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Mather—the 30 years dentist of over
30 yeare experience is at i«on on the
niofningof the 27th and. will remain
until the last of every month.
Alwaysattend strictly to Buciness.—.
The best pills for Buimts People are
Moriey'i Little Liver' Pills, because
they always attend Strictly to busi
ness. Sugar-coated. On* adose. Sold by
L. Van Warden. W
Tbe followlng ia a list of letters remain
ins Uncalled for at the Doatoffloe in Leon
,• Iowa, for the week ending June 16
Mr. Frailly Laworsdail, Mrs. Addle E.
Anderaon, Dr. Frank Aldrieh, Mrs. Elbert
A. Smith, Mr. Uharley Goodrich, Mr. W.
H. Wise, Mr. Taylor Henderson, Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. W. Boy, Miss Trisler.
In calling for the above please say "ad
•g O qq 3® S
a .2
es -H 2
I as
03 q)
•s I a
"8 2
5 5
qc Jj pf *o
1 1
NOTICE—From and after this date all
persons discharging Are arms within the
city limits will be arrested and prosecut
ed, unless they have a written permit
from the mayor. A. M. PRYOR,

,2 S
2 a
go .9
Oity Marshal,
Leon,Iowa, June 13,1900.
•_ Farmers Remember.1
That you have an opportunity to pat
ronize the largest and best breeding
Mammoth Jack in the county. In Leon
the entire season. For terms enquire at
8®$ Fourtfi of July Excursions.
•a«s --s
9* a
W H-f •.
Fourth of July Rates.
Be patriotic and take a holiday trip,
on Independence
Cheap rates in
every direction are offered by (tie Cbi.
cago Great Western lty. One fare and
a third for the round trip, children half
rates. Tickets on sale July 3 and 4
good to return July &. For further, in
formation inquire of any Agent C. G
W. Ry. or address F. H. Lord, G. P.'&
T. A., 1.13 Adams St., Chicago. 42-3t
FOR SALE- -A good top buggy.
0. E. HULL.
.,, Taken up as an ostruy by C. R. llocgot' at
Ihe Burlington lioute will bave Oil his residence ih New Buda township,-Decatur
gale July 3rd and 4th round trip tickets county, Iowa, on the 3d day ot May, 1900, one
tn nil nnintfl nn thp svnt«m within 200 dark red heifer about one year old with white
to an points on tne system witnin
spot under Ieft front
miles of selling station at rate of one flunk. Also small horns.
and one third fare. I O. w. HAI.STRAD, and posted iierore
A M. Kwh**I, Agt.i Justice of I hp Peace,
ieg and white on right
You Weed a Pally Papery
This is presidential year and every cit
izen needs a daily paper. The Des
Moins Daily News is sent postpaid to
any address for $1 a year, 75 cents for six
months, 60 cents for three months. All
the news condensed for the busy reader
daily markets by telegraph interesting
literary matterNfor the family. Address,
The News, Des Moines, Iowa.
Seasoned native .lumber, dimension
stuff and bridge plank, material for
house and barn frames always on hand,
Bean the
rThe Kind You Haw Always Bought
Biiy RUBS' Bleaching Blue at Caster's.
S'Atk I"
Mrs. Uobert McBroom one j6f the
sione^rs of the county, died at her home
Leroy yesterday mornitig.—Garden
Grove Express.
"For five years, I had blending piles and
coold not work. -1 was induced to try Beggs'
German Salve, and it gave me
quick re­
lief and the cure is so permanent, Itivant
everybody troubled with this annoying disease
to know ot 11."—E. P. Walker, Alton, 111.
McGrath A Btill, Woodland.
Miss Vera Sowash returned Saturday
from Vinton where for the past six
months she has been attending the
school for the blind and taking treat
ment for her eyes which were in a very
bad condition when she left but are now
very much inproved.—Davis City Ad
If you want your halr. to grbw, don't
waste time wllh hair tonics.1 Get at the foun
dation, which lles in the ^air -cells and blood
vessels that supply them With life- Beggs1
Hair Renewor will do it. It has grown hair on
hundreds of bald heads Will do it (or you.
MpGratb & Still, Wqpdland.
