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L/.' 7
(Not the ordinary kind)
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Here area few of the great men who have
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Secretary Wilson, on Agriculture
.Sen. Chauncey M. Depew, on Politics
RoSsell Sage, on Finance
Tbomfe Edison, Electricity
Cek Merritt, Land Warfare
AdmL Hichborn, Kaval Warfare
AV" Simth, Sports
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I?ll "Pigley is very contrary, I
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that fellow
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•tain, thehanda or spot the kettle.
John the Baptist had no enemies
until after he began to say, "Behold
4he»Lamb.:of Go#."
Go to your grocer to-day
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if niiffiV" |*"fr*Mf*'
ft 0*PARRBLL, Madto Apct,
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lOnaalito, sse.
W it
,}«¥• i,
Text! Solomon's Song 8: 6: Who la Thla
That Cometh Out of the Wllderneaa
1.1k* Flllara of Smoke?—8nSulB| of
God'. Church, fa &
nv rv »w
The architecture of the smoke Is
wondrous, whether God with his finger
curves it into a cloud or rounds It into
a dome, or points it in a spire, or
spreads it In a wing, or, as in the text,
hoists it in a pillar. Watch it wind
ing up from the country farmhouse in
the early morning, showing that the
pastoral industries have begun or, see
it ascending from the chimneys of the
city, telling of the homes fed, the fac
tories turning out valuable fabrics, the
printing presses preparing book and
newspaper, and all the ten thousand
wheels of work in motion. On a clear
day this vapor spoken of mounts with
such buoyancy and spreads such a del
icate veil across the sky, and traces
such graceful lines of circle and semi
circle and waves and tosses and sinks
and soars and scatters with such af
fluence of shape and color and suggest
iveness, that if you have never no
ticed it you are like a man who has
all his life lived in Paris and yet never
seen the Luxemburg, or all his life in
Rome and never seen the Vatican, or
all his life at Lockport and never seen
Niagara. Forty-four times the Bible
speaks of the smoke, and it is about
time that somebody preached a sermon
recognizing this strange, weird, beau
tiful, elastic, charming, terrific and
fascinating vapor. Across the Bible sky
floats the smoke of Sinai, the smoke of
Sodom, the smoke of Ai, the smoke of
the pit, the smoke of the volcanic hills
when God touches them, and in my
text the glorious church of God coming
up out of the wilderness like pillars of
In the first place, these pillars of
smoke in my text indicate the suffering
the church of God has endured. What
do I mean by the church? 1 mean not
a building, not a sect, but those who,
in all ages, and all lands, and of all be
liefs, love God, and are trying to do
right. For many centuries the heav
ens have been black with the smoke
of martyrdom. If set side by side you
could girdle the earth with the fires
of persecution. Rowland Taylor burned
at Hadleigh Latimer burned at Ox
ford John Rogers burned at Smith
field John Hooper burned at Glouces
ter John Huss burned at Constance
Lawrence Saunaers burned at Coven
try Joan of Arc burned at Rouen.
Protestants have represented Catho
lics as having a monopoly of persecu
tors, but both Protestant and Catholic
have practiced infamous cruelties. The
Catholics, during the reign of Hun
neric, were by Protestants put to the
worst tortures, stripped of their cloth
ing, hoisted in the air by pulleys with
weights suspended from their feet.theu
let down, and ears and eyes, nose and
tongue were amputated, and red-hot
plates of iron were put against the
tenderest parts of their bodies.
George Bancroft, the historian, says
of the state of Maryland: "In the laud
which Catholics' had opened to Protest
ants mass might not be said publicly
no Catholic priest or bishop might ut
ter his faith in a voice of persuasion
no Catholic might teach the young. If
a wayward child of a Papist would not
become an apostate, the law wrested
for him from his parents a share of
their property. Such were the meth
ods adopted to prevent the growth of
Catholicism as well as Protestantism
has had its martyrs. It does seem as
if when any one sect got complete dom
inancy in any land, the devil of perse
cution and cruelty took possession of
that sect. Then see the Catholics after
the Huguenots. See the Gentiles after
the Jews in Touraine, where a great
pit was dug and fire lighted at the bot
tom of the pit, and one hundred and
sixty Jewish victims were consumed.
