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Lem Vanostrand has tfenied pasture
*»f Frank Long
J£( Win. Davis has returned froui Kansas.
John Moore shipped another car of
I Several farmers have bought coal and
had it shipped tq Crown.
$ Hundreds of dollars have gone out of
llus township for corn.
Dodge '•'ears sold two fine male calves.
I^eni Vanostrand has been breaking a
lironco to ride.
SsL? Pleasant View school commenced
ugain.last Monday.
Grant Rumley was
short call
tnsjof Interest as Reported by Our Correspon
tsV- from Surrounding Towns and Townships.
A Woman's Weariness s&f.
Women sensitiveness make them sub
let to more intense weariness than men.
The melancholy, depression and ex
haustion they suffer is due to sluggish ac
lH^tion of their organs, which loads the sys
terns with impurities poisons the blood
and shatters the nerves. Morley's
SarsapariMa and Iron will cleanse the
h^iVnT revitalize the nerves and give
-—strength and euWg^. ,.L. Van Werden.
l):i::'Robbing has sold his farm and
will move near Leon.
Luis Sankey closed a successful term
ftAaron Fry hauled sawdust
int Friday and Saturday,
land son Isaiah were Leon
tie Kennett visited at Mrs.
(transacted business in Van
^.cer and Alva Davis sawed
Goodman Tuesday,
has his assessor books
|!l begin work in a few
fcat has dropped bis stone
Quarry and is chopping cord wood to
Ward Blackburn and Grant Hatfield
spent Wednesday evening at Fry's.
W. A. Alexamder gaurantees every
bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
and will refund the money to any one
who is not satisfied after using two-thirds
of its contents. This is the best remedy
in the world for la grippe, coughs, croop
and whooping cough and is pleasant and
safe to take.
Burr Oak Rldae.
Jasper Dale and wife visited on Eden
%. Prairie last week the guests of the
Chastain's. Jasper and family will
soon depart for Oklahoma to make
their future home.
George Meek and wife called at Eber
BSfc5?'-* 'iIorney'8 one
day last week.
fpfe J. W. Walton and wife entertained
a number of their friends Sunday at
Mrs. Charles Chastain returned home
Saturday from Van Wert where she
l»ad been visiting her sister.
Mrs. Elmer Rumley yisited Saturday
night with home folks.
Mr. Goodson, a stock buyer of Crown,
purchased a number of shoats of Charles
Mrs. Mary Walton yisited in Leo
-&$&> wither sisler^BUde Chastain.
Wm 'Smith and iV^ife were
E. J. Horney's one day lafjt
fastain and wife made
at Kber Horney's Sunday"
To Cure a Con In One Day.
All druggists refund the money if it fails
to cure. E. W. GKOVK'S ^MUature on
gyery box. 25c.
The Misses Belle and Winnie Cash
Irom Decatur were guests of Florence
and Winnie Edmonson Sunday.
Nina Ashburn returned to Lamoni
Saturday evening after a two weeks stay
»vith her sister Mrs. Keller.
Mr^.Reed from Davis City returned
frome Friday, after visiting in this
«ith Mrs. A. A. Piercy a
Mrs. Brown spent Saturday nigh
tiunday with her siftWr Mrs. L* N.
Kr' Gale Ballinger spent
Mrs. 1* N.
Sm^/p.y with
Bessie Fosdiek.
C. Piercy and wyr*a were the happy
^.parents of a toafefJ *lr,'
Mrs. Akero-rf spent Sunday with Kev,
-and Beard.
Mrs. Fora Kak-estraw spent Saturday
«ight and Sunday at Hugh Wiley's.
Eva Piercy returned home Thuresday
after visi^ng her sisterJVlrs. J. Auxier a
.' few-days.
The meetings at the Baptist church
nil! continue this week.
Mrs. Marshall spent Monday ather
'brothers Mr. I. N. Payton.
Rev. and Mrs. Beard and baby Clesta
took dinner at Mrs. A. A. Piercey's.
We understand Rev. Peri is having
good success in his meetings near Davis
The sale at the late John Dunbar's was
well attended.
Having a Great Bun on Chamberlain's
Cough Cure.
Manager Martin, Of the Pierson drug
store informs -us that he is having a great
run on Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
He sells five bottles of that medicine
to one of any other kind, and it gives
great satisfaction. In these days of la
grippe there is nothing like Chamber
Jain's Cough Remedy to 8top the cough,
heal up the aore throat and lungs and
gave relief within a very short time.
The sales are growing, and all who try
3t are pleased with its prompt action—
tSoutli Chicago Daily Calumet. For sale
by W. A. Alexander. Druggist,
High Point.
Jolin Clark of this place had business
flt Leon Saturday.
Several from here attended an oyster
^supper at Albert Northrup's Tuesday.
led Morris went to Leon Monday.
Mrs. J. E. Davis had the misfortune
to fall last Friday and break one of
her limbs.
