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EVOTIOM publialted Every day (emend Run,
dtty Oo th STA WPMMIAMIAN COMPANY, Itt their office,
230 Wa Irma Street. Branch Office, 410 ricatt Ktreet,
Comigtortt dud Watit Wviatingiga $10105-
field, Ohis0
Witaste Nevem'', published every Therefor, by the
Mar Puh t,ompaity, and mailed, free of poe4,4, '
age, at Sian pot year. It b a larspo eight-par paper, ,
enitaimind eti caimans of readiug umber, ia thu
'beeper', papa of int iliMpubliehed this country,
awl's er Anveattente.-16 (tents per Ilse, retch Meer.,
tom, agote newer... Three months. 12,!e woue per
Ilse. Discount et 6 pet cent. us hi autumn ; hi tar
cent. un I column.
Anerwrienn erre, for either WErkGÝ Or ILT, roust-
take the run of the paper ami le properly eliewithoi.
Nat'l' display, kneetal and itMilleont Wit 1 he
subject to 104111C, No objectionable stattet vitt be,'
addaitted d any price whatever. .
ram Bina' &TAT le served by carriers to eubstribers
in the city of Cincinnati, and te all the surrounding
eitien and towns, for TNI1 COOTS per week. Cling le
COpion, TWO CTNTS. By MOB, per year, free of peat.
ege, SO. Fractional parts of a yvar at Lida owe rate.
lta circulation is larger than that of any othelt daily
paper published in the Witte of Ohio. Advertising
rate for the three 00491011E4 Per Naar et Ika
cents per line Agate..
1-1- 41, sm
AL 14 '1
MarinoA 2'empostuous Forego.
NNW YORK, March .18.Dispatobee
froth Genoa, Italy, report heavy 'gales
pr.evailing there. Several vessels with
fruit on board for the United States have
been driven back. The damaged steam.
ship, Abbotatord. belorging to the Red
Star line, Philadelphia, arrived at Jer
sey City, yesterday, alter a remarkable
voyage occupying 108 daya Irom Ant
werp. 'She left Antwerp on the 28d el
November, for New York. with 480 pas
sengers. ,Arriving at tho Straits of Do
ver bhe was run into by the steamer In
dus, carrying away tbe Abbotsford's
stern to three feet above the water line.
The Abbotsford then steamed to Lon
don. transferred her passengers, and re
paired. necessitating a mouth's delay.
She again started the 22d of December,
and when half way across the Atiantio
encountered heavy gales and lost her
propeller. The ship then beaded under
sail for Queenstown. Terrible gathe
prevailed, aud the Captain states that no
Jess than ten steamers fouudered iu the
Bay of Biscay.
"The Abbotsford arrived off the Irish
coast on the 12th of January, where her
sister steamsalp, the Pennsylvania, was
sighted and the Abbotsiord towed lute
, Queenstown. During an attempt to at
tacS the steamers the Penesylvenia
struck the Abbotsford on the port bow,
caving in forty feet of the ship's side.
The Abbotsford, after completely repair
ing, btarted again on the 24th of Febru
mg., and experienced strong westerly
gales hut arrived safely yesterday.
, IVOMinatiOn., el&
WASHINGTON, March 13.--The follow.
ing nominatione await the action of the
Senate: N. I, McLean, late United
States Army, to be Assistant Adjutant
, General,with rank ofLieutenaut Colonel.
Postmasters: J. 11.-Drury, Troy, Oath;
R. R. Wise Warren, Ohio; M. Thump,
sou, Rome, 'Michigan; G. A. Wells,
John, Michigan; James Knox,
eta, low a. C. Kelly, Collector ol Cus
toms, Iliehigan District.
Grangers is Connoilkontionitaor
Special to the Star.
CoLumnus, O., March 18.--At the
meeting of the State Grange yesterday,
the officers previously elected for the en
suing year, were Installed. Resolutions
wera. passed durieg the day' setting
forth:' That the Association has no con,
nection With politics; advocating mutual
insurance companies in each county ;
urgiug their members to loan and bor
row money of each other at a moderate
rate of interest, and condemning the re
cent action of the National Grange at
Charleston, S. C., in asking Government
aid for the Texas Pacific; Railroad; also,
favoring the establishment ot co-operative
stores whenever or wherever men:
chants or manufacturers oda suspected
ot unthir dealings. ' ,
The committee to Investigate the man
agement of the Penitentiary entered
upon their labors yesterday afternoon,
with the examination of the Superinten
dent of the Stets shops and storekeepe ,r
whose testimony le net veryereditable
to tha directors of the inet4tution.
Reception to Rom 14 610OckoiFeglitst
lion tor tho Bond Robber-1;4ring Ike"
&IN, , , -
itimatat Willa Star. '
PAYTON,- O.. Mara 13.---Arrangesnen
to are making for a public reception
to Ron. Gunekel at the Soldiorte
Home, on his return' trom Wathington,
which will -probably be this atternoon.
, Ile has made himself popular with the
veterans on account of ins efforts in fa
vor of the Bounty Bill.