See the Presbyterian parliament of
England, more tyrannical in their
treatment of opponents than bad been
the criminal courts. Persecution
against the Baptist by Paedo-Bap
tists. Persecution of the Established
Church against the Methodist church.
Persecution against the Quakers. Per
secution against the Presbyterians. Un
der Emperor Diocletian one hundred
and forty-four thousand Christians
were massacred, and seven hundred
thousand more of them died from ban
ishment and exposure.
Witness the sufferings of the Wal
denses, of the Albigenses, of the Nes
torians. Witness St. Bartholomew's
massacre. Witness the Duke of Alva
driving out of life eighteen thousand
Christians. Witness Herod, and Nero,
and Decius, and Hilaebrand, and Tor
quemada, and Earl of Montfort, and
Lord Claverhouse, who when told that
he must give account for his cruelties,
said: "I have no need to account to
man, and as for God I will take him In
my own hands." A red line runs
through the church history of nineteen
hundred years, a line of blood. Not
by the hundreds of thousands, but by
the millions must we count those slain
for Christ's sake. No wonder John
Milton put the groans of the martyrs
to an Immortal tune, writing:
"Avenge, O Lord, thy slaughtered
saints, whose bones
Lie scattered on the Alpine mountains
The smoke of martyrs' homes and
martyrs' bodies if rolling up all at once
would have eclipsed the noonday sun,
and turned the brightest day the world
ever saw into a midnight. "Who is
this that cometh out of the wilderness
like pillars of smoke?"
Has persecution ceased? Ask that'
young man who is trying to be a Chris
tian In a store or*factory, where from
morning to night he 6 the butt of all
the mean witticisms of unbelieving
employes. Ask that wife whose hus
band make? her fondness for the house
of God, and even her kneeling prayer
by the bedside a derision, and is no
more fit for her holy companionship
than a filthy crow would be fit com
panion for a robin or a golden oriole.
Compromise with the world and sur
render to its conventionalities and it
may let you alone, but all who will
live godly in Chrtet Jesus must suffer
persecution. Be a theater-going, card
playing, wine-drinking, round-dancing
Christian, and you may escape critl
elsni and
social pressure. But be
and down,
oat and
out follower
Idling will wink-, to
you will be put to many a doggerel, and
snubbed by those not worthy to black
en your oldest shoes. When the bridge
at Ashtabula broke, and let down the
most of the carload of passengers to
Instant death, Mr. P. P. Bliss was
seated on one side of the aisle of the
car writing down a Christian song
which he was composing, and on the
other side a group of men were play
ing cards. Whose landing place in
eternity would you prefer—that of P.
P. Bliss, tb.e Gospel singer, or of the
A great complaint comes from the
theaters about the ladles' high hats,
because they obstruct the view of the
stage, and a lady reporter asked me
what I thought about it, and I told
her that if the indecent pictures of ac
tresses in the show windows were ac
curate pictures of what goes on in
many of the theaters, night by night,
then it would be well if the ladles' hats
were a mile high, so as to completely
obstruct the vision. If professed
Christians go to such places during the
week, no one will ever persecute them
for their religion, for they have none,
and they are the joke of hell. But let
tnem live a consecrated and Christian
life and they will soon run against
sneering opposition.
For a compromise Christian char
acter an easy time now. but for conse
crated behavior, grimace and carica
ture. For the body, thanks to the God
of free America, there are now no
swords or fiery stakes, but for the souls
of thousands of the good, in a figura
tive sense, rack and gibbet and Tor
quemada. The symbol of the domestic
and social and private and public suf
fering of a great multitude of God's
dear children, pillars of smoke. What
an exciting scene in India, when, dur
ing the Sepoy rebellion, a regiment of
Highlanders came up and found the
dead body of one of General Wheeler's
daughters, who had been Insulted and
mauled and slain by the Sepoys. So
great was the wrath against these
murderers that the Scotch regiment
sat down and, cutting off the hair of
this dead daughter of Gen. Wheeler,
they divided it among them, and each
one counted the number of hairs given
him, and each one took an oath, which
was executed, that for each hair of
the murdered daughter they would
dash out the life of a bestial Sepoy.
