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of Interest
Reported by our
.v '. Weld&Hi
':v .Vi "'-I
The Pleaianton correspondent would
do us a great favor in stating the pros
pect of peaches, as there area number
of people contemplating going down to
A carriage load of Van VVerters (boys
and girls) were out on a lark Saturday
night and gave this city a pleasant call.
They had everything their own way un
til they began "joshing" the small boys
on the street and the boys soon got too
warm for them and they went out of
town with the horses on the dead run
Weldon and Van Wert never could hang
on the same nail. We appreciate their
visits and welcome them to our town as
long as they are legitimate but we can't
approve of their driving at break neck
speed on the main streets of our quiet
little village.
Arthur McCartney, E. A. Lockwood
and Hugh B. Gardner are buying timo
thy seed. fl.
10 is the highest price we
have beard quoted here but it'is
in Osceola.
Our town girls have started a new fad
by wearing red bandanna handker
chiefs on their hats.
Miss Winnie Eddie has resumed her
position in Hugh B. Gardner's store.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Tarry
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Clell
McCollough Tuesday. Clell says he has
already asked him for a quarter for next
Fourth ot July.
Mrs. Maud Stanley, of Illinois, is vis
iting the family of Mrs. J. N. Eddie.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Lowe visited the
latter's brother, JimEddie,Saturday and
Wallace's race horse Kandall got
his foot fast in the partition of the stall
and broke his leg so badly he had to be
shpt-^ia quite a loss as Mr. Wallace
pent some time in training him.
He was a young trotting horse and won
a good race in central Missouri last fall.
As Joe Philipps was driving to Leon
the morning of the Fourth hia dog took
a fit in front of Jim Howell's residence
and furiously fought the horses for a
while and' then started off through the
field and hasn't been heard of since.
They- are momentarily expecting the
horses to go mad.
.Lightning struck Will Eddie's^ barn
Thursday morning and burned it to the
ground with 3 head of horses, 7 tons of
hay, 400 bushels corn, buggy, harness
and implements. One horse belonged to
Tom Boyce, another horse belonging to
him broke loose and ran.,out of the barn
but was So badly bruised and burned
that it's recovery is doubtful.
B8 of
was $300 insurance on the baVn
and $150 on the horses and as t6 further
insurance we didn't learn. It was a
large and commodious barn just erected
last year. p|| if
Will Gardner/"'of Leslie, had two
horses killed^by lightning Thursday
Jack Wilson conducted himself in such
a manner as to be expelled from home
a few days ago. 'r'-
Our campmeeting continues with in
creased interest. They have some speak
ers of sterling ability.
Dr. Mitchell visited the Ft. Madison
penitentiary a few days ago and was
pleased with his trip.
While one of Frank Wallace's little
boys was working in the field the other
day he heard some hounds running in
the timber nearby and ran to join their
.sport. He soon came upon a tired dog
lying in the shade of a large tree. He
hit the dog and it seized him by the
throat. His crys were heard by his
faithful companion, a shepherd dog,
which quickly came to his rescue before
he was seriously injured.
There was a grand musical entertain
ment at the Weldon Meadows farm Fri
day night.
L.—JPormanjTrisler will start out with his
steam thresher this week.
Omer Blakesley is working for Oscar
Frank Stevens gave a social Saturday
Wm. Warren is thinking oi renting
his farm and moving to town.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Stevens have anew
piano purchased of W. A. Alexander, of
W. C. Lowe has a new wagon.
The W. R. C. gaye an ice cream social
at Mrs. Lillard's Saturday evening.
Miss Cleva Cashman was the guest of
Miss Lena Chainy Sunday.
C. C. Wood is running a large harvest
force with three mowing machines, four
sweep rakes and two stackers.
John Snyder is harvesting for J. F.
John Abercrombie was hurt one day
last week by a stacker being let down on
S. B. Leist,agent for McLaughlin Bros.,
of Columbus, Ohio, recently sold their
fine Percheron draft stallion,Ardent,to a
"**»~«ampany at this place composed of nine
stockholders and ten sharee. The stock
... holders are: C. S. Eals 2 shares, C. C.
Wood, J. W. Winget, John Scheets, J.
D. Van Liew, Wallace Bros., Charley
T&bler, Elmer Beck and J. C. Hawkins.
The horse is three years old, weighs 2,000
pound? and cost $3,000. Mr. Leist is
here now with a small road horse for
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Wood are con
templating a visit through Kansas.
There is the greatest demand for har
vest bands ever known in this county
and they are paying $1.25 per day.
The oats are straw heavy and of very
light quality but will turn out wtell.