M. A. Woodrufl made a business trip
to Leon Monday.
Wade Macy returned last week from
a business and pleasure trip to Red Oak
and Griswold, Iowa.
Rev. I. N. Woodward filled bis regular
appointment at this place Sunday,
Charles Carmer, of Garden Grove,
assists our blacksmith two days of each
week shoeing horses.
The Holiness people held a meeting
at James Keshlear's last Sunday.
Everett Dodd spent Sunday evening
with friends at Garden Grove.
Miller Macy filled their new ice
bouse last week.
Pearl Canfield and wife, Kate Rexroat
and May Cavender left on Tuesday for
an -overland trip to Monroe, lowa,-
£t dulls the scythe of Father Time,
drives away wrinkles of approaching
-the elixir of life, that puts hoy/e
DENTS:—Several letters
are omitted this week
on account of-being received Wednes
day afternoon. We' must haye cor
respondence reach us not latter than
Tuesdav- and Monday if possible.
Davis City.
I Stephen Fortune and family, of
moai, are visiting this week with
father,. Uncle Billy Fortune.
Maude Bowman spent Suuday with
friends at Lamoni.
I Perry Ewing visited a couple of days
last week with his sister, Mrs. John
Allen at the Junction.
Mabel Bradley visited over Sunday at
Lamoni with her sister.
Henry Arnold returned to Iowa City
last week to resume bis studies.
W. O. McLaughlin and daughter,
Ethel, returned Tuesday from Ridgeway
where they had spent New Year's with
bis parent's and other relatives.
John Tharp returned Tuesday from a
visit during holiday week With his sister
in Kansas.
John Allen and wife of the Junction
Sundayed wish her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. H. Ewing.
Claire Bowman had the misfortune to
lose aX dollar bill in town lagt week.
It has i.ot been found at last accounts.
L. B. Boidinan rat.urned last Thurs
day from a three months' stay in St.
Joe where he went to get work.
Miss Mary Arnold visited from Friday
till Sunday with Leon friends.
Frank Gitliens, wile and daughter, uf
Decatur, visited with Davis City rela
tives Saturday and Sunday.
Henry Rogers of Des Moines, is visit
ing his parents, J. M. Rogers and wife,
this week.
Miss Myrtle Guthrie, of Redding, is
visiting at the home of Dan Guthrie.
One of the society events of the week
for the young folks was asocial at the
home of Win. Lee Saturday evening.
Miss Gertie Sylvester returned to Troy
last Thursday to resume his studies in
the school room at that place.
Mr*. Um Thompson and Grandma
Caldwell are on the sick list.
R. Hartshorn, F. M. Freeman, J. H.
Robinson and F. M. Freeman have been
putting up ice the past week.
Harrison Eaton, of Blythedale, sur
prised his Davis City friends by calling
ou them last Friday as it had been re
ported he was dead and many of hia
friends did not know any better till he
John Bennett has bought the proper
ty on Mill street formerly occupied as
home residence by Dr. W. C. Wheeler,
the Dr. taking the Bennett property as
part payment. Consideration $1000.
E. J. Teale and wife are visiting rel
atives at Mt. Moriah this week.
Oliver and Romey Bailey have each
bought a house of J, H. idling on Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Brown visited Leon
friends the past week.
Miss Mm
Swit/.er, who is teaching
^ibble school, Sundayed at
iker and wife spent Sun
dry with his brother.
.overland for about
erest of the Prusr
fejch he is a mem
iity boys are endeavoring
staiTa clubi dance in town.
'The has (Commenced tilling in with
concrete andp crushed rock for the foun
dation of tine new iron bridge which is
to replacq^ the wooden one.
A. Cumkiins and wife enjoyed a visit
last week#from their daughter who lives
Kansas City.
ettie Bowman and Mr. Wood
ago, were Davis City callers be'
trains Suuday.
Clum and Wm Canoyer, of Lamoni
caufsd in Davis City Friday.
II. Broom and wife made a trip to
asanton Friday.
Alvas Bell and wife Sundayed in the
sountry, at Henderson's.
Frank Kelley and sister Grace, of
Leon, spent Sunday with Davis City
Mrs. E. Musser is visiting Bethany
friends this week.
Mrs. J. B. Hornsr returned from
visit at Albia the past weak.
The U. B. pastor filled the pulpit at
the Union church Sundav morning.
Elder Frank Cochran occupied the
Saints' chapel, and Rey. McClure, of
Humeston held forth at the Presbyter
ian church.
J. M. Hyde, of Colony, Kas., was
looking after business interests in Davis
City the past week.
Jr. its advance and chronic form
cold in the head is known as Nasal
Catarrh and is the recognized source of
dther diseases. Having stood the test of
continued successful use, Ely's Cieam
Balm is recognized as a specific for mem
branal diseases in the nasal passage^
and you should resort to this treatment
iu your case. It is not drying, does not
produce suce#ing. Price 50 cents at
druggist or by mail. ?£ly Brothers, 5U
Warren Street, Sew York.. Gjve »p
prejudice and try it.