But as we look over the story of those
who in all ages have suffered for the
truth, while we leave vengeance to
the Lord, let us band together in one
solemn vow, one tremendous oath,
after having counted the host of the
martyrs, that for each one of those
glorious men and women who died for
truth an immortal shall live—live with
God am: live forever.
But as 1 already hinted in the first
sentence of this sermon, nothing can
be more beautiful than the figures of
smoke on a clear sky. You can see
what you will in the contour of this
volatile vapor, now enchanted castles,
now troops of horsemen, now bannered
procession, now winged couriers, now a
black angel of wrath under a spear of
the sunshine turned to an angel of
light, and now from horizon to hori
zon the air is a picture gallery filled
with masterpieces of which God is the
artist, morning clouds of smoke born
in the sunrise, and evening clouds of
smoke laid in the burnished sepulchres
of the sunset.
The beauty of the transfigured smoke
Is a divine symbol of the -beauty of
the church. The fairest of all the fair
is she. Do not call those persecutors
of whom 1 spoke the church. They are
the parasites of the church, not the
church itself. Her mission is to cover
the earth with a supernatural gladness,
to open all the prison doors, to balsam
all the wounds, to moss all the graves,
to burn up the night in the fireplace
of a great morning, to change iron
handcuffs into diamonded wristlets, to
turn the whole race around, and where
as it faced death, commanding it,
"Right about face for heaven!" Ac
cording to the number of the spires of
the churches in all our cities, towns
and neighborhoods, are the good
homes, the world prosperities, and the
.pure morals and the happy souls.
It is demonstrated to all honest men
that it is not so certain that William
Cullen Bryant wrote "Thanatopsis," or
Longfellow wrote "Hiawatha" as that
God, by the hand of prophet and apos
tle, wrote the Bible. All the wise men
in science and law and medicine and
literature and merchandise are grad
ually coming to believe In Christianity,
and soon there will be no people who
disbelieve in it except those conspicu
ous for lack of brain or men with two
families, who do not like the Bible be
cause it rebukes their swinish propen
The time Is hastening when there
will be no infidels left except libertines
and harlots and murderers. Millions
of Christians where once there were
thousands, and thousands where once
there were hundreds. What a bright
evening this, the evening of the nine
teenth cenjtury! And the twentieth
century, which Is about to dawn, will,
in my opinion, bring universal victory
for Christ and the church, that now is
marching on with step double-quick,
or, if you prefer the figure of the text,
is being swept on in the mighty gales
of blessing, imposing and grand and
majestic and swift like pillars of
Oh, come into the church through
Christ the door—a door more glorious
than that of the temple of Hercules,
which had two pillars, and one was
gold, and the other emerald! Come in
today! The world you leave behind is I
a poor world, and It will burn and pass
off like pillars of smoke. Whether the I
final conflagration Kill start in the coal
mines of Pennsylvania, which, in some
places, have for many years been burn
ing and eating Into the heart of the
mountains, or whether it shall begin
near the California geysers, or whether
'from out the furnaces of Cotopaxl, and
Vesuvius, and Stromboll, it shall burst
forth upon the astonished nations, I
make no prophecy but all geologists
tell us that we stand on the lid of a
world the heart of which is a raging,
roaring, awful flame, and some day
God will let the red monsters out of
their imprisonment, and New York on
fire In 1835, and Charleston on fire In
1865, and Chicago on fire in 1871, and
Boston on fire 1n 1873, were only like
one spark from a blacksmith's forge
as compared with that last universal
bfcze. which will be seen in other
worlds. But gradually khe flames will
lessen, and the worljfwill become a
great living coal, yd that will -take
on ashen hue, taJf then our -ruined
Jjianet will begli£to smoke, and the
will smoke, and the islands will smoke,
and the seas will Bmoke, and the cities
will smoke, and the five continents will
be five pillars of smoke. But the black
vapors will begin to lessen in height
and density, and then will become
hardly visible to those who look upon
it from the sky galleries, and after a
while from just one point there will
curl up a thin, solitary vapor, and
then even that will vanish, and there
will be nothing left except the charred
ruins of a burned-out world, the corpse
of a dead star, the ashes of an extin
guished planet, a fallen pillar of smoke.
