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Ah W
You Take Pills?
Everybody doesl But not every
one gets them as pure as
thf""» who patronize our store.
l!i Utrpj anc a bit *ora ntj"M
about the purity of everything
we sell. Might make more money
if we substituted some harmless
substances for high priced drugs,
but as human life depends on the
quality of our preparations we
sell only the best.
S?- ]. H0NN0LD.
A good barn to
E. Roberts.
1 have twenty
sows for sale.
rent. Enquire of C.
head of good brood
FOR RENT—A good 80 acre farm
well improved. Apply at once to D. F.
Nicholson, Lamoni, Iowa.
Have you seen that new line of lace
-•.'and sasti curtains just opened up this
week at Thompson & Warner's.
The Iowa Steam Laundry is the largest
and best equipped in Iowa, J. A. Caster
is ageut. Send on Tuesday, deliver on
Friday and Saturday of this week are
the opening days at the millinery de
partment of Thompson & Warner'B
store. You're invited.
1 GO acres of good farm land in Eden
township, 140 acres of meadow and pas
ture, 10 acres timber. If you want a
good farm cheap see me now, J. J.
Hall, Leon, Iowa.
Don't forget that Thpmpson &
Warner's millinery opening will be held
Fridav and Saturday of this week. You
will be well paid for attending their
opening when you seethe magnificent
line of millinery displayed.
Friday and Saturday March 23 and
24 will be the opening days at the
millinery emporium of Mrs. Lucy Ray
on the north side. She has purchased
the finest line she has ever handled and
all the new styles and shapes will be
shown including the famous Hobbs and
Mop hats in the new pastel and chifTon
Sheriff Wolever returned Saturday
from Iberia, Mo., having in custody
Wm. Twombly who is under indictment
charged with embezzling $400 from bis
wife, who resides at High Point. On
Monday W. R. Kline acting as deputy
sheriff1arrested Oscar Steen, of High
Point, who is charged with being an
accessory. Both men are in jail, await
ing trial.'
The following marriage licenses haye
been issued the past week.
Glenn Warner 20 to Etta Evans 21
Henry A. Brannen 25 to Anna Ding
man 21.
J. E. Fronabarger 36 to Mrs Mary V.
Walter Beck 24 to Kate Crees 24.
E. H. Dancer 41 tu Delia Griffin 19.
Matthew C. Ryan to SylyiaFest 25.
We, the »«uli«igned, merchants, of
Leon, agreff'tb closfe our respective pla
ces of business at 8 p. m. during the
.'continuance of the revival meetings and
remain closed during the religious exer
cises with the option of opening after
the service is over, if it seems desirable,
and on condition that other places of
similar line of business close, except on
Saturday evenings:
A. C, Bonser
.1. C. Bernard
Bowsher A Blddison
Otten & Wnilaoe
VM. Kohler
Leon QneenswarVo.
Hamilton & Gardner
M. Mayer
Thompson & Warner.
J. Bashaw ..
H. L. Long
W. A. Alexander (ex-
Evereten Flour
Kanasota, $1.15
Sweet Briar, $1.05
Staff of Life 1.05
Chase & Sanborn's coffees are the best imported.
them fresh each week. Our coffees are roasted and
Elmer Brown
Wallace & Horner
J. It. Conrey
Hamilton & Grandslaff Hamilton Gammtll
The Bee Hive Mart Pickering
Fulton & Manning' SVade Ltndaey
BfggaACo. Owen* & Fort**
Hurst Bros.
Owens &
•,B. F, Hamilton.
Liberal proposition and favorable prices.
Address with references, The American
Petroleum Product Co., Firdlay, Ohio.
There will be no old left over etock of
spring millinery shown at Thompson &
Warner's opening on Friday and Satur
day of this week. Every hat shown is
rtfew, direct from the leading wholesale
milliners. If you want to see the very
latest styles attend their opening.
The north side photograph gallery
recently owned by J. G. Warner is again
open for business. It is in charge of
Frank Shearer, recently of Allerton, a
first-class artist, who will be pleased to
see anyone wanting pictures, and will
guarantee complete satisfaction.
On Wednesday evening March 19tb,
John Ed. Fronabarger, and Mary V.
Stewart were jinited in the bonds of
holy wedlock at the M. E. parsonage by
Rev. Joseph Stephen. We present them
with our compjiments and wish them a
peaceful and prosperous future.