- The Governor of West Virginia has
sent a requisition for A. M. Page, the fa
mous bond robber, arrested hero some
days ago.
Thieves entered the dwelling of Mr.
David MeCutcheon on Germantown
street, yesterday afternoon, in the ab
seuce of the family, and carried off a
large amount of clothing aud jewelry and
smail sum of money. , . - -
The Philharmonio dociety are making
vigorous preparations tor their next cou
'Jen March 30. ,
.1tesolutions of respect to the memory
of tbe late Dr. Adam Jewett, were adopt
ed last evening by the Montgomery
County Medical Soolety. , ,
gpockati to the Star. ,, - ,
'braiNGINISL.D, O.. March 13.--Near
Forest yesterday, on thd Pittsburg, Foil,
Wayne & Chicago Railroad, a train ran
into a freight car, injuring the oar, but
doing no further damage. The trains
were not delayed.
Samuel Stelymburgh, of Sugarcreek
township, Green county, shot bimsoll
whlie &telt hunting, ne,ar Trebelus, mill,
yesterday. Re slipped and fell from a
log, discharging both barrels of bis shot
gun, the eontenta passing into the bowels
eausing instant deathi
The -President of the S., J. & P. Rail
road issues the followings For the ben
efit of those interested in the Snring
110th laatigll A rmeroy,Railrod, 1
would say,to correct il éritineões refiffrt
in yesterday's Commercial's teleprapb
, ed z from Dayton, ao to my layering any
other route than tbe one already agreed
upon,' that myself and the friends of the
'road all along the line were never more
confident of its success than at the pres
?ent time.' 'Our road calt be built without
the aid of any other company, and we
don't propose to switch oft on any other
liue. .Eligineers will locate the road per
manently on Monday next. ,
WAvbitvir, 0,. March 12.
- , ,Jzstes Flamm, President.
I was wading about this. westir to 'buy
cages and dropped into a cekine in Amity
street, where a mau k.'èepts birds ana
dogs and monkgs, Itere f made the
acquaintance newly ,imported
Scotch terner of marirelous sagacity and
perfect education. Bat alas, misdirect
oci intelligence! He has been for years
thelccomplice of a London thief, whose
little game wig played by tbis dog- ge
is taught to recognize a pocket-book in a
lady's band, to jump and frisk about her,
Allen to seize the pocket-book and run;
his mastertiatches tim up and seoretes
him under his peat and Joins the hue sod
cry after the dog down some street. At
list ha was dropped upon, the-little game
discovered, and in the court the little
dog was principal witness. A lady was
walked past bim bearing iooseiy a peeket-book
; upjumped the slog, seized it and
carried. It direetly to his roaster. The
- , plaster was sentenced and the dog wits
exiled. certainly did some astonish
, lug bite of thieving, le. my 'presence,
etoaling a small package from atuif
Qat la ea a chair. . :
CanK, March following is the
vote cast in the Parliamentary election
in Tipperary: John Mitchel, 1,114;
Moore, Conservative. 746.
13,0ms; March 13.The Voce di Verita
says the rope comers the CardinaPs hat
on Archbishop McCloskey, not only on
account of the persenal merits of that
prelate, but becausethe Moly See is de
sirous of honoring the Catholics of
America. and of marking the progress of
Catituliciouf the United States.
- Zegio(ature
COLUMBUS, Moroi) 12.SENAM-111118
passed t To amend the Municipal Code
la relation to assessments. It provides
that only when three-fourthe of the own
ers in real estate shall petition for open
ing a atreet 'the same shall be opened
aud assessed ou the property benelited.
To enable the Alum Creek 0oolety of
Friends to convey certain real estate;
requiring partners in business to Ale the
namee of members ol a firm; to &mewl
the Municipal Code so as to prevent the
passage of prohibitory ordinances in re
gard to the sale of wine. beer and older-
yeas 10, nays 12.
Boues.--Bills passed: For the relief
of lieorce Wilson; to authorize the
construetion of a culvert mamas the Na
tional road, in Madison county; author
izing the payment of a claim to Dr. C. K.
tireenlesi; requiring the distribution of
0tate reports to Township Clerks; re
dueing tue fees and salaries of county
orneers; requiring Conatables to take tip
stray animals; Morellead's bill, reduc
ing the fees and ealories of county MU
, 0.- ie
Nulberry 'Seller&
Tbe Evansville' Courier has found
the original Mulberry Sellers. It says:
The prototype of the renowned hero is
proprietor ot a large coal mine and min
teat lauds on tue lower Ohio below
Shawneetowu, Illinole, iu which enter
pried Philadelphia capitalists, among
whom Ex-Secretary of tue Navy Berle ie
most prominent, are concerned with
him. it le said' that Mark TWain met
, this gentlemen in the Lain somewhere,
Red trout the peculiarities el tee mau
was inuuced to appropriate his name.
Vim the finite became known to Mr..