But that will not interfere with your
Investments if you have taken Christ
as your. Savior. Secure heaven as
your eternal home, and you can look
down upon a dismantled, disrupted,
and demolished earth without any per
"When wrapped in fire the realms of
ether glow,
And heaven's last thunders shake the
earth below,
Thou, undismayed, shalt o'er the ruins
And light thy torch at nature's funeral
The Oaefln as a Mother.
The queen, although kind, has been
a despotic mother and grandmother,
and has concerned herself, says "M. A.
P.," more than the average parent with
the bringing up of her descendants. Be
sides carefully supervising her chil
dren's education, seiecting or approv
ing their friends, and providing their
husbands and wives, she has rigorously
controlled their pin money, of which
there never has been any wasting in
the precincts of old Windsor. Toys
and gewgaws in the royal nursery were
limited, but there never was any lack
of books. Each child had its own min
iature book case, and was responsible
for keeping it in order, as well as for
a periodical report showing just how
many and what books had been read.
The report was submitted to the queen
at the end of every month. The chil
dren frequently preferred to pass the
time playing, making out their list at
random, but were invariably caught.
In this respect Princess Louise is re
ported to have proved the worst delin
quent, and it is said that on an aver
age her royal highness spent a whole
day of each month in an empty room,
as punishment for this offense alone.
On one occasion, when a child of 8, she
reported that her literary food for the
month had consisted of a few "fairy
tales," "The Meditations of Marcus Au
relius" and "The Life of Zwingli." The
queen's suspicions being aroused, she
questioned her daughter as to who
these personages were. Unhesitatingly
came the reply that Marcus Aurelius
had discovered America and Zwiugii
was a lamous German actor!
Figure Nine*
A curious coincidence is noted in the
fact that nearly all the great mining
discoveries of recent times have been
made in years ending with the magic
figure nine. Thus the famous gold
find in California fell in the year
1849. Ten years later, in 1859, remark
able discoveries of the same metal were
made simultaneously In Australia and
British Columbia, causing a great rush
of fortune hunters to these points. In
1869 the famous Comstock lode find be
came known to the world in 1879 the
gold-bearing region around Leadville
and Tombstone, Ariz., began to attract
attention, and in 1S89 the diggings at
Clover Creek and in Lower California
became the objective points of great
multitudes of excited and anxious
seekers after sudden wealth. And
now again, at the end of another de
cade, history repeats itself once more.
The remarkable gold finds recently
made at Cape Nome, surpassing in
richness and extent anything yet dis
covered in the Yukon district, bid fair
to make this year, 1899, as notable as
any in the annals of gold mining.—
Leslie's Weekly.
How a Certain Duel ff»« Staved Off.
Lord March (afterward the Marquis
of Queensberry) was not accustomed
to view a duel with unbecoming appre
hension, and usually attended an affair
with an air of enjoyment that often
was decidedly displeasing and embar
rassing to his adversary. But he wa9
served at last with that sauce which
the proverb explains is for the gander
as well as for the goose. It was when
he was challenged to fight an Irish
sportsman. Lord March appeared on
the ground accompanied by a second, a
surgeon and other witnesses. His op
ponent arrived soon afterward with a
similar retinue but added to by a per
son who staggered under the weight
of a polished oak coffin, which he de
posited on the ground, end up, with
its lid facing Lord March and his par
ty. Lord March became decidedly un
comfortable when he read the inscrip
tion plate, engraved with his own name
and title, and the date and year of
death, and peace was patched up.
Well Acreed*
A story told me the other day—cer
tainly told for new, but good enough
to be old:
On one of the recent warm days a
sour-visaged, middle-aged, fussy lady
got on one of the smoking seats on an
open car in the subway. Next her sat
a man who was smoking a cigar. More
than that, the lady, sniffing, easily
made out that the man had been eat
ing onions. Still more than that
she had the strongest kind of suspic
ion that he had been drinking beer.
