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A Holland Sailor Sought a Northeast
Passage to China In 1594.
From Harper's Weekly: The hardy
mariners who were the pioneers in Po
lar discovery achieved wonders, con
sidering that they had everything to
learn about methods of Arctic work,
and their vessels and equipment were
very inadequate One of the greatest
of all Arctic v.. agers was the man
who commanded the first true Polar
expedition, William Barentz. He sailed
from Holland in 1594, on the little fish
ing smack Mercurius, and the object
of his voyage 6hows how ignorant the
merchants and seamen of those days
were as to the navigability of Arctic
seas. Barentz pushed into the un
known for the purpose of sailing
around the north end of Nova Zembia,
ami finding a northwest passage to
C 12 and so for a month he skirted
the v u.ii or ice that barred his way,
seeking in every dir'vtion for a lane
by which he might travel through the
pack, putting his vessel about eighty
one times and traveling jack and forth
along the ice edge for 1,700 niles. The
highest north he attained during this
careful examination of the ice edge was
614 statute miles south of the highest
point reached by Nansen, or ST4 miles
from the Pole.
Frozen Cranberries.
Cranberries are not injured by freez
ing, and so it is an easy matter to ship
them in cold weather. They are often
sent as far as Manitoba in ordinary
open box cars. When they arrive they
are frozen into solid blocks of ice. The
sides of the cases are knocked off and
the berr:s are exposed in a solid
mass, like cakes of ice, except that
they are much more beautiful from
their ric'i red color. They are chopped
off exactly like ice, and the citizen of
Winnipeg is so accustomed to buying
his cranberries en bloc that he doesn't
mind in the least, though an Eastener
would probably object to taking them
in that way, thinking, in his preju
diced mind, that the berries are
spoiled. Hartford Post.
There I a Class of Peopl
Who are injured by the use of coffee.
Recently there has been placed in all
the grocery stores a new preparation
called GRAIN-O, made of pure grains,
that takes the place of coffee. The
most delicate stomach receives it with
out distress, and but few can tell It
fum coffee. It does not cost over 4
as much. Children may drink it with
great benefit. 15 cts. and 25 cts. per
package. Try it. Ask for GRAIX-O.
Equine Intelligence.
A pious Long Island editor fathers
the story of a horse owned by Sam
uel Webb of Greenport, which, after
being hitched up each morning, goes
tone to the master's store; but one i
day when its shoe was Ioosp it went
instead to the blacksmith's shop,
where Mr. Webb found .
"Klondyke Bulletin"
Will be published by the Soo Line Mondays,
containing all Tei.kohapiiii N'kvvs and up-to-natc
information as to Best IlnrTcs. Si:n
vi k MF.AMsiup Saii.ings. and cTexy fa
cility ;is same develop. I.NVAUAM,F.to Alaskan
prospectors and all their friends. To be placed
on mailing list, send six rents (rtc) in stamps to
W. R Callaway, (i P. A. Minnr-apoH, Minn.
Wild Language.
"Some fiend incarnate," sat-s a Mis
sissippi editor, "with the roaring fur
nace of hell staring him in the face,
entered the residence of John Jones
recently and stole the Presbyterian I
Sunday school collection." New York
r ' . T l f j . ....
iron i luuaccu rpu 2iu amoKe Tour LtVe Avtav
To quit tobacco easily and forever, be lnag
ßetic. full of life. nerve and viirnr. take No-To-Bac,
üw wonder-worker, that makes weak men
Ktrt-ng. All drutTKists. or M. 'ure uamn
ttd Boaklet und sample free. nrtrtrc
fcU-rLuj,' lit m dy Co.. fUlf mo or New York
Still Able to Klc2.
A Kentucky mule has been working '
fteadily for 39 years, and is able yet
to kick a hole through a two-inch !
How baldness begins.
How to prevent it.
Pvery rron, male or female, shrink
from liaMues. It adds to the appearance
of age and is a strious discomfort. The
ea-e- are rare when the facing out of the
hair may not te stopped, and a new and
healthy growth of the hair promoted. The
hair grows in the scalp like a plant in the
soil. If a plant flourishes, it must hare
constant attention; it must be watered
regularly and find its food in the soil
where it is rooted. It's so with the hair.