Mr8. Dr.Enos Mitchell and siaterMiss
Viola Houge are now in London'Wt
itck ll£{-
ohnson, of Van Wertj Visited
daughter, Mrs. Maggie Wood
k« .!*•
Weave* Oritchfleld is learning tele
graphy of our agent Bobbie Wilson.
S. Horney is visiting his sister south
of Leon. .-1
Will Mitchell's sister is visiting him.
Robert Mitchell of the Lanning Medi
cine Co. was here this week.
One of Baker's Medicine men canvass
ed this territory this week.
We heartily endorse the nomination
ofChas. Lane, of this city, for county
recorder. We only wish to commend
him as a gentleman of business, princi
ples, morality and would make a first
class recorder.
Friendship hearts are in good demand
here as they have the supply exhaust
Miss Clara Hodtre was the guest of
Miss Minnie Lowe Sunday.
Justus George Kyle, of Osceola, was
the guest of Willie Stevens Saturday and
Mrs. Will Mitchell gave birth to twins
Friday, The little girl died and the
funeral service was conducted Sunday at
the home by Rev. Armstrong. The re
mains were interred in the Hebro
Mr. Johnson, oi Des Moines, was the
guest of Miss Lillian Webb Sunday.
John Bryant is shaking hands with
his many friends here this week.
Kd Lender, of Lacelle, was in town
The whooping cough is raging here.
There will be a missionary rally at
Van Wert Sunday of the C. W. B. M.'s
of the Christian churches of l^on, Van
Wert and Weldon.
Stop your hair falling out! "Erysipelas re
suited in entire loss of my hair two bottles
Bcggs' Hair Renewcr gave me a line growth."
J. A. Lin dor, Editor Advocate, Humeston,
Iowa. Guarantoed for all scalp diseases re
stores natural growth and color. Try it now
McGrath & Still, Woodl and.
Garden Grove.
Those who are inclined to be nervous
during a thunder storm, had good rea
son for it last Thursday morning.
Lightning struck at three points
in town, one being at Elzie
Martin's house. In the country near
here it demolished several chimneys
killed a steer belonging to Robt. McKee
and burned the barn of J. Eddie north
west of town, together with three horses
and a large amount of hay and grain.
Owners of gardens are bewailing the
damage being done by potato bugs.
They are the long, striped variety, and
tackle anything from a milk weed up.
N. H. Pyle, of Ottumwa, came last
week to visit his father-in-law, J. S.
Alda Stearns, who came home from
Bsaconsfield last week, and who it was
feared would have a run of typhoid
fever is now on the mend and will prob
ably be all right in a short time.
Miss Marienne Zichey left Saturday
for Fairfield for a visit with friends.
Mrs. N. M. Bark huff, of Tingley spent
_£t Saturday in Garden Grove yisiting
ir old neigfibd^^^^^u^m^haw
Her daughter had I^S^riere^some
The splendid rain Monday morning
makes our crop prospects still brighter,
Mrs. Geo. Brown came out from Chi
cago Saturday and will make a visit
with Garden Grove relatives.
Mrs. Ira Miller left Friday for an ex
tended visit with relatives and friends
in western Pennsylvania and New
Miss Adda Hoadley went to Fairfield
Saturday to visit friends.
Sam White came down from Indianola
last week to visit a few days with rel
atives and friends.
Thos. McKinney is enjoying a visit
this week from his brother, Wm. Mc
Kinney and wife, of western New York,
Mrs. L. A. Blackman entertained her
Sunday School class last Saturday eve'
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hoadley enter
tained the members of h6r Presbyterian
choir at their home last Saturday eve
ning. A pleasant time is reported.
Mrs. Lizzie Metier returned Monday
from Milan, Mo., where she had been
trimming in a millinery shop.
The ladies of the Presbyterian church
will serve ice cream and cake at the
millinery shop Thursday evening.
The young men went Monday eve
ning to organize a foot ball team to
practice up for next fall's games.
Shake into your Shoes.
Allen.s Foot Ease, a powder. It cures pain
ful, smarting, swollen feet acd ingrowing nails
and instantly takes the sting out of corns and
bunions. It the greatest coihfort discovery
of the age, Allen's Foot Ease makes tight or
new shoes feel eaay. It is a certain cure for
sweating, callous and hot, tired, aching feet.
Try it today. Sold by all druggists ana shoe
stores. By mail for 25c. in stamps. Trial
package FREE. Address Allen S. Olmsted.
Le Roy, N, Y.
The farmers are busy haryesting.
Rey. Peron filled his appointment at
Elk Chaple Sunday morning.
Messrs. Smith and Cammeron are as
sisting C. L. Board during harvest.
