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When the railway across Siberia is
completed, it will b» easy for a per
'son.to go from Lo&don to Japan in
thirteen days.
I World to End this Tear.
This is the recent decision of one ot
the societies of the world, and while
xhere are few people who believe this
prediction, there are thousands of
others who not only believe, but know
'that Hostetter's Stomach liitters will
cure dyspepsia, indigestion, consti
pation or liver and kidney troubles. A
Atrial will certainly convince.
I In Munster, Germany, is a high
school 1,100 years old.
Dizzy? Then your liver Isn't
acting well. You suffer from bilious
ness, constipation. Ayer's Pills act
directly on the liver. For 60 years
the Standard Family Pill. Small
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Want your moustache or beard a beautiful
lirown or rich black? Then nse
to ctb. or PnmwuTi, r. p. hull a Co. N»»nu»t M. H.
Cats resemble poets, they indulge in
Mj llnNband.
If you have a weak, nervous, debil
itated wife, do not scold or become im
patient with her. Give her kind treat
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and Kidney Cordial, to renovate, reg
ulate and strengthen her system, and
she will soon be your healthy, happy
best half. Price $1. Sold by agent in
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A woman's voice is one of the best
evidences of culture.
Special excursion tickets' to Colo
rado and Utah will be on sale via all
lines from Chicago, St. Louis and
points east of the Missouri river, June
20, July 9, 17 and August 1, and from
Missouri river points and points in
Kansas and Nebraska, June 21, July 7,
8/#, 10 and 18 and August 2, at a rate
of one fare plus ?2, for the round trip.
To enable tourists- and pleasure seek
ers who take advantage of these
special excursions to visit the many
points of interest in the Rocky Moun
tain region, the Denver and Rio
Grande Railroad, 'The Scenic Line
of the World" will make very low
rates for the round trip from Denver,
Colorado Springs and Pueblo to all
principal resorts and scenic points of
interest in Colorado and to Salt Lake
City and Ogden, Utah.
The Denver and Rio Grande Rail
road, with its numerous branches
penetrating the great state of Colo
rado, has some 37 different "Circle"
tours through the mountains, one of
which in particular is the famous 1,000
mile tour, passing the following points
of interest: La Veta, Poncha Pass,
Toltec Gorge, Durango-Dolores Canon,
Ico, L—ard Head Pass or Las Ani
mas Canon, Silverton, Ouray-Cimar
rijn Canon, Black Canon, Marshall Pass
and the Royal Gorge. This trip can be
comfortably made in four days, but at
least ten days ought to be devoted to
it so as one may leisurely inspect the
principal sights and occasionally gain
rest from fa'tigue incident to railroad
Is the trip from Denver to Grand
Junction'and return going via the nar
row gauge line climbing Marshall Pass
and winding through the Black Canon
of the Gunnison, returning over the
broad gauge through Glenwood
Springs' and the Grand River Canon,
over Tennessee Pass, through Lead
ville and the Royal Gorge. This trip
is most conveniently made by leaving
Denver, Colorado Springs or Pueblo
on the night train which arrives at Sa
lida the next morning for breakfast,
continuing from there over Marshall
Pass and arriving at Grand Junction
In the afternoon. Here close connec
ions are made with trains for Glen
~ood Springs, "The Kissingen of Am
rica," arriving there in the evening
this point travelers should at least
emain over night. When leaving
Glenwood Springs it is most desirable
to take a morning train, as this com
petes the arrangement to pass all of
jtoe scenery on the trip by daylight.
Tickets reading to Salt Lake City
via the "Scenic Line" in connection
with the Rio Grande Western Ry., are
available over the Denver and Rio
(Srande, either via its main line
tirough Leadville and Glenwood
Sfprlngs, or via the line over Marshall
Pass and through the Black Canon,
thus enabling the traveler to use one
of the above routes going and the
other returning. For free illustrated
pamphlets descriptive of Colorado's
natural advantages, and information
regarding rates and routes, call on
your nearest Ticket Agent, or address
6. K. Hooper, G. P. & T. A-., Denver,
Colo. Y"
To be a woman is fully as desirable
to be a man.
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A bat is able to find its way without
the use of its eyes. A blind bat has
beetj knawi^to avoid wires and other
IffhJtrSas easily as thpugli it had
"Pasteboard has gone up." "Has it?