On Saturday afternoon at the Leon
public auction among other articles
there will be sold 1 almost new surrey,
2 buggies, cook stove, set double har
ness, single harness, breech loading
shot gun, new tinware, etc. If you
have any stock or other property you
want to sell bring it to the auction and
it can be sold.
Mrs. M. J. Brown, of Delta. Colorado,
accompanied the remains of her mother,
Mrs. A. Jordan, to this city last Thurs
day, and is now spending a few days at
Weldon with her sister, Mrs. R. J.
Critchfield. Mrs. Brown is county super
intendent of Delta county. Her brother
Charles Jordan, of Enid, Oklahoma, at
tended the funeral and renewed the ac
quaintance of many old friends while he
was here.
C. M. Akes shipped three cars of hogs
to Ottumwa Saturday and the returns
from one them shows that it
We have a car in transit from 3
Waseca, Minn., and in order
to make room, will make the 3
following 3
direct to us in sealed cans, thereby we give you the freshest and
best coffee on the market.
We have placed in our bread department a line of McMahon's
fancy cookies, we always have the best the market affords.
Chop Feed and Bran delivered inside of corporation.
Highest price paid for Country Produce.
Hugs' Bleaching Blue makes clothes
whiter than snow, delights the laun
dress. All grocers sell it in 5 and 10
cent packages.
We are showing an unusually fine line
of lace and sash curtains, embracing all
the latest novelties, and prices will sur
prise you. THOMSON & WARNER.
The ladies of Leon and Decatur coun
ty are most cordially invited to attend
Mrs. Lucy Ray's grand spring millinery
opening on Friday and Saturdav March
23 and 24.
Don't forget to attend Mrs. Lucy
Ray's spring millinery opening on Fri
day and Saturday, March 23 and 24.
You will see all of the very latest styles,
shapes and shades and will be cordially
j. a caster.1
We desire to secure the services of a
reliable salesman in your vicinity to, ill with pneumoma'The^'Dast'T^^nn'
handle our iuniiiiating '{W i'«ue tier lite w»s acs^airea
largest car of hogs ever shipped from
Dtcatur county. When the car was
unloaded there were two dead- hogs,
and after deducting for these Mr. Akes
received 1900.84 for the car and when
it is known that an average car runs
from $500 to $600, it will be seen that
this was an unusually laVge one.
Last Thursday was the seventeenth
anniversary of the wedding of Mr. and
Mrs. C. E. Gardner, and a party of
their friends assembled to assist them
in celebrating the occasion. They have
recently occupied their elegant new
home in south Leon, one of the finest
residences in Leon, with beautiful and
spacious grounds. A most enjoyable
eyening was spent by all who were
present on this happy occasion.
Mr. Frank Goodsen, the Center town
ship stockman showed us a copy of a
Tuscola, 111., paper last week in which
was an acrount ot the perilous adven
ture of his nephew, Earl Goodsen, a lad
of 14 years of age. The boy has always
been of an adventurous turn and a short
time ago left home and went to St. Louis
where he purchased a small skifl and
started to float down the Mississippi
river to New Orleans. When he reached
a point near Herculanium, a town about
25 miles south of St.. Louis, the boat was
caught and crushed in an ice jam and
the boy was forced to take refuge on the
ice. His cries for assistance were finally
heard and he was rescued by some train
men who locate* him by the burning of
matches as it was very dark, and the
little fellow had an ample supply of
matches. His father was notified bv
Wire and went to Herculanium, the boy
being very willing to return home after
his ad venture.
^mrn^'ih, ^sS
We# get
shipped —g
The bluest blue makes the whitest
white,that's Russ' Bleaching Blue. Re
fuse fraudlent imitations.
If you want to see the latest styles in
the new spring millinery you will find
them all at Mrs. Lucy Ray's millinery
opening on Friday and Saturdav, Marsh
23 and 24.
At the Christian church next Lord's
day the pastor will preach as follows:
Morning at 11 "Overcoming the World"
Eyening 7:30 "Progress of Apostolic
You can get the best warm meal or
lunch in the city at Patch's restaurant.
