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What a happy thing it is the great
mass of the ptople are im lined with
RE8ER1 Kl Ills DB4 MttOX.
The Valparaiso Messenger says ol a
common sense and go on their 7 LtPbttC county justice of the peace:
One Year,
Mix Mouths.
Three Mouths, cash.
Per Copy,
utero! it tha post office Ht rtyutouth. Indiana,
as matter of the eooud otaae.
Friday December it, 1897,
DuMOStlc Couvention I Stil, Dint riet.
The Ueniociacy of the Lith, Congres
sional District of Indiana, will meet in
delegate convention, on Tuesday, .Janu
ary 11, I8U6 at the opera house, in I'ly
Uioulh, Marshall county, Indiana, at
'1 o'clock p. m., tor the purpose ot select
ing a member ol the Democratic State
Central Committee lor the ensuing two
years, who shall also be ex-ollicio chair
man of the 13th District Democratic
Committee, and for the transaction of
any other business that may com4 regu
larly before the meeting.
According to an order of the Demo
cratic State Committee each county in
the district is entitled to the following
Kikhart 45
Kulton 23
Kosciusko ,'1U
Marshall A
Pulaski 14
Starke 11
St. Joseph '0
living mainly in accord with the laws
of (heir being, though they know not
all of them. An attempt to follow
the teaching of all the smart, intel
lectual cranks would soon be fatal to
all human life. One 6et prohibits all
grain 1h1s?, another all meats, an
other fruits, others have bread and
DM I - prepared us in form beyond the ; ciose(i rns Pyes
attainment ot ordinary mortals. 1 hese
"He was he iring nis first case. Two
young lawyers were opposing each
other. Lach had made eloquent pie js
for his client. The 'eqnira was a Lit
dazed, but looked wise, nevertheless.
The lawyers sat with beaming hearts
awaiting the 'squires decision. The
'squire leaned back in his chair a d
He remained t!.us 1 u
iers Advertisements.
20 minutes. Then he sat tin in his
crank teacheis in the material for sua-1 cnair audf with aJJ lne f of a
taming physical life have their counter
part in the moral, the religious and the
political world. Neither society or gov
ermeDt could exist under the control of
the smart, one-idea fellows who can
warp and twist all truth to the support
of their isms for the relief of man
kind. I.aiirange Standard.
Total SIS
Ebcim county should Ke sure that they
send none but true and tried democrats
as delegates to this convention.
Tki li: J. Kur EE,
J. W. IfOKKOW, Chairman.
oi p.
J. L. Forkner, of Anderson, is an.
nounced a a candidate for the dein -cratic
uonination for state treasurer.
This strikes us as the greatest, instance
of unadulterated nerve we have ye'
heard of, but any body, who has ever
known of Jack Forkner's "make up" as
uianiftsteu from the time he was a
"clod hopper'- in the vicinity of the little
villages of Millville and Ashland in
Henry county, are not at all surprised
to learn of him on all sides of all ques
tious, asking favors of foes as weil as
friends. Jack Fork Mr was a right hand
man to Kx-Congressman liynum who
chased out of the democratic party in
pursuit of a "golden calf.-' Jack follow
ed Pynuui in the chase. Well, Bynam
has ift the state and no doubt found a
genet ooa recompense for his "will-o-the
Vtep experience. But poor Forkner
and the other subs are still only
"Hoosiers" and as they some time since
discovered that the "golden call" was
only a "yellow dog" so far as auy practi
cal benefits to them as politicians might
accrue, Jack for one concluded to tie a
tin can to his "canine" species and let
it wander. Now he is rid ot the "yellow
dog," but the true democrats will prefer
that he stick to the company with
whom he elected to associate during
the lust campaign, if he is after politi
cal emoluments.
liut Forkner has nerve, and he is
back asking for persimmons because
the fruit on the shrubs from the Ly
mun vineyard got caught in the frost
aud failed to materialize. He thinks
that he is entitled to be a candidate for
tate treasurer.
Think of it: He may feel thankful if
he can find a man in Indiana, who is
willing to make himself so ridiculous
before a Democratic convention as to
dare to propose the name of this Madi
son county aspirant, who tied his kite
to the gray nairs of a Palmer -liuck
ner combination and indirectly con
tributed his mite to accomplish the de
feat of Mr. liryan.
Notwithstanding all this talk aoout
relegating Santa Claus to the rear, de
nouncing him as a myth and a relic of
dark and superstitious ages, the good
old man will probably be found this
year, as usual dointr business at the
same old stand. This is, somehow, one
Ol the myth6 and superstitions of
which we do not much care to be disa
bused. Let the kindly old man alone
He has never done any harm. The
Mash of a child's eye as it lights up at
mention of the old saints name is
BOfticient recompense for any mis
givings we may entertain concerning
the 1 art her perpetuation of a mere sup
rati t ion. Of course there is a anta
("aus. and he is the finest old fellow
alive. Who dares say there isn't?