1 Sellers through the distribution of the
arst (Wilco, be Immediately went East,
, and protested tomato the unauthorized
' use of his name, and the authors were
'oompelled to change the name so far as
to substitute Berialt for EOM, and at a
cost to them, it I said, of diteen thou.
fiend &Here, as part of the second edi
1 tiou was then under way and had to be
destroyed. No doubt the observing eye
ot the novelist must have detected much
, of that man Sellers, which the Colonel
bellere In the book expresses so foreibly
and aptly in the short and pithy son
teuce, "There'a millions tu 10'
Mr. Sellers, of Sellers' Landing, is an
Inventor, and all the world knows that
inventors are, and must lie, idealists ati.d
enthusiasts. We, of the every-day roo
tlet) of lite, can hardly appreciate Lee in.
ueir feeliugs of Hie inveuter tied the
poet; sett their vagaries, to our dull
eyes, soon hut too ellen vain vaporing
slid hubbies,- while to them they 'are
realitiesthe childreu of their hrata--of
Cum oue ot withal they fool justitled la
deciaring to every body seeklug Wrest
meat, "There awe milltousin
A number of years ago Me. Sellers
erected paper-miil In the knot ol
Hardin ceuuty, tionole, overlooking the
Ohio river opposite the town of Casey
vale, Ity9.1nuit &mai towu and estati
lieheu a Post-office,. and calleu the place
Sellers' ,Lauding. The paper-mill was
built at great exeenee, alter an invert
Hoe of his own.
The material out of which piper Vila
to be made wait cane, such ae grows in
the bottoms ot the Mississippi river and
its tnbutarles. and the canoi to make it
tit for paper and to separate the Ober,
was to be shot, as it were, out ot big
iron guns in that mill, and there was to
have been millions in it. Betake! "The
mill hes gone to decay, Ben Bolt," and
Sellers' 'Audio& like Stolle's Lauding,
in the book atter the failure of tee Salt
Lick and, Facie Railroad, is deserted,
and grass grows in its mud-paved streets.
f ewe of the Pecullaritfes of the New Senators
Buruside is ever absorbed at the debk
wite private correspondena. All sorts
of notes, dainty anti otherwise, heap up
daily Wore him AO he toils religiously
through them all.
itteek K. Bruce, the colored Senator,
, thus tar wears a black kid glove upon
his left baud during the sesston. He its
very quiet aud writes in it,,yery leisurely
way, as be were conscious that he is at
' the beitinuing of a loug term in the Sen
ate aed he will have plenty of time to
iearn the points of the situation.
Chrietancy is one ol the most timid ot
the new beeators. He is a man from
provincial lite, unused entirely to the
ways of the world, aud.he is, as a matter
of course, unusually weighted with the
responsibilities of the situation. He
, wauted to go out of the Republican cau
cus the other day because he thought
teat his presence there would bind him
to abide by the actiomathe caucus.
Jones, of Florida, is the queerest-looking
man. He is a tall, ungainly-looking
blonde, with a very red tette and sharp,
whine features. He bas a look about
him of awkwardness and worldly in
.nocence that it Interesting to see. 'He
authei his beadquerters at the Ebbitt
house, and be spends all of his leisure
moments In walsing about the lobbies.
He is ot course surrounded by crowds
of people anxious to make his iteqUaint
mace. Anything tu the shape el a man
who holds the, position of United States
Senator is a valuable acquaintance.
Jones seems to have a knowledge of men
as they go. Lie appears to be doubttut ot
his social positiou, and I's as awkward in
an introduttion as a young man from
the rural district's applying, tor a situa
Angus Cameron, Carpenter's initheit
sor, Is a quiet, industrious man, who
worke vory steadily at his desk, and
does not pay any too much attenthin to
the speeches upon the Louisittua ques
,, Caperton, of West Virginia, bat a
huge whiteblanket of aboard that makes
him look enough alike to Baesett, the
old door-keeper of the .senate, to be his
trrother.--Cor. Pittsburg Leader.
An editor wrote: line Aret duty a
Man owes his country Is to stand by Its
constitutional rights. It appeared in
his paper thus: "The Arst putty a man
does hiecourting is te stride la Conti
nental tightse, A lynx-eyed proof
reader and an Intelligent compositor
are now dodging about trOwn as tiest they
can to avoid a frenzied editor with a,
double-ba.rreled shotArgum
voi -
, The fact that so many pipes ars frost
doeSn't attect kritiftQl WPM
, ,
WOAD soup WEE& wrizaPzn.
Lower Louisiana is threatened with
another Inundation. ,
3. Stocher's saloon building at Alli
ance was burned Thursday night.
W. F. grant, editor of the Grand Rap
id" News, has left for parte unknowa.
Harry Fracker has been appointed
Gauger of Um Seventh Kentucky Dis
trict. The Ex-Empress Eugenie hns, it is
said, just contracted auot'aer private
George P. Ilenils has sued tbe Credit
nattier for $12,000 11110 SO Secre
tary. The war against saloon-keepers has
again been vonimenced Kentland,
I,u,dian a.
' Brigham Young returned home from
the penitentiary yesterday with an es
'oort of friends. ,
The Pliddlerte lock-out in Pittsburg
continues without auy material change
in the situation.
A party is-advertised t o leave Bis
marck for the Black ktills next week,
and another April 0111.