Mrs. Brown and sister, from Bedford,
visited Mrs. John Reuss Friday.
Mrs. Will Brown is visiting at the
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John
Fred Rhode still makes his usual calls
at Grand River. We wonder why?.
Warren Dunbar is helping Otto Hil
fiker through harvest.
Pearl Fowler called on Miss Anna Hil
fiker Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Teale, of Kellerton, are
visiting at the home of Otto Hilfiker.
Miss Fannie Fowler is staying with
Mrs. Eiker.
Frank Ross and best girl were trying
his new buggy Sunday.
We wonder if Jimmie Woodmansee
still goes north from Decatur. Does he
Misses Anna Hilfiker and Bertha Han*
ner called on Mrs. H. L. Teale Friday
of Inst week.
Mrs. Fowler returned home Sunday
from Missouri where she had bf en visit
ing her son, Jonah.
Miss Mnrgaret Don^l.han is stiljlng
with h$f Sifter, Mrs! Mllest Jones.
The Jbiirnai repotted last week that
Warreh Dunbar had purchased a new
bugg£ btat we guess it's a mistake.
^'hllda, of Poorla, III., makes a sugges
J! a„?rave y£lu®
everyone. "Bef?gs\Uer-
man Salve is the best general household rem
anLUPli?* 1111
outs, burns, scalds, old
sores, all skin diseases, and is tUe ONLY Pile
t0 oure
McGrath & SliU, Woodland.
Davis City.
The funeral of J. E. Teale under the
auspices of the Odd Fellows and G. A.
lodges last week was largely attend-
We are sorry that dates were not
furnished us for a more fitting obituary
as he has loug been one of Davis City's
best and honorable citizens and it is
with deep regret we chronicle his de
Grandma Post has a son visiting her
from Wisconsin. He is Ithe owner of a
monstrosity that he has on exhibition,
is part hog and part horse.
Mrs. E. C. McMannus of Grant City,
came in Monday to visit with her many
L. H. Trowbridge returned to his
home at Ottumwa last Sunday after a
week's visit with Davis City friends.
L. H. Shoemaker and family spent
Sunday in the country.
Misses Dot Weaver and Hattie Cozad,
of Pleasanton, was calling on Davis
City friends last Thursday.
Rev. G. E. Mitchell and wife of Coiuin
bia spent last week in our city. He
was called here to officiate at the funer
al of J. E. Teale.
Rev. McKay, wife and daughter ar
rived in our city the past week. Mrs.
McKay and daughter will remain in our
city several weeks, but Mr. McKay will
visit his parents in Nova Scotia.
F. M. Freeman has treated his res
taurant to a new coat of paint.
E, S. Grimes has been adding a new
wooden awning to his implement build
Mrs. L. H. Trowbridge and children
spent the past week with her brother,
Mark Adams, near Tuskeego.
Mrs. O. E. Grimes has a cousin visit
ing her from Gilman, Mo.
The n«w M. E. church is ready for the
plasterers. The seats have been ordered
and now they think it will be ready for
dedication the last of August.
By the burning of the Little River
bridge last Friday evening the south
passenger train due here between 8 and
9 o'clock was delayed here till 3 a. m.
when the bridge was so far replaced
that the train could cross. The fire was
reported by Rev, A. H. Rusk who
brought the word to the station just
before the train was due, thus prevent
ing what might have been a terrible
disaster. Three bents at the north end
were burned. A large force of bridge
men being at work on the steel bridge
at this place and the section men from
Leon and Davis City quickly replaced
Mrs. W. C. Hamilton returned fron
St. Joe last Thursday. Her sister whom
she was called there to see had so far
recovered as to be able to be brought
Home with her.
Dr. Horner and wife, of Lamoni, at
tended the funeral of J. E. Teale last
Anew magnetic healer has taken pos
session of Dr. Horner's old office and
now is going to well revolutionize this
part of the world and starve the doctors
all out.
"Kimp" Hamilton and Charley Hunt
who started out to railroad last week
returned to Dayis City last Monday.
Sam went Tuesday night to resume
Hurrah for Bryan and Stevenson!
Cleveland headed the ticket with Stev'
enson in 1892 and Bryan and Stevenson
will be elected in 1900.
John Franklin returned from Nebras
ka last Thursday.
JohnTilse returned from Wathena,
Kas., Tuesday. He was accompanied
by his mother.
John Bennett and wife returned to
their home in this city from Trenton,
where Mr. Bennett had been receiving
treatment from the Kirksville doctors.
He says he received much benefit.
Miss Clara Tilse returned to Wathena,
Kas., last Sunday to resume her place
in a millinery establishment.
