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Van Wert
M. P. Uarber made a business trip to
Garden Grove and Leon last week.
Some members ot the B. A. Y. of this
place attended lodge at Leon lust Satur
day night.
Several of the boys from here took
part in the wolf hunt last Tuesday.
They did not get very many wolves but
lots of experience.
Rev. Thomas came home Tuesday
lrom Colorado and Kansas where he has
been preaching since last fall. He ex
pects to attend the L. 1). S. conference
at Lamoni soon.
Quite a good many oat" have been
sown around here.
OThe Band is talking uf having a supper
next Saturday.
Alkaney YVilson. of Shannon City,
was visiting old friends here over Sun
day and attended the meetings in pro
gress here.
Quite a number of pupils will graduate
irom our public school this spring. This
speaks well of the efforts of our principal
Mr. Conwell.
The railroad boys are thinking of be
ginning work soon on the bridges west
of town, as there is quite a lot of tilling
to do.
Girls, if you wish to be a .June bride
with red lips, laughing eyes, a lovely
complexion, take Rocky Mountain Tea
this month. 85c. Ask your druggist.
Garden Grove.
*5 The town election last Monday called
out a fair vote, 110 ballots being cast.
The result was a victory for the "citi
aens" or caucus ticket by a large major
ity. The' telephone propositions both
carried by good majorities, the vote
being: for telephone exchange 70 votes,
against 30 votes for Iowa Telephone Co.
franchise 56 votes, against oo votes.
M. Shamblin, of Bethany, visited with
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Barnhouse one day
last week.
Another scandal is reported from High
Point township this week, fully enual
to the last one in interesting particulars.
Miss Lottie Jennings has accepted a
position in G. M. Miller's store.
F.-ed Wood came down from Chariton
Monday and spent the (lav with his
A. W Stearns, of Beaconstield, spent
Sunday with his family at Garden
Ol Springer, of Leon, was on our
streets Monday.
Kalph Waym.re has bought Mrs.
feed's property in the l.vorth part of
town and will occupy it in a short tim.e.
W- H. Wailes and family drove over
to YVeldon Sunday and spent the dav
Blake Miller's store at High Point was
obbed last Wednesday night and $25
taken from the postofliee drawer, be
sides about $75 worth of goods, mostly
shoes. Tbe Allerton blood hounds were
brought but only followed the trail
about a half mile.
Last Wednesday S. 1\ McNeill, while
riding on a wagon in his. timber south
east of town, fell and dislocated his
shoulder. Owing to l)is advanced age
and previous poof health it is a severe
Mjss Ella Ever,ett le£t last week for
B0ar^halltowu,' where she expects to
qjake her future home with a sister.
Last Saturday quite a commotion was
raised by the burning out of a due at
Afr's. Elter's house. It was thought for
a time that the house was rn fire and a
hole was cut in the roof to put it out,
but the smoke was only coming out of
the sides of the flue.
Rev. Loyett left for Ft. Scott, Kansas,
Thursday for the purpose of moving his
family to this place.
John Boyce left Thursday for a trip to
Joplin, Missouri.
Some cough remedies hide a cough
they drug it into silence, but the irrita
tion stays in the lungs to cause trouble,
Morley's Honey Pectoral soothes, heals,
strengthens and cures thoroughly. The
coughi stops because the cause is remov
ed." C. Van Werdeh.
Grand River.
Pat Griffin sold his larm south-east of
here known as the Hopkins farm to
Oscar Judd. of Weldon, the considera
tion bei ng $8,500. Mr. Cain will live on
the farm this year.
Hopeville tanners delivered hogs here
Rev. F. Edwards passed through here
Friday-enroute to Westerville and Cam
den and returned to his hemein Osceola
J. A. West had business in Leon Tues
i'red 'JRcknor was drawn on the trial
jury but was excused.
Several of our citizens were called
before the grand jury.
S. C. Jennings returned from a visit
at Bedford last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Worden, of Wel
don, were visiting at Bradshaw's last
Boyd Gale has returned from Wyom
ing and is ibetter satisfied iwith Iowa
than ever before.
