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Phone 22.
O. E. HULL, Publisher.
Subscription Rates:
One year. ....fl.60
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BnttrtA at second cla$* matter at (he
"TheFlagof the Republic Forevert of
Entplre Never.'*
-••The Constitution end the Flag, one
Md Inseparable, Now and Forever."
For President,
For Vice President.
For Mcroher of ongress Eighth District
of Decatur County.
For Secretary of Btate,
«. B. CRANE, of l'olk County.
For Auditor ef State,
UIBSON, of Delaware county.-:
For Treasurer,
H. L. WILLIAMS, of O'Brien County.
For Attorney General,
C. J. HA RPER, of Des Moines County.
Judge of Supreme Court,
J. w. FltEELAND, of Wayne I ounty.
For Kailroad Commissioner,
j. E. ANl'ERSON, of Winnebago, ounty.
For Electors at Large,
JOSEPH El BOECK. of Polk County,
H. MAOKEY, of Wapello, founty.
For District Electors.
First—F. R. MILLER, Washington. .,
Second-F. L). KELSEY. Jaokson.
Founli—M. J.CARTER, Winneshiek.
Fifth-H. M. BEBOK. Tama.
Sixth—J. C. WILLIAMS. Mahnskn.
Seventh—C. G. LOOMI8, Polk.
Eighth—M. B. MAKING, Appanoose.
Ninth-J. J. S AY, Pottawattami
TCnth—L. J. ANDERSON, Carroll.
Eteventh-W. W. STOWE, Dickinson.
For Auditor
of High Totnt.
For Clerk of District Court,
of Decatur.
For County Attorney.
of Leon,
For Recorder.
of Bloomington.
W ForIMember Board of Supervisors,,,
of Center.
m-.~ fj.
Mr. Bryan has promised that if lie_ is
elected he will not appoint, his attorney
general from New Jersey-the hol bed of
trusts and has promised furthermore
that he will enforce the law.'
Decatur county never had a better
more accomodating or efficient county
official than Charles H. Brown the pres
ent county recorder, and the voters of
Decatur county will vote to retiiin him
in the recorder's office for two years
A.E. Moore, the democratic candidate
for clerk of the district court, has made
many friends in the past few weeks. He
is an upright young man, and if elected
will discharge the duties of his office in a
manner satisfactory to the common peo
ple. Vote for Moore for clerk
Hon. V. R. Mctiinnis made three ad
dresses in Adams county last week, one
at Brooks, one at Carbon and one at
Mt. Etna. At each of these! meetings he
was greeted with a large and enthus
iastic audience. His speech is not a set
one but be gave his hearers a splendid
address covering the trust question,
^"prosperity/' and its causes and' im
perialism. de was most fair in hls re
^mairks, saying nothing to wound the
feelings of any one, and his addresses
were pronounced by all as one of the
flnest ever delivered in Adams county
He made many friends, and the cause
of democracy was strengthened and
^dtomoerats enthused in this locality
Corning Free Press.
Vote early next Tuesday and then see
that every democrat vote in your town
ship gets to the polle.
Every man on the democratic county
ticket is worthy of the support of {he
united democracy of Decatur county.
This is a year every man interested in
the success of Bryan and the vital prin
ciples he represents should got out and
vote. He should not only vote, but
should take a holiday fiom bis labors
that day, and sne that every Bryan vote
is got to the polls. If every Bryan vote
is got to the polls in Decatur county this
year, this county Will give Bryan a rna
ority and McGinnis, for congress, the
same. See that the vote
Each voting precinct will lie supplied
with two ballot boxes at the coming
election. One will be for the regular
ticket and the other jor the constitu
tional amendment ballots,, which latter
will Be printed on yellow paper. The
object' of voting on the amendments in
separate ballot box is to get every
voter to express his preference on the
question. Constitutional amendments
placed on the regular ballot heretofore
have been overlooked by fully 90 per
cent, of the voters. -V
Slavery does exist in the island of
Sulu under the protection of the Amer
ican flag. Mr. McKinley himself does
not deny the fact. It exists there by
agreement with the yellow satrap of
that island that the slaves should re
main in bondage under the American
flair until they should purchase their
freedom at "the usual market piice."