Now I know why out landlady gave us
such a light and inferior quality of pie
crust today."—Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Anew dye is in use in a South Nor
walk. Conn., hat factory. The wor
men have threatened to strike becau
it turns their whiskers to a lavendei
Full Text of Declaration of Prln
A S ciples, ,—
Che Party Renews Its Allegiance to the
Principle of the Gold Standard and
Favors New Monetary Legislation—As
serts Adherence to Monroe Doctrine*
Philadelphia, June 22.-1—The text in
full of the republican national plat
form adopted at the convention is as
„.Tho republicans of the United States,
yhrough their chosen representatives, met
in national convention, looking back upon
an unsurpassed record of achievement
and looking forward Into a great field of
duty and opportunity and appealing to
the Judgment of their countrymen, make
these declarations:
The expectation In which the American
people, turning from the democratic par
ty, Intrusted power four years ago to a
republican chief magistrate and a repub
lican congress, has been met and satls-
Whm the people then assembled at
the polls after a term of democratic legis
lation and administration business was
dead. Industry was paralysed and the na
tional credit disastrously impaired. The
country's capital was hidden away and Its
labor distressed end unemployed.
The democrats had no other plan with
which to Improve the ruinous conditions
which they had themselves produced than
to coin silver at the ratio of IS to 1. The
republican party, denouncing this plan as
sure to produce conditions even worse
than those from which relief was sought,
promised to restore prosperity by means
of two legislative measures—a protective
tariff and a law making gold the standard
of value.
The people, by great majorities, issued
to the republican party a commission to
enact these laws. This commission has
been executed, and the republican prom
ise is redeemed. Prosperity more general
and more abundant than we have ever
known has followed these enactments.
There Is no longer controversy as to the
value of any government obligations.
Every American dollar Is a gold dollar or
Its assured equivalent, and American
credit stands higher than that of any na
tion. Capital Is fully employed and every
where labor Is profitably occupied.
No single fact can more strikingly tell
the story of what republican government
means to the country than this—that
while during the whole period of 107 years
from 1790 to 1897 there was an excess ot
exports over Imports of only *383,028,497,
there has been in the short three years
of the present republican administration
an excess of exports over Imports in the
enormous sum of $1,483,637,094.
And while the American people, sus
tained by this republican legislation,
have been achieving these splendid tri
umphs In their business and commerce,
they have conducted and in victory con
cluded a war for liberty and human
No thought of national aggrandizement
tarnished the high purpose with which
American standards were unfurled. It
was a war unsought and patiently re
sisted, but when it came the American
government was ready. Its fleets were
cleared for action its armies were in the
field and the quick and signal triumph of
its forces on land and sea bore equal trib
ute to the courage of American soldiers
and sailors and to the skill and fore
Eight of republican statesmanship. To ten
millions of the human race there was
given "a new birth of freedom," and to
the American people a new and noble
We indorse the administration of "Wil
liam McKlnley. Its acts have been estab
lished in wisdom and patriotism, and at
home and abroad it has distinctly ele
vated and extended the Influence of the
American nation. Walking untried paths
and facing unforeseen responsibilities.
President McKlnley Iwt been in every
situation the true American patriot and
the upright statesman, clear in vision,
strong in Judgment, firm in action, al
ways inspiring, and deserving the confi
dence of his countrymen.
In asking the American people to In
dorse this republican record and to re
new their commission to the republican
party, we remind them of the fact that
the menace to their prosperity has al
ways resided In democratic principles,
and no less in the general Incapacity of
the democratic party to conduct public
The prime essential of business pros
perity Is public confidence in the
good sense of the government and
in Its ability to deal intelligently
with each new problem of ad
ministration and legislation. That confi
dence the democratic party has never
earned. It is hopelessly Inadequate and
the country's prosperity, when democrat
ic success at the polls Is announced, halts
and ceases In mere anticipation of demo
cratic blunders and failures.
We renew allegiance to the principle
of the gold standard and declare our con
fidence in the wisdom of the legislation
of the Fifty-sixth congress, by which the
parity of all our money and the stability
of our currency on a gold basis has been
We recognize that Interest rates are a
potent factor in production and business
activity, and for the purpose of further
equalizing and of further lowering the
rates of Interest, we favor such monetary
legislation as will enable the varying
needs of the season and of all sections
to be promptly met ip order that trade
may be evenly sustained, labor steadily
employed and commerce enlarged.
The volume of money In circulation was
never so great per capita as it is today.
We declare our steadfast opposition to
the free and unlimited coinage of sil
ver. No measure to that end could be
considered which was without the sup
port of the leading commercial countries
of the world.
However firmly republican legislation
may seem to have secured the country
against the peril of base and discredited
currency, the election of a democratic
president could not fall to impair the
countrys" credit and to bring once more
into question the intention of the Amer
ican people to maintain upon the gold
standard the parity of their money cir
culation. The democratic party must be
convinced that the American people will
never tolerate the Chicago platform.