John and Charley liauenstien and
ti. \Y. Smiley leit Monday for Gutherie
county where they will run a bachelor's
5 —.—" P* *$£%W28
Ont Vote for,
5 •.
voting oontest if voted at Tin:
APRIL 12, 1900
Slllll UllllllllllltllllllllllllllllHIIllllltllltlllllltllllHHIIIIII IIIIIMIHIillllllllilllllllllllllllllll Hill!?
Items of Interest as Reported by Our Correspon
dents from Surrounding Towns and Townships.
Mra. Thomas made a business trip to
Leon last Thursday.
Mrs. Thompson has been sick for
some time as also has Mrs. Spencer.
The result of the city election Monday
was as follows: Mayor, Fred Hall'
Aldermen, John Youner and Oscar
Thompson Recorder, Mr. liansom:
Treasurer, M. Shaw Assessor, M. P.
tiarber. The vote for mayor was almost
a tie, Mr. Hall receiving one more vote
than I. N. bkidmore.
The protracted meeting at the M. K.
church is gaining in interest, several
having united with the church.
not. Inter than /f?\. 5
hull and farm the coming season. They
will read THE HHPOUTKH and the St.
Louis Republic while gone.
Mrs. J. Cain is much better.
Walter Beck and Miss Kate Crees were
married by Squire Brammer and will go
to housekeeping on the Beck farm where
the groom had everything ready to
bring his bride. This worthy, young
couple start out with all the prospects
of success. Their friends extend con
Grand River again illustrated it's
generosity and kindness iu helping the
poor whom our Savior said we would
have with us always, In other places
the county helps tlie destitute but here
citizens do it and also pay to the county
for others that need helw.
N. B. Eaves was elected superintend
ent of the Union Sunday School for the
ensuing yeai.
S. Edwards has purchased the restau-.
rant owned by W. C. Overholtzer.
Rev. Wolver is holding meetings
at the Presbyterian church. There is a
large attendance and much interest is
being taken and everybody is invited to
Cards are out announcing the wedding
of Mr. Hoyle Gilreath of this place and
Miss Winnie Woodard of Leon, next
Chas. Hauenstien waslout riding Sun
day with his besttirl.
Prof. Sullivan was up town Monday
and will be able to begin school next
Monday. He is still very weak but it.
is hoped that he will gain strength very
John Burham had business in Leon
last Tuesday.
The town election Monday resulted
as follows: Mayor, Pat Grimn clerk,
J. C. Brothers treasurer, A. L. Ackerley
assessor, John Burham councilmen,
T. T. Beck, J. H. Crees, J. W. Robinson,
J. S. Davidson and J. Swit/.er, all good
men and they give their services to the
town so we will haye a good city gov
ernment for two years.
Our tanners are sowing oats and the
ground is in good shape.
The Woodmen are talking of building
a hall over Be/.old Brother's new store.
S. C. Jennings and little grandson,
Ralph McGinnis went to Leon Tuesday
morning. f"
what to Do Until the Doctor Arrives.
It is very hard to stand idly by and
see our dear ones suii'er while awaiting
the arrival of the doctor. An Albany
(N. Y.) dairyman called at a drug store
there for a doctor to come and gee his
child, then very sick with croup. Not
finding the doctor in, he left word fjr
him to come at once on his return. He
also bought a bottle of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy, which he hoped would
give some relief until the doctor should
doctor need wot come^Tsthe
child ~u» much better. The druggie t,
Mr. O.tto Schol/,, says the family "has
sin,ce recommenced Chamberlain's Rem-,
edy to their neighbors and iriends until
he has a constant dfeman,d for it from
that part of the countiy.. For sale by
W, A. Alexander, Druggist.
Mrs. Miner sold her household goods
Saturday and she and her son started
to Nebraska, Tuesday, where thev will
make their future home.
Willie Wells had his neck almost dis
located in a scuttle.
