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ounty led
Vol. 7.
County Library
No. 40.
It 3Y 43 II
Orlk'e Mini Resilience: Koon s 3.4 und f. Model
Il.ock. Entrance, fiist stairw ay soutii of I. o.
Night fa N at of.W-e a swered
Telephone 125.
T A. PxKTtN M. I. NM AsriNAi.L. M.I
Drs. Borton & Aspinall,
Mt,'lit Calls promptly responded t.
Telephone N .'-.
Nortli nichigan St., PLY HOLT H, INI).
Corner of Miehltran ami .letfersnri Sts.
Nlüht Calis auswtred. Telephone 11S.
Office: Room Corbin Block. .
Kesldenc Tliotie I.V.. Office Hours: S to o
am; I to .i and 7 and .S p in, rails answeied
prMnptly day or ui-lit
otiice and Hesidenee: Oiat occupied 1 the
late lr. Viets.
Telephone 102.
i OUK.
Tenderloin Stenks,
Mutton Chops f
Pork Chops,
Cured Ham,
Rih Ronsts.
Veal Stews,
are delicious enough to make
you want four meals a day.
Specially prepared Pickled
Pigs Feet is an appetizer and
is highly recommended by
hundreds of our customers.
Anything; you want in our line.
A young war is waging in the
central part of town among the
shoemakers, owing to the fact that
they have a man to "buck" against
that is not of the kind that takes a
week to repair shoes. For the last
week or so some of the cobblers
have been in the practice of doing
all they can to injure their compet
itor. The sign taken from in front
of my shop has been returned and
I refrain from saying anything fur
ther. When you get in a hurry
for shoe repair work, just try Har
ris, on West Garro street, and you
can get a pair of soles put on in 20
minutes and at the price of half a
The Shoemaker.
I am at the service of the public
anywhere in Marshall or adjoining
counties at these prices: Sales un
der $500, 84 ; sales of .? joo and un
der $300, 'x per cent; all ales
over $Soo, i per cent.
For dates telephone me at Don
aldson at my expense.
Yours for business.
Valentine Klory,
DonaldHon, Inl.
Witch Hazel Oil
One Application Gives Relief.
It curc3 Piles or Hemorrhoids External
or Internal, Iilin! or Bleeding, Itching or
Turning, Fissures and Fistulas. Relief im
mediate cure certain.
It cures Burns and Scalds. The relief
It cures Inflamed or Caked Breasts and
Sore Nipples. Invaluable.
It cures Salt Rheum, Tetters, Scurfy
Eruptions, Chapped Hands, Fever Blisters,
Sore Lips or Nostrils. Corns, Hun ions.
Sore and Chafed Feet, Stings of insects.
Mosquito Bites and Sunburns.
Three Sizes, 25c., 50c. and $1.00
Sold by Druggists, or sent pre-paid on receiptor price
Oor. WUlUm John ftEVV YORK
All our stock was
Bought at Old Prices
and we will
Sell at Old Prices.
Cull and see us.
w, I., I Ir - ft mi -
O Saved!
Seven Dollars and Fifty
you on a Farm AVagon. Is
A Farm Wagon for $52.50.
Korbes' Seed Store.
Telephone 36. Plymouth, Ind.
Itargitins Await You
Just to get you to know that the
Independent cilice has put in a line of
fancy stationery and a'7xilliary good?,
we have decided to quote the following
low prices for ten days. Come and in
vestigate. PEN HOLDERS, swell handles, all
sizes, polishej in bright colors, gilt
patented venil3ted tip that holds the
pen with unusual ürmnes, regular
prices 5 cents. For next ten days 2
STEEL PENS, the most popular in
nee, 7 for 5 cents.
sorted shapes and tinishes, nickle tips
and inserted rubbers 2 cets.
and hexagon ehapes, silver stamp,
nickle and gilt tips with inserted rub
ber 4 cents.
ERASERS, polished wood center, size
1 :Mx2J. Regular price 10 cents.
Our price 8 cent.
FOLDER, ivory finish, size (x? in.t
regular price 20 cts. Our price tor 10
days, 12 cts.