We recognise the necessity and propri
ety of the honest co-operation of capital
to meet new business conditions and es
pecially to extend our rapidly Increasing
foreign trade, but we condemn all con
spiracies and combinations intended to
restrict business, to create monopolies
to limit production or to control prices,
and favor such legislation as will effectu
ally restrain and prevent all such abuses
protect and promote competition and se
cure the rights of producers, laborers
and all who are engaged in industry and
We renew our faith In the policy of
protection to American labor. In that
policy our Industries have been estab
lished, diversified and maintained. By
protecting the home market the compe
tition has been stimulated and produc
tion cheapened. Opportunity to the In
ventive genius of our people has been se
cured and wages in every department of
labor maintained at high rates higher
now than ever before, always distinguish
ing our working people In their better
conditions of life from those of any com
peting country. Enjoying the blessings
of American common schools, secure in
the right of self-government and protect
ed in the occupancy of their own mar
kets, their constantly Increasing knowl
edge and skill have enabled them finally
to enter the markets of the world.
We favor the associated policy of reci
procity, so directed as to open our mar
kets on favorable terms for what we do
not ourselves produce In return for free
foreign markets.
In the further Interest of American
workmen, we favor a more effective re
striction of the immigration of cheap la
bor from foreign lands, the extension of
opportunities of education for working
children, the raising of the age limit for
child labor, the protection of free labor
as against contract convict labor, and an
effective system of labor insurance
Our present dependence upon foreign
shipping for nine-tenths of our foreign
carrying is a great loss to the Industry
of this country. It is also a serious
rtaneer to our trade, for its sudden with
drawal In the event of European war
would seriously cripple our expanding
foreign commerce. The national defense
and naval efficiency of this country,
moreover, supply a compelling reason for
legislation wnicn will enable us to re
cover our former place among the trade
carrying fleets of the world.
nation owes a debt of profound
gratitude to the soldiers and sailors who
have fought Its battlos, and It is the
government's duty to provide for the
survivors and for the widows and or
phans of those who have fallen In the
countrys wars. The pension laws,
founded In this Just sentiment, should
be liberal, and should be liberally admln
lsterud, and preference should be given
wherever practicable with respect to em
ployment In the public service to soldlen
and sailors and to their widows and or
We commend the. policy of the repul
lloan party In maintaining the efficiency
qf tbr xtvJJ •wtca, Th«i admlntstra(
Kka ~ESteH ^rls'ely lints alforl 15 secure fSt
publlo service In Cuba, Porto Rico, Ha
waii, and the Philippine island* only
those whose fitness has been determined
by training and experience.' We believe
that employment In tha public service
In these territories shourd be confined as
tar as practicable to their Inhabitants.
It was the plain purpose of the fif
teenth amendment to the constitution to
prevent discrimination on aocount of race
or color In regulating the elective fran
chise. Devloes of state governments,
whether by statutory or constitutional
enactment, to avoid the purpose of this
amendment are revolutionary and should
be condemned.
Public movements looking to a perma
nent Improvement of the roads ana high
ways of the country meat with our cor
dial approval and we recommend this
subject to the earnest consideration of
the people and of the legislatures of the
several states.
We favor the extension of the rural
free delivery service wherever its exten
sion may be Justified.
In further pursuance of the constant
"iy qf the republican party to provide
homes on the public domain, we rec-
free VU uwtnaiii. nc tcv^
ommend adequate national legislation to
reclaim the arid lands of the United
States, reserving control of the distribu
tion of water for irrigation to the re
spective states and territories.
We favor home rule for and the early
aanussion to statehood of the territories
or New Mexico, Arizona and Oklahoma.
The Dlngley act, amended to provide
sufficient revenue for the conduct of the
war, has so well performed Its work that
it nas been possible to reduce the war
debt in the sum of 40,000,000. So ample'
are the government's revenues, and so
great is the public oonfidence in the In
tegrity of its obligations, that its newly
funded 2 per cent bonds sell at a pre
mium. The country is now Justified in
expecting, and it will be the policy of
the republican party to bring about, a
reduction of the war taxes.
We favor the construction, ownership,
control and protection of an isthmian
canal by the government of the United
New markets are necessary for the in
creasing surplus of our farm products.
Every effort should be mado to open and
obtain new markets, especially in the
orient, and the administration Is warmly
to be commended for its successful effort
to commit all trading and colonizing na
??s policy of the open door in
In the interest of our expanding com
merce, we recommend that congress cre
ate a department of commerce and in
dustries in the charge of a secretary with
a seat in the cabinet. The United States
consular system should be reorganized
under the supervision of this new depart
ment, upon such a basis of appointment
and tenure as will render it still more
serviceable to the nation's Increasing
The American government must protect
the person and property of every citizen
wherever they are wrongfully violated or
placed in peril.
