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-"f «-9V
money to
A «"y\
arp only second in importance to
Drugs and Medicines with us. If either
ar&impure they fail in their purpose and
luce uiilooked for and undesired re
)ur Soaps, Cosmetics, Salves and. all
[her articles for use on the skin are of
undoubted purity and will always do
exactly as intended.
The: line of Perfumery and Toilet
Water we carry is not equalled in the
'Brushes, Sponges, etc. of excellent
Excursion on K. & W. June 30.
Don't fail to see
on July 4ti.
Akes' Rough Riders
500 men wanted to drill for the Rough
Riders on the 4th of July, See U. M.
Ladies fine shoes, stylish and good to
Vtear, only $1.25 at Hamilton & Gam
Osteopathy adjusts the human ma
chine when out of order, and nature
effects a cure.
Dressmaking, south side of the square
le door east of the furniture store.
ices reasonable. tf
trille the 4 year-old son of Mr. and
Irs.'Lafe Weaver, was badly bitten by
is dog last Thursday.
On the 4th of July the postoffice will
be open in tbe morning from 7 to 8 and
in the afternoon irom 12 to 3.
Drs. Layton and Brown preformed a
surgical operation on Mrs. Q. M. Lindsey
Monday to relieve a Cyst of the abdo
men. The operation was very success
ful and the patient is recovering rapidly.
"Skeet" Detrick and S. E. Benefiel
purchased the Sam Patch restaurant
Tuesday and opened up for business
yesterday. Both gentlemen are good
restaurant men and no doubt wijl do a
splendid business.
Blind Claude will give a musical
entertainment at the M.'£. Church
•'Friday evening, July 6. He is only 5
.yeas old but a musical wonder. This
'little musical wonder went blind at the
age of seven months, from paralysis of
the optic nerve. Admission 10 and 20
In the item concerning Mrs. Garrett
Ibsonwe stated that she had recovered
I her mental derangement when
eleasedfroua the asylum, but in a letter
H. E. Kelley we learn that she was
eleased by order of the board of insane
^mmissioners, and was recorded as
R«iy. Harry Bennett, living west of
C£eon was pleasantly surprised last Sun
day by the members of the Palestine
Sunday school who drove from the
church with well filled baskets. About
ninety-five did justice to the good things
set before them. Bro. Bennett being in
health and not able to attend tbe
-Sunday school bis many friends thought
"would do him good to meet with tbe
school aUna-home. The afternoon was
.. spent pleasantly with prayer, songs and
social Con venation. The friends pre
sented Bro. Bennett with many nice and
useful presents. The families and mem
bers represented are as follows:
Messrs., Meadames and children.
S. R. Akes
Frank Bennett
,W.P. Akes
FCox .'
B. ifarker
Ida Holmes
W. Marshall
Ollte Weill
Bennett, v.
To any grocery firm?
any yrucery iirmr~~-
If Not, Why Not
'k-X- mJ
Give us part of your trade?
not spend our good
advertise something that
has no merit, but our line of groceries
has merit* Our customers
highest praise of them.
speak in
Such goods
E AC 0 Flour.
Heinz' Condiments.
Iowa Pride Meats.
Chase & Sanborn's Coffees.
Golden Eagle and Richelieu Canned Goods.
are hard to beat.
Bring in Your Produce and give
us a trial.
Leon celebrates the glorious 4th of July
and we are prepared to furnish you
wfth anything you may want.
J. A.
Take a day off and spend the 4th in
The Big Parade on July 4th will be
worth coming miles to see.
Special prices on lawn mowers while
they last at WALLACE & HORNER'S.
Money to Loan on improved farms at
6,7 and 8 per cent, interest for 5,6 to 10
yearstime. F. VAKQA&SON.
See us when you want barb wire or
nails for we will save you money.
All babies which' are brought to' enter
the baby contest on July 4, must be
under one year old.