FOOLS CAP, I in any
TYPE-WRITER PAPER, f quantities
RUBRER RANDS, all sizes, 4 cts. a
dozen and up.
handsomest box of stationery you ever
saw, for .T cts.
VISITIN CARDS. We have just
what you want in ladies viriting crdn.
Wiil print them for you in steel plate
script or from an engrave! plate. You
can see samples of our engraved plate
work at this office.
MEN'S CARDS, either friendship or
busineps cards. Come and select just
what yon want.
that will tempt you.
TOIL KT IAPKR, perforated, for
only 1 cts. per mil.
Nothintr would make your friend a
nlcr present.
1 c. each.
PAPER NAPKINS. pr rioren 3 cts.
for 5 rt.
backs. At the
have any and all kinds of
Footwear for any and all kinds of
weather. All leather goods are
worth 10 per cent more this week
than they were two weeks ago.
We have a $12,000 stock from
which to select.
m 1
Kendall Block, Plymouth
Cents is what wre can save
that worth while?
The Man or Woman Who Falls to C.et lie
frrrthiiig S!p J nn Health's Iovn
!rtle I'lyinoutli I'nl Know
the KenieUj.
It is a feature of the worry and hus
tle of present day living that wakeful
ness and restlessness beget headaches,
languor, failing strength, people go at
their work in a listless, halfhearted way.
Ordinary treatments have no affect
because they have not the secret power
of orgimzing nerve force, peculiar to
Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve Pills, the
great success of which is attested by
residents of Plymouth. Mrs. A.
Schoner, of West South street, Plym
outh, lod, says: "As a medicine to
cure nervousness, to steady and quiet
the nerves, to give sleep of the right
kind and to build up the system in
every way I can highly recommend Dr.
A. W. Chase's Nerv Pills I got at J.
W. Hess drug store, as they did this
for me when in just such a condition.
They are a splendid medicine.'
Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve Pills are
eold at "0 cents a box at dealers, or Dr.
A. W. Chase Medical Co., Buffalo, N.
Y. See that portrait and signature of
A. W. Chase, M. 1)., are on every pack
age. Thun kitjrlv lug Day Kcrurwioiin Via Van
tlalia UiifH.
The Vandalia line will sell round
trip tickets for one and one-third fare
for the above occasion. Tickets on
sale Nov. 27 and 28 and good returning
to and including Nov. 20. 11-28
Kxctimion to Kirlimond via Pennsyl
vania Line.
For the state convention Y. M. C. A.
of Idiana, excursion tickets to Rich
mond will be eold via Pennsylvania
lines November 21 to 211, inclu
sive. 11-23
I. O. O. F. f.raiiil Lodge and Grand Kb
campment Iiirilanapoli Nov. lU-'il.
For the above occasion the Vandalia
line will sell round trip excursion tick
ets to Indianapolis and return for $3.55.
Tickets good going Nov. IN and P. and
good returning to and including Nov.
22. Direct connection at Coltax with
Hi Four in both directions. 11-1U
For TliHiikxgi vine Iy.
The Vandalia line will sell Nov. 27
and 28, return limit Nov. 2., 1W1, ex
cursion tickets at reduced rates from
all Mtations to 150 miles from selling
point on its own line, and also to any
points on connecting lines. For full
particulars call on nearest Vandalia
line ticket agent or addraas K. A. Ford,
Oeo'l Pase'r agent, St. Louis, Mo. 11-2H
Some Claim Kfüirient on Fast Sile of
Street Have Iteceived Mot 1'enetit
Other Claim That Property Near Knd
of Improvement 1 Not Itenelited so
Much a Other Kesidenre Property
Oilier Points to Consider.
The city commissioners are novf con
sidering the apportioning of the pave
ment expense on North Michigan and
Laporte streets. They will have a
meeting in the near future, when they
expect to make the proper apportion
ments. There are several matters
which will come up to determine their
judgment. As residents on the east
side of Michigan street Buttered more
from dust than west side residents, it is
argued that they have received more
benefit than residents on the west side
of the street. Some think that resi
dents near the end of the street have
not been so much benefited as tboee
near the central and in the business
portion of town.
