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I am„
Pasf So
am/ Not
a Gray
I tsve used Aycr's Hair
Vigor for a great caany years,
ana although I am past eighty
ears of age, yet I have not a gray
in my head."—Geo. icl
lott.Towson, Md., Aug. 3,1899.
Have You
Lost It?
We mean all that rich, dark
color ycur hair used to have.
But there is no need of mourn
ing over it, for you can £nd it
Ayer'c Hair Vigor always re
stores color to gray hair. We
-inow exactly what we are say
ing when we use that word
It makes the hair grow heavy
and long, too: takes out every
bit of dandruff, and stops fall
ing of the hair. Keep it on
your dressing table ana use it
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Write the Doctor
It yon do notobtatnall the benefits you
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the right thing to do, and will send you
his book on the Hair and Scalp if you
request it. Address,
Dr. 3. C. AYEE, Lowell, Mass.
Pacing horses are not looked upon
wiih favor in continental Europe.
important to Mothers.
Examine carefully every bottle of CASTOHIA.
safe and sure remedy for Infants and children,
and see that it
Bears the
Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years.
The Kind You Have Always Boucb'
Toronto has. according1 to the asses
sor's returns, 192.007 people.
Wio Largest In tho World.
tTatter K»ker & Co. Ltd., Dorchester,
». of Cocoa aud Chocolate In the world.
She—I'm one of her oldest friends.
He—You look it.
Florida,West Indies and Central America.
The facilities of the Louisville &
Nashville Railroad for handling' tour-
«i nil# li'Uiilyi'u stt
points in Florida, Cuba, Porto Rico,
Central America, or for Nassau, are un
surpassed. Double daily linesof sleep
ing cars are run from Cincinnati,
Louisville, Chicago and St. Lot is
through Jacksonville to interior Flor
ida points, and to Miami, Tampa and
New Orleans, the ports of embarkation
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folders, etc., write Geo. B. llorner, D.
P. A., St. Louis, -to.
Cancer is not common among the na
tions which consume the most meat.
I Thompson's Eye Wator
QiyjOH? WJ1.OU_.US,
W&sliiugtoii, D. C.
... .-osecutes Claims.
ixamlner U.S. Pension Bureau.
rfafndvu war.
is ftdiudicatinc claims, atty uiuco.
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teMined to be the
on the
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low angry tones—"that is all I care
about and, without another word or
look, she turned to the open window
And disappeared, leaving Falkland with
.ruffled brows and lips set in angry
determination gazing drearily into va
It was certainly true. Miss Luttrell
had not been mistaken in declaring
that the forged check was not one of
those which she had lost some months
before and a careful investigation
quickly revealed the fact that the
check in question had been dexterous
ly extracted from the book in such a
manner as to leave no blank coun
terfoil to raise the suspicions of its
"It is clear that the forgery has
been effected quite recently, and, no
doubt, during our stay here," declar
ed Lady Howard, looking towards Eve
lyn and Mr. Falkland for confirma
tion of her words, the latter having,
despite her niece's protestations, been
called in for consultation upon tho
weighty matter. "But the thing is,
who can have done it? There are
half a dozen men in the hotel who may
be really professional forgers for all
I we know but I do not suppose that
one of them even knows Evelyn's
Christian name, much less her signa
"I beg your pardon. Lady Howard—
you forgot the visitors' book," sug
gested Falkland promptly.
"The visitors' book? Ah, yes—her
name is there, certainly! But who
could be sure it was her Writing? Who
would dare to forge a check with such
doubtful assistance? And. QOW that
I Uhink of it"—Lady Howard tapped
her gold-rimmed fan against her fore
head—"I fancy I myself was the one
to write our names. Can you remem
ber. Evelyn?"
"Yes, I remember quite well. You
did write them, I know," answered
Evelyn, with a vindictive little nod
towards Gilbert Falkland.
"Oh, indeed! But, even if that .is
so, there are twenty other ways in
which a clever forger could get hold
of your signature. You have not writ
ten to Anybody staying in the hotel,
I suppose, Miss Luttrell?"
"Written to anybody? No—certain
ly not!"
"Nor lent any books in which your
came iwinacribed?"