FOR RENT—40 acres of blue grass pas
ture. Call on or address E. J. Springer,
Decatur City, Iowa
The newest, latest styled and best
wearing shoes are at Hamilton & Gam
mill's, and they sell them at cost.
A. C. Goodrich's special car waB. at
tached to the K. & W. passenger train
last Thursday going to Cainsville.
Man is like unto a harp and Osteopa
thy the skilled musician who by his
manipulations produces ''sweet and
healthful harmony.
Milton Parsons was thrown from, a
horse Monday and the bone in his left
arm between the wrist and elbow was
fractured. Dr. McAllaster dressed the
J. H. Bowman, an experienced hotel
man, formerly of Leon, who lately has
been managing tbe Logan house at Des
Moines, came Tuesday to take charge of
the Commercial house. He retains S.
B. Johnson as porter.—Mt. Ayr News.
J. T. Mitchell vs. F. R. Crocker plaint
iff in his petition alleges that be pur
chased the Ohio House at Garden Groye
for $1,000, deed to be conveyed to him
March 1,1899. He alleges that defend
ant has failed to carry out contract and
asks that the court convey property to
plaintiff and damages in the sum of $300.
Raney & Simmons attorneys for plaint
The Young People's League of the M.
E. church, gave a delightful reception at
tbe home of Miss Nettie Bowman, Mon
day evening and about one hundred and
sixty members responded to the invita
tion. The beautiful lawn was hand
somely decorated and music was fur.
nished by the Mandolin Club. Master
Willie Hogue rendered two very pretty
selections on his violin. Refreshments
consisting of ice cream and cake were
The K. & W. freight was running on
tbe track yesterday morning, the
switch being completed where the roads
cross, and were distributing ties along
the new road bed which was completed
last week. A large force of men are
now at work laying ties and steel and
putting in tbe switch at tbe depot. The
work is being pushed as rapidly as pos
sible, and in a few days all trains will
run into tbe depot. This will be of
great benefit for the traveling public and
citizens in general, as all of tbe business
for both roads will be transacted at one
In viewing the new improvements in
Leon it is interesting to see how S. W.
Hurst has refitted the old "Patterson"
place in upper Leon. Why some baye
said it looks better than when first
built. It is worth looking at. Hurst
is soon to open several lines of business
there and after July 16th it will be head
quarte- for National Democracy. Tons
of reading matter will be given away
and all are invited and welcome. Hurst
will mix in some business by loaning
money, selling a farm or town lots etc.
Go and see him. Pretty lively plaoe,
and is liable to get red hot. You are
cordially invited to call %t the "Board
of Trade."
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Thompson and ye
editor and wife returned Tuesday from
a two weeks outing at Camp Leon, West
Okoboji where they occupied Dr. Lay
ton's fine cottage. All of the party re
turn in fine spirits but considerably tan
ned. But that's nothing to tbe big fish
stories they can tell. Mr. and Mrs. J.
A. Caster who were of the party stopped
at Jefferson on tbe way home to visit a
few days with Mr. Caster's uncle, Mat
thew Caster, who. will be remembered
by some of the older residents, "pamp
Leon is one of the prettiest plaoep on
the lake which is conceded to be ode of
the finestsummer resorts in the Unfted
States. While at Spirit Lake we met
W. P. Wood, formerly of this city, who
is clerkingla a grocery store in th^l
v? '.
jFJf *3
Don't forget to hear Blind Ctaude at
the M. E. church Friday evening, July 6.
The baby show will be an interesting
exhibit in Leon July 4th. All babies
must be under a year old.
Remember the special train on the K.
& W. June 30, for Ringling's circus.i
Fare $1.25 round trip.
Drop in ana get the Leon Commission
Co.'a prices on poultry, eggs and pro-!
duce. And it's cash too.
Any party wishing to purchase resi
dence property in the best location in!
J-eon enquire of T. E. Horner.
Blind Claude at the M. E. church
Friday evening, July Otb. Admission
10 and 15 cents.