J. C. Keshlear returned from Kansas
City last week where he went to attend
the democratic convention, also to visit
his mother and brother at the same
time. He was present when both Bryan
and Stevenson each received the ballots
that gave to them the nomination for
the.highest office in the power of the
American people—an office that places
them at the head of one of the greatest
powers eyer achieved by the human
Mrs. E. E. Shackley was called to the
bedside of her mother at Tonganoxie,
Kas., last week.
We have a good sale on Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepsin because we guarantee it
and refund your money if it' does no
do just as we represent it." Call for a
booklet that tells you all about it, at L.
Van Werden's.
Heal' Estate Transfers.
From July 5 to 18, 1900, as reported
by F. Varga & Son.
J. O. Parrish to Bertha E. Alexan
der, lot in Leon $ 200
Cyrus Walker to Nora Stickler,lot
in Van Wert 125
Ann Gardner to Elizabeth Gard
ner, lot in Leon 800
Thomas Stuart to C. W. Brenizer,
lot in Lamoni 850
Ollie M. Anderson to Edward
Weedmark, lot in Lamoni.. 40
Charles D. Wheeland to Jonathan
Ratliff, lot in Garden Grove 100
John McDaniel to John M. Brown
40 acres in Eden. 800
J08. Brown, sr. to Jos. Brown, jr.
190 acres in Richland and'
Grand River 4,257
John H. Duncan to J. W. Judd,
142 acres in Morgan 2,000
Albert J. Webber to D, F. Nichol
son, lot in Lamoni
Ask your grocer for Hues' Bleaching
Blue, do not be deceived by fradulent
imitation*, see that the name Ruse ap^
pears on all packages.
Van Wert.
Our Woodmeh drove to Grand itivet
Monday evening and initiated fifteen
into the'mysteries of Wood Graft for the
Grand River Camp.
One of the glass in the -post office
front was broken Sunday evening, but
nobody seems to know how it happen
Dogs are getting so bad in town that
people can't steep. It would be wall for
the community if the'shotgun was ap
Attorney RoDerts left Saturday for
Kansas to take care of his rent wheat.
Frank Clanton is laying ofi the sec
tion tbis week making arrangements to
build a new dwelling in the west part of
the city.
L. L. Craft has quit the restaurant
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred West on
Sunday, a bouncing girl. 't
Threshing has begun in good shaped
oats are of good quality and will yield
30 to 40 bushel per acre-
Tuesday morning men could be seen
with overcoats.on shivering as if it was
40° below.
Mrs. Worden is improving slowly.
Wm. Boise had a stroke of paralysis
Monday morning which left the left side
paralyzed. He has been sick for sev
eral weeks and was beginning to im
prove when he took the stroke.
Tom Whetis, of Texas, is visiting
friends and relatives in this country for
a short time.
A horse belonging to J. D. Young
took sick in Grand Riyer Monday night
and the boys had to leave him there
and borrow one to get home.
It would be a good thing if Leon's
dog law extended all over the county.
In its advanced and chronic form a
cold in the head is known as Nasal
Catarrh and is the recognized source of
other diseases. Having stood the teBt
of continued successful use, Ely's Cream
Balm is recognized as a specific for
membranal diseases in the nasal pas
and you should resort to this
treatment in your own case. It is not
drying, does not produce sneezing.
Price 50 cents at druggists or by mail.
Ely Brothers, 56 Warren Street, New
York. Give up prejudice and try it.
Amnions & Brazelton have sold their
hardware and furniture store to John
Shields* and they are invoicing.
U. W. Wells has commenced business
again in his Btore.
W. 8. Bear and Clarence Gardner are
back from a business trip to Chicago.
Fred Townsend and Art McCoy spent
Sunday in Leon.
A number of the Modern Woodmen
from here attended lodge at Grand River
Monday night.
The masons are putting a new roof on
their hall.
Our tabernacle meeting has commenc
ed and a good attendance is on hand
eyery night.
Several buggies and wagons contain
ing the members of the Christian Sun
day school, of Leon, passed through
here Wednesday morning enroute for
rad River to spend the day picnicing.
It seems as though the marshal ought
to light the street lamps especially on
dark nights.
Mrs. Moore and daughter, of Kansas,
who have been visiting W. J. Moore
and family are spending this week at
Grand River,
1 Plnoree & Smith.
I Fargo.
All high grade footwear at one
naif regular price.
New Court Cases.
John B. Anderson ys. Unknown
Heirs of John Ballard, deceased, et al.
Action is brought to quiet plaintiff's
title to the south-west quarter of the
south-east quarter of section 7, town
ship 67, Decatur county, Iowa. V. R.
McGinnis, attorney for plaintiff.