"No," 'returned Evelyn, with the
same decision, "I have not lent any
"Then, far as you#' is '-cllec-
& Wf
9 O
CHAPTER IX.—(Continued.)
"Is anything the matter?" she ask
ed, glancing anxiously in the direc
tion of her aunt.
"Nothing whatever,"was the brusque
reply "it is merely a shawl wblch
Lady Howard wished for. But you
did not hear her call, I suppose you
were too much taken u]j with that
fellow Brown."
Evelyn raised her eyebrows, and
gave hirn & swift utterly disdaivCul
"It is strange what you see in that
njun," he went on, fol'llng his arms
'and, whilst you persistently avoid my
society, you seem everlastingly ready
to en'ier into conversation with him.
It is not fancy, Miss Luttrell—it is
perfectly true. Three times to-day
have I attempted to spjpak to you
three times have you made some trif
ling excuse and turned to leave me."
"And why have I," exclaimed Eve
lyn, her eyes flashing Are—"why? Sim
ply because you persist in discussing
the most ridiculous of subjects!"
"I have certainly made half a dozen
attempts during the last few days to
tell you that I love you, to ask you
to be my wife but perhaps that is a
topic of conversation which you care
to discuss only with your friend
Brown, since you appear to find him
so very interesting."
"Or rather perhaps it is that, whilst
you talk such utter nonsense, he talks
sense!" was the cutting reply.
"You call a declaration of love, a
proposal of marriage, nonsense, then."
"Yes I call anything nonsense that
Is so contrary to all reason," return
ed Evelyn, her voice trembling. "And,
since you know how much I hate it!
I wonder you pester me as you do."
"Oh, very well! If that is the case,
I will not attempt to renew the sub
ject again—in that way, at any rate
my attentions shall annoy you no long
er, and
"Thank you," interrupted Evelyn in
& &
& &
Had a thunderbolt fallen at -Falk
land's feet, greater dismay could not
have been depicted on his counte
"Yes he suggested it ought to be
put in the hands of an expert at
once and so he Is taking it up to
London in the morning," she added,
giving the necessary explanation as
tersely as possible, and then turning
away quickly, as though she could
not trust herself to utter another syl
"He is taking it! Great heavens.
Miss Luttrell, you cannot mean it!
Surely you have never been so foolish
as to allow such a thing?" gasped
Falkland, starting forward, his face
livid, an expression of absolute in
credulity in his eyes.
A faint nod—a very different one
from that with which she had favored
him a moment before—was Evelyn's
only reply.
"Oh, Miss Luttrell, this is worse
than madtiess!" Falkland passed his
hand across his forehead with a ges
ture of dospair, of dazed indescribable
bewilderment. "Did not instinct, your
own common sense, tell you the
truth? If nothing else, the very
fact of his anxiety to secure that
check should have aroused your sus
picions. You might have guessed
whose handiwork it is!"
"Guessed?" rlfceated Lady Howard.
"Good gracious, ^Ir. Falkland, you do
not mean to say that you have found
a clue to this affair already?"
"Yes, Lady Howard I believe"—he
gave a triumphant glance towards
Evelyn—"our suspicions"—with a very
decided emphasis on the plural pro
noun—"are correct. That fellow Brown
is the forger!"
"That fellow Brown Is the forger!"
Falkland's voice sounded miles and
miles away yet how the words rever
berated in Evelyn's ears—with what
clear distinctness they seemed to ring
through the silent air, to echo round
the dusky lawn! A moment before a
horrible fear had possessed her, a fear
whiqh had sent all the blood cours
ing wildly through her veins and
then— Oh, impossible! Major Brown
a forger! It was impossible! Mr.
Falkland always had disliked him.
From the very first he had been
prejudiced about him, and had done
his utmost to make both Lady How
ard and herself share in his suspic
It was too terrible! In that one
moment it seemed as though she lived
through all the past fortnight again.
