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healthy state.—-R, S
W. A. Alexander
ty* J"
jgp^lpr 6t)ftftisi^3NDENCE.
Interest as, Reported by Our Correspon
dents from Surrounding Towns and Townships.
b'WMn Groves V-
Walter Butler the noted democrat
politician had business in Garden Grove
last Thursday.
Last Thursday night some one tired
a shot on Main street vhich struck a
plate glass window in the front oi
Young Bros, meat market and shatter
ed it. It was a glancing shot and was
evidently fired up the street by some
one who had some whiskey aboard and
was showing ofl a la cow-boy The
guilty party has not yet been discover
Last Saturday night a tramp applied
for permission to sleep in the town
house, which was granted and as his
description titled that of a man wanted
at Russell for breaking into the depot,
'Marshal Jennings telegraphed the sherifl
of Russell and Sunday morning Con
stable Hahn and K. K. Detective Har
rison came down aud got their man.
W. P. Sullivan, of Lineville, was in
Garden Grove Friday talking with the
town council about granting a franchise
for a telephone exchange here. There
is little doubt that the franchise will
be granted at least we see no good
reason why it should not.
'ltev.Robert Beer, who was pastor of
the Presbyterian church at this place
for ten years, ending in 1895, will be
here and preach next Monday evening
jind take a final farewell of his former
parishioners. He leaves in a few weeks
for Valparaiso, Indiana, to spend his
declining years.
Ross Adams returned to Garden Grove
last week and will probably spend the
remainder of the winter here. He has
been clerking at Murray.
Quite a large number of Garden Grove
teachers were at the county teachers
meeting at Leon last Friday and Sat
urday, and they report a very well
attended and interesting meeting.
The M. E. Sunday school had a mid
winter picnic in the basement of the
church last Friday evening and it was
largely attended and a very enjoyable
occasion. S. H. Amos who has been
superintendent almost a score of years
was presented with a mantel clock by
the school.
W. R. Ellinwood and John Johnson,
ofilLeon, were here Friday repairing
telephor-r'n,le8- ..
Tf*v, ladies oi the .'-.-iseonul church
ved a pie supper at is,
^hall last Saturday evening -iiioli
well attended and the receipu
about $8.
J. N. Gates, of your piar».' was her#
several days last week in the interest
of a mercantile agency.
Mrs. L. A. Blackman received notice
of the death of her neice at Chillicothe,
Iowa. Saturday, and left for that place
on the afternoon train. -4
An Editor's Life Saved by Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy.
During the early part of October 1896,
I contracted a bad cold which settled
on my lungs and was neglected until I
feared that consumption had appeared
man incipient state. 1 was constantly
coughing and trying to expel something
which I could not. I became alarmed
^vaitter giving the local doctor a trial
bougfli^3o«lei!£ Chamberlain's Gougji
Kennedy afti the result was immedi
I had usi
bottles my lungs
were restore
Bun Oak Ridae.
W, H. McCalla and Chas, Chastain
and wives spent a mosi enjoyable day
at Mr. Cain's last Thursday. Mr. and
Mrs. Cain are royal entertainers and a
good dinner was seryed.
A number of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
George's most intimate friends, took
their baskets well filled and spent a
pleasant day with them before their
departure for Page county, Charley
Gunter haying purchased their farm
and will take possession as soon as
Mrs. Chastain called on Mrs. Homey
Wednesday afternoon.
East Eden school closes next Tuesday
with literary exercises.
Mr. George and family visited Tues
day at Elmer Rumley's.
W. H. McCalla sold his 40 acre farm
to E. J. Homey aud his 80 acre farm
•. to Samuel Smith. The consideration
for both places being $2,400. Mr. Mc­
Calla has not decided where he will
locate but he will not leave Decatur
Mr. Comstock purchased a cow of
Mr. George.
Philip Meek aud E. J. Homey are
preparing to have a wood sawing.
Jim Hazlet put up ice the past week.
A remedy tor nasal catarrh which is
drying and exciting to the diseased
membrane should not be used. What
is needed is that which is cleansing,
soothing protecting and healing. Such
a remedy is Ely's Cream Balm. Price
50 cents at druggists or it will be mailed
by Ely Brothers, 56 Warren st. New
York. The Balm when placed into the
nostrils spreads over the membrane and
is absorbed. A cold in the head van
ishes quickly.
orphui Ridge.
Otis Vanpelt made a business trip to
Woodland Saturday returning Sunday.
J..C Boyer, of East Eden, was in
these parts last week.
Henry Mills, of Rough Ridge, passed
through these parts last week on bis
way to Union Ridge.
"lrs. Bert Parsons who has beeu visit
ing her parents for the last two weeks
went to her home in Ladue, Missouri,
.last week.
Miss Ida Lentz, of Woodland, came
last Sunday to visit her aunt, Mrs.
Milton Traitt, of north Leon, was in
these parts last week.
Harry Yost came home last week
from South Dakota. He is very pale
but is improving in health.
Tom Harp and family went to New
Buda Saturday to visit his parents.
