and come
to Zion with son-s ami e-urlastinsr jy
upon their heads. They shall obtain joy
and gladness, ami sorrow and Mhins
hhall i! o aw ay."
There are hundreds of people in this
house who want to hud the riVit road.
You sometimes sec a person haltin:: at
cross roads, and you can tell by his looks
that he wid.es to ask a question as to
what direction be had better take. And
I stand in your presence conscious of the
fact that there ate many of you hen- who
realize that there are a thousand wron
roads, but only one rljcht one, and I take
it for "ranted that you have come in to
ask wlii!i ne it is. lb-re is one road
that opens widely, bi:t 1 have not much
faith iri it. There are a irreat many ex
pensive tolljrr.tes scattered all ahm;: that
way. Indeed at every rod von must pay
in tears, or pay in jreini.lexioi'.s. or pay in
flagellations. On that road, if you p-t
thro::h it at all. you have to pay your
own way. and since this differs so much
from wiwtt I ln've heard in regard to the
r!;rht way. 1 believe it is the wrn.;' way.
Hero is another road. n either side of
it are houses of sinful entertainment and
invitations to come in and dine and rest,
but from the looks of tic people who stand
on the piazza I am certain it is the wronu'
house and the wronjr way. Here is an
other road. It is very beautiful and mac
adamized. The horses hoofs clatter and
rin;r. and they who ride over it spin nlomr
the highway, until suddenly they find that
the road breaks over an embankment, and
thiy try to halt, and they seize the bit in
the tnoutlt of the fiery steed ami ery: "IIo
llnl" lint it is too late, ami. crash! they
po over the embankment. We shall turn
ami see if we cannot lind n different kind
of road. You have lcard of the Appia:.
way. It was ."."Vo miles lonjr. It was 1' I
feet wide, ami on either side of the road
was a path for foot passengers. t was
made out of rocks cut in hexajronical
idiapo and fitted together. What a road
it must have been! Made of smooth, hard
rock, ÖÖ0 miles loiitf. No wonder that in
the construction of it the treasureH of a
whole empire were exhausted. 1 teen use of
invaders, and the elements, ami time the
old conqueror who tears up a road as he
goes over it there is nothing left of that
structure but a ruin. Hut I have to tell
you of a road built before the Appian
way, and yet it is as good as when tirst
constructed. Millions of souls have gone
over it. Millions more will come.
The prophets and apostles, too.
Pursued this road while here below.
We therefore will, without dismay.
Still walk in Christ, the good old way.
The King' Highway.
First, this road of the text is the king's
highway. In the diligence you dash on
over the Bernard pass of the Alps, mile
after mile, and there is not so much as a
pebble to jar the wheels. You go over
bridges which cross chasms that make
you hold your breath, tinder projecting
rock, along by dangerous precipices,
through tunnels adrip with the meltings
of the glaciers, and perhaps for the first
time learn the majesty of a road built and
supported by governmental authority.
Well, my Ird and King decided to build
a highway from earth to heaven. It
should span all the chasms of human
wretchedness. It should tunnel all the
mountains of earthly difficulty. It should
be wide enough and strong enough to hold
öO,( mo,0OO.Om,0 nt of the human race, if
so many of them should ever be born. It
should be blasted out of the "Kock of
Ages," and cemented with the blood of
the cross, and be lifted amid the shout
ing of angels and the exo ration of devils.
The King sent his S n to build that road,
lie put load and baud and heart to it,
and after the road was completed waved
his blistered hand over the way, crying,
"It is finished!" Napoleon paid 1.",M0,
xx frams for the building of the Nim
plon road that his cannon might go over
for the devastation of Italy, but our King
at a greater expense has built a road for
a different purpose that the banners of
heavenly dominion might come down over
it. Höing a king's highway, of course- it
li well built. Uridges splendidly arched
and abut tressed have given way and
crushed the passengers who attempted to
cross them. P.ut Christ ti e King would
build no such thing as that. The work
done, he mounts the chariot of his love
ami multitudes mount with him. and lie
drives on and up the steep of heaven
amid the plaudits of ga:nng worlds! The
work is dor.or-wcll done gloriously done
magnificently done.