The best assortment of cultery in
Decatur county is in the north window,
There is but one Russ' Bleaching Blue..
Three times within a year the courts
have suppressed fraudulent imitationsj
FOR SALE—About a dozen head olj
choice yearling Short Horn bulls.
FOUND—A heavy cane, which
owner can obtain by calling at
REPORTER office and' paying for
Little George Boone severely burned
three fingers of his right band yesterday
by failing to let go of a tire cracker
quick enough.
160 acres of good farm land in Eden
township, 140 acres of meadow and pas
ture, 10 acres timber. If you want a
good farm cheap see me now, J. J.
Hall, Leon, Iowa.
E. J. Sankey was necessarily using
his crutch the first of the week: on ac
count of a painful blood boil on the end
of his limb which has been amputated.
Hard and soft coal always on
hand at bottom prices.
Arnold & Slgler.
W. W. Powers, who is drilling Wm.
Biggs'deep well was down about 270
feet yesterday evening, drilling in blue
clay having passed through a ledge of
roc about fifteen inches thick yester
Hon. Samuel Alschuler, of Aurora 111.,
was nominated for governor by the Ill
inois Democrats at the state convention
heEd at Springfield, Tuesday. Mr.
Alschuler is one of the most popular
democrats of Illinois and stands an ex
cellent show of being elected tbis year.
He is a cousin of tbe late Mrs. M. Mayer,
of this city.
Mrs. J, C. Stockton, who has been
seriously ill for a couple of weeks, died
last evening at 2:30 o'clock. She had
been unconscious since Saturday and
did not know of the death of her sister,
Mrs. James Ooffin, who died on Sunday.
These sorely afflicted families have the
heartfelt sympathy of the entire com
munity. At the time of going to press
arrangements had not been made for
Mrs. Stockton's funeral.
Teachers' examination will be held at
the following places:
Van Wert, July 9—10.
Grand River, July 11—12.
Weldon, July 13—14.
Davis City, July 16—17.
Pleasanton, July 18—19.
Lamoni, July 20—21.
Decatur, July 23—24.
Garden Grove, 25—26.
Leon, Jiuly, 27—28.
Teachers are requested to bring their
certificates in order that the county
superintendent may determine vyhat
'branches they will be required to tmke
in examination. J. A. MCINTOS] I,
County superintendent.
The Davis City Advance's charge that
this paper published the report of the
small pox case near that town for Lbe
express purpose of injuring the Modern
Woodman Log Rolling on July 4 and ff,
is to silly too need a denial. THB RB
ppRTER has a reputation for publishing
the news Of the county and when we
rave the facts in regard to tbe Davis
City small pox case, they
merely as news, the Bame as was done
when there was small pox EB this city
several months ago. The Advance says
there has. not been a single case of
small pox in Decatur county, and
thinks its opinion will stand against tbe
local physicians and the state board of
health. But ISdifcpr Wlckes' opinion
does not go Jior very much in Decajtur
John iluniley, tH6 Deoatur township
farmer, met with a serious accident
shortly after noon J^stferday whidh' will
maim him for life. Some tittle ago s6me
one gave him a dynamite* cartridge
which for a long tltne he carried around
in his pocket and then lost it. A few
days ago one of his Children found the
shell atid brought it to the house., At
dinner Mrs. Rumley told her husband
she wanted him to tht'oW thfe cartridge
away as she was afraid to have it around
the house for fear the children would
get hurt Mr. Rumley took the cart
ridge to throw away, but before doing
so picked a little of the. dynamite out
with a nail and threw it on the cook
stove to amuse the children when it
cracked. He continued picking at it
and throwing the small particles on the
stove until finally he dug out more than
usual and when he threw it on the stove
a chain of fire followed along where the
dust had dropped and ignited the cart
ridge which he was holding in his left
hand. It exploded with a deafening
report, tearing off the end of his thumb
and index finger. He came at once to
1-eon to have his hand dressed and Drs.
