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Oil 1 .
LODGE, No, 149, F. and A.M.;
meets first and third Friday eve
nings of each month. Daniel
McDonald, K. M.JTohnson Brown
lee, Sec.
49, R. A. M.; meets second Fri
day evening of each month. L.
McDonald, H. P. J. C. Jilson,
N026K. T.; meets second and
fourth Thursday of each month.
Ed Corbin E. C; L. Tanner Ree.
26, O. E. S.; meets first and third
Tuesdays of each month. Mrs.
Sallie Parks, W. M. Mrs. W. T
Rankin, Sec.
meets every Thursday evening at
their lodge rooms on Michigan st.
F. II. Alberts, N. G. Jesse Ho
ham, Sec.
HYPER ' LODGE, No. 117;
meets every Monday night in
Castle Hall. John Linquist, C. C.
Calvin Switzer, K. of R. and S.
meets the second and fourth Fri
day evenings of each month, in
K. of P. hall. Chas. S. Price,
C. R. C. M. Slater, bee.
K. O T. M.
meets every Tuesday ev ening at
K. O. T. M. hall. Dan. Jacoby,
Com. Tames Hoffman, Record
L. O. T. M.
meets every Monday night at K.
O. T. M. hall on Michigan street.
Mrs. Flora J. Ellis, Commander.
Bessie Wilkinson, Record Keeper.
HIVE NO. 2S; meets every Wed
nesday evening in K. O. T. M.
hall. Mrs. Maggie Fogle, Com.,
Alma E. Lawrence, Record
Meets first and third Wednesday
evenings of each month in Simon's
hall. Moses M. Lauer, Regent.
Francis McCrorv, Sec.
Meets first and third Wednesday
evenings of each month in K. of P.
hall. C. M. Kasper, C. C. Joe
Eich, Clerk
G. A. R.
A. R ; meets every first and third
Monday evenings in Simons hall
Dwight L, Dickerson Com,.
Charlie Wilcox, Adjt.
Meets every second an fourth Fri
day evenings in G. A R. hall
J. A. Shunk, Captain, Cora 13.
North, ist Lieut.
METHODIST Class meeting every
Sunday morning at U:30 o'clock.
Preaching at 10 JO a. m.. and 7:30 p.
m. Sundiy school at V2 m. Epworth
League at 6 JO p. m. Prayer meeting
every Thursday evening at 7:05 p. irs.
L.S.Smith, pastor. J. W. Wiltfong.
class leader. 1). Frank Hedd, Sabbath
school superintendent.
Thomas' Church. Itev. Wm. Wirt
Raymond, rector. Sunday services,
10:30 a. m., 7:30 p. m. Sunday school
at noon. Services Wednesday even
ings at 7:30. Communion on holy
days at 10 a. m.
CHURCH OF (iOD - (iarro and Water
Bt8. Regular services 10:30 a. m. each
Sunday. Third Sunday in each month
preaching by J. E. Wince; fourth
Sunday by GL V. Heed. 10:30 Sunday
morning and 7:30 Sunday evening.
Sunday school at 12 o'clock; Eva
Railsback, Supt. Prayer meeting at
7:30 each Thursday evening.
UNITED BRETHREN. - Sunday -9:30
a. m class meeting. 10:30 a.m.
and 7:00 p. m.. preaching by the pastor
11:30 a. m., Sunday School. 5:00p.m.
Junior Y. P.C. U. meeting. 6:00 p. m.
Senior Y. P. C. U. meeting. A cordial
invitation is extended to the public
held on Sundays as follows: First mass
at 7:30 a. m. second mass at 10:00 a. rn
Vspers at 3.-00 p. m. Week day mass
7:45. Father Moench, pastor.
C. W. METSKER, Pub. and Prop.
Minor Happenings of the Past
Political, Religions, Social aud Criminal
Doings of the Whole World Carefully
Condensed for Oar Readers The Oc
cident Record.
Carlyle, 111 Mrs. Hugh Essington
died suddenly of paralysis, aged 62.
Greensboro, N. C Sonly Ryan, who
murdered his wife, was hanged.
Milwaukee, Wis. Oscar Froehlich
committed suicide by taking carbolic
Bloomington, 111. John Nelson, a
driver, was instantly killed by falling
from a trestle.
Louisville, 111. Charles, 6-year-old
son of Elias Erwin, was fatally injured
with firecrackers.
Keokuk, Iowa. Ephraim Radasch
stood before a mirror and fired one
shot, causing instant death.