A Clean Iioari.
Still further, this road sjM.ken of is a
clean road. Many a line road has become
miry and foul because it has not be;ti
properly cared for, but my text says the
unclean shall not walk on this one. Koom
on either side to throw away your sins.
Indeed, if you want to carry them along,
you are not on the right road. That
bridge will break, those overhanging
rocks will fall, the night will come down,
leaving you at the mercy of the mountain
bandits, ami at the very next turn of the
road you will perish. lint if you are
really on this clean road of which I have
been speaking, then you will stop ever
und a mn to wash in the water that stands
in the basin of the eternal rock.
Aye, nt almost every step of the jour
ney you will be crying out, "Create with
in me a clean In-art!" If you have no
such aspirations as that, it proves that
you have mistaken your way. and if you
will only look up and see the linger board
above your head you may read upon it
the words, "There is a way that secmeth
right unto a man. but the end thereof is
death." Without holiness no man shall
see the Ijord, ami if you have any idea
that you can carry along your sins, your
lusts, your worldliuess, and yet get ui tlw
end of the Christian race, you are so aw
fully mistaken that, in the name of Cod,
1 shutter the delusion.
A Plain Koad.
Still further, the road spoken of is a
plain road. "The v. :; y faring men, though j
fools, shall not err therein" that is, if a j
man is three-fourths an idiot, he can find j
t!iis road just :;s well as if he were a phi- j
losopher. The imbecile boy, the laughing j
stock of the street, and followed by a iiei j
hooting at him, has only just to T lock
once at the gate of heaven. and it swings
open, while there has been many a man
who could lecture about pneumatics and
chemistry and tell the story of Faraday's
theory of electrical polarization and yet
has been shut out of heaven. There has
been many a man who stood in an observ
atory and swept the heavens with his tele
scope and yet has not been able to see the
morning star. Many a man has been fa
miliar with all the higher branches of
mathematics and yet could not do the
simple stun, "What shall it profit a man
if he gain the whole world and lose his
own soul:" Many a man has been a fine
reader of tragedies and poems and yet
could not "read his title clear to man
sions in th skies."
Many a man has botanized the conti
nent and yet mt know n the Hose of Shar
on, and the Lily of the Valley. Hut if
one shail come in the right spirit, asking
the way to heaven, he will find it a plain
way. The pardon is plain. The peace is
plain. Hverything is plain. He who tries t
to get oil the road to heaven through the
New T stau. cut torching w ill got on beau
tifully, lie who goes through philosophi
cal discussion will not get on at all. Christ
says, "Come to me and 1 will take all
your sins away, and I wiil take all your
troubles away." Now, what is the use
of my discussing it any more'.' Is not that
plain? If you wanted to o to some city,
and I pointed you out a highway thorough
ly laid tmt, would I be wise in detaining
oii by a geological discussion about the
gravel you will pass over, or a physiologi
cal discussion about tlie muscles you will
have to bring into playV No. After this
Hilde has pointed you the way to heaven,
is it wise for me to detain you wi;h any
discussion about the nature of the human
will, or whetlnr the atonement is limite.T
: unlimited? There is the road -go on it.
It is a plain way. "This is a faithful
saying ami worthy of all acceptation that
Christ .Icmis came into the world to save
sinners." And that is you and that, is
me. Any little child hen- can understand
this as well as I can. "I'nb-ss you bo
come as a little child you ciinnot see the
kingdom of (Jod." If yov are saved, it
will not' be as a philosopher; it will be as
a lUtle child. "Of stich is the kingdom
of heaven." Unless you get the spirit of
little children you will never come out
at their glorious destiny.
A Safe Ifoad.
Still further, this road to heaven is v.
safe road. Sometimes the traveler in
those am ient highways would think him
self perfectly secure, not knowing there
was a lion by the way, burying his head
deep between his paws, and then, when
the right moment came, under the fearful
spring the man's life was gone, and there
was a mauled carcass by the roadside.