The San Francisco Board of Brokers
yesterday subscribed $10,000 for the re
lief of Kansas and Nebraska sufferers..
Mrs. Louisa Clarkson, mother of Right
Reit. Bishop Clarkson, died in Omaha
Thursday evening at the age of seventy.
hig.banquet will shortly be given in
St. Louis to Captain Bads in recognition
of his efforts for the improvement ol the
Missiseippi river.
, Will S. Rays the popular American
song writer, tele ciliwn a short Sight of
stairs at. tile Public Library Halt last
night and was slightly injured. -
The Western Savings Bank of St.
Louis, a small institution in the western
part of the city, closed doors on Friday.
The officers say they will, pay every dol
htr of indebtedness.
The creditors of Roe Bros., Chicago
wholesale merchants, who failed last
winter, at a meeting yesterday agreed to
aecept the proposition of the Brut to pay
twenty-four ceuts on the dollar.
k Mrs. Sarah E. Easton suicided at Vir
ginia City, Montana, yesterday. With a
revolver She shot herself through the
breael. Probable cause, domestic trou
ble. W. J. Murphy, a planter oil Red river.
near Fulton, Ark-was shot and killed
by a man ,named Jones, on Thursday,
and robbed of a4,000 in gold and curren
cy. The murderer escaped.
Snow-elides in Big Cottonwood Can
yon, Utah, have been frequent of late,
and at present the canyon is impassable,
at one place the road being covered tie
the depth of fifty Wet deep lor nearly a
Tbe B. & M. Railroad Company in Ne
breaks has Med a bill in the Unised
States Circuit Court against tbe Union
kaoitic Railroad Company, claiming title
to 800000 acres of land now in posseit
con of tits latter munpanY.
What was knoWn as the Boston Eleva
tor at Lake City, Minnesuta, burned
yeaterday. - -Ile building was worth
00,000, and- 'neared for MAO& - The
warehouse contained 75,00Q bushels ot
wheat, most of which was insured.
.A. lire on Weet Indiana street, Chloe
go, last evening,destroyed a hottest be
longing to E. IL Watson, and damaged
dry goods belonging to - Stark Bros. to
the amount of &ity thousand dellars;,
fully insured. , ,
Lieutenant-General. Sheridan arrived
In New York Thursday evening from
Washington, and left yesterday morn
ing tor Chicago. tio, will go from chi
',ago, in a few days. to Leavenworth,
Rad will proceed thence to New Orleans,
where he expects to arrive in about two
weeks from slate. ,
Burglars broke into the depot of the
Chicago Ridgeville & Fort W ayne rail
road, at 'Ridgeville, last night, burst open
trunks and carried off a large amount of
Mottling, &c. They were making strong
etiorts to ope-n the ticket elute when they
vvere frightened away. No arrests.
A man named W. W. O'Brien, book
keeper and cashier tor a wholesale liquor
firm in Toledo; bas defaulted and tied
from the country into Canada. O'Brien
was hitherto regarded as perlectly trust
worthy and bad been sent out by the
tirm to tollect Boma two thousand dollars
in claims. How much of this amount he
obtained is not .delluitely known.
A letter from London states that the
banquet to the rrince Imperial, at Wool
Wien, has given rise to a good deal of
critioism. both there and in France. The
commander of She garrison, who presid
ed, made an exceedingly fulsome speech
in poise thePrinee, and OVOU Went so
far as to express the hope that tne
swords of tbe English officers might one
day be at his service. It is understood
that the Prince is to be attached to the
staff of the Duke ot Cambridge. , ,
E. C. Chilson, a Methodist minister
trout Waterville, Kansas,' arrived at He
lena, and moo domiciled at the Interne
tioaal Hotel. While the guests werb at
dinner to-day a tire was discovered in
his room. Several men attempting to
enter the room were knocked down anct
seriously Injured bý Willson, who was
discovered to be Insane, and had set the
bedding OU &re. The tire watt eX
tinguished with slight loss; Chilson was
overpowered and couVeyed to the asy
- 'At Bryan, Ohio, last evening fire
broke out in- Letchees Block, vocuplvd
by J. J. Geller boots and shoes; N.
Ryan, jewelertILetcher & Co., produce;
and tee U. S. Express office; the second
story bY Dr. Keiser; and the third story
by- a billiard -saloon.- The. g000s were
neariy all saved. The north waR
demolishing it two-story frame adjoining,
owned and occupied by .31. O. Quilken
Bros, grocers, whose stock was re
moVed. Ou the south the tire Spread to
tile Myers Block, occupied by Bryan,
Willet & Co, dry geode, and the Free
masons& Lodge. - Loss - estimated at
forty to fifty thoultand dollars; about hail
insured, - , -
Clara Monis, the actress., in a letter
trom San Francisco to a friend, de
scribes her visit Se a Chinese theater.