C. M. Mitchell, of Cuckle Burr Ridge,
Was on the Ridge Sunday.
Amos Butts and Jack' Vanpelt spent
Sunday at Henry Akes'.
Jim Acton, of Leon, spent Saturday
night with his daughter, Mrs. Harl
Jim Barleau is visiting his brother at
Allendale, Missouri.
Tom Harp and family visited one
day last week at Taylor Vanpelt's.
All the farmers are getting up their
summer wood.
George Grayat, of Cod Town, was in
our midst Sunday.
Jimmy Harp is on the sick list
—.—_— isfpt
That Throbbing Headache,
Aiw^'Would quickly leave you if you uSed
"IK *4)r. King's New Life Pills. Thousands
of sutterers-liave proved their matchless
qfterit for sick and nervous headaches.
Tiifty make pure blood and strong
nervekjftd build up your health. Easy
Try them. Only 25 cents.
flrand Btver.
Moving time will soon be here" and
many change in and about town will
occur. Mrs. Fear will return to her
farm, Mrs. Sipherd will occupy her
house and Alonzo Bezold
Henry Hauenstien has bought a lot
in the east part of town and will build
in the spring.
Hugh Sipherd will go to Nebraska
where be has a job in a flour mill.
Mrs. Burhatn and daughter Carrie, J.
C. Brothers and wife and others attend
ed church at riopeville Sunday night.
Mrs- Helen Van Werden of Leon was
here last week visiting her sister, Mrs
L. J. Landis.
George Brown was made a Woodman
last Monday and took out some insur
ance for the benefit of his family. Oth
ers will follow. This is good for the
Bible tells us that he that does not pro'
vide for his household is worse than an
infidel. J3very young man with a fain
ily should not be without a Woodman
insurance policy ass it costs but little
and he should-carry it while his family
are young.
Key. Wolver filled the Methodist
pulpit Sunday morning speaking from
the 50th Psalm, when in the course of
his remarks he said many good things,
among them that the church was a good
easy carriage for hypocrites to go to hell
in. He is holding a revival at the
Anstey schoolhouse where he is having
much'success. He will begin here soon
and get after some of us and we hope
much good will be done. Jiev. Wolver
will do hi» part and is a young man of
more than ordinary ability. Let our
people get ready and work together.
Rev. Beer will occupy the Presbyter^
ian pulpit here on the evenings of Feb.
l.'f and 14.
A short time ago a petition was cir
cu'itfieCi •uth:ru& that Mrs. D. Cook's pen
sion claim be allowu without further
delay and sent tom P. Hepburn, who
was asked to present it to the pension
commjssioner which' he did and the
claim is allowed we are informed, Let
us try it on some others.
Wonder what has become of our
Pleasanton correspondent, We miss
his bright newsy letters of late. They
were very interesting to us as we know
many people there. Let us hear from
you again brother.
Jake Switzer has some of the brick on
the grouud for a new brick building to
be built north of the drug store aB soon
as the weather will permit. Mr. Stone
will occupy it.
Ara Brown had a sale last Tuesday
and will go to Oklahoma. Mr. Brown
is a good citizen and we wish he would
change his mind and remain here.
Best Medicine For Rheumatism.'
ink 1 would go crazv jrith
S6SSW jf m. A
the Alice Fear property and will soon
take possession. Fred Taylor will move
into the Daughton property now occu
pied by Mr. Bezold. Mrs. Bradshaw
will come to town having rented her
farm to Harry Gilreath. Jim Miller will
leave the Wright farm and occupy one
of Wo
oil Binnings houses. Mr. Leon
ard who is on the Jim Miller farm east
of town will leave lor Kansas in the
spring. This will leave S. C. Jennings
jr. without a house keeper. However
he has been inspecting some new fur
niture aud will be equal to the emergen
cy. We don't think he will batch very
Hermine, PaT^^WW^TJeeii afflicted
with rheumatism for several years and
have tried remedies without number,
but Pain Balm is the best medicine
have got hold of." One application
relieves the pain. For sale by W. A.
Alexander Di
Weltfon. I*.:.
Thirteen passengers boarded the west
bound passenger Tuesday morning for
different points in the west.
Miss Blanche. Priest who has been
attending school here this winter de
parted for her home in Nebraska, Tues
day. She has made a host of friends
here who regret, her departure very
Lon Goodrich has gone to seek a
home in the west.
Mr. and Mrs, C. C. Wood were en
joying the fine sleighing Sunday.
Rev. Armstrong, of Des Moines, failed
to till his appointment here Sunday.
Last Tuesday Dr. Foxworthy was call
ed to Murray in consultation with Dr,
Aldrich, of that city, in the case of Mrs.
Freeman who is very sick. There is
but little hope of her recovery.
Harvey Stevens was an Osceola visi
tor one day last week.
Joseph Coffee has just completed a
new detachable storm front for Dr. Fox
worthy's residence.
Uncle Wm. Bosserman, Wilma Walker
and Ollie Foxworthy are on the sick
list this week.