O'rphan pidge.
A happy new year to all.
C. M. Piper and family returned
their home at Chariton Saturday after
spending a week with his parents
iiappy Hollow.
Elick Housh vent to Chicago Wed
nesday with stock returning Friday
Tom Harp returned from a i?eek
visit with his parents in Xew Buda
Taylor Vanpelt has rented the same
farm for this year.
Andrew Humphreys, of l^eon, spent
Sunday in these parts.
Tom Harp and family went to Garden
Grove Saturday to visit her parents.
Clark Fajrall had legal business
Leon Friday.
Jim Miller bought a ear load of sheep
of Taylor Vanpelt Saturday.
Last Thursday night about forty
young folks gathered in at Harve Harp's
to celebrate Ethel's 13th birtbday.sbe re
ceiying several fine presents. Wm, Ful
ton furnished the musiii. Supper was
seryed at 10 o'clock and at 12 o'clock
all departed for their homes.
Bill Barlean Sundayed on Snake
A. i. Ftflton went over on Union
Ridge one day last irepk.
J. M. Barlean spent .Sunday over on
Jimmy Creek.
George COT, of Welcome Ridge, was in
our oiidst Friday.
Woodie Baker, of Cod Town passed
through our little oty Saturday enroute
for Leon.
Any cough is serious enough to war
rant prompt attention. It is what it may
result in that makes a cough dsngerous.
For all slight or stubborn coughs, for
grippe, lung fever, bronchitis, asthma,
and other throat and lung affections,
vou can find ao other remedy so agree
able and harmless, or-io promptly affec
tive as Morley's Honey pectoral. jL.
Van Werden. A J.
'Pi rylanV. •"•vfe
Mrs. Ida Grimm and children are
yisiting relatives in Van Wert this
EdandCapt. Murray, of Van Wert,
are hauling wood from Allen Ramsay's,
this week.
Gus Lee assisted Victor Fry in haul-
Tuesday for hiB aaw set.
ju Adams and wife transacted busi
ness in Van Wert Tuesday.
Yirgil West and wife hauled out a
new rawing machine from town the
past week.
Bill Hedrick and Vick Fry got left at
the Bhoatiug match at Lewis Grimm's
Saturday a week ago. They brought
home no hog.
Mr. Gibson, of Van Wert, is hauling
wood from these partB.
V. H. Fry made a business trip to
Leon Thursday.
Elmer Ramsey visited Tuesday night
with Charlie Grimm,
JameB Dillon, of Tennessee, was at
Van Wert Thursday ou business.
Ben Grimm visited his nephew on
Thursday of this week.
Mrs. Ida Grimm returned home from
Van Wert Friday.
C. M. Grimm had a shooting match
Saturday. Bill Hedrick's eyes were all
right this time for he was the winner.
Grimm gives another match Saturday
of this week and all the riflemen are
cordiallv invited to attend.
Gus Lee is sawing wood now and
Grant Spencer and Alya Davis are doing
the work for him.
He Only Repeats What Has*Been Said
Around The World.
It has been demonstrated repeatedly
in every state in tne Union and in many
foriegn countries that Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy is a certain preventive
and cure for croup. It has become the
universal remedy for that disease. Mr.
V, Fisher of Ljberty W. Va.,only repeats
what has been said around the globe when
he writes "I have used Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy in my family for several
years and always with pertect success.
We believe that it is a sure cure, for
croup. It has saved the lives of our
children a number of times*" This rem
edy is for sale by W. A, Alexander Drug
Hp Weldon.
Charles Foster, wife and littje daugh
ter went to Buda, Illinois, Wednesday
to visit relatives.
Byron Daugherty was in town buying
horses Thursday.
Nora Wasson is very ill with fever.
Arthqr McCartney had a load of cattle
in a wreck at Galesburg, Illinois, last
Monday. Three were so badly burned
by steam they bad to be killed, the
others he sold in Chicago.
Messrs. Bowsher ana Biddison were
in town Friday evening.
I. N. Skidmoore was on our streets
Mr. Williams moved to Osceola Fri
Mr. Ruth living five utiles north of
here died Saturday evening and was
buried in the Hebron cemetery Sunday
A hot stove in Dr. Foxwortby's office
caused quite a sensation on our streets
Saturday evening. The stove lid came
off while C. B. Bledsoe bad gone to
supper. Ben Mitchell tried to unlock
the door with Carlin's key and got it
fastened in the door so that the proper
key could not be. used and all the back
doors were locked from the inside so
they could not be effected by a key.
The front door was pushed in and as
yet nothing hpd ignited but the room
was ^«^amage was done,
Rev. Armstrong, of Des Moines, con
ducted services at the Christian chi?rch
Rev. Armstrong filled his regular
appointment at the Methodist church
Miss Maggie Lane, of Lucas, is visiting
friends here.