She wax shown the room which suffices
tor a greeu room and Messing- room,
where eke says 44a number of actor were
hanging their costumes, and the cool in
ditterenee, ugt to say gravity, with. which
they stripped themseives to the
bare ' brown Skin , in my presence,
was startling. had solute didlealty kV
finding a sock I tumid fix my eyes on
without being. stocked!' Ás almond
eyed actor taken, -64Yett act-eer and
when the manager explained, "She
much-ee.big act-se the greetius extesd
ed W Aer was yerietaxgials, ,
Texas has 595 Baptist preachers.
Pennsylvania has 12,5 Y. H. C. Abboeia
Bons, The new Presbyterian church at Sioux
City, Iowa, cost $0,800.
' A new Presbyterian Much hal been
dedicated at Poynette, Wis. -
A new Presbyterian church was or
ganized in Chicago, February 14.
Rev J. J. Irving has received a call to
the Western avenue Baptist church. Chi
cage, '
Rev. &H. Tyug, Jr., D. D., will spend
the nbxt month in the South to recruit
his health. -'
The Pittsburg M. E. Conference meets
at Alliance, Ohio, on Wednesday, March
IT, Bishop Bowman presiding.
Bev. Father P. McMichael, one of the
most arid of the Catholic priesthood in
Louleviiie, Ky., Is lying very
Eighty-two new members joined the
Chicago Y. M. C. A. during last month,
making its totai membership 1,391.
Three converts from ROMalliant have
cOnnected themselves with Rev. J. M.
Pullman's Universalist Church, in New
The West Virginia M. E. Conference
met Wednesday, litarch 8, Point Pleas
ant, West yirgiuia, Bishopliowman, pre
siding. ,Rev. W. H. bloan, of Marion,Wayne
county, Ohlo,Inis been appointed by the
Baptist Missionary Union a missionary
to Burmah.
Dr. Parker, of London, writes to the
Christian at Work that next July the
Anti.Rituilism bill will go into opera
tion in England.
Dr. Reuben Jeffrey has ' resigned his
professorship in the Tabernacle Lay Col.
lege, klrooklyn, and Rev. E. 2. Tburing
has succeeded to his place.
The semi-centennial anniversary of
the settlement ol Rev. Dr. Leonard Ba
con as pastor over the Centre Church,
New itaven, was celebrated last Tues
day. -
The shrines and relics 'which Rev.
Father Dealy , secured a hile in Route
last summer have arrived and are now
'in St. Francis' Xavier's Church of New
Dr. Reid, the Missionary Secretary,
left New York last Monday for a tour
among the bouthera and Soutnwestern
Conterences between West Virginia and
The proceedings of the 'eighth annual
convention ol the Y M. C. A. ot the Mari
time Provinées hes lately been published.
The names of ninety-one associations
are on the roll.
1St. James' Methodist Episcopal church
of Harlem last Sunday took up. a mis
sionary collection and subscriptions to
the amount of $1,850, ot which the Sunday-school
gave S700.
The number of scholars In the Sunder;
schools in the Presbyterian Church,
North and South, Is 625,434; the Baptist
Church of the United Suites, 630,152i and
the M. E.,Chureh, 1,383,297.
Miss Coiburn Mita Burnett left
New York March 1 for Pekin China, to
join the DlieSi011 with Mille !Douw and
Miss North, from the' Woman's Union
Missionary Society ot Americe.
Rev. F.P. Tower, of the Now York
Viet -Conference,- intends, after the
meeting ol les Conference next month,
to be transferred to Southern California,
where be will reside andlabor hereafter.
Dr. Cross, ot Toungoo,. Dermal', re
peats the statement aireauy Made, that
on account of the 'amine in that region,
caused by the plague of rats, a large
number of aerobes will be nearlý bro-1
ken up. ,
The PresbYterians end Cumberlaud
Presbyterians of the Pacific coast have,
by synodical committees, agreed upon a
basis ot union for the two bodies, which
now needs only to be retitled by their
Forty-live parishes and 50,000 Roman
Catholics in roland have gone complete.
ly over to the Russian-Greek Church oil
account otthe attempted entoreemeut of
the kapott Encyclical of May 13, 1814.
Tbere are twenty-six priest mous the
- Rev. Joseph Nee Slum, the Japinese
convert, who spernt several years in this
country, returued to Japan Met tall, and
now writes back to his friends I Am
floret, where he graduated, that he is
saviug uuexpected success as a mission
ary to his countrymen.
Deau Stanley is to be invited to deliv
er the inaugural address at the unveil
ing of a statue or Baxter, the author ol
the "Saint's Rest," at Kidderminster.
The statue has been the rebult ol suls
seription by Churchmen and Non-conformists,
and the Bishop of Worcester
has been a liberal contributor.
The Boston Souta Baptist Sunday.
school Convention, which met a few days
ago,- reported 913 officers and teachers
aud 7,4;t3 scholar In its 43 schools. Tue
North Baptist Convention, oi the saute
city, reported 8;3 schoois, 1,089 teachers
and officers, and 8,8T3 scholars.