Sarah A. Gardner vs. Bert Gardner et
al. The widow of the lateS. E. Gardner
brings an action in partition asking that
her share in the estate and that of her
children be apportioned, and as the real
estate can hot be partitioned asks for an
order of sale and the proceeds be divid
ed among the heirs. C. W. Hoffman,
attorney for plaintiff.
Laura Morningstar vs. Swen Clay.
Plaintiff asks for judgment in the sum
of |200 for rent of a farm owned by her
in Grand River township. Harvey &
Parrish attorneys for plaintiff.
H. R. Layton vs. Nancy M. and T. J.
Gibson. Plaintiff sues for $21.50 for
medical services rendered, and as de
fendants have left -the state he asks for
an attachment against their property in
this county. Marion Woodard attorney
for plaintiff.
Wm, 8. Dooley vs. Thomas W. Silvers
et al.' Plaintiff asks for a decree quiet
ing his title to the north three-fourths
of the south-east quarter of the south
east quarter of section 18, township 69,
Decatur county, Iowa. 8. A. Gates,
attorney for plainti t?.
"Ill weed8 grow "space." Impurities
in your blood will also grow unless you
promptly expel them by taking Hood's
1200,000 behind Hammar Paint guar
antee for five years of satisfaction.
Most economical. Best protection to
house owners.
Mather—the 30 years dentist of over
30 years experience is at J^eon on the
morning of the 27th and will remain
until the last of every month.
See Joe L. Warner, the north side
jeweler, for all kinds of cleaning and re
pairing. All work guaranteed and
prices lowest in the'city,
The best kitchen ware, the Blue Delft,
will be found in the south window at
,, For Sale tor Trade.
young Jack coming two yef
GranfaRiver,-or address
nd River.
Hufltirtfl_Biek Taxeii
iThere has been crowding, cohtiiston
ahd some "cussing" about' the court
house the past week. All the trouble
has been caused by the "tax ferrets."
At its April session the Board of Super
visitors entered into a contract with
Ben McCoy, the well known Oskaloosa
lawyer, for the collection of taxes upon
personally.property which may have
escaped assessment in any way. Iowa
laws for years haye permitted the ap
pointment of tax collectors, and the
work which the McCoy people are do
ing is especially authorized by an act of
the last general assembley. But col
lectors have never been employed in
Jefferson county, although they have
worked in most of the counties of Iowa.
Last week after Mr. Hull, who has
charge of the work here, had sent out a
hundred or more notices ^to alleged
delinquents he began to receive some
hot responses. Treasurer Hopkirk's
name was stamped on the papers and
he had to bear the first onslaught. No
taxes had been returned to him, how
ever, and he repudiated the whole busi
ness, even going so far as to refuse to
further permit the use of his facsimile
signature to the notifications. Then the
indignant people devoted their entire
attention to Mr. Hull and made life
such a burden to him that he sent for
his principal, Mr. McCoy, and asked
that a meeting of the board be called to
further consider the matter.
The board of supervisors needs no
justification in its effort to collect back
taxes due the county. Such action is
not only authorized by the statute, but
is a duty of the board, and is especially
to be commended if it will uncover "tax
dodgers" who escape their share of
public burdens by failure return per
sonal property for assessment. But the
method employed by the McCoy people
is notoriously unfair and unjust and
will certainly be productive of righteous
indignation and perhaps further trouble.
They have devoted their entire atten
tion so far to running the mortgage
records, and they afford a very slight
clue to unreturned property but abund
ant opportunity to make wholesale
errors. Those who haye watched the
procession file into the room say that
three fourths of the people cited to ap
pear are able to explain away the charge
against them, and the others are yet to
be heard from. There area dozen ways
in which apparent errors may- arise from
such a method. A has $1,500 which be
loans to for five years, with optional
payments pays $1,200 on his note,
and it is loaned to on like condition
pays $800 on his obligation in the
course of time and it is loaned, to D.
Mortgages are taken and placed on
record in each case, and the tax ferret
turns up $3,500 monies and credits
against A, who never has had more than
$1,500 loaned. Uncancelled mortgages,
mortgages given to indemnify
The board of supervisors met in spec
ial session Monday, had a consultation
with Messrs. McCoy and Hull, and list
ened to the arguments of individuals
and attorneys for a cessation of the
work. It decided that the collectors
should continue their labors. There is
talk that injunctions are to be resorted
to, as in Keokuk county, and other
litigation is threatened. There are
some things very certain—one is that
the "ferrets" have stirred up a lot of
trouble, and another that it is not yet
ended.—Fairfield Ledger.
Does Coffee Agree With You
If not, drink Gram-O made from pure grains.