We congratulate the women of America
upon the.r splendid record of public serv
ice in the oJunteer Aid association, and
as nurses camp and hospital, during
the rectni caiinjalgns of our armies in the
Eastern aiiu eatern Indies, and we ap
preciate their faithful co-operation in ail
works of euuoutlon and Industry.
President McKlnley has conducted the
foreign affaii3 of the United States with
distinguished credit to the American peo
ple. In releasing us from the vexatious
conditions of a European alliance for the
government of Samoa, his course Is espe
cially to be commended. By securing to
o\p* undivided control the most important
Island of the Samoan group and the best
harbor In the southern Pacific, every
American interest has been safeguarded.
We approve the annexation of the Ha
waiian islands to the United States.
We commend the part taken by our
government In the peace conference at
The Hague.
We assert our steadfast adherence to
the policy announced In the Monroe doo
The provisions of The Hague convention
were wisely regarded when President Mc
Klnley tendered his friendiy offices in the
Interest of peace between Great Britain
and the South African Republic. While
the American government must continue
the policy prescribed by Washington, a£
nrmed by every succeeding president and
Imposed upon us by The Hague treaty, of
non-intervention in European controver
sies, the American people earnestly hope
that a way may soon be found, honorably
alike to both contending parties, to termi
nate the strife between them.
In accepting by the treaty of Paris the
Just responsibility of our victories In the
Spanish war, the president and senate
won the undoubted approval of the Amer
ican people. No other course was possi
ble than to destroy Spains' sovereignty
throughout the West Indies and in the
Philippine islands.. That course created
our responsibility before the, world and
with the unorganised population whom
our intervention had freed from Spain, to
provide for the maintenance of law and
order, and for the establishment of good
government and for the performance of
International obligations.
Our authority could not be less than
our responsibility, and wherever sover
eign rights were extended it became the
high duty of the government to maintain
Its authority, to put down armed Insur
rection and to confer the blessings of
liberty and civilization upon all the res
cued peoples. The largest measure of
self-government consistent with their
welfare and our duties shall be secured
to them by law.
To Cuba independence and self-govern
ment were assured in the same voice by
which war was declared, and to the let
ter. This pledge shall be performed.
The republican party, upon Its history
and upon this declaration of its princi
ples and policies, confidently Invokes the
considerate and approving judgment of
the American people.
Srown Out of a Window,
South Bend, Ind., June 22.—One man
was killed, five were seriously injured
and several others hurt in the destruc
tion by fire of the Morrison hotel.
The fire, which is sloosed to have
been of incendiary origin, started
shortly after 1 o'clock, and was almost
Immediately followed by a terrific ex
plosion. The dead: L. C. Smart, Hud
son, Mich. lineman for the telephone
company. The injured: Mrs. F.
Smith, actress, blown out ot window,
leg broken, badly burned about the
face F. Smith, actor, burned about
body and face Fred Myers, Adrian,
Mich., traveling agent, burned about
the face and hands John. R. Johnson,
South Bend, badly burned Michael
Lynch, South Bend, head injured by
explosion William Alden, Muncle,
Ind., member Irish Comedy company,
burned about head.
Stampede at an Exhibition.
Covington, Ky., June 22.—At an ex.
hibition of tableaux by a Roman Cath
olic society the lights went out aod
the girls on the stage cried "Fire!"
causing a panic and stampede from
the crowded building. Many were
trampled upon and bruised, but none
is reported dangerously hurt.
Mannerisms of Fashion.
I wonder if you've ever noticed how
every passing fashion brings with it
its own set of mannerisms. Of course
you can't remember when hoops were
in vogue, and you never saw a woman
In crinoline gather her voluminous
draperies about her in order to seat
herself without tilting her petticoat
hem skyward. But you may remember
ten years or so back, when reeds and
wires and other devises made skirts
more than bouffant .in the back.
Women then had a way of settling
their skirts that would be strange to
us today. Four years ago or there
abouts Mdlle. Up-to-date gave her huge
sleeves a fluff now and then. Last
summer she held her head haughtily
back because her hat was titled over
her eyes. This fall she droops her
head meekly forward to balance the
toque on the back of her head, and
the mannerisms the fashion has given
her is an odd little way of pulling the
front of her bodice out now and then,
so that it may describe as ample a
curve from collar to belt as possible.
Next year she may smooth down her
skirt or rumple her sleeves,'but just
now the front of her corsage engages
her bands and her attention.—Wash
ington Post.
What He Found in Western
Canada to Induce Him
to Settle There,
Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., Feb. 20th, 1900.