Mr. Blades is moving in Mrs. Miner's
Kev. Booth, of Lamoni, will preach at
the Christian Church owe a month.
-VLrs. Robert Campbell is a little better.
Mr. and Mirs. Hill, of Milo, are visit
ing their son.
Ed Whetstone has a situation on the
road at Norwalk and will move to that
The remains of Miss Sadie Imes was
brought here from Murray Tuesday and
interred in the Decatur cemetery.
Mrs. C. McCrosky from Grand Kiver
is visiting at Sam McCroskey's.
K. Benton and wife are visiting in
Terre Haute.
Town election Monday resulted as
follows: Mayor, Wm. Cash clerk, A.
Moore asBestor, J. Coffin treasurer, O.
B. Creal councilmen, J. H. Hill and J.
How to Save Doctor Bills.
We have saved many doctor bills
since we began using Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy in our home. W.e keep
a bottle open all the time and whenever
any of my family, or myself begin
to catch cold we begin to use
the Cough Remedy, and as a result
we never have to send away for a doc
tor and incur a large doctor bill, for
Chamberlain's Cough -Remedy never
fails to cure, It is certainly a medicine
of great nierit and worth.—^D, S. MKAH
KI,E, General Merchant and Farmer,
Mattie, Bedford county, Pa. For sale
by W. A. Alexander, Drupgist.
Free Complexion! Beautltier.
We want every lady reader of TUB
REIOHTER to try JDwight's Complexion
Beautitier, the most elegant preparation
for the toilet table. It is pure and
harmless, and once used you will
always want it. Price 50c. To indues
a trial of it we. will for a .SHORT TIXK
ONLY SKNN FREE a full size, Fifty Cent
box of it to every lady who will send
us her postofliee address and 10c. to
pay for packing and postage. Only
one i-RKK box to each address. Cut
out this notice] and', send it with your
order at ONCE, to D. W. CrsteR & Co.,
Huntington, W. Va. 22-lyr.
Money to Loan on improved farms at
6,7 and 8 per cent,
interest for 5, 6 to 10
yearBtime. F. VABQA & Sox.
|^Mrs. A. E. Dorn Visited
Leoil friends
a .past week.
,M»rk Adams and brldfe bdhie in from
Tuskeego Sundair to visit Davis City
Artie Yost, of Nebraska, has been
visiting in the vicinity of Davis Citv the
past week.
F. W. Horton and wife returned to
their home at Hubbard, Iowa, last Fri
J. H. Broom returned from a trip Fri
G. A. Barber has been making Davis
City his headquarters the past week.
Both our milliners had their annual
spring opening Saturday
Mrs. Anna McKeehan has returned to
Davis City and contemplates making
this her future home. She has been for
the past tnree years a resident of Kan
Mrs. Maud Perkins, of Kellerton,visit
ed her parents here the past week.
Mrs J. Emmons returned from St.
Louis Friday.
Oliver Baiiev has returned from .Mon
tana and reports everything lively iu
the west.
Mrs. R. Walton, of Blythedale, is vis
iting her parents here.
The protracted meetings are still in
Dr. J. W. Mather, of Latnoni, spent
Sunday in this city.
Miss Nella Valentine, who has been
seriously ill is now convalescent.
James Hurst together with a friend
were duck hunting on Grand river Sat
Graudma McNeer, an old and highly
respected lady died at the home of her
son in this city last week, and was bur
ied in the Pleasanton cemetery. We re
gret that we cannot furnish dates for a
more fittiug obituary,
It is rumored that J. C. Keshlear has
rented his old stand to a firm that will
start another bank about May 1st. J.
N. Gates, of Leon, is said to be the in
tended cashier.
George Bates, of Decatur, was a visit
or to this city Friday.
