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Again Swirling
Across Western
Plains Brings
And Desolation
as Impoverished
Farmers Flee in
Fields Is to Head
Rod and Reel Club
HARLINGEN, April 18. — Judge
Will G. Fields has been elected
president of the Valley Rod and
Reel club with Dr. J. A. Hoekaday
of Port Isabel, vice president and
Harry Rouse of Mercedes secretary
These officers will serve for the
coming year. A temporary organ
ization had been in effect the past
few weeks.
Fred Wedegartner of San Benito
and Dr. Hoekaday were appointed
on a committee to seek about the
purchase of a boat from the gov
ernment to serve as headquarters
for the club. The boat would be an
chored off shore for use by members
of the dub. It is understood that
the government has several obso
lete boats which would be available.
Beet tops are more valuable as
food than the beet roots themselves.
It’s got a dash of formality ond
knowing good taste about ft
that young men instinctively
like ... not to mention its soft.
cool comfort.
[rhoto by Margaret Bourkc-Whltc; Copyright, 1935, NEA Service, Inc.)
Bourke-White; Copyright, 1*36. NEA Service, Inc.)
(Photo by Margaret
This vu a horse, and he pulled willingly and faithfully on his master's Texas farm until drouth and dust storms came. There was no water This was a farmstead, but after three crop failures everything this Texas farmer possesses is on this truck,
and no teed. And he died. Soon his bones will be part of the dust that is again sweeping the southwest in the most terrible scourge that He's leaving his acres in the drouth-and-dust area for good, to seek a home and a living wherever he may
has struck agricultural America in generations. find it. Years of hard work have crumbled behind him—into dust.
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•1.4090-4.100 feet, a hard lime Break
’ 4R 4,100-02 feet and saturated sand
at 4.102-10 feet.
In eastern HJdalgo, Union Sul
phur Company's No. 3 American
Flo Grande Land & Irrigation com
pany. in Farm tract 2 082. block 86.
North Capisallo district, about eight
miles north of Mercedes, gun-per
forated the oil string near the bot
tom Wednesday and is running
tubing preparatory to recementing
the oil string at 7.477 feet. Efforts
al recompletion probably will be
made early next week. The test has
16 feet of oil sand to the bottom at
7,493 feet and made about 30 per
cent oil of 49 2 gravity while clean
ing before sanding up two weeks
About 9.900 feet northeast of the
Samfordyce, E. L. Smith Oil Com
pany's No. 1 G. C. Salmas et al, in
the northeast comer ol share 10.
porcion 41. Ancient Jurisdiction of
Reynosa, is coring at 2.821 feet. A
core of 2.816-21 feet showed sandy
shale in the bottom.
About 15 miles northwest of Mis
sion. Double D Oil Company’s No.
1 Brock & Showers, formerly W. L.
Clary, in lot 4. block 12. porcion 80.
Ancient Jurisdiction of Reynosa is
drilling at 5 984 feet and nearing
completion of its 6.000-foot contract
About 25 miles north of Edinburg,
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Rabb. in the southeast corner of
the Rabb 511 acres out of Laguna
Seca League, is making hole at
4 490 feet. Contract depth is 5.000
feet. No shows haw been reported
in the test to date.
In the Samfordyce field, the new
est producer is Jack Porter et al's
No. 1 W R. Jackson, in the north
east corner of the north 10 acres of
the Jackson 62 acres of tract 278,
porcii!. 4 about 3.800 feet south
ast of discovery. The well was turn
ed into the tanks Wednesday after
iTun-perforating at 2.758-61 feet and
washing with oil Tuesday and is
making an estimated three to four
barrels hourly on ’n-lnch tubing;
choke under tubing working pres
ure of 200 pounds and closed-in
casing pressure of 275 pounds. No
water is showing in the production.
On the north edge of the field,
Morex Oil Corporation's No. 1
Francisco Guerra, near the center
of the west 7.5 acres of the north
west 12.5 acres of the south 100
acres of tract 254. porcion 40. about
1.800 feet northeast of discovery,
is being •jetted” with gas after
gun-perforating casing from 2.780
feet, where the hole is bottomed
If no production is obtained, it is
probable that casing will again
be perforated higher up the hole.
.Three tests on the western edge
of production in the Samfordyce
area will drill plugs late this week
in attempting completion and a
fourth in the same sector will ce
ment casing.
Skelly Oil Corporation's No. 2
Sea bury it al. In the southwest
corner ot the west 24 acres of the
west 48 acres of the north 78
acres of the southeast 166.90 acres
of tract 25€, porcion 38. about 4 200
feat northwest of discovery and the
fields northwestern outpost, set
and cemented 7-inch O. D. casing
Wednesday at 2.802 feet. The hole
is bottomed at 2.808 feet.
About 3.900 feet northwest of
discovery and on the field's west
G m O.l company's No. 1-B
Scabury et al. in the southeast
corner ot the north V acres of the
west 42 90 acres of the southeast
131.70 acres of tract 256. porcion
38. will cirill cement plugs Friday
and attempt completion from sat
urated sand at 2.801-07 feet.
Casing is enroute from San An
tonio for the C. E. Smith-Frank
Dayvault No. 1 Seabury et al. in
the northeast comer of the south
-2.90 acres of the west 42.90 eires
of the southeast 131.70 acres of
tract 256. porcion 38, about 3.750
feet northwest of discovery, and
will be set and cemented on bottom
of the hole at 2.915 feet. It will
probably be gun-perforated at
around 2.850 feet, an oil sand
showing in Schlumberger test at
2 847-58 feet some 20 feet below the
ordinary Samfordyce saturation.