To Whom it May Concern:—Especi
ally to those who are desirous of ob
taining health and wealth for them
selves and families, I wish to state a
few facts in regard to the Canadian
North-west, where I went, leaving
Sauit Ste. Marie on May 2ud, 1899, for
the purpose of seeking a better home
for mj family in the future. I got a
special rate ticket for Ft. McLeod, Al
berta. Through Manitoba and part ot
the farmers were busy em­
ployed ploughing and seeding. I
found the farmers very kind and
friendly, willing to t&lfc and assist in
giving me the particulars of the coun
try. At McLeod I spent a few days
looking over some ranchers' stock,
which I was surprised to see looking
so well they were in better condition
than any stock I ever saw in Michigan,
even those that had been stabled, and
most of these had never seen the in
side of a shed or received any feed from
the hands of man. But as I was also
looking for mixed farm land I found
McLeod no place for me, it is only fit
for ranching purposes.
Retracing my way back to Winni
peg, I stopped off at Lethbridge, where
I found some of the greatest horse
ranches I ever had the pleasure of
looking at. It is a fine level country,
and lots of water and good grazing.
At Medicine Hat, which is located in a
valley, there were lots of sheep, cattle
and horses in the surrounding country
and all looking well.
On July 14th I went to Regina, there
I began to see mixed farming lands in
abundance, and the crops looking re
markably well, and as long as daylight
lasted I saw the same all along the
line and on the 15th day of July I ar
rived in Winnipeg, just in time for
the exhibition. There I met with one
of the most beautiful pictures of the
world's records', for as soon as I en
tered the grounds my eyes met with
all kinds of machinery, all in motion,
and the cattle, grain and produce of
the country was far beyond my expec
tation, in fact it was beyond any in
dustrial exhibition or agricultural fair
I ever visited and I have seen a good
From Regina to Prince Albert, a dis
tance of 250 miles, it is all good for
mixed farming, and well settled, with
some thriving little towns. In some
places the grain, just coming into
head, would take a man to the waist,
and the wild fruit along the line was
good, rich and in great quantities,
from Saskatoon on the south branch of
the Saskatchewan river, to Prince Al
bert on the north branch of the same
river, is one of the best farming dis
tricts without any doubt that ever laid
face to the sun, and everything to be
found there, that is necessary to make
life comfortable, all that is required is
labor. There is lots of wood, good
Men are to women an evil tliey
could not be induced to dispense with.
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needs a dally pnpor. The Dos Moines Daily
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ter for the family. Address. The
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woman's won't.
It is better to be
rascally somebocty.
as strong as a
If you want "pood digestion to wait upon vour
appetite" you should alwiiys chew a bur of
Adams' Pepsin Tutti Fruui.
a nobody than a
Don't Get Bald.
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All druggists.
your hair will not fall out.
Courage is fully one-half the battle
of life.
Uncle Sam uses the best of everything. Uncle
Sam ases Carter's Ink. He knows.
Persons who are good
usually good talkers.
listeners are
Ludie* Can Wear Slioes.
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Ease, a powder. It makes tight or new
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swollen, hot,sweating,
aching feet, ingrowing nails, corns and
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dress Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N.
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Hindeucorns, the beat cure for corns. 15cts.
Fires, fights and free lunches
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25 and 50 cent bottles. Go at once
delays are dangerous.
The person who likes to hear him
self talk should buy a phonograph.
Hint to Housekeepers
To preserve shirt waists, etc., use Maple
City Self Washing Soap. All grocers
sell it.
A bad temper is not conducive to
A self-supporting stocking has
been invented. In the upper part
of the leg a few threads of Indian
rubber are woven, and they keep the
stocking from dropping.
A lecturer on the cannibals of North
Australia designated that country as
the land of contrasts, where "women
are without beauty, birds without
song and where dogs do not
Some people use apologies, instead
of money, in paving debts.
Lock Jaw.
E. If. Ilardin, China Springs, Tex.,
says: "One large dose of Morley's
Wonderful Eight cured my mare "of
lock-jaw. It was a wonderful cure and
saveii me a SCr.00 animal." Sold by
Xgent in every town.
Society's cream like that of milk, is
on the surface.
«tat. onurtoday. Btayel.«talo«u.fr«.
water, and abundant hay land, and
the climate is excellent.
Prince Albert is a flourishing little
place, situated on the north Sas
katchewan river, having a population
of about 1,800, with good street and
sidewalks and churches of nearly
every denomination, three school
houses, and another one to be built at
once, also a brewery and a creamery.
Here I stayed for about four months,
working at my trade of bricklaying,
and met with farmers and ranchers
with whom I made it my special busi
ness to talk in regard to the prospects.