Word has beeii received from Will
Flanagan stating that he and his part
ner were at Lake Bennett building a
boat and preparing for a second trip
down the Yukpn. He did not sav
where they expected to spend the fall
and winter, but presumably at Dawson
City.—Garden Grove Express
Since the days of Samson, our crowning
{lory has been a good head of hair. "I had
)een nearly bald for five years but now have
a good head of hair. Beggs' Hair Renewer
did it."—T. W. Evans, Decatur, III. Also
cures dandruff and all scalp diseases. Mc
Grath & Still, Woodland.
J. S. Potts of Spearfrsh, S. D., came in
last Friday and visited his brother, H.
W. Potts, a few days, being oh his way
home from Kirksville, where he has
takemfive months osteopathic treatment
for rheumatism. He left for his home
Monday. H. W. going with him as far
as Chariton.—Garden Grove Express.
Honest toil brings a tired feeling which is re
lieved by healthy sleep. The tired feeling
that we mean goes to bed tired and gets up
tired, the appetite is poor and the energy
gone. There is but one quick, sure and satis
factory remedy, Beggs' Blood Purifier, Take
it now, McGrath & Still, Woodland.
Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Hart, north of
town, have been sick for some time past,
and a few days ago Sam, who has been
waiting on them, was taken sick, and
on Tuesday the neighbors turned out
and plowed his field of corn for him.
The Pleasant Ridge people are noted for
such acts of kindness as this.—Garden
Grove Express.
Mrs. E. W. Early, Marion, Ind., who has
been ill for years, whtch, "I was tired, could
not sleep or eat, and was rapidly going into
decline. Doctor called blood disorder, but
could not cureme. I am now in perfect health
and give all the credit to Beggs'BloodPurlfler,
McGrath & Still, Woodland.
It is reDorted that some one attempt
ed to burn Geo. Brown's house again
south of town, last Sunday night, A
large amount of trash and kindlings was
piled up against the kitchen and set on
nre and but for the fortunate awaking of
some of the family would soon have been
beyond control. George has evidently
been fighting the devil too hard and the
old boy has it "in for him."—Lineville
There's no beauty in all the land,
That can with her face compare.
Her lips are red, her eyes are bright,
She takes Rocky Mountain Tea at night.
Ask your druggist.
An operation was performed on Mr
Thos. Stewart on Monday, June 18tb,
Dr. F. B. Dorsey officiating, of Keokuk,
Iowa. Dr. Derwent, Dr. Bertha Greer,
Dr. Hansen, Dr. Horner, Dr. A. D. Greer,
Dr. J. W. Wailes, of Davis City, Dr.
Enos Mitchell, of Weldon, were present
and rendered assistance. Patient recov
ering rapidly, and it is hoped will regain
his health.—Lamoni Pr-triot.
"I was afflicted with a skin disease which
catised my hair to come out in large patches.
I tried everything could hear of to do this,
but with no success until I used Beegs' Hair
Benewer. which cured it at once."—Will
Hegert, Memphis, Tenn. McGrath & Still
On Monday Dr. Glendenning perform
ed an operation on Mrs. I. P. Henry, of
this place, for Ovarian Cyst, and on the
following day an operation for appen
dicitis on Mrs. Wm. G. Mudgett. In
both operations he was assisted by Drs.
Pickett and Lovett of this place, and
Dr. Calbreath. ot Cleoparta. Both oper
ations were successful and at last reports
the patients were doing well.—Lineville
Little Ethel Armour of Rockford III., who
was so sev.erely burned a few weeks ago has
entirely recovered and without a single scar.
Used Beggs' German. Salve that always
cures scalds, burns, cuts aDd sores, quickly,
without leaveing scars. Don't be without ft.
McGrath A Still, Woodland.
Cards are out announcing the mar
riage on July 11, 1900, of Mr. Samuel
Frazier to Miss Mabel Hibbs, of Grant
City, Mo. The marriage will be solemn
ized in Eureka Springs, Ark., where
the young lady is now visiting relatives
Mr. Frazier is a son of R. E. Frazier and
wife of Akron but has been station
agent at Grant City for some time. The
News ofiers its heartiest congratulations
and wishes the young people the fullest
measure of happiness and prosperity.
—Cainsville News.
Last spring E. J. Evans, Carlo, III., was so
run down in nealth had to give up. Was also
troubled with boils and eczema. He writes:
"Dootors did me no good but before I had fin
ished one bottle of Beggs* Bood Purifier. I be
to improve and am now a well man. Mc
rath & Still, W oodiand.