The people of our community were
greatly shocked last Monday when word
reached this city about noon that Bert
Cummings had found Ignace Hainer
lying dead in the road about one mile
south-east of our city. Mr. Hainei
lived alone on his farm about three
miles south-east of town, aud had start
ed to walk to our city, something he
very frequently done. J. H. Kling
acting as coroner had the body removed
to a Davis City hotel where an inquest
was held, it being pronounced a stroke
of apoplexy by the physicians. He was
laying on his face when found which
was bruised some in falling. He had
something near $500 on bis person when
found. His children have been notified
and the remains will be kept till Thurs
day when interment will be held in the
Davis City cemetery.
Mrs. J. P. Smith returned to her home
at Tyrone Monday, accompanied by her
mother, Mrs. Jas. Bolon.
The election passed off Monday with
the usual interest being manifested.
W. C. Hamilton was elected mayor bv
a majority of 23.
"The Better Part
Of valor is discretion," and the better
part of the treatment of disease is pre
vention, Disease originates in impuri
ties in the blood. Hood's Sarsaparilla
purities the blood. People who take it
at this season say they are kept healthy
the year round. It is because this
medicine expels impurities and makes
the blood rich and health giving.
All liver ills are cured by Hood's Pills.
25 cents
Rev.. Joseph Stephen is conducting a
very successful reviyal meeting at Van
Rev. J. S. Baxter, of Corvdon, came
Saturday to remain while" the union
meetings are in progress.
Rev. F. Edwards came down from
Osceola Thursday and will remain here
while the union meetings are in progress.
At the Christian church next Lord's
day, the pastor will preach as follows:
Morning "Iowa as a Mission field."
Evening "In the World, but not of the
Elder C. F. Stevens, of Trenton, Mo.,
came Tuesday evening to officiate at the
Gilreath-Woodard wedding and spend a
couple of days with hi? many friends in
this city.
Covenant meeting will be held at the
Palestine-church next Sunday at 2 p. m.
There will be the usual preaching at 11
a. m. and 7 p. m. A Sundav School
will be organized at 10 a. m. All mem
bers of the congregation are urgently
requested to be present at these ser
The M. E. church of Van Wert is just
now being blessed with a gracious re
vival of religion. The instrument in
this work is the M. E. pastor at Leon,
the Rev. Joseph Stephen. This minis
ter is a thorough going evangelist and
the fruit of his labors is seen in many
conversions and thirty additions to the
church. He presented first of all, the
doctrines of the M. E.. church with
extraordinary force and gracious results.
This cleared the atmosphere of mis
apprehension and WAS immediately fol
lowed by the present reviyal. The
additions enibracb quite a number of
our leading citizens and many young
people jjist entering upon, womanhood
and manhood. The church is greatly
encouraged and society will feel its
benefipial effects in every direction.
M. E. Pastor, Van Wert.
Revival Notices,
The evangelist, W. A. Sunday, will
hold services in the Biggs building every
evening this week except Saturday. On
the Sabbath the Sunday Schools will
meet as usual, in their respective
churches. The morning service at the
hallwill.be at 1Q&I) o'clock instead of
11 o'clock the usual hour. At 2:30 in
the afternoon a special service for the
young people will be held. Preaching
as usual in the evening.
If troubled with rheumatism, give
Chamberlain's Pain-Balm a trial. It
will not cost you a cent if it does no
good. OBC application will relieve the
pain. It also cures sprains and bruises
in one-third the time required by any
other treatment. Cuts, burns, frost
bites, quinsy, pains in the side and
chest, glandular and other swellings
are quickly cured by applying it.
Every bottle warranted. Price, 25 and
50 cts. VV. A. Alexander, Druggist.
Salt Rheum, cures Boila,
removes Pimples and Eruptions, gives fair,
clear, complexion. It thoroughly puri
jfies, yitalizfs apd «arichM the bjj
j- Men's
.$5 Mackintoshes
Jjj 1 Men's silk
I front shirts
District Court.
Judge Towner adjourned court last
Thursday and returned to Corning and
did not reach Leon again until Monday
evening, when a iurv was at once em
paneled in the damage case of Alice
Sandera vs. Town of Leon for personal
injuries received by plaintifi falling into
a ditch on Second street. Tuesday
morning G. M. Grimm one of the jurors
was taken sick and by agreement the
case was tried to eleven jurors. The
Parrish, C. W. Hoffman and G." W.
