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Vol. 4
No. 3
jJf fjjf
From Wednesday's Daily.
The police whistle was heard
night at 10 o'clock.
Ice is dow coming to town an J
ing stored away for next summer.
This week has not been as lively
last week was still business is fair.
The bet between Clint Jiondurant
and Or. Kly has been declared off by
mutual consent.
Mrs. O. F. Townsand, of Walkerton,
is the guest of Mi. and Mrs. W. K.
reterson. of this city, this week. The lndependent tQuav i9 cnnck fu
Some of the horses of Plymouth ! f DeW8 ,ocal ari(J othenvise. Ve local
snoula be taken to a blacksmiih shop j i8 running the paper this week during
and get -roughed." tne absence of Mr. Meteker, the editor
(.rant lieltx and wife are home 'again and publisher, and it has been up hill
from liourbou. Orant was sick several ; work, but we hope that the readers of
days while id that iittle village. j the Independent will bear with us. We
Jonn (irabuer of Warsaw was in thedidthe Dest we could- Angles could
city yesterday the guest of Ketcham Sc j no1, - more-
Wilson. A drunken West Plymouth husband
Attorney Logan went to Rochester ' took occasion to beat and bruise his
today on legal business. He will return j wife a few nights ago. He thinks him
this evening. i self a handsome husband, but he is a
Charlie WiJ!rd left this morning for bruto of lhe ,ira water, and the neigh
New Albany where he will start up a 00rs would be justiued in taking him
new billard and pool room. 0ut and riding him on a rail, and then
Michael Waiters living near Leiters
Ford is not expected to live. His
brother William was notitied this morn
ing and left on the tirst train.
The ice on the river has softened
somewhat and the skating from now
until cold weather sets in will be any
thing but inviting.
Invitations are out, and many people
are invited to be present at various
places to watch i old year out and
welcome the new year in.
Mi6s Kose Max wall, violinist and Mr.
II urber: Snow White, pianist, will ap
pear at the Plymouth opera house Sat
urday evening Jan. 1, 1898.
This week has been one of the liveli
est of the season for young folks.
Dances, parties, spelling schools, and
socials of j very kind has i -on the order
of the dy.
it is raporttd that Wilhelm the tailor
has disposed of his tailoring establish
ment. We tried to vertify the report
but we could not lind Mr. Wilhelm in
his stor i.
John McCall returned to his home in
Chicago yesterday, after spending a
few days wkn his parents. John is a
conductor on suburban train in that
Herbert Laird, of Mentone, was in
the city yesterday looking up a suitable
location to engage in business. It is
likely that he will soon become a citizen
of Plymouth.
The general health of 1'lymouth at
this time is better than it has been for
years. There are no contagious diseases
of any character is the city at present
and this can only be said of a few
towns in the state.
The Oiiental sisters who recently
showed in Plymouth will open up to
night in Warsaw. From what we
know of Warsaw we are inclined to be
lieve that the Oriental sisters will not
till their coffers in that quiet city.
The Mandolin club dance held at the
opera house last night was fully up to
the expectations of those who partici
pated. The mandolin club has the rep
utation of pleasing those who delight in
artistic dancing.
This morning opened up like a re
gular January blizzard, but as the day
progressed, the atmosphere grew mild
and the wind shifted to the south, and
now the indications are that the snow
will oot remain many days longer.
"Kid" McCoy, the champion middle
weight fighter ot the world, has chal
lenged Fitzsimmons for a finish fight.
Bob thinks that the "Kid" is a little too
fresh, and further says that he will ac
commodate Corbett, before paying any
attention to others.
F. M. Axe, the Michigan street mer
chant will pack his grip and head for
the Klondike country about Feb. Sth.
Mr. Axe is a shrewd business man and
he has fully made up hia mind that he
csn make a ten strike ia that country.
May success attend him.
The political pot over in Decator is
boiling. There are already eight can
didates for mayor and still there's more
to follow. It will soon be time for the
the fire to be kindled in Plymouth but
there is one thing certain there will not
be eight candidates for mayor.