The lady fussed and wriggled, and
grew angrier, and looked at the man
scornfully. Presently she could en
dure it no longer. She looked square
ly at him and said:
"If you were my husband, sir, I'd
give you a dose of poison!"
The man looked at her. "If I were
your husband," said he, "I'd taka
it."—Boston Transcript.
Let* We Forget.
From Brooklyn Life: Wife—I re
ceived a letter from our country cous
ins today saying three of them would
like to visit us for a month or so. I
Bent a reply this afternoon. Husband
(anxiously)—What did you tell them
we had? Wife—Smallpox! Husband
—Great Scott! You've put your foot
In It now. That's what you told them
last year when they threatened to
higher we rise, the mora iso­
lated we
I A Good Catch.
I "Who gives the bride away?" asked
the parson.
I "Nobody," remarked the envious one
sotto voice, from a rear pew. '"She
simply threw herself at the man."
Prosperity for 1000.
Indications point to great prosperity
for the coming year. This is a sign of
a healthy nature. The success of a
country, as well as of an individual,
depends upon health. If you have any
stomach trouble try Hostetter's Stom
ach Bitters, v^iich cures dyspepsia, in
digestion and biliousness.
Sundays and holidays reduce the
number of work days in Russia to 268
a year.
Famous Indian Carried In Battle of the
Thame. In 1812.
Sarah L. Russell, who lives with her
daughter, Mrs. E. H. Bettis, at 1413
E:.st Sixteenth street, Kansas City, has
the tomahawk carried by Tecumseh,
when he was killed at the battle of tha
Thames In October, 1S12. Col. William
Russell, the founder of Russellville,
Ky., who commanded the Kentucky
contingent of that famous battle, was
permitted by Gen. Harrison to remove
the tomahawk from the dead body of
Tecumseh and retain it, and It has been
in the possession of the Russell family
ever since. It was made in England,
and presented to Tecumseh by the
British commander at Detroit. Sev
eral hundred towahawks were made in
England and sent to the British com
manders at Detroit for use among the
Indians whom the British endeavored
to induce to drive out the white set
tlers of Kentucky, Indiana and Michi
gan. With few exceptions these tom
ahawks were made rather rudely of
Iron, with the handles bound with
bands of the same metal, but the one
owned by Tecumseh was made of high
ly polished steel, with silver bands en
circling the handle. It can also be
used as a pipe for smoking, the blunt
end of the blade being made like the
bowl of a pipe and the handle answer
ing the purpose of a stem. The Brit
ish commander had several of them
made after the pattern, which he pre
sented to Tecumseh, the prophet (a
brother of Tecumseh), Ketopah and
Topanabee, celebrated Indian warrior
chiefs, who bore a conspicuous part in
the battles of Tippecanoe, the siege of
Fort Harrison, the battle of the Raisin,
and other noted battles which took
place in Indiana and Michigan and
along Lake Michigan while the British
held possession of Detroit and were
using the Indians as their allies In the
endeavor to hold the west and north
west country. The Tecumseh toma
hawk is the only one known to have
been preserved. Mrs. Russell has had
many offers to part with It, but the
relic will probably remain with her
descendants for many years to come.
Mrs. Egbert Russell, soon after it came
into the possession of her husband,
showed It to Blue Jacket, a well-known
Shawnee chief, who was then over 80
years old. The old chief went into
ecstasies when told that the relic was
taken from the dead body of Tecumseh.
He kissed it and pressed it to his bosom
and told Mrs. Russell he was too young
to follow his grand chief. Tecumseh, ia
the warpath, but he well remembered
how proud Tecumseh was with tha:
tomahawk belted about his waist.—
Kansas City Star.
When we are doing our prayertul
best let us remember that it is all God
The revival must begin the end of
the church th-it, te pulpit.
La Porte( Texa*.