Tiffiny, Mo. Two little children of a
farmer were set upon by a number of
hogs, which killed and ate them.
Brazil, Ind. John Smith, an oil ped
dler, shot and wounded Harry Joseph,
proprietor of the Central Oil and Tank
Joliet, 111. Romaine Kolath was
killed at the Illinois Steel Works by
the falling of a cupola in the convert
ing mill.
Des Moinps, Iowa. the barbers of
the state ask co-operation in the effort
to secure the regulation of their busi
ness by law.
Cleveland. Ohio. W. W. Andrews, an
attorney, was found dead in his chair
In his office. He had been afflicted
with heart disease.
Tiffin, Ohio. A boiler explosion near
Helena fatally injured Henry Kneas
tcr, George Bobbins and Phil Good
rich. Robbins is dead.
Coshocton. Ohio. Judge Julius C.
Pomerene, of the Fifth judicial circuit
of Ohio, was stricken with paralysis,
death rcsultng shortly afterward.
Milwaukee. Wis. '1 nomas P. Collin
bourne. one of the pioneers of this
city, is dead. He was 72 years of age,
and came here in 1844.
Buffalo. X. Y James A. Nolan, a
lawyer of Topeka, Kan., who escaped
from the Kansas state insane asylum
about two months ago, was arrested
Philadelphia. Pa. John J. Burns,
who was sent to Moyamensing prison
in default of $3.000 bail for trial on a
charge of perjury, committed suicide
by hanging.
Oakland, Cal. A criminal case in
which the defendant, the complain
ant, one of the attorneys and Dearly all
of the witnesses are deaf mutes, is on
trial before Police Judge Allen. Jamos
Daggett is accused of a felony by
Maggie Halloran. Rodan Grady, who
can neither hear nor speak, is associ
ated with H. S. Aldrich in the defense.
La Crosse, Wis. M M. Manville W9M
examined as to his sanity by Drs.
George H. Powell and iL G. Miller,
and was found insane, and committed
by feldge Dyson.
Anderson. Ind. While moving an
old house at Huntsville. workmen came
upon a long box containing the skele
ton of a man with a bullet hole
through his skull.
Racine. Wis. A train struck a sh i-rii
containing Peter Anderson, a fai n er,
and his 17-year-old son. near Franks
ville. Anderson was instantly killed
and the boy was badly injured.
Denver, Col. Formal steps w?re
taken by the incorporation of the
Abraham Lincoln Memorial associa
tion for the establishment of a monu
ment on the summit of Mount Lookout
in the Arkansas valley.
Burlington, N. J. The Masonic
grand lodge of New Jersey has pur
chased a magnificent property in this
county for a state home, not only for
masons, but for masons' widows and
n-phans as well. It will cost $l.r0.000.
St. Louis. Mo. William E. Burr. Jr..
ex-cashier of the St. Louis national
bank, under a sentence of five years at
the Jefferson City state penitentiary
for the embezzlement of $20,000, has
been pardoned by President McKin
ley. Kokomo. Ind. Lewis Caldwell, the
absconding superintendent of the Cen
tral Cnion Telephone company, was
captured at Memphis, Tenn., by the
company's traveling auditor. S. E.
Fisher of Chicago, after a chase of
5,M) miles.
Ixniisville. Ky The Rev. M. H.
Houston, who was tried and convicted
of heresy, appeared before the Louis
ville presbytery and declined to re
ceive the censure that had been pre
pared for him. saying that before he
would give up his beliefs he would give
up his calling.
Moline, 111. John Grady and "Jake"
Oolden were arrested and taken to
Peoria, charged with violating the in
ternal revenue law.
Dubuque. Iowa Arthur Jacobs, con
victed of counterfeiting, was put un
der a suspended sentence to two yeara
in the Anamosa penitentiary.
Lima, Ohio -John Strawman, a Sene
ca county farmer, threw a cartridge
into the fire. It went off, filling Mrs.
Strawman'8 breast with shot and caus
ing her death. Strawman's right
hand was blown off by the evplosion
of the percussion cap as he was taking
the shell from the fire.
'Puuque, Iowa. John Turley, one
of the oldest passenger engineers on
the Chicago Great Western railway and
chairman of the arbitration committee
of the Brotherhood of Locomotive En
gineers, is dead.
Carlinville, 111. James Gray, aged 91,
an early settler, is dead, near Center
ville. Monticello, 111. Dr. A. B. Knott died
here of paralysis. He was in his 80th
Palo Alto, Cal. Dr. Xoah J'ields
Drake has accepted a position in the
Tlen-Tsin (China) university. He will
be major professor of mining, engi
neering and geology.