The Sixty-first-street Methodist Epis
copal churce iu New York will be dedi
cated to-morrow by Bishops Janee and
Andrews. The entire cost of the church
aud parsonage will be $75,000. During
tbe Week toliowiug the deuleation tsere
will be preauhiug by Rev. Dre. Foss, Tal
mage end Tyng. ,
Bev. Dr. John P. Newman, form7
erly Chaplain of the United State Senate,
and later Inspector ef Consulates, who,
has been traveling in an official capaci
ty, maiiing some very interesting discov
eries in the course of his travels has
returued to Washingten. It is sai'd he
will resume the pastorate. of the Metro
politan Methodist Epiecopal Church,
Where General Went Worehipe.
George H. Stuart, of Philadelphia,
estiniates tile number of conversions le
Great Britain, through the instrumea
tear of Messrs. Moody and Sankey, of
Chicago,- at 20,00e or 80,000. Another
pair of evangelists, sent out by the
Young Meu's Christian Association et
Chicago, are toiling in the different
towns of Illinois, and an additioual
Wald ire in Loeiseille, Ky., meting
with great success.
The petty jealoushis that actuate Chris.
tian men mid ministers has had another
illustration in Rome, Italy, where the
Rev. Mr. Waite, pastor of : the Americais
Union Citurch iu that city, had accused
Signor tiodaleta, KR Mr. Van
Meter'S mission ivork, with being , a
"Jesuit," gad applying to him other of
fensive epithets. -Signor Godaleta sued
Mr. Waite, who thereupon publicly Itpol
ogized, and retracted. his slanders. Be
had refused to do so before. The suit
was then withdrawa. , '
RON Patrick Byrne, of Trenton, N. I.,
advocate the Manse ot the printout
methods ut eelebratiug St. PatriciCe,Day
and the subetitutiou et something else
more ratiomai, inexpensive, sod to be
cordanee with the progress el the- age.
lie eliasacterizes the annual parades ea
thet day as Me patriotism of stiothamit
loud, demonstrative meal. Other
elergyntea Mao lever ot ditlereet calehrst
Into, and the forthcoming one will Erolie
ably Us Lit kVA st ,'
"When e'er I take my walks abroad,
Bow soy poor I see.
home satiug tater" without kalt
now toolaih that must he."
You can get a good rhinoceros now for
hpinal meningitis is hilliag mop
horses around Indianapolis.
Tbe brain of a one-year old child re
sembles a large white Camelia.
Cable rates by tbe French steamers
have been reduced W gold.
Vienna has lately introduced water
from a distance of Ofteen miles.
The beer glasses in )(Win sire twice
as large as ithe American "mug." ,
The newest dress-lifter is a tortoise
shell chain with a clasp on the end.
A New Provident, la.. man has
trapped three albino rats walk pink eyes
Nearly fifty thousand trout will soon
be placed in Community Lake, Walling
ford. Beecher is said to wear an eighteen
inch oollar, and to sleep twelve hours a
The widow of the late gonfederate
General litevens is a clerk in the Patent
The Lehigh Shovel Company ship most
of their manufactured gootie direct to
Europe. - v
,pu rove. - v
The number of stoves produced In
1874 le eatunated at 2,600,168, Vaitted al
h'our hundred barrel of wheat flour,
made in Texas, were recently oold In
Kingston, Jamaica.
The Governor of ,Arkanstus has about
400 negro officers under him in various
parts of the titate.
The apron front is not worn, as low art
It was, and the abwest are ritunded ia
stead of pointed.
IL costs Maasacbusetts 92,500,000 per
annum to support her peepers, ot whom
there are 05,e00 in the State.. ,
The Emprees ot Batista will not return
to St. Petersburg tuts winter, but will
go from San Remo to the Crimea.
The Baltimore and Ohio Itailrolvd
Company's steamenip line betweeu Bab
timore aud New York is ita established
The Missouri Legislature has given
permission to hawk itis felons Li over
Lee btate, and- make theta the eompeti
tors of honest labor.
A man and woman in Hartford, Conn.,
have lately detailed a series of 1,000
games of cribbage, begun butt October..
Sue won 502 of them.
The Remington gun,worksat Ilion, New
York, are running eight and day, with
two hemmed men, on a contract wit&
the Spauish goverment.
The instailation of the Prfnee of Wales
as Grand Master of the Freemasons
will take place at the Albert liall,, in
Leedom, on Wedueedner, April 28.
The building eta railroad through the
White Mountains ha gone steadily tor
ward during the recent freming tem,
fine thoueand men being engaged.
The rates for freiget transportation
from Boston to the Weet are from twenty
to twenty-live per ceut. cheaper thau
front New York, owing to competition
Levi Pelte died seddealy in Coboeit,
N. Y., the other day. was ascertained
that he had been poisoned by drinklug
beer which bad stood in lead pipes over
'eight. -
A painter named John Cain, has died
in Liverpal from being bitten by a fel
low workman, IfluDougal; against whom
a verdict of manstauguter has, been ob
tained. ," ,
Lemon' juice, used as a gargle, is said
by a French physician to be a poodle
against Ldiptheria and similar throat
troubies, weich helms Successfully used
ibr eighteen years
A calt Lake mechasie is perfecting a
fast printiug machine, whise, he claims,
will surpas iu speed Ray press yet in
vented, aud worit a revolution in the
printing buiiiness,
'rho recelpto of coal at the port of' Bos
tou last year aggregated 1,175,954 tons,
ail of which wait , dometitio except 48,-
008 tons from Nova Seotia and 2,780 tons
front Great Britian. ,
A hog ring factory, at Decatur,111.,
commutes over lour miles of wire per
day, aud turns out from 100,000 to 120,-
000 rings every ten nears. The rings
are used to prevent hogs from rooting.