Lou McDonald, Lennie Vogeli, Kd
Corbin end Harry Armstrong will open
the wblet season next Tuesday night.
This quartet is smd to be the best whist
players in Northern Indiana and they
are opea for a challenge with South
Bend's beet.
In nine month's President McKinley
has pardoned more bank wreckers than
did all the other Presidents frjui Grant
to Cleveland. Jlut as this government
is now a part of the machinery of Wall
last street it is probably correct lor the
President to be merciful lo his con-be-
j An editor over in Hartford city had
duck for dinner. While the editor's
wife was preparing his duckship for din
ner found two small gold nuggets in
the ducks craw. Now c-very body in
: Hartford City is on the alert and all
small streams in Blackford couuty are
expected to give up gold in small
give him fifteen minutes to leave town.
Tuesday afternoon while Samuel
Hendricks was cutting wood on the
farm of Mr. Wickier, which will lay
him up for some time. While splitting
a block of wood the axe glanced off and
cut a big gash in Mr. Hendricks left
foot. He was taken home by Otto Cook,
where he received proper attention at
The great and only '"Orientals" have
left town. They went to Warsaw today.
They will give a great "whooche choo
che" show in that town. They made
some money in Plymouth. It was one
of the most disgraceful shows that ever
struck our town. They were duly
licensed by the Mayor, out that does
not imply that their show was legal.
Small boys were there that should have
been at home. Sbsme on such a show.
Deputy Sheriff Bondurani called at
this office today, ordered the indepen
dent to be left at his house every even
ing until further orders. Clint is a
newly made benedict and his home is
on Adams street between Center and
Michigan streets. He is now at home
to his friends and baring accidents or
business he will be found there at reg
ular hours.
Theodore P. Haughey, the ex banker
of Indianapolis, spent a dismal Christ
mas, as he confidently expected a par
don from President McKinley. It is
reported that the president has prom
ised to release Mr. llaughoy, and
Christmas wuj the time when the par
don was expected. It is apt to come
any time now.
Some of the Indiana Kepublicau
newspapers are booming Perry Heath
for I'nited States Senator. On account
of Perry's connection with the post
office department the "little varmints"
may be controlled by sinister motives.
Indications strongly point that no one
of Heath's political complexion will
represent Indiana in the National Sen
ate again.
The Crawford county white-caps are
alleged to have threatened Willett and
Weathers, the "busted bankers" of
Leavenworth. It is probable, however,
that a practical joker is at tl e bottom
of this attempted scare, believing that
Willett's neives are weak and hat be
may be easily frightened. The best
people of Crawford county 6eem dis
posed to give the unfortunate ex-bankers
a chance.
A. P. Elliott of this city has rung the
bell in the Kpiscopal church for the past
32 years. Not one Sunday has he
missed during this long period. The
old church bell peals forth its inviting
chimes on time every Sunday morning
calling the faithful to worship and Mr.
Elliott is the man at the helm. We
doubt very much if there is another
sexton in Indiana that has a record
that equals that of A. P. Elliott.
The following letter was received by
W. F. Young of this city yesterday:
Chicago, III
Friend Will: I suppose you will
be surprised to hear of me being in here
and pretty well cut up but still in a
fair way of coming out all O K but it
was a close call for i..e when I was
brought here four weeks ago. The
doctor gave six hours to live after
they had operated on me but I fooled
and came out alive. This is the first
time I have been able to handle my
self. Bill 1 am well carved up but all
whole so far. Your friend K. B. Allman.
Mr. Allman has many friends in Ply
With ihe bef ioing of the New Year
we notice that the politieans of the
state ar; looking op and planning tne
campaign fur "ts. Politics, likv friends,
can b- relied upon "u certain 0 ffldi
lions. There are many Rood men who
will will ar-u their friends to support
them tor a certain office. If they are
worthy stanü by then. If they are n t.
you are nm morally, bound to lend
them any ss'stance Some people are
friends for 'evenu only, such creatures
should be given the cold shoulder.