Kinley is probably the only preei
lent of llifc United States who has put a
piice upon commercial traffic in human
being:?, lie guarantees the sultan $10.
000 a ytar to. keep up his slave and
harem supplies of bondmen and
bond women and polygamous wives.
The estimate of the New York World
(repulilfca!) tf the politics of the house
of representatives to be elected next
Tuesday makes its complexion very close.
It professes to have made a poll of all
the congressional districts and finds
that the republicans may elect 172 mem
bers, lite democrats and populists 175,
with ten districts doubtful. A'majority
of the house is 179. It credits Pennsyl
vania with nine democratic members and
tweniy-one lepublicans. Throughout
the Country there area number of doubt
ful districts which the democrats have a
f|ir chance of carrying afid secnringcon
Wol of the- Wfct^uliB#
In the death of John Sherman is re
moved almost the last of the' statesmen
who took an active part in the legisla
tion of the war and reconstruction pe
riods. His career as a lawyer and states
man is familiar to the merest schoolboy
of the land. Beginning with his election
to the national house of representatives
in 1854, his record was one of successive
honors and promotions. After having
served as representative waB made
senator and such was the esteem in
which he was beld by his constituents
that his re-elections to the office were as
regular as the expirations of his terms.
Indeed, from 1854 to
1898 there was only
one day whereon John Sherman was out
of office. That was March 3,1881, the
day after he had tendered his resigna
tion ax secretary of the treasury under
the Hays administration and the day
before he took_ the oath ot office as
re-elected senator. His great work was
as secretary of the treasury and this
made him an authority on finance, ac
cepted by the universities of the land.
The wage laborers wife who depends
upon her husband's wages and what
little things she and the children can do
to help out, will naturally prefer to buy
twenty pounds of tine sugar for a dollar,
rather than thirteen pounds for a dol
lar, and coarser sugars and other nee
etisaries in proportion. Then she will
induce her husband to vote for Bryan
for the McKinley trusts have raised the
price on what she must buy of every
thing needed on an average of 33 per
cent. Her husband's wages have not been
raised but 10 per cent, at the extent
McKinley's claim, and J.he fact is wages
averaee lower now than when McKinley
was elected, and more men are ont
The farmer's wife also with her eges
and butter can now buy only thirteen
pounds of sugar with the same number
of eggs and pounds of butter with
which she bought twenty pounds be
fore McKinley was elected, and all other
things she buys at the stores average 35
per cent, higher. All her husband
must buy also is increased the same
average per cent., while according
the Year Book this year issued by the
Searetary of Agriculture Wilson, Mc
Kinley's creature, farm products aver
age much lower than in 1896
Trusts cut both ways, tbey depreciate
what honest industry produces and in
crease all it has to buy. The trusts and
middlemen catch honest industry "both
going and coming." Under such a con
dition prosperity must be and is great
with the trust boodlers but can not
and is not with the people generally
They should and will induce the hue
band toYote for Bryan and prosperity
for the people, let Hann&*#nd' the
trusts threaten and howl
Stl: .", sltlliitlss
Let every democrat in Decatur county
make it his duty to see that every dem
ocrat in his township goes- to the polls
next Tuesday.
Let each democratic township commit
teeman see that arrangements are made
for polling the full democratic vote of
his township next Tuesday,
Hepburn is the avowed advocate of
the corporations and trusts. McOinnis
represents the common people. Which
do you desire to represent you in con
This is the home county of Hon. V.
R. McUinnis, and exery resident of the.
county should take a local pride in see
ing that he goes out of his home county
with a good majority. "••hepyi-
If the democratic vote of Decatur
county is gotten out this year there is
an-excellent prospect of electing every
candidate on the democratic ticket as
well as giying McQinnis a inajority in
this countyif,
Geo'. E. 'Cartwright, the democratic
candidate for county auditor has con
ducted a clean anil honorable campaign.
is ready to abide by the decision of
ihe voters of the county, and if elected
will do his full duty at all times.
Get out
The voters of tiSi^Eighth Congressional District
never» had a better chance to elect a real representative for their
district than that offered to them this year.