Neglect is usually the bepiuning of bald
ness. Iandriiff is allowed to thicken on
the scalp. The hair begins to loosen. The
Scalp loses its vitality. The hair, insuf
ficiently nourished, hegins to fade and to
fall. The instant need in such a case is
some practical preparation which, sup
plying the needed nourishment to the
scalp, will feed the hair, giv- it strength,
and so produce a strong and healthy
growth. All this is done by Dr. Ayer's
Hair Vigor, the most practical and valua
ble preparation for the hair that can be
obtained. It tones up the scalp, does away
with dandruff, stops the hair from falling,
restores the original color to gray or faded
w nw
I 10c
j 25c 50c
Any Woman. Willi a 1.1 trie Kxperletice,
Can Wash Garments Satisfactorily.
That the family washing cannot te satis
factorily done with a scant supply of hard
water and inferior soap is a tact not al
ways understood by housekeepers, yet
these inconvenience are the cause of yel
low clothes, and faded garment. Strong
lye soap made in the home kitchens, mav
have answered for the use of our grand
mothers, nud the cheap laundry soap found
in the village stores ball a century ago was
thought good enough for wo:neu who had
leartied to make hard robbing do the work
which good soap should havedone. But in
this age of progress labor saving appli
ances are used by intelligent women, and
in no plat e do they count for more thau in
the laundry. At ter assorting the clothes,
put the linen in a tub nearly full of hot
water, and rub them wi'h Ivory Hoap. as
each piece is washed, it should lie wrung
out. and placed in a clean tub. Whet all
are washed pour tailing water over, and
let stand until cool, then rinse, and starch
the clothes. After the linens are washed,
the white wearing clothes should be washed
in the same way. then thecolored garments
taken through fresh suds, rinsed, starched,
and hung on the line. When dry each
piece should be taken from the line, shaken
out. sprinkled, folded and laid in a haket
until morning, when they should be care
fully ironed. Eliza R. Parker.
Collection of Indian Antiquities.
The late Hallett Phillips' remark
able collection of over 20,000 Indian
implements and antiquities from the
valley of the Potomac river has been
given to the Smithsonian institution
by Thomas Lee, to whom Mr. Phillips
had bequeathed it. Besides being an
expert of high rank in international
law, Mr. Phillips, in a comparatively
short life, became the greatest author
ity in the country on the subject of
prehistoric man in the Atlantic tide
water region. The Phillips collection
is said to be the best key in existence
to the manners and habits of the an
cient Algonquin race, as it was the
largest of its class in the world.
The Atlantic Monthly for 1808.
la the number for January a new
and notable novel, ' The Battle of the
Strong," by Mr. Gilbert Parker, will
be begun. It will be recalled that the
Atlantic published Mr. Parker's suc
cessful "Seats of the Mighty."
Mr. F. Hopkinson h mith's stirring
serial, "Caleb West," which was begun
in the October number, will be con
cluded in the number for March.
Short stories by the best writers
will be a part of the contents of every
Advice to Klodikers.
"Be snre you are right then go ahead."'
The newspnpt are filled with all sor sof
.tnti'incnts regarding mining in Um Yukon
basin: and schemes for tho profit of the
"staj -at-homes" are more plentiful than
icicles in Dawson. The railways are try
in: to place before you reliable informa
tion as to the country ami how to get there.
The Northern Pacific as the pioneer in
Alaska passenger trnflic. running its trains
from St. Panl and Minneapolis to Puget
Sound and Portland, have by their recent
ly issued map folder on Alaska, nain dem
onstrated their right to first consideration.
Send Chas. S. Kee. St. Paul. Minn . 2-cents
postage for the latest and best Alaska
map published.
How It Worked.
"It works this way," said the agent.
"When a burglar tries to open the win
dow this bell begins ringing and
wakes you up." "Bell rings and wakes
me up?" said Popper. "And it will
wake the baby, too. I don't want it
Take it away. I guess you don't know
that kid of mine." The Yellow Book.
Haanfl Slept for Three Mouth.
George W. Woodruff, of Flora, Ind.,
has not slept for three months. He
works day and night and his general
health is good.
To Cure Const ip.it Ion Forever.
Take Gascarota Qand Ckthartte. i(c or 2c.
If C C C tail to tun-, dru'ist.-. rvfuud money
My liberty ends when it begins to
involve the possibility of ruin to my
neighbor. John Stuart Mill.