The dog poisoner visited our town
last week and as usual the favorites of
the town were his victims. Don, Arthur
McCartney's family dog which has been
one of the most prominent members of
the store for six years bowed in humble
subjection to the wiles of bis assassina
tor. He was a very affectionate dog,
with extraordinary intellect and every
thing was done that could be done to
save him. A reward of $50 is offered
for the miscreant.
R. J. Critcbfield's large draft stallion
broke stockade Sunday afternoon while
Bob was absent and was serenading
Main street when discovered by Gene
Keller and led into captivity.
Mrs. Fry, of Dekalb, came Tuesday
to receive medical treatment here.
Charles Hammell is suffering with la
Mrs. Worden and daughter Bessie
were Weldon visitors Friday.
fV :s-:C
Farm for Sale or Beat.
241 acres of improved land on the K,
& W. R. R. 2 houses, good barn, cribs,
granary and all well fenced, for further
particulars address, Sam G. Toovey,
Pleasanton, Iowa, Decatur county.14tl3
Jiecatur CHy.
The weather has moderated some.
The people are busy putting up ice
whie the weather will permit.
Townsend & Shelton have increased
their harness shop by buying the large
stock of goods owned by Schee & Son.
The protracted meetings have closed
at the Christian church.
Brazelton & Amnions have bought
the Hardware and Furniture stock of
goods of Schee & Son and also their
lumber yard.
Arthur Moore and wife were made
happy over the arrival of a baby bov
at their home last Saturday.
The meetings commenced at the M.
E. church last Thursday night.
B. F. Huston purchased a lot of John
Negley in the north-east part of town.
Glein Riley has been sick this ireek.
Sherifl Wolever #as over from, Leon
yesterday on business. o-:-
Have I not bidden ye beware of some
thing said to be the s«me as Rocky
Mountain Tea, raadebj^he Madison
cine (7n,? If y£j|^BkywiM, heed
Eld. Wm. Guthrie', of 1)86 MoineB,
held services at this Advent Chlirch Sun
day. He will be Remembered by many
as William, son tit Elihu Guthrie.
Eld. StebbinS preached at the L. D. S.
church Sunday morning.
Our Spiritual show that was billed for
last Friday and Saturday failed to ma
Mrs. J. Emmons is enjoying a visit
from her two sisters of St. Louis..
Dan Guthrie and family visited with
his brother Elihu near' Redding last
F, J. Horton had business at Saline
last Friday.
Grant Craig and best girl had special
business at Leon last Thursday.
J. C. Acton, of Leon, was here Sunday
and Monday.
John Keown and wife visited their
daughter Annie at Blythedale last week.
Mrs. Amanda Seymour has bought
the house belonging' to the late Orlena
Davis estate, the property being on
Clark st., known as the Tom Bell house.
Consideration $250.
A birthday surprise was given Grand
ma Hawkins by her sister Rebekahs
last Wednesday, it being her 81st birth
day. They presented her with a nice
rocking chair.
Clara Tilse and Mrs. F. M. Freeman
are on the'sick list.
Mrs. John Keowu was called to La
moni last Saturday by the serious ill
ness of her mother, Grandma Piles
John Weable, an old and highly
respected citizen of this community was
buried here laBt Friday. He had been
ailing for over a year and death was
happy release to him.
Rev. Parren closed a series of pro
tracted meetings Saturday evening.
The Hard Time social given by the
members of the W. R. C. No. 320 Wed
nesday night was well attended. Their
program was well rendered especially
the Farce entitled "The Matrimonial
Hunt," Their tableau, recitations and
songs were hiahly appreciated by those
present. After the program a hard
time lunch was served consisting of
doughnuts and coffee. Prizes were
given to those who were dressed the
jest to suit the occasion. Miss Anna
Radnich, Barnum Ewing, tfosamond
Severe and Roy Robinson were the
lucky ones.
A dwelling house on the farm of A. G.
Scott which was occupied by Geo. Hawk
was burned last Friday evening. All
his household goods were destroyed as
the family had been gone about an hour
when it was discovered.
A rag bee at the home of Mrs. Post
last Wednesday was enjoyed by quite
a number of her lady friends.
We note by the last Advance that
Hon. Walt, Butler was in our city last
Wednesday. His coming and going
was so still that ye correspondent failed
to hear of it.
A birthday surprise was given Mrs.
Wm. Merritt last Saturday by her sisters
of the Rebekah order.
Windsor Richards went to Shenan
doah last Wednesday to be treated for
the cancer that he thought was cured
last fall.
E. S. Grimes & Son haye received a
new harness machine the past week
which is claimed to do the work of four
men, which cost 1250. The expert was
here last Saturday to start the machine.
Mrs. H. E. Perkins returned to her
home after a.week'B visit with her par
ents, John Lee and wife.
MissVera Sowash is attending the
school for the blind at Vinton.
I. S. Bullock has taken the place of
B. Heijer in the^blacksmith shop. He
is a recent addition to our city coming
from Indiana. He is a brother
of Lon and Sam Bullock of this city.
He will occupy the Dr. Wailes property.