F. M. Axe is closing out Ins store. He
will leave for the Klondike country
about Feb. -Vh. Mr. Axe has found a
good location and his good will be
shipped to that point and auctioneered
off to the highest bidder. Mr. Axe
has been in business in Plymouth for
the past seven yens und has conducted
his business in such a manner that he
has the confidence of the citizens
of oui town. When he males his
fortune in the gold country he will
come back to Plymouth and teil us how
he hustled lor ii. Success to Mr Axe.
The reports now have it that the
Harden of Eden has again been dis
covered. Tins time it is located in the
heart of Africa and the discoverer has
unearthed Adam's own personal tooth
pick and knife and tors. W hat's the
use of going oil to far away Africa for
the garden of Eden when we have riht
here in nlessed old Marshall county all
the conditions present for the idea!
home ot man, if he will be content anu
properly utili.e theni. It is believed
that there will be DO great rush for
this new garten spot in Africa.
SOUTH 1H:m, Uld , Dec. 88 The
Very Kev. William Corby, of Notre
Dame, head of the Holy Cross in
America, died this afternoon. He was
the chaplain of the famous Irish brig
ade. His death took place at Noire
Dame university. The funeral Will be
held Friday morning In the chapel of
the university ol which he was formerly
nratftdtut, l ather Corny wis one of
seven chaplains who left their classes
in the university fot the union army
He was i commander of the recentij
organized (i.A. II. post No. CM COflQ
posed Of the priests and brothers at
N otre 1 ame.
"There was a big audience at the
opera house last night, and it was com
posed Of Attica's best people. Prom
Miss Maxwell's previous performances
in this city, and from the excellent
notices she has received eisewh -re, the
people were led to expect Something
line and they were not disappointed In
the least. In fact the girl vi lmist ;dd
ed fresh laurel- tor herself. She thor
o ghly understands her art. Her music
has in it the evidences of hard work.
Work that has made the performer one
of the most proficient Violinists ol the
day. Her expression, her technique,
and her inter relation were all that
could be desred. She was repeatedly
called back "Attica Daily Ledger.
Take a bite and let the flavor con
vince yui that Fox's XX.W square
wafers are fliehest era kers you ever
put into your mouth. That's the way
to Know. 1 here is DO other ergj .
They Ai " 1 mmI.
a wedding took place today to Ply
mouth, and we would like very much
to let the public know who the conti act
ing parties are.hut could not doit, with
out violating confidence. We will i ell
the story tomorrow, and it will be quite
a surprise to the public. The parties
are well known in Plymouth and are
among th best. We hope this friendly
notice will be read with pleasure by the
friends of the contracting partie.-.
Fsibssh Institut ,
The annual fanners institute of Mar
shall county will he held In the opera
house on Monday and Tuesday Jan. IT
and 18 18iH. II. L. .Jarrell president, J,
V. Tnngl'der secretary.
C SSI tag TowasfclB) ( on wiition.
The democrats of the different pre
CintS in Center township are requested
to meet at the Plymouth Free Silver
club rooms,
Saturday, Jani ary ist. 1808,
atone o'clock p. m., for the purpose of
selecting eight delegates to the 13th
district congressional convention winch
is to be held at Plymouth, dan. 1 1th,
iv.is; also one county committeeman
from each precinct and three township
committeemen ol which one shall be a
member of the County Committee, liy
order Of
Township Committer.
A pound of facts is worth a ton of
theories. Thousands upon thousands
of i eople prefer Pox's WW square
wafer butter crackers because they
have found them bes! notwithstanding
the high-sounding butt-mpty promises
of imitators.
Ofltaers Elected.