Moline, 111. The Moline Furniture
company has confessed judgment for
$10,748.10. Other liabilities bring the
total up to nearly $18,000. The assets
are about $20,000.
Indianapolis, Ind. The Elkhart,
Goshen & Southern railway was in
corporated here. Capital stocs $230,
000. William H. Holcomb of Chicago
is at the head of the company.
Madison, Wis. The normal school
regents have decided to rebuild the
school recently burned at River Falls.
Milwaukee, Wis.- Ira Nichols, an in
mate of the Soldiers' Home, attempted
to board a boat and was drowned in
the river.
Pembina, N. D. The First National
bank is closed and is in the hands of
United States Bank Examiner An
heier. The bank had accumulated
$20,000 in valueless securities. Presi
dent L. E. Booker is now a fugitive
from j jst ice.
Los Angeles, Cal. The orange and
lemon crops of southern California
have been injured by frost during a
succession of cold nights.
Zanesville, Ohio Joseph Leonard, a
farmer residing in this county, by the
death of an uncle in Greenboro, N. C,
inherits $50,000.
New York The soldiers and sailors'
monument to be erected by the city
of New York will be placed 1,000 feet
from the tomb of Gen. GranL
Lima, O. Mrs. Barney Picker, aged
widow, died in want. The administra
tor found over $10,000 in cash and
$0,000 in notes secreted in an old
Huntington, Ind. Louis Meyer,
aged 3 years, fell dead while eating
Ashland. Wis. Two Chicago detec
tives have been in the city looking for
the supposed Mrs. Luetgert. The
woman who caused this action has left
Cedar Falls, Iowa--Public memor al
services were held in honor of the late
Prof. J. C. Gilchrist, the president of
the Iowa State Normal school.
Bellaire, Ohio Morgan & Gorrall,
coal operators, assigned. Poor collec
tions and dull busiuess.
Aurora, 111. Corbett & Stadler, man
ufacturers of waterworks standpipes
and steam boilers, made an assign
ment to S. E. Shepardson. Assets
Wabash, Ind. Three members of the
family of Otis P.rubaker were bitten by
a mad dog. Wabash physicians have
laid the matter before a Chicago spe
cialist and asked for advice by wir?.
St. Louis, Mo. The vaults of the
Mennod & Jaccard Jewelry Company,
whose establishment burned, were
opened, and the contents, consisting of
jewels, wati lies and diamonds, valued
at more than $250,000, were found in
tact. Akron. Ohio. The Falls rivet and
machine works at Cuyahoga Falls wafl
sold by Receiver J. A. Long to George
C. Allen, representing creditors' com
mittee, for $202,000. The plant will be
operated by a new company.
Youngstown. Ohio Stockholders of
the Ohio Steel Company, capitalized st
$1.500,000, have decided to double 'he
stock, so as to erect two mamnrbth fur
naces. Bloomington, III. The defense in the
murder trial of Pen and Wilbur Mc
Coy, ac used of the murder of John
Bullock at Shirley in May, 1896, rest !
without offering any evidence.
Oberlin. Ohio Lewis George Clarke,
the original of Harriet Beecher's
Stowe's character of George Harris in
"Uncle Tom's Cabin,"' was buried here.
Hcgs, all grades.
(53.52 V;
it ").50
(f J.O0
Cattle, common to prime 1.70
Sheep and lambs,
Corn. No. 2
Wheat, No. 3 spring.
Oats, No.
L'ggs . .
Rye, Xo.
Butter .
3 white.
Wheat, No. 2 red
Corn, No. 2
Oats, No. 2
Wheat, Xo. 2 spring
Corn, No. -
Oats, Xo. 2
.87 .88
3.12 Ms
r,i 3.50
fl 5.40
(a 3.40
.22 M
.26 ft
Barley, No. 2
Wheat. Xo. 2 cash
Corn, No. 2 mixed
Oats, No. 2 mixed
Rye, No. 2 cash
Cloverseed, prime cash..
Cattl, all grades 2.30
Wheat, No. 2
Oats, No. 2 cash
Corn, No. 2 cash
Cattle, all grades
Hogs, all grades 3.25
Shop and lambs 4.00
Rye, No. 2
Oata, No. 2 white
Corn, No. 2
Chicago Firemen and Citizens
Killed and Injured.