Hut, says my text, "No lion shall be
there." I wish I could make you feel your
entire security. I tell you plainly that
one minute after a man has become a
child of Cod he is as safe as though he had
been 10,MK) years in heaven. lie may
slip. be may slide, he may stumble, but
he cannot le destroyed; kept by the power
of Hod, through faith, unto complete sal
vation, everlastingly safe. The severest
trial to which you ran subject a Chris
tian man is to kill him, and that is glory.
In other words, the worst thing that can
happen a child of Cod is heaven. The
body is only the old slippers that he
throws aside just before putting on the
sandals of light. His soul, you cannot
hurt it. No tires can consume it; no Hoods
can drown it; no devils can capture it.
Finn and unmoved are they
Who rest their souls on Clod;
Fixed as the ground where David stood.
Or where the ark abode.
His soul is safe. His reputation is safe.
Hverything is safe. "Hut." you say. "sup
pose his store burns upV" Why, then it
will be only a change of investments from
earthly to heavenly securities. "Hut,"
you say, "suppose his name goes down
under the hoof of scorn and contempt':"
The name will be so much brighter in
glory. "Suppose his physical health fails':"
Cod will pour into him the Hoods of ever
lasting health, and it will not make any
difference. Farthly subtraction is heav
enly addition. The tears of earth are the
crystals of heaven. As they take rags
and tatters and put them through the paper
mill, and they come out beautiful white
sheets of paper, so often the rags of earth
ly destitution, under the cylinders of
death, come out a white scroll upon which
shall be written eternal emancipation.
There was one passage of Scripture the
force of which I never understood until
one day at Chamounix, with Mont Ulane
on one side and Montanvert on the other,
I opened my Hilde ami read, "As the
mountains are around about Jerusalem, so
the Lord is around about them that fear
him." The surroundings w ere an omnipo
tent commentary.
Though troubles assail and dangers af
fright. Though friends should all fail and foes
all unite.
Yet one thing secures us, whatever be
tide, The Scripture assures us the Lord will
A PlcaHant Kond.
Still further, the road spoken of is a
pleasant road. Cod gives a bond of in
demnity against all evil to every man that
treads it. "All things work together for
good to those who love Cod." NoweaiMn
formed against them can prosper. That
is ttie bond, signed, sealed and delivered
by the president of the whole universe.
What is the use of your fretting, O child
oi Cod, about food? "Heboid the fowls
of the air, for they sow not, neither do
they reap, mr gather into barns. Yet your
Heavenly. Father foedcth them." And
will he take tare of the sparrow, will he
take care of the raven, will he take rare
of the hawk and let you die? What is the
use of your fretting about clothes? "Con
sider the lilies of the field. Shall he not
much more clothe you, () ye of little
faith?" What is the use of worrying for
fear something w ill happen to your home?
"lie blessefh the habitation of the just."
What is the use of your fretting lest you
will be overcome of temptations? "Cod
is faithful, who will not suffer you to be
tempted above that ye tire able, but will
with the temptation also make a way to
escape that ye may be able to bear it."
Oh, this King's highway! Trees of life
on either side, bending over until their
branches interlock and drop midway their
fruit nnd shade. Houses of entertain
ment a either sid the road for poor yil-
rims. Tables spread with a feast of good
liings, and walls adorned with apples of
gold in pictures of .silver. 1 start out on
this King's highway, ami I find a harper,
and I say. "What is yov.r name;" Tho
harper makes iu repo;.se, but leaves mo
to guess as with his eyes toward heaven
and his hand upon the trembling strings
t Iiis tune comes rippling on the air: "The
Lord is my lijfht and my salvation. Whom !
shall I fear? The Lord is ihe strength of
my life. Of whom shall I be afraid?"
I go a little farther .m the same roail
and meet a trumpeter of heaven, and I
say. "Haven't ymi get some music for a
tired pilgrim:" And. wiping bis lips and
taking a long breath, he puts his mouth to
the trumpet and pours forth this strain.