Iowa Farms f..r sale on cfOD n.r. tvrit 1 nor
nrn 'as,i- bui.-inc.' crop yearly until paid for.
J- M"lhuil- Wauhiyan, m.
A good woman is .the salt of tlie
earth and a flirt is its pepper.
I hair, and gives an abundant and p!ossy
i growth. Those who are threatened with
I approaching baldness will be interested
j iu the following voluntary statement.
mace Oy Alderman S. J. Crecu.ot bpencer,
Iowa. He writes :
"Ahout four months ago, mv hair com.
meaced falling out sor rapfdly that I
became alarmed, and being recommended
Dr. Ayer's Hair Vigor by a druggist. I
resolved to try this preparation. I have
been now usiug it for three months, and
am much gratified to find th.:t my hair has
ceased falling out and alo that hair which
had been turning gray for the past five
years has been restored to its original
color, dark brown. It gives me inucb
pleasure to recommend this dressing."
S. J. Green, Alderman, Spencer, Iowa.
Those who are Interested In preserving
and beautifying the hair will do well to
send for Dr. Ayer's Curebook, A story of
cures told by the cured. This book of too
pages is sent free, on request, by the J. C
Ayer Co., Lowell. Masa.
mm. in
Condensed Report of the Doings j
in Senate and House.
The Measure Provide for an Expendi
ture of SHl,i(i:i,H80 Mr. Diujley
Confident of tbe Success of ilis
Turin Dill.
Wednesday, Dec. S.
The session of the house lasted cn'y
fifteen minutes. W. A. Stone (rep.) of
Pennsylvania reported the pension ap
propriation bill.
In the senate Senator Allen intro
duced a resolution declaring it to be
the sense of the senate that congrs
should, with all convenient speed, ac
knowledge by appropriate act the poli
tical independence of Cuba. The sen
ator said he was convinced the senti
ment of the country was opposed to
the position taken by the administra
tion. Thursday, Dec. 9.
Tho house in committee of the whole
entered upon the consideration of the
pension appropriation bill. It was ad
mitted on both sides of the house that
the $140.000,000 carried by the bill f:r
pensions would not cover the expendi
tures, but 33 congress would be in ses
sion Mr. Cannon said it would Le eay
to make good any deficiency that might
Mr. Alln (dem.. Miss.) produced fig
ures showing an estimated deficit l-;:-
the next year of $72.000,000. Mr. Nor
ton (dem.. O. ) charged that Commis
sioner of Pensions Evans had advocat
ed a law that would hereafter cut off
the widow and the orphan. Messrs.
Myer (dem.. Ind.) and Campbell (dem..
111.) submitted brief remarks in fa-or
of liberal pensions.
The senate did a considerable tmonrtt
of business, although no very Impor
tant measures were considered or pa-. -ed,
and there was very little debate.
Mr. Carter, chairman of the census
committee, secured unanimous content
for the consideration on Monday next
of his bill providing for the taking of
the federal census in 190X The senate
adjourned until Monday.
Friday, Dee. to.
The house parsed the pension appro
priation bill without am ndment and
adjourned until Monday. As passed I he
bill carries $141.2G3.8S0. Mr. Dingley
gave a new interpretation of the esti
mated increase in pension expendi
tures. He figured out a surplus of $10,
000.000 for the coming fiscal year. The
effect of the anticipatory revenues, he
said, would all be overcome during this
fisral year, and that after May or Juno.
lOS. the revenues would exceed the
The senate was not in session.
Illinois Operators Agree to Tay GN
Weight Scale.
After standing out for seven months
for what they thought was due them
the Streator. 111., miners have gain d a
decided victory. The operators have
agreed to pay the grost-weight scal
for mining, which was adopted at the
Joltot conference a few days ajro.
This ends the long strike in this sec
tion and will put 2.0j men at work
in the next few davs.
KefuHed tit (Jrsnt lnjnnel inn.
Judge McCiure refused to grant ;:.
state of Indiana an Injunction against
the Standard Oil Company ' gat-war.-Illg
methods in the gas field. The ease
will be appealed to the supreme court,
and if ue- unary carried to the federal
Kara iMunlererH Sentenced.
Judge Clyde sentenced JU iilah Fles
to be imprisoned twenty years and
William Kern twelve years t?r the
murder of Jerome Kern, near Wave-i-ly.
Iowa. They pleaded guilty of murder
in the second degree.
ontiiiiied to February Term.