There was a big crowd present last
night (Monday) in Castle hall K. of P.,
to ake par! in fhe election of officers
for :he ensuing term. The best Of leel
ing prevailed, and the bal lotting was
spirited. Below are the names of the
officers chosen:
C. C, Lou. If. Allman.
V. C K. I V anGlider.
Prelate, .John liaxter.
M. Of ., W. F. Young.
II. of A , George Kress.
I.U., J 1. McCoy.
0. ;., Ed. Campbell.
K of K. A S., Chas. S. Price.
M. of F , Charles McLaughlin.
II of P. D. Prank Redd.
Trustee, C. M. Slater.
Hep. of the Grand Lodge, F. M. Mc
There were a number of visitors pres
ent from abroad.
Fill B nailed January 34th,
M Wm. Suf.herlm, who was recently
re umed to Marshall couuty frou the
nortiiern prison for a new trial, after
serving some time on a life sentence
lor mnrdeiing his companion and
burying him under a mule in Starke
county, has an excellent prospect of
going free this time, for the Starke
county commissioners have petitioned
Jode Cspron, of Plymouth, not to ap
point any extra attorneys or make soy
more costs In the case, as the first
trial cost, Starke county l'00, and that
a second conviction is not w rth the
expenditure.' Warsaw Daily Times.
The Sutherlio trial will be called .Jan.
JPh, anl lo a conversation with the
attorney, interested in the case, there
will he no hitch in the proceedings,
Yes, Sutherlm will be tried again.
The body of Mrs. Maria Belange
Rlliott, who died Friday morning, Dec.
21, lv'7, at Downer's drove, 111., was
brought to Plymouth, Ind., her resi
dence for many years, on Sunday even
ing, Dec. 88, and taken to the home ot
Mrs. Elijth J. Hawkey, her neiee and
foster daughter. Mrs. Lou. Elliott Hall,
a daughter, came t he same evening ami
a son. L nooo P. Elliott, of Philadelphia,
arrived on M mdiy morning, to at'.entt
the funeral which was held at 10 a. m.
liev. W, V. Raymond of St. Thomas
church officiating. Two daughters re
siding at Downers Crove were not able
to be present at the burial.
Uli.o Mick Think Atwul the Weather
Hick says the last few day of 1SU7
will bring rain and snow, and so the
old year will end. The lirt storm
period In January will ba central on
the ild, covering the 2d, to 'he Sth.
About the 2d, changes to warmer will
be noted in western parts of the
country, which will cause southerly to
easterly winds is sections east of the
low barometric area, and as thse con
ditions move frdsa west to east, they
will resoii in the ram and snow In most
pas s trom about Monday the 3id, to
Thursday the Jtfi.
win Stan Rtodr,
The Plymouth Wagon works will
start the wheel-, to rolling Monday
tnornlng next. The past year proved a
very profitable one for the company,
and they wid bet in work the first ol the
yt ar srith plants of orders on the books.
The "Plvmou'h wagon" has established
a reputation in Not horn Indiana, ami
the indications tor a prosperous year's
work is very flattering indeed. About
twenty men will be put to work Mon
day in the factory, and the outlook is
certain! encouraging.
I 'i.l on Kfd Think?
That you OUgbt to visit the school ,
Thst every eitisen should be a sub
scriber to his home paper.
That business has been much im
proved during the past year.
That every Citizen should aid in pro
moting a public enterprise.
That the mora B woman thinks she
knows about politics the less fruit she
That parents should see that their
children are at home at proper hours.
l h it young women should use pre
caution in becoming too well acquaint
ed with strangers on short notice.
rhat the sweariutr and vile langunire
n ed by young boys in the presence of
1 idles upon the street, should be sup
pressed. That a womso never wishes she
conld wear trousers so much as she does
When she tries to go up stairs two steps
at a time.
The annual meeting ol the Pusmess
Men's association for the election of a
board of directors for the ensuing year
and for l!:e transacting of any other
business primer to come before said
meeting will be held In Firemen's hall
on Tuesday evening January 11 'lis
O. P. Ketcham secretary, D L. Dicken
son president.