Brown and McAllaster found it neces
sary to amputate the thumb and index
finger at the first joint.
A special meeting of the city council
was held Tuesday evening at which it
was definitely decided to extend the
big city sewer which now terminates on
10th street near the residence of 11. L.
Tullis to a point near the bridge on
Poplar St. north-east of C. E. Gardner's
new residence and they have advertised
for bids for the work, the surveying for
which was done last week by E.'ll. Peck,
the K. & W. civil engineer. The ques
tion of allowing the out-houses at the
court house to be connected with the
town's sewer has been agitated for some
time, and at the last meeting of the
board of supervisors they agreed to pay
the city $1700 for the privilege providing
the sewer was extended. When com
pleted the city will either lay a pipe line
from their well at the old uiill property
east of town anil put in a dynamo to
pump the water, or arrange with Wm.
Biggs for water in case it is secured in
his deep well now being drilled, and
furnish the county with an ample sup
ply of water for a system of water works
at the court house. A big supply tank
will he erected and mains laid on the
square, which will be a big accommo
lation to everyone, and also furnish
water in abundance in case of lire
The work of extending the sewei
will be flushed at once, the
for tlie some beine opet.ed at the
regular uiaeUng, July 5th.
[. N. Skidmore
Bessie A. Wor.ien
LJce#&e vtp Wed.
The following «uarr,iage licenses
been issued by Cter,k Stockton
our last issue
•f. C. Knapp
Lenna Hart
The Pop Question.
Marshal Pryor has been haviug all
kinds of trouble the past week over the!
•'Dog Kilting Question." The town
council passed an ordinance declaring'
that all dogs on which the taxes were
not paid should be stayed, and it is the
duty of the town marshal to enforce
this ordinance. Several parties have
refused to pay the tax, and make all
kinds of threats against him if lie ever
kills their dog. If a dog is worth any
thing to you, step up like a man and
pay the tax on him if he iB not, dispose
ofhiminsome way. I^eon is infesi
with a number of dogs which are ni
worth the powder and lead to bio
them up, and wc have.' known cases
where a dog was kept and the children
hardly had enough to eat. If you don't
pay the tax on him, you must expect
that the marshal will kill him, and don't
stand around on the streets and "holler
your head ofl."
That Small Pox Case.
Last week's Davis City Advance con
tained a column article roasting this
paper for publishing an article headed
"Small Pox at Davis City." The editor
must have been afilicted with a bad case
of the nightmare. He evidently dream
ed that the pen was mightier than the
sword and after reading the REPORTER,
he clutched his pen a la Jeffries styie,
pulled his'beautiiul chin whiskers, and
wrote a snorting article, which con
tained about as much sense as a two
column article in a Dutch almanac. The
Advance stated we lied. We repeat it
we did not. We did not get the item
from hearsay, but went direct to the
doctors who informed us it was small
pox. (We wish to apologize for not go
ing to see the Advance.) The Advance
says "we are indebted to Dr. Wheeler
for the facts." Dr. Layton informed us
yesterday that Dr. Wheeler denied that
he ever said anything to the Advance
editor. Dr. Layton tells us that it
is small pox and that the quarantine
was placed for small pox.
To make along story short we believe
that the Advance lied grossly. And
when he pretends to know more about
this case than the doctors, there is a
place vacant for him at Clarinda.
What we believe about the Advance
can be inferred from what we have said.
Joke on Conductor Morrison.