Walter Sylvester made a trip to Wel
don the past week.
Miss Ella Rodgers returned from a
visit at Leon last Sunday.
A man is here from Nebraska looking
up a location to start a restaurant.
Mrs. Emma Horton was taken very
suddenly with heart trouble last Mon
day and for a time was dangerously ill,
but we are happy to note she is at pres
ent writing much improved.
Some miscreant left his mark on J. C.
Keshlear's store lock the other night as
the lock plainly shows where it had
been tampered with.
Town council met Monday evening
but no action taken on the Guthrie
O James Burrell's family has the mumps.
The chime of wedding bells will ring
in our city fdr two of our most popular
young folks before this sees print, but
ye correspondent has been bidden to
keep mum.
Joe Gann, ol Mercer, Mo., was in
vicinity on business last week.
Mr. Middlebrook, of near Leon, was
in town Friday buying horses.
Johnnie Cunningham, of Wayne Co
waB in town last week.
Dr. Rose had business here Friday.
Harry Statzell, of Leon, was in town
Several of our school inarms attended
the Teacher's Meeting at Leon Friday
and Saturday.
A. P. Kirb'y, of Humeston, was buy
ing cattle in this vicinity Monday.
W. H. Wilson, having sold his farm,
will move to town in the near future
where he will be better enabled to at
tend to the duties of his office and liye a
more retired life. We understand he
intends to build a new residence on his
lots in the north-west part of the Vance
T. B. Adair returned from Joplin, Mo.
Monday after after an extended visit.
His friends are glad to see him back,
Chas. Cooper had business in Leon
hurt with a
Mr. Frank Garber got
runaway team last week.
Mr. Frank Allen is working for Capt
Mr. Frank Mills is employed in Cen
Mr. McMasters have visitors from
Mr. Walter Brown went to Garden
Grove last Saturday.
Mr,. Lawrence Frost is building a new
Mr. Simpson is working for Mr. Sears.
the farmers of Center did
some plowing in January,
One of onr substancial farmers is
hauling corn and occasionally a Kobb.
For The Bablea.
There is no better medicine for
the babies than Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy. Its pleasant taste and prompt
and effectuai.cures make it a favorite
with mothers and small children. It
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eases without a single failure so far as
we have been able to learn. It^not only
euros croup, but when given as soon as
the croupy cough appears, will prevent
the attack. In cases of whboping cough
it liquifies the tough mucus, making it
easier to expectorate, and lessens the,
severity and frequency of the paroxysms
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of ali dangerous conseq uences. For sale
by W. A. Alexander Druggist.
Smoke "Andy-Jackql' yoH fan
them tfhly at Patch'a. 5t
The session of the Decatur County
Teachers last Friday and* Saturday, was
undoubtedly one of the best meetings
that has been held for some time.
While perhaps there was not
The roll call showed the following
teachers in attendance:
R. A. Harkue83. J. A. Gunsolly.
Eleanor Hatch.
George N. Briggs.
Roxana Gaylord. .i
Lajuue Howard. ^'4:
Emma Ritchie.
J. E. Cummins.
Esther Jackson,
Mary Ironside.
Mamie Allen.
Lanie Meek.
Hallie Moore.
Mary Parrish.,
Robert Smith.
Lola Wagner.
His ministerial work covers a period of
over thirty years and the territory of
northern Missouri and southern Iowa.
He helped organise the East Grand
River Association at Bedford, Iowa.
He was a soldier in the Black Hawk
and Seminole war. On last Saturday
February, 3, was his 84th birthday,
and his friends planned a surprise party
and so completely was it carried out
that not one of the family suspected
anything until about 10 o'clock, when
his friends began'coming by the wagon
load with well filled baskets. At
o'clock dinner was announced and the
fifty-foqr guests went into the dining
room and ate dinner with him. All
spent an enjoyable day with the old
pioneer of Decatur county and bade
him good by wishing him manv such
happy birthdays.
Maud—Is 5 apd-30 too old to hope
for improvement? I should say not.
One just begins to live. Take Rocky
Mountain Tea. You'll be blooming fair
at 60. Ask your druggist.
Mr. Eugene Massey and Miss Ethel
Sylvester were united in marriage Wed
nesday evening at 6:30 o'clock at the
home of the bride's parents Mr. and
Mrs. J. F. Sylvester, near Woodland the
ceremony being, performed by Rev.
Pond, of Lucas, Iowa, pastor of the
Christian Union church at that place.
About twenty of their relatives and
intimate friends witnessed the ceremony
and after congratulations were extend
ed the guests Bat down to an elegant
wedding repast.
The groom is one of our most popular
and respected young men and one of
Decatur county's most successful school
His bride has been a resident of this
vicinity all her life and graduated from
the Allerton High School in '08. and
has made a large circle of friends by
her loving qualities. Her husband may
well feel proud of having won her heart
and hand.