A list of the transfers of real estate
In Marshall county, Indiana, from
j Dec. 20, liT, to Dec. 2, 1V.7, as furn
ishe i by
fressnsr & Company,
Abstracters of Titles.
Plymouth Indiana,
Owners of the only abstract books in
the county. Abstracts to titles to all
property in Marshall county compiled
accurately and promptly.
Clarisie K. Bright et, al, to Tressie
llupe. lot 1 Fiedericksburgh; 40.
Jacob (iamps to Catharine Gamps,
lot 3 Lauer Sub., Plymouth, also part
of lot 80 and 109 Cabbells addition to
Plyncmth, gljOO.
lohn K. WUfoog and wife to Isaiah
Price, 40 acres,
Harry I. Mead to Joseph 11. Mead,
Und., 1 of part of lot 18 F.wings addi
tionalto Plymouth, Ind., 9500,
Joseph II. Mead to Harry L Mead.
Tnd., part of out lot 15 B wing's ad
dition Plymouth, Ind., sioo.
it-o. M Plake and wife to Orville L.
Webb, I nd., 40 acres North town
ship. Estate of Henry P.urket Deed in par
tition to Luetods Working et, al, land
in Union township.
Eunice L. Strang and husband to
Anthony Strong and wife, 10 acres
Polk township :400.
John H. Kreider and wife to Charles
i. Mikel, lot S block 7 liingles 2nd, ad
dition Piemen.
Charles G. Mekel and wife to John
H. Kreider and wite, 8 acres (ierman
township, J5T00.
Daniel ;. Waiter and wife to Win B,
J. Flage and wife, lot 1, 2 Vandalia ad
dition Pulver City.
Charles K. Piagg and wife to Daniel
i. Walter, lots &, 33 Lowry's Poutd.,
addition Argos smr).
Charles E. Plagg and wife to Daniel
(i. Walter, land in Walnut and Ureen
townships, sS2,7oo.
Emms Cook to Charles E. Seiteuright
and wife 23, 89-lOu acres North town
ship, .S717.
Josephene Strawderman and husband
to John Kenley and wife, Und., 1-6
land in Center township, Sl,t00.
Joseph W. Franklin and wife to John
P. Miiler, 11 acres (ierman township,
Win. Hüll et, al. to Martin L. Delancy,
lot in Bremeo,
Keal estate mortgages to lhe amount
of 88,385 have been tiled for the week
ending Dec. 2S, iv.7
Cebssxeb iV Company,
Ti 'f;i".
l December 2S, "y7.
J. R. Babcock, of Rochester, visited
his relatives here over Sunday.
Miss IJ 'se llaht. living east of Uour-
bon, attended Sunday school here last
W E. Fife arid Wife visited her par
ents at Warsaw over Sunday.
The Christmas tree was a success and
many little hdarta were made glad by
the occasion.
W e anderstand we will have a saloon
lo our town in a short time, as the Lee
building has been rented, also a dwell
ing house.
Uncle John llardesty has became so
feeble tl at he can t leave the house. He
is one of the pioneers here.
Prot. Laird, principal of theChalmer
schools, in White county is spending
bis vacation al home, lie reports his
s hool in a successful condition.
The meeting still continues at old
Tippecanoe, with a good interest. The
attendance Is also very large.
The measles seem to be spreading, as
about five or six families have them
now. We think there is not so much
danger now as the schools are closed
lor a weak.
We ufuteratand that Clark Weidner
will move to his farm in Pulaski coun
ty in a short tune.
Relatives from the east are visiting
at T. M Zehner s west of town.
A daughter of David Kamsey is
spending the holidays with her parents.
Charlie Shadel of Plymouth passed
through our town last Monday enroute
for Mentone.
Trustee Taylor is attending the
teachers and trustees meeting at In
dianapolis, this week.
Hiram Hojrn, C M. Walker and Dr.
Spencer paid Plymouth a business visit
last Mondiy.