"They shall hunger no more, neither shall
they thirst any more, neither shall the.
sunlight on them, mir any heat, for tho
Lamb which is in the midst of the throne
shall lead them to living fountains of
water, and Cod shall wipe away all tear
from tluir eyes." I go a little distance
farther on the same road, and I meet a
maiden of Israel. She has no harp, but
she has cymbals. They look as if t h:tr
had rusted fnuu sea spray, and I say to
th.e maiden ef lracl: "Have you no son?;
for a tired pilgrim?" And. like the clang
of victors shields-, the cymbals clap as
Miriam begins to discourse: "Sing y to
the Lord, for he hath triumphed glori
ously. The horse and the rider hath ho
thrown into the sea." And then I see a
white robed group. They come bounding
toward mo. ami 1 say. "Who are they?
The happiest, and the brightest, and tho
fairest in all heaven who are they?" And
answer comes.
se an
ev w
came out of great tribulations and hnA
their robes washed and made white in
the blood of the Lamb."
The Terioiinis,
I pursue this subject only one step far
titer. What is the terminus': 1 do not
care how line a road yu put me en, I
want to know where it comes out. My
text declares it. "The redeemed of ihq
Lord come to Zion." You know what Zion
was. That was tho king's palace. It was
a mountain fastness.
Ir was impregm.bl.
And so hetiveti is th fastness of the uni- !sey I beise can -ed great excitement among
verse. No howitzer has long enough ! the L'L I guests in the house. many of whom
range to shell those towers. Let all tho! became hysterical, while others fet! down-
batteries of 4 a r 1 1 1 and 1 1 '11 blaze away. ! i airs ia limir efforts jo escape from tu -
They cannot break in those gates. Cib- j building. The hallways wi re tilled with
raliar was taken, Sevastopol was taken, sne ke. and there was every indication
Habvlon fell, but these walls of heaven (that the building would be consumed.
shall never surrender either to human or
satanie besiegene-ht. The Lord Cod Al
mighty is the defense of it. Crcat capital
of the universe! Terminus of the King's
Dr. Dick said that, among other things,
he thought in heaven we would study
chemistry and geometry and conic sec
tions. Soulhey thought that in heaven
he would have the pleasure of seeing
Chancer and Sliakspeare. Now, Dr. Dick
may have his mathematics for all eter
nity, ami Soulhey his Sliakspeare. Cive
me Christ and my old friends that is all
the heaven 1 want. Christ and his peo
ple that 1 knew on earth that is heaven
enough for me. Oh, garden of light,
whose leaves never wither, and whose
fruits never fail! Oh, banquet of Cod,
whose sweetness never palls the taste
and whose guests are kings forever! Oh,
city of light, whose walls are salvation,
and whose gates are praise! Oh, palace
of rest, where Cod is the monarch and
everlasting ages the length of his reign!
Oh, song louder than the surf beat of
many waters, yet soft as the whisper of
Oh, glorious heaven! When the last
wound is healed, when the last heartbreak
is ended, when the last tear of earthly
sorrow is wiped away, and when the re
deemed of the Lord shall come to Zion,
then let all the harpers take down their
hnrps, and all the trumpeters take down
their trumpets, and all across heaven let
there be chorus of morning stars, chorus
of white robed victors, chorus of martyrs
from under the throne, chorus of ages,
chorus of wvrlds, and there is but one
song sung, and but one name spoken, and
but one throne honored that of Jesus
A pretty long list might lo made of
men who liavo owed their advance
ment, in life to a smart answer given at
the right moment.
One of Napoleon's veterans, ndio sur
vived bis master many years, w is wont
to recount with great glee how he hail
olice picked tip the Hniporor's cocked
hat at a review, when the latter, not
noticing that he was a private, said
carelessly, 'Thank you, captain." "In
what regiment, sire?" instantly asked
the ready-witted soldier.
Napoleon, perceiving his mistake, an
swered with a smile, "In my Cnard. for
I see you know how to be prompt."