The trial of former Deputy Treasur
er Perry Fair, charged with forgery
and the embezzlement of D 'Ka'.b coun
ty, Ind., funds, was continued to the
February term of court.
frotekt aanuMi Annexation.
Senator Hoar his presented a mon
ster protest in the senate from native
Hnaralians against the annexation of
the Hawaiian islands to the United
OfTrr of a Patriotic Spaniard.
The Marquis Viiiamajor haa written
to Sagasta, the Spanish premier, offer
ing 10.000 ($50,000) to start a national
subscription far the increase of the
Taunt Mm I nited St iles.
The German ami Frenc h press unite
in declaring that the United State has
pocketed the Monroe doctrine on iee-
ir.g Kaiser Williams' resolute attitude.
K-v. Dr. Atkinson Dead.
Kev. Dr. John Atkinson, author of
the hymn, "We Shall Meet ileyond the
River" and of numerous works on
church aft airs, is dead.
Deficit In Iowa Treasury.
State Auditor McCarthy i?i his bien
nial report estimates that there will
be a deficit in the Iowa state treasury
of nearly $500,000 next June.
Talk of Ihnii'i lgaalln
It is said that General Hiatico will
resign if he finds it impossible to ar
range affairs so as to establish auto
nomy in the island.
Dum t That the Port la Ceded.
it Is rumured in European capitals
that China hs ceded Kiao Chou to
The Fnry of an Unfettered Element Falls
to Crunh Them The Fire Fieud Defied.
The news comes from Attica, Ind.,
of the destruction, by fire, of the big
laboratory and office building of the
Sterling Remedy company, makers of
Cascarets Candy Cathartic and No-To-
Bac, the original guaranteed tobacco
habit cure. The preparations made by
this big corporation are known
throughout the world.
The fire broke out in one of the
packing rooms on the third floor during
the noon hour, and had made consider
able headway before it was discovered.
Tbe Sterling Remedy company is the
principal industry of the beautiful lit
tle city of Attica, employing several
hundred people, besides being affiliated
with the interests at the Indiana Min
eral Springs, the famous Magno-Mud
Cure. The entire population was
worked up to a frenzy of excitement.
Meanwhile th almost proverbial
energy and presence of miDd of "Hust
ling" Harry Kramer, the general man
ager of The Sterling Remedy company,
was displayed. He was the coolest
man at the scene. He quietly walked
away, and secured a big carriage show
room near by, and had all office furni
ture, charred and delapidated as it
was, taken there. Several shipments
were made the same evening from
goods saved, and on Friday morning,
all departments were at work in var
ious rooms about town, while a gang
of men were cleaning away the wreck
age preliminary to rebuilding.
The actual damage amounts to many
thousands of dollars; the loss due to
interruption of business and confusion
of detail is inestimatable, but pluck
and energy of one man will turn de
feat into victory and move the wheels
of business to ever-increasing speed.
Nothing can stop the success of Cas
carets and No-To-Bac with such char
acteristic force behind them.
Poultry Schools In France.
England imports eggs and poultry
to the value of $23,000,000, while
France exports $70,000,000 of the same.
France has a number of poultry
schools, where pupilä are regularly
trained In rearing fowls, managing
lDcubators, curing diseases, etc., 30,000
chickens being hatched each season at
the Gambais school. The pupils pay
for their instruction, and work from
6 a. m. to 8 p. m., three of the hours
being devoted to study. Scholarships
are founded for the benefit of those
unable to afford the tuition Ue.
Catarrh Cannot He Cured
with LOCAL APPLICATIONS, as they cannot
reach the seat of the disease. Catarrh is a
blood or constitutional disease, and in order to
i ure it you must take internal remedies. Halls
Catarrh Care is taken Internally, and acts
direetljr on the Mood and mucous surfaces.
Hall s Catarrh Care la not ; quack medicine
It was prescribed by one ot the beat physicians
In this country for vears. an.i is a regular pre
scription. It is composed of the beat tonics
known, combined with the best biooti purifiers,
acting directly on me mucous surfaces. The
perfect comb! nation of the two laaredienta is
what produces such ironderfal results in curing
Catan h. Send for testimonials, free.
V. J. CHENEY & CO., Pr pg., Toledo, O.
Sohl by drvnists, price Tie.
liall s Family Pills are the best.
Wtkiii'- for Pleasure.