Mr. and Mrs. Massey will go to house
keeping on the W. H. Wilson farm west
of Woodland which he h#4 purchased a
few days before the wedding. We predict
for them much happiness and pros
Always attend striotly to Business.
le best pil'
Morley's Little
The best pills for Bilious People are
Liver Pills, because
they always attend Strictly to busi
ness. Sugar-coated. On# a dps* Sold bj
L. Van Werden.
Calicoes, Muslins, ^Ginghams and
Shirtings have advanced 25 to 40 per
cent, but you won't notice any advance
in price at the Pee Rive.
To Trad* for Wood..
Ladies wrap^ fascinators,shoes,
men's duck coats, leggings, mittenp ana
,,v .v
A Very Interesting Meeting, which "wmi
Held In this city Friday and Saturday.
teachers present as on former occasions
yet it was certainly the best in the
amount of interest taken and the ex
cellency ol papers and discussions. It
is the intention to publish the papers
that were read chiefly on account of
their excellent ideas and it is hoped
that they may be read by both teachers
and patrons.
Bea Turner.
Clara Moder.
Susie Moder.
Carrie Judd.
Xella Spencer.
J. H. Drake. May me Judd.
J. F. Chamberlain. i^ifiW. B. Aten.
Dilla Sw6pe. Nellie Thomas.
J. L. Latta.
Adeline Hoadley.
Bessie Moore.
Ella Tallman.
Minnie Gardner.
Edith McCoy.
S. L. Darrah.
Mrs. L. Roy.
May Onrens.
Mrs. Lindsey.
Ethel Gardner.
Nella Sanger.
L. Q. C. Pryor.
Maggie Smith.
Lelah Osborn.
Fannie Gardner.
D. W. Greenslate. J. Rolla Cash.
Asa Pucket.
Berta Peck.
Mrs. Ine L. Springer. Mrs. Williams.
Aggie Shell.
Eli Hutchison. E. Comer.
Chas. Coontz. Cleo Brvson.
Mrs. Vena Edwards. Lewis Jackson.
SPRING VALLEY. ,...,..M,,,
Hallie Barr.
E.Orlo Moore.
G. A. Axliue, Humeston.
Mrs. G. A. Axline, Humeston.
Margaret Young, Humeston.
Mrs. S. L. Darrah, Leon.
Besides the above there were several
teachers in town Saturday who did not
.get in in time to attend the meeting, oo
A. Vanrierpool was born in Carter
county, Tennessee, February, 3, 1816.
When he was three years old his par
ents moved to Sheridan, county, Mis
souri, then when he was five they
moved to Ray county, Missouri, where
he grew to manhood. On January 1,
1837, he married Esther Stanley 'and
moved to Mercer county, Missouri,
where he lived until 1844, when he
moved to Decatur county, Iowa, His
wife died at their home in Richland
township June 7,1882. He was again
married September 25, 1884, to Eliza
Comstqck. He was a member of the
first grand jury ever empaneled in the
county, «nd was the first man ordained
to preach the gospel in the county,
Mather—the 30 years dentist of over
30 years experience is at i^eon on the
morning of the 27.th and will remain
until the last of every months
The following Is aliat of letters remain
ing uncalled for at the nostoffloe in Leon,
Iowa, for the week ending January 18,
Mr. B. Van West 2 Henry Stanley and
family Will MeNally: £^ton Mapes.
Ia oalUng for the ao&ve pleaae say "ad
vertised. JOHN LEDOKBWOOD, P. M.
thiorough bred Poland*
China male hog. .At good' young indk
vUMiMlMt E. Hull.
T- V"V? SW
[Persons having friends visiting them or
Knowing of strangers visiting in the city
will confer a great favor upon the Editor
by informing him either in person or by
Jeff^ultotT^ponT^ at^GarSeii
Rolla Cash, of Decatur, was in Leon
L. Van Werden and wife spent Sunday
at DeKalb.
Harry Graves, of Decfctur, was in Leon
Dodge Sears had business at Blockley
J. A. Pryor had business at Andover
J. W. Delk went to Oreston Friday to be
gone a few days.
Marion Woodard had legal business at
Decatur Monday.
Dr. Layton had professsonal business in
Kellerton Monday.
Oren Schee, of Deeatur, spent Sunday
with Leon friends.
R. T. Davis, of Creston, had business in
this city Tuesday.
Mrs. Thos. Teale went to Lamoril Mon
day on a short visit
Geo. P. Campbell, of Davis City, was a
Leon visitor Friday.
J. D. Burns jr. of Garden Grove, is in
the city on business.
H. O. Watson, of Decatur, had business
in Leon last Thursday.
J. V.D. Patch returned Monday
fl-om visit at St. Joe.
R. L. Parriah had court business calling
him to Mt. Ayr Tuesday.
Mrs. Charles Fisher, of Decatur, was
in this city last Saturday.
Ed. K. Pitman Sr. had real estate busi
ness in Deeatur Thursday.
Prof. J. E. Cummins viBited over Sun
day with friends at Decatur.
Mrs. J. L. Warner visited over Sunday
with relatives at Davis City.
T. J. Knapp, of Garden Grove, was in
Leon yesterday on business.