Cement plug will be drilled in
Shafer-Mundy’s No. 1 Tabasco
Consolidated Independent School
District, in the north end of tract
260. porcion 38. about 2.500 feet
west of discovery. Friday and com
pletion attempted from one foot of
sand at 2.770-71 feet.
Two new tests are getting under
way and two more are landing
m the southeast section of the
Rogers Oil & Gas company's
No. 4 Francisco Guerra, in the
center of the southeast 25 acres of
tract 254. porcion 40, about 4.500
feet east of discovery, is rigged up
and ready to spud in.
Roy Johnson et al's No. 1 Mis
souri Pacific railway, 500 feet east
of the west line of porcion 41, on
the Missouri Pacific right-of-way
and 5,000 feet southeast of discov
ery. is rigging up.
The field's southeastern outpost,
Hiram M. Reed’s No. 2 C. E
Smith, in the east end of the south
10 acres of the northwest 46.29
acres of tract 3-8, porcion 41. about
6.900 feet southeast of discovery,
cored the Samfordyce sands Wed
nesday but found them dry. The
test had the upper gas sand at
about 2.754-59 feet, shale at 2.759
61 feet and lower sand at 27,761
94 feet. This record is strictly ac
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«U, Money hack if first Jar fail*
The Light That Failed—
. <rhoto by Margaret Bourke-White; Copyright* 1335, NEA Service, Ir
Dust blots out the sun. and even an oil lamp cant pierce the gloom when It is choked and coated with
dust like this one. Its owner, goggles on cap, personifies the dogged, defiant spirit of the western farmers.
curate. The test Is standing at 2,
794 feet awaiting orders.
The field's most southerly test,
Cortez Oil Corporation's No. 1-B C.
E. Smith, in the northwest corner
of the south 99 acres of tract 3-B,
porcion 41, about 5.800 feet south*
east of discovery, will get under
way again by Friday when boilers
will have been repaired. The test
has been standing at 2,749 feet In
gumbo for the past three days.
Two wildcats are now making
hole in Willacy county, both having
spudded in during the past week.
King-Woods Oil company, drillers
of the discovery well in the Sam
iordyce field of southwestern Hi
dalgo county, has taken over the
w. w. Silk leases m Willacy county
and spudded in Thursday on the
King-Woods No. 1 Santa Rosa. Inc.,
which has been located 160 feet from
the east and 637 feet from the south
lines of lot 16. block 30, subdivision
of share 44. San Juan de Carrie!toe
grant, eastern Willacy. Location is a
short distance north of the W. W.
Silk No. 1 Santa Rosa, which was
also listed as W. W. Silk No. 1 Still
man. which went to 2.000 feet in the
original hole and 1,800 feet in a side
tracked hole before abandonment.
In the southwest comer of Willacy.
W. T. Daniel’s No. 2 Francisco Ar
mendia, near the north line of Little
Share 4. a 2.606-acre tract, is report
ed making hole below 2.050 feet.
In the Rio Grande City pool of
southern Starr, one test is waiting on
cement, two others are drilling and
one is abandoned.
Sioux Oil Corporation will drill
cement plug Friday in its No. 7 Good
rich, in the southwest comer of block
3. tract 5, portion 81, Ancient Juris
diction of Camargo, about 1,750 feet
southwest of the discovery, also drill
ed by Sioux in the same tract. Cas
ing is set in the No. 7 Goodrich atop
saturation at 1.356-66.5 feet.
About 2,300 feet northwest of the
pool, Hiram M Reed s No. 1 Block
Bros., in block 4, tract 28-A, porcion
80, Ancient Jurisdiction of Camargo,
is making hole at 1,340 feet.
Some 4,500 feet southwest of the
pool, R. G. Hall's No. 1 Doyno Sc
Chatfield, in the north end of block
13-C, tract 21, Ancient Jurisdiction
of Camargo. is drilling at 1,150 feet.
Nearly 6,000 feet northwest of the
pool, R. G. Mitchell's No. 1 Salinas,
in block 2, share 39. porcion 80. An
cient Jurisdiction of Camargo, is dry
and abondoned at 1,620 feet.
In western Hidalgo, two wildcats
are making hole.
Sun-Ray Oil Company’s No. 1
Munoz, about 26.000 feet from the
north and 880 feet from the east
lines of porcion 75. Ancient Jurisdic
tion of Mier, is drilling at 740 feet.
Heep Oil Corporation's (Conroe
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Drilling Co.) No. 1 M. Guerra & Sons,
in Block 35. Crawford subdivision,
porcion 56. Ancient Jurisdiction of
Mier, is drilling at 1.040 feet in a
bole sidetracked at 900 feet.
Experiments are being made with
magnesium sulphate, or epsom salts,
in hopes of finding a material light
er than aluminum.
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HARLINGEN. April 18.— Two
heavy fines for theft were assessed
by Judge Will G. Fields this week.
C. C. Duncan and Ramiro Vela, both
arrested by city officers, each were
fined $200 plus costs. Duncan was
charged with theft of personal prop
erty and Vela with theft of gro
ceries and a ladies coat from an
automobile, belonging to E. C. Gray.
Poisoning became so common dur
ing the decline of the Roman Em
pire that persons of wealth and rank
had ••tasters.” slaves who did no
thing but taste each drink or dish
of food before it was consumed.
Friday and Saturday
Last Shopping Days
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