I also visited several farmers for some
distance out in the country while crops
were in full bloom, and I may say that
I never saw better crops in all my
travels than I saw along the valley to
wards Stoney Creek and Carrot River.
In the market garden there is grown
currants, both red and black, and as
fine a sample of roots and vegetables
as ever went on a market. The soil in
and around this district cannot be
beaten for anything you may wish to
grow, and besides the season is long,
giving time for everything to mature.
The cattle were looking as good as I
saw anywhere, good pasture and hay
land, and plenty of water wherever
you go. The country is dotted all
around like islands with timber fit for
fuel and building purposes and within
a day's walk of lumbering woods,
where lumbering and tie making is
carried on in winter. Both large and
small game is plentiful.. There are
two good saw mills in this district,
with a good supply of all grades of
lumber all the year round and also two
good brickyards with an excellent
quality of brick. There is no scarcity
of building material and at a reason
able price. Clothing and living are no
higher than I find in Michigan, and
furthermore I wish to say that there is
a great demand for laboring men all
the year round and good wages rang
ing from $1.75 to $2.00 per day, and
from $25.00 to $35.00 per month with
I wish to say that I am perfectly sat
isfied with the country and I intend to
return to Prince Albert early in the
spring of 1900. Any reasonable man
can go there and in from five to ten
years make a good and comfortable
home for himself and family, and if
any person into whose hand this letter
should fall, desires more information,
please write to me and I will freely
give them my best opinion. I am writ
ing this for the benefit of those who
may want to make a better home for
themselves and families or friends.
Trusting that this statement may be
useful to you in the publication of
your next pamphlet and be the means
of guiding at least some of those who
are in search of a home, I remain
Your humble servant,
The above letter was written, to Mr.
J. Griere, Canadian Government Agent
at Saginaw, Michigan. Information as
to lands, etc., can be had from him or
Mr. M. V. Mclnnes, No. 2 Merrill
Block, Detroit, Michigan.
If yoirliave a grudge against your
neighbor, buy his small boy a drum.
We^efQnd 10c for every package of
to give satisfaction. Monroe Drug Co.,
Unionville, Me.
Some men are born with black
and some have to fight for them.
Mrs, Wlnslow'a Soothing Syrup.
For children teething, softens the gums, reduces in'
Bammaitou, allays pain, cures wind
colic. 25c
Lower rents—those in the knees of
the small boy's trousers.
Send for Choice Recipes
by Walter Baker & Co.. Ltd.. Dorchester, Mass.,
mailed free. Ment'on this paper.
When a boy thinks he knows more
than his father it is about time for
him to begin to pay board.
"Know Thyself," a Book For Men Only,
sent Free, postpaid, sealed, to any male
reader mentioning this paper 6c for
postage. The Science of Life, or Self-Pres
ervation, the Gold Medal Prize Treatise,
the best Medical Book of this or any age.
870 pp., with engravings and prescriptions.
Only 25c paper covers. Library Edition,
full gilt, $1.00. Address The Peabody Med
ical Institute, No. 4 Bulfinch St., Boston,
Mass., the oldest and best in this country.
Write today for these books keys to
health and vigor.
The ice cream dispenser is now rak
ing in the coin.
Don't Spoil Yonr Clothes
By using inferior soaps. Maple City Self
Washing Soap is absolutely pure and is
guaranteed not to injure the finest fabrics.
All grocers sell it
The child who respects his parents
will respect the laws of the land.
Hall's Catarrh Cure
Is taken internally. Price, 75c.
Some people are so stingy they fear
to speak loud, as it might wear on
their voice.
FITS PermancntlyOureu.
Woflts ornerTonsnensnftet
Srst day's use of Dr. Kline's Great Norve Restorer.
Bond for FREE $2.00 trial bottle and treatise.
Die R. 11. Klinf-T,td..931 Arch St..
Philadelphia, Pa.
A good boy may not become a hand
some man, but a handsome bonnet al
ways becomes a good woman.
I Try.Qrain=0!
Try Grain=0!
Ask you Grocer to-day to show you
a package of GBAIN-O, the new food
drink that takes the place of coffee.
The children may drink it without
injury as well as the adult. All who
try it, like it. GEAIN-O has that
rich seal brown of Mocha or Java,
but it is made from pure grains, and
the most delicate stomach receives it
without distress. the price of coffee.
15 cents and 25 cents per package.
Sold by all grocers.
Tastes like Coffee
Looks like Coffee
Insist that your grocer gives you GRAIN-0
Accept no imitation.