A lady writes: "The lirst time I made Grain-O
I did not like it but after using It for one week
nothine would induce me to go back to coffee.
The children can drink it freely with great
benefit. Get a package to-day from your gro
iviiun mc uirevuvuo nuu jvu wui uoic a
delicious and healthful table beverage for old
and young. 15c. and 36.
cer, follow the directions and you will have a
Boards of supervisors in Iowa that
have been paying out big money to trav
eling tax spieB for hunting unreported
property which regular officers shou Id
report, now find thetnselves in a predica
ment that will be any thing but pleasant.
The species were authorized, by the
boards that employed them, to go back
five yearB in noising up delinquents, for
which they were in many instances
pud fifty per cent, of all property tax
reported. A few days ago it was decid
ed by the district court that the law did
not authorize the reports of property
for back taxes preceding the adoption
of the new code in 1898, and that all col
lections made on property reported by
tax "ferrets" previous to this date must
be refunded by the county to those from
whouf it was collected and the best at
torneys of the state say the supreme
court will undoubtedly sustain this de
cision: Thus the counties that went
into the hiring of traveling spies,
through their boards 'of supervisors,
will not only be out the fat fee paid the
spies but must, in addition, shell out
the entire amount from which the
species pocketed their per cent.—
Keosauqua Republican. l.
Stung by a Centipede^
Mrs. Thos. 8aunders, of Bluffton, Tex.,
was stung by a centipede. A doctor
was sent for, but before he arrived some
sensible friend wet a piece of brown
paper with Morley's Wonderful Eight
and applied it to the wound. The doc
tor salcr bis services were not needed,
for the poison #as neutralized or killed
by the Wonderful Eight. Mrs. S. did
not suffer from the wound. Sold by
agent in every towu, Jfree ,,trial bottles
at L. Van Werden's:.
Senator 6ear Dead m?
Senator John H. Geac died suddenly
at his hotel in Washington Saturday.
He had been in declining, health for
some months but his demise was totally
unexpected at this time. He had just
completed arrangements to return to
his home in Burlington when the death
summons came to him, his death being
caused from an attack of heart trouble.
His remains were brought to his home
in Burlington, the funeral being held
yesterday afternoon.
The death of Senator Gear will reopen
the fight which was waged last winter
by the friends of Mr. Cummins against
the republican machine. It gives the
appoiiftment of a successor to- Senator
Gear to Governor Shaw, and there is
much speculation as to who he will ap
point. The governor himself is suppos
ed to be a candidate for the position at
the time of the next election by the
Iowa legislature and he will probably
appoint some one for the unexpired
term who will step down and out in his
favor at the proper time. It is. not at
all likely that he will make an appoint
ment until after the coming election.
Delegates tfi Congressional Con
At a mass convention held at the
court house Saturday afternoon at which
C. W. Hoffman was chairman and O. E.
Hull secretary, the following delegates
and alternates were selected to attend
the democratic congressional conven
tion held at Corning, Iowa, yesterday.
E. J. Sankey.
O. E. Hull. v"
G.W.Baker. ..
V. R. McGinnis.
G. P. Arnold.
Patrick Griffin.
J. B. Bennett.
A. M. Pry
James S. Beaverp.
U. W. Wells.
W. W. Scott.
J. M. Howell.
Mel Thompson.
L. Greenland.
Richard Trower.
J. F. Nofstger.
Gus Hage.
F. M. Freeman. ,,
W. C. Cozad.
Harrison Wilson.
C. P. Beavers.
Thomas Cox..
L. C. Bonham.
on a note, mortgages taken by an at
torney to simplify the settlement of an
estate, mortgages which have been more
than oflset with the assessor by indebt
edness, all are "nuts" in the paws of
the "ferret," and he uses them to best
advantage. More than that' the period
covered by his operations runs back five
years, and it takes a very careful and
methodical business man to be able to
tell just what he was worth at any day
in that time. Some "tax dodgers" may
be uncovered by this work, but scores
of innocent people who have given in
an honest and just assessment are going
to be harassed and distressed, and
some of them wronged, because they
cannot make a satisfactory explanation.
License to Wed.
The following marriage licenses have
been issued by Clerk Stockton since
our last issue:
Frank W. White..... 26
Tillie E. Venn !.."!!!"!.21
Benj. F. Venn 52
Mrs. Mary E. Venn
J. F. Grim 20
Adda May Gibbens L"!""""!!l6
Eusepbus D. Clark 26
Sarah Lilian Craig 26
To those interested in Elk cemetery:
The annual meeting for the purpose
of beautifying the grounds of said ceme
tery situated mile south of Elk Chapel
will be held on Wednesday," August 1,
1900. For tools, bring scythes and axes
and for fear of getting hungry bring well
filled basketB. A. S. Ross.