W. W. Lyon, of Des Moines, president
ot the Weldon Bank was visiting his
cashier George Ayers Thursday and
Miss Cora Burham, of Grand River, is
visiting Prof, and Mrs. Latta.
On Tuesday January 2,1900, Dr. Dor
8ev, of Keokuk, assisted by Drs. Walker
anid Mitchell, of Weldon, Doolittle and
Lyon, of Garden Grove, and. Dr. Mc
Allaster, of Leon, performed two very
difficult and dangerous opperations in
Dr. Mitchell's office at Weldon. A.
Crist, of Smyrna, and Mrs. Jas. Bower,
of Weldon were the parties operated
Miss Lizzie McConn, of Groveland, is
visiting Leila Miller.
The Epworth League will give a social
at $radley's Wednesday night.
|im gaudy, of Indianola, was aNew
Year's guest of Roxie Tallman.
E. A. Lockwood purchased Bruce
Baker's general store in Osceola.
Clyde "McClurd, of Lacona, visited
Mary McVey over Sunday.
Mr. John Farley, of Osceola, was the
guest of Lillian Webb last week.
Miss Nellie Buck, of Ottumwa, is visit
ing here.
g, 4.. kopkwood shipped poultry
Elbert Scroiield has quit the road and
is going to study law.
If tortune disregard thy claim
Don't hang tby head in fear and shame
But marry the girl you love best
Rocky Mountain Tea will do the rest.
flarden Grove.
Capt."J. f). $rown and Thos. Tei
your place were in Gafdpp (Jroye
is a
The Presbyterian chur«i }s
lighted with gasoline lamps &nd
make a very brilliant light and
great improvement over the old oil
lamps. Several of the stores have also
put in the same kind of light.
A protracted meeting is in progress
af. t|)e Presbyterian church and will
continue at least during this week.
The attendance vw -yery good the first
The K. P's. have an lostnllatioi) qf
officers by the Grand Chancellor Tues
day followed by a banquet for Grand
Chancellor Sal linger at the opera hall.
It-was one ot the great social events
of the season.
The young people will have a dance
at the opera house Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. U. J. Knapp entertained
friends last Friday evening.
S, Lillard retwnpd to Garden Grove
last week. He hfts been at
since the death of his wife'.
Ed Frazier and wife hare returned
to their home at Council Bluffs.
A. lindquist, of Chariton, had busi
ness here Monday.
R. L. Bott, formerly of this place but
now of Allerton, was in town Friday.
Excursion Rates.
PfQfft jL. 4 W. depot on both roads.
I}om#&£gerB' t^zkets will be on sale
to nearly ajl points so#th, jjotftb-WPSt,
west and north, ajt one fare ptys |8^)Q
for the round trip. Pat&i of sale 'Jan.
Feb- *nd 20, 4pril 3 and 17,'March
ti and 20. M4 to 21 days from date
of sal*, IjMQ tp be ipjnfyppin pfurge Tor
one ticket. Stop overe wlji be ailow£d
in bomeseekers' terntory ?»jthin 15 days
from date of sale on goipg ttfp, no stdp
ovets allowed returning. 4- one and on,e
third fare on certificate plan is offered to
Aifiee, Ia.r Jan. 15-19 llmlted to Ja&r£3,
account—Biennial Meeting Iowa State
Ass'n of County Supervisors. For fur-
Hop call
Ernest Brown and
are haulinp wood.
Harry Fleming and wife have ^.return
ed from the Mineral Springs* at Line
A couple of ladies from Leon with
their best fellows spent a pleasant eve
ning in the country with their Aunt
Jemima's—their country cousins, last
Aunt Oma Fleming and Mrs. lizzie
Warren called on Mrs. E. E. Brown laBt
Where is my boy to-night? Mother
to whom GotLbafc given this precious
gift, clasp him to your warm heart feel
nis warm breath oii your cheek and
breathe a prayeVto guide and guard this
life into right ays, lor ere to morrow's
sun be may be motherless and home
less! OOli, remember him who said "Suf
fer little children to come unto me" and
at His feet daily drinks deep draughts
of love and strength and as you freely
receive freely give. Where is my boy
to-night? Is he-as near, to me to-night
as he was a year aeo? Oh, the untold
power for good of a consecrated moth
er's life upon her children.
D. E. Burks was a Lineville visitor
Quite a bit of horse trading going on
in town Saturday evening. Dr. Gleason,
Will Massey and Pete Vaugh were the
ones interested.
Bill Kline, of Leon, had business
our town last Friday.
Jap Statzel, of Leou, was transacting
business with our merchants one day
last week.
G. B. Sams, of Garden Grove, was
town Monday.
Willie.Beavers left Monday morning
for Joplin, Missouri, to look for a posi
tion in the zinc mines.