It is true that the business portion
gets the most benefits, bat it is also
true that the street is wider in the busi
ness section and if the assessments are
made on the basis of frontage, the bus
iness property would pay its proper
proportion. It would be assessed for
31 feet to the center of the street, while
the residence property would only be
assessed for tweDty feet to ceDter of
street. This would appear to be a fair
division of the expense as between the
busineeb and residence sections.
It does not appear that the argument
as to the residence property near the
end of the street receiving less benefit
than residence property along other
portions of the street is very well
grounded. There is no reason to pre
sume that the pavement will not be
extended a quarter of a mile or more
in the future and in that case these
properties near the end of the paved
street at present would be near the cen
ter of the improvement in such an
event. The settlement now establishes
the expense of all residence property
adjacent the improvement for all time.
These properties at the end of the
street could not be legally assessed on
the extended improvement in case the
pavement should be extended.
Hence, in justice to all, the matter of
proximity to the beginning of a street
improvement can not be taken into con
sideration. As to the east side proper
ties receiving greater benefit than west
side properties, there is no question but
that the commissioners should giveam
pie consideration. It does not seem to
the Independent that any great differ
ence should be made on account of the
arguments that have been so far ad
vanced. No doubt the most equitable
division of the expense of the pave
ment would be to charge each property
owner exactly the cost of paving In
front of bis property. No one can
rightly take objections to this kind cf
an apportionment.
The city commissioners are A. North,
Daniel Harris, Wm. Kyle, Wm. Young
and Wm. Conger.
Leading Elkhart Citizen Is Called to His
Long Home.
Goshen, Ind., Nov. 13. Col. Ruel M.
Johnson, of Elkhart, veteran of the
late war, capitalist and leading attor
ney, died at 1:30 o'clock Tuesday at the
home of his sister in 'his city, of
dropsy, aged " years, his death follow
ing a few weeks' illness, the best spe
cialists not being able to afford him
more than temporary relief.
Ruel M.Johnson had lived in Elk
hart county nearly all his life; was a
Douglas democrat; raised a company of
the 100th Indiana regiment in the dark
days of 18(2 while a young law student
at Goshen; made a most creditable war
record for which he received special
mention in the various positions from a
captaincy to colonency in that regi
ment, fighting in many battles, beintr
taken prisoner by the Rebels, escaping
and being recaptured and then ex
changed; came out of tha war with the
love of all his men and with a great
record for bravery; entered fully into
the legal profession, wheie he was very
successful; did much to build up and
improve Elkhart; became a Knight
Templar and 32nd degree Mason; was
prominent in the Grand Army and the
Loyal Legion and was a man of won
derful activity to the last. He recently
formed a law partnership with Judge
J. I). ()8torne. Col. Johnson was a
striking figure and a mau of fine abili
ties. A CoMtly IHM.
The new clothing stock of Meyer &
Harris, who have been In business only
a short time In this city, occupying the
store room owned by Gretzinger and
Dickinson, was nearly destroyed by fire
and water Tuesday morning.
Mr. Meyer states that be had a cus
tomer to whom ha sold a pair of trous
ers, which were too long and be started
to fix them, lie filled the gasoline can
j to the gasoline stove and in doing so
spilled a small quantity. The cus
tomer, who was standing near, struck a
match eetting the gasoline on fire. Mr.
Meyer seeing that the can was about to
explode, Iropped it and ran for safety.
The lire alarm was immediately
given, but the lire had a good start be
töre the fire department arrived. The
goods were insured for about one-half
of their value by Cressner & Co.
The room had just been newly
painted and fixed before Mr. Meyer
moved in.
Condemned Man' Time is Short in the
State' Prison.
Michigan City, Ind.. Nov. 13 Jo
seph D. Keith, the murderer sentenced
to hang in the state prison Friday
morning spend? much of his time sink
ing sacred songs. It is said to be the
opinion of the prison oflicials that the
man will die game. The gallows were
tested yesterday and found to work
perfectly. It is announced that Keith's
attorney, Hon. Frank R. Poeey, of
Evansville, Ind., will do no more to
ward saving Keith's neck. It is sup
posed he thinks all efforts will be use
less. I.. F. & V. Improvement,
Work on the improvements on the
Lake Erie & Western has stopped for
the winter and the work trains have
been taken off. During the season 108
miles of new 75-pound rails have been
put down, from 250 to 300 miles of the
road rebalisted, and several new
bridges built. Railroad men who have
been over the road recently, express
surprise at the improvements that have
been made. No new equipment has
been purchased this year, but next year
it is said new locomotives of the latest
type will be put in service and many
new coaches will be built.