Tho newly made olhcor received his
commission the next morning. A some
what similar anecdote fa related of Mar
shal Suvoroff, who. when receiving a
dispatch from the hands of a IJtissian
sergeant who had greatly distinguished
himself on the Danube, attempted to
confuse the messenger by a series of
whimsical questions, but found him
fully equal to the occasion.
"How many fish are there in tho
sea?" asked Suvoroff.
"All that are not caught yet," was
the answer.
"How far is it to the moon?"
"Two of your excellency's forced
"What would you do if you saw your
men giving way in battle?"
"IM tell them that there was a
wagon-lnad of whisky just behind the
enemy's line."
Ha filed at all points, the marshal
ended with "What's the difference be
tween your colonel and myself?"
"My colonel cannot make mo a lieu
tenant, but your excellency has only to
say the word."
"I say it now then." answered Suvor
off "and a. right good ollieor you'll Ire."
A New and Light Metal.
The metal glucinium, hitherto a
chemical rarity, is likely to come for
ward as a useful material, especially
in electrical work. It is only twice as
heavy as water, and is, therefore, even
lighter than aluminum. It Is a good
deal less extensible than Iron and has
an electric conductivity greater than
that of ctpper. It is more dura hi.'
than Iron. At its present price, $17.N3
per pound, It Is one-tenth the price o!
platinum, weight for weight, and one
one hundred and sixtieth the price vol
ume for volume.
') f pf )C TV (MUYi
j 11 L1J 1 lU-M'O VlilJl.
One Will Pc i:::ilt fror: Ticn-Tsin to
L:i k'un Pri.lf, Lig.I.t Zlllvs Wtst of
IVLin (reat Opportunity f:j;- Anier
Luii Ituiiro.i.l lliiiblers.
tnvaricd b the Iron Korsc
The ("hiiu-se toveri'.nient has at h-mrta
turned its attention to the cohsirmqiou
of railroads, and. according to l"a;ted
States Minister Deuby. has appointed
Ciiii-Ah-'ii a provincial judge to supt nu
tend the building if a railroad from
Ticti-Tsin to Lu Kou bridge, eight miles
I west of Pel; in. which is as near th.e sa-
I cred precincts of royalty as Chinese :i
jqu. Uo will permit the road to approach
'at present. The cos: of the seventy miles
of road is estimated at S-'1 ,! It is
to be finished
one vear.
The dc. rc,
ill', ii !; . i !
lie worn also requires ;i:n-s
niei-eha tit
Jo lorai sto'-k civ.p;.ir.'
build other railroads, for the (i erninent
is (ie!er:niu-.'-i to eX'-lude foreign eajiitai
and foreign control of the roads, although
, lucre is reason to oelieve 1; will ul!;:iia;e.y
y:ej,j these -:nts. when practical trial
has shown the magnitude of the under
taking, and the lack of ability, owing to
the inexperience of the Chinese m.iii-i-
J :
rs. in this cae tm-re will lc a great
lidd for foreign railroad enterprise, and
Mr. Deuby. who has lost no opportunity
of setting out tie pro- minent ability of
Americans ;! railroad, managers aid con
structors and stork builder-:, urges tha'
this market should not he allow ed to pa is.
witlmui an effort, into Puivpenn hands.
Guests cf a flew York Hostelry Routed Cut
o.c Ced at an E.ir!y Ho jr.
At New York tire that started in tl:e
i dr ii.u-roeii in the la sc-.-e-iit of the ti!
The tire Was discovered while the guests
Were stiü asleep. The watchmen touched
off the automatic signals which communi
cated with the vai'i iis Üoors to alarm the
guests, ami then hurried to the nearest
alarm box and turned in the fire alarm.
hi the arrival of th engines in response
to the tirst alarm the snmke wa-' th'nk
that a second alarm was s.--nt in. In a
short time the tire was extinguished and
the guests tiled back Jo their apartments.
The total damage will not amount to more
than !0M.
Its Business Last Year Not Up to the Ex
pectations. Th.e great Manchester ship anal is not
doing much business, according to the
figures for last year's operations transmit
ted to the State Department by I'nited
States Consul Crinm-11 at Manchester.