Prohibition, at Chicago, June 27, 28,
1900. Tickets on sale June 26, '27.
Democratic, at Kansas City, July 4,
1900. Tickets on sale July 2, 4.
The road to take to attend these
conventions is the Chicago Great
Western railway, the popular "Maple
Leaf Route,"with its vestibuled trains,
free chair cars, satisfactory dining car
service, and its unsurpassed sleeping
car accommodations.
Only one fare for the round trip.
For further particulars apply to any
agent of the Chicago Great Western,
or address F. H. Lord, G. P. & T. A.,
113 Adams street, Chicago.
J. Pierpont Morgan and William
K. Vnnoerluiilt are devotees of the
game of solitaire.
I.anc's Family Medicine.
Moves the bowels each day. In or
der to be healthy this is necessary.
Acts gently on the liver and kidneys.
Cures sick headache. Price and 50c.
A doctor never
patients well.
cares to know his
Save Your Kack
By using Maple City Self Washing Soap—
i„ does the work with half the labor.
Denmark claims that every one of
its citizens can read and write.
I am sure Piso's Cure for Consumption saved
my life three years uko.—Mrs. Twos. Robbins,
Maple Street, Norwich, N. Y., Feb. 17,1900.
Not half the people know what real
work is like.
Are You Uslug Alien's Koot-Kase?
It is the only cure for Swollen,
Smarting, Burning, Sweating Feet,
Corns and Bunions. Ask for Allen's
Foot-Ease, a powder to be shaken into
the shoes. At all Druggists and Shoe
Stores, 25c. Sample sent FREE. Ad
dress Allen S. Olmsted. LeRoy, N. Y.
A fool praises himself, but a wise
man turns the job over to a friend.
A •Warning:.
Pain or soreness in the back must
never be slighted. Kidney diseases
creep on us with only that one warn
ing. llelay is folly when by the timely
use of Morley's Liver and Kidney Cor
dial, the great System Itenovator, all
danger can be avoided. This remedy
is a positive cure for Kidney and Uri
nary Troubles. Ask your druggist.
A little bird on a hat
that tell tales.
is worth two
Must Bear Signature of
See Fac-Slmile Wrapper Below.
Terr small and as easy
to take as sugar.
Cutthls ad.out&nd send to us with 07 cents, state
wcetuer Indies or Kents bicycle 1s wanted.size of frame.and we will send you thlsHtirh
I Tue&rVefattMe*
Winner BICYCLE by freight c.
A ??*. Kxamino^lt at your freight office and if you
.00 to
or banker the. balance, ft 4.80# The World Winner Is
BINDINOGUARANTEE. Frame Ts 22 or24 inch, made
~,*a tubing. flne*t one-piece hanger, finest full ball bearings.
MnnSrifxa "OCKY ded ^dd'e^uUaat^ble h*ad)e bars, best Doyle pedals, high rrade guaranteed
222? tumrnia tire*, fine leather bag, complete wlto tools and repair
maroon.highly nickel flnished.Delhl pad-
,.Supp|y ou.«,
Our booklet suggests
Pleasantly and economically is afforded by the tourist tickets on sale
via the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Ry. on and after June 1st.
Chautauqua Lake, Niagara Falls,
the St. Lawrence River, White Mountains
and the Atlantic Coast Resorts
are among the more important points reached. Summer edition of
The one thing that quail*
flos a person to give ad
vice on any subject Is
experience experience
creates knowledge^
bridge work runs right up onder the Falls electric cars now
1 to the Corse, past rapids and whirlpool it water's edge— "•$
..xaa Lift maai Aniaitl *i-iU(iLI Nn niMpk **?V*.
ton down
other engineering feats make best view points accessible. No more
exorbitant charges—the governments stopped them. At less cost,
on can now view Niagara to better advantage than ever
icfare. Round trips from Detroit $12.00. Chicago Sit.00. St.
i? Loots $31.30, Kansas City $39.75. Let us
quote right rate from your home city.
t- illustrates them with beautiful engravings and gives valuable in
formation to the contemplating summer vacationist. Bound in
cloth—you will want to preserve it. It is free.
Qira s«
ide» ot how tonf yon e»n
for yotsr «umR«r ouHnf, 1«ow tneelt
want it to roit yo«. what part of th« country yvu would lilt* to vnit, «tr W« wilt
you our booklet and further information baitd on tba tkparianca of olhcn. winch
will aava you uooay ind cuhatiea Uto plaaaur* of ymt auiniBW outing. IddrtM,
Wo ho cli ftoifrnori SUMMER TOUR DEPARTMENT,
W dUdall Kdlll UdU 1961 Lincoln Trust Blife.. ST. LOUIS.
ririiViltliii1i) i"'Y~ •iiirt'riiiilirri
No other person has so
wide an experience with
female ills nor such a
record of success as
Mrs. Pinkham has hadm
Over a hundred thou
sand cases come before
her each year. Some per~
sonally, others by mail.