The progress of the construction
«rork at La Porte, Texas, the future
great deep-water shipping point at the
head of navigation on Galveston Bay
on the Gulf of Mexico, is progressing
favorably. The wharves and switch
ing tracks are nearing completion and
the work on the streets and on the
sewerage and water systems Is now
under way. Mr. I. R. Holmes, the gen
eral manager of the La Porte Improve
ment Company and the La Porte
Wharf and Channel Company, Is per
sonally superintending the improve
ments. Mr. Holmes makes his head
quarters at the Sylvan Hotel and vis
itors to La Porte during the next six
weeks and before the time of the first
general La Porte sale, which will be
held in February, 1900, should intro
duce themselves to Mr. Holmes and al
low him to extend to them facilities
for getting a thorough understanding
of the conditions surrounding the La
Porte enterprises.
People soon learn to dislike a pretty
girl who is slouchy.
PermanontlyOareu. VofltB or
nerroaeneM aftei
day's use
Dr. Klina'B
In the years 1882 to 1891 England
lost 14,000,000 of its people by emigra
tion. Germany lost 5,000,000 between
1832 and 1891.
Dally Paper for SI a Tear.
The lowa legislature meets this winter, congress
will deal with many probtems, and wars in Africa
and the Philippines will load to great results. The
lies Moiues ljuily News will tell yeu all about
these events and all other news of Iowa and the
world, including telegraphic markets. Subscrip
tion price, oue year, €1 six mouths, 7S cents
three months, 60 oeuts, cash ia advance. Address
The News, Des MoLnes lowg.
"Your cold doesn seem to be get
ting much better. What are you taking
for it?" "Principally advice."
For lung and chest diseases, Piso's Cure Is
the best me.iicine we have used.—Mrs. J. L.
Northcott, Windsor, Cnt., Lanada.
The Nile is the longest river in the
World, 4,300 miles. The Niger is 2,500
miles and Vie Zambesi 1 ,(,00 miles.
Deafne.s Cannot lie Cured
by local applications, us they cannot reach the
diseased portion of the ear. Tnoro is only one
way to cure deafness, and that is by constl
tutional remedies. Deafness 13 caused bv an
inflamea condition of the mucus lining of the
Eustachian lube. When ihis tube is inflamed
you have a rumbling sound or Imperfect hear
ing, and when it is entirely closed deafness is
the result, and unless the inflammation can be
St.. Philadelphia. Pa.
A Boston Man Pleased.
In conversation with some friends, a
prominent Boston man told of his suf
ferings from rheumatism and nervous
ness, aud one of his friends gave him
some advice, which will be mentioned
later, and which has proven to be of
incalculable value.
To successfully act on the advice, it
was necessary to make a trip of over
2.009 miles, but he undertook it, and
now thanks his friend for the advice,
-as he finds himself fully relieved of his
old trouble and has returned to his
home feeling able to cope with his
business demands, a new man.
The advice given was to go to Hot
Springs, South'Dakota, and there take
the baths and enjoy the finest climate
of any health resort in America.
If this man was satisfied after making
a long trip, those residing within a
few hundred miles and similarly afflict
ed can certainly afford to try it, or
rather can't afford to neglect to try it.
Ask any agent of the North-Western
line for full particulars, or write
General Passenger Agent,
F. E. & M. V. R. R., Omaha, Neb.
It costs only two cents to ride on a
•treet car in Milan.
Winter Excorslons.
The Southern Pacific Company and
Its connections operate the best first
and second-class service to California,
Arizona, Texas and Mexico. Through
Pullman Palace Sleepers and Tourist
Sleepers from all principal eastern
points. Personally conducted Tourist
Excursions from Cincinnati, Louisville,
St Louis, Chicago, St. Paul, Minne
apolis, Des Moines, Omaha, Kansas
City. etc. For particulars and descrip
tive literature write W. G. Neimyer,
Gen'l Western Agent, 238 Clark St,
Chicago W. H. Connor, Com'l Agent,
Chamber Commerce Bldg., Cincinnati,
Ohio, or W. J. Berg, Trav. Pass Agt,
220 Ellicott SQ., Buffalo, N. Y.
all elevations .art
not a
blessing1 when
^stored to its normal
condition, hearing will be destroyed forever:
ZV3 cfpcs out of ten are caused by catarrh
which is nothing but an inflamed condition of
the mucus surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any case
of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot
be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for
circulars, free.