He says only small cross-channel boats
carry out full cargoes, and efforts of the
company to attract the India and China
trade have been attended by disappoint
ment. Although last year merchandise
was sent to the I'nited States to the value
of $14.1.. 4 14, yet not one package was
shipped direct to New York since the
canal opened. Although there were at
bast two recent opportunities for such
shipments, the steamers both left in bal
last. Glut in the Fruit Market.
Last December more fruit was exported
from Sicily to the I'nited States than ever
before in that month, the aggregate being
.'IT.'.oim boxes of green fruits. ir,(M of
which were oranges. Now the markets
both in America and Fngland are glutted
and the prices often received are not sutli
cieiit to cover the expenses, to say nothing
of the cost of the fruit.
May Name the Arbitrator.
The Federal council has authorized the
President of the Swiss republic to accept
the proposal tendered by the ( lovernments
of Croat I'ritaiu and ihe I'nited States
that, in the event of a disagreement as to
the choice of an arbitrator for the Cana-
jdiau sealers' claims, the President of
j Switzerland shall designate an arbitrator.
Society Oris Drive Street Cars.
The society young women of l'i rre.
S. D.. have been driving street car mules.
The ladies cstaldished a rescue home and
the street car company turned the line
over to 1 ti fin for an afternoon. The fair
drivers and conductors secured a good sum
for the home.
Comb Scare in Lisbon.
At Lisbon, a bomb was exploded in the
residence of the physician who cerlilied
to the lunacy of the man who threw a
stone into the king's carriage a short time
ago. Much damage was caused by the
explosion. Ten arrests have been made.
Coffee Crop Reduced.
Owing to a two-years" drought on tin
Pacific side of Nicaragua the i-offoe crop
has been lurch reduced and, instead of
the J X U M )! expeeled, it is not now be
lieved that the crop will exceed 1.IMM
Stearrtr St. Paul Is Afloat.
The steamer St. Paul of the Interna
tional Navigation Company's line, which
went ashore on the sandbar off Long
Hranch a wet 4; ago. has been floated.
Free Coinage Substitute.
The Finance Committee of the Senate
has agreed to report for the tariff bill a
substitute providing for the free coinage
of silver.
Will Mine Under Cotte.
It has long been known that the city
of Hutte, Mont., is located over one of
the greatest mineral deposits in the world.
A company has just, been organized by
.1. A. Coran. C. II. Palmer and others fur
the purpose of mining under the city. They
will drive tunnels in every direction.
Farmers' Alliance Meets.
The National Fanners' Alliance and
Industrial I'nioii nici iri Washington. D.
C., at the National Hotel. Ha eh S.ate
was entitled to from one to two delegates
and m arly e ry Stale was represented.
Mrs. Davidson Kisses the Attorney.
Frank Davidson, who was ui trial at
Iicbatioii. Ind., charged with assault with
intent to kill his wife by shooting at her.
was found guilty of assault only and fined
When the verdict was read, Mrs.
Davidson threw her arms about Attorney
Heigan's neck and kissed h.im.
Wurnins: Note Calling the Wicked to
ICcpc utaccc.
' A NYH0r. cr.n
i,i f j
' " , s T? whole t;::..
to it.
ey i. ail ii
brings r,
1 - , l.
I '.'a t I J
o closer
to e::c; ( her.
Cod's pröruiseg
are h o :i v en's
bank imvs.
Affect a ::: !
M-XC-S bmss p .ss f,.,
p.ss J.-r
l iii' ii-
doin.T all his worl: in the sluv.
A lie never stops running v. ':,
is on its track.
Truth often knocks at the d
who has cars to Lear.
It is still as safe to trust C
was in the ("lays of . Ioi.
When wo treasure t!u rs. -
curst Ives the standard.
It costs ."bout : much to s
it docs to be ctruvagant.
I low easy it is for a l;.;;y ::
that Im-U i.. agaiitet hi;::.
When tho world can't v,:i I
it calls hint a rank.