He carries a full line of tropical fruits,
fresh oysters, confectionery and choice
cigars. Patch knows how to treat vou
"ght. 20-10t
|Mrs.^M. M.^Ray has been dangerously
but her many friends will be pleased to
learn she is now on the road to re
You'll miss a good thing if you do
not attend Thompson & Warner's spring
opening of new millinery on Friday and
Saturday of this week. It is the finest
I'ne in southern Iowa, and you are cord
ially invited to call and inspect the
hundreds of pretty styles displayed.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Teale and Mrs. E.
J. Sankey went to Des Moines Friday
and on Monday alternooh an operation
was |erformed on Mrs. Teale at Mercv
Hospital. She stood the operation well
and her friends will be pleased to herr
that sht will soon be able to return
Friday and Saturday of this week are
the opening days at the millinery de
partmefnt of Thompson & Warner, and
the ladies of-Leon and Decatur county
will find the finest line of new spring
millinery ever shown in Leon. A cord
ial invitation'is extended to every lady
in Decatur county to attend their open
Otis Green, who has been hustling for
the New Monroe hotel, departed Sunday
morning for Marengo Where he will as
sume the management of the Clifton
Hotel.- Otis has had much hotel exper
ience. He is a genial and hustling gen
tleman and we trust the Marengo peo
ple and traveling public will give him
the welcome hand and a patronage that
will cause him to become a millionaire.
—Albia Union.
Many leading republicans of Leon
have denounced in very emphatic terms
the attempt of a few republicans tb take
partisan politics into the city election.
They do not tnink it best to have either
a straight democrat ticket or a straight
republican ticket, but that the best men
should be selected for tbe offices regard
less of "politics. And the majority of
Ibe voters will think likewise when thev
go to vote.
County attorney Baker has filed the
petition in tbe case of State of Iowa on
complaint of Alice Blanche Cherry vs.
Lewis Webster Sullivan, a bastardy case
the plaintiff alleging she was seduced by
defendant and expects to giveiblrth to a
child which is liable to become a county
charge, oh which claim $5,000 is asked.
She also asks fbr $5,000 damages to her
character which has been ruined by de
fendant. ..
Sullivan is a wealthy farmer
58 years old, .who resides near Garden
Grove, it being claimed he is worth at
least fl5,000, and Miss Cherry is a
youpg %irl 19 years old, an orphan, who
halt been making her home at the house
of the: defendant. It is reported that
on Monday Sullivan mortgaged all his
property and has departed for parts un
In this issue appears a large adver
tisement of tbe progressive firm of
Covington & Shaffner who have stores
at Grand River and Decatur. They are
making a special bargain sale on account
of having to reduce their stock at the
Grand River store preparatory to mov
ing into the new building which they
are erecting. They quote prices on
their goods which will be hard to beat
and in many cases are offering goods
at less than wholesale price. Read
their advertisement carefully and com
pare their prices with what you are
paying for the same goods ebewhere
ana you will find that you can make
good money by taking a trip to one of
their stores. Prices and quality are
what count, and their goods and prices
speak volumes. They want your eggs
butter and poultry and pay highest
prices. (Save this, paper and comnare
their priaes when you go to buy.
The opera house billiard hall has been
moved to Finlev's brick store room,
corner Main and Commercial streets.
Friends in Leon have received news of
the birth of a son to Mr. and Mrs. Dave
Goldsmith, of Osceola, last Thursday.
Mrs. tiolrismith is a sister of Mrs. M.
Mayor Woodard has made the best
mayor taon ever hid and deserves to
be re-eleoted, and we think the voters
will see that he is continued as mayor by
a good majority.
Mr. Henry A, Brannen and Miss
Anna Dingman were married at the
residence of the bride's mother in I^eon
last Sunday afternoon, Uev. W. U.
Willia DS officiating.
The Young People's Social League of
the M. E. church will hold their regular
monthly meeting in the iiiggs building
on the northwest corner of the square
Thursday morning. All members are
Invited to be present.
A burning Hue at the residence of John
Parrish on north Main street last Satur
day forenoon set fire to the shingles of
ibe roof. An alarm was given but the
flames were extinguished before the (ire
deparement reached the house.
A small (ire was discovered at the
home of \V. A. Dodge in east Leon
Saturday, a spark having set fire to the
roof of the kitchen and quite a hole
was burned when it was discovered by
Mrs. Dodge. With the assistance of the
neighbors the blaze was soon extinguish
ed and no alarm was given.