Last Saturday Conductor Wm. Mor
rison, who is known by almost every
man,woman and child between Chariton
and St. Joe, had rather a novel exper
ience with a passenger on his new run
trom Des Moines to Albia, to which he
was recently transferred after being on
the Chariton branch for more than
twenty years. When his train pulled
out trom Des Moines there was on board
a venerable grandmother enroute to her
home at Bethany, Mo. When Conduc
tor Morrison came through the train
taking up tickets the old lady smiled
over her glasses as she handed him a
ticket reading from Des Moines to Beth
any via K. & W. to Leon. Morrison
adjusted his glasses, looked at the ticket
again and said: "Madam, you are on
the wrong train. Didn't you bear the
brakeman when he came into tbis car
and shouted that this train was for
Albia?" "Yes, 1 beer'd him, but 1 saw
you on tbe train* and 1 knew you had
been conducting to Bethany for nigh
onto forty years, and I didn't care what
the brakeman hollered, for 1 knew that
if 1 stuck to you, you'd turn up at tbe
station at Bethany in good time, and
I'll just stay by you till we get there."
"Uncle" Bill has a reputation as a grufl
conductor, but on tbis occasion he bad
to smile, ind sure enough the old' lady
staid by bim. He didn't do a thing but
take ber on to Albia, pay her board
over Sunday and bought her a ticket
as far as l^eon where her ticket became
good, and as she boarded the train be
gave the main line conductor orders to
see that she got there all right. A pas
senger who came over the Albia branch
thefiratofthe week says Morrison is
,«ow wearing a big placard front and
r.w, reading: "I don't run to Bethany
or»any other place on the- aou'h
Japaneese Buckwheat fine $1.00 per
bushel Hef. P. M. any Bank or business
man in Osceola Iowa.
42-St J. MASPN,
[Persons havlngfrlends visiting them or
sowing of strangers visiting In the city
will confer a great favor upon the Editor
by Informing him either in person or by
at Humcston last
Bill Rhea rtas visiting
John Parrish wont to Corydon Monday
on business.
Mark tirimes was a passenger for St.
Joe yesterday.
Dr. D. R. Dudley had business at De
catur yesterday.
J. F. Kane, of Lamoni, had business in
this city Monday.
Ed Sharp returned from a short visit at
Bethany yesterday.
Fred Edmiston was a passenger for
Davis City Monday.
H.J. Culver, of Garden Grove, was a
Leon visitor Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Sullivan were at
Davis City last Friday.
It. J. Ciitchfleld, of Weldon, was in Leon
last Friday on business.
C. C. Beck was a Grand River visitor the
latter part of last week.
Dr. H. R. Layton had professional bus
iness at Pleasanton last Saturday.
I. N. Clark, W. A. Brown and son Neal
Wtre Ashing at Davis City Monday.
Miss Flossey Lindsey went to Van Wert
last Friday for a short visit with relatives.
Mark Sbaw, of Vau Wert, was ti ansact
ing business in Leon tbe first of tbe week.
W. H. Weller, of Davis City, was trans
acting business in this city last Thursday.
Attorney V. R. McGinnis had legal busi
ness which called him to Creston Tuesday.
Harry J. Vogt and sister Henrietta,
were passengers for Des Moines yesterday.
Dr. H. It. Layton had professional busi
ness calling him to Davis City last Fri
Miss Jennie Schenck went over to Deca
tur Tuesday to visit a few days with rela
Walter Hebener departed Friday after
noon for Creston where he expects to
Ed. H. Sharp went to Bethany last
Thursday for a visit with relatives and
J. G, Prichard, of Princeton, Mo., was
in Leon the first of the week visiting
Mrs. H. J. Close returned last Saturday
from a short visit with relatives at Mt.
Mip Eva Hemilricb, of Chariton, visit
ed friends in this city the latter part of
last week.
Frank Davenport, of Des Moines, came
to Leon las*. Friday on a visit to relatives
and friends.
Rev. C. W. Reeder went to Turo last
Saturday and occupied the pulpit in that
city Sunday.
Mrs. C. C. Beck and children returned
last Friday from a visit with relatives at
Grand River.
Misses Margaret aqd Helen Young went
to Van We^t yesterday r'eturhing on the
evening train.
C. M.iJJeller left.lapt .Thursday for St
Joe, where he goes to look aftef' some rea
estate ibusiness.
Mr. aud -Mrs.,F. .Varga went to Davii
City last Saturd^. to visit their daughter
Mrs. A. E. Dorn.