V. R. McGinnis, the democratic candidate for congress
from this district is winning votes whenever he goes. He has
ably demonstrated to the people of the district that he is
thoroughly posted on~the subjects which have been discussed
during the present campaign. Mr. McGinnis personally has
a thoroughly clcan character. He understands too, the needs
of this district, and if elected, and he can be, he will repre
sent the people—not the trusts. For many years the Eighth
district of Iowa has been looked upon as a safe republican
district, and it is boasted that no one can defeat Hepburn.
This is a mistaken idea. If every democrat in the district
does, his duty Mr. McGinnis can be elected. In every county
in the district there are a large nurfiber of dissatisfied republi
cans who think Hepburn has held the office long enough, that
he has ceased to properly represent the district and is a sub
servient tool of the corporations and trusts. These men will
support McGinnis this year. Let every democrat in Decatur
county who prefers a democracy to a plutocracy get out and
work for McGinnis. Let everyone who believes that the
Eighth district ought to be represented by a congressman
who will represent the people of the district, and not merely
hold the office for his own endowment, devote his time from
now until the polls close in enlightening his neighbor.
is a a
truths for which he stands do their full duty in the premises.
Neyer before have the people of this district had such an op
portunity to elect a real representative, a man of and for the
^The voters of Decatur county irrespective ef political
goes out of
affiliation owes it to Mr. McGinnis to see that he
his home county with a good majority. The people of this
district have been misrepresented long enough. It is time to
elect a true representative and such a man is to be found in
Hon. V. R. McGinnis the democratic candidate for congress.
.Vote for McGinnis and let the Eighth district once more
be properly represented in congress.^
the dempcratic £ote next
A vote cast for Win. Hf Kfe^sdet for
member of the board of supervisors is a
vote for an honest, conscientious, busi
ne88 man, who if elected will -represent
the interests of* the taxpayers on the
board of supervisors.
Marion Woodard will be the next
county attorney of Decatur county. He
has made a reputation as a publiq official
and is a man in whom the peot|e place
the utmost confident^. Thn't's tfce kind
of a man for county attorney. S
The democratic ticket is an «£eellent
one* from top to bottom.. .On t^piation
al, state, congressional, coirtityrand in
the different townships, only gtftd:men
are nominated. Every man is capable
and honest every man a PATRIOT.^Every
man believes that goyefnment J)y the
president or congress outside the'l&Onsti
tution is treason, and is subverting the
very foundation of our republic and dis
honoring our flag.
Let then every frie'nd of go^ki, men
and our old and great republic axu| the
sanctity and glory of our flag iiis an
emblem of liberty and ftee government
by the people, under the constitution
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
The voter's will be called' on this fall
to vote on a constitutional amendment
changing the present annual election
system of the state to a system that
will give'the voters an opportunity once
in two years to ''turn the rascals out,"
says the Blockton News. The only
argument in favor of the change is the
expense of holding two elections where
only one would be held under the new
plan. The voters of Iowa have always
been opposed to constitution tinkering
and the News believes they should
stand by that same objection in this
instance. The amendment w&s con
ceived by a lot of cheap office holders
and log-rolled through the legislature
by them. Should the amendment be
ratified it would extend the lease in
office for one year of all the officers in
the towns, townships, counties and
state. Here is the real meat in the
The Chicago Tribune truthfully states
the case when it says, that "the most
corrupt state governments in the union
are in states having biennial elections."
The Tribune's theory is that we need
an election every year in order to keep
the office holders close to the people.
We especially need to keep the fellows
who are seeking this inethud of length
ening their official life a little closer to
retirement to private life. Annual
elections may be expensive and fre
quent campaigns are somewhat annoy
inn an-l all that hut a corrupt and
rotten state government would be a
thousand fold worse. The voters had
belter retain their right to get a chance
at the "rascals" once each year. And
they will be safe in retiring to private
life the would be constitution tinkers.
Our republican contemporary again
deigns to notice the candidacy of
li. McGinnis,' democracy's candidate
for congress in this district, and this
time in a. quarter column article, the
burden of which is that Mr. McGinnis is
sWe'catiinol? fe^^rhaVwSime.l wrfer-a
yotlng man to.a^pire to an office r.