One after another the various events
of the- well remembered days passed
in rapid succession through her mind
whilst above all, as a climax, a crown
ing point to the whole, a certain af
ternoon, scarcely thirty-six hours be
fore, stood out' clear and defined from
the confusion of the various occur
rences. Every syllable which had been
spoken, every subject which had been
broached, came back to her as vividly
as though once more she was sitting
in the forsaken library, pen in hand,
\yith Major Brown standing attentive
ly by her side.
had she been bo dense,
blind as to see neither through
evident manoeuvera nor the strange
& &
t!on goes, you can give us no clue to
the mystery? You have no remem
brance, for instance, of writing a let
ter and tearing it up, or of signing
your name in any chance way which
could possibly be turned against you?"
Again Evelyn answered "No," but
this time there was less assurance In
her tones. Standing wiih her arms
folded on the back of her aunt's chair,
she had started slightly at Falkland's
question, and now, as she raised her
head, a strangely perplexed look came
suddenly into her eyes.
"I—I cannot remember anything,"
she added hurriedly.
"Not• anything at all?" persisted
Falkland suspiciously, quick to notice
her evident hesitation.
"Well, the only thing is to take
care of that check," observed Falkland,
watching her narrowly. "You see, it
ia really all that we have to go upon.
If you would give it to me, though, I
might be able to do something for
you in the matter."
"Thank you, but I shall have no
need to trouble you. I"—the words
were spoken in the same hesitating,
almost faltering tones—" have given
it to Major Brown."
"You have given it to Major
palpable eagerness of his rnr.i:v.:r'
nothing else had roused her suspiti^u
she ought at least to have realized
that Major Brown was not at all the
kind of man to waste his energies up
on a simple birthday boo(k. A birthday
book! How could she have allowed
herself to be so easily taken in? She
had certainly expressed some astonish
ment upon the occasion—she was un
doubtedly somew'hat dubious at first—
but how quickly he had overruled her!
Without appearing the least perturb
ed, he had explained away everything
—yes, everything! He had even been
able to find an excuse for the blank
ness of the pages, and she had act
ually believed him, had believed the
whole of his fabrications, though in
reality that horrible book had been
purchased simply as a means for secur
ing her signature!
"You hear what Mr. Falkland is
saying. Eve?"
How far her thoughts had carried
her, or how long she had been stand
ing with her hands clasped tightly to
gether, gazing out straight before her
at the shadows growing deeper and
deeper, Evelyn had no idea.
Did she hoar what Mr. Falkland was
saying? No, she had not heard a
word, and, what was more, she was
utterly indifferent as to what it might
be yet it was with a gesture sugges
tive rather of acquiescence that she
sat down on the low bamboo chair
and waited resignedly for anything
further that had to come.
"You 6ee, Miss Luttrell"—it was
Falkland himself who claimed her at
tention thb time—"we can do nothing
without the check we have no proofs
whatever as to the forgery. Brown is
safe as if he had never put pen to
paper at all."
"Is he?" observed Evelyn calmly.
His words seemed to imbue her with
a sense of strange undefinable relief.
"Ah, yes—I suppose, that would have
been the only evidence against him!
But of course it does not matter. It
is really not of much importance," she
added in a voice particularly free from
any suspicion of regret.
"It does not matter! Why, Miss
Luttrell, I have just been pointing out
to you the greatest importance of this
affair, and have been saying how eas
ily the whole thing can be managed!
But no time must be lost. You ought
to ask the Major for the check this
evening without fail."
(To be continued.)
American greenbacks, the natives will
ingly accepting them as standard p^
per money of the United State?.
The Census of Germany.
The Times publishes a careful analy
sis of the German census, taken on
June 14, 1S35, from which it appears
that the population amounted on that
day to 51,770,000, of whom 24,400,0j0
were males and 26,3C0,000 females, the
excess of females being, therefore,
nearly a million. This population in
creases at the rate of a little more than
a million a year, for which new means
of maintenance, education and housing
must be provided. The rush is, of
course, to the towns, the general urban
population having increased since 1S32
by 36 per cent, while the population of
towns with more than 100,000 persons
had more than doubled. Of the total,
S,292,000 are occupied in agriculture,
8,281,000 in industry, 2,238,000 in trade,
794,000 in the professions, 631.000 as
soldiers or sailors, and 1,399,000 a?
servants. The proportion of servants
is the lowest in the census-taking
world, not half the proportion in Great
Britain. The Catholics are about a
third of the population while of tha
whole commercial class 5.71 per cent
are Jews.—London Spectator.