Misses Henrietta and Char lptte Vogt
returned last Friday evening frorrl a short
visit at Davis City.
Mr..and Mrs. Prank
being erec
Khoad eturne
Capt. 3. D.
last Thursday to attend the funeral of his
cousin J. M, Taylor.
Brown* went to Humeston
Miss Wilma Custer, of Bethany, Mo., is
in the city visiting ber grandparents, Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Biggs.
Rev. and Mrs. R. ff. Castor went to Van
Wert yesterday, where Rev. Castor will
officiate at a wedding.
Carl Parrish arrived in this city Sunday.
afternoon from Golden, Col., where he!
had been attending school.
Mrs. John Merwin returned yesterday
from an extended visit with Mrs. F. W.
McCaull at Darlington, Mo.
Mrs. Lyss Gibson and children, of New
Hampton. Mo., came to Leon Monday on
a visit to relatives and friends.
Butler Ellis came down from Des
Moines Monday, called here by the death
of his sister, Mrs. James Coffin.
Mrs. L. Van Werden returned from Des
Moines last Saturday, where she had been
attending the musical convention.
Mrs. M. J. Warner left lastThursday for
Ellensbury, Wash.,where she will make an
extended visit with ber son Clyde.
Mrs. F. H. Matthews and children re
turned Saturday from a visit with rela
tives and friends at Garden Grove.
Mrs. J. A. Edwards, who has been visit
ing her daughter, Mrs. A. J. Allen, re
turned to her home in Albia yesterday.
Miss Eva Hemilrich returned to her
home in Chariton yesterday, after a
pleasant visit with relatives ia thiB city.
Mrs. C. E. Roberts and son Dick, return
ed last Thursday from a visit with ber
sister, Mrs. Clarence Jenree, at Chariton.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Coffin, of Wymore,
Neb., arrived In this city last Friday call
ed here by the death of Mr. Coffin's mother.
Miss Lyda Fames returned from Des
Moines Tuesday where she has been for
some time visiting her sister, Mrs. W. F.
Miss Lois Sankey left last Friday after
noon for Des Moines, where she will enter
the «um«ier school of the Drake Univer
Miss Aidda Oofford departed for Des
Moines Monday where she will attend the
summer school at Highland Park Col
Mr. and Mm. W. £!. Myers returned
from Des Moines last Saturday where bey
had been attending the musical conven
Frank Davenport, of Des Moines, spent
the latter part of last week visiting bis
mother, Mrs, S. J. Davenport, east of
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Dorn left last Sat
urday for St. Joe where they will visit for
a month with their daugpter Mrs. E. C.
Mrs. J. F. Penniwell went to Derby
last Thursday to visit her daughter, Mrs
R. F. Throckmorton and see ber new
Mr. and Mrs. Orr Sanv, ot Chicago, ar
rived in this city last Thursday, on a visit
to Dr. and Mrs. H. R. Layton and nume
rous friends.
Mrs. W. H. Delk returned to her home
in Osceola last Friday, after a very pleas
ant visit in this city with relatives and
muy friends.
Mrs. Ella Hogue and son Ralph, re
turned last Thursday from Des Moines
where they had been attending the music
al convention.
J. W. Gardner, Mrs. Annie Curry and
children went to Humeston last Saturday
to visit a few days with the family of
George Gardner.
Mrs. Susie Clinkingberd returned to her
home at Ridgeway last Friday after a
Sleasant visit in this eity with her sister
Irs. A. McClelland,
M. Mayer and son Harry returned
Chicago last Thursday where they had been
with the remains of Mrs. Mayer, who was
MiBs Stella Moore,
ing the past ten daye:
O. M. Kohler, returnci
Kansas City yesterday.
lid has tiden visit"
it#, her frleridj Mrs.
her hdtne in
Alix. Houser, an extenslVO sheep grow
er of Deca'tur Co., Ia., was in town from
Saturday until Monday looking after some
sheep.—Cainsville News.