Let him be accounted an abuser for
ever who will deny.
court of justice, said, -'J will reserve
my decision until one week from today,
when J will lind for plaintiff "
A gooa nig squeeze is going on m
Chicago by speculators in wheat.
December wheat has been evidently
cornered by the French-Leiter Combi
nation and a great many 6mall fry
peculators are like millers ilitting
about a lighted candle. In an effort
to get under cover the price of L?
cember wheat was forced up to $1.09
Thursday and there is talk about much
higher iigures before the last day of
the month.
It has become apparent that the light
on the civil service law is no trifling
matter, even if it is being conducted
agan.st the wishes of the President.
Leading republican representatives
have attacked the law on the floor of
of the House, when they had to strain
a point to do so, and sixty odd republi
can mtmbeis of the House who oppose
the law as it now stands met in caucus
to discuss the best way to conduct their
light against it. That was at least fifty
Ü!' re than were supposed to be willing
to be counted as publicly hostile to the
law, and has had an alarming effect
upon those who stand by the law, and
here generally been disposed to poke
fun at all talk of lighting it.
The appellate court has just declared
that a husband can recover damages
from his mother-n-law if it can be
proven that the mother in-law damag
ed him. In the case in question, the
mother-in law mducea her daughter to
return to her home, and it ju.;t cost her
Hon. David Turpie ol Indiana. has
returned to Congress in excellent health
and full ot tight. Mr. Turpie proposes to
light two propositions which are likely to
be prominent during the present session,
one the Nicaragua (.'anal and the other
the Hankers Currency BilL Mr. Turpie
is a vigorous lighter and a very able de
bater. Washington News Letter.
It is not likely thai Congress will
ratify the treaty for the annexation of
Hawaii The New England Senator
and representatives are nearly all
opposed to it. Two thirds ars required
for ratilicatio .. As the matter now
standt, the required number of votes
cannot be secured.
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The l'ullruan boys are to share
equally with the rest of the children
and the father's wish will be disregard
ed. The mother who was iven the
oulk of the estate has surrendered her
portion in favor of the boys and the
young men are enabled to continue
scattering the Pullman dollars. No
doubt those young ladies who canciled
their marriage engagements with these
young man are wondering now what
possessed them.
Hon. C. A. (J. IfeCleUan, some years
ago a democratic member of congress
from the Fort Wayne district and prior
to that judge of the Dekalb and Steu
ben circuit court, was stricken with
paralysis at his home in Auburn on
luesday. 1 1 is recovery is considered
I'OIJ.I HON 1)1 nTKK Wis.
A decision of far reaching import
ance was handed down in the appel
late court Tuesday, having direct bear
ing on the poilutiou of running streams
by strawboard and paper mill com
panies. In the case of the Wabash
paper company the court held that the
company, as well as its individual
employes, could be indicted in any
county under the nuisance act for
throwing refuse into a running stream,
and that indictments could be returned
in any county through which the re
fuse iloat8.
The commissioners of Whitley
county must expect to lind a Klondike
gold mine in the books of the county
treasures and auditors. They have
emploped Messrs. Johnson & Cornns of
Indianapolis, experts, to go over the
official! books for the last : if can years
and will pay them 91,900. The work
must be completed in four months.
The ni' re the president's Cuban pol
icy is studied, the more humiliating it
grows. It is a shameful subterfuge,
and the people of Spain are celebrating
the victory. The Cuban patriots are
paying for republican incincenty by
their lives.
Those Kentucky Republicans who
are going to defeat Mr. Uanna might
secure some valuable information con
cerning their intended victim by
consulting Hon. Jas. K. Jones of
When over a thousand immigrants
landed last week in New York, not
one of whom is needed in this country
and nearly all of whom are a burden
because ignorant, and naturally hostile
to law, it seems useless to waste words
with those who pass resolutions declar
ing that existing immigration laws are
sutlicient to protect labor and tax pay
ers from the expense of paupers and
criminals. Indianapolis Journal.
Public sentiment without law is
better than law without public senti
ment. Public sentiment is either abso
lutely right or it is absolutely wroiig.
Right and wrong are as distinct as
light and darkness, and darkness never
dispels the light. Let us thank (lod and
take courage for the ever increasi g
light of right over wrong shining fron
the "Father of lights," through our
National Constitution.