Ara Brown, of Grand River, bad busi
ness in this city last Saturday.
Thomas Riordan, of Grand River, had
business in this ei ty Saturday.
Dr. Enos Mitchell, of Weldon, was in
Leon Saturday between trains.
Mrs. Nanoy Weldon, returned from a
short visit at Humeston Friday.
Ed Huffman, who has been working at
Blockley, came home Saturday.
Attorney A. P. Olsen, oi Lamoni, had
business in this city last Friday.
Vie Bedier went over to Kellerton Mon
day to visit a few days with his sister,
Miss Lucille MeKern, of Oreston, visited
over Sunday with her mother in this city.
Miss Bell MeCready went to Crown
Thursday to visit a few days with friends,
Miss Bel) Cash, of Deeator, visited with
Leon friends the latter part of last week.
L. Van Werden made a business trip to
Kansas City Monday, returning yesterday,
Mrs. Henry Landis returned Friday
from a visit w'th^ftlends in Ciark county.
Miss Stella Chamberlain returned Mon
day from a visit with her parents at Deca
Ben McDaniel, of New Buda township,
was transacting business in this city Satur
Miss Clara Varga visited over Sunday in
Davis City with her sister, Mrs. A. E,
Miss Cora Johnson returned Saturday
from a visit of several weeks in Des
S. H. Goins, the Syoamore of Tenneseev
Was shakings hands with Leon friends yes
Charles Edwards csme down from Osce
ola Friday and visited bis family until
V. R. McGinnis went to St. Joe Saturday
having business in the federal court in
that city.
Oscar Judd, of Weldon, spent
of days in Leon the first of the
a couple
week on
Royal Richardson, of Pleasanton, w.as
transacting business in this city last
Mrs. Samuel Bowman, of Davis City,f
was In Leon a couple of days the first
the weejje.
Hon. B, L. Eiker came down from Des
Moines Saturday and spent a few hours
in this city.
George Wood, of Chicago, was an over
Sunday guest of Miss Nettie Bowman
in this city.
W. T. Collins, of Decatur, left Tuesday
a visit of several weeks with relatives
at Rolla, Mo.
Miss Maude Topllff, of Davis City, was
visiting Mends in this city the latter part
of laat week.
Mrs. Mollie Wise departed Thursday for
St. Joe, where she expects to make her
future home.
Pearl Myers, the K. & W. operator,
visited over Sunday with his parents at
Lancaster, Mo.
Court reporter J. 8. Parriah went to Mt.
Ayr Monday, Judge Tedford holding
court in that city.
Harry Harvey arrived Thursday from
Denver to join his parents who recently
moved to this city.
Frank Attebury went to Ridgeway yes
terday to look at a farm which be con
templates purchasing.
Ed Gale, the popular restaurant man ot
Grand River, was in Leon Tuesday and
made us a pleasant call.
Miss Mayme Judd, of Garden Grove, was
visiting her young Mends in this city the
latter part or last week.
Prof. J. H. Drake, of Garden Grove, was
attending the teacher's meeting in this
oity Friday and Saturday.
Mrs. Ed Moore, of Kellerton, visited
over Sunday In this city with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Elliott.
Fred W. McCaull and wife went to
Garden Grove Monday to visit a few days
with Mr. MeCaull's parents.
Mrs. W. I. Gardner, of Decatur, came
Monday to visit a tew dayB with her
daughter, Mrs. H. L. Tullis.
Mrs. R. A. Smith, of Stanberry, Mo.
came Tuesday to be with her father, Joir
don Koger during his illness.
Prof. Lewis B. Jackson, principal of the
Pleasanton schools, came up Friday to
attend the teacher's meeting.
"Q. P. Bishop and wife, of Humeston,
visited over Sunday in this city with their
daughter, Mrs. John Johnson.
Prof. J. M. Howell, principal of the
Davis City schools was attending the
teacher's meeting In this city,
Miss Oorafinrris, of Bethany, Mo., visit
ed a couple of days in Leon the first of the
week with Mrs. W. A, Brown.
P. R. Qwens and wife returned Friday
from Adel where they attended the wear
ding of a nelce of Mrs. Owens.
Prof. Harkness, of Graceland college,
Lamoni, attended the teacher's meeting
in this city Friday and Saturday.
Miss Christina Johnson returned to her
home at Weldon Monday after a week's
visit in this oity with her brother.
Miss Pearl Norman, of Davis City, came
Thursday and spent a few days In Leon,
the guest of Miss Nettie Bowman.
Miss Josie Kelly, of Waterloo, came
Saturday to spend some time with her
sister Mrs. A. W.^flanger, In this city.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Ragan.of EagleVUle
are In Leon, called here by the illness of
scv*£ Miiv4
Wm. Harris, who has been visiting the
family of W. P. Akes west of town,return
ed Saturday to his home at Albany, Mo.