And this has been going
on for 20 years, day after
day and day after day,
Twenty years of con
stant success think of
the knowledge thus
gained! Surely women
are wise in seeking ad
vice from a woman with
such an experience, es
pecially when it is freem
If you are ill get a bottle
of Lydia E. Pinkham"s
Vegetable Compound at
once—then write Mrs.
Pinkham, Lynn, Mass•
There is a growing admiration
On a postal card, MENTION THIS
PAPER, and we will send you ABSO'
LUTELY FREE any one or all of our
five Catalogues QUOTING TO YOU
Little Liver Pills.
the woman who doesn't know the king
from a two spot.
For the 4th of July the Minneapolis
and St. Louis R. R. tenders excursion
rates of one and one-third fare to all
points within 200 miles. Tickets will
be on sale July 3 and 4, good returning
to July 5th. Inquire of Minneapolis &
St. Louis ticket agents for particulars.
Some girls seem to want to marry a
man for fear that some other girl will
No. 1—Cameras & Photo Goods,
No. 2—Bicycles & Sundries.
No. 3—Talking Machines,Records,&c
No. 4—Guns, Ammunition, Etc.
No. 5—Spirting & Athletic Goods.
Compare our discounts with others and see for yourself.
616-618-620 oust Stree
415-4-17 Seventh Strc*
Write CAPT.O'FAl
1420 New York
for closest estimate of
the 900 census of tUe
United States.
If you subscribe for
the greatest of America's
arai Journal*, GO cciue a
year, you may guests at the
census ann will receh a certificate
to share. If you win, In 835tOOOt la
lOOOprires. Awards based on the
1000 cetiBue of the U. S. and terri­
tories. The plan Is copyrighted by the Preas Pub
lishing Association, and has been approved by
Posiotflce Department. We send ecrilticatea corre
sponding to your Kue»*ee.
If you get up a club of *tx or more, giving each a
guess, you can also have as many live guesses as you
send subscribers.
If you wish to record a number of guesses before
the contest closes we will send ten Postal Due Bills
each good for a year's subscription for $5.00 and give
2U guesses free.
Free Guesses with 2 year's subscription at $1.0u.
First Prize 815,000 Fourteenth $ 3%
Second Prize 5,000 Fifteenth Prize 80
Third Prize 1,000 Sixteenth Prize 25
Fourth Prize 500 Seventeenth Prize
Fifth Prize 800 Eighteenth Prize 15
Sixth Prize ... 200 Nineteenth Prize 15
Seventh Prize 100 Twentieth Prize 15
Eighth Prize 90 180 Prizes of #5.00 900
Ninth Prize 80 100 Prizes of $4.00 400
Tenth Prize 75 100 Prizes of $2.5) 2
Eleventh Prize 60 200 Prizes of $2.00 400
Twelfth Prize 50 400 Prizes of $1.00 400
Thirteenth Prize 40 5557
If two or more tie, prizes will be divided cqualiv
The Press Publishing Association has deposit*
#25.000 in the Central Savings Bank of Detroit, a:
cannot be withdrawn till prizes are paid.
Send subscriptions, guesses and money to
FARM NEWS CENSUS DEPT., Springfield, Ph..
W. N. U., Des Moines., No. 26—19011
When answering advertisements please men
tien this paper.
Book of Trains" showing specimen tours will be of interest in arranging for
your trip. Sent free on application to F. M. BYRON, G. W. A., 144 Van Buren
Street, Chicago.
Is now in service.
Niagara Falls
SEND NO MONEY* We ask no money tin til you bare examined the machine and convinced ronmelf it ft
mich a machine as was never before offered at anything like the price. OUR OFFER.
Mention No. 93 if you have any use for a sewing machine. Don't seud one cent of money,
but write your name plainly and in full, name of postortice and ueareat railroad station,
and we will-send this
drop head &-d
rawer CabinettilueKlbbon SewingMachiue to your rail
road station, Puzpatixo
/fin Hess-
Fksioot Cuasoks ouroelve* go there and examine
in any expert to examine it compare it with machine* chat other* sell at €40 to HO, and
$16.27. freight and collection ehargM pald byos toaftytown east of Rooky Mountains for
she No. 99 machine in our new Grand Five Drawer/Drop Bead Cabinet±tlue filbbdOi II
,olipvg all previous attempts
at Sewing Machine v&Ioes. Ttimrnntnnrt ftO Ysari
16, call

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