Next Monday is city election. The
gentlemen named on the non-partisan
ticket are all good men and we believe it
is to the interest of the people of 1-eon
to see thai they are elected. Our citi
zens do not take kindly to the idea of
trying to run city elections on straight
party lines.
A. C. Bonser, the opera house furni
ture dealer and undertaker, has pur
chased from C. M. Akes one of the iinest
teams ever in the county tor use as a
hearse team. They are jet, blacks,
standing over seventeen hands high,
stylish and well matched.
The Albia Union has risen from the
ru'ns of its former line office and made
its appearance again Friday. Mr.
Barnes is to be congratulated on his
en erprise and pluck in so soon securing
a new plant, and we trust his business
will continue to increase, for he de
serves all kinds of su ees.
Mrs. A. L. Fiero, of Osceola, district
organizer of the Kathbone Sisters, came
yesterday noon and was busy all after
noon and last evening in getting the
new lodge started. It starts with a
good membership of Ladies and Knights
and will be. one of the prominent
societies of the city. Mrs. Fiero was
assisted in the work by Miss Jessie
Emery, of Osceola.
Up to last Thursday F. M. Cunning
ham, the tax expert who contracted
with the board of supervisors to collect
back taxes had collected and paid to
County Treasurer Cochran the sum of
$1,336.38, and upon the treasurer's
certificate Auditor Sears drew a warrant
in favor of Mr. Cunningham for 50 per
cent, of tbe amount $(68
Taka Notice.
We now have in stock a complete line
of implements, wagons, buggies, road
wagons, lumber, paints, oils, hardware,
furniture, carpets, window shades, cur
tains and undertaking goods. Don't
fail to call on us before buying.
Decatur, Iowa.
Special Sale ot Tailor Made Clothing.
On Monday and Tuesday, March 26
and 27, the traveling tailor representing
the well known firm of M. Born & Co.
of Chicago, will be at the Cash Bargain
House to take measures for their friends
and others desiring tailor made suits or
pants. An elegant display of up-to-date
fabrics, at the lowest prices possible lor
first-class tailors to turn out.
A Non-Partisan City Ticket.
The court house was well filled
voters of all parties on Wednesday eve
ning of last week, who assembled in
response to the call for a caucus to
nominate a non-partisan city ticket,
Wm. Biggs was selected as chairman,
O. E. Hull secretary and Dr. B. Ii. Mc
Allaster and Wm. Ogden tellers.
The following ticket was nominated:
Mayor—Marion Woodard.
Recorder—For/est Bowslier.
Couucilmen—A. J.Jones, H. J. Landis.
Assessor—J. J. Evans.
The ticket is equally divided as to
politics, Woodard, Jones and Boone
being democrats and Bowsher, Landis
and Evans republicans. It is a strong
ticket anl one which seems to meet
with the approval of a big majority of
our citizens.
Mr. W. J. Sullivan who was nominat
ed for mayor on tbe straight republican
ticket prom ply filed his resignation
stating that his name was used without
authority and that under no circum
stances would he permit his name to
appear on the ticket. The vacancy was
filled by substituting the name of'R. E
Dye as the republican candidate for
A Bio Wolt Hunt.
.Wolves are reported to be quite plen
tiful in the, country north-west of Leon,
and several of the farmers who raise
sheep have recently been losing them.
A grand big wolf bunt has been arr&ng
etTfor ..next- Tuesday March 27, and
everybody is cordially invited to partic
ipate and see if some of tbe varmints
can not be sent to the happy hunting
grounds. The territory to be covered
extends from Leon west to Decatur City,
then north to Kingston, east to Fair
view church and south to l^eon, being
about five miles Bquare.
The chase will start from the four cor
ners promptly at 8 o'clock in the morn
ing and in order to facilitate matters the
following captains have been selected:
Leon—C. M. Akes.
Decatur—George Reyner.
Kingston—Joe Hamilton.
Fairview—James Howell.
Each division will be under absolute
control of its captain, who will give the
directions and orders to be followed.
