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Teoplo find just the help they so much
need, in Hood's arsaparilla. It fur
nishes the desired strength by purify
ing, vitalizing and enriching the blood,
and thus builds up the nerves, tones
the stomach and regulates tho whole
system. Head this :
"I want to praise Hood's Sarsaparilla.
My health run down, and I had the grip.
After that, my heart and nervous system
were badly affected, so that I could not
do my own work. Our physician gave me
ionic help, but did not cure. I decided
to try Hood's Sarsaparilla. Soon I could
do all my own housework. I have taken
(Li IiCl
Flood's Tills with Hood's Sarsaparilla.
and they have done me much pood. I
Trill not be without them. I have taken 13
bottles of Hood's Sarsaparilla, and
through the blessing of God, it has cured
me. I worked as hard as ever the past
summer, and I am thankful to say I am
well. Hood's Pills when taken with
Hood's Sarsaparilla help very much."
Mk. M. M. Mhsskxhei:, Freehold, Penn.
This and many other cures prove that
Is th( One True Wood Purifier. Allilnursrists. $1.
Prepared only ly C. I. Hood & Co., Jewell. Mass.
Hnml'c Pill; ;,,,t ''i'V. promptly and
11UUU 3 1 IllJ eltertivrly. 15 Cents.
The Greatest Medical Discovery
of the Age.
Has discovered in one of our common
pasture weeds a remedy that cures every
kind of Humor, from the worst Scrofula
down to a common Pimple.
He has tried it in over eleven hundred
cases, and never failed except in two cases
(both thunder humor). He has now in his
possession over two hundred certificates
of its value, all within twenty miles of
Boston. Send postal card for book.
A benefit is always experienced from
the first bottle, and a'perfect cure is war
ranted when the right quantity is taken.
When the lungs are affected it causes
shooting pains, like needles passing
through them; the same with the Liver or
Bowels. This is caused by the ducts being
6topped, and always disappears in a week
after taking it. Read the label.
If the stomach is foul or bilicas it will
cause squeamish feelings at first.
No change of diet ever necessary. Eat
the best you can get, and enough of it.
Dose, one tablespoonfuljn water at bed
time. Sold by all Druggists.
Checks Bleeding, Reduces
Inflamrnation.Quiets Pain,
Is the Bicycler's Necessity.
Sores, fjBg$F"0 Burns,
Piles, ÜifitÖ Colds,
Rheumatism, Hoarseness,
Sore Throat, Chilblains,
Ram's Horn Sounds a Warning Not
to the Unredeemed.
Till sm wo spare
will not spare us.
Character Is al
ways telling
somebody what
It Is.
When wo would
walk with God
we must go his
A self - made
man always
spoils his job
Whoever hinders God's work robs the
whole world.
Every reform that comes to stay be
gins in the heart.
The fire and tho gold never under
stand each other.
Religion should do the most where It
Is needed the most.
Some people would say more, if they
didn't talk so much.
No one is free from sin who is not
free from the love of sin.
The less we have, the more it means
in heaven when we jrivo.
While we are drinking the bitter,
Christ is preparing the sweet.
The iiK'.n who prays much can do
much, if he prays in the right way.
An easy chair for the discontented
cannot be found at a furniture store.
The world may kill God's man, but It
has never been able to hurt his truth.
The P.ihle is full of comfort for those
in the dark, but not for those in doubt.
The more faith men have in God, the
more love they will have for each other.
The man who helps the; weak takes
God's way to gain strength for him
self. Say not that the former times vere
better than the present, for it is a mis
take. When there is no gospel in the p retch
ing, what good will it i!o to crowd the
What do yu suppose angels think
when they see a preacher looking for
an easy place';
A Maine "Leather Stocking."
On the level lowlands of the Molnn
kus. a short distance below Sherman
Mills, Aroostook County, on a farm as
level and as smooth as any Western
prairie, resides Mr. Joseph T. Leavitt,
a gentleman upward of 50 years of age,
well and favorably known in that sec
tion ami also in Western Penobscot and
East Somerset, where he formerly re
sided, lie is not a hunter by trade or
profession, his two principal occupa
tions through life having been farming
ami blacksmithing: still he has a skill
at hunting, trapping and lishiug that
few can eoual.