A number of republicans in this
county have come out for Bryan this
year. Among the latest we learn is Rad
Mace, of Lineville, ex-sherifl of this
county. He is supporting Bryan and
last week made abet that he would be
elected. One by one thev change over.
—Corydon Democrat.
The editor of the Valley Junction Ex
press is being roasted because he prim
ed proceedings in a divorce suitr in
which the parties desired that no
publicity should be given the case. The
editor says his mission is not to make
news, but to publish it, and adds: "If
the people desire to be kept out of news
papers they must keep out of court and
politics. If they get into court or
politics they might as well make up
their minds that things will be said
about them which are not pleasant to
their ears."
Genesee Pure Pood Co., Le Roy, N Y.:
Gentlemen:—My mamma has been a great
coffee drinker and has found it very injunous.
Having used several packages of your iraln-0
the drink that takes the place of coffee, she
finds it much better for herself and for 11s
S5i ^.I?n
?. .k'
she has
Slven up coffee
drinking entirely. We use a paokage of
Grain-O every eek. I am ten years old.
Yours respectfully, FANNIE WILLIAMS.
See us when you want barb wire or
nails for we will save you money.
Any party wishing to purchase resi
dence property in the best location in
Leon enquire of T. E. Horner.
The best assortment of cultery in
Decatur cotinty is in the north window
It will pay the farmers to take their
poultry, eggs and other produce to the
Leon Commission Co. They pay cash.
Dyeing is as simple as washing when
you use Putnam Fadeless Dyes. Sold
by W. A. Alexander and L, Van Wer
FOR SALE—A yearling and two-year
eld Cruickshank bulls of good size,
color and family. Address this office.
35c, 35c, not 25c nor 50c, 35c, the
price of Rocky Mountain Tea the world
over. None genuine, unless made by
the Madison Medicine Co. Ask your
& crt
Hard and soft coal always on
hand at bottom prices.
Arnold A Slgler.
Farmers' National Congress.
Colorado Springs, Col., August 21—31,
1900. Rate, one fan plus $2.0G. Dates
of sale August 18 and 19. Limit Sep
tember 3. C. M. KBTCHAM,
iw 1
Homeseekers Excursions
pates of Bale—May 1-15,
June 5-19, July 3-17, August
7-21. Rates One fare plus
(2.00. Minimum charge for Homeseek
ers Excursion ticket |9.00. Territory
principal points west, south-west, north
west, south-east., The territory also in
cludes Colorado common points, Den
ver, Colorado Springs and Ptieblo. lim
it 2rdays. Call on me for further in
formation. Answering questions Is our
Rev. Edwards came down from
Osceola Saturday and filled his appoint-.
ment at the Baptist' church Sunday
morning. J...
Rev. W. H. Ilsley will preach at
Crown Chapel next Sunday afternoon.
A collection will he taken for the Board
of Church Erection. Please come pre
Kev. Joseph Stephen will preach in
the Soaper school house on Sunday
afternoon, next at 3:30. You tire in-,
vited to attend this service.
Covenant meeting at the Baptist
church in Leon next Saturday at 2:$0
p. m. Members are expected to make
a special effort to be present. Preach
ing Sunday morning at 11 a. m.,
At the Christian church next Lord's
day the pastor will preach on the fol
lowing subject: "The Freedom of Dis
cipleship" in the morning. Union ser
vices at the park in the evening.
By a very decided vote of those pres-.
ent at the park services last Sunday
afternoon the time for those services in
the future was changed to (:30
o'clock. Key. F. Edwards will deliver
the address next Sunday afternoon.
In the Presbyterian church next Sab
bath morning Rev. W. H. Ilsley will
preach on "What do Presbyterians Be
lieve?" The fact that this question has
been asked by many of late, and some
haye tried to answer it, not always cor
rectly, leads to the selection of this
theme. All who are interested are in
vited to be present.
A missionary rally will be held in the
Van Wert Christian church next Sun
day afternoon at 3 o'clock. The
members of the three Decatur Co.
auxiliaries to the Christian Woman's
Board of.Missions, those of Leon, Van
Wert, and Weldon, as well as all other
interested persona are earnestly request
ed to attend this meeting for the ad
yancement of the cause of missions.
The pastor of the M. E. church, Be««
Joseph Stephen, will preach a special
sermon on Sunday next, July 22, at
11 a. m., subject "The Chinese Insurrec
tion or What is the Cause and What
Must Be the Cure for Chinese Barbar
ity." You are especially invited to
this service. The Epworth League ser
ice will be held in the prayer room from
to 0:45 instead of from 7 to 8.