Quite a number of Garden Grove
people drove down to High Point last
Thursday and attended the annual
picnic in honor of Capt. and Mrs. E.
Alexander, now of Leon. About 300
guests were in attendance and a most
enjoyable occasion is reported. There
are no better or more popular people
in the county than Mr- and Mrs. Alex
ander and they have been an important
soeial factor in the north-east part of the
county Bince the earliest pioneer days.
We hope that they may live to see
many more happy anniversaries.—Gar
den Grove Express.
Thou hast strange notions for^ one'so
young a substitute to think that thou
art the same as Rocky Mountain Tea
made by the Madison Medicine Co
35c. Ask your druggist.
News reached this city, Tuesday, of a
dastardly outrage perpetrated in Linley
township, Mercer county, Sunday night.
It appears that a seventeen-year-old
daughter of George Harris attended
church in the neighborhood with
young man of the locality. When the
couple Btarted home after church, three
other young men or boys jumped on
the buggy, and after going some two
miles the boys took the girl from the
buggy when all four of the young fell
outraged the girl. After the crime they
took the girl home and at once skip
One of the scoundrels was caught in Bed
ford, Iowa, and two others were appre
hended in Ridgeway, Monday. One is
still at large, but an outraged community
expects to effect his capture. The above
is all of the particulars received at The
Democrat office.—Bethany Democrat
Restors vim, vigor, mental and physi
cal power, fills your body with warm,
gingling life. That's what Rocky Moun
tain Tea does. 35c. Ask your drug
111 I
iu satisfaction, in increased useful
ness, in greater earning power.
There's room at tne top"
Ml Quemtlonm Cheerfully Answered
bjf the PremMent.
Everything Beautiful! 3
To protect the public we call
especial attention to our trade
mark, printed on every pack*
age. Demand the genuine.
For Sale by all Druggist*
produce* tha above results ln!30 days. Itactt
powerfully and quickly. Cores wb«n all othsra falL
tonne men will resain their lost manhood, and old
man wlU recover their youthful Tiaor by using
RRVIVO. It quickly and sorely restores Nervosa
new. Lost Vitality, Impotency, Nightly Emissions.
Lost Power, Htllins Memory, Waatlna Diseases, and
all offsets of aeU-abnaa or excess and lndlBcretloo,
which unfits one tor study, business or marrlate.
not only cures by starting st the seat of disease, bu'
laaareat nerve tonlo and blood builder, brina
inf back the pink glow to pale cheeks and re
storing the lira of youth, ft wards off Insanity
and Cooramptlor 1st on having REVIVO,
Royal Medicine CoMac?u8So8ru£
sold in Leon, Iowa by~F. J. Honnold,
More Light!
Come and bave your e,yes per
fectly fitted with glasses. Iam
prepared with all the improved
tests. 27 years grading and
fitting glasses. All work guar
anteed. Children's eyes specially,
will be at njy home
Saturdays and Mondays,
of each week at my residence. If
you wish work done at home
notify ^ieby mail.
Lqoq^, Iowa.
.with which welcome in con-'
tact helps to refinp and
strengthen our finev nature.
Contact with beautiful furn
iture and beautiful sur
roundings subdues ^the
coarser and sharpens 'ihe
finer nature as a grindstone
sharpens a knife. Little
children take in impressions
as a sponge takes in water.
Thev should have a cosy,
pretty home to live in. We
keep everything to furnish
homes cosily and rcason
SE Undertaking Department, =5
Ady special at- 3E
tention is given
to this depart
ment. All calls
promptly look
ed after.
ain a Licensed Embalinerunder the laws of Iowa. ^^2
Easiest and Best Way to Use Fels-Naptha Soap I
To Wash ClothesI
Wet the pieces to be washed rub the Soap well on—especially over
the soiled places then roll up the pieces and put them into a tub with
just enough lukewarm or cold water (not boiling water) to cover them.
Use either lukewarm or cold water according to your own comfort.
Let the clothes soak thirty minutes or more. The dirt will then be
so loosened that it will come out easily on the wash board or in the wash
ing machine. Do not boil or scald the things. After washing them,
thoroughly rinse and blue the clothes and hang them out. If done as
directed, the white wash will be whiter and the colored wash brighter.