Will Valentine, of Orestoq, came down
last Thursday to visit a few days with
Mends, having formerly resided in tbis
Charles C. Crossan, of Bethany, spent a
few hours in this cily last Friday while
returning from a business trip to Cains
Mrs. Theodore Creveling arrived Satur
day from Blakeman, Kansas, and is visit
ing the family of J. F. McMorris south of
J. A. Kelly returned to his home at
Dunoombe, Iowa, Monday.,after attending
the funeral of his brother-in-law, A. W.
Frank Malone, an expert cook from
Chariton, eame last Thursday to! take
charge of the kitchen of the New Hamil
ton hotel.
V. R. McGinnis went to Mt. Ayr Tues
day morning to attend to business which
he has for several clients in Judge Ted
ford's court.
T. E. Keown returned to Chariton
Thursday, after visiting a week in this
oity. Mrs. Keown will remain here for
several weeks.
Harry Meyer, of St. Louis, was an over
Sunday visitor in this city at the home of
M. Maver. He is a brother-in-law of Mrs.
H. H. Rosenthal.
Mrs. Arthur Sylvester returned to her
home at Davis City Thursday after a
week's visit in this city with her daughter
Mrs. J. O, Clark.
Mrs. Adda L. Curry returned yesterday
from a stay of several weeks at Colorado
Springs, Colorado, with her sister Mrs.
C. M. Ketcham.
Miss Claire Bowman returned to her
home at Davis City Thursday after visit
ing a week in tbis city with her sister,
Mrs. W. A. Brown.
Will Lewis, who is working for F. M.
Cunningham, the tax collector, went to
Bethany Thursday to look up some rec
ords in that county.
Mrs. Geo. W. Custer, of Bethany, came
Tuesday to remain until after the wedding
of ber sister Miss Elnora Biggs which oc
curs next Wednesday.
Dan Anderson, Lamoni's new post
master, was in Leon Saturday. He ex
pects to take charge of the,office about
the 15th of this month.
J. D. Williams, of Decatur, was in Leon
yesterday completing arrangements to
move to the property he purchased of
A. Pryor just west of town.
George J. Spaeth, one of the staunchest
democrats in. that hot bed of republican
ism, Garden Grove, was in Leon Friday
and made us a pleasant call.
Mrs. Josephine Acton, of Davis City, is
visiting her son J, H. Acton, having come
up from Cainsville yesterday where she
had been making a short visit.
Claude Robinson, of Davis City, was an
over night visitor in this city last Thurs
day having come up to attend the' recep
tion given by Ed and Sue Bell.
Frank Gardner returned to his home at
Decatur Saturday, after a stay of three
weeks in tbis city having been employed
as jury bailiff while court was in session.
Will Ledger
wood, the popular traveling
salesman for Pingree & Smith, dropped in
off the road Friday for a short visit with
his relatives and many friends in tbis city.
John Koger and wife, of Halls. Mo.,
came yesterday to attend the funeral of
his brother, Jordan Koger who died yes
terday afternoon just before °tbey arrived.
Prof. James Conwell, the popular and
efficent principal of the Van Wert schools
attended the teachers meeting and spent
Sunday with his many friends in this oity,
Mrs. Bert Parsons and children' return
ed to their home at Ladue, Mo.. Thursday
after visiting a couple of weeks at the
home of her father, John Piper, south of
Prof. Axline and wife, of Humeston, at
tended the teachers meeting in tbis city
Saturday and visited over Sunday in tbis
city the guest of Prof. Axllne's classmate,
Prof. Darrah.
E. B. Ryan, of Burrell, and Frank Bow
erman, of Decatur, left Tuesday for King
fisher, Oklahoma. Mr. Bowerman will
remain there and Mr. Ryan goes with
view of locating.
Albert Lefollett, of Saline, Mo., was in
Leon last Friday on his way home from a
four months stay in Fremont county.
His brother George accompanied him to
Saline to visit a few.
Mrs. Trulie Morris, of Lamar, Colorado,
who has been visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. L. L. Gammon, of Eden town
ship for several weeks, returned yesterday
to her home in Colorado.
F. E. Thompson ran down from Van
Wert Friday to take dinner in this city,
leaving on the afternoon train for Des
Moines, Mrs. Thompson accompanying
him to remain over Sunday.
S. W. Wallace, of Lineville, was shak
ing bands with his many friends in this
city Tuesday, haying driven over to meet
Mrs. I. M. Lentz and son Earl who '.vere
returning from a visit at Osceola.
A party from Davis Oity composed of
Carter Scott, C. S. Frazier, Dr. J. W,
Wailes, Ernest Horner, F. J. Horton and
Lloyd Severe were in Leon last Wednesday
evening to attend chapter meeting.
A. D. Wharton left Friday for St. Louis
after visiting a week in this city and|Lamo
ni. From St. Louis he returns to Cripple"
Greek, Colo., where be is superintendent
of the Lincoln Mountain Mining Co.
Miss Bessie Moore, one of Decatur
county's best school teachers who teaches
just east of Weldon, eame down Friday to.
attend the, teachers meeting and visited
over Sunday with her parents in this city.