McGinnis ia now past 37 yeara Of. Age,
and being entirely a self-m-nle man, the
majority of those years have been spent
brushing up against the rough edges of
the world in the competitive race of life,
and he has gained an experience of a
most practical kind, which few men fav
orably situated in early life would gain
in double that time. That experience
eminently fits him for the position which
he has been nominated by his fellow cit
izens of the eighth district, and to which,
we believe they are going to elect him in
Again we say it is surely no crime to
be a young man, (although 37 years of
hard experience in life does not leave a
man so tenderly young.) All of us were
young men once, and all know that the
best years of a man's life are from 35 to
45. Mr. McGinnis is in that prime, and
can render the best service to the dis
trict in congress he would be able to
render. A^man ought not to be com
pelled to wait till his hair is grey with
the frosts of age before he dare aspire or
his friends dare call him, to fill posi
tions of trust in the councils of his coun
Mr. McGinnis' age is in his fayor, as
against his, whose body is now racked
with the disease of age from which he is
non trying to get relief in the healing
waters of HotSprings, Arkansas. Every
young and middle aged man in the dis
trict should rally to the support of Mr.
McGinnis, and by their votes forever
Bilence this objection to a man- who as
pires to office ere he is in the decline of
life. Mr. McGinnis is the young man's
candidate and should receive the hearty
support from every young man in the
district. He is also the older man's can
didate who is not a candidate tor office
himself, as every such man well knows
that at his age he is in the prime of his
ma lhood, and can render the people of
his district better service now than his
opponent at his age, in the decline of
his manhood.
We do not believe the efforts of the
opposition to cast reflection upon Mr
McGinnis because of his age, will avail
them anything but will strengthen Mr.
McGinnis' case before the voters,.—Cres
ton Advertiser.
ff'-i' ___________ »**s?5
David B, Hill says: "If there existed
no other reason, it is believed that
sense of common danger to our free in
stitutions, now being inperiled by the
attacks of our common adversaries, has
cemented the democracy of the east and
west together in their patriotic efforts to
effect a change in the administration of
our national affairs—a change of meas
ures and of men.
The polls in Decatur county will open
at 8 o'clock a. m. and close at 7 p. ui.
an hour later than usual.
To the editor of the Enquirer.
Please publish in your widely circula
ted paper a few reasons why a life long
republican will vote for William
1. I have always believed that the
Declaration of Independence meant
what it said. And I will not now re
pudiate it by voting for William Mc
2. I will not vote for a man who, as
President of our country, violates his
oath of office by approving the Porto
Rico tariff bill, which is an open viola
tion of the United States Constitution,
and this, too, after he had told Congress'
that it was "our plain duty to give
Porto Rico free trade."
3. I will not vote for a man who
declaims so loudly against repudiation,
and yet is on record as the greatest re
pudiator of modern times.
In 1878 William McKinley voted to
pass a free coinage bill over the veto of
President Hayes, and a few years later
he repudiates his own vote.
In 1890 he was the author of a law
giving the people of this country free
sugar, and in 1897 he signed a law tax
ing sugar from two to three cents
In 1892 he declared that the American
people demanded the use of both gold
and silver as standard money, yet four
years later we fijid _himrrepuJiaiii)g that
In 1898 he solemnly "tol the people
of this country that "Forcible annex
ation would be criminal aggression.'
Yet a few months later we find him
using the whole military and naval
power of the government for the pu
pose of forcible annexation.
4. I will not support by my vote
hypocrite for office.
5. I will not vote for a man for Pres
ident who proposes to place the whole
money of the United States in the
hands of the bondholders that own the
national banks of the country, thus
allowing them double interest on the
use of this money, and also to expand
or contract the
The Ptesif
Who vill haul down the HagT" Be
fore I give McKinley my vote Ijywt-to
know which flag he meanSf" Does he
mean the flag .Abraham Lincoln raised
over 4,000,000 of free men in America
or does he mean the flag vhich he or
dered raised over slavery and polygamy
in the Sulu Islands.