To Wash Flannels and other Woolens!
Wash them in lukewarm suds, rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water,
wring out loosely and hang out at once. As these garments must not be
boiled, Fels-Naptha soap is particularly effective in washing* them, pre
venting roughness and shrinking.
To Remove Greasel
And other spots and stains from^clohting, carpets or anything—Apply
to the places,some of the soap lather, leave it on a few minutes, and rinse
oif well with rag or sponge.
Every one knows what a magic solvent and dirt starter Naptha is.
Fels-Naptha soap possesses this property, and washes everything wash
able, cleans everything cleanable, hurting nothing, not even the most
delicate fabric.
Scrubbing and House CleaningI
Fels-Naptha soap washes dishes, cleanes the kitchen,.brightens paint
whitens floors, and does altline things through the house more quickly
and easily by fneans of the double action of Naptha and seap.
The Hands and Skin!
Are not reddened or irritated by ingredients used in this soap. There
is no dipping first into hot water and then into cold. An even tempera
ture is a great preserver.
Other Advantages!
Fels-Napth Soap will do splendid work quickly. The wash is
pleted with no boiling or steaming and very little rubbing. Garments
not worn out, nor is thpir iibre destroyed by chemicals or by boiling. No
fuel is needed. There arise no poisonous suds-steam vapors to breatn.
It costs no more than any other soap. It does more work, does better
work, and and does it easier.
Don't Use Soap Powdersor Washing Compounds with FELS-NAPTHA
Soap! It does the work alone. Follow Directions.
Sold in Leon by J. A. CASTER.
The market is being flooded
with worthless Imitations of
Physician and Ittrgaa*.
Offlc* 7. Reddei oe phana T.
a. bowman, m. d.
R. McAllaater,
Physican and Surgeon.
Office over W. P. Clark A Co.'a Star*
Physician and Surgeon. -f 1
Offioa phone 7. Residence phona
Office with Dr. 2. syton. 3
Office hours 9 to 12—1 ta 4-—7 to 8.
Physician and Surgeon
F. Walght, ,,
Physician and Surgeon,
and attaaUoa
8peolal stndy
.reatment of C-.uu.u
Van Werten's drug stor*.
treatment of Chronle
T\r. J. L. Lewis,
Leon, 1 la
Made a
Well Man
of Me.
glvaa ta tht
Dlaaaaaa. (Mloe aval
other. It can be. rled in vest pock«t. By mall,
•I40 per package, or alx for O0.OO,'
Siva writtaa (ssrantse to COM
thamoaey. Circular free. Addreea
.' Office at D. B. Morgan'*.
T\r. A. W. HOWE,
Physician and
to the treat
Otfo«,o ^-e.Nb,AW5i8.-
H. Slater,
Vetrinary Surgeon,
Phaician and Dentist,
Office at Van Weiden'a Drag Store.
^tookey Brook*,
R. MoGinnis,
Lawyer. "Ji
Saaoaaaor to Carry 4 Meataale
J. W. Rowell.
r. D. R. Dudley,
Office over Myers & Co/s drug store. Leon
Iowa. Will be In Leon the entire week
except Wednesday, when I will
be at my oflce at Decatur City
Cut this out and return with $1.00 (money
or currency) and we will order the following
"family combination" sent prepaid.
Loul8vllle Courier Journal 1 Yr.
The Gentlewomen 1 Yr.
National Illustrated Magazine 1 Yr.
American Poultry Advocate 1
:Y r.
Happy Hours Family Magazine 1
Vermont Farm Journal 1 Yr.
Our Price $1, Regular Cost $4.
This combination fills a family need. We will
substitute the Chicago Weekly Inter Ocean
Kansas City Weekly Star, New York Weekly
Tribune, Denver WeeklyTimes. Toledo Week
ly Blade, SanFrancisco Weekly Poat, or Mon
treal Weekly Gazette In place of Twine-a
week Louisville Courier Journal If desired
but no other changes will be allowed. Club
blag list for a stamp.
O. U. JONES, Room 548,
Ctr. Mgr. Vermont Farm Journal,
Wilmington, Vermont.
old Cruick8hank
color and family.
tailing and two-year
bulls of good size,
Address this office.

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