I.npaz Items.
Fred Myers, south of the village
celebrated hie 10th birthday Oct.Sl. A
number of friends were present. The
evening was spent in vocal and
instrumental music and a fine supper
Mr. Fluke moved to Arkansas this
Last Saturday evening Mr. C. II.
Sherland and Miss Frances O. Ware
ham were married by Rev. M. L. Peter,
Mr. Floyd Plaiz and Miss Amanda
Sherland being attendants.
Raker Uros. are conducting a daily
meat market here.
A series of meetings a"e being held
at the Weslevan church.
George Sheneman returned home
from North Dakota.
Burr Oak.
Rev. G. W. Smith and wife leave for
Chicago Wednesday to be present at
the wedding of their daughter, Lizzie,
which takes plac Sunday.
Geo. Voreia is painting for G. A.
The Ladies' Endeavor met at Mrs.
Annie Aley's Tuesday, this week, in
stead of Wednesday, the regular day.
The Church of God will organize
Sunday-school in Rurr Oak the fourth
Snnday in November.
A large number of young folks of
Rurr Oak attended meeting at the Dun
kard church, near Plymouth, Sunday
Misses Maude and Reseie Sickman
entertained at their pleasant country
home, half a mile southwest of this
place, Sunday, the following young
ladies: Cl)de Vanderweele, Laura
Maxey, Eva Paddock, Rertie Aley,
Maude Maxey, Lura Marsh, Meda Mar
tin, Georgie Druckermiller, Myrtle
Shirley. A sumptuous dinner was
served and after a pleasant afternoon
all returned feeling that an enjoyable
day bad been spent.
Renjamin Frank has shipped his
household goods to Shipshewanna, Ind.
He and wife will drive through with
team and stock.
Amos Frind is suffering with his old
army complaint and is quite feeble.
Fred Garver was in Rurr Oak Mon
day on business connected with the
Garver estate of which he is adminis
trator. Tippeeaiioe Items.
Mrs. Eva Clevenger who has been
sick the past two weeks is able to be
up and about again.
Empertus Sanner is building a new
barn on his farm southwest of town.
Mrs. John W.Cole visited her daugh
ter at Hammond over Sunday.
County Supt. Marks visited the
schools in this township last week.
Mrs. John Kramer and Mater
Tommy Ritter visited relatives at
North Webster the first part of last
D. W. Ritter, Milo Ritter and others
went to Hammond last Saturday where
they expect to work for a while.
Dell Fullz will move" to town this
week and Dell Sills will occupy the
property vacated by Fultz at Tiptown.
Joshua Mow has perchased the
Yoeum property on West street.
John Grace has moved into the
Swihart property vacated by Elmer
W. II. Taylor, of Rochester, In com
pany with another gentleman was bete
last Wednesday on a laud deal.
I LI, KG A I I. V MA 1!K1 1.1).
A Young Couple from Maxiukurkee I.it
lIe to Serious Trouhle.
Charles Chisenberg and Grace Sookee,
of the Maxinkuckee neighborhood, in
Marshall county, came to Rochester
lagt week, and contracted more trouble
than is customary in matrimonial con
tracts. They went to the clerk's office,
represented that they live in this
county near Richland Center, and that
they are aged 21 and 1'., respectfully.
On this representation they were
granted a marriage license and Judge
Troutman was called and performed
the marriage ceremony.