Baker while the Town's attorneys are
Stookey & Brooks, V. R. McGinnis and
Marion Woodard. The case was hotly
contested, being given to the jury last
evening and at the time of going to
press they had not returned a verdict.
The grand jury is still grinding away
and will probably return several in
The foljowmg cases have been dis
posed of since our report last week.
State vs. Sheridan Millei, defendant
pleads guilty to the charge of burglary
and sentenced to the penitentiary at Ft.
Madison for one year o.nd the costs be
taxed to defendant. Miller was taken
to Ft. Madison by Sheriff Wolever on
State vs. Ward Edgar, grand jury re
turns indictment ignored and defendant
is discharged.
State vs. Wm. Twombly7 defendant
who was indicted for grand larceny by
embezzlement, enters plea of guilty.
Estate of J. F. Lewis, order that no
tice of final report be made bv posting
Estate_ of Peter Hansen, order signed
giving widow title to real estate.
Estate of Jordan Koger, will probated.
Wm. L. Ragan appointed executor with
bond of $10,000. Widow's allowance of
$500 made. The widow elects to take
her distributive share in lien of what the
will gave her.
Guardianship of Roxie B. Sowash.
The purchase and deed to B. H. Sowash,
guardian approved.
Estate of Ellis Fleming, widow's- al
lowance of $100 made.
Estate of Esther Dancer, on bearing
collateral inheritance tax found to be
$100andiordered paid by administratrix.
J. L. Young ya. Wm. Cornell, answer
of defendant withdrawn and plaintiff
has judgment for $500 and costs.
Joseph Hamilton va- John Ledger
wood. Tried to a jury who returned a
verdict in favor of defendant.
plaintiff waa .termiegij^ .alliral-UL-g-Sft?
Pamoh wi «„«•. —j ... tume of white silk mull, and carried a
boquet of roses. After the ceremony
an elaborate wedding repast was served.
vis Bros. vs. Alex Creveling et al.
default and decree of foreclosure.
I'wiD Phillips Co. vs. Kane & Jamison
et al. judgment as per agreement.
Patrick & Lutbe Co.. vs. Gould Wallace
et al. settled and dismissed.
State on complaint of Alice B. Cherry
vs. L. W. Sullivan, settled and dismissed
the defendant paying complaining wit
ness $1500.
Mayme Baker vs. G. W. Satyr, decree
of divorce granted on grounds of deser
Children love to take Morley's Little
Liver Pills
for BUioiu People?.,
L. Van Werden.
they are small, look and xaste like
candy and do not gripe nor. sicken them.
Sogar-coated. On*
Dose. Sold by
The postofliee department announces
officially that the new books of postage
stamps will be on sale about May 1.
A description of this innovation has
been given in THE RKPOBTER. The books
will consist of pages of two-cent stamps,
interleaved with paraffined paper to
prevent premature adhesion. The pages
are of six stamps each, making a book
of convenient size to carry in the pock
et or pocketbook. Only three differen
tial qualities will be1 so furnished one
book of twelve two-cjent stamps, a book
of twenty-.four two-ceikt stamps and a
book of forty-eight two-cent stamps, of
postage value, 24, 48 and 90 cents res
pectively. Each'bo6k will be sold at an
adyance of one' eent pn the stamp value
to cover the^cost of binding. ft -1
Before you buy a watch be iiare to get
Kohler prices,
fr sVS.
S I.OO to $2.50
Men's percale shirts,
collars and cufts detachable
Only the family friends and relatives
the ceremony. The
were present at
The bride is the eldest daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Woodard, a beau
tiful and accomplished young lady,
and is an elQcutionist of some note.
The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
W. B. Gilreath, of Richland township.
He also graduated from the Leon High
School and for the past two years has
been a teacher in the public schools.
Prof, and Mrs. Gilreath left on the
afternoon train for a short visit at Des
Moines and Dallas. They will return to
Grand River Saturday where a reception
will be tendered them at -the home of
the groom's parents.