Several years ago Mr. Leavitt left his
house with his repeating rifle in pur
suit of deer. A light snow had recently
fallen, and he soon struck the fresh
trail of deer that he knew must be
near him. P.eing on the windward side
of the deer, and fearing that they would
scent him and tlee, he made a wide cir
cuit around the place where he judgeJ
them to be. moving with all the stealth.
deliberation and caution that was in
olden times said to characterize the
movements of an expert scout trailing
an Indian warrior or vice versa.
On reaching the leeward side he
moved forward a few pares as noise
lessly as Cooper's Indian Chingachgook
and caught sight of a deer just as the
animal was lying down. In lying down
the deer became hidden from view by
an intervening log. The hunter's reso
lution was Immediately taken. He
cocked the title and threw it forward
for instant use; then he calmly reached
out his hand and snapped a little twig.
Til" no?vi wn diLrht. lo;t suMk'm'M.
No One but a Veteran Can Realize the Suf
ferings from Army Life.
It Often Makes Onr Ablc-Bodicd Men
Helpless Invalida-Tbe Story of One
Who Suffered for Twenty Years.
From the Farmers' Voice, Chicago. FiL
Edson A. Wood, who now lives at DtX)
Washington boulevard, Chicago, 111., was
born on a farm in Wyoming County, N.
Y., fifty years ago. As a young man he
suffered two sun strokes in the tields.
When the war broke out, he joined the
57tb Illinois Volunteers, with which he
served two rears, when sickness forced
his discharge. The effects of the sun
strokes and his army life undermined his
health and he soon found his brain, heart
and kidneys were affected. For eight
years he was with the West Chicago
Street Car Company; but was forced to
seek lighter work, as the exposure in
creased his bronchial and asthmatic trou
bles. His constitution gradually but sure
ly breaking down, strange dizzy spells be
coming more frequent, he finally sought
relief in Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
lie said to a reporter: "It was some time
about a year ago when I was very poorly,
that my head was giving me a great deal
of trouble, dizzy spells, aches and queer
feelings, and then I also had a strange
feeling of uncertainty in the use of my
lower limbs when walking.
"Physicians examined my condition
closely and were of the opinion that 1 had
all the first symptoms of locomotor ataxia,
and I believe they '.ere right, also last
summer I had a very hard time with an
attack of tonsilitis and neuralgia, from
which I did not recover for some time. It
was then that I commenced to take these
Pink Pills, and had only taken a few
boxes when 1 discovered a remarkable
change for the better in every way. The
pills neemed to relieve me of aches and
pains, the symptoms of locomotor ataxia
have left me entirely, and they have made
me strong and feel like myself.
"1 am going to continue with the use of
the pills for the reason that having re
lieved me of the ailments I thought had
come to stay, having been caused thirty
years ago from hardships in the army, I
am practically rid of them and will lose
no efforts when I have the remedy at
hand to keep them rid. I am only too glad
to tell all mv friends what experience 1
have had with Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,
ami when they see the good physical con
dition I am in now, although near sixty
years of age. they will come to the same
conclusion as myself.
"The above is a correct statement of
facts concerning myself.
(Signed) EDSON A. WOOD."
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
2ld day of Januarv, 1SP0.
Notary Public.
Pink Pills are sold by nil dealers, or will
be sent iost paid on receipt of price.
cents a box or six boxes for SH.öO. by
addressing Dr. AYilliams' Medicine Co.,
Schenectady, N. Y.
The Japanese Method.
It is customary among most civilized
nations, when launching or christen
ing a vessel, to break a bottle of cham
pagne or other wine over her bows. The
Japanese, with their usual thrifty no
tions, do not believe in this unnecessary
waste. When they christen a vessel,
instead of breaking a bottle, they liber
ate number of pigeons. At the chris
tening of the Yashiina, the largest and
most powerful battleship ever con
structed for the Japanese navy, which
took place a short time ago at the KIs
wick shipyard, on the Tyne, this unus
ual sight was seen. Madame Kato, the
wife of a member of the Japanese em
bassy, christened the vessel and let
loose the pigeons at the same time. It
would be interesting to know what the
origin, meaning and intention of the
custom was.