Garnier,the arehiteet ot We new opera
house, was paid 9138,400 for his service
in counection with that superb editice.
He devoted himself entirely to the wurk
for Aileen years.
Enterhou's "Parnassus', eau not
be republished in Euglaud, becatioe he
has quoted so muce firma Teurayaon
and other poeto upon whose books
there is still a copyrigut. ,
IL -V illentesettut, of the Paris Figaro,
says that hut for Chainhora's letter
about the white Dag this areaditit estab
lishinent of tile Republic at Yersaillea
would never have cume about.
W hile a man was thawing out pota
toes in Baden County,- Nebraska, the
other day, a number , et grassuopperit,
eggs were hatched out from the earth
surrounding the potatoes. -
Invisible photographs of the Prince
Imperial have , been seized by the Paris
pollee. Nothing is to tre seeu on the
card until it is plunged into a basin of
cold water, when a tartness of Napoleon
V appears.
If toe natural 4sources -of America
were telly developed it would afford
suetenance to 8,60000,0500 inhabitant, a
number nearly Jive times as great as tne
entire mass of human beings now exist
ing on the globe I
Rev. air. Butemaa, the Indian agent
over in Nevada, is accused of fomenting
trouble among um Indians bin order to
cover up hia retealing,,, and is tailed
upon to step down and out. Not he. Is:
dian Agents neyer resign. ,
The power afforded by Mad Iiiisissippi
River at Minneapolis, Mina., is some
thisg almost kayoed belief. It is (Orbited
la exceed- entire motive power that
meves the 24,000,00e spindle aud the
4000 atillo of Weal. lkitain. ,
For the twenty-six years ending with
1872, after crediting the tolls ,aud de
duoting the expenses for the cost of eel
tection, euperintendeace, seri ordinary
repairs, tire Erie and Champaign sociala
have paid a profit, ot $ozNiiti,oaaaa. -
Mr. Haloes, the Mng of smokers, died
at Rotterdam. N. Y.. recently. A calcu
lation has wade out that Mr. IC. bad,
during his eighty years of life, smoked
more than four tons of tobaceo, and bad
i drank about 500,00e quarts ot beer. '
The exports of domestic goods from
New York during the fiscal year endfus
June 110 1874, amounted In value to 5340,-
300,2CA &ad those ot ail other ports to
$304.102,851,While tile imports exceeded
those a etSer s, ports el entry coin
drenites man at the Theater
Comique, Pueblo, smutted himself by adp
&eosin inewhing remarks ta as el the
&outlaw. T woman- wised & piece et
beard, end, been din g aver tbe
'beiabored the fellow eves the heed, while
1 the audience ,,aheered. ,
MARION, 0.--The wife of Joseph Robin-.
son, of this place, died ' very suddealy
last night. She was apparently well at ,
9 o'clock in the evening and was gone by
midnight. It is suppoeed she died from
heart disease.
VALI,gr JuNCTION.The Berea Dig- ,
trict School Exhibition took place here- ,
last evening, tinder the' direction of the. ,
teacher, Prof. Brown, and was a very en
joyable affair throughout the entire pro- , '
gramme. The singing, recitations, ite., , ,
by the Misses Hughes, Butler Chid law, ,
Higgins, Karr hillier, and ot'bers, were '
excelleut. Tit; recitations of Iiir. Rice '
and the younger members, the boys of
the school, were well rendered. The tab- ' '
Letitia were tastefully arranged, and were - -
greeted with applause by the large audi- .
enee of parents, friends and neighbors
present. Among the gentlemen present ,
we noticed the Revs. Hawley and Chid
law, Father Butler, Drs. llughes and
Duet, each of whom entered into the
spirit of the occasion, and seemed to en-t '
joy the good time eoually with tue ' 1"-, I
Frtswittss, 0.---Spelling match at hi. E.
Church a success, interesting and emus-
lug. One of our dry geode men couldn't, ,
take Ins ovictuals,,P and hardware,."mur
murs" no more,.to. Miss Barnits, of
Middletown, gained the prize after a
warm contest. Won't Middletown crow? ,
Dick Ten Kick Is reported on the war
path for Marshal. The present ineum-'
bent, we also understand. will strike for
a longer lease of power. For Mayor we '
have beard very favorably mentioned
our young and popular attorney, A. '
Miller, Esq.; other candidates wilt of
course loom up.
Mrs. Joseph Smith died Friday morn
ing of small-pox. This, we believe, la
the last case in town. ,
Scarlet fever, the scourge of childhood,
has invaded our village. Oue child, in- '
fent daughter of J. 11. Jamison, et M I
rion, U., a typo, died last Monday. The ,
children of Wm. Reeder and John Reece
are down with the disease.