Charles Cooper made a business trip
to Lineville Saturday.
John Farver and Hartman are at
work on the seats in the Advent church
J. L. Still had business in Garden
Grove Thursday returning Friday.
The phonagroph at the school house
Tuesday night did not draw a very large
A Christian Endeavor was organised
at the Advent chuich Sunday evening
with the following officers J. L. Still,
president Eugene Massey, vice-presi
dent Eli Hutchinson, secretary Mrs.
Clyde Rayn, treasurer Will Newlin,
chorister, The society irieets Sunday
evening and all are invited to attend,
Mr. Greenlee, and' Lloyd Duden, of
Lineville, were transacting business in
town Monday.
Louis Sylvester, of Nebraska, is here
visiting his brother frank.
Putnam Fadeless Dyes do not stain
the hands or spot the kettle. Sold by
W. A. Alexander and L. Van Werden.
Van Wert.
Rev. Caster preached his farewell
sermon at Yan Wert Sunday. We are
very sorry to see gev. 'Caster leave this
charge as we feel sure that it will be a
long time before he can be replaced.
Alma Jackson, of Omrha, came last
Saturday to visit his children apd old
friends in this- county. He returned
home Thursday.
There was aNew Year's party at W.
McCullough's. Those present were:
Mesdames N. Gould, Fred Gould, Blair,
Tuttle, Powers, Hoadley and Lamoree.
Several pretty and useful presents were
given Mrs. McCulIough and the child
Harve Stevens, of Weldon, was in our
town last week business.
There was a battle north of town last
week and the Van Wert regiment was
in the hottest of tfie light. The captain
from the east part of town handled his
men with much skill and we recommend
him to the town council. You are not
fasionable how unless you have a black
eye or a broken nose.
Cyrus Walker is hauling home the
corn which he bought of Mr. Holmes
east of town.
School commeaced Monday after a
two weeks vacation.
Lem Craft is putting up ice. S
Our butcher has a new refrigator.
W. McCulIough went to Garden Grove
Wednesday on business.
I^evi Gutberie and wife were in Van
Wert Friday. Thty were! looking at a
farm with a view of buying.
G. B. Dargherty was buying horses
in Van Wert Thursday.
Charles Fierce sold corn last week to
Frank Gardner.
M. F. Springer was in town Monday
night attending the installation of of
ficers of the Woodman lodge.
John Strong's School commenced last
Monday after twd'weeks vacation, a
Bro. Caster of Des Moines, will preach
in the Christian church next Sunday
morning and evening Jan. 12.^' TlPp
We hope to see a continuance of the
increase and interest manifested in the
Christian Sunday School last Sunday
morning, whicb marks a good beginning
for the first Sunday of 1900.
Rev. Joseph Stephen entertained his
Sunday School class and a few others at
the parsonggp last Wednesday eyening.
Refreshments w/ere perved ~»pfl those
present enjoyed tne evening greatly
The subiect of the sermon at the
.morning will be "Human Limitations of
Divin.e Action that of the evening will
be "Surrender, Salvation, Rest."
The )adj£8 of 'the Christian church
will give an oyster sapper }n the church
to-morrow evening, Jan.
jUbjldreo love
Uver PUls for Bil
thay airs small,
«9n4?.$nd do not
0ne a doge. 9q}
will bs served in various wayB together
with a nice bill of fare, beginning at
half pa8t'five o'clock p. m. Admission
25 cents.
OnSunday last the M. E. church was
crowded to its utmost capacity, with
the east wing open to bear a special
sermon from the Rev. Joseph Stephen,
9P ftp "Cufse of Cowardice." One
person deeded to livp $ phristian life.
Qn .Sunday ne»t ttfo spmal sermons
will be preaehea. Morning at 11,7'The
Glorious Gospel." Evening at 7:90,
"Christ Sanctified or the Theme of Paul's
inistry." You are invited'to.
Beginning with next^Sunday, special
services will he held in the Presbyterian
cbufct). every evening.' It is 'desired
that every member of. the church ar
range buanes« and hotfkehol3 affairs as
for as possible, BO" |S to be at liberty to
attend ti*en services.- -in qrder for the
succeii8 of tm WOT* uniMrtaken. ft yfll
be necessary that much personal work
shall be done. Each should, therefore
feel much personal responsibility am I
resolve to meet it to the utmost. It is
desired, that all who have copies of the
Gospel HymnB in the!/' nomes bring
thenv'for their own use, So that those in
the cnuroh may be left for. others.
cordiSl invitation is extended to the
public fp zitPWf W?P»WWtlnK8,
tflte MqrljByf,
Ions, people,
look aq? tas ,r
tripe nor sicken diem
iply ty Van tyer-
Tr far W***
wrat lasdnatorsi^jhoes,
Next Monday,
ford Presiding.