David Phntmi visited with relatives
in Mentone last Friday, Saturday and
Ralph Barrett will teach the primary
department of the schools here when
school commences next week, in place
of Miss Maud Jordan, resigned.
Miss Maud Jordan has made a suc
cess of teaching and is considered oue
of the best primary teachers in this
county. We hope that Mr. liarrett may
bejnstas successful in the primary
work here as Miss Jordan was.
Frank Fiery of this township is a
candidate for Supt. of the Poor farm.
He is a practical farmer and a good
business man in every respect.
Marriage License.
Melton Kwald to Lillie Koetabaugh,
George Cooper to Stella Harris. Allen
south to Ethel Jones, Chryst Strycker
to Zephina Hoff, Cornelius Ringer to
Hertha Uodard, Chas. Nice to Cora
Smith, Samuel Laird to Elma Jordan,
Jessie Sneffto Nellie Huff, Ralph Bar
rett to Lillie Cerrard.
Charm jcshman. the lumber inspec
tor at the Novelty, spent his Christmas
in Warsaw and the compliments h
passed on that little city were very flat
tering, but he says when it comes to a
town for business, that Warsaw is not
in it with Plymouth.
It is now predicted that the county
commissioners will appoint a superin
tendent of the county intirmary to suc
seed Mr. Mickey. The appointment will
be made next week. There might be
such a thing as Mr. Mickey succeeding
Molters band is practing every day,
and if you hear any peculiar noise in
the neighborhood of the When grocery
don't be surprised. The boys are doing
tine and next summer the people of
Plymouth will be treated to some fine
The Plymouth Democrat pays its re
spects to one John Taylor a former res
ident of Culver City. The Democrat
; spared no pain in measuring this man
and the compliment paid Mr. Taylor by
Mr. McDonald will not bring many dol
lars to this ex-Culver City saloon keep
er. A new order, the enforcement of
which it is believed will expedite the
disposition of pension claims now pend
ing, has been issued by Commissioner
Evans, of the government pension of
' lice. Hereafter claims for increase of
pension will not be considered within
twelve months from the last action al
lowance or rejection.
A town council in Ohio has passed an
ordinance providing that no girl shall
linger near the railway station unless
she h;is in her posession a railway tick
et the object being to prevent flirtations
with commercial travelers. The rail
way expenses id drummers in Ohio are
bound to be higher from this time for
ward. A young man was placed in jail a
few days ago by Marshall Meyers,
charged with intoxicat ion. He was a
good hearted soul, and of an inquisitive
turn. He wauled to see Sutherlin, and
when Sheriff introduced him to Hill,
the fellow tied to another part of the
ail, Pill soon convinced him that he
was all riht, and now he cousiders
Sutherlin his best friend.
The salvation army is attracting con
siderable attention throughout the
country. There is a feeling now pre
valent in religious circles that the sal
vation army people are doing a vast
amount of good. When an ex-presi-dent
ot t tie I'nited States drops a 820
to help them along it means something.
Kx President Harrison opened his heart
to the amount of So
Should .lohn (1. Davis, our good ns
tured and ' ery etlicient deputy couuty
clerk, receive lhe nomination for clerk
of the supreme court of Indiana on the
Kepublican ticket, he can count on s
great big vote from Marshall ounty.
The independent wishes him success
and sincerity hope that the Republicans
of Indiana will exhibited their wisdom
and give him the nomination. John is
all r;ght and should he get the nomine
tion he will not be the low man when
the votes are counted.
(ounty Treasurer Km km will step
down and out tomorrow, (Friday.)
Treasurer elect Yink will step in Satur
day morning and there will be no hitch
in the proceedings. Mr. Rankin has
tilled the otMce to the entire satisfaction
of the people öf Marshall county, and
it can be truthfully said that a more
etlicient or accommodating otlicer, nev
er held this important office of trust
and honor. Mr. Kankin is too good s
citixen to lose, and we hope he will re
main a eitisen of Plymouth.

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