Some of Cur merchants are East, lay- '
ing in their 'stock ot goods.
HAMILTOICMr. Joseph Cornell, of
Sharonville. celebrated the fiftieth an
niversary of his marriage on the let.la
beyeral cases of varioloid are reported
In the First Ward, one of wilich is at the 1
Children's Home.
A gang of men and boys nightly station '
themselves on the Poet-olliee corner, ,
much to the annoyance of those passing
by. Last evening we noticed several
ladies forced to take the street Kt order -
to get around the corner. Where's the ,
Marshal? t
, ,
Rev. T. Elantord will preach in the M. s
E. C. Mission habbath-sebool room, First
W'arti, to-morrow afternoon, at 8 o'clock.
All are invited.
Patrick Boar, son of James Hoar, ' '
keg., is lying dangerously with con-,
gumption at the residence of his lather.
The County Commissioners yesterday '
spent the day in making their quarterly
visit to tne County Infirmary. They rew
port everything lovely.
Suit bag not been commenced against
the. city by the American Fire Alarm , '
Telegraph Company, as was reported as , ,
the last meeting ol Council,
LEX114'6101,4. KY - The Menagetiota
have returned to Louisville, liner labor.,
lug four days tor the benefit of the people
of Otis city.
To-morrow evening Dr. Me Garvey will; o
deliver at the Broadway Chrtatiaa
Chutch his lecture on. the unity of the ; -
human- race. Several members of the
Psycho Philosophic Society intend le be
A. dispensatory has been neatiffitted
up at et. Joseph's Hospital. One of the
lady attendants is quite proficient in the ' -
art of pharmacy.
The right of way tor tbe Southern Rail,:
road throne the city of Lexington has,
not yet been settled. Au important mat-
ter of this kind 'should not be delayed
A eurrespondent of ;Cincinnati paper.,
writiug trent here, says "the Catholics
are rennin. the city." This is pairtly
true, se the'SL Joseph's Hospital, lately '
establiehed in tills city for the relief of ,
suffering humanity of all sectsand sexes,
is condueted by a aociety of pious ladies
belonging to that denoniination. - r,
A intuition church, under the manage
me,nt of the Eptscoualians, bas been es-.
tablished on Bolivar street,. Rev. Mr;
Shipman wiji preach there at 8 o'clock
to-morrow afternoon. - v
The Lexington Dispatch favors the
election of Judge Sh. bloodloe as Rep
resentative from this city.
Tbe regnar lortnightly hop at the First
Lanatio Asylum took plaee last evening.
It, should be borne in mind that these
bops or parties are given solely for the
benefit of the patients. A Jew citizens
are sometimes invited to add to the pleas-.
ures of the eveuiug, and that it la untie.
coming, impolite and obnoxious to deco-.
rum to ask for tickets of admission to '
these hops, as much so as to seek admit
tance to au entertainment la a privet, ,
The body of a colored child, apparent.'
ly only a iew days old, was found in ani
opeu lot, in the vicinity of Sevente &nit -
Mulberry streets, on , Fridal morning.
Coroner Byrne summoned a jury of six.
colored men, and the drat colored jury
ever impaueled in Fayette county, to
tuquire into its death.
The following cases were disposed of
in Judge Mulligan's Court, 'yesterday
Mike Donahoe, breach of the peace, wee
tined 810 and eosts; Thos. Martin, drunk
and annoying his neighbors, woe tined
$3 and costs, Frank hicelair, for lying
drunk,13 and costs; Ira Tayitor, Indecent
acting, lined 81 and costs. - -
CoL A. L. McAfee, Bx-State Senator
from the Jeseamine District, has recov
ered fully from his illness and Was in
the city yesterday. At one time the
Colentei was reported dead, sad la a few
days ttfter thin obituary editorials, nighty ,
eulogistic, were brought to him, welt:a
probably had the effect of promoting his ,
reeovery.. - , ' ,: '
A wrestling match canto off in San
Frauoisco ,last week. 'I'he rules laid
down were 'as follows: The. wrestling
ehall be In who is known Ili di "Vim.
man styloNo 'The nails suet hair aro to
eut; there shall be no grease or other,
substaeces ou the body; the hod sqall,
be naked above the.hipif net rosins teem,.
shall be held in the heads; there
so gouging, ond both sbeelders sualt
touch the trotted squarely. before a tall
shall be eallecir the victor shall have.
won two fails In three; the wrestliug
lieut. shall be Swenty minutes in londt.t,'
, when Manly seooads will be alloweli
rubbing owe null wiping oil perspire-- ,
&lug Kaiaks to not roily a ovelator
el a tosepeeanao oreanizatiets, bus, It Ma- -
oft of Ike Thisty-eseead degree et tee -
Almitlatbeellialt Mile" ,
170.7uur".'"."7 7,7 7. '1,":"71up.a.oe' -77 led W Aer,w-ae yerä etaxgWia 11011 ULOsti'loi .1. Jule audience cheered. 1 )1Anideailieeuian JAJte, - - ,
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