A Cat Worth Having.
One of the greatest successes in the his
tory of this country is that achieved by
lioston's unique o-eent magazine, The
Mack Cat. In seven months it has reach
ed a sale of one quarter of a million copies
per issue. The chief reason for this is
that each number contains half a dozen
of the most original and fascinating
stories that brains and genius can pro
duce and money can buy.
The Philadelphia Call aptly says: Its
phenomenal success has already earned
for it the title, "The Marvel of the Maga
zine World," and it would certainly be
impossible to find in a single number of
A Variegated Life.
In a quiet little convent of the sis
ters of St. Joseph at llutland, Yt., lives
a woman who doubtless passes many
an hour thinking over her past event
ful life. It is Victoria Morosini-Schill-ing.
the daughter of a rich banker, who
entered the great world of life and pas
sion at 11 years of age by eloping with
a coachman. Her coach-driving hus
band could not furnish money enough
to satisfy her way of living, so she left
him to go on the Casino stage as a danc
ing girl. There she won a reputation
for grace and beauty, but, after a few
years, she turned against stage life
and quit it. Then she was lost sight of
until a short time ago, when she was
found living in a convent and wearing
the plain black garb of the sisters of
St. Joseph.
Fair and Fruitful
As the West Is. It Is often malarious, tint it
is pleasant to know that a competent safe
guard In the shape of Hostet tor's Stomach
Hitters exists, which absolutely nullifies the
poison of miasma. Western-hound emigrants
sluM'M he'.r this In mind. Nor should it be
forgotten, the Hitters la a sterling r-mey
for dyspepsia, biliousness, constipation, kid-
uey aud nervous complaints and rheumatism.
Russin as a Wine Producer.
Russia already ranks sixth among
the wine-producing countries in the
world, and will probably soon surpass
(Jennany in this respect. In the Pro
vince of Itessarabia alone there are
I'HJ.UOO acres under vines, or nearly
half the arable land.
The Modern Way
Commends itself to the well informed,
to do pleasantly and effectually what
was formerly done in the crudest man
ner and disagreeably as well. To
cleanse the system and break up colds,
headaches and fevers without unpleas
ant after effects, use the delightful
liquid laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs.
The California Indian's bow is made
from the white or sap wood of the
cedar, the outside of the tree being also
the outside of the bow. The stick is
scraped ami polished with the sharp
pieces of obsidian, roasted in ashes
and bent into shape. Their arrows are
made of button willow twigs of the
buckeye and canes.
Improper and deficient care of the scalp
will cause grayness of the hair and bald
ness. Escape both by the use of thf.t re
liable specihe, Hall iiair Itenewer.
No cool disapproval, however stern,
no indicted penalty however severe,
has tin same effect that a surprised
and pained feeling usually exerts when
sincerely felt and frankly expressed.
Freckles, tan and all beauty-marring
blemishes vanish from the face when
(Jlenu's Sulphur Soap is used.
Bancroft was rather reserved than
otherwise with most persons whom he
Pico's Cure for Consumption is tin best
of all cough cures. Ceorge W. Lötz, Fa-
bacher, Im., Aug. 12.. ISit...
Unless we think more than we talk.
we talk too much.
veryone who nice tries Ihihhlns' Floatlnz-itcrax
Soij' colli hi neu to um It. fr it Is really suta-rlor tu
even the le-l of other lWtliitr t-oaos, ami ctita you no
nu n. Made ut Uorax, mats, ioo Ier cent. pure,
'try iL
1 IT. All KitsMOfped free by lr. Kliii i t
Tve I'e-toier. No t its i;ft r tiret ilay's use. Mar
vt lous cun-N. TrratiK- and fl.tfi trial hott!- lree to
r it casts, hend to Jjr. kuiie. 1C1 Arch St.. i'liila. l'a.