At the close of the present school year
they will move to Grand River where
Mr. Gilreath will engage in business.
The many friends of thiB worthy
young couple extend hearty congratula
Mr. John A. Frazier and Misa Clara
Varga were united in marriage at the
residence of the bride's father, Francis
Varga in this city last evening at 7
o'clock. Rev. W. H. Ilsley, pastor of
the Presbyterian chureh officating.
Only the family friends of the con
tracting parties were present to witness
the ceremony.
The groom is a wealthy retired farmer
who has just moved from Akron, Mo.,
to this city. The bride is the eldest
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Varga and
a most estimable lady.
Mr. and Mrs. Frazier will go to house
keeping in the new residence just west
ot the Woodmansee house owned by
John Woodmansee.
The many friends of the contracting
parties extend congratulations
Most In Ouantlty, Best in Quality
Morley's Sarsaparilla and Iron is a
tonic, a blood purifier. and a blood
maker. It does not stop with merely
curing certain diseases, like scrofula,
sores, abcesses, etc., but cleanses and
builds up the whole system. All who
have tried it say there is more cure in
one bottle of Morley's than in six of
the other kind. L. Van Werden,
Bwn th. Kind You Hava Always Bought
Will be at Leon every
Great Bargain Center of Leon and Decatur County.
For Ladies' and Gents!
Diamond Special at
Eighteen Carat &t
Solitaire at
Dongola Vesting or Stock Top
Cresco Cor
sets $1.00.
A Good Cor
set at 50c.
to 50c
Prof. Hoyle H. Gilreath and Miss
Lora Winona Woodard were married at
12:30 o'clock yesterday at the home of
the bride's father Mayor Marion Wood
ard, the ceremony being performed by
Elder C. F. Stevens, of Trenton, assisted
by Elder R. W. Castor.
75G to $1
Bring your horses in early as ship in
the afternoon.
Taken up as an estray by Robert McKee at
hi* residence In High Point township, De
satar coanty. Iowa, on tbe 17th day ot January
1800, one pale red yearling steer with two
white spots on the right tore leg and one spot
in the right flank, and JMMSI"
deary, Justice of the Peace,
31-31 GEO, W. S«A*«Li
.County Auditor
Goods are Cheaper Here Than any Place in Leon.
iiiiiimiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiKMiiiiiiiiiiMHiiiiitHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir iiimiiiiiiimmi
\/A*iAA/iAla Varicocele is radically
Dress Goods.
36 inch all CAA I 42 inch fancvOC/^
wool coversOUl
38 inch
I Mnhnir
Hosiery and^f I
and permanently enrea
by on* foretell operation in from fire to fifteen
day*. Ik* milder form of this disease requires
no operation. We annnally cure hundreds of
thlaelaMOf patients, leaving them in a vigor
Ni, Mai thy condition.
Peraonaliy Conducted Tourslto California
In Pullman Tourist sleep
ing Cars.
Via Chicago Great Western Ky. to
Kansas City and Santa Fe route to Los
Angels and Southern California. Only
line having new Pullman Tourist Sleep
ers equipped with wide vestibules,
steam heat and gas lights. One of
these new sleepers leaves Des Moines
at 8:45 p. in. every Monday, via
Chicago Great Western for Los Angeles
and Southern California via Kansas
City, and reaches Los Angles the
following morning. These tours are per
sonally conducted by an experienced
official, who accompanies the train to
its destination. The cars are well
equipped for a long journey and are
aB comfortable as the standard sleepers,
while the price for a double berth is
only about one half. Full information
furnished by any Chicago Great West
ern Agent or F. H. Lord, General Pass.
&iTicket Agent, 113 Adams St., Chicago.