& CO., Toledo, a
Sold by Druggists, 7oc.
Hall's Family Pills are the besfc
Every prodigal knows the fatted salf
CnredAfter Repeated Fall tiro* With Others
1 will Inform au(llcl£d to Morphine. I.audininn,
Opluin, Cocaine, of never-falling, hamilcBB, heme*
care. lire. 11. II. Baldwin. Box 1212, Chicago, 111.
A good thing may be cheap, but a
cheap thing is seldom good.
VHVciiiHte lour liogfl.
Reliable men wanted to vaccinate swine
with Dr. Gillett's Hog Cholera Serum liber
al offer to field operators inclose stamp for
Mustaches are not generally worn in
winter in Alr.ska. The temperature is
so cold that the moisture freezes on
the mustache and becomes a mass of
ice, causing frost bite.
Captain Gridley
atlases, pamph ets. etc.. free of cost. N
artholomew. aut Fifth St.. Des Moines. Ia.
ftt4GO/Y -SCA££~
for FREE S'i.lio trial bottle
Du. B. H.
"r r\.rt&*
Star" tin tags (showing small stars printed on tinder tide
of tag). "Horse Shoe," "J.T.." «'Good Luok," Cross Bow,"
and '|Drnmmond Natural Leaf Tin Tags are of equal value in
securing presents mentioned below, and may be assorted.
Every man, woman and child can find something on the list
that they would like to have, and can have
1 Mstoh Bo* 35
blade, good ct«el.. S&
RH*iim,4HlQobN, 86
4 ClilldN 8«t, Knife, Fork and Mpoon IS
6 ea and Pepper Set, one swh, ootd*
niple plate on white metal so
French Briar Wood Pipe. Sft
7 Bazor, hollow ground, fine
triple plate, best
a a 6 0
10 8'amp Box, ••erllng stlrer.... ?o
11 KnUa, "XMn Knttar," two bladca..
11 Bnteber Knifa, "Ken Kottar." S-ln
blade 75
13 tjheam, "Keen Kutter." JMooh.!!
14 Knt Set, Ciacker and 6 Piou, eUrer
^*11. "AsnociaMon," beat qual.lOV
16 AlarmCloclt.nickel 1M
17 Six Gennine Rogers'
Teaspoons, beet
18 wa'oh, olokel. etem wind and set.. S00
19 Carrers, good steel, backhorn
handle* soo
to 8U Gennine Ropers' Table Spoons,
best plated (roods 250
SI 8fx each, Knives and Forks, bitck*
horn handles 350
Six eaoh. Genuine Rogers* Knives
And Forks, best plated goods 60u
Soeclal Notice
nsed to take advantage of brother's
anndred. If repaired br u» on or before tta-ch lt.
To California In Pnllman Tonrlst Sleep.
Ing Carg.
Via the Chicago Great Western to Kan
sas City and the Santa Fe route to Los
Angeles and Southern California. The
true winter route, avoiding cold
weather and snow blockades. Com
mencing Monday, October 23d, and on
every Monday following, one of these
new Pullman Tourist Sleeping Cars
will leave Des Moines (en route from
St. Paul via Oelwein) at 8:45 p. m. via
the Chicago Great Western for. IyO^
Angeles and Southern California via
Kansas City, and reaching Los An'
geles the following Friday morning,
thus avoiding all Sunday travel. These
tours are personally conducted by an
experienced railway -^official, who ac
companies the train to its destination.
The cars are well equipped for a long
journey and are as comfortable as the
Pullman Sleepers, while the price is
only SO for a double berth, (or $5.50
from stations south of Waterloo), less
than half the price in the Standard
Sleepers. For full information inquire
of any Chicago Great Western Agent,
or address F. II. Lord, General Passen
ger and Ticket Agent, 113 Adams St.,
'When a woman sees a man turn
around to look at her twice she will
never admit he isn't good looking.
The B. & O. R. R. will have 62 new
compound consolidated freight loco
motives by the last of January. Fifty
were ordered in September from the
Baldwin Locomotive Works and the
order has just been augmented by 12
more. These locomotices, when com
pleted, will represent the highest type
of heavy freight power.