Mrs. Winslow' Sooth ino Syücp for Children
teetliniir: Rott-Iii the minis, ream-en inflammation,
allays iiaiu. cures wind colio. Q cents a hott le.
avrs oiir Pocket-book. l'ure, et:-., mim Ik-iiik ac
nU iitall., 1..M. i r stolen without jn;r fcimwl tue.
I.a:j:e lunM to aifetiH. Sample by ruail .r ci-it. Ad
tlnhs P. L KKAN & CO.. Koiiieovlhe, 1 lis.
A New Illuminant.
knot her conquest of light Is M.
Charles Henry's sulphate of zinc. 51.
Henry is a French savant of the school
of higher studies, who has revealed
the power of sulphate of zinc to absorb
sunlight and givv it back in the dark.
Poudre de riz made with this mineral
gives a soft luminosity to a fair young
face. A lady cyclist dusted all over
with this powder is in herself a lamp
on a pitchdark night. The luminous
pigment is not liable to be spoiled by
damp, by carbolic acid, or by any weak
acid. It resists rain if united to some
stronglv adhesive bod v. There is a
house In the Hue do I-ongchamps
where a wiudowless set of rooms is
lighted with it. The lady of the house j
receives there her friends at "Ö o'clock."
The apartments seemed bathed in
moonlight, and the curtains are as if
studded with glowworms, the ceiling
scintillates. The furniture looks as if
rubbed with phosphorus. The play of
this light on colored objects gives one
the impression of Aladdin's under
ground palace. Often they take the
rich, glowing tones of the topaz, ruby.
and emerald. The powder does not
lose its brilliancy if used in starch or
size. A black dress trimmed with lace
made luminous by it is more than be
witching. London Daily News.
Gave Up a Fortune lor Love.
The fact that Mrs. Sloane. the widow
of the deceased carpet millionaire, is
willing to give up an income of .Söm.ooo
ter annum to marrv the man she loves
is considered an item of sullicient nov-
city to be widely noticed in the press.
Des Moines Leader.
Garrick was generally so quiet that
he often created the impression of diili-dence.
8 Queer Names. 8
O "Blue Spots" "Dead Aches" UtTr ö
5S are all well known of flesh, bone, VT TlPfmC fill J&&fcxfX ä
Q and mwclft, and easily mmlhy 0tjatU V" fj&M&Mf.' Q
to the women
they see a woman washing in the old-fashioned
1 way with soap rubbing the clothes to pieces,
tf v rubbing away her strength, wearing herself
J out over the washboard A To these Pearl-
J ine women,
. i
LO 1
7l V
rtv i- ffi m frr-RT-
m ill w id
Bear in Mind that "The Gods HeTp
Those Who Help Themselves." Self
Help Should Teach You to Use
Lydia E. Pickham's Vegetable Compound
Will cure the worst forms of female
complaints, all ovarian troubles, in
Uainination and ulceration, falling and
displacements of the womb, and conse
quent spinal weakness, and is pecu
liarly adapted to the change of life.
Every time it will cure Backache.
It has cured more cases of leucor
rlura by removing1 the cause, than any
remedy the world has ever known ; it
is almost infallible in such caes. It
dissolves and expels tumors from the
uterus in an early starre of develop
ment, and cheeks any tendency to can
cerous humors. Lydia E. Pinkham'S
Liver Pills work in unison with tha
Compound, and are a sure cure for
constipation and sick headache. Mrs.
Pinkham's Sanative Wash is of grei.t
value for local application.
MAUKXKW- Aav with sjertarll
Liy mad lue. Lk k I i 7?-. N. uttu
tiUHfcS WHtHfc ALL fcLSt rAlLS.
1 E2Et Couth tTrup. TatttsGoud.
iSI in tmio. S"1J bvdn-.e'st.
r it E2Et Couth tTrup. TatttsGoud. Cee
r - r, ;
How it looks.
who wash with Pen Hin tvlin
fresh from easy washing, she
seems to "wear a 1001 s cap unawares.
Everything s in favor of Pearline
work, safety, economy. There's
not oiiv- tiling aainai it. vv wai a
the lisp nf wn shin rr in trip hn rrlcf
' I way, when it costs more money? 489
You are wasting money
when you buy cheap binding
instead of the best.
Remember there is no "just

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