C. J. Rookey, James and Will flag an
and H. E. Inman, a quartette of young
men from Saline passed through Lean
Tuesday on theii way to Humansvllle,Mo.
where they will visit friends for a few
Mrs. H. J. Cloie and son .Fred left Tues
day tor a months visit in the south. They
will stop at Menna, Ark., Ft. Worth1,
Houston, Galveston, Port Arthur and
other southern cities.- Fred is contem
plating moving his saw mill to Arkansas.
Mrs.W.N.Martin and baby returned Sat
urday from a visit at Zincite,Mo.,with her
fathei John Newlin. Mr. Newlln's many
friends in tbis city will be pleased to learn
that he is taking ont some very fine zinc
ore now and is making big money out of
bis mine.
Fred W. McCaull and wife .came up
from Darlington Saturday, to visit a few
days with Mrs. MoCaull's pareute, Mr.
and Mrs. Polk Caldwell. Tne duties of
agent at parlingtou are very ardudus ,and
Fred has been down sick for a week./ He
does not like the place and will probkbly
be transferred to another station sO'orJ.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. McDonough, of
Center township, departed Tuesday, for a
month's visit with their daughters at
Enid, Okloboma. They will also stop at
Topeka on their way home to visit rela
tives. Mrs. Dick Morgan and children ac
companied them to Enid where Mr. Mor
gan recently purchased a farm of 160 acres
W.L. Roy
er, of Crown was a pleasant
caller at tbis office Thursday renewing
for his
During the month of February I will
make a dozen cabinet photos for
stamp photo and a button phcto for £|5c.
I hqve the finest studio in Depatur county. My baek
•£. grounds and accessories are all new and up-to-date.
Jam now located in JCvans' new brick building nortji of
Clark's mill. you'are in need ot, photo's come
and see my work.
I -46
and St. louis Republic.
He also ordered both papers sent the com
ing year to bis son. Lew Royer, who re
cently moved to Enid, Okla., where be
purchased a farm. Dick Morgan, of Cen
ter, who went to Oklahoma with him has
purchased 160 acres near Enid.
J. H. Vanhorn was a pleasant caller at
our office Thursday, renewing for his
Few men of his age, 72 years,
are as spry and healthy, and few have
lived longer in the state ot Iowa, as he
has resided in Iowa for sixty years, thirty
of which have been in Decatur county
and all the sixty years Mr, VanUorn says
he never seen a milder or more pleasant
Mrs. John Clay and son Will, of Deoatur
lassed through Leon last Tuesday enroute
or Rock Island, Tnxas. Mr. Clay follow
ed them the next day with several cars of
cattte and their household goods, and
they will make their home for a time at
least on the ranch of 5,600 aores which
Mr. Clay has purchased near Rook Island.
We are sorry to see them leave Decatur
county and trust they will decide to re
turn here, for they are among our bsst
To Cure a Cold In one Day.
All druggists refund the money if it falls
to cure.
eyery box 25c.
J. H. Merrill, auctioneer.
Try a sack
Dakota Hour.
7ell,I GuessYIes.
doooer be oervtoas,
irrit&ble(wealc.©rxl nTisetable,
if J'
signature on
W. E. Amnions will sell at his resi
dence one mile north of Decatur City,
on Tuesday, February 13, 1900, com
mencing at 10 a. m., 30 head of cattle,
hogs, hay, corn, oats, fine lot of farm
machinery nearly new, kitchen and
household goods. Usual terms.
S. Y. Harger, auctioneer.
will sell at my farm .]-mile south
east of Weldon on Saturday February
17, the following property": 33 cattle
consisting of 10 steer calves, 15 yearling
steers, 8 cows 3 horses consisting ot 1
mare five years old, 2 yearling colts
27 head of shoats. Broadcast seeder,
several hundred bushels oats and corn
in crib, several tons of bay, some
threshed hay.
T. Abercrombie, auctioneer.
will seil at the residence of the lat
Frank Moore,'1 mile north of Decatur,
commencing at 10 o'clock on Saturday
February 10, the following property:
5 cattle consisting of 3 milch cows, 2
calves horses consisting of 4 head
work horses, 2 colts 11 fine brood sows,
1 male hog. 1 corn shelter, 1 new
wagon, harness, plows, harrows and
other farming tools, hay, oats and corn.
Terms—12 months on, usual terms.
8. Y.
Harger, Hi
will sell at public sale at my 'resi
dence' mile west of Leon on the
Decatur City road, commencing at 10
o'clock on Saturday, Februarv 17j-the
following property. 4 head of horses,
consisting of 1 five-year-old mare, 1
three-year-old filley, 1 Red Prince year
ling colt, 1 fall colt 1 coyered two
seated surrey nearly new, 1 wagon, 1
fourteen inch stirring plow, 1 harrow,
1 set new double harness, 45 bushels
millet seed, seed corn, hay, 15 loads of
wood, household furniture, consisting
of 1 nearly new cook stove, 2 Round
Oak heaters, chairs, cupboards, bed
steads, adjusting ladder, etc. Terms—
9 months on usual terms. J. A*
of that $1.00 -Cream of
199c. for a Dozen Cabinet Photos

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