Harry Chester, the Globe trotter, is
now making a tour of the south on
foot, which will likely be extended to
the Klondike in the spring. He sells
the World, song buoks and pictures,
and during the long evenings lectures
on his travels.
Seal 8k lim Are Scarce,
Every woman in the country who
was promised a sealskin coat this win
ter has been several times informed
that the total catch was only 30,000
skins- not nearly enough to supply the
demand. Ex.
Itet ween New York nud Liverpool.
The screw of an Atlantic liner re
volves something like 030,000 times be
tween Liverpool and New York.
Star Tobacco is the lending brand cf
the world, became it is the Lest.
Fad A peculiarity of another person.
JT, DR. SAMUEL PITCHER, of Byiznnis, Massachusetts,
was the originator of "PITCHER'S CASTORIA' the same
that has borne and docs now yV? . 5 otl every
bear the facsimile signature of ajfUc wrapper.
This is the original " PITCHER'S CASTORIA," which has been
used in the homes of the mothers of America for over thirty
years. LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper and see that it is
the kind you have always bought nj? yjTTa on t16
and has the signature of wrap
per. Xo one has authority from me to use my name except
The Centaur Company of which Chas. II. Fletcher is
March ii, 1897: c2- v-r-.,.
Do Not Be Deceived.
Do not endanger the life of your child by accepting a cdVap substitute
which some druggist may offer you (because he makes a few more pennies
uu me ingreotcnu oi wnicn even he does not know.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
ccm.-k) irit hAU-ölMILE SIGNATURE OF
Insist on Having
The Kind That Never Failed You.
u In
"HPän I'l ill
The Hospital and a Fearful Operation.
Hospitals in great cities are sad places t o visit. Three
fourths of the patients lyin on tlioe snow-white beds
are women and girls.
Why should this be the case ?
Because they have neglected themselves! Women
as a rule attach too little importance to first symp
toms of a certain kind. If they have toothache,
they will try to save the tooth, though many leave
even this too late. They comfort themselves with
the thought that they can replace their teeth; but
they cannot replace their internal organs!
Every one of those patients in the hospital beds
had plenty f warnings in the form of bearing-down
feeling's, pain at the right or the left of the womb,
nervous dyspepsia, pain in the small
44 blues," or some other unnatural symptom, but they did'
not heed them.
Don't drag along at home or in the shop until you are finally obliged to
go to the hospital and submit to horrible examinations and operations I
Build up the female organs. Lydia E. Pinkhama Vegetable Compound will
save you from the hospital It will put new life into you.
The following letter shows how Mrs. Lyness escaped the hospital and a
after one week I began to recover and steadily improved until I was cured
completely. Bj taking the Pinkham medicine, I SToided an operation which
the doctor said I would certainly have to undergo. I am gaining every day
and will cheerfully tell anyone what you have done for mt." Mi.;. Tuua.
LriiEss, 10 Frederick Üt., Rochester, N. Y.
Went Ills Own Way.
Perry Rushing and his wife quar
reled at the fork of a road near Troy.
Ala. Mrs. Rushing wanted to go one
way and he the other. Finally he said
he would die before he went Mrs. Runn
ing's way. She was obdurate, and
Rushing blew off the top of hi3 head
with his shotgun.
Iiesuty is I.lood Deep.
Clean blood menus a elean -kin. No
beauty without it. Cascarets. ( 'an.lv Cathar
tic cleans roar blood and keep- it clean, by
stirring up the lazy liver and driving all im- i
purities from tbe body, liegin to-iay to
banish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads,
and thatsickly bilious complexion by tüking
Cascaret -. beauty f'r ten cents. All drug
gists, satisfaction fraaranXeed, 10c, 35c, 50c
Moral, Keep Hooks.
Dasherly "Awful break, Miss
Scrooge made." Flashei ly "What
was it?" Dasherly "Got her Christ
mas presents mixed and actually sent
some to the very people that gave them
to her." The Yellow Book.
Important Notiee.
A man or woman of (tood church standing an e
cure M.:ti..n with arcM known hoaaasf M year sta rul
ing fco m-t s Manager und t ' 'Trr pi 1 1 1 . . t In ; !i coun
ty. Salary t70 y. arly. AddKM A. P. T. H!(tora S.v-u-tkry,
.Ts Michigan Ave. Chicago. III.
lletter Than Klondike.