Soon after they were gone word came
from Plymouth that they had applied
for a license there, but it was refused
for the reason that the girl's guardian
had warned the clerk that ehe is not
yet lfi years old. She draws a pension
as a soldier's orphan and her marriage
not only stops this, but puts both of the
young people in a position liable to
severe punishment for misrepresenting
their ages. It also makes the clerk
and the officiating magistrate liable to
prosecution if anyone should institute
proceedings, but they 6ay the couple
lied to them with euch apparent earn
estness that they were completely de
ceived It is reporied that the judge
and the clerk took a fast team to over
take the couple and unmarry them, but
this could not be verified up to thetime
of going to press Rochester Sentina!.
Council Proceeding.
The city council met in its regular
session Monday and transacted the
following busineps.
The city has entered into a contract
with Ottis Mickels for the construction
of the Ilealey se'ver.
The financial condition of the city is
as follows: Amount od hand 81,200,
bills allowed .?f30C8 leaving a balance
on hand of S5V.i 32.
Julius Born, engineer at the water
worKs, showed to the council the pos
sibility of a fire alarm being turned in
while he was away getting cfal which
is kept about 150 feet from the build
ing. He said he did not wish tobe
held responsible if it enould occur.
W. W. Hatch & Son were granted an
extension of time from July 1 to Aug.
1 for the completion of the pavement
on South Michigan street and they
have made arrangements with a man
from this city to fix any D:iuor default
which may happen in the pavement on
North Michigan and Laporte street.
W. W. Hatch was with the council
Monday and they discusped the
matter pertaining to thesinking of the
crown about an inch on Michigan
street north of Washington street.
The report of the city treasurer
shows that the general fund on haud i?
Sl.SW,.. Out of the recent loan 81,
3s2.ll was added to the general fund.
The water works fund shows over draft
of SI, US TO and from the loan was add
ed to this fund $.720.33 The amount of
the school building fund on hand was
S"2G.7J and S5G.1U was added to this
fund from the recent loan. The library
fund shows 8.'T2,. of which S10 2". was
added from the recent loan.
The council took a recess until
Thursday evening
A Peculiar Case.
J. I. Wheeler, who made his home for
along time with Mr. and Mrs. W. D.
Lillybridge and who died about a year
ago at the soldiers' home, left a small
amount of money and two women, one
from New York and one from Starke
county, both claiming to be his widow
and want the money. It seems that he
married a lady in New York, whom he
deserted and came to this state, marry
ing a lady from Starke county. If the
lady from Starke county can prove that
he was divorced from the laay of New
York, she will receive the money and if
not, the other lady will get it. Part of
the evidence was heard IdforeJudge
Capron Monday.
The lady Trom New York as sonn
as she heard of the death of Mr.
Wheeler, applied to the pension board
at Washington for pension, stating that
she was his widow and the pension was
granted to her.
NewHV Hit of Unpublished History.
The Herald published in the Cly of
Mexico, contributes this bit of unpub
lished history as to the manner in
which Joseph W. Rrill amassed a for
tune: "Rrill, ten years ag was a jeweler in
a small way in Laporte, Ind., where he
married. Rusiness did not prosper rtnd
he went to the silver mine, of old
Mexico for a fortune. In a battle with
striking natives he saved the life of an
old American owner in Mexico, won
his heart and was made a partner in
minfl that made $100,000 a year for
him for the lirst nd much more after
Ward." Politlrnl OoHHip.
W. H. Rlodgett in dishing up a col
umn of tenth district politics in the
Indianapolis News says:
"The Tenth district may haTe a can
didate for governor on the republican
ticket whose name has not been men
tioned. Reference is made to State
Senator Fremont (loodwine, of War
ren county."
I'lyinoutli to iet factory.
The committees are at work en
deavoring to raise a sufficient sum to
purchase the Novelty works building.
If they succeed Plymouth will get a
factory that will employ lOOmeü; The
concern simply aeks the business roea
to purchase and give it the novelty
building. They propose to invest 525,
000 in equipment. Last evening the
committee had raised within SHOO ot
sufficient. The matter must be settled
by next Friday evening.
Tarty at Win. HollaudV
A party of young people gathered at
the home of Mr. William Holland last
Monday evening, in honor of their eon,
Frank, who has just returned home
from Dakota where he has been the
last three months. Grace Holland and
Dottie Hill entertained with music,
after which supper was served.