Cavender will convene
Judge Ted-
Tlje January term of the District
Court will convene next Monday, Judge
Tedford presiding. The term is for .three
weeks, and a large number of cases have
been set tor trial. There are 24 probate
cases, 10 criminal and 96 law and equity
ca^es on the docket, 27 law and equity
cases having been commenced since the
November term of court.
The following cases have been assign
ed for trial:
All probate matters, motions and de
State vs. McVay.
State vs. Parker.
Incorporated Town of Lamoni vs.
State of Iowa vs. Silyers.
State of Iowa vs. Mayhew.
State of Iowa vs. Fender.
State of Iowa vs. Barrows.
OState of Iowa vs. Benjamin Venn
State of Iowa vs. William Bass,
Scott vs. E. J. Robinson.
In the Matter of the Assignment of D.
& A. B. Stearns.
Harris & Co., vs. Barber.
Guthrie vs. Town of Davis City.
Stebbins vs. Kane & Jamison.
Des Moines Elevator Co. vs. Kelley &
Lysle Milling Co.
A. W. Deck vs. Wm. E. Kelley.
Blair vs. Gould.
Joseph Hamilton vs. John Ledger
Matsler vs McVay.
Hamilton vs. Albaugh.
Goble vs. Downey.
Johnston ys. Town of Leon, Iowa.'
Alice Saunders vs.Town of Leod, Iowa
Brown vs. Comer.
Akes vs. Rumley
Bank vs, Kelley
Bank vs. Kelley.
Bank vs. Kelley.
W. K. Paulk. vs. Foust,
Gibson ys. Jenks.
Iowa Savings & Loan Association vs,
Moore vs. Wasson. $
Reardon vs. Hampson.
Underwood vs. Johnson.
Moore vs. Darrow Investment Co.
Wells, vs. Hamilton.
Parker vs. Manchester.
Iowa Savings & Loan Association vs.
Iowa Savings & ^oan Association vs.
Decatur City Bank vs. Stebbins.
Home Savings & Trust Co. vs. Burni
Zelma Elliott vs. Henry Skiles et al.
Suit is brought to quiet title to the
north-west quarter ot the south-west
quarter of section 6, township 67, De
catur county, Iowa. B. M. Russell, at
torney for plaintiff.
J. A. tyeed vs, George Person and
wife. Suit is brought to quiet title to
the south-west quarter of the south-weBt
quarter of section 3, -township 69, De
catur county, Iowa. S. Varga, attorney
for plaintiff.
Mary Bobbitt v. Freeland Bjbbitt.
The plaintiff asks for a decree of divorce.
They were married at Kansas City,
March 27,1899, and plaintiff alleges de
fendant has treated tier in a cruel and
inhuman manner and has frequently
struck her. Marion Woodard, attorney
for plaintiff.
E. S. Ellsworth et al. vs. Luther C.
Foster et al. Suit is brought to fore
close a mortgage on the north-west
quarter and the west half of the north
east quarter of section 4, township 67,
to secure three promissory notes aggre
gating f48Q !S: V- ft- HfcGinnis, »ttor
ney for plaintiff.
Nancy Fetro vs. John Fetro. Action
is for divorce. They were married at
Osceola Aug. 30,1897, and lived togeth
er until Sept. 26, 1899. Plaintiff asks
for a decree of divorce, alleging defen
dant has struck and mistreated her, ac
cused her of unchaste conduct and that
he brought another woman to his home
and kept her there, his conduct toward
the woman being such as to injure and
bear upon her mind and health. G. W.
Baker, attorney for plaintiff.
I. P. Young ys. J. D. Young et al.
Suit is brought to quiet title to the
south-east quarter of the north east
quarter of section 27, township 70.
W. Hoffman, attorney for plaintiff.
L. A. Brown adra. vs. Henry and E.
J. Standifer. Plaintiff brings suit for
$400 on two due bills. C. W. Hoffman,
attorney for plaintiff.
K. gtpin vs. Henry Slioddard. Plain
tiff brings suit tor $1500 for slander al
legine that defendent has accused him
of being a liar and threatened to smash
his bead. B.M.Russell, attorney fori
James F. Porter vs. Charge Tapscott.
by defendant, who charged him with
being a noted thief, a liar and alt the I
tough characters enumerated in the cat-1
alogue of felonies. The plaintiff is ft
preacher and farmer residing near Terre
Haute. B. M. Russell, attorney fori
BeviB Bros. vs. Alex Graveling et al.
Suit is brought to foreclose a mortgage
on the east half of the south-east quar
ter apd the north-west quarter of the
south-east auartef of section 36, town
ship 68 given tb secure a note for $7,PQQ
on wtilch an interest1 note "or f350 hu I
been defaulted. Fuller & Fuller,' at tor
neys for plaintiff:
Catharine Moreland vs. A. M. Crof
ford et al. Suit is brought on a note for I
$180, dated March 1,. 1892, due in one
year. V. R. McGinnis, attorney for
Oscar Anderson and Anna A. Dancer I
adms. vs. J. D. Briggs et al. Plaintiffs
AfifTfQF'ai) order comneiljng defendants]
to transfer a pertain Ipt in l«aniiui, BP a
contract made with David Dancer, de
ceased. Harvey & Parrish attorneys for
Stookey & Brooks vs. Fred A, Gibson
et al. Suit IB brought for $50 for legal
services rendered defendant. Stookey
& Brooks attorneys for plaintiff.