The secretary of the treasury has
asked congress to make appropriations
for improving the harbor at Michigan
City, 8-0,000; improving outer harbor
at Michigan City, 10,000; for soldiers
home at Marion, Ind., i?il l j;.. for the
Wabash river, above Vincennes, $4,ooi;
below, 10,000: for the Calumet river,
tf2ö0,oo0. Why not an appropriation
for the Maumee river? It would give
the people of Nothern Indiana a direct
waterway to the lakes, and their great
The accomplished mislit ready made
clothing artist car. eueeze a big man
into a KUiall space. The presidential
appointments assure the spectacle of a
small man turned loose in a space too
large, and he is as unbecoming as is a
In fie man in a big suit. Why not re
Verse the order in filling spaces in the
machinery of a national government.
Have you seen it done.
Luetgert has appealed to the public
for linancial aid claiming that his for
tune has been exhausted and that he is
now unable to put up the kind of de
fense that he desires. The responses to
this appeal are not coming in chunks.
One of the real tough things with
which honest journalism has to con
tend is the notion of repudiated poli
ticians that they are in some manner
cailed upon to enter it.
One of the lirst things to engage the
attention of Congress will be a joint
resolution by Senator Mason to change
the name of the Congressional Record
to the Cuban War Cry.
There are surface Indications that
the administration is about to give
national honor another jolt by remov
ing a fresh batch of Cleveland officeholders.
Jt is stated Congressman Johnson
has resigned as chairman of elections
committee No. 2, and requested peaker
Reed to appoint Mr. Koyse of Indiana.
Mr. Johnson resigned also as a member
of the committee. Congressman John
Is the metropolis of Nothern I 8on 8 health n8 greatly improved, tut
Indiana to be slighted in national 1 ne wants to devote himseif exclusively
to the banking aud currency questiou.
The Winamac Democrat Journal is
authority for the statement that Con
gressman Koyse has decided to re-appoint
William Jackson for postmaster
at Winamac. He was a gold bug
There has been an epidemic of body
snatching about Chicago, and Editor
Verke8 is making a determined effort
to ascertain where Kditor Medill has
been spending his evenings.
Whether Judge Day is to take the
place of Mr. Sherman or not, Mark
llaana will continue to perform the
duties of Secretary of State.
The arguments made by the shop
keepers these days are not conductive
to the popularity of the Dingley law.
From Tuesday's Daily.
Kldiidge Thompson went to Chicago
this morning.
Recorder Walker went to Whiting to
day on business.
A uice lot of doils for Christmas pres
ents at the People's Drug store.
Messrs Cory and O'lüenis of Argot
are in the city today on business.
Pied Beehnell of Ft. Wayne was in
the city last night.
Ed Mclntyre was reported better yes
There hasn't been enough of the
"beautiful ' yet for the youngsters to at
tempt, the old time coasting.
The crossing et the corner of Wash
ington and Plum streets will be looked
after by street commissioner Prink at
Sam O'Brien formerly of Bourbon
but now of Chicago vas in the city
iast night on business.
Mrs. Allman of Sophia sheet will re-!
turn home tomorrow from a two weeks
visit In Marion.
AI Kitchey, llarley Colvin, and A. L.
Fellers of Pourbon are 10 the city today
attending court.
(I. W. Marble and Chas. Bushman
are in Wisconsin looking up lumber
for the Novelty.
Some of our Plymouth sportsmen are
now in the wilds of Starke c mnty in
search of game.
If this sort of weather continues, it
will be the cause of a big cut in the
holiday trade.
The Elektron Cycle company made a
large shipment of wheels to Chicago
George Woiford nil spend Christ
mas in Plymouth with his fattier ami
Lee M. Kendall is arranging his
affairs for his contemplated trip to the
Klondike gold lields early in the spring
The Rathbone sisters will meet in K.
P. hall next Friday evening Dec. 17th
at T:)io. Ail are requested to be pres
ent. Charlie Willard is well pleased with
the town of Portland. lie says that
business is good in that little city, lie
returned yesterday.
The order of the Kastern star meets
tonight In the Masonic hall. There
will be seven initiations and a splendid
time is anticipated.
Samuel McCombs and family return
ed home from (Jeorgia yesterday. They
resided in that state two years, and
have no desire to return.
We have a number of bibles which
we do not wish to carry over and will
sell them at, cost and below cost to close
them out. People's Drug Store.
Present indications points to a hig
crowd in the opera house on the even
ing of Dec. S&Ild, to greet the Swetuiish
(irand Concert company.
There was no dance at Pink (ieik's
house on Friday night. The Indepen
dent was mistaken, Link will sot allow
dancing in his house.
The annual convention of the Mar
shall county Sunday school association
will be held in Plymouth, Feb. 8 ami '., j
Executive Committee.
Mrs. George w. Mattete, of South j
Michigan street, will entertain a party'
of young folks this evening in honor of
Miss Myrtle Miner, her guest, of Mo
menoa. 111.
Unsettled weather tonight and Wed
nesday w ith showers in north portion.
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e Webster
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