Cold Sliced Chicken
Chicken Salad Potato Salad
weet Pickles Jelly
Raked Reans
French lluttered Rolls
Deviled Food Lady Cake
Opposed to Fusion.
The Lagrange Democrat is opposed
to fusion and says: "Once more the
Democratic party has witnessed the
fallacy of fusion. In Nebraska there
was fusion between the democrats and
populists. Thereeult was that the re
publicans carried the state Tuesday by
an increased vote over that of P.HJ0. It
would have been much better had the
democrats nominated a straight out
and out democratic ticket and gone be
fore the people on pure democratic
Fire at Ioi;aiisort.
Fire Monday destroyed the ilourlng
mill of Obenchain & Royer and the
handsome new First Presbyterian
church, at Logansport, rebuilt some
few years ago after a disastrous Ore.
Obenchain & Hover's loss is $25,U.n)t
S15,000 insurance. The loss includes
the damage to wheat, estimated at
The damage to the Presbyterian
church property is estimated at $23,000,
with an insurance of SIG.OOO.
Charge Against Probert.
A letter received here says that Gov.
Blip, of Michigan, will probably an-
no inc his decifion this week in re?ard
to a requisition from Oov. Durbin for
Dr. Probert, of Nile?. Frobert estab
lished a bank in Hourbon, lud., and i
suspected of wrecking it. If (iov.
Rliss refuses to honor the requisition it
is understood that five other charges
will be made against Probert.
Will Sue Lake Shore.
Albert McClelland, of Starke county,
retained a local firm of attorneys to
bring suit against the Lake Shore rail
way for $10,000 on the account of the
death of his daughter, Laura, aged U.
She was killed two weeks ago in the
vards at Laporte by a Lake Shore train.
The complaint will allege negligence.
Ke:l Kst.tte Transfers.
The following reai estate transfers
have been made since the last report:
J as II Matchett and wife to John A
HotTer, land in sec 23, $2,H).
Heirs of Philip G Pontius, dec, to
Philip O Pontius, land in sec 18, $I,TK).
Guardian of minor heirs of Margaret
Smith to Fhiltp Pontius, land in sec IS,
Trustees of estate of Edw Harland
to Charlotte Reardslee, land in sec 2.
Charlotte 1 lie-irdslee and husband to
O L Cleavlaud, land in sec 20, $0,000.
Administrator of estate of Israel
Hill to James M Shatter and Harl L
Weaver, land in sec 27, $2,5oo.
Hans J Schroeder to Mary Schroeder,
lot in Plymouth, $150.
Christian li Scott and wife and Wm
E Gray to David Fetters, land in sec 4,
Jacob Martin and wife to Samuel
Crull and wife, land in Tippecanoe tp,
$23 05.
Lucinda II kind to Wm J and Ella M
Lutty, land in Tippecanoe tp, ??I,2U.
Amanda Lemler to Wm Lawrence,
land in sf c 30, $1,500.
Sarah E Mabry to Wm O'Keefe, lot
15 in Plymouth, $2.101).
Leonard Logan to John II Wifely,
land in sec I, $2.03.
Clark Chapman and wife to Geo Van
Dorston, land in sec 1, $100.
Wm O'Keefe and wife to Arthur
O'Keefe, lot Plymouth. $2,100.
Albert R Wickizr and wife to Chas
M Lourman, lots in Argos, $2,150.
Chasteen Crow and wife to Israel
llagenbush, land in sec 1, $1,0U
You iet Your Money Hack.
We, the undersigned drugpists here
by agree to refund the money, if after
using one box of Dr. Stone's New Dys
pepsia Cure it has failed to give aatia-
faetory results, Cures Dyspepsia, In
digestion, Sour Stomach, Heart Hum,
and Loss of Appetite.
Emanuel A. Fink, Jos. W. Hess, Mist
Jennie Shadel, 4-3
Ktirlon to I ml iMimpoli VI Vantlnlla
T.ie Vandalia will sell excursion
tickets to Indianapolis and return for
$4.75 on account of fall convention An
cient Accepted Scottish Rite Masons.
Tickets on sale Nov. 11, 20 21. and 22
and good returning to and including
Nov. 23. 1122

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