6. I will not vote for a man who, as
President, has increased the expenses of
the National Government from $350,
000,000 a year in 189fi to $750,000,000 a
year in 1900.
The republican party of to-dav seem
very much afraid that Mr. Bryan, if
elected president, will in some way re
verse the Supreme Court decision in
regard to an income tax, but they seem
to forget that the republican party was
brought into existence^or the declared
purpose of breaking down a Supreme
Court decision in the case of Dred
The above are, I think, sufficient
reasons why any Abraham Lincoln re
publican should refuse to vote for Wil
liam McKinley on the 6th day of next
November. Very respectfully,
Dodgeville, O.
Hanna says the issue is the "full din
ner pail." He forgot to remark that
while the workman fills his dinner pail
he must also fill the belly and purse of
the monopolies in which Hanna
Stockholder. j,
•h -J:
is a
ij ti-
Democrats, take your team and devote
a day to the cause next Tuesday. If the
democratic vote is polled, victory is ours.
14- Pd^6
Phone 22.
The imperialists are going to get
fooled in the farm vote. They have
boasted that they have fooled the farm-',^
er but they haven't.
T-he farmer is intelligent. A great'
deal more so than the average republi
can politician gives him credit for. He
knows that the rise in the value of farm
products comes from the wars and large
armies now in the field the world over.
This is a legitimate rise in his products,
resulting from the natural cause of sup
ply and demand and the republican
party had no more to do with it than
the czar of Russia or queen of England.
The farmer also knows that this advan
tage which he has in the rise of his
products is more than ofi set by the rise
in the price of what he has ito buy be
cause of the trust. There is no reason
on earth why the price of coal oil, gaso
line, nails, wire, stoves, farm imple
ments, etc., should have gone up fifty
per cent. The manufacturers are not
paying labor any more than they did
four years ago. The wars create no de
mand for these goods. The rise in the
price of these articles is pure cussedness
on the part of the great combinations
and they are simply skinning the farm
er. The Standard Oil company has,
during the past year, divided as divi
dends among its stockholders $48,000,
000—a large part of which it simply
robbed the farmer of by increasing the
price of oil, gasoline, etc., 50 per cent.
The products of this company are not
used in war—they have not increased
the pay of laborers a cent, and there is
no legitimate reason for this advance in
price except that of greed and avarice.
The administration lias not only refused
to crush this gigantic monopoly but At
torney-General Monette of Ohio, a re
publican who undertook to prosecute it
for violating the anii-trust law. was
driven out of the republican party.
The attorney-general of Nebraska, a
populist, is trying to enforce the anti
trust law of that state against this great
combine, and Senator Thurston, who is
drawing a salary of $5,000 a year to
^Qjv» surprising. Most
of th mpli now living, wKn were organ
izers ofthe republican party are now
outside its ranks.
Winds I
Will war on complex
tions for several months 5
now. To many the fall and $
winter months are months
are months ofcoustant dis
comfort through chapping
and roughening the skin.
"You can defy the wind by
Attorney Gen. Monnett, of Ohio, whose political head
paid the penalty of his attempts to enforce the anti-trust
law in that state, recently said in a speech in that state:
"I believe that William McKinley and John W. Griggs,
attorney general and executive officer, have wilfully, purposely
and knowingly paralyzed the executive arm of this govern
ment for the past four- years, and prevented the en
forcement of the commen law and the statute law both
criminallj#and civilly, against these law violators.. And the
hour has come, and the only time we will have in the next four
years as voters to legally and constitutionally smite them for the
hypocrisy to resent this violation of official duty, and we
should vote against every elector that is pledged on the repub
lican ticket to perpetuate this great wrong in pur jrepublic.
after the interests of his state, is em
ployed by the trust to lij-ht his own
state and defend the trust.
The Iron and "Steal" trust is equally
as infamous. It divided $40,000,000 in
dividends last year and the farmers paid
the bill.
These gigantic trusts have grown up,
have been/fostered and protected by the
republican party. Whatever the farm
er, has j^Bin the way of increase has
honestly and legitimately
Benzoated May
bloom Cream
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ot delightful comfort. It is
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