Ik' Marvel's Home,
Donald G. Mitchell, known far and
wide\as Ik Marvel, lives on a 200-acra
farm ^upon a hill near New Haven.
From the road the house Is invisible,
high evergreen hedge concealing it,
but from the porch a fine view of New
Haven is afforded. For many yean
Mr. Mitchell has lived there, indulging
in his love for nature and agriculture.
It is an ideal place. The house is cov.
ered by English ivy, and evergreen
trees surround it. The fields are level
as fioor6, and the stone walls have been
built with neatness and accuracy. A
little house on the firm is built from
stones gathered from the fields and
cost only a trifle ovei! $1,000. Mr. Mitch
ell is 72 years old, bifrt he walks in the
woods every day. I^e is very fond
walking and thinks to it he owes his
life, for when young lie was told he ha
consumption. For Itwo years hi
tramped over EuroJe, walking 603
miles in England aloiij. He success
fully staved oft the flfsease, but has
always kept up his wa
Little 4-year-old Mafcel was running
down bill, holding her dress tightly.
"Be careful." called mer mother, "or
you will fall." "Oh, no, I won't," re
plied Mabel, holding Ugh."
to myself.'
I Wfk'
A Variety of Qnlps, Gibes and 1
to Cause a Smile Flotaam and
Jetflam from the Tide of Humor—
Witty Saylucs*
llar*li Treatment.
"My dear, I thought they had abol
ished corporal punishment in the
"They have."
"Does that apply to yachts, too?"
"I suppose it does. What are you
driving at?"
"Why, I noticed that in a recent race
off Newport one of the yachts was
steered so badly that her spanker
struck a buoy."—Cleveland Plain Deal
Art for ArLN Salfp.
Miss Rosebud—Maude Osborne vows
she never means to marry.
Miss Pepperton—I presume, then,
that all that work she does on her com
plexion is nothing but art for art's
sake.—Sydney Town and Country Jour
Hit* Klud of Courage.
"I want you to pull a tootu, out not
with gas. That costs too inuc-ii!"
"Well, you're a brave man. Show ma
the tooth."
"Wait a minute. My mother-in-law
will be here right away. It's her
tooth."—Der Floh.
The LrhmIi'84
llow the Yankees Got Ahead of
Shrewd Filipinos.
The native Filipino has the reputa
tion of being the shrewdest among the
Asiatic races. Like the Parsee, he is
known as the Yankee of the orient,
says the Philadelphia Press. He lost
no opportunity to trim up his occi
dental Yankee brother whenever the
opportunity presented itself, but the
American Yankee, and particularly he
of the Pennsylvania breed, usually
gave him a Roland for his Oliver.
When the Pennsvlvanians left San
Francisco on their way to the Philip
pines the Red Cross society gave each
one of them an aluminium badge the
size and shape of an American quar
ter, bearing the name of his regiment,
his company and his company number.
Shortly after their arrival in Manila
the officers of some cf the companies
found these identification badges in
the hands of Filipino merchants, upon
whom the Pennsylvanians had im
posed them as quarter-dollars in re
turn for articles of barter. Another
trick of the Yankee soldier was to take
a new copper penny, mill the edges of
it with a file, polish the coin till it
shone like gold and then pass it upon
the guileless and unsuspicious natives
as a $5 gold piece. The gullibility of
the native in this rega-rd led some of
the men to write home for samples cf
confederate scrip, which, when duly
received, were put in circulation
among the yellow packets as bona fida
"It's a 'lessiess age," remarked Sim
"What do you mean?" Inquired
"Here's a couple who entered upon
a loveless marriage, drove away in a
horseless carriage and received all
their congratulations by wireless teleg
raphy."—Philadelphia North American.
Thoy Got To*rethpr.
"Papa," said iittie four-year-old Mar
gie, "I think you are just the nicest
man in tbe whole world."
"And think you are the nicest little
girl in the warld," replied her father.
'Course am," said Margie. "Ain't
it queer how such nice people happen
to get into the same family?"—Sydney
Tows anil Cunntrr journal.
"They say," he said, "that it is no
longer fashionable to attach to wedding
presents the cards of the people who
giva them."