Two Citizens Instantly Rilled and Thirty-Three
Itadly Injured Two Theories
Advanced as the Cause of the Explo
sion. Ten minutes after an alarm of fire
had been given at 104 and 106 Madison
street, Chicago, Dec. 23, a terrific ex
plosion occurred beneath the sidewalk
In front of the burning building.
Structures were shaken for a block
around and windows were shattered as
by an explosion of dynamite. Scores of
men and women were hurled to the
ground, and a dozen or more were in
jured by flying gla?s. Two were in
stantly killed.
The list of the injured, numbering
thirty-three in ail, is greater than any
fire in Chicago for a number of years.
The police report that none of the in
jured are expected to die.
It is estimated the fire caused ? finan
cial loss of 1200.000. Insurance agents
report a total insurance of $157,000.
In trying to account for the fire and
the consequent explosion two theories
are advanced by those who are in the
best position to judge. O. L. Tosetti,
one of the proprietors, attributed the
explosion to the oil-heating apparatus
recently installed in the basement.
Several of his employes and come of
the firemen who came in actual contact
with the explosion believe that natural
gas waa the cause of the disaster.
Will Wipe Out the Ueflrit.
It is believed the parage of the Loud
bill in congress will effect a saving of
at least $10,000,000 annually and will
wipe out the enormous deficit that con
fronts the postoffice department every
year. The bill eliminates single vol
umes antl sample copies from the sec
ond class of mail matter.
For the Funding of Pension.
There is in view the presentation of
a bill in congress through the pension
committee looking toward the funding
of the pension appropriation. The
bill, it is claimed, promises to be a
great benefit not only to the govern
ment in the saving of many millions
of dollars, but to the pensioners also.
Heavy Fire Loss at ImM City.
The Auditorium and the Auditorium
Hotel, at Holmes and Ninth streets,
Kansas City, were damaged by fire.
The 106 guests escaped in safety. The
loss on the entire property will aggre
gate $300,000. The insurance amounts
to $70,000.
Favor Postal Saving Banks.
At the meeting of the National Build
ing Trades council it was decided to
memoralize congress to do all in its
power to defeat the anti-pooling rail
road bill now pending. A resolution
was adopted favoring the proposed pos
tal savings bank system.
Necessary FiindH Lacking.
The American Missionary associa
tion has made public its fifty-first an
nual report. It shows that during the
last few months hundreds of students
have ben turned away from the
schools for want of funds.
Twenty Persons Injured.
Twenty persons were injured, three
perhaps fatally, at a grade crossing on
the Delawar. Lackawanna & Western
railroad between Passaic and Delaware,
N. J., Wednesday night. They were in
a stage which was struck by a train.
Payne Declines the Chairmanship.
Henry C. Payne of Indianapolis has
refused to accept the chairmanship of
the executive committee of tho gold
standard conference, which will h;ivc
charge of a currency bill to be placed
before congress
BMfc Pap Makers Combine.
It is reported that the maken of
book paper of Wisconsin, Michigan,
Indiana and Ohio have formed an as
sociation to stop the cutting of prices
in this product and to fix a minimum
Will Advocate a New Law
Mutual fire insurance companies
doing business in Wisconsin will try
to have a new law passed to escape
the restrictions placed on them by the
new r.t.'.irance law.
Carlists Would Sel:'.e Havana.
It if announced that a widespread
Carlist plot has been unearthed to
overturn the Liberal regime in Cuba
and seize Havana, with its forts and
Is for GOT, Mount for Senator.
Lieut. Gov. Haggard says be is for
Gov Mount for senator from Indiana.
Got. Mount has said that his friends
mutt not consider him a candidate.
Wages A vaiiccit in Alabama.
Manama coal companies employing
about 1,200 coal miners, have announc
ed that Jan. 1 they would advance
wages from W to 70 cents a ton.
Work for y.OOO Perron.
The Cumberland Moore-Jones win
dow glass factories at Bridgeton, N.
J., employing L'.OO'J persons, will start
Jan. 2.
Nam er It reit kn a Bicycle Itecord.
Walter C. Sanger broke his own
world's indoor bicycle record for half
a mile, riding the distance in one min
ute flat.
John Y. Kedmond to Visit 1'e.
John E. Redmond, M. P., the Irish
leader, will sail for this country on the
Teutonic Dec. 30.
Condensed Keport of Work In Senat
and Honse.