Men and boys who have hounds or
other dogs are specially invited. The
whole county is interested in ridding
the country of wolves and if everyone
turns out and helps, the hunt will be a
Don't forget the day and be sure and
be at the various starting points not
later than 8 o'clock*
[Persons having friends visiting them or
knowing of strangers visiting in the city
will confer a great favor apon the Editor
by informing him eitherin person or by
M. Mayer bad
business at Osceola yes-
Bert Keel (Jr had business at Decatur
John Frnzier, of Akron, was in this city
J. E. Hummer bad business at Davis
City Tuesday.
F. B. Neice had business at Andover
last Thursday.
I. N. McDonough had business at An
dover yesterday.
Sheriff Wolever had official business at
Lamoni Tuesday.
Ben Akers, of Decatur, bad business in
this city Thursday.
C. R. Riley, of Decatur, had business In
this city Thursday.
D. F. Avery had professional business at
Kingston yesterday.
Miss Clara Varga returned Monday from
a visit at Davis City.
Joe Tharp, of Davis City, had business
in this city Saturday.
Ivan Beach, of Pleasanton, had basinets
in this city yesterday.
H. L. Long returned Friday from a bus
iness trip to Chicago.
Capt. Jefferson Miller, of Pleasanton,
was in Leon Tuesday.
Fawn Parsons went to Chariton Mon
day to visit his sister.
Miss Maude Bruner vas a passenger
Des Moines yesterday.
Miss Kate Ogden returned Saturday
from a visit at Davis City.
E. G. Foreman returned Friday from a
weeks' visit in Des Moines.
Miss Kate James visited over Suaday
with friends at Van Wert.
County attorney Touett, of Osceola, is
in tbe city attending court.
Miss Nettie Bowman went to Davis City
yesterday for a few days visit.
Miss Eulalia Anderson returned yester
day from a visit at Ridgeway.
T. J. Knspp, of Garden Glove, had busi
ness in this city last Thursday.
Mrs Charles Coffin visited over Sunday
with her parents at Van Wert.
Robert McCaull, of Garden Grove, was
in this city Tuesday on business.
R. 1j. Parrish had legal business at Beth
any the latter part of last week.
Miss Zola Bruner returned Thursday
from a short visit at Des Moines.
C. B. Fraze and wife, ot Garden Urove,
were visiting in this city yisterday.
Mrs. Mettle Uindsey was visiting friends
at Leroy the latter part of last week.
Miss Ethel Cruiksbank weut to Block
ley Friday to visit a few days at home.
V. R. McGlnnis had legal business at
Davis City the latter part of last week.
E. E. Scluss, the tax attorney, returned
Monday from a business trip to Creston.
Mrs. A. W. Sanger returned Thursday
from a visit at Waterloo and Ft. Dodge.
Jas. D. Burns jr. of Garden
in Leon the first of tbe week
There are
still a large number of parties who are
to settle.
The Beggar Prince Co. appeared at
Van Werden'a opera house on Monday
and Tuesday nights presenting the
"Beggar P.ince" and "Girofle-Uirofla."
The company is composed of good
actors and singers with costly costumes
•«.! -wi."tiojn with t.heir
performance. A feature ot each evening
was the Cleveland-Cummings illustrated
songs, featuring *'A Bird in a Gilded
Cage" and other popular sonus which
made a decided hit.
Rev. Burrows, of Cainsvilte, passed
through Leon Tuesday on his way to Beth
S. H. Amos, of Garden Grove, was at
tending to court matters tbe first of the
Mrs. S. Elliott was a passenger for Bur
rows yesterday to visit her sisters for a
few days.
G. R. Tibbetts was in Leon the latter
part of last week, going over there to see
his best gitl.
Attorney Frank J. Horton, of Davis City
had business in the district court tbe first
oftbe week.
Mrs. James GrandstaR went to Davis
City yesterday to visit a couple of days
with friends.
Dr. Frank Landis, of Benton, is in this
city on a visit to bis parents, Mr. and Mrs.
H. J. Landis.
Mrs. J. F. Hamilton returned last Thurs
day from a month's visit with her parents
at Atlanta, Ga.
C. M. Akfes made a trip to Ottumwa
Sunday having shipped three care of hogs
the previous day.
Justus George went to Ridgeway Tues
day to visit a few days with the family of
G. B. Daugherty.
Mrs. Harry Stearns, of Garden Grove,
was visiting Mrs. Mayme Baker the latter
part of last week.