"Then," she declared, "I'm going to
take back that $20 picture I intended
to give Nell Waterson, and get her a
solid silver teaspoon."—Chicago Times
OM Tlmo Dexterity,
Jce Ker—The earlier watches were
much cleverer timepieces than those of
the present.
Jacques—How so?
Joe Ker—They marked the time with
only cne hand.—Jewelers' Weekly.
Generally Ruled by Kindness.
"You are one of those humanitarians
who believe in bringing up children
Without corporal punishment, aren't
"Yes. As true as I'm standing here.
I've never struck one of my children,
except in self-defense."—Answers.
NHffhborly Tfes
"The telephone is a great social fac
"That's so. We wouldn't have called
on those people next door at ail if we
hadn't wanted to use their teleijhone."
-Chicago Record.
A Careful Mother.
Teacner—What do you know of the
microbe family?
Little Maude—Please, ma'am, mam
ma has forbidden us to gos&ip about
other people's family affairs.—Ex
Gentleman (to village cobbler)—
What's that yellow powder you aro
taking so constantly, my friend?
Cobbler—It's snuff—catarrh snuff.
Gentleman—"Is it any good? I'm
troubled somewhat that way myself.
Cobbler (with the air of a man who
could say much if he chose)—Well, I've
had catarrh for mor'n thirty years, and
I've never took nothin' for't but this.—
Tlie Difference.
"Detectives in real life are not a bit
like the story-book detectives."
"That's so," said the man who hasn't
any savoir faire whatever. "The story
book detective Invariably catcheB his
man sooner or later."—Washington
The Cleanest Town In the Went*
There oan be no doubt as to the
physical cleanliness of the people of
Ealt Lake and surrounding country as
evidenced by the recent gigantic ship
ment to that city of 45 carloads of Dia
mond "C" Soap by the Cudahy Pkg. Co.
of South Omaha, Neb. This is the
largest single shipment of Soap ever
made by any concern and is an elo
quent testimonial to the quality of
their product and to the enterprise of
the firm. The shipment was made
over the "Burlington" and it required
two of their most powerful locomo
tives to draw the load. The liberality
cf the Cudahy Pkg. Co. in giving away
valuable prizes to users of Diamond
"C" Soap has built up for them
throughout the west an enormous trade
in a comparatively short time.
After a man is 35 he should
dreaming and gfc to work.
A fat woman never looks as fat in a
phaeton as in a higii top buggy.
Coughing Leads to Consumption.
Kemp's Balsam will stop the cough
at once. Go to your druggist to-day
and get a sample" bottle free. Sold in
25 and SO cent bottles. Go at once
delays are dangerous.
St. Paul said that all men are liars.
He was probably an assessor.
There is no fun in grumbling when
no one pays attention.
_t Reliable Help "Wanted
(Either sex.) The IIuinnultftrl«ii Home and Sanitar
ium lor Invalids anil Health seekers Incorporated
bend 12c in htampH for run Informs ion. Addrew
J. 11. Teitlcbauin, Treasurer, Las Vegas,
One-tenth of the world is still unex
Uomeseekers' Excursion** via the Iowa
Central Route.
On January 2d and 10th, February
Gth and L'Oth, March (1th and 20th and
April land 17, I'.KIO, the Iowa Central
Kail way will sell round trip home
seekers' excursion tickets at rate of
one fare plus two dollars, to points in
following territory: Arkansas, Ari
zona, British Columbia. Colorado,
Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Manitoba,
Nebraska, New Mcxno, Oregon, Utah,
Washington, Wyoming, Indian Terri
lory, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma,
Texas, Iowa, Minnesota, North
Dakota, Kouth l)aknta, Wisconsin,
Northern Michigan also to points in
Southeast. For full pnrjj.ciilars inquire
of agents or address the unfivsigned,
1 7
A New Sen I»ort.
There Is a lusty young city grow
ing up down in Texas which is attract
ing widespread attention. It is La
Porte, located at the head of Galves
ton Bay. -It is being made the great
seaport of the Gulf of Mexico, the
meeting place of rail and water ways
for the vast commerce of the west.