In the House Tuesday three bills
making appropriations for the payment
of the salaries of members and for the
expenses of the special session were
advanced to third reading. Mr. Selby
introduced a revenue bill. It is the 10
per cent valuation bill prepared by the
Chicago real estate board and intro
duced at the regular session by Sen
ator Baxter. The apportionment bill
was advanced to second reading.
A short session of the Senate was
held. Senator Tempelton's bill appro
priating $60,000 additional for the sol
diers' and sailors' home at Quincy was
advanced to third reading. Senator
Aspinwall introduced the senatorial
apportionment bill.
The senatorial reapportionment bill
was advanced to third reading in the
house Dec. 22. The bill appropriating
$1,000 for defense of the inheritance
tax law in the United States supreme
court was recalled to second reading,
the amount raised to $7.000 and the bill
again sent to third reading. The three
routine senate appropriation bills were
In the senate the house bill appropri
ating $60,000 additional for the sol
diers and sailors' home at Quincy was
passed with the emergency clause.
The house Dec. 23 passed the Re
publican senatorial apportionment bill
by a vote of 79 yeas to 54 nays. There
were but two votes to spare. Wilson
of Schuyler was the only Republican
who refused to vote for the bill.
The senate passed a resolution for
adjournment until Tuesday morning.
Jan. 4. without the "no pay" clause
and the house concurred in this ac
tion. In the house the bill appropriating
7,000 for the employment of special
counsel to aid the attorney general in
defending the inheritance tax case
now pending in the United States su
preme court was passed.
Keport Tiiat Opposing Ohio Kepublloanfc
Will Leave the Party.
Columbus, O., Dee. 23. The State
Journal prints a story that the repub
licans, led by Charles Kurtz in opposi
tion to the re-elec'ion of Senator Han
na, have promised to support free sil
ver as the price of the defeat of Senator
Hanna. The story, the Journal states.
comes from a man who claims that Mr.
Hanna will be defeated. The Journal
says: "Conferences are being held in
various parts of this state by demo
crats, who have gathered at the direc
tion of McLean and the free silver
leaders to plan for bringing pressure to
bear upon democratic members of the
legislature to vote for Gov. Bushneil,
and the argument which is used in
these conferences to convince the
doubting and to bring conviction to the
hesitating is that Bushuell will act
with the free silver men in the United
States senate if elected."
United States AHsessed 464, OOO for
the Seizure of ltritish Vessels.
Washington, Dec. 25-The United
States will have to pay the sum of $b"4,-
000 for the seizure of British ships in
Bering sea, thus settling a dispute
which hns occupied attention for eleven
years. The findings of the British
American commission chosen to as
sess the damages for the seizures have
been received by the state department,
and the British embassy. The strict
est reticence is maintained, however,
on the general character of the finding,
though it is admitted that the total of
the award against the United States is
$464,000, which includes principal and
C arllsts Seek Adherents.
London, Dec. 25. The Paris corre
spondent of the Daily Chronicle says:
"Some agitation lias been caused in
the Spanish colony here by the issue
of a circular inviting Spaniards in
European capital.; to rally to Die Carl
ist cause and to save the nation from
revolution and anarchy. A remarka
ble feature of the movement is the un
derstanding th it evidently exists be
tween the Cuban group in Paris and
the adherents of Don Carles. It is as
serted that Don Carlos has promised to
abdicate in favor of his son, Don
Krufrer Fe:rt Cecil Ithodes.
.Tchanneslmrg. Dec. 25. President
Kroger, in the course of a speech at
Krngeredorp Tuesday, expatiated upon
the danger of the so-called constitu
tional methods of Cecil Rhodes and
upon the importance of keeping out of
Rhodes' clutches Delacoa bay, which
the president characterized as "the
Transvaal's only gat (way to the sea."
Minnesota Law I'pheld.
Judge Lochien has decided that the
Minnesota "pink law," providing that
all oleomargarine or butierine offered
for sale in this str.te must be colored a
bright pink is constitutional.
Fire at lonipli:in. Mn.
Fire destroyed the business portion
of Doniphan, Mo. Twenty-sis business
houses were burned, and the total loss
is estimated at S'tOu.OOJ, with about
$23,000 insurance.
lemand Change I" Law
The Northwestern Iowa Grain Ship
pers' Association demanded that
freight overcharges be trade unques
tionably unlawful.
Canadian sealer Made Hppy.
The Canadian sealers arc to receive
1164.000 fron the United States for
losses caused by the seizure of their
State School for Iowa ItaptUts.