Eld. J. E. Brown returned Fridav from
an extended missionary trip through Kan
sas and Oklahoma.
Mrs. Lulu Thompson went to Des
Friday and visited her husband in that
city until Monday.
A. Silberman, of Chicago, spent a few
hours in Leon last Thursday with his sis
ter, Mrs. M. Mayer.
Mrs. Nancy Weldon returned Monday
from a visit of several weeks with rela
tives in Des Moines.
Will Hinkle, who is working on tbe
Inter-State Index, at Pleasanton, spent
Sunday in our city.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Crouse. of Cains
ville, visited over Sunday in Leon with
relatives and friends.
Mrs. Belle Noyes, of Osceola, came down
Monday to attend to business matters in
this city for a few days.
Robert Good returned Friday from Kan
sas City, Kas.. where he was attending
the funeral of his sister.
Miss Ethel Bowman returned to her
home at Davis City, yesterday, after visit
ing a few days in this city.
Miss Ora Thomas, who has been dining
room girl at Hotel Leon, returned Thurs
day to her home at Corydon.
J. W. Eddy, one of the Clarke county
farmers and stockmen, residing near Les
lie, was in this city last Thursday.
Mrs. F. Varga and Mrs. B. F. Hamilton
were passengers yesterday for Davis City
to visit Mrs. A. E. Dorn a few days.
Mrs. H. R. Williams, of Ottumwa, came
Tuesday for an extended visit at the home
of A. H. McMasters in Center township.
James Duncan and Robert Parsons, of
Blacktoot, Idaho, arrived Tuesday for a
short visit with numerous relatives in this
Mrs. Nannie Depew and baby departed
Saturday for Iowa Fails to join her hus
band, who has a good situation as baker
in that city.
Or. Tbeo. Brenizer. of Andover, came
up Thursday to attend tbe big joint salfe of
sbort-horns and while here made us a
pleasant call.
Miss Mattie L. McKibben, of Garden
Grove, passed through Leon Monday on
her way to Mexico where she will labor
as a missionary.
Mrs. E. A. Smith and son departed yes
terday for Lamar, Mo., in response to a
telegram announcing the dangerous ill
ness of her mother.
Ignace Hainer passed through Leon
yesterday returning to his home near
Davis City after having spent the winter
I with his daughter at St. Louis.
1*1Y-T•"'"••-~*v lir^-,y,,.
Grove, was
on business.
D. F. Nicholson, of Lamoni, was trans
acting business in this city laat Thursday.
J. R. Bashaw went to Des Moines yes
terday. for a few days visit with his daugh
Misses Cora Cochran and Grace Ogden
were visiting Decatur friends last Thurs
Mrs. J. C. Clark went to Davis City
Thursday to visi*. a few days with her par
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. P. Cuttdy and baby,
of Corning,came yesterday for a visit with
Mrs. Cundy's parents, Mr. and Mrs- C. M.
Lutz south of town.
Mrs. J. Hess returned Monday from a
visit at Osceola and visited with her sister,
Mrs. M. Mayer, until Wednesday when
she returned to her home in Chicago.
Miss Mary Ray returned Friday from
Kansas City where she bad been trimming
in a wholesale millinery house. She has
engaged with Thompson & Warner for
the coming season.
returned to her borne
City last Thursday. Her sister
Mrs. R. L. Clark went with her and 'will
visit her parents until Mr. Clark gets" set
tled in Omaha, their new borne.
John Miller andjfamily arrived Friday
From Kansas and will become residents of
this county, having purchased the Graves
farm near Terre Haute. Mr. Miller is the
father of L. D. Miller of this city.
1 1
Spring Dress
A handsome let of the kind
Dame fashion indorses and
especially good values and
pretty styles in the medium
priced qualities. We have
never shown a more satisfac
tory dress good stock and in
the face of advancing prices
have not changed a ticket.
Whether your ideas lead to silk
to wool, to cotton, or all you'll
find us prepared to meet your
wants. The black dress goods
showing is very complete in
both plain and brocaded apd
blistered fabrics. But come
and see them.
New Shirt Waists
The display of shirt waists
on the dress goods side has
attracted much attention
among ladies' who recognize
that undescribable thing called
"style", There are about
twenty five different ideas shown
in the popular colors. Prices
range up to $2.50 from 50c.