C'nrncter- is soir:ethii:g ! ,
wli"ii everything cN js gt .;;..
Our trir.is do t;ot weaken :;
only show its thai v.v are v. :
We sometimes pray for n. :
when what we ltcnl is moregr:
The preacher v. bo does n .'
all he preaches, pleaches tnu ::
The devil hates n prayer -nebe
likes the part some pe-q.-'.e
High up at, long the tiling;
on the gale of hell, js Saere,;
To have a real revival of v-
. is not
.: truth
: liin'j
I as it
.' vgy as
and r.
' s':: h
- grace,
:r-. but
in it.
writ lelt
' !!. 1 1.0
ist sin.
he i.ilil-
. as iiO
::i ney
preaching must ho b ar rig a : i : .
A helf-i!i;..j,. ni;in gi:er;;':y
bis boy in trying to nuiko hin: Ii",
Nu man who gives as v.r: '..
ought to give, ever wants i;.s
If tho Christian will Ueo; !;:
shinipg, Cud will put it where cnii 1.4
Don't try to Ktop the wir. h Have
your ship ready to be helped on its way
by it.
The things which do the raovt tf;
make us happy cannot l-e had for
It is just as true that little s'ns aro
real sins, as that little snakes are real
The man who is not Avilling to serve
Cod for nothing, is not willing to servo
him at all.
If you want your boy to stay on the
farm don't make him work with the
lullest hoe.
When one man is heating :i furnace
for another, he never thinks about the
price of coal.
What a bright world this wouhl bo
if people were as ready to give go,? aa
good advice.
It is hard to understand why unas
ftiining people uro so apt to wear
squeaking shoes.
No man should engage in anything"
in which he cannot with confidence ask
Cod to guide him.
"Let not thy left hand kno-v what
thy right hand doeth," means that both
should be kept busy for Cod.
If angels know what the saloons aro
doing, it must puzzle them to under
stand why Cod holds the judgment
Our Thanksgiving dinner v:) rnsto
all the better if we know that our poor
neighbor also has some turkey on hia
If there Is joy in heaven over a sin
ner that repents, what do you suppose
happens there when a boy g.u s into a
Tho man who loves Cod with all Iiis
heart will be found doing soumfbing;
more to show it than talking nice in
The man who goes around digging
pits for others to fall into, wkl dig kb
own grave, sooner or later. In the
devil's service trials are misfortunes,
but in Cod's service they are blessings.
ViidcrlVd ticriiians.
How institliciently the lower classes
in Cornmny are fed with nourishing,
wholesome food is well know::. From
the annual statistics of the for y even
large Cerman cities just pu'.li .hcd I
gathered the following ilk;-: r.nivo
Item: In Herlin the annual meat con
sumption a head of Population im: de
creased from K kilos to tl'd kilos, or Ju.-t
about ounces of meat a day. An in
crease is shown in the consumption M
horseflesh for human food, wiiil" dogs
meat has become a regular staph' arti
cle for the poor man's diet. Iii Chem
nitz ami in Dresden especially this un
inviting article of food has been in
creasing enornun.sly. In ('!; innitz
sme .""7 dogs have been slaughtered
ami sohl for human food, to the knowl
edge of the authorities, to say nothing
of the many cases whore th" fact did
not come to their knowledge. Isn't tint
a vivid Illustration to the raison tl'otr.
of Haupt man's "Die Weber." the play
called revolutionary here, but wuero
the real life of the poor CiTm.tn weav
ers is but realistically portrayed?
Scotch nnd American Hoef.
It is a notorious fact thai much of
tho beef sold as "prime Scotch" is sim
ply prime American. The Hritlsh .con
sumer, it is averred, is unnbh t detect,
either by eye oi palate the origin of a
side of beef or of the roast, cut from it.
Dr. Cladc Do you know anybodv
who has a horse for .'.tie? DroverI
recken Hank Hitters has; I sohl lim
o n e yes terday. Truth.
The dog-in-the-nmnger sentiment la
the foundation iu every love affair.

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