Baptists of Iowa have decided to
recognize the school at Des Moines as
the state college hereafter.
A. Remedy Which Has Cured More Than
1.000,000 People.
"5 Drops" is the name of a powerful
remedy which is guaranteed to cure
rheumatism, neuraliga, catarrh, asth
ma, la grippe and kindred ailments.
The company is entirely safe in mak
ing the guarantee, because every month
they receive thousands of grateful let
ters from those who were sufferers, but
have never received one complaint.
The effect of "5 Drops" is felt at once.
James Williams of Regent, 111., writes
on November 12, 1897: "My wife has
been suffering two years with rheuma
tism. She used about one bottle of 5
Drops,' and can now go without her
crutches." To more extensively adver
tise the merits of this remedy the pro
ducers will for the next thirty days
send out 100,000 of their sample bottles
of this positive cure for 25 cents a bot
tle by mail prepaid. Large bottle, 300
doses, $1 (fo? thirty days 3 bot
tles $2.50). Those suffering should
write to the Swanson Rheumatic Cure
company, 167-169 Dearborn street, Chi
cago, 111., and take advantage of this
generous offer. This company is relia
ble and promptly fill every order.
New Iilnminatiug Gati.
Consul Duester. at Crefeld, Germany,
reports to The state department of a
discovery made there which, it is said,
will revolutionize the methods of il
lumination. It is an incandescent gäs.
A single jet of ordinary size can emit
a light of much more than 1.000 candle
power, and fine print can be read at
a distance of 100 feet. The inventor
says the cost for a light of 1,500 candle-
power is only 4 cents per hour,
while that for an ordinary electric
light of 400 candle power is 14 cents
per hour.
SlOO Reward, SIOO.
Rke readers of this paper will be pleased to
learn that there is at least one dreaded disease
that science has been able to cure in all its
staffs and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is the only positive cure now known to the
medical fraternity. Catarrh beinp a constitu
tional disease, requires a constitutional treat
ment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directly upon the Mood and mucous sur
faces of the system, thereby destroy'np the
foundation of the disease, and pi vinr the patient
strenpth by building up the constitutiou and
assisting nature in doinp its work. The pro
prietors have so much faith in its curative
powers that they offer One Hundred Dollars for
any case that it fails to cure. Send for list uf
Address F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. O.
Sold by druppists 75c
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Photograph Where Head Shoald Be.
The body of William Guldensuppe,
murdered by Martin Thorn, has been
buried in New York. This dismem-
mered trunk was clothed in a shroud
and a photograph of the dead man was
in place of the missing head.
If Too Wish
to buy pood homes cheap, in pood climate, pood
fruit country, larpe and small farms, write J.
W. CAKI'ENTEK, Öclivar, Mo.
A man who jumps at conclusions is
sure to fall flat in his logic.
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first day's use t! Dr. Khue's .:. Nerve Restorer.
Send tor FREE $2.00 trial hottle ar.d treatise.
Da. K. 11. Klink. Ltd., m Arch St.. PhilaCelphia, Pa,
It is the torpid liver that usually has
a torpid liver.
To Cnre Constipation Forever.
Take Cascarets Candv Cathartic. 10c or 25c.
IfC. C GL fail to cure, droggisti refund money
Never look a toy pistol in the muz
zle. Smoke Sledge Cigarettes, 20 for 5 cts.
The quiet hog gets the most slop.
Poor Heaith for Years-Hood's Sar
saparilla Cures Dyspepsia.
: My husband was in poor health for
years owing to dyspepsia and he could not
get relief. We gave him Hood's Sarsapa
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to work." Bakbaka Rehberg, 139 North
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The Canadian
Goldf ields
Stretch from Lake Hurwto the Klondyke.
Good timber, good water, good climat
and good land are found everywhere but
in Klondyke. Tbl uiau who does uot strike
a rich lead is sure to strike a good farm
and high prices for produce in his local
miiiing district. Write
C. P. R. Colonization Agent.
Land Commiss'r..
lli'W TO U IMM Tlllt OOU ntLDS
mmummm v JONES' Cash Stori
108 A 110 Front Street. PORTLAND. ORE.
buv .r ti-atlv l-ml. Town,
I ! . t, ,i ,!it r otlier top
n . iiT heu in l s , or
äÄaWfltl EDW. P. McCOLLOM.
Dai Id I It v. Nebraeei n ! customer tor
you. Send l5o tor . r v-
Best Couh Syrup, Tactea Good.
m time. Bold ry drunriata.
fill M

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