We also show a small line of
mercerized cotton and China
silk waists at $2.00 to $4.50.
Well made and have been
excellent seliers.
Up-To-Date Suits
Ladies' ready to wear tailored
suits in the prevailing spring
colors in quite a variety of styles
are on exhibition here. They
range in price from $7.00 to
$16.00. Our belief is that they
are quoted here lower than the
same qualities can be bought in
a city. We'll be pleased to
have them examined and won't
insist on you buying because
you look. Take us at our word
and come to look them over.
2 r»
,y i*T»r ~n.?-v r
|22,533, VOTES!
decided to locate at Boise City, Idaho, for
the practice of bis profession. He is a
bright young man who will make his mark
wherever he decides to locate.
Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Showaltef, of Middle
Fork township, returned yesterday from
Leon, where they bad been vfsitine about
a week with their daughter, Mrs. W. P.
Marshall. While there Mr. Showalter
meta brother from Cainsvilte, Mo, wboip
he had not seen for 15 years.-Mt. A vr
Try Grain 01 Try Graln-O!
/•.. ?rocert3
Cast in THE REPORTERS Colorado Voting fj
1e Contest as we go to press.
came up from Davis
City Thursday and assisted Col. Woods in
crying Sears, Wadsworth & Colter's big
short-horn cattle sale. The Col. is mak
ing a great reputation as an auctioneer.
Geo. W. Lefollett, who is one of the wall
guards at the Ft. Madison penitentiary,
eanie in Sunday for a two weeks' visit in
this city with his many old friends. His
health is muoh better than when he was
here last.
Pence, of Des Moines, is in the city
attending court. Mr. Pence was "recently
admitted to the bar of Iowa and has about
votes were enst the past week in our Colorado Yotin«
hut with very little chanre in the standing of the can
Miss Xelle Ledger wood moves up to third place not.
withstanding the fact that she has stated that she was not a can
gE didate. Great interest is being manifested and tbe large nuiu
g= her of votes polled show that the candidates and their friends
jj| are not idle. Commencing April 20th the exact mnnler of
jS votes each candidate has received will (e published each week
until the contest
Hi this week.
•loses Mav 31. The foil owing is the position
Maud Metier, Leon.
lessie Moore, Leon.
Nelle Ledgerwood, Leon.
Mina Baker. Leroy.
Stella Hatnm, Leou.
Carrie .Judd, Garden Grove.
Myrtle Wells, Decatur.
Lou Bellis, Leon.
Mary McDaniel, Blockley.
Eva Hembry, Grand River.
Mary Arnold, Davis City.
Nina Detriek, Leon.
Bessie Negley, Decatur.
'i, Decaf Hi-
.vou a package or
GRAIN-O, the new food diinli takes the place
of coffee. The children may drink It without
injury as well as the adult. All who try it,like
JiRAlN-O lias that iicb seal brown of
it is made from pure gniins
and toe most delicate stomach receive it with
out injury. the price of coffee. I Sc. and
io5. pi rparUagp. Sold by allgrocei*.
93 Pair
2.00 S
Ladies' Shoes.
IffH If 11 Til f! HI4K ff WNI
About Capes
and Jackets.
It's hard to tell which will be
worn most. So far we have
sold more jackets than capes.
But capes are stylish and con
venient and the city stores are
selling a great many. Leave it
to you. We are showing
goodly variety in both.
Silk Capes $2 to 5,
Spring Jackets $3.50
to $7 50.
Must mention petticoats too.
Here's a dozen styles at 75c.
to $2.50. All new, all well
made, all cheap at *he prices
we ask.
Carpets and
These are shown on our 2d
floor. We have sold more car
pets since January than we
sold during the spring season
last year. This is mentioned
only as an indication of the
popularity of this department
Measure your rooms and we
can tell you at once how best
to lay the carpet and how much
it will cost. Have just opened
a handsome line of Portieres.
Carry window shades, curtain
poles,lace curtains and mattings
and will be glad to show them
when you come to look
Our Shoe Store.
That's what it is. One sec
tion of the store devoted to
foot wear and it's a busy see
tion these days. We can say
good shoes, sterling values,
low prices, but really you must
see the goods to fully appre
ciate them. Believe us we'll
be glad to show you whether
you want to buy or nott
to your interest as well as
to have you acquainted
the sort of shoes we sell,

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