No difference how cheap a thing is
offered, people want it for less.
Take Laxative nromo Quinine Tablets. Al)
druggists refund the money if it falls to cure
2oc. E. W. Orove's signature on each box.
The world's largest match factory is
at Harberton, Ohio.
Nearly all our ills are due to catarrh. We are liable to have catarrh of the
head, catarrh of the throat, catarrh ©f the lungs, stomach, kidneys, bladder
and pelvic organs. Peruna cures catarrh wherever located. Address Dr.
Uartman, Columbus, Ohio, for free book.
Selling Farm Bights.
Bo* 80J, Franklin Grove,
Lee County, Illinois.
quick relief and cures worst
ca«es. BookoiteMlmon{ftiB*nd 10 »AYS» treatment
CttKEN'8 80KB,
Bo* B,
Atlanta, Ga.
of Jicrrs of choice agri
cullmal LANDS now
opened forseitlement
in Western Canada.
Here is grown the cel-
_____ ebrated NO. 1 HAKD
WHbAl. which brings the highest price in the
markets of the world thousands of cnttie are
fattened for market without being
fed grain and
without a day's shelter. Sen for inlormation
and secure a free borne in Western Canada.
Writo the Superintendent of Iminigrat'on, Otta
wa. or address the und»rsisrned. who will mail
W.N. U., Des Moines, No. 52.—1899
Mrs. Gridley, mother of Captain GrUlley, who was in command af
Dewey's flay ship, at the destruction of the Spanish fleet at Manila, says
of our remedy, Peruna:
"At the solicitation of a frietul I used Peruna, and can truthfully
say it is a grand tonic and is a woman's friend, and should be used in
every household. After using it for a short period I feel like a new
personAnn E. Gridley.
Restored by
inrmTmn S.^'ETAKa.lOIOFBt'WasWnBton.D.O. A&
A I Hi IV IN jtefcMtaJwtoitnbHityfree. No attorney'#
1 Al JJll fe« until patent ia allowed. Circular fro*
be made by every buyer of La
property. First geueral sale in Febru
ary. 190J. La Porte, Texas, is dratlBed
to bo the future greatest se iport of the
(Julf of Alexko. Every farmer, merchant
und manufacturer of tne United States
west of the Mississippi ltiver is directly
Interested in La Porte.
sm til invest­
will return handsome profits. Write
lor FREE Folder, Maps and Art Book to
188 Madison St., CHICAGO.
Or •SfSC-sntr/fJ
S3 Clock, 6-day, Calendar, Thermom
eter, Baroms'er too
J0® f***' leather* no better made. WO
tt oeYolrer. natomatlc, double aotijo,
J*caliber 600
36 Tool Set, not plajrtUiugs, bat real
tools 630
37 Toilet Set deoorated porcelain,
•erjr handsome
38 Remington Rifle No. 4,3* or 33 al. 800
S3 Watch, sterling silver, fall jeweled 1000
90 Dress Suit Case, leather, handsome
and durable 1000
String Maohlne, first class, with
all attachments uoo
S3 Revolver, Colt's, 36-caliber, blued
steel....... 1100
83 Rifle, Colt's, 16*bot. Si-caliber IBM
94 Guitar (Washburn), rosewood, in
laid MOO
96 Mandolin, very handsome...,. 3006
36 Winchester Repeating Shot Gun,
gauge 9000
97 Remington, double-barrel ham
mer Snot Gun, 10 or 13 gauge S006
96 Bicycle, standard make, ladies or
g*nts ,...3600
89 Shot Gun. Remington, double bar*
rel, hammerless
Tag*Jthot la,
40 Begin* Mojio Box. U* lnab Olaa..UN
ataraprjated on nnder ride of tag), ara
tin ta*s with no aa-B
not good for pr.vn/1,
but will be paid for la CASH ontba ban, of iwantr oaatapae
a* BEAU XN MINI) that a diate*. word, of
wflt Ysitlooter ud afford mure pleasure tbtii a diss's worth gf uy
atherbimnd. MAKE THE TEST I

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