A. 8. Maxham vs. W. T. Wolcott: I
Plaintiff brings suit- for, 9555, as.com
fp}*ston for finding, a purchaser for an
electric l|gh^ pU^ pvnp4 fry defendant
at |ofckfo?3, fC whteh was'to bef tra/}
ror land in tbis dotint^.. stookey
Brdoks attorneys for plaintiff. .. 'Y
former name Mary V. Green. C. W.
Hoffman attorney for plaintiff.
Decatur City Bank vs. W. W. Curry
and-Greenland & Overholtzer. Suit is
brought on a note for $125 secured by a
mortgage on certain horses «nd cattle,
the cattle having beeu purchased from
Curry by Greenland & Overholtzer and"
shipped out of the state without plain
tifl's consent. Hartey & Parrifch at
torneys for plaintiff,
Bert Teale ys. I
.Annie E. Kirkman et
al. Suit is brought on a note for $72.71
dated Oct. 31, 1898, due in one year. A.
P. Olsen attorney for plaintiff.
B. D. Fleet et al. vs. Lamoni Co-opera
tive Creamery Co. Suit is brought on a
note for $1220 55 secured by mortgage
on the creamery property. A. P. Ol
sen attorney for plaintiff.
OBelle Anderson nee Noyes va. Allie
Gardner. Plaintiff sues for $15,000
damages which has been done to her.
character by reason of certain state
ments made by defendant reflecting on
her character. Ed H. Sliarpe, G. W.
Baker and J. C. Wilson attorneys for
Debora Scott vs. A. E. Scott. Plain
tiff brings suit for divorce on the ground
ot cruel and inhuman treatment. A. P.
Olsen attorney for plaintiff.
Laura Cotton ys. Walter Dunbar et
al. The parties are the heirs of John
Dunbar deceased, and ask for a decree
of partition of bis real estate. C. W.
Hoffman attorney for plaintiff.
J. W. Sell et al. vs. Rebecca Sell et al.
The parties are the heirs of John Sell
deceased and ask that his real estate be
partitioned among them. S. Varga at
torney for plaintiff.
Town of Davis City vs. Wm. Bass.
The defendant was convicted before
Mayor Shoemaker of the crime of dis
turbing ne (icuou a.i.l ti.ied $25 ami
costs, lie appeals from this to the
district court. Geo. W. Baker attorney
for plaintiff.
Julia Baker vs. Thomas Baker. The
parties were married March 5,1878 and
are the parents ot four children. The
plaintiff alleges her husband has desert
ed her and gone away with another
woman, and asks for a decree of divorce
the custody of their children, and the
title to 17 acres of land. J. H. Kling
attorney for plaintiff.
There Is a Class ot people
Who are injured by the use of coffee. Re
I oently there nas been placed in all the grocery
stores a new preparation called GRAIN-O,
made of pure grains, that takes the plaoe ot
[c.iDee. Tne most delicate stomach rooeiveit
it without distress, and hut few can tell it
from coffee. It does not cost over $4 an much
[Children may drink it with great benefit
IB cts. and
Meiy Cases. ys?
The following cases haye been com
menced sjnpe the last terpi ot court
Harrison Orfield vs. Jape Branner et
al. Suit is brought to quiet title to the
west half of the north-west quarter of
section 19, township 68, Decatur county
Iowa. B. M. Russell, attorney for
LEON REPORTER, for $1.70 for the entire
five, one year. This is emphatically a
good thing, and no farmer in this coun
ty should fail to take advantage of the
offer. For a large line of thoroughly
practical farm reading nothing has ever
been offered before that equals it. A
county paper, a farm paper, a poultry
paper, a farm insurance paper and the
Special Farmers' Institute, all for $1.70
Come in and order them.