The saving to western shippers via
this export outlet will run into mil
lions annually. The city has the most
magnificent natural port on the south
ern coast of the United States and om
of the best in the world. The
U. S. government is completing
a deep water channel through the bay
to the gulf, which will soon bring the
largest ocean liners to La Porte docks
and wharfs.
G. 1'. & T. A7, iowa
Central Railway, Marslialltown, Iu'*
Yellow jackets made nests in the tiro
alarm boxes in Seattle, and damaged
the signal system by clogrg'ing' th
wires willL din:— which
This Ladies' Handsome
Leather Chatelaine Bag
with Chain and Buckles
for fastening to dress
sent free for 50 wrappers
of Diamond "C" soap. Ev
ery lady should take ad-
'f'S vantage erf this offer.
Saves Doctor Bills
The simplest and most effect
ive Pres'entive and Cure for Sore
Throats, Contagious and Infect
ious Diseases the world has ever
known, especially for Quinsy,
Tonsilitis, Diphtheria, Scarlet
Fever, Typhoid and Malarial
Fevers, Croup, Measles,
Coughs, Colds, Catarrh and
It disolves and destroys
the poison and disease germs
which attack the mucous
membranes of the Throat,
Stomach and Bowels.
Ask your druggist for it.
Price One Dollar per bottle.
Our new book "Chats with Mother"
free for your name on a postal card.
rld's re
Breeding and Feeding in
Human Intestines.
A New
a^eStf?Th O AT.:
Powerful Germ Destroyer Discov
ered—How Microbes Are Killed
While You Sleep.
Millions of microbes, bacteria, pto
maines, disease-gorilla of every kind live
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For their propagation It Is only neces-,
nary for the liver and Intestines to be
come lazy and operate Irregularly.
Modern sclcnce has been at work to
The Anti
Four Burr
Mogul Mill
Will grind
bushels per
a means of killing: microbes, and the most*
successful germ destroyer of all is Cas
carets Candy Cathartic. They slaughter
bacteria wherever tkey And them, are an-l
tlseptlc, stop sour stomach", make the'
liver lively, the blood pure, the bowels.
regular, everything as it should be.
Go buy and try Cascarets to-day. It'r
what they do, not what we aay they'll do
that proves their merit. All druggists.'
10c, 25c, or 50c, or mailed for price. Sena
for booklet and free sample. Address The
Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago MontWfcal,
Can. or New York. 'Oi
.. This Is the CASCARET fab
let. Every tablet of the only
genuine Cascarets bears the
magic letters "C C." Look
at the tablet before you buy,
and beware of frauds. Imita
tions and substitutes.
All Drueelsts. 25c.
We maktj two sizes, two and four bT8eg,
the Famous lepra No. 2 for 818/0. Get our free
Waterloo, Iowa.
beat tli&t
bua. per
^, etrMeat, com
acre. Greatest
nnd tliiti notice, we mail great fteed
Catalog ou.t 10 phKa Farm Seed NaveltUa.
will r«V6«a
AIMkl yleldi l»u*. p«r acre, &&d 70a
grain I
aU'Diftj-f.iod ihlssldeoftbe aural I
yield. !1 butt, in N.Y. Wootlcrfuil
ItAPE 8r»c. A TON
Oivea rich, ?reen food for cattle,
•beep, awiue, poultry, etc., at35«. 1
s'mswj* *lon" nIoe»ienih* of (he I
i'ifsqf utert iu the U. 8.
jfl Create* grasa on earth. Growa
to I
perfection In America everywhere.
Baiter warrants t( I
potato tho most talked or po*
11110 on
earth, and Salter Klx
Im W oeka l»oth win make Toitofch. I
mf I.ar^-at grower of Potatoes I
Mi Farm Beeda In the world.
Largeat, cbolocst list.In U. flL
Onion Seed. 80e. lb. Everything
warranted to grow. 85 pkgs
Heat vegetable*, postpaid, $1.00.
SfeSdRi S}»
Saves Life,
lfas the endorsement of the
U. S. GweriJicent and aU
£16 Leading Railroads
We furnish any of the
leading Magazines free of
charge in return for Dia
mond "C" soap wrappers.
Get our complete cata
logue of over 300 hand
some premiums, A postal
card will bring it.

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