General Advertising Agent,
Chicago Great Western Ry
Through Tourist Sleeping car Service
g} to Texas, Old Mexico and
Via Chicago Great Western Ry. to
Kansas City and Missouri, Kansas &
Texas, San Antonio & Arkansas Pass
and Southern Pacific Railways through
Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso and
Los Angeles to San Francisco. Only
through car line from the North-west
to Texas points and connecting at
Spoflord Junction for all points in
Old Mexico. These cars are in charge
of an experienced official and leave
Des Moines every Saturday at 11:40
a. m. reaching Dallas tbe following
Sunday, San Antonio on Monday, El
Paso on Tuesday, Los Angeles at noon
Wednesday and J-'an Francisco early
Thursday morning. These are Pullman
Tourists Cars similar to those run on
all transcontinental lines and the
charges for berths are about half those
regularly charged. To persons who
have made the trip to California via
other routes, this Southern route will
prove a most delightful change, and to
persons contemplating a-trip to Texas
and Mexican ppints, it furnishes facili
ties heretofore unofiered. Full informa
tion. furnished by any Chicago Great
Western Agent, or F, 11. Lord, G. P.
& T. A., 113 Adams St. Chicago. 22-10t
Coughs tell you that there is some
thing wrong in throat or lungs. It is
the caude, not the cough, that you must
look after. Morley's Honey Pectoral
searches out the cause of the trouble,) it
heals the inflamed surfaces, stops the
irritation, loosens the cough and eyres
'you thoroughly. Price 26 cents. L,
Van Werden.
to 25c, S
or money refunded. All medicines famished ready for nee. No
detention from business. Patients at a distance treated by
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3 1
a -H
White Loaf or A A 1^1
Gold Medal Flour«K
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Country dried apples 1 Or* 1 5 I
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Package coffee 2 packages 25c.
Drs.Fellows & Fellows
ilSSa Gfi .5
«. jlil
m* A
§Sf|= *iH S
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413-415 W. Walnut 8t., Des Moines* lows.
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Des Moines In 1869. After many years la the
regular practice, we now devote all oar time to toe treatment
of Cftrontc,
Special Disease*
Core guaranteed
Weakness and $$x-
ual Debility,
blood to the bead, pains in back, fbrgetfuineee.
bashfulness, aversion to society* loss of sexual
power, loss of manhood, cured for life. We can cure,,,
the ubove seases and make you fit for marriage*
That horrible Cwnll 111.Q
disease, OVpill
1IO, cored for Uf*.
Skin Diseases, Blood Poisoning, plo.rj, 8wel.SKtB,
Bores, Gonorrhoea and Gleet, and all PrWate Dl»
eases cured or money returned. 00-page book sent
free on application also question blanks.
fliction run along* It becomes more serious
every month you neglect it*
Our 30 years' experience in the sueeeflsnu
treatment of the above mentioned diseases is a
guarantee to you that we are able to banal#,
your case*
Our 60-pdge Sock and Consultation Free* Address^
413 and 415 West Walnut street. Moines, Iowa*
Homeseekers Excursion Tickets.
To nearly all points in the United
States on sale at all ticket offices of the
Chicago Great Western Railway on the
1st and 3rd Tuesdays of February, March
and April, at the very low homeseekers
rate of one fare plus $2.00 for the round
trip. Tickets good lor return within 21
days from date of sale. Persons con'
templating a trip will save money by
calling on, any' agent of the Chicago
Great Western Ry. and obtaining detail
information regarding the homeseekers
rates, or addressing F. U. Lord, G. P.
and T. A., 113 AdamsSt* Chicago. 23-1 It
Bean the /f The Kind Von Haw Always Bought
Prompt Positive Pure Pleasant
It destroys the Microbes and
Germs within the Blood, free
ing it from all parasitical ele
ments, producing a healthy
circulation, thns acting direct
ly upon the diseased conditions
and upon the fundamental and
controlling organs of the body,
and removing all morbid and
secreted matter.
MICRO GERMI will quickly
cure Eczema, Salt Rheum,
Erysipelas, Ulsers, Varicose
Veins, Tumors, Tetter, Sores,
Boils, Pimples and all scrofu
lous conditions. It will destroy
the germs, dispel the humors
and purify the blood as no

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