Miss Lillian Craig, who has been trim
ming in a millinery store at Monmouth,
111., the past senson, returned to her home
in this city last Thursday.
Mrs. Lillie Warren and daughter return
ed to their home at McCook, Neb., Mon
day, after a pleasant visit of a week with
friends and relatives in this city.
J. C. Clark, of Cmaha, Neb., came to
this city Tuesday evnning on a short visit
to relatives and friends. He says they ire
well pleased with their new location.
Mrs. Doug. Green and son departed Fri
day afternoon for Lincoln, Neb., for a visit
with relatives. She will return to tbis
city before returning to her home in Des
H. P. Smith, of Eden township, depart
ed last Friday for western Nebraska and
eastern Colorado where be goes to look
after some real estate with a view of locat
ing there.
Mrs. T. E. Fox returned to her home in
Wymore, Neb., after a three weeks visit
with the families of S. E. Sims and S.J.
Davenport She was accompanied by her
sister Miss S. J. Davenport.
Mrs. Winnie Ward and children, of
Decatur, passed through this city last
Thursday, enroute for Wharton, Tex.,
where they will join Mr. Ward, and make
that city their future home.
G. G. Urimes returned to his home in
Davis City last Saturday, after visiting
several days in tbis city with his brother,
Mark Grimes. Master Leslie (primes went
home with him for a short viBit.
Mrs. Will Zimmerman returned last
Saturday from a visit with her parents a.t.
St. Charles. She was accompanied by her
sister Miss Delia Shephard, who came
home with her for a short visit.
Mrs. Sam Rush returned last Saturday
to her home in Burlington after visiting
a week in tbis city with relatives and
friends. Miss Sadie Whitham also return
ed to her home in Mornin? Sun.
Wm. Creighton, of Fredonia, Neb., ar
rived in this city Tuesday on an extended
visit to his numerous friends. Mr. Creigh
ton looks hale and hearty and says he is
pleased to get back to old Leon once more
on a visit.
Miss Daisy Stanley of Leon, came down
Saturday for a visit with friends here and
north of town. She is a daughter of
Uncle" Dan Stanley, who formerly lived
on Little River on the Leon road.—Pleas
anton Index.
Mrs. Sarah Shields, of Omaha, Neb., ar
rived last evening for a few weeks visit
with her sister, Mrs. Carrie Hyatt. Mrs.
Shields had been visiting a few days at
Mt. Ayr with relatives, being on her way
home from Ohio.
Capt. Ward, of Decatur, was a Leon visit
or last Thursday, while here he made us a
pleasant call and informed us that his sons
Frank andBert who leftDecatur about two
months ago for Wharton, Tex., were
having a siege of sickness.
Ex-postmaster, Ed. K. Pitman, of Leon,
a good fellow, but one of the worst dem
ocrats in Decatur county, was in town
Tuesday and Wednesday and^ while here
was the guest of his niece* Mrs. L. B.
Kemp.—Lineville Tribune.
Mrs. Bert Tullis and baby returned last
Friday from Chariton, where she had
been on account of the serious illness of a
child of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Atha. Their
many friends in this city will be pleased
to know that the child is much better.
See,Joe L. Warner, the north side
jeweler, for alt kinds of cleaning and re
pairing. All 'work guaranteed and
purpose of cleanin
teaivi eoaieearly
and Umbrellas.
Men's Hats
Half Price.
The Glorious Fourth.
Leotl will have one of the greatest
and patriotic celebrations ever yet at
tempted by her citizens. From early
morning till late at night amusements
of all kinds will be in order. Don't fail
to make preparations for spending the
Fourth in l^eon. Following is the pro
National Salute at Sunrise.
10:'!0—Akps' rough riders, exhibition
run by Leon Fire Department. Clown
Band led by drum major in an
exhibition drill. (The ancient order
of Egyptian prophets will be pre
sented in this drill.