died^at lier home near Decatur City,
Iowa, Sunday, December 31, 1899, of
lung trouble. Her husband died less
then a month before of cancer. Mrs
Dunbar was born in Highland
county, Virginia, in 1843. She leaves a
father and mother, and six brothers and
two sisters, and four children to mourn
her departure. The funeral occurred at
Elk Chapel at 1 o'clock p. m. January
2, 1900,Rev. Perron,of Tuskeego. officiat
ing, and the burial took place at the
cemetery in connection with the chapel
fr TS,
Stewart ys.-n. G. Stewart is1
an aettpn tor diyorce. The parUes wei*J
martel ^n Leon i& Qclooer
liyed' tjatetbep until
until -peaemlter,'
llie divorce is asked for op tbp gjtoi|nds
inUteiM and of cruel and inhuman treatment, and
asks that she be restored to her
cts. per package. Try it. Ask
The large and increasing circulation of
The Iowa Homestead in this county is a
matter for congratulation to the pub
lishers and to good farming, for, of all
the papers of its class in the copntry. it
is easily the best and most helpful. Its
Special Farmers' Institute editions, is
sued with the regular edition the first
week in each month, have been for
years the admiration of all practical
farmers* Written wholly by farmers,
they are full of actual experience and
smell of the soil. We have been fortu
nate enough this season to secure terms
for The Homestead and itsSpecial Farm
ers' Institute Editions, together with
the Poultry Farmer and The Farmers'
Mutual Insurance Journal, four of the
most valuable farm publications in tip
country, that enable us to offer the four
in connection with our own paper, THE
Th* Farmer's institute
The annual session of the
County Farmer's Institute will- IM
in Leon to-day and to-morrow.J
committee in charge are striving to!
it a successful meeting and it is
hoped the farmers will attend in
numbers. They are the ones wlic
benefited, but unfortunately" iherel
a great many who apparently take
interest in the institute.
Prof. James Atkinson, assistant 1
agriculture at the Iowa Agricultjj
College at Ames will be here and his
an address on Friday. He is a practid
man, one of the best posted agricultur
ists in the United States and his address
will be worth hearing.
There will be interesting papers froml
the leading-, farmers and stock raisers' of
the county. Good music has been pro
vided and the meeting will be one of
interest to the ladies as well as the men.
On Friday Ihere will be two papers rend^
bylladies, and a special inw ation is eij
tended to all the ladies in the cour
to be present.
The following is the program foil
iu.—Opened with'
Thursday at 1:30
Invocation, v:''"
Adress of Welcome—S. A "GiiteS.
G. P. Arnold.
Paper on "Raising of Cattle."
Evening—Adress by Rev. Heaton^
Music. •......
Friday at 9 a. in.—Music
Paper on "Grains and Grasses."-
H. Weller.
J. F. Hitchcoafc.
Paper on "Farmer's Mutual
ance."—J. W. Keeler.
Afternoon—Paper on "Sheep ll.us-.'.'4.^\
bandry."—Wm. Woodard.
Paper on "Hogs."—Robert Turner. "'v
Paper on "Dairying."—C. l. M*tleti?.v-.?\
Evening—Paper on "Horticulture."—
Paper on "Housekeeping."—Mr8. S.
Paper on "Home Attractions."—Mrs.
John Long.
Music. S*
Election of officers.
Farm tor Sale or Runt.
z-u acres of improved land on the K,
& W. R. R. 2 houses, good barn, cribs,
granary and all well fenced, for further
particulars address, Sam G. Toovey,
Pieaaanton, Iowa, Decatur county.
At six o'clock p.m. NewYearfs day
at the home of the bride's parents in
Grand River township Mr. and Mrs,
Wm. and Mary Pence, Miss Margaret
A. Pence was unitea in marriage to Mr.
Eugene R. Noble, of Big l'iney, Wy
oming, Rev. 1. T. Flint, Of Eldon,
ofiicatlng. Miss Mary Springer and M|%
David Goff, both cousins to the bride
acted as bridesmaid and groomsjiian.
The bride was attired in an elegant
white silk dress while the grooip wore
the usual black suit. ft|&ny gifts were
bestowed as expressions of the love anil
esteem in which the happy coqple is
held. The wedding supper was boiin?.
teous enough in verity to gratify tbe,^
most fastidious, The guests an«—ret
atives enjoyed one of iBe fest so^'iai
reunions known in this locality for
years. Mirth, and conversaUohtminglet)
with vocal and instrumental musio 3
banished all thought of fleeting tirre
until near the hour of midnight, theq
cams the farewells with the thoqgt^
"shall we meet again?" with the atten
dant growing doubt"not all. no never.".
Miss Pence is known by all to be an
estimable young lady. Mr. Noble was^as
born and raised in Henry county, Iowa, l||
but as many other Iowa boys, he went
west and is now a ranchman near Big,
Piney, Wyoming, where the couple will1
reside in the future. The morning after
the wedding they went to Henry.
county after which with a brief Rtay
here they will start to begin a new life
in the green valleys and a cosy -home
in the mountains of Wyoming. All who
became acquainted with him were favor
ably impressed with his personality, and
many are the heartfelt wUhes for their
future welfare and prosperity.
oouo AND Guaranteed Of
60-. head of horses 4 to 10 years old, 3
fat and tjroke for export market
4n Will pay top pricest.
Van Wert, ^Frida
i. Saturdi
J?n. 19.
an. 2Q.
At Stout's Livery Barnf
Don't be afraid to bring your
ones as they cannot be too good^
for me, I ship from Leon at 2
'prepared to LEA1

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