C. H. Shattuck of West Virginia some
time ago bought a farm for $S00. Re
cently it was found to he rich in oil,
and he sold it for $800.000.
ASTHMA can he quickly cured by Ir. Tuff
Aathinalene. All sntTervrs from this distressing
"inflnint r-tiould write to Ir. Taft Kio.. 4 Kim Sr..
Rochester. H. Y.. for a sample Hott ie, 'iitahsnlu t el y
free on receipt of MUM and addie. They are reliable.
An immense pulp mill, the largest
in Maine, is soon to be erected on the
banks of the Androscoggin river.
t Jaoot) Oil
Cam J5
A Little Puck Camera $ 2,00
(Sent to nv addrw.-, prrpaiJ. upon receipt of price.)
Makes a Very Desirable Christmas Gift
Takes Pictures 2x2l inches. Capac
ity b pictures. The Most Compiete
Camera of its size ever put on the mar
ke Compact, light and easy to work.
Complete took of instructions with
every Camera. Send two 2'cent stamps
for simple photograph. XXX
Sweet, Wallach K- Company,
217 Wabash Avcaoc. Chicago.
of the back, the
i '.Tim i rs
1 1 k
lcarlul operation. Her experience should encourage
ier women to follow her example. She aya
Mrs. Pinkham :
k,I thank you very much for what you have
done for me, for I had given up in despair.
Last February, I had a miscarriage caused
by overwork. It affected my heart, caused
me to have sinking spells three to four a
day. lasting sometimes half a day. I
could not be left alone. I flowed con
stantly. The doctor called twice a dav
a week, and once a day for four weeks,
three or four times a week for four
months. Finally he said I would have to un
dergo an operation. Then I commenced taking
Lydia E. Pinkham s Vegetable Compound, and
Time may be money, but some peo
ple's time is about as valuable as con
federate currency.
FITS Pai aaeiitbCwred. No fit o-nervnusn afti
first day's u ot Or. Kim s UraM trre KeMurer.
Send tr FREE $'4.00 trial bottle ki.it treatis
D's. lt. li. Kli.vil. LUUtH Arch St . Pbilaiieli.hu, i'a.
The fortune hunter pr fers a hand
some figure rather than a pretty face.
My doctor said 1 would die. but Piso'a
Care for Consumption cured me Amos
Keiner. Cherry Valley. Ills.. Nov. VS.
Physic if thrown to the dogs might
give the poundmastrr a vacation.
No-To-K:te for Fifty Cents.
Onaraateed tobacco habit cure, makes weak
men strong, blood pure. Ha $1. All ilruggistv
The man who has a telephone in hi
office is charged with electricity.
Take Laxative Biomo Quinine Tablets. All
Druggists refund the money if faiis toture. 00
The most of the slips occur after
the cup has been to the lips.
Mr. Wtaanawa Soothing syrnp
Tor chili I ten to-'hini.'. fteiis the unis.reiliic .- iriflam
. jon.allaj pain.cureis mini coll . cents a bottle-
Tears of joy and sadness are both
drawn from the same tank.
Coe's Cough Halaam
fr the oldest and bett. It will break up a cold quicker
u.a. -cythuic- eie. It Is ... v. ,j reliable. Try it.
A scientific boxer may be either a
pugilist or an undertaker.
Educate Your llowela With Caararet.
Candy Cathartic cure constipation forever.
10c. 25c" If C C C. fail. drugKislb refund money.
Italy's wheat crop is 35 per cent,
smaller than last year's.
Smoke Sleelße Cigarettes, 20 for 5 cts.
Wild ducks are very plentiful in
Rhode Island waters.
W. NUCHICACO. NO. 51. 1897.
hcn Answering Advertisements Kindly
.Mention This Taper.
Sick and Nervous Head
aches PMimU Cured
in 30 Minutes, by
At all druggists or sent tiost
paid upon receipt ol i'
356 Dearborn St..
Chicago. HL
Vegetable Sicilian
Qcanses th scalp and
pots new life into the
hair. It restores the
lost color to gray
hair. It means
youth and beauty.
Kttt liomrneraer ui.l atdr?n ciliar J, K.
M K It H Y , A. U. y. A.. Man.hcr, Iowa, W. A.
KKIXOXD, A. 8. 1. A.. I.oul vui. Kt., or 8. tl.
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