Seasoned native lumber, dimension
stuff and bridge plank, material for
house and barn frames always on hand,
Special prices on lawn mowers while
they last at WALLACE & HORNKR'S.
(From the Herald, Vftnhall, III.)
In an interview with F. F. Mar
kle, head miller of the Marshall
milli, of Marshall, ill., the pub
lisher wai given the following
.facts concerning the effects of
MICRO GERMI, used by his ten
year-old son. He said: "My boy
bad been in poor health for over a
year. He had commenced to cough
and expectorate he became weak
aad nervous and was going dowa
in spite of everything we could do.
nothing seemed to do him any
permanent good, though several
remedies were tried. Last May he
Prompt Positive Pure Pleasant
and before he had finished the sec
ond bottle his health was as good
as ordinary boys of bis age. I at
tribute his improvement entirely to
MICRO GERMI. He is from aU
appearances sound and well, rosy
Cheeked, cheerful and happy.'
Mr. Markle is an upright, honor
able gentleman, in whose word ut
most confidence can be placed.
Sold and GUARANTEED by
In the District Court of Decatur County.
J. N. Still, administrator of the EBtate of
Martha A, Shirley.
Elizabeth J. Still, Mary Elem, Joe Eleui, J.
H. Shirley, Louisa Shirley and Jos. H. Vent
and Fowler Vest, John Vest, Arthur Vest,
Bell Vest, Martha Vest, heirs of Laura E.
In the District court of Deoatur County, Iowa,
To Said Court:
The undersigned, heretofore appointed by
the Court, and now acting as administrator of
the estate of Martha A. Shirley respectfully
asks for authority to sell the following des
cribed Real Estate hereinafter described, be
longing to the 4ald esi ate and for cause stateii:
That on or about the 15th day of Aagust,
1899. the said Martha A. Shirley died Intestate
in Decatur County, Iowa, leaving as, her sole
heirs at law, the defendants, Elizabeth Still,
Mary Elem, J. H. Shirley and the heirs of
Laura Vest, to-wit: Jos. H. Vest, Mrs. J. H,
Vest, Fowler VeBt, Mrs. Fowler Vest, John
Vest, Mrs. John Vest, Arthur Vest, Mrs,
Mrs. Arthur Vest, Belie Vestand Martha Vest
That at the time of her death she had no prop
erty aside from the following deoribed real'
estate. East half, northeast quarter of north
west quarter and northeast quarter, north
east quarter of southwest quarter in section
34, township 68, range 85, Decatur county,
Iowa. That the value of said real estate Is
about Three Hundred Dollars. That at the
time of her death there were certain debts,
being funeral expenses etc., that are unpaid,
the said debta amounting to about Fifty Dol
lars, there being no other property with whlcli
to pay the said debts.
The undersigned therefore asks that the
proper steps be taken and order made grant
ing authority to sell said above described
real estate, at public or private sale, and in
suoh quantity and on such terms as-may be
found advantageous.
Kespectlully submitted,
Administrator as aforesaid-
State of Iowa, Decatur county, Iowa, ss.
I, J. N, Still do on my oath say I am the per
son named in the foregoing application as
administrator and that the statements therein
contained are true, as I verily believe.
J. N.STir.L.-
Subscribed in my presence, and sworn to
before me by J. N.
Still, affiant, this 43rd day
of December A. D. 1890.
•AS WITNESS my hand and ofBplal
[SEAL] seaUiereto afflged. at Leon in said
county. C. W. Homuw,
Notary Public.
State of Iowa, Decatur county, ss.
Oto Elizabeth J. Still, Mary Elem, Joe Elem,
J.H.Shirley, Louisa Shirley, Joe H. Vest,
Mrs. Joe H. Vest, Fowler Vest, Mrs Fowler
Vest, John Vest, Mrs. John Vest, Arthur
Mrs. Arthur Vest, Belle Vest, her husband,
Martha Vest and her husband.
You are hereby notified, that at the August
term of the circuit court of Decatur county,
State of Iowa, to be held at Leon, In safd
.commencing on the 37th day or Auttust
1900, on the first day of said term, or as soon
thereafter as praotfoable, I will present to said
court the foregoing application, and move- for
the order and authority therein requested.
Now unless you appear thereto on or before
noon of the said day of the said term, or the
said court, ahd show cause vhy sald authority
should not be granted, the-sourt will proceed
O. M. KKICHAM. 1-hear said petition**!, grant the authoritj
A^nriTh a
Agoni V*#* Vl» 1524]le?te(1
4T« /. 0. W. HonwAH, Aitarpey.f

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