Oll:00—Foot race, free for all,
11:15—Bicycle race, standing start,
300 yards, purse $5.00.
11:30—Baby show in park,
prizes, $5.00, $3.00 and $2.00,
babies haired.
12:00—German Lunch.
1:00—Great chorus of 100 voices led
bylK. P. band.
1:30—Address by Hon. M. L, Temple.
3:00—Military drill, battalion and
company drill, artillery practice with
12 pound cannon.
3:30—Base ball, admission free,
3:45—Sack race, purse $0.00.
4:00—Fat man's race, purse
limit 225 pounds.
4:30—Pulling square holds,
5:00—Standing broad jump,
5:30—Boys 1,00 yard dash, age
15 vears, purse $1.00
(i:00—Supper a la French.
8:00—Magnificent display of lireworkf
from roof of K. P. building.
Free dance all day and night..
Hard and soft coal always
hand at bottom prices.
Arnold & Slgler.
Congressional Convention.
The Democrats of oiho KilOitli Conxressiona.
District will meet in delegate convention at
CorniiiR, Iowa, on Wednesday, july IHtli. at
10:30 for the purpose of nominating a amli
date for congress and for the tar nsaction of
such other business as may properly come lie
fore the convention. All voters in sympathy
with the democratic platform and in favor of
Wm. J. Bryan for president are cordially in
vited to take part in the county conventions
for the selection of delegates:
The ratio of representation by counties is as
Appanoose 14
Fremont is
Taylor 10
Union 11
Wayne 11
Chairman Congressional Committee.
A. W. MAXWEIX, Secretary.
When you want a bright,lasting Bhine
put on your shoes in an artistic manner,
call on Buck Peugh, at the Hotel l^eon.
He gives the best shine black or tan in
North Side Square—Biggs Building
Fresh Bread, Buns, Rolls,
Pies, Cookies and CakesI
Shirt Waists.
Thi,s is the greatest Shirt Waist stock we have ever had. It
emibraces t»he new ,choice, crisp styles with not a hold
over ajnongSit thejp. Prices f0c, 75c, $1.00, $1.25 and
$1.35. Plenty of Collars, Pelts and Ties in the late
styles to top oJT the Shi^t Waists and at economical
The New Dress!
Just time enough to get it made hetore the 4th. We furnish
stylish, pretty, cool, wash good ,and dainty l,ace or em
broidery, allovers and edges to trim at inexpensive
prices. Butterick Books will help yofl .de.eido on the
style and we can furnish you pattern if yoy desire. Tihe
medium priced white goods,.OJc. to 25c, are very .pretty
and have been splendid sellers. jBe gjad ,to haye yt
come and see them.
Ice Cream Parlor,
Fruits and Confectioneryl
White China Silk tops, $1.25 to $2.00.
Colored Silk tops, $1.25 to $3.00.
Black Silk tops, $1.00 to $3.00.
Black Cotton tops. 35c. to $1.00.
A special lot of Black Silk and Mercerized tops in 2G inch sun
umbrellas go on sale this morning at $1.00 each. These
are 25 to 50 per cent, cheap. We have about
them and expect to sell all of them before the
July. The handles are all new styles but the
you come the more you have to choose frim.
We have about 10 dozen Men's and Boy's Crash and Straw
Hats. They go on sale this morning at just half price
to clean them up.
Celebrate Here.
ry our 13c.
LEON, rarrar
Crash Hats worth 25c. to 50c. at 10c. to 25c. 't'i"
Straw Hats worth 25c. to 75c. at 15c, to 35c.
Just in time for those of you who want summer headwear—
but come as seon as you can. Sizes may be gone quick.
We cordially invite all our friends to make this store their
headquarters on the 4th, We will take charge of yoii?\
bundles and wraps and dinner baskets and supply you
with drinking water. Hope yo't will accept the invita
tion as freely as it is given and that you will enjoy the
day And be glad that you